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When Kuroo first brought up having sex with Yaku while she was on her period, Yaku was not interested.


“You’re not even curious?” Kuroo had asked her, flopping down to rest her head on Yaku’s stomach where she was sprawled out on the couch, a heating pad warming her aching tummy. That’s probably why Kuroo brought it up then, was because Yaku had just started bleeding that morning, and this month was a heavy one. Kuroo could probably smell the blood, and Yaku could tell her girlfriend was affected by the way her pupils blew wide whenever she got close.


Even now, Kuroo’s cheeks and ears were pinking up as she struggled not to shift down and breathe in Yaku’s scent where it was most potent. Yaku tried not to gag.


“No, I’m not curious, I’m nauseous. That’s so damn nasty, Tetsu.” Yaku bit back, struggling to control her irritability. Kuroo could tell she was only grumpy because she was in pain, and paid her no mind.


“I’m just saying, there’s a bunch of benefits involved for both of us.” Kuroo stated in pout, and Yaku raised an eyebrow in question. “Well, for one, I get a tasty snack, and that’s always motivation enough for me.” Yaku’s lip curled, but she let her girlfriend go on.


“And think about it. Period blood’s bound to have a bunch of nutrients in it, therefore I’d be maintaining a healthy diet. Also, I know for a fact that having an orgasm when you’re on your period helps with cramping.” At that Kuroo gently rubbed Yaku’s tummy over the heating pad. “I know your cramps get super bad, so that’s a big bonus for you.”


“Is that all?” Yaku deadpanned.


“Nope, but I saved the best for last- I get to eat out my hot girlfriend, and that’s ultimately a win-win for us both. Thoughts?” Kuroo beamed up at her, cheeks plumping up and eyes sparkling, her cute little fangs peeking out from her top lip.


“Yeah, it’s still a no from me.” Kuroo moaned pathetically, rolling off Yaku and flopping to the ground dramatically, and that was the end of that.


Except it really wasn’t. 


Yaku would never admit it, but she thought about Kuroo’s offer a lot over the next month, weighing the pros and cons in her head. Kuroo was right, it’d probably help with her cramps, and Yaku was never one to turn down head from her girlfriend. But the thought of Kuroo burying her head between Yaku’s legs and swallowing down… that made her shiver in disgust. But even when she managed to get past that, reasoning that she wouldn’t have to come in contact with the substance, and that Kuroo seemed pretty excited about the concept, she ultimately just felt vulnerable. It was a time of the month where her emotions were all out of whack, and Kuroo wanted to see an incredibly intimate part of her, and she was afraid that her girlfriend would be grossed out and leave her. She always felt secure in their relationship, but this would be a new level for them. Ultimately though, curiosity won out, and Yaku decided to talk to Kuroo about it a few days before her period was due.




“Babe?” She called out from the apartment entryway a week later, toeing her shoes off and stepping into her house slippers. She heard a loud “Hmm?” from the kitchen, and could only assume that Kuroo wanted to reply but had a mouthful of food. She was apparently one of the only vampires not revolted by human food, finding joy in cooking snacks and meals for Yaku and herself between her real feedings.


Yaku rounded the corner into the kitchen and saw her girlfriend standing in front of the stove top, wearing her cheesy “bite me” kitchen apron on over a pretty lace bra and soft pajama pants. Her cheeks were cutely full of food, and Yaku watched as she chewed quickly, swallowing the mouthful of food so she could beam at her. 


“Welcome back, baby, how was work?” Kuroo asked, scooping up some of the soup she was making in a spoon and holding it out to Yaku so she could taste. Yaku popped the spoon in her mouth, smiling and nodding at the taste before answering.


“Stupid. Exhausting. Shibayama brought in that giant guy she’s been seeing and he knocked over like three display cases. At least he looked sorry about it, but the googly eyes she was making at him were even worse. She likes him so much, it’s so gross.” 


Kuroo laughed at that, reaching to turn off the stovetop and let the pot cool a bit before she served it, leaning against the opposite countertop and gesturing for Yaku to come over to her. Yaku obliged grumpily, slotting herself against her chest, burying her nose in the junction of her neck and shoulder. 


