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The Cold, Dark, and Cruel Abyss

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[ "There are scary monsters hiding in every corner," His father said, in one of those uncertain days they started learning how to use their powers. "So you guys must be careful, protect each other, and don't listen to anything the monsters say."

"Why...?" He remembers asking, the small kid he used to be, so innocent and pure, always so happy, so cheerful. 

Just like your powers, his father said. If only he knew how wrong he was. 

"Cause their words are poison, my child." The man in short, white hairs answer him, with a tone ever so gentle. "They trick you, lure you close, and once you fell, those monsters would never let you go." 

The man slowly caresses his cheek, and smiled gently, knowing that there was no way for him to be with his children forever. 

"Remember, do not get close to the monsters from the Abyss." 

But Elec never listens, does he? ]


"Are you awake?" 

He woke up to an unfamiliar room, a gentle yellow sat on the ceiling stared at him as he fixed his eyes on whatever invisible creature that may be there. 

This was not the lab, nor was it his house. 

He turned his head, looking at a boy(?) with pure, white hair in short locks. The boy looked back, those odd eyes shined with a gleam Elec didn't understand. 

[An unhealthy obsession, to be exact.]

"Save?" He asked, squinting his yellow eyes. His head hurts, and he can't seem to remember anything prior to going to bed. 

When did he even go to sleep though?

"If you are awake then get up, breakfast is ready." Save smiled, the usual one he always showed to Elec. 

It was just a simple sentence in their long routine for the day, but why are his eyes gleaming?

[Why does it feel like something is wrong? ]

"Coming." Elec didn't voice his question though, he didn't want to make Save felt weird. Nor does he want to let End wait alone with a stove and knives. 

So he got up, got dressed, and followed Save. 

Ignorance is bliss after all.


"Where's End-nim?" He asked, the kitchen was empty and cold, the pre-prep meals lay on the plate, cheap supermarket foods he guessed. Save was never the cook after all. 

"He told us he would be gone for some days, remember?" The boy answered, always the one who knows every key to open Elec's trouble, as he slipped into the chair on the side on the dining table. Elec's plate right next to him, where he always sits, of course, but where was the girl to his left?


The girl, the small, cute and lovely girl whose name he can’t seem to recall.

His head hurts.]

"Aren't you going to eat? It's getting cold, you know." Save said, cutting off his lines of thoughts. But that seemed fine, thinking hurts his head after all.

"Why is it supermarket stuff? Didn't I make some food and left it in the fridge?" This he remembered, slightly, how he busied himself with prepping meals after meals, trying to quench the worry in his heart for the lack of information. 

[Information of what?

He can't remember.]

"End-nim ate all of them before he left, well, I ate some last night cause I was hungry. And you were asleep." Save answered while pulling him down, into the chair, of course, as he nipped onto the piece of bacon. 

Ah, that makes perfect sense. 

[Except it doesn't.]


Breakfast finished smoothly, Save enjoyed his presence after all, and he doesn't hate the boy. 

How could he, when Save was the only friend he had? 

But...It was strange somehow. The way there was no awkwardness on the table, no annoyed eyes from Save, and no uncomfortable silences.

[To who?]

Elec couldn't answer that. 

"What are we doing today?" He asked instead, while collecting the plates and putting them in the sink, he would do them later.

"Nothing is on the schedule." Save paused, then the boy looked at him, with all the gentleness he had, asked Elec. "What do you wanna do?"

"I don't know," He said, there was rarely any time to rest between End's crazy plan and training with Save, so when offered, he was not really sure. 

[How did he spend his free time before today?]

"Want to go downtown or burst some stupid labs?" 

"The labs, please." Elec agreed, willingly follow the boy out.

He was going to drench his hands in other's blood again, but it was okay, they are all bad people anyway. 

And Save is there with him, so nothing should be wrong. 

[ Except that it was.]


“Good job, you can stop now.” He heard Save calling out to him, to snap him out of those uncontrollable episodes whenever he was too bloodthirsty. 

They happen so often these days.

”...Sorry, where are we going now?” He asked, letting Save wiped the blood off this cheek. 

[Gently, like how his father always did.]

“Let’s go back for the night. You are tired, aren’t you?” Save held his arm firmly between delicate fingers, the small grin never did fade in the midst of their little adventure, and the gleam was still under the small eyelids. "Besides, it's getting dark."

Dark? When? 

Elec looked up at the dark skies, when did the colors change? He could still remember the orange shine of sunset just moments ago, the cup of smoothie he drank after refusing the bottle of Brandy Save bought. 

Strange, did he ever spend this much time with Save before?

"You are telling me we were outside all day?" Elec couldn't believe it really. He was never the one to keep track of time, yes, but he could still tell when the color around him change. When light slowly creeps out and gives in to the dark, cold of the night. 

[Ever since he was with Save, have there been any color change though?

Light didn't come back in again.]

"Yeah, this lab is pretty big after all." Save brushed his question off, the hands never did let his arms free as it slowly climbs higher, until both of his shoulders were in Save's palms. The boy taps a couple times, seemingly soothing him with an unfamiliar rhythm, but Elec flowed with it. He leaned into the small but steady hands, unconsciously giving self-control away. 

Save gleamed more at that if it was even possible, but he didn't let go. The tiny fingers held on tighter, and then a smile came. 

A genuine, profound one. Like a kid finally getting the thing it desired for so long. 

[Or a monster, who knows?]

"Let's go home." Save mouthes, slowly leading him out of the lab by the hand.

[It felt like going somewhere dark, but he wasn't bothered.

Was he ever when it came to Save?]

Elec hardly cares anymore.

