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What happens in Tommy&Tubbo meetups

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Silly laughter, silly jokes and the sweet sweet atmosphere... Two boys trying to stream without breaking the character. Eventually giving in and letting themselves have fun while just being themselves. It’s hard to restrain yourself when you have your best friend next to you as a lively teenager. Neither of them realized the show they were giving to their wievers.

“He is absolutely amazing, honestly go watch him. Also thank you for the subs we appreciate it a lot.”



They ended the stream with a high five. Tubbo leaning towards the monitor, checking if Tommy ended the stream. Turning his gaze to his best friend, he encountered a Tommy staring at him. They held the eye contact for a few seconds, studying each other’s faces.

“What do we do now?” Tubbo said dropping his hands to his lap.

“I don’ know. Tired.” Tommy responded with a light growl. Tilting his head backwards and closing his eyes.

While they were letting the peaceful silence take over, it didn’t take long for Tommy’s mother to interrupt the silence. Tubbo changing into his pajamas, two boys went downstairs to prepare Tubbo’s bed on the couch while Mother Innit made them a good night tea. After that, Tommy’s mum went to sleep, leaving the two boys alone.

They cuddled up on Tubbo’s bed watching a few YouTube videos before realizing that they have to record an opening for Tommy’s newest stream. Tubbo went to grab his blue sweater to match Tommy. After multiple tries they managed to record a good one.

Tommy set his phone down and there was a peaceful silence again. He wrapped his arms around the smaller boy, guiding him to sit between his legs; buried his nose to his hair, taking in his heavenly scent.

“I missed you so much Tubbo.”

Tommy said to his hair with a low hoarse voice. Tubbo knew it didn’t have an innocent meaning. It has been months since they got physical. Of course they missed each other’s touch. Since Tubbo came to Nottingham, they barely did anything. Only kissed once or twice. They had been so busy with work and Tubbo always stopped Tommy from going too far in fear of Tommy’s parents catching them in action. Making Tommy more and more pent up, in need to touch the soft small boy that is his best friend.

Tommy ran his bigger hands around Tubbo’s waist, going to caress his chest then putting down pressure to rest Tubbo’s small back on his chest. One hand went down to caress smoothness of his milky thighs while he nuzzled to the brunette hair, Tubbo easily fitting under his chin. He leaned down to nose at his neck, nipping and pressing small kisses making Tubbo gasp and grip his hands with smaller ones. 

“t- tommy...”

“what’s it Tubbo? everyone is asleep right now. not like they can hear us.”

Tommy flipped the boy on his lap to make Tubbo face him. Tubbo wrapped his forearms around Tommy’s neck as his neck was kissed and waist was gripped possessively. Tubbo pulled away slightly to press his lips on Tommy’s wide chin. Slowly getting closer to his mouth, he finally connected their lips. He licked at Tommy’s lips who parted them to let Tubbo’s warm, wet digit go inside and explore his mouth. Their tongues danced for a bit before Tommy took the lead again. Pushing in his tongue, he brushed his tongue against Tubbo’s teeth, his cheeks and plate. Tasting the sweet aroma of Tubbo.

His Tubbo.

The sweet innocent looking Tubbo who brightened up his day with good mornings, random calls and questions. Even sometimes sending him naughty pictures, videos of him in cute skirts, socks, cute tops, fishnets and feminine clothing in general to tease Tommy. Tubbo had a feminine side of him which he hid from the internet. Only letting it show to his family, his closest friends and well, Tommy. Who always had a special place in his heart. Always giving him more of everything. Sharing everything with him. Sharing his firsts with Tommy. And his first love was Tommy.

Tommy pulled away with a soft wet noise. A string of saliva connected them. Tubbo’s lips were glistening with wetness.

“do you wanna go upstairs?”

Tommy asked breathless. Tubbo quickly nodded before wrapping his legs around Tommy’s hips when he was lifted from the couch.

