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Lewd experiment with Asterion

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"Boss? Hey, Boss!"

The gryphon's screeches bring you back to reality.

"Ack, Luke! What's the matter?"

"That's my line! You called me here, remember?"

Indeed, you did. While managing your staff's assignments for this week, ask him for his input on the next expedition to the Valley. For a few days now, however, your mind has been elsewhere.

"Oh, right. Sorry."

"No harm done. But... Boss-man, you good?"

"What do you mean?"

"Y'ain't lookin' like yourself. You n' Angus, you guys okay?"

Is it that obvious? Is your guilt written on your forehead or something? Probably not. If you play it cool, the gryphon will be none the wiser.

"We're alright."

"Ha! S'okay, if you don't wanna talk, but I know that look. Well, I haven't had my own guy in a quick, but I've seen the 'boyfriend problems' face many times."

He guffaws at your flushed dismay. Figures he'd be able to tell so easily. 

Soon, the energetic laughter dies down into a smug but sympathetic smirk. "Seriously, what's up? You can tell Ol' Luke. Y'know I gots the experience."

You go back and forth on telling him or not, then what to reveal to him. Your hand moves to the Lead ring on your arm, and as you caress it, just let whatever is on your mind escape your mouth. "Have you ever been ashamed of making a 'special request' to a partner?"

"Oho! Is that what this is about?"

You blush further at his words and speak in a faulty tone. "Never mind!"

"Naw it's okay, Boss! Happens to everyone." He takes the seat in front of you. "Sorry to disappoint ya, but 'restraint' ain't my thing, if you know what I'm saying."

"Ah, I see."

"You don't have to tell me whatchu wanna do. Unless..." His lewd, inquisitive expression meets your stern face. "Sorry, sorry. But for real, being honest with your guy is like crazy important! If you give it to him straight, either he accepts or not. Then, you do it or you don't and then y'all move on."

Your look of surprise takes a minute to fade. Was that Lucas Walker just now? Or some amateur relationship counsellor?

"That was insightful, Luke. Thank you."

"Pleasure! Now, I don't reckon you called me here to talk about that, did'ya?"

You spend hours into the afternoon talking about his suggestions for exploration. You let the gryphon off for the rest of the day and watch as he leaves. Soon, another mythical beast replaces Luke's presence in the hallway.

Asterion lumbers through the corridor. You beckon the minotaur, asking to meet you at eye level. Once he obeys, you place a soft smooch on the side of his muzzle.

His fur against your lips, the warmth of his body pressed against your face, his sheer, powerful companionship. You feel it all. Even if you two aren't on the best footing right now, the kiss brings you comfort enough to smile at him as you part.

Peering deep into your eyes he smiles back; he still can't put on a genuine smile, but you can read consolation on his expression. 

If that isn't confirmation enough, he places a peck of his own on your forehead as he rises. You experience it all over again, it's brief but for now, it'll do. He returns to his duties and you do the same.

Night sneaks up on you. Time to go to the dinner lounge below and have some well-deserved food. The boring day of endless paperwork takes its toll on you as your loud post-work stretches hurt you.

On the way to your meal, you run into the bull again. The thick barrier that formed between you since that day has weakened somewhat; but not enough for you to talk as you normally do. Without an exchange of words, you two move on to the lounge and grab a table. 

After greeting, the server quickly presents you with the evening's meals. You pick a veggie burger while the bull has Mongolian noodle soup.

Your eating habits have changed somewhat since you started dating Asterion. Mostly because it felt strange to elope with a minotaur and eat cow meat. Besides, the man always appreciates when do that. You'd do anything for the tender smile he is beaming at you.

Over the course of your meal, you still talk little; and you don't have to as a scene you've become intimately familiar with plays out instead.

Guests swarm the Minotaur of legend in curious lines and circles. Usually you're not too fond of sharing dinnertime attention with the patrons, but, again, the way he laughs and interacts with them makes it all worth it. 

You get your share of praise as well. While distracted by the surrounding people, a brawny, furred hand lands on top of yours. A secret code you two devised. Time to go.

After a quick excuse, and a farewell to your employees, you and your bull are climbing the stairs.

Today especially, those seem thrice as long. In the awful silence, each step is a dagger to your heart. Even if quiet, the minotaur's movements hint at the tempest inside him. And that hurts more than any blade that could pierce you.

Finally, at the last floor, Asterion smooches you on the forehead then bids you good night. His heat escapes you; but you just won't have it, not again. Moved by Eros himself, your hand stops his with a grasp. His anxious look shifts to meet you.

"Asterion, please..."

The only reply he gives you is interlocking his fingers to yours, before following you to the Master bedroom.

You dress down to your underwear; he does the same. On the bed, you peer into each other's eyes, laying your heads in separate pillows. You're barely touching, but it's more than enough.

The nights you haven't spent beside him in bed created a drought in you. Your thirst for the minotaur goes far beyond lewdness. To merely talk to him normally again would quench your desires.

So you speak, piercing your heavy guilt. "Asterion, I'm so sorry."

"It's alright. I'm sorry too. I don't think I reacted very well."

You see that as an understatement. The bull exploded at your perverted request; a tidal wave crashing upon your shore. And who could blame him? What you asked brought forth awful memories of previous Masters. The thought of the power they, or you, hold over him makes your heart race. Even if it wasn't your intention, you hurt him.

Degenerate, abuser; not the words he used, but the ones you branded yourself with. He only stopped once he saw your genuine reaction: a mix of shame and regret. 

"I should've never asked you that. I didn't consider how you would feel."

"And I shouldn't have condemned you the way I did. You didn't mean to hurt me, blaming you for that is wrong."

"But I did. And I..."

"No. You shared with me something so personal; a proof of trust. And I misread it. