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of nesting and missing jersey

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It is quite obvious that Atsumu has a thing for his pretty housemate. Stoic but thoughtful Sakusa Kiyoomi who says he is Atsumu's number one fan when the former attends his volleyball matches.


His teammates used to tease him because Kiyoomi's sort of popular in the university—tall, pretty, and smart, and everyone wants his attention.


Including Atsumu.

Everyone is curious about Sakusa Kiyoomi in his hybrid and full animal form. In their little hybrid world, study shows that only your family and the person you're comfortable with will allow your body to shift. And being around Omi-omi allows Atsumu to shift more than usual.


Kiyoomi loves it when he morphs into his fox form, loves it when he cuddles him with his golden fur especially on cold nights when Atsumu becomes his personal heater, and so Atsumu waits for the day that his housemate will trust him enough to see his full form.


Everything is smooth sailing between the two of them, Atsumu can still manage to hide his silly little pining for his Kiyoomi.


Until it's Kiyoomi that breaks one day.


As the day of the friendly match with their rival school draws near, Atsumu is pretty nervous because his favorite jersey is missing.


He's in his closet, searching through piles of clothes, some of which he never bothered to fold properly. He comes out with nothing but confusion and annoyance, he had practically turned his room upside down looking for his lucky jersey.


“Fucking hell,” he curses, ruffling his hair as sweat trickles down his forehead.


“Atsumu?” A head pokes into the doorway, and Kiyoomi's eyes widen at the ruckus he's made. "Are you okay?"


"I'm fine," Atsumu whines. "Just can't find the stuff I need for the upcoming match."


Kiyoomi looks at him cautiously, nose scrunching at the amount of mess and Atsumu feels sorry for him. "Uhm..maybe I can help? I'll try to find it while I clean up the house or something?"


It's a good idea, Kiyoomi knows the nook and cranny of their little place, and is best at tidying it up. But Atsumu also knows Kiyoomi's aversion to germs and he doesn't want to bother him. For sure if Omi's been cleaning, he'll leave Atsumu's things in his bedroom.


He just smiles to reassure him that it's okay. "No need, Omi-omi. Maybe I left it at the locker room by the gym. I'll ask the team later."


“Okay then, I hope you find whatever it is soon,” Kiyoomi bites the inside of his cheek. “Tell me if you need anything, hmm?"


Atsumu nods and grins, only Omi can make him feel at ease.




Weekend's fast approaching, and Atsumu is still freaking out because of his missing shirt dilemma.  


He has searched everywhere, even setting-up a daily inspection to his teammates' lockers and bags. Atsumu knows he shouldn't be making a big deal out of this, he still has a spare jersey but no one understands that the missing one is special because that's the jersey he wore when he first met his cute roommate.


Bokuto just gives him a sympathetic look while Atsumu leaves the gym with a heavy heart. 


"Miya!" Atsumu immediately turns in the direction of the voice, and sees Kiyoomi running up to him. Little curls bouncing and Atsumu's worries disappear because of this.


He and Kiyoomi have afternoon routines after classes, and he specifically promised to treat Omi in the new ice cream store near the university.


"Did you wait too long? Sorry, I'm late. Prof extended for a bit," Kiyoomi squeaks, wiping the beads of sweat down his forehead. "Shall we go, Atsu?"



The excitement from Kiyoomi makes Atsumu's heart jump. He takes out the spare towel in his bag, and uses it to dab at Kiyoomi's face. "How far have you been running? God. Omi-omi. You hate sweating!"


Kiyoomi just snorts in response as he takes Atsumu's towel. "Far," he whispers before scrunching his nose at him. "But it's okay. I can always take a bath later. Let's go eat!"


Atsumu laughs at Kiyoomi's excited demeanor. He's rarely like this because the latter rather enjoys holing up in their apartment.


Another tug on his shirt and the two of them walks down the alley. Atsumu never heard the sigh of relief from Kiyoomi until he halts on his tracks, scrunching his nose up at him.