“Ugh, I just love how soft and sentimental you are.” Kuroo joked, rubbing circles against Yaku’s back and making her hum in appreciation. They stood like that for a few minutes, Yaku’s nose filling with the smell of Kuroo’s honey shampoo and the soup on the stove. Eventually Yaku spoke, not moving her face from Kuroo’s neck.


“Tetsu?” she mumbled, and Kuroo hummed in response. “Do you remember what we talked about last month?”


“Noya’s graduation party? Don’t try to sneak out of going to that, you know how bad she wants you there.”


“God no, I have to go. I wouldn’t miss her and Tanaka getting shitfaced and serenading each other for the world.” Kuroo chuckled at that, but Yaku continued, her voice small, cheeks flaming up. “I meant like. Almost exactly a month ago. The gross thing you brought up that I was very much against.”


It took a second for Kuroo to catch on, but once she did, she nodded silently, giving Yaku’s waist a firm squeeze. “Well I uh... I’ve been thinking about it and, maybe... I might possibly be interested. In that thing.” Yaku choked out, and Kuroo grabbed Yaku by the shoulders, pushing her away so she could look her in the eyes.


“For real? You’re not just doing this for me, right? Like, the main point is to make you feel better, I don’t want you to do this just because I want to.”


Yaku was beet red at this point but she nodded, and Kuroo broke out into a grin before grasping Yaku’s cheeks in her hands and covering her face with kisses.


“Oh my god stop, this is so gross, offer redacted you sad sap.”


At that Kuroo only laughed, hugging her girlfriend tight.




It was a few days later that they actually followed through on the idea. Yaku had started her period the day before, and the cramps were even worse than usual, with no amount of heating or medication providing any relief. She’d called in sick to work, glad that it had started on a Thursday so she’d only be missing two days.


Kuroo had been watching over her, trying to comfort her with kisses, massages, and her favorite snacks, and while Yaku was incredibly grateful, it wasn’t helping much. She felt horrible, because she could tell Kuroo was hungry too, as she’d skipped her weekly feeding to take care of her girlfriend. 


After the cramps got so bad that Yaku was curling into herself, clutching her abdomen with tears streaming down her cheeks, Kuroo brought up what they’d talked about a few days prior. 


“Babe, please just let me help you.” She murmured against Yaku’s hairline, curled around the other girl’s back for comfort while they laid together in bed. 


Yaku was nervous, and part of her wanted to say no, wanted to forget the whole thing and pretend they’d never talked about it, but a particularly bad wave of pain crashed through her and she let out a whine, biting her bottom lip to keep from being any louder.


Fuck ,“ she hissed out, every muscle in her body tense. “Fuck fuck fuck . Ok, alright, let’s do it, just be quick.” 


Kuroo nodded against the back of her neck, squeezing one arm under her torso and the other over her hip to pull her gently back against her chest. Kuroo knew Yaku wanted to end the pain quickly, but she’d always preferred being worked up slowly and got anxious when Kuroo just jumped straight into sex without taking her time to warm up her body. 


Yaku felt herself relax a little bit as she felt Kuroo pushing her hair back towards the pillow, away from her neck, and start pressing soft, wet kisses to the sweaty skin there. Yaku had just showered an hour before, but the pain was so bad that she’d broken out into a sweat, her skin feeling hot and feverish. 


Kuroo took her time kissing up and down Yaku’s neck, eventually moving from soft caresses to gently dragging her teeth along the skin there, little fangs pressing down gently. Yaku sighed, shifting her hips unconsciously, but then hissed in pain when flexing her muscles caused them to cramp up more.


“Shh,” Kuroo soothed, nibbling at her earlobe, “Just stay still, I’ve got you.” Yaku nodded, and felt a little embarrassed about the shiver that crept down her spine at the sound of Kuroo’s voice. She tried to relax into the bed, focusing her mind on the drag of Kuroo’s fangs along her sensitive skin instead of the pulsing pain in her belly. 


Kuroo bit down on her shoulder roughly, without warning, drawing a whine from the shorter girl, and she relaxed again as she felt Kuroo’s tongue slip out to soothe the skin there.


Continuing her gentle nips and kisses, Kuroo slowly reached down under the hem of the huge sleep shirt Yaku was wearing, a black band t-shirt that was three sizes too large, just long enough to be mostly decent when worn around their apartment. Kuroo gently caressed the skin of her hips, her waist, her ribs, and eased both hands up to gently cup her breasts.