"After you." He finally smiled, voluntarily accompanying the boy monster back home.

The cold house they called home. 


"Did End-nim tell you when he'll be back?" He asked while shilling pieces of meat over the oil pan, breakfast, lunch, and dinner were always his responsibility. End-nim can hardly make anything without sugar, Save is definitely not the cook, so it always fell into his hands. 

[There was a girl who always offered to help though?]

Really? He can't seem to remember. 

"He said two days, visiting an old friend or something like that." Save wasn't at his usual seat by the window, the boy was right behind him, hands entwined around Elec's waist. He didn't really mind Save's physical contacts, but why does it not feel weird when the fingers are constantly on him all the time?

[Did Save hug him this much before?

He couldn't think of a time when those hands were not on him though, when fingers traced through every part of his body that he desperately wanted to hide before. Elec could still hear a hoarse voice screaming, crying, even begging he thinks. 

For what?

He doesn't know.

You did.]

"Uh huh, you wanna have the rest of the bottle of Brandy for after dinner?" He ignored the weird voices at the back of his mind and focused on the hot pan of meat instead. 

Anything for his head to stop working and hurting so much at the same time. 

"Sure, video games or movies after the food?" 

"Why not." 


Maybe the movies were not the best idea after a lab-busting night. 

It was only fifteen minutes into the DVD Save choose, yet Elec was already yawning, struggling to keep those golden orbs open wide to actually pay attention. 

[When was the last time he sat down for a long time next to Save? Honestly, maybe he hasn't, cause he doesn't know if he had ever felt this relaxed. 

Since the old, fat pig of a professor and all the nightmares from the experiment.

Since someone died, someone closed to him, but he can't seem to pinpoint her name. She was always standing on the other side of the shore though, with a blue-haired teenager, a pale boy, and an adult with long, dark hair.

She seemed happy, so that's okay. He thinks.]

"You tired?" Save ran a hand through his hair, stroking the long, yellowed locks with carefulness. 

[with dedication, and obsession.]

"Kinda, It's been some time since we spent time like this, no?" Elec rubs his eyes, hoping to soothe the reddened outline, and somehow regains enough strength to finish the movie. "I think I can hold on till the end though."

He didn't, and Save carried him back into his their room. If he somehow had less energy than usual, they both didn't mention it. 


Elec woke up again, still the gentle hue of yellow gazing back at him. A strong arm supports his back, holding and squeezing him into Save's chest. 

His mind was not blank this time though. 

He remembered. 

The new lab, doctors constantly jitter down every word and reaction he had. Kids who he didn't even know but somehow sympathized with the pain they felt. Save and End-nim came to rescue him. 

He can recall running out of the house at the mere news of Eccle, can still feel worry and panic creeping up his bones at how she had been missing for weeks. How devasted he felt when he realized it was all a trap by the doctor who used to imprisoned Save, how hot his tears were when they tripped off the corners of the golden orbs at his sister's happiness as she went willingly with the 'Hero'.

Elec despaired, then Save and End came. 

He could still remember how he cried for days, weeks actually, after the incident. Always in Save's small and strong arms as the boy and his uncle tried again and again to pick up the broken pieces. 

Save tried to comfort him with the corpse of the head doctor, Load was his name maybe, how the boy held onto him daily to keep him feeling safe. Uncle was always in the background, for the first time in a while not focused on the 'Hero' but rather tired himself out just to get Elec to smile, to turn his head, or to actually talk. 

Elec was broken, but they didn't give up. 

He could hear the agreements between End and Save, whether they should bring in Eccle, his dear sister, just to give her a chance to fix what was not even her fault to begin with, could still remember just how exhausted End was every time he sighed and dropped the topic. 

Because Save, the boy didn't want to hand him over. 

Save did end up giving Eccle a chance though, but it didn't help Elec. He can still feel hot tears that threaten to drown him and how they didn't, couldn't stop after he had seen just how happy his little sister was now that she had left him forever. 

It was then that the boy turned back into a monster. 

Elec could still see it happening before his eyes, how End and Save planned the murder of the cheerful, kind, and sweet girl Eccle was, how he was powerless to do anything. 

How he didn't bother doing anything to stop them. 

When Eccle's body fell, his curse broke. 

How ironic.

His throat was still hoarse from all the screaming he had done while he was struggling to get out of End's hold just to get a better view of his dead family. When he broke free, however, it was Save's hands that go all over his body. Those very same that kept him safe no matter the time of day. 

And Elec broke down, again, but this time into the gentleness of the monster

He could resemble the night after that vividly in his head, End decided to go alone into the outer parts now that his curse was broken, to make new weapons for them after Laski has ruined it all but the pair of swords Save owned. And the monster carried him into their room from then on, roaming hands found the deepest parts of his body that he had hid away under layers of silks, how it tenderly entered inside him and connect them. 

"Forever." Save said, and he didn't have the strength to actually respond anymore. 

When his tears didn't stop, the fangs came into the side of his neck, slowly putting sweet nectar inside his mind. Clouding all the dark and sad thoughts that left nothing but emptiness as a trace. 

How cruel.

Yet he found the mild nip loving, so Elec leaned into it, putting anything he had left in between small, white fingers

And he fell into its embrace, forever a piece that belongs to the monster from the cold, dark, and cruel abyss. 

Elec glanced over, those odd-colored orbs stared right back at him. 

Slowly, it asked. 

"Would you still want me to cloud your mind?"

And he replied. 



Elec woke up again, his mind emptied and tired, but that doesn't bother him as he struggles to pull free from Save's hold. 

"Breakfast time, lazy guy."

[And everything was okay again. 

Except nothing is.]