As he was carried upstairs he suddenly got aware of the hard thing poking against his tummy. Butterflies suddenly ran wild in his stomach, making him dizzy. The sudden realization of what’s about to happen made his imagination run wild with images of himself with his best friend. Bodies dangling between bedsheets, touching and making each other see the stars, experimenting with their bodies.

He will admit it. He missed this, missed Tommy and he is not thinking about holding back this time.

While he was so captured with his haze, he was suddenly dropped on Tommy’s soft bedsheets with a hungry panting boy hovering over him. His heart started hammering in its cage. The breath he got was suddenly not enough. They looked into each others eyes for a brief moment, asking for each others consent.

Tommy moved to taste his neck. Giving kitten licks, wet kisses then he moved his hands under Tubbo’s sweater and his shirt. Running his hands up and down, he caressed the warm tummy and chest. He mouthed at the other side of his neck and felt the warm thing under him squirm.

“mmh-h... tom...tommy” He lightly moaned under Tommy’s touch. Closing and squeezing his thighs.

“Fuck tubbo. Do you have any idea how are you making me feel? Teasing me all day along and acting like you don’t know.” he squeezed Tubbo’s small waist,

“And what the fuck are these shorts tubbo? I bet you are-“

“ahhh..” He was interrupted with a moan. He glanced up on Tubbo’s face and that made him come to his senses. His face was red, so red. All flushed up to his neck and his eyes were glossy with tears.

“I-i barely did anything tubbo i-“ Tommy heard Tubbo letting out a small sob.

“awww, so sensitive” he lovingly snuggled to the boy beneath him. Unshed tears finally let free, beautifully gliding from the brunettes cheeks to the mattress. They stayed like that for a few seconds as Tubbo’s insane heart beat slowed down. Tommy asked him if he was okay and wanted to continue. He approved with a hum. More in control.


“be gentle tommy.” Then they were kissing again. Tubbo resting his hands on the blonds cheeks, cupping his face gently. The soft kiss turned into a heated one. Their lips moving then sucking into each others, soon teeth were included. Small bites and lip pullings exchanged.

The room was filled lewd sounds and moans of the two boys. Tommy pulled away then connected their lips again, again and again making their noses brushing against each other’s. ‘a french kiss then’ Tubbo thought. He let Tommy to take the lead.

Tommy was usually the dominant one. Making the decisions, deciding if they will stream or not, deciding what will tubbo title his YouTube video. Helping him with his work, his dyslexia. Tommy was the leading one and he find his power and motivation from Tubbo. The two boys supporting and protecting each other. They grew up like that, hand in hand. 

 While Tubbo was drowning in the pleasure of Tommy, Tommy wanted more of him. He pulled away from the kiss. Eyes gazing on Tubbo’s swollen and purple lips. He sat up making the needy teen whine. Tommy grabbed the hem of Tubbo’s sweater, pulled it upwards then got rid of his own too. He threw the sweaters away, leaving his chest naked and leaving Tubbo in his tiny cute pajamas.

Tubbo was wearing a plain white shirt and light blue banana patterned shorts which was a problem. Beacause the shorts were too small, making Tubbo’s bubble butt vulnerable to everyones eyes. Tubbo was openly teasing him. Not letting him go too far while presenting himself at the same time. Tommy was done with Tubbo. And he is taking out all of his frustrations on the little gremlin right now. 

“t-tommy wha-“ And his shirt was gone too. He felt the others eyes all over himself, tommy was eye fucking him. Studying him like how you thirsty simps study a post from his Instagram. The blonde boy ran his thick long fingers on his sides, bending his knuckles and grazing them on the warm flesh of Tubbo’s stomach. Tubbo suddenly flinched at the feeling. Breath caught up in his throat, he sucked in his stomach unintentionally at the tingly feeling on the right places.

Tommy closed his palms over his skin and caressed upwards to his neck. Caressing past and squishing Tubbo’s soft pink nipples at the process. Then he nuzzled his face between Tubbo’s boy breasts, taking in his favorite honey milk flavored scent. He lightly cupped  them, slightly swollen from hormones during puberty which will be a pain in the ass in the future.