Yaku sometimes felt self-conscious about the size of her boobs, a bit envious of other girls with bigger ones that looked perfect without the assistance of a push-up bra, but Kuroo insisted that hers were perfect. The perfect size to hold in her hands, the perfect shape to grip when she was down between Yaku’s legs, with perfect little pink nipples, so sensitive and cute. Yaku always got bashful and griped at Kuroo when she brought it up, but beneath that she loved the praise and reassurance. 


Kuroo kneaded her breasts softly, smiling against her neck when she felt Yaku’s breath pick up, and cupped them just right so she could pinch her sensitive nipples between her thumb and forefingers. Yaku jolted at that, hips grinding back against Kuroo’s and a pleasant heat settling in her belly.


Kuroo continued her ministrations until Yaku was whining loudly, hips rocking frantically and limbs trembling with need. At that she pulled back, gently rolling Yaku onto her back and settling on top of her, straddling her thighs and propping herself up on her elbows so she didn’t press to hard on Yaku’s sore torso. Her long hair fell on both sides of Yaku’s head, curtaining their faces so that Kuroo was all Yaku could see. Yaku pouted, wiggling around slightly, and Kuroo smiled, leaning down and pressing a kiss to her lips. The kiss was gentle at first, but Yaku soon deepened it, opening her mouth desperately to invite Kuroo in. 


Kuroo obliged, tongue dipping down to stroke Yaku’s lower lip before meeting the others' messily, slick sounds escaping into the room along with Yaku’s small whines. 


Kuroo managed to catch Yaku’s bottom lip between her teeth, digging in with her little fangs the way she knew Yaku liked, drawing little pinpricks of blood. Both of them moaned at the taste, and Yaku felt Kuroo’s hips rocking down involuntarily, turned on by the taste of Yaku’s blood.


Yaku smirked at this, and Kuroo gave her another nip in retaliation, making her hiss in pain. 


They kissed slowly for a few more minutes, growing more and more frantic as time went on, Yaku having started rocking against Kuroo’s thigh where she’d moved it between her legs at some point.


Kuroo whispered a quiet “Are you ready?” to which Yaku nodded, and Kuroo started slowly kissing down her neck, lifting up Yaku’s shirt and helping her pull it off, tossing the garment somewhere in the room. 


Kuroo took the chance to kiss across Yaku’s collarbones, dragging her lips down her sternum, before moving to the side and latching onto one of her nipples, suckling gently. Yaku keened, hips surging upwards, but her stomach muscles protested and she let out a pained hiss, curling into herself a bit.


Kuroo rubbed a hand up and down her side to soothe her, and moved to give some attention to the other nipple, her saliva cooling Yaku’s other one where it met the air. Kuroo moved back and forth between the two, cupping one of her breasts in her hand and kneading it until Yaku was writhing beneath her, grabbing her by the hair and pushing her away due to sensitivity. Yaku sighed as Kuroo moved further down, kissing and nipping along her waist, her tummy, the sharp bones of her hips. Eventually she reached the waistband of Yaku’s underwear, plain black boyshorts that Yaku swore were the worst, but Kuroo had said in the past that she actually thought they were cute. 


Yaku felt her kissing along the waistband, grabbing it and pulling it with her teeth and letting the elastic snap back against her hips, making her twitch. She then leaned down further, nose and mouth directly above her heat through the barrier of her underwear and sniffed deeply, letting out a loud moan, her eyes rolling back and her own hips grinding down against the bed. Yaku scoffed, letting out a quiet “Gross, Tetsu,” but froze when Kuroo’s gaze snapped up to meet hers, pupils blown wide and teeth bared, her fangs having extended to their full length now that she’d smelled enough blood to awaken her thirst.


“Shut your fucking mouth,” Kuroo hissed, eyes cold, and Yaku couldnt stop the whimper that bubbled out of her throat. 


Kuroo got like this sometimes when they involved feeding during sex, aggressive and hyper focused and just plain mean. Kuroo had felt so guilty about it at first, explaining that it was just her hunger, her prey drive kicking in, but that that didn’t excuse her hurtful behavior. Yaku, however, had to admit that it was hot . Seeing her usually sweet, gentle, silly girlfriend shift into a cold, calculating creature set something off in her, something that made her feel small and weak and vulnerable. They’d talked about it, and agreed that as long as they had a safeword in place, Yaku didn’t mind at all when Kuroo shifted into that other headspace.


