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Post-War Passions

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Sometime after the war, life in Konoha had returned to normal. Ichiraku’s was serving ramen again, the academy was up and running, and people resumed all the little rituals that marked their lives during peacetime. Naruto was no different.

Excitedly, though as sneaky as a ninja, he headed for the hot springs, but he wasn’t coming to bathe. Peeping had a proud tradition in the village, proud in the eyes of those who practiced it anyway, and a number of bestselling novels have been written based on a certain local pervert’s research.

Naruto wasn’t doing any research either, though. He just wanted to have a nice wank, and what better material to jerk it to than all the beautiful kunoichi Konoha had to offer. He happened to overhear Sakura and Ino talking about going to the hot springs earlier that day, and had been looking forward to this since. Sakura alone would make for perfect fapping material, but Ino on top would be awesome. Maybe some other girls would tag along, too, in which case he’d hit the jackpot!

Chuckling to himself, Naruto turned off the road and quickly disappeared into the underbrush. Moving quietly, he approached a tall wall of bamboo. Steam was rising from behind it. Before the village was annihilated, a wall just like this one had been prepared with a sneaky hole to look through. That wall was long gone now, but Naruto had taken it upon himself to prepare the same kind of vantage point for future peeping Toms to enjoy and cherish.

It seemed like he arrived just in time for the show, too! He heard sliding doors and naked feet on stone before sighs indicated that the women on the other side had slid into the water. He quickly pulled down his pants, already sporting a half-chub, took it in both hands, ready to stroke away, and leaned in to peer through the hole.

As expected, he saw Sakura and Ino sitting side by side and relaxing. Sadly, the water went up to their necks, but that didn’t keep Naruto’s dick from swelling to its full size. Seeing them in such a relaxed and vulnerable state was enough to fuel his imagination. They had no idea that he was standing there, cock in hand, admiring their glistening skin and fantasizing about the parts of them currently submerged. All he had to do was wait, eventually they would get up and give him a good look at everything.

Slowly jerking himself, he wondered whether they had shaved their pubes lately or if he was going to see patches of color between their legs. His hands moved a little faster when Ino stretched, lifting her tits out of the water. They were fairly sizable, and Naruto dreamed about rubbing against them, be it with his hands, face, or cock. In a stroke of good luck, Ino extended her arm to either side, resting them on the rim of the pool, meaning that her boobs stayed exposed.

Sakura stretched a little as well, but showed nothing much below the collar bone. That was fine though. Naruto was absorbed in fantasies of Ino, picturing himself on top of her, watching her tits bounce in rhythm with his thrusts. He started dribbling pre-cum after a while, which made his hands move smoother along his shaft. In his mind, he was speeding up and Ino was begging for a break, even as he felt her pussy quiver around him.

While the Ino in his mind was having her third screaming orgasm and Naruto dick started throbbing quite hard, sliding doors were opened and he stopped abruptly. This was his chance to see some full frontal nudity. He only hoped it wasn’t some old crone coming in.

As luck would have it, it was Hinata. Naruto almost jizzed on the spot as the voluptuous girl emerged from the haze. Her skin was flawless, her tits were huge, and her hips nice and curvy. A cleanly trimmed strip of hair pointed the way to her pussy. Every step she took was accompanied by some jiggling of her tits, especially when she entered the pool. Naruto drank in everything from her legs to her stomach and chest before the water swallowed it all.

It wasn’t a problem, though. The image of her nude body was burned into his mind, and it offered ample fuel for his hands to get back to work. Forgotten was the quivering mess he had made of Ino in his mind. Now, Hinata was riding him, blushing furiously even as she shook her hips wantonly. The juxtaposition between her demure demeanor and the pure lust she slammed down on his dick with drove Naruto wild. He looked at her smiling innocently as she talked with Sakura and Ino, and beat his meat with crazy vigor.

Naruto didn’t hear the sliding door over the slick sounds of his stroking hands. Seeing Shikamaru’s and Kiba’s mothers suddenly walk in caught him off guard. While still trying to take in their mature bodies, he bit his lip and blasted ropes against the bamboo wall.

The hardest part was to keep his voice down. The spunk rushing through his dick was thick and plentiful, clinging to the bamboo like glue in fat strands and globs. Countless loads just like this one had discolored the bamboo underneath the hole, and Naruto suspected it would turn all white eventually. It would be a group effort between himself and all the other peeping Toms in Konoha.

Regardless, Naruto’s hands never stopped stroking, and when he was finally done shooting cum after half a minute, he kept right on going. One load wasn’t enough for him anyways, and he couldn’t turn back when the hot springs were jam-packed with babes like these.