But Tommy loved those little tits. He always thought they were cute. Toby on the other hand was insecure but he was happy Tommy liked them. 

Studying the meaty flesh, Tommy realized that they got slightly bigger from the last time they met up. He then squeezed the breasts making Tubbo’s nipples turn out. He leaned down and played with one of his nipples with his tongue. Slowly caressing his tingly nub, he sucked in the pink nipple. Making soft moans spill from Tubbo who lifted his hands to dangle them into Tommy’s unruly hair. Pushing down Tommy into his chest, chasing the pleasure of Tommy’s mouth. 

“ahh.. nggh.. tommy more, please more”

Tommy understood what he wanted. He sucked harder, putting pressure with his tongue, flicking the hardened nipple. Pulling off, he gave the same treatment to the other nipple after kissing it lovingly. 

“So pretty Toby, so pretty for me. Always tastes so good.” 

and it really affected Tubbo in an exciting way, Tommy talking to him during these intimate moments made his stomach turn, face burning in embarrassment. Tommy nipped at his white chest, sucking marks which will be covered up by Tubbo’s shirt. No one will know they exist instead of Toby and Tommy.

 He kissed the fresh magenta mark he made on the boys chest. Then moved to suck a new one while running his hands under Tubbo’s thick tights. Tubbo lifted his legs to rest them around Tommy’s hips, supported by the younger boys forearms. He moved his hands to explore the slim figure of Tommy’s chest, shoulders and back; remembering the way how they felt under his touch.

The younger caressed, jiggled and squeezed the brunettes tights greedily. Moving down to nuzzle his face against the fat milky flesh. He heard Tubbo whine and make grabby hands against him, wanting him against his side. He hovered over Tubbo again.

With a sweet smile witch held a hint of mischievousness, Tubbo grabbed the boys hands and guided them to his ass which Tommy groped and squeezed almost immediately. But the older boy grabbed his fingers and led to the hem of his shorts, playing with the soft cloth. 

“you want me to remove them?”

questioned the younger who got responded with a nod. Taking off Tubbo’s shorts with the help of him raising his hips, Tommy threw the shorts away. Rubbing at his inner tights trough something hard. Wait- no boxers? He ran his hands upwards with a questioning gaze on Tubbo’s face, which is smirking with something naughty. Then his hand touched a-


a fucking lace?? He immediately looked down, being met with a white transparent virgin lace. Then he looked at Tubbo. Who said “surprise?” with a soft cheerful voice.

No response.

He was waiting a reaction from that dark gaze above him when he felt a sharp sting on one of his butt cheeks. It was so sudden. He barely processed what has happened when the hot burning made his eyes water. 

Tommy fucking spanked him. 

“Hh im- im so sorry tubbo”

smack! another one. That made Tubbo loudly cry out, his vision blurry. Tommy clasped his hands over the violated area to ease the pain. Tommy leaned down to kiss the behind of his ear and whispered.

”that’s amazing tubbo, i don’ know what to say” Which was responded with a broken moan. ‘He wanted to surprise me. How cute.’ Tommy thought. Now him sitting up to took off Tubbo’s panties, glanced down to the smaller boy with awe. His unruly hair messed up, covering his pretty face and neck flushed up all the way down to his chest which was covered in Tommy’s love bites. His cute nipples swollen red and his cute virgin panties slightly damp with a bulge inside them. He carefully took off the lace. Tubbo’s erection resting flat against his tummy, pink cute head poking out from his foreskin. He got his face closer to Tubbo’s dick while looking at Tubbo who glanced back at him with a needy gaze, thrusting his hips up to meet Tommy’s face.

He can smell him, his penis. Throbbing with wetness. So hard from just a little making out and teasing. Tommy didn’t make his friend upset and took the glans of his penis in his mouth. Sucking at the flesh, his nose filled with nostalgia and the taste of Tubbo’s sweat. He got further and further down, the tip of his penis touching the back of his throat. They have done it many times. Giving each other blow jobs. So Tommy was experienced.

