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Stiles licked his lips nervously, shifting back and forth. The beta noticed – he seemed to notice everything – and a smile crossed his face.

“You seem – antsy.”

“Yes – sir.”

“Oh, you don’t have to call me sir. I can imagine a much better honorific coming from those beautiful lips of yours once I get you into omega-space.” Stiles blushed, unable to stop the surge of hope that rushed through him at the thought. He needed this – far more than he was ready to admit. School was stressful, his father was working too many hours for his alpha-scent to settle Stiles enough for him to cope with the things life was throwing at him, and his so-called ‘back-up’ was too busy with his new girlfriend to realise that Stiles was spiralling. Badly.

He held himself still as the beta circled him, one finger trailing across his collar bone, glancing over his shoulder before he felt a gentle touch at the back of his neck. Unbidden, he lowered his head, offering this vulnerability without thought.

“Oh you are a needy boy, aren’t you sweetheart? I wonder – what could I do to you without you protesting?” The voice was deep and husky, hypnotic in its effect on Stiles’ senses and he barely managed to raise his voice to speak.

“I – anything you want,” he finally replied, turning his head to enable him to keep the man in his view.

“Eyes forward, pet,” the beta said, a gentle finger guiding his chin so that he was unable to see the man who was now behind him. He gasped when the beta stepped in closer to him, the warmth of his skin almost burning the sensitive flesh of Stiles’ back, his need rising faster than he could control.

“Not anything, my darling – never promise anyone anything unless you’re absolutely sure,” that smooth voice continued speaking. “Someone has been failing you badly for you to be in such a state of omega drop. That is such a shame – but to my benefit.”

“I – it isn’t my Dad’s fault – I – “

“I wasn’t criticising, sweetheart – well, not too much. But for you to search out a beta to help you – risky move darling.”

“I don’t get along with unknown alphas – too many traits that don’t mix well,” he admitted, wondering if his confession would lead the man to walk away.

“Again – to my benefit. And you haven’t lived if you haven’t had a beta take you to the heights over and over again, before finally letting you drop over the side into bliss.”

“Yes,” Stiles moaned.

“What are your limits, sweetheart?” Warm hands on his shoulders, sliding down his chest to rest on his hips and Stiles could feel the breath thundering through his lungs, his cock rising from half-mast to fully erect.

“No permanent marks, no knife play, no humiliation, no sharing,” he managed to rush out on a breath. “What should I call you, sir?”

“My name is Peter, my pet. Now – lie face-down on the bed.”