“You smell like me."


Kiyoomi blushes, looking so surprised at him. “I—I do?”

He tugs Kiyoomi and they continue on walking until they reach that dainty ice cream shop. Atsumu feels like he's floating when he sits beside Kiyoomi, pushing a cup of chocolate ice cream in front of him.


"Yeah," Atsumu leans forward and takes in a lungful of air as his scent mixes on Kiyoomi's citrusy smell. "You smell like me. It's subtle but it's there…"


Atsumu fiddles with his fingers while Kiyoomi gapes at him like a fish. "Maybe it's because we live together? Uhm.."

"We do." Atsumu still thinks he's missing something here. Kiyoomi has this deer in the headlights look on his face. He's kind of afraid and uneasy with that tinge of pink blush in the apple of his cheeks. "It's possible but does my scent stick to you like that ever since? Not that I'm complaining but.."


"You let me use your towel today, Atsumu. Stop thinking too much. It doesn't bother me, okay? Eat up."


He just shrugs but he still feels a little suspicious. "Okay, Omi."


Omi just grins at him.




Atsumu gives up on finding his special jersey. The whole team consoles him that he'll still do well in tomorrow's match. Their coach gives them some pep talk before letting them leave early so everyone can rest.


He rides the bus alone since Kiyoomi has no classes today. The ride home is silent aside from the beating of his heart. Atsumu feels something bad is going to happen as he reaches their shared apartment.


The floorboard creaks as he opens the door carefully, afraid that he might disturb Kiyoomi.


But Kiyoomi's always at the foyer to greet him, always pushing Atsumu in the bathroom so he could clean up before they eat. It feels odd that the whole place is silent.


"Omi-kun?" He drapes his jacket on the chair before peeking into the kitchen but Kiyoomi's nowhere to be found. He looks at the room's hallway and it's still dark.


Atsumu is about to call Kiyoomi until he turns to the living room and finds a lump settled on their little couch. Kiyoomi in his half-human, half-hybrid form with his fluffy raven ears twitching a little with his tail wrapped around himself.


He feels relieved but what concerns him the most is Kiyoomi's wearing Atsumu's long lost jersey!



Only his jersey with his milky legs on full display.


This is the first time that Atsumu sees Kiyoomi's other form. He's never told him anything. But oh god help Atsumu because he is seconds away from smothering his roommate with cuddles and kisses, only if Kiyoomi wants it of course.


He looks so peaceful and cute like this. Kiyoomi must've found his jersey comfortable, he lets himself shift when no one is around.


But Atsumu is curious, is Kiyoomi a fox like him too? But his ears are folded naturally? Is Kiyoomi a puppy? A wolf? But his tail is kind of fluffy too? 


He's so tempted to pet Kiyoomi's cute ears. Atsumu stands for too long, looking stunned at his roommate and doesn't notice his bag falling on the carpeted floor. The loud thud wakes Kiyoomi up with a squeak .


Kiyoomi looks afraid, and it's normal for hybrids like them to shift completely in their animal form when they feel unsafe or in danger. It's their only defense mechanism in this cruel world so there should be no surprise when Kiyoomi shrinks into a little cat?!


Kiyoomi is a cat looking so small in his big shirt with his round eyes, fluffy ears, and bushy tail. Atsumu tries his best to not squeal because he is tearing up at his cuteness. He is a scottish fold sitting and looking so lost in the pile of Atsumu's jersey.

Atsumu coos and squeals but the cat on the couch doesn't share the same excitement as him.

He is cut short when Kiyoomi begins to make these little noises and sad whines. Atsumu starts panicking when he realizes that kitty oomi is crying.


"Omi-omi! Oh my god, I'm so sorry. Baby I'm so sorry please don't cry," Atsumu runs towards Kiyoomi, sitting on the couch and pulling the kitten to his chest. "Shhh. Omi-omi, don't cry. My poor baby, I'm sorry."