Experienced about how to suck a dick, how to touch right places and make Tubbo squirm, make him cry out, teasing him to a point where he was crying from frustration. He liked it when Tubbo cried. His pink lip wobbling trying to hold back the tears that are pricking at the corners of his blue eyes. Reddish cheeks getting even more red then shiny tears being sawn gliding over them. His beautiful eyes glossy beneath his sticky eyelashes, gazing at him with such cute puppy look. A perfect ‘please show me mercy’ gaze, more like a ‘please ravish me’ gaze to Tommy. 

 Tommy relaxed his throat to take Tubbo further down. He slowly got Tubbo fully in. His nose touching to brunettes carefully shaved pubes. Shaved and creamed with extra care just for Tommy. He also knew Tommy liked the amazing feeling of his smooth skin. Making him extra in need to caress the smaller boy. 

He looked down to saw Tommy’s stretched lips around his boyhood touching the freshly shaved area. Engulfing him whole with his heavenly cavern. So warm, wet and tight. He felt Tommy sucking at his shaft while pulling off halfway and let his head fall back with a low breathy moan. Tommy ran his tongue across the vein at the underside of his penis. Pulling off, then licking away the collected saliva and the love juice on his slit. He slowly stroked his shaft while peppering butterfly kisses on the head. Tubbo mewled and squirmed, wiggling and thrusting his hips up to the blondes mouth. 

 Tommy pressing his hips to the bed stilling him before sucking in his whole length forcefully. The sudden pleasure making Tubbo jump and open his eyes wide. Tommy was going to be gentle wasn’t he? 

“Mmmph, mmh haa-h.. tommy what a-ah...”He instinctively gripped the sheets beneath him. Arching his back he tried to close his legs which were immediately stopped by a pair of large strong hands gripping forcefully, bruising his highs, pressing him to the mattress, making it impossible to escape the pleasure. Can’t stopping the moans getting louder and louder, he gripped Tommy’s curly blondes, pulling at his hair to make him stop, to make him pull off. But no avail. Tommy’s eyes were shut, pretty lashes fluttering as he made the boy go crazy with pleasure.

Tubbo’s eyes watering, he begged Tommy to stop. It was too much. Too much for his sensitive body. As he begged for his friend to stop, trying his best to form exact words between moans and cries. He went limp and cried with hiccups. Gripped the boys soft curls with shivering hands, let the tears run down his cheeks as his soul was sucked off of his body.

 Tommy on the other hand was getting more on more turned by the sweet sounds of Tubbo’s moans. Tubbo finally starting to cry in defeat went straight to his dick. Throbbing inside his grey shorts, ready to mate his love, giving him his love, ready to make love. He was falling in love with the boy. He was already in love but the sweet reactions he got from the soft brunette making him fall deeper and deeper. 

“ Nghh comin im- im-  close”

It didn’t take long for Tubbo to reach his orgasm. Trying his best to warn the blonde before spasming with low but high pitched moans. Tommy happily swallowed his juices. Pulling off, then pumping at his shaft to let out the last drops of cum which beaded at the tip. 

Tommy slowly let go of his thighs. Setting down the shaky limbs carefully. He sat up to move beside his friend. Who was panting and looking at the ceiling with glassy eyes, still sobbing. He got the smaller boy between his arms who snuggled at him in hurry. 

His breathing slowing down immediately, found comfort at Tommy’s side. Tommy ran his hand on the submissive boys back, all flushed and sweaty. Kissed his forehead pressing the single brown strand of hair resting there on its place.

After making sure his lover was calmed down,

”do you wanna continue?” he asked. Tubbo swallowing the saliva that was caught in his throat, nodded slowly. Reaching his hand towards the front of Tommy’s shorts. He cupped the boys swollen hard phallus which twitched to the attention that was finally given. He lightly squeezed his dick and let his fingers explore the whole outline of his throbbing heat. 

