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Falling For Your Boss

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Jane stood there devastated, at Sutton’s Wedding Reception, after telling Ryan Decker that she could no longer stay with him without being able to trust him. Being with someone because you are scared is no reason to stay with someone. Jane knew this. She’s been having the inkling that something more happened on Ryan’s book tour then he said, but she didn’t want to see it at the time. Deep down in her subconscious she always knew. They were being manifested to her in forms of her dreams for weeks. She finally listened. 

“Hey Baby, oh no are you okay?” leaves Suttons mouth as she and Kat arrive in Jane’s presence. 

Jane with tears in her eyes, “Ryan and I broke up.” 

“What, Why?” Sutton replies with her hands sliding down Jane’s arms. “ Did you know about this?” she asks Kat. 

“I didn’t want to tell you and ruin your big day.” Jane tells Sutton as tear’s fall from her eyes.

“Nothing is bigger than us, you know that.” Sutton comforts Jane. “Oh baby, I’m sorry.” comes out as she runs her hands through the bottom of Jane’s hair. 

“Hey, we got you.” Kat adds rubbing Jane's other arm in comfort. 

‘Yeah, Always and Forever.” Sutton slips in as Jane is breaking with tears in her eyes.

Sutton and Kat pull Jane into their arms.  “Come here.”


On the other side of the room Jacqueline is staring at the three girls, debating on if she should approach them to see why her writer, no not hers, just Jane, she has to remind herself, is crying in her friends arms. Ian approaches her and hands her a glass of champagne. 

Ian notices Jacqueline watching the three girls as he comes up to her. “Here”  he says, handing her the glass. 

"Thank you Ian." Jacqueline replies gratefully as she takes a sip from the glass. 

Looking away from the girls for a moment, she turns to Ian “Excuse me a moment.” before walking to where the best friends are still hugging. 

Jane looks up as she sees Jacqueline, her boss, her mentor, her crush , she can’t stop thinking about, walking up to them. Extracting herself from the girl's embrace she straightens up wiping the tears from her eyes. “Hi Jacqueline” slips out quietly. 

Jacqueline pauses before looking right in Jane’s eyes, “Are you okay?” she softly asks her, stopping herself from reaching out in case she wouldn't be able to pull away. 

Jane smiles slightly as she shakes her head. “Not really, but I will be. Thank you Jacqueline.”

Kat and Sutton notice the looks between their friend and boss, and excuses themselves. “We’ll just be over there if you need us baby.” Kat whispers in Jane’s ear as they depart. Jane nodded her head in gratitude. 

Jacqueline watches Kat and Sutton depart, not sure what to make with the looks that pass between the three girls. She looks back to Jane, who despite wiping them away still has tears falling from her eyes. She raises  her hand, not being able to stop herself from wiping the tears from her writer’s eyes. "Jane, what happened?” is softly asked.  Her heart, breaking seeing Jane not being able to stabilize the tears from falling.

Sniffling and leaning in to Jacqueline’s touch she replies, “I broke up with Ryan, he -” stifling a hiccup “um he cheated when he was on his book tour, I didn’t want to believe more happened. It’s my fault for staying with him.” Jane starts to sob again, turning away from Jacqueline. 

Not knowing what to say, Jacqueline with her hand on Jane’s back ushers Jane away from the crowd and prying eyes to take Jane in her arms. “I’m so sorry sweetie. You didn’t deserve that.” Jacqueline softly tells her rubbing her hands up and down the writer's back. “Just let it out. I’m here for you whatever you need darling.” the darling and sweetie slipping from her lips not being able to stop it. 

Jane relishes being in the editor's arms. Wishing it was in different circumstances but loving it nonetheless. Finally with her sobs stopping she looks up at Jacqueline. “Thank you Jacqueline. It means a lot.” 

Stepping back from the Editor, immediately feeling the loss. Not knowing that Jacqueline also feels the same loss but neither wanting to put thoughts into those feelings. They both just stare into each other's eyes, not knowing what else to say, and not knowing neither wanting to break the feeling of being in each other's presence. 

Sutton comes over interrupting the moment they were sharing. “Jacqueline, Ian is looking for you.” she sadly notifies the editor. 

Sighing not wanting to leave Jane but knowing she was in good hands with Sutton and Kat. “Thank you Sutton.” Jacqueline looks back to Jane softly “Jane, please text me later if you need anything. I’m always here for you.” comes out imploringly before she can stop herself.