Yaku saw Kuroo’s eyes soften for a moment, brows furrowing as if to ask ‘Are you ok?’ and Yaku nodded. Kuroo closed her eyes, inhaled again, and when she opened her eyes they were steely again, pinning Yaku in place.


“Y'Smell so fucking good.” Kuroo growled, fully pressing her nose against the front of Yaku’s underwear and breathing in deep, a low rumble coming from her chest. It made Yaku’s hips rock slightly and in a flash Kuroo’s hands were on her hips, pinning them roughly down to keep her still.


“Don’t move, you hear me? No matter how fucking desperate you get, you keep those hips down, slut.” Kuroo ordered, and Yaku nodded frantically, whining softly and gripping at the sheets. 


Kuroo took in another deep breath and then moved down to Yaku’s soft inner thighs, shoving her legs further apart so she could lick at the skin there. A second later she latched onto her thigh, digging her fangs in deep and making Yaku wail in pain. Kuroo pulled her fangs out but kept her mouth sealed on the spot there, drawing blood out of the wound. Yaku felt her thighs shaking, the pain coiling up into her gut to join the arousal there, and Kuroo slapped her other thigh hard, making Yaku cry out again and grip the sheets harder. 


Kuroo took a few more mouthfuls of blood before leaning back, her saliva having helped the wound clot a little bit, but two light, slow streams of blood still travelled down towards the sheets. Kuroo licked them up and, before they could well up and drip down onto the sheets, she was off, darting out of the room with superhuman speed and returning a second later with a dark towel they usually used when they knew Yaku was going to bleed. Kuroo slapped the wound on Yaku’s thigh, bringing tears to her eyes.


“Up.” Was all she said, but Yaku understood, lifting up her hips so Kuroo could slide the towel underneath her. Kuroo hummed in approval, smoothing out the towel before climbing back down between Yaku’s legs, trailing her fingertips gently against the crease where her inner thigh met her hips.


“Tell me, is this what you want? Want me to rip these off and bury my face in your cunt? Want me to keep eating you out no matter how many times you cum, only stopping when I get my fill?” Yaku nodded desperately with each statement and Kuroo darted down to bite at her wound, not breaking the skin again but still making Yaku yelp.


"Use your fucking words, slut, or you won’t get anything.”


Please Tetsu,” Yaku whimpered, Kuroo smiling down at her cruelly. “I need it so fucking bad, I...”


Yaku took a deep breath, swallowing and feeling herself slip into that wonderful headspace as she finished her statement. “My cunt needs you so bad, please.” Kuroo groaned at that, eyelids drooping low, and smiled, showing off her fangs.


“Since you asked nicely.” 


Without warning Kuroo grabbed Yaku’s underwear, ripping them down her legs and throwing them to the side, placing her hands on her inner thighs on either side of her heat to keep her from closing her legs.


“Look at that. So fucking wet, the little whore wants it so bad.” Kuroo snarled, and Yaku nodded, feeling her cunt throb with need.


“Time for a snack.” Kuroo smirked, and Yaku would have cringed at how cheesy that sounded if she wasn’t so turned on. Then, she was gasping loudly as she felt Kuroo leaning down, blowing lightly on her slit before licking a wet stripe from the bottom to her aching clit, making Yaku groan and squirm. 


Kuroo repeated that a few times, tongue always roughly flicking off her clit at the end, immediately sending Yaku over the edge even though Kuroo had barely even touched her. The orgasm ripped through her violently, making her whole body clench up and then relax, and she was surprised at the fact that her convulsing didn’t make her cramps any worse. Kuroo, meanwhile, scoffed at her, pulling apart her lips with a smirk.


“Look at that, your cunt’s fucking clenching. are you that desperate, that I barely even had to touch you to get you off? What a fucking desperate whore.” Kuroo mocked, working her jaw for a second before leaning in and spitting directly onto Yaku’s folds, making the her groan.


“I'm sorry, it just felt so good, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.” She babbled, and Kuroo gave her thigh another harsh slap.


