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Too Dramatic? Never. This is the right amount of concern

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Shen Wei stared at the pointed trap in front of him. If Zhao Yunlan suspected he was a Dixingren, getting wounded would prove otherwise, even if the wound was a small prick. Pressing lightly on one of the pointed tips of the trap, Shen Wei managed to get a drop of blood to come out of his index finger. That’ll have to be enough.

Shen Wei pretended to hiss in pain, holding his finger tightly as if squeezing it a bit would produce more than the one drop of blood currently on his finger.

“What is it?” Zhao Yunlan called out as he walked over.

“It’s nothing. I pricked my hand.”

All of a sudden, Zhao Yunlan became a bit agitated, pointing heatedly at Shen Wei, “Say, someone as old as you…” Yet, his next words immediately died off as Shen Wei looked over innocently. It was impossible for Zhao Yunlan to get mad at the man in front of him. The only option was to look away in frustration though the worry didn’t leave his face.

While Zhao Yunlan was busy being worried about the very small finger prick, Shen Wei couldn’t help but let out a small laugh in amusement.

As if it was a completely normal thing, Zhao Yunlan announced “I’ll take you to the hospital.” There was no room for disagreement in his tone so besides a small look of surprise, Shen Wei readily came along. Lin Yusen, the person responsible for the trap that hurt his finger somehow managed to also get roped into going.

It was clearly a small prick on the finger. There was even a bandaid on it! Yet, for some reason, Shen Wei found himself being reprimanded over and over again all the way to the hospital. He could recite Zhao Yunlan’s rant backwards if he wanted to.

It’s not a small wound. It could cause tetanus. The hospital needed to take a look.

Rinse and repeat until they got to the hospital. Shen Wei was slightly regretting his initial plan. At the moment, he found himself standing in front of the hospital reception desk with no clue what he was supposed to be doing.

“Can I have your name and ID? What’s the reason for your visit?” The nurse didn’t even look up as she asked these routine questions.

Before Shen Wei could stop him, Zhao Yunlan had already grabbed his finger to show the nurse. “Zhao Yun-”

“He hurt his hand and started bleeding. He might have gotten tetanus.”

If one could spontaneously combust from embarrassment, Shen Wei might as well have died. There was no way this was an emergency necessary for the poor nurses here to deal with. The nurse made a nonchalant noise of acknowledgement, grabbed a white form and handed it to them saying, “Fill out this form here and we’ll get you a tetanus shot.”

Zhao Yunlan was still holding his wrists and Shen Wei couldn’t help but notice the warmth. Regaining his composure, he smiled politely at the nurse.

“Sorry for bothering you but I’ve already gotten the shot. I’ll be fine.” he said, pulling the anxious man next to him away by the wrist. Seriously, he was extremely touched by the concern but this was enough. And yet, he still couldn’t help but feel like the nighttime cold felt a bit warmer than usual.

Zhao Yunlan found himself being dragged out of the hospital and out towards the streets where Lin Yusen was waiting.

“I promise I’ll be fine. I’ll see you later.” Shen Wei reassured him quietly, looking away in embarrassment and then began to walk away.

“Call me if anything happens!” Zhao Yunlan called out. Shen Wei shot him a rueful smile and Zhao Yunlan had to tamp down the urge to correct himself and ask Shen Wei to call him whenever he wanted to. Preferably every day.

He reigned back his thoughts and then abruptly walked off in the opposite direction.

“Alright, time to go back now.”

Lin Yusen was still confused by all this development. Or the lack of development. However, he still obediently followed.

Maybe he’ll ask about why they looked extremely embarrassed another day.