“I will. Thank you Jacqueline.” softly comes out of Jane's mouth as she pulls Jacqueline into another hug not wanting to lose her presence just yet. “I’ll need you.” is softly whispered into her mentor's ear before she pulls away. 

Catching her breath from those words, not being able to look at her writer again, Jacqueline slowly turns and walks away, to find her husband. 

Sutton glances from Jacqueline’s back as she walks away, then back to Jane, her best friend who was a crying mess before she left, with a slight smile on her face now. Knowing Jane’s feelings for the editor in chief of Scarlet magazine, Sutton smiles to herself before taking Jane's hands in hers. “Everything okay? Sorry for intruding babe.” she replies softly.

“Yes. I think I’m going to go home though. I love you Sutton!” Jane tells her newly married friend. 

“Let me go find Kat and we can take you home baby.” Sutton says softly. 

“Sutton, it's your wedding night, you need to go home with Richard. Jane tells her pointedly. Not wanting to keep Sutton from her husband the first night they are married. 

“I’ll be right back. I’ll talk to Richard too.” Sutton responds before walking off to find the two mentioned people.


Jane just stands there numb waiting for her friends to come back. Glancing around the room she spots Jacqueline having a heated discussion with Ian. Hoping it's not any fault of her boss coming over earlier - she sighs as Jacqueline eyes fall on hers from around Ians head. Not being able to look away now, Jane inhales from the compassion she can see from across the room. 

Thinking to herself how her feelings for her boss have been on her mind a lot lately. Jane isn’t sure exactly when her admiration for her boss/mentor went beyond that. She’s always admired Jacqueline Carlyle even before she got to Scarlet. 

On her first day at the magazine as an intern she remembers meeting Jacqueline for the first time. She was standing at the front desk when Jacqueline walked in through the doors of the Scarlet floor and she remembers smiling so hugely when Jacqueline noticed her. 

“What's got you smiling so big when only moments ago you were in tears?” startles Jane from the voice she was hoping to hear again before she left to go home to wallow. 

Looking up to see Jacqueline standing in front of her once again. “You.” is all Jane can say, making Jacqueline blush. “I was remembering the first day I met you.” a now blushing Jane replies.

Remembering the day like it was yesterday as well, Jacqueline just smiles softly. “I’m glad you still have a reason to smile.” Jacqueline softly says so no one can hear what she’s saying besides the beauty in front of her.

“You always make me smile Jacq..” Jane whispers softly, stepping closer to her boss. “I’m about to go home. Sutton went to get Kat and talk to Richard.” she adds quietly glancing around to make sure no one was watching them.

Jacqueline smiles at Jane reaching for her hand. “Jane, I just wanted you to know I’m sorry” squeezing the hand in hers. “ and please don't forget to text me if you need me. Even if it's just for something to do. I’m always here for you.” emphasizing the word always to leave no questions.

Squeezing Jacqueline’s hand back. “Thank you Jacq.” Jane softly replies . “I may just take you up on that. Go back to your um your husband Kat and Sutton got me.” Jane says, choking on the word husband. Hating to be reminded of the one person she wants more than anything else is married, and possibly even straight. Not to mention her boss and that's a whole other level of trouble. 

Jacqueline seeing the pain in the writer's eyes, and being the cause of it this time, tenses slightly. “Jane” is softly whispered out. Not knowing what else to say in these surroundings. Jacqueline squeezes the writer's hand in hers, letting her know she understands. 

Jacqueline Carlyle always was the utmost professional, never letting herself get truly close to someone under her employ. She never took account of one Jane Sloan to get under her skin so badly. Being the professional that she is would never act on it. She would never be that person as the male counterparts of the world do take advantage of. The editor has come to care so much about the young writer, not sure when to pinpoint exactly when the lines started to blur. Was it before or after Jane went to Incite she couldn’t tell you honestly. There’s always been something more when it comes to Jane Sloan. 

Shaking her head, Jacqueline doesn’t stop herself from pulling Jane into a hug just as Kat and Sutton appear. Not wanting to interrupt, the girls pause, letting Jacqueline finish up with their girl before they take her home, knowing that Jane needed the warmth of the older woman. “ We will talk later darling.” is then whispered before Jacqueline pulls back with one last smile to the writer. “ Sutton, Kat please take care of her.” is said when the editor is walking past them.