Mrs. Inuzuka and Nara had taken their seats in the spring by that point, but Naruto had seen much. Kiba’s mom was fit, with well-defined muscles rippling under smooth skin. She had abs to grind meat on, strong thighs that indicated an ass that could crack walnuts, and strong arms, too. Her tits were nothing to sneeze at either, much like Ino’s, but she obviously couldn’t compare to the likes of Hinata. Mrs. Nara, being more of a housewife, looked fit, but not athletic. She was slender and her breasts were small, but her strict personality gave what would have otherwise been an unremarkable woman a certain appeal. She would swat Shikamaru with a ladle if he spoke out of turn, but now she was sitting there naked for Naruto to ogle and beat off to. Another marked difference between both women were their pussies. Kiba’s mom kept hers hairless while Shikamaru’s mom rocked a huge bush. No razor had touched her down there in a long time, but Naruto didn’t mind. He liked the variety; he liked the thought of grinding his dick on her hairy muff before plunging into her snatch to rock her world. Similarly, he liked to imagine Kiba’s mom as an aggressive lover, pinning him like some kind of female conqueror, and riding him at her leisure while holding onto his ankles for leverage.

He kept jerking off while keeping an eye out for motions from Sakura. He wanted to catch a good glimpse of her like he had gotten of Hinata and the mature women. He had gotten over his infatuation with her long ago, but he still liked to jerk off to her. Old habits die hard, after all, and he had spent countless nights rubbing out load after load to her.

“Wow, it’s busy tonight,” a newcomer said. Naruto recognized the voice and went searching for the price. From the haze emerged a naked Tenten, looking fine. Much like Kiba’s mom, she was toned, though not as much as the older woman. Her abs were obvious, but not as impressive, and her boobs were smaller, too, though still bigger than Mrs. Nara or Sakura. Curiously, she started walking around the pool, coming closer to the hole Naruto was peeping through. His hands, firmly grasping his cock, ceased their motion and he held his breath.

“What are you doing, Tenten?” he heard Sakura ask. Just then, Tenten stopped in front of the hole and turned to face the other ladies, meaning that Naruto’s whole field of view was taken up by her round ass.

“I just wanted to do a little stretching before getting in. There’s more room over here,” Tenten explained. Naruto was absorbed by the close-up of her tight rear, and he was quiet pleased when she actually started going through a few easy exercises. The only thing better than a nice ass was a nice ass in motion, and Naruto could have spent all day watching this. He knew it was dangerous, but he couldn’t keep his hands still with Tenten’s butt mere inches from his face. He thought he could almost smell her.

“This isn’t a playground,” Shikamaru’s mom said, “Aren’t you supposed to be an adult by now?”

“Oh, relax,” Tenten replied, “It’s not like I’m running laps.”

That was when Tenten put her feet together and bent over, reaching for her toes. That granted Naruto a long, hard look at her pussy; it was right there! Smooth lips, just the slightest wink of the pink within, droplets of sweat caressing her curves. It was too much to take. With bulging eyes and desperate to stay quiet, Naruto fired off his second load, even harder than the first. He didn’t dare breathe because it would surely come out as a gasp, but he could do nothing about the splashing noises his cum made upon hitting the bamboo. He didn’t have the wherewithal to aim it somewhere else, either. All he managed to do was to hold his breath, stare at Tenten’s snatch, and fire away as if his jizz would land anywhere near her.

Thankfully, Tenten didn’t notice. A few attempts at reaching her toes, and she joined the other women in the pool, allowing Naruto to breath again. On an ordinary night, that might have satisfied him, but that close encounter with Tenten had been too hot to quit so early. His cock, twitchy but still standing, demanded more, so he obliged.

His attention went back to Ino and her breasts, though his thoughts were dominated by images of all the women present doing the same stretches as Tenten, showing their pussies to him for inspection. As far as he was concerned, they ought to just form a line, bend over, and let him vent his lust.

Tenten would get it extra hard for teasing him like that, and so would the MILFs. They had given birth already, they could handle it. Hinata would receive a gentler treatment, and he suspected that Ino would want it rough, but Sakura would have to take it real hard because Anruto wouldn’t be able to control himself with her. He would pummel her pussy thoroughly, leaving it almost bruised and overflowing with spunk.

More women showed up, finding their ways into Naruto’s imagination right away. Kurenai was as beautiful as ever with her generous chest and motherly hips, both thanks to Mirai. Anko was as casual as she was busty; Naruto had had a thing for her ever since the Chunin exam. Even Gaara’s sister showed up. If Naruto hadn’t been busy jerking off, he might have shaken a fist at Shikamaru for scoring such a babe. With how abrasive she could be, seeing her all relaxed, naked and wet was a huge turn on. She was similar to Sakura in that regard. Even Ino’s and Sakura’s mothers showed up, giving him more mature bodies to lust over. The knowledge that he could take on all of them with the help of shadow clones fired Naruto up and fed his imagination. If he could have had his way, the entire hot spring would have quickly become his personal harem, to indulge in as much pussy as he pleased whenever he wanted.

