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Sheriff Noah Stilinski sat in front of his private laptop and stared at the words blinking on the monitor.

Downloading …

He wasn't really sure if he wanted to read the information package he was downloading since it was from his sister-in-law who had dug up everything she could find about Hellhounds.

Noah had thought he knew enough given the information his Alpha had handed over but Celeste had been of a different opinion and Noah had learned early on it was just that much easier to give in to his wife and her sister. He would do what they wanted either way. The only difference was how painful it would be for him.


Noah looked up and smiled when he saw his mate Christopher stand at the office door.

»Yes, dear?« Noah responded and gestured for the man to come in.

Chris closed the door behind him and stepped up to Noah to steal a kiss before he settled against the desk with his bum.

»What are you downloading? Netflix is buffering and Jordan's getting grumpy,« he said.

Noah sighed. »Celeste sent me an information package … it's pretty big and you know the Internet here is for shit. Stiles always complained about his porn stopping to buffer at the most inopportune time possible,« he answered and leaned back so he could study Chris's face.

Chris suppressed a smile. He knew very well how much he disliked to know anything about his son's sex life but it couldn't be helped when the boy was younger and even now as the Alpha's mate Noah got to know way too much though Chris suspected his dislike came from Noah enjoying knowing things like that way more than he should.

The Sheriff rolled his eyes when he saw his mate stifle his smile and reached for him. He pulled him into his lap and started to kiss him stupid. He didn't want to talk about something they had talked to death.

The slightly older Hunter submitted beautifully to the Sheriff and opened up under the kiss like a flower at the kiss of the morning sun.

Noah's hands gently roamed over Chris's sides and he smiled into the kiss when Chris moaned and leaned into his touch like he was starved for it.

Now that Noah thought about it he realized Chris probably really was starved for his touch. Most of their cuddling and snuggling and touching revolved around Jordan and his needs at the moment.

They both spend less time together than they had at the beginning of their relationship. Noah decided there and then that this had to change. He wanted to spend one on one time with both his mates. They both deserved to be in the center of his attention and he decided to show Chris just how important he was to him.

Without really caring about it he shoved his laptop to the side of the big desk he had in his home office. He grabbed Chris by the hips and settled him onto the desk before he could protest.

His hands roamed about Chris' chest, teasing his nipples through the thin material of his Henley before making their way down across the sinful six-pack hidden by the cloth. He ripped it off, leaving Chris half-naked.

His lips attached themselves to Chris's collarbone, leaving behind a dark hickey before he slowly kissed, licked, and nipped his way downwards. Noah gently suckled Chris's nipples into hard peaks, chuckling when Chris's long fingers slipped into his hair indecisive if they wanted to hold him there or pull him away.

Noah's fingers skimmed along the line of the black jeans that encased Chris's ass and opened the button and zipper carefully. He could feel the hard line of Chris's cock underneath and when he pulled the cloth apart it sprung free, slapping against Noah's chin while he was still teasing his lover's belly button.

Chris moaned loud and unrestrained. He held himself up on one elbow while his other hand was still buried in Noah's hair.

A moment later he pushed Noah gently downwards, arching his hips up, pleading with soft sounds and raw sounding muttered words.

Noah left another dark hickey beside Chris's navel before he gave in to his pleas. His lips closed around the already leaking head of his lover's cock. His tongue gently toyed with the slit while he enjoyed the musky, manly taste and scent of his mate.

Noah moaned his joy out softly while taking Chris's cock deeper into his mouth until he hit the back of his throat. He swallowed and enjoyed the fresh spurt of precum and Chris's sweet, needy moans.

For long minutes he just held him in his mouth, swallowed when too much liquid had built up in his mouth before he gave in to Chris's incoherent pleas to move, to touch, to do anything.

He opened the right drawer blind and pulled out a small tube of lube. He rucked Chris's jeans down and away, dropping the garment onto the floor. He made him spread his legs and hold them up, so now Chris was on his back.

After wetting his fingers with lube, Noah continued to gently hold Chris's cock in his mouth, while he opened him up. He initially used two fingers but the push and pull of Chris's hole made him give in and he worked him up to four fingers pretty quickly. If he had had more lube here he probably would have fisted Chris just because he could and Chris wouldn't deny him, but as he didn't, he put that thought away for something to do in the future.

Instead, he let Chris slip out of his mouth and he stood. His hands shook a bit in excitement when he opened his own button and zipper. Since he was at home he went commando under his jeans. His cock sprang free and he wet it with the rest of the lube on his hand before he grabbed Chris by his hips, pulled them a little more towards the edge of the desk, and eyed Chris who was nearly incoherent with lust.

»Ready?« He asked.

Chris nodded and whined when Noah pushed into him in one long slow stroke. He didn't give either of them time to adjust. Instead, he gave in to his baser instincts and fucked into Chris like a mad man.

Both of them growled, whined, and snapped at each other, losing themselves to their wolves for a bit.

Chris submitted beautifully to Noah. He tilted his head back in submission, accepted the love bites littering his throat with soft moans, and pleaded for Noah's hard cock in his ass, his hands on his body, and his lips.

Noah gave him everything he asked for. He kissed him hungrily as they reached their peak together. He pressed into Chris as deep as he could while he came and when he tried to pull away he felt trapped inside Chris.

He gave a confused whine and it was Chris' pulling him closer and into a warm embrace that made him realize he had popped his knot and was now tied with Chris for the next while.

Their position was not the best but Noah decided to make the best of it. He carefully moved them around until they could cuddle and kiss and just enjoy themselves.

The download was forgotten and had already finished while the two men got their groove on.

They hadn't even realized that Jordan had peeked into the room when Chris hadn't come back and smiled when he realized what they were doing.

The pregnant Hellhound had just walked back into the living room and settled back in front of the TV, enjoying another episode of The Witcher now that the frankly abysmal Internet wasn't overtaxed anymore.