“I wanna try doggy style tommy, will you prepare me?” Tommy hummed in agreement and got up to grab his lube from his wardrobe. 

As he got up, a pair of curious eyes following him saw his bulge tenting and stretching the front of his shorts. It suddenly looked so big to his eyes. It was going to be inside him in minutes, penetrating him from behind and blowing up his mind from how good it felt, how right it felt beneath Tommy, his Tommy. They belonged to each other, they were in love with each other.

 By the time Tommy came to his bed, he got on all fours waiting for his best friend to finger him open. He felt the bed shift with a new weight behind him. Tommy setting one of his knees on the bed, reached down and put the lube on the carpet floor. He moved his other leg to set it next to the other one.

He then caressed the soft white skin of his friend. Up and down on his small back; going lower and dragging his palms on the white round globes, he groped and jiggled the fat flesh. Large red hand prints from earlier sitting on the sides of his butt cheeks, he pressed the heel of his palms and dragged them over the stings which Tubbo responded with a painful whine. After kneading the back of his thighs he ran his palms all the way up to Tubbo’s shoulders. Gripping the warm blades, he leaned over the boy covering his whole body with his.

”don’t think i didn’t realize how you got in extra heat just because i spanked you.”

the blonde murmured to the shell of his ear making Tubbo groan in embarrassment. His groan was cut off by Tommy who sat up to reach for the lube giving a hard smack on one of his cheeks again. That unexpected move made Tubbo’s limbs buckle and he fell on his forearms. He buried his face to tommy’s bedsheets with a pathetic tired moan.

“i know you liked it, you weirdo” chuckled Tommy. He leaned over Tubbo to kiss his mop of brown hair for the last time saying “you okay?” which received a nod. He warmed up the lube on his fingers for Tubbo before pressing his fingers to his tight ring of muscle. His hole fluttered at the touch cutely. Opening up to let Tommy’s thick long digits to go inside. Tommy slowly prepared him, scissoring and stretching him as deep as possible to not make the penetration painful for Tubbo.

 His eyes gazed his lover then drifted to his headboard, the walls and the posters resting on them. His eyes slowly gazed his room before looking out the window. The moon was high above the cloudless, clear sky. Shining so bright almost reaching to its full rounded form.  His eyes were fixated on the beautiful whiteness swimming in the dark ocean of stars. He pulled his fingers out of Tubbo. Softly calling his name he gripped the boys waist lifting him from the mattress. 

“toby, look at that.” he said pointing at the beaming beauty without taking his eyes off of it. Two boys illuminated and captivated by the moonlight during one of their most intimate moments. After peacefully admiring the celestial body, brunette turned his head back towards the curly blonde, lifting his chin up; who connected their lips without a single word. His hands moving upwards to caress Tubbo’s waist. Two teens kissing with love, they looked good together.



”i want to ride you”

”what about doggy tubbo?”

”i changed my mind.”

Tubbo turned to face Tommy. Lowering and laying the younger on the bed. 

“can you toss me my pillow?” Taller one asked.  Then placed the pillow under his head that he was given. Tubbo straddled him. He raised his hips slightly to take off Tommy’s shorts. While Tommy was raising his hips to make it easier, his crotch brushed against Tubbo’s exposed ass. Making Tubbo feel his heat radiating hardness. Tubbo’s breath quickened at that. Getting excited second by second. He took Tommy’s grey shorts off with the help of him. 

Tubbo stuck his hand inside Tommy’s boxers, grasping his penis, he felt the wet thickness in his long fingers. Tubbo pulled out his penis from its restrains and with the help of Tommy, they lowered the hem of his boxers below his balls.

The brunette reached below him and lined up his dick ready to penetrate himself. Tommy offering him a hand for support, Tubbo intertwined their fingers together, palms touching. He slowly sinked down on Tommy’s cock. Both groaning at the feeling.

 Tubbo wiggled his hips a little bit, moving around the thick object that is filling him. 
He slowly started moving. Closing his eyes and trying to adjust the feeling of Tommy brushing across his walls. He pulled himself upwards then suddenly letting the gravity pull him down. In a rhythm of slowly dragging and stretching the skin of Tommy’s cock to its head, then taking him fully in in one motion. 

The the pace got quicker and quicker. Balancing himself on his best friends hand, he rode Tommy’s dick in a steady but fast rhythm. He arched his back and leaned backwards to stimulate his G-spot. Moans started to spill from between his lips as an impact of the feeling in his lower abdomen.

 Tommy on the other hand was so captivated by the sight of Tubbo. His vibrant blue eyes glassy and tired from pleasure, grazed on the masterpiece below him. Moonlight danced on the brunettes skin every time he bounced on his cock. His mop of wavy hair swaying and some of the strands sticking at his sweaty forehead; some of them are sticking in random directions, bouncing with the movement. His little tits slightly moving up an down, getting pulled by the movement on his chest.

And his favorite was the beautiful face of his Tubbo. Swollen lips glistening with saliva, mouth slightly ajar from the pleasure; making the sweetest sounds of bliss. Music to Tommy’s ears. His face was flushed up, his blush getting darker right under his eyes. His eyes tightly shut and the lids covered up by sticky lashes shining with tears. 

 He moved his other hand to graze the side of his ass. Moving to rest on Tubbo’s lower back, supporting him with his movements and his leaning back position. He surely missed the dizzying feeling around his cock. Nothing can compare to that. It was Tubbo after all. His best friend and the love of his life.

”im so close tommy.” the smaller boy said between breathless moans. Tommy tried to sat up balancing himself on the hand that Tubbo was holding earlier, the other one supporting the shorter boys back. 

“wha- tommy what are you-“

”go ahead baby, come” Tommy was fully sat up hugging Tubbo’s body close to himself. Making their legs straddle each other. He thrusted up to Tubbo, hitting his sweet spot harder than before. He took one of the boys delicate nipples into his mouth, sucking and playing with it using his tongue. And it was too intense again for Tubbo. As the intense feeling took over, his moans turned into screams of pleasure. He reached his high in Tommy’s arms untouched. His dick throbbing with every spurt of cum. 

Soon Tommy reached his orgasm. He held the boy close and filled his lover with his babies. His movements got slower and slower then stopped. They stayed like that for a while. Both panting from their post climax. Tubbo struggled in his arms and Tommy let go of his back. He slowly sat up and pulled off of Tommy’s cock. Careful to not sit dead on on his ass, he pressed his lower back to the mattress and balanced himself with his arms.

Tommy wiped his sweaty forehead, then grabbed his pillow to set it to the end of his bed. He laid down, reaching out his arms for Tubbo to come lay next to him. He normally slept laying his head on the headboard side. But now he wanted to watch the moon with Tubbo. 

The older didn’t object. Moving carefully, he collapsed next to Tommy. Tommy wiped the cum off of their bodies with the lace panties. After he was done, the virgin lace panties strained with Tubbo’s cum looked so sinful. He threw the lace panties to the carpet and pulled the covers on them. Wrapped his arm around Tubbo, who laid his head on the blondes chest. He started massaging the blondes chest with the pads of his fingers. Softly tracing random patterns. 

With a low tiny voice hoarse from moaning,

“i love you.” he murmured. That warmed Tommy’s heart. Placing butterfly kisses on the side of Tubbo’s face, “me too toby.”

Tubbo immediately fell asleep with the tiredness of his earlier session with Tommy. Tommy watched the moonlight for a while in peaceful silence. His lashes unconsciously fluttering shut and drifting into dreamland.


The Next Morning:

It was early in the morning. Mother Innit couldn’t find Tubbo in living room. His couch bed was untouched. She went to Tommy’s room and slowly turned the doorknob to not wake his son up. He was usually asleep in this hours of the day. 

Inside the room, she was met with the two boys cuddling shirtless in his sons bed. Their clothes and matching sweaters scattered around, resting on the floor.

It was obvious. Silently closing the door, she left without a word.