Much to Naruto’s delight Hianta drew his eye again when she got up and took a seat on the edge of the pool. Now he had her and Ino’s tits to ogle, with the image of Tenten’s pussy fresh in his mind. Her skin was pink from the heat, but her nipples were still a shade darker, looking perfect to suck. After two shots, Naruto needed quite a bit of stimulation to cum again, but Hinata’s wet body was going to get him there fast, he could tell.

“Water too hot for you, Hinata?” Kurenai asked kindly.

“A little bit.”

Tenten wasn’t done turning Naruto on yet, because she crossed the pool and joined Hinata on the edge. Even more tits for Naruto to admire. His hands worked faster.

“Or are you trying to show off?” Tenten asked, cupping a feel of Hinata’s breasts. Naruto absolutely throbbed at the sight. He could tell how soft Hinata’s tits were by the way they molded around Tenten’s fingers, and the noises Hinata made were pretty cute, too.

It got even better when Sakura got up, finally giving Naruto a good look at her lithe body, before sitting down on the rim of the pool, too, to grope Hinata’s other tit.

“How did you even get them so big? I wish my breasts were as nice as yours…” Sakura mused while Hinata squeaked and whimpered helplessly. Of course, Naruto didn’t think Sakura had any reason to be jealous, especially now that he could just stare at her little titties, but he supposed it was natural to feel self-conscious with a busty babe like Hinata around.

“Who has nice breasts?”

The voice made Naruto freeze. It was the voice of the woman who had nearly killed a certain legendary pervert with a single punch for invading her privacy. Nothing good would come of getting caught by her, more so than anyone else in the bath currently. However, seeing her naked in all her glory, the bustiest woman in all of Konoha, was what every peeping Tom worth their salt aspired to secretly. The danger excited him, and with his cock held firmly, Naruto got ready to behold what his Master had risked his life to see.

First, her harbinger peeled out of the haze. Naruto liked Shizune. She was cute in an elder sister sort of way, and that same impression hit him when he saw her naked. Her breasts were on the smaller side, her figure slim, and her bush, while trimmed, was thick. Yet, her face was as approachable as ever, friendly, inviting.

Then he saw her. She was perfect. Her skin, her thighs, her waist, all flawless, all good enough on their own to make a man rock-hard. But then there were her tits; those massive things that one could not look away from, with a cleavage deep enough to get lost in. They were as big as her head; a pretty head, by the way. The features of a young woman in the prime of her beauty. Young, but not girlish; mature, but not old. That was the fifth Hokage, Tsunade, and seeing her in full, like few men had ever seen her, put Naruto over the edge.

Whatever the girls were saying past that point was lost on him. Naruto was struggling to keep his erupting cock in check. Yet again, his semen burst forth with more force than before. With his eyes glued to Tsunade’s body, he fired off shot after thick shot, until his balls hurt from exertion.

Finally, he felt satisfied. Packing up his cock and wiping his hands off on some leaves, Naruto dared one last look at the congregation on the other side of the bamboo, tried to savor the paradisaical scene, and left before anyone caught wind of him.


Later, after the bath had cleared out, a new figure approached the hole. Hinata gasped softly when she saw the mess Naruto had made. It wasn’t the first time she had taken a look at the aftermath of one of his fap sessions, but it had never been so messy before. The spunk, Naruto’s precious semen, was absolutely everywhere! Where did he keep it all?

Hinata licked her lips at the smell. The temptation to just scoop some of it up and taste it, taste him was very real, but she stayed strong. If, when, she was going to swallow his cum, it would come straight from the source, hot and fresh.

A passing use of her Byakugan had told her that Naruto was watching them. That’s why she had gotten out of the water at some point. She hoped to draw his eye; that he would think about her when he exploded all over the place. She hoped it had been so.

She didn’t stay long, and hurried home right after, where an appropriately sized dildo waited for her to vent her arousal, like she did every night while moaning Naruto’s name.


Shortly after Hinata had departed, another figure appeared to survey the scene. Kiba’s mother had sniffed out Naruto the moment she had entered the bath, but being a little bit of an exhibitionist, she hadn’t said anything. She always appreciated an audience; hell, all of her children had been conceived in one public place or another, which was why she was particularly fond of peeping Toms.

She had smelled his cum the entire time they had been bathing, which had had her in a perpetual state of arousal, but now, standing before the complete carnage Naruto’s testicles had produced, she felt utterly soaked. The smell was overbearing, and the thought that it was all dedicated to, amongst others, herself, turned her on to no end.

Turning away, she smirked. Maybe, given the right opportunity, this horny little cum-factory was going to get lucky one of these days. If she was going to go for it, though, she had to make sure to take contraceptives. This kind of volume could not be underestimated.