“I don’t want to hear it. Now shut up, I don’t want to hear a peep from you while I’m eating.” Yaku nodded, unable to brace herself before Kuroo started licking fat stripes up her exposed cunt. Yaku bit her lip at the sight of Kuroo’s tongue coming away red, hearing Kuroo’s little groans as she lapped up the blood.


Yaku was so incredibly sensitive after coming but she didn’t dare disturb Kuroo, instead choosing to tip her head back against the pillows, trying to focus on evening her breaths while Kuroo practically devoured her. The wet sounds coming from Kuroo’s mouth and her slit were intoxicating, and she felt the muscles of her legs shaking in arousal, already being pushed close to the edge again.


Kuroo lapped all around her clit and her entrance for what seemed like hours, even dipping her tongue in to catch some of the blood still inside her before leaning back and smacking her lips with a wet sound. “Ah, nice and full.” Kuroo hummed, climbing to her knees between Yaku’s spread legs and giving her cunt a few light slaps. “You were good for me, so I think you deserve a treat.”


Yaku nodded weakly at that, wrapping her legs around Kuroo’s waist. When she actually managed to lift her head and look at her girlfriend she saw her lips and chin moist with blood and slick, and the sight made a mixture of revulsion and arousal settle in her belly. Most of the bloodlust seemed to have left Kuroo’s system, her eyes almost back to normal and her touch more gentle, but she knew Yaku loved being pushed around so she kept up the act.


“I’m gonna finger that cute little cunt, and you’re gonna cum when I tell you to, do you understand?” Yaku nodded, and Kuroo reached up to grab her by her hair in a flash, yanking her head back against the pillows.


“What did I say about using your words?” Kuroo hissed, and Yaku trembled before answering.


“Thank you so much for the treat, Tetsu.” She almost whispered, throat raw from crying out so much. Kuroo nodded nonetheless before leaning over her body, hair still gripped in one hand as she swirled her fingers around Yaku’s plump entrance, gliding teasingly over her clit until she finally dipped two fingers in, angling her hand so her thumb could rub Yaku’s clit while she thrust her fingers inside, setting a grueling pace from the start. It didn’t take long for Yaku to reach the edge, her whole body shaking as Kuroo leaned down next to her ear, rhythm not faltering. 


“Come now.” Kuroo ordered before leaning down and burying her fangs in Yaku’s throat. 


The second orgasm washed over Yaku like a wave, every bone in her body melting as she went completely limp in Kuroo’s grip. Her muscles were still trembling with aftershocks as Kuroo gently slipped her fingers out of Yaku’s heat, bringing them up to her mouth to lick them clean one by one. She let go of Yaku's hair next, and then leaned down to lick at the wound on her neck, sealing it closed. 


“One second, babe.” Kuroo whispered, darting off and returning with a warm wet cloth, a glass of water, and a clean pair of underwear, pad already inside. Yaku tried to find the strength to cringe at that but couldn’t, hopelessly endeared. Kuroo cleaned her up, tossing her old underwear, the towel, and the cloth in the hamper before pulling Yaku’s new underwear up her legs and maneuvering her under the covers. She managed to get Yaku to drink a few gulps of water and then set it on the bedside table, sitting next to Yaku on the edge of the bed. 


“How’re you feeling, baby?” She asked, running her fingers gently through the other's hair.


“Oh my god, that was amazing .” Yaku whispered, gaze on the ceiling. “I can barely even feel my cramps anymore.”


Kuroo smiled. “Happy to hear that. I told you this would help.”


Yaku grumbled, but she had to agree, this was an amazing solution for her cramps. They sat in silence for a moment before Kuroo leaned down to press a kiss to her lips but Yaku stopped her with a palm to the forehead.


“Tetsurou, I love you, but there’s no fucking way you’re coming near my mouth without brushing your teeth and cleaning your face.” Kuroo whined at that, writhing away from Yaku and swinging her arms petulantly. 


“But Mori-“


“Nope. This is non-negotiable. Go clean up.” Kuroo sighed, and tried one more time to sneak a kiss before relenting and standing up, slinking towards the bathroom. 


“You might like the taste, you know, your blood’s pretty sweet!” She called out as she left, and Yaku cringed.


“You’re gross!” Yaku called back.


“But you love me!” Kuroo sing-songed, and then Yaku heard the sound of running water. 


“I really do.” Yaku murmured to herself before leaning back on the pillows and letting her eyes slide shut.