Kiyoomi is positively bawling, the sounds he makes is evident enough that the cat is sad and distressed. "I didn't mean to sneak up on you, Omi-omi. Don't be scared, I'm here," he hushes the kitty some more, relief washing through him when Kiyoomi finally calms down. He presses closer to his chest, curling in Atsumu's arms and trusting him to see this vulnerable side.

Atsumu lifts his hands and gently rubs his fingers on Kiyoomi's soft ear, soft purrs rumbles against his chest and kittyoomi is practically enjoying this cuddling session.

"Forgive me, Omi-omi?" he whispers against his soft purr, sneaking small kisses on top of his head. Kiyoomi smells like lemons and warm sunshine. The kitten blinks at him before pawing at his face. "So it's a yes, Omi?"  


He removes the pile of clothes against Kiyoomi's thick fur and Atsumu feels all sorts of warm and fuzzy.


"You look so cute, Omi. Your legs are so short." Kiyoomi hisses at him, wriggling against his arms as if protesting. He looks so round and soft and it takes him a lot of patience to squeeze at this cuteness. "Why, Omi? Are you mad, do you not like being a cute munchkin in your other form?"


Kiyoomi meows pathetically, hiding his small face on Atsumu's neck but he doesn't allow this. He wants Kiyoomi to enjoy his human and animal form.


"Don't hide, Omi-omi. You're cute and adorable no matter what. Come here." He pats his laps as he waits for Kiyoomi to settle down. Kittyoomi lifts himself slowly, slightly crouching and hiding his legs as he crawls over quickly and plops down on Atsumu's lap.


"I was once like you, shy and ashamed of my animal form but I learned how to embrace and love myself more. It takes a lot of time to show my other form to people." Atsumu smiles softly as he rubs Kiyoomi's belly. "You didn't have to do it immediately, you have to find the right people who will accept and love you. You can trust me Omi-omi. I'll give you all the cuddles you deserve."


Kiyoomi huffs a little with his wide imploring eyes still looking at him. "I love myself and my fox form, Omi-omi. It makes me the best cuddle material in our family. And you are the cutest roommate one could ever ask for."


The two of them are silent while Atsumu continues comforting Kiyoomi. "You can shift anytime around me, I promise I won't judge you. This is now your safe space."


The weight on his lap suddenly increases and Atsumu lifts his head, locking eyes with human Kiyoomi who's already shifted. His hair's a messy nest of curls with cheeks blushing so cutely. "Thank you, Atsumu.  


"I'm always here, Kiyoomi. Just let me know what you need, okay? You wanna talk some more?"


Kiyoomi shakes his head and leans down to bury his face into the side of Atsumu's neck. He understands this, less talk and more cuddles. He wraps his arms around Kiyoomi, warm and soft and pliant against him. They rarely cuddle in both their human forms, it's more Atsumu shifting to his fox form as Omi let's him sleep on his chest.


Atsumu sighs dreamily, arms tightening around his roommate's lithe body.


Skin to skin.


Atsumu's whole face and neck turns red, trying his best to look away from Kiyoomi's nakedness. He wants to see it but not like this.


Oh god.






Kiyoomi actually enjoys this and Atsumu has to stop himself before he starts scenting his innocent roommate.


"Do you want me to get you some spare clothes or something? Let's get you dresed uhh?"


Atsumu laughs as Kiyoomi's scream pierces across the whole apartment. His bushy tail appears once more as he flicks Atsumu on the forehead for commenting about his round ass.


"We should exchange baby pics. I'll let you see mine if you'll let me see your baby fox pic—"



"I.. Yes, Tsumu?"


"Why were you wearing my jersey last time?"


Kiyoomi charmingly smiles at him before stealing a kiss on Atsumu's cheeks, and hops around his bedroom for cuddles.

Atsumu confesses first and Kiyoomi returns his feelings. Later on, he discovers that Kiyoomi needs his comforting scent because he has been nesting for a week already. Apparently, Kiyoomi's heat is coming soon and Atsumu is finally here to help his mate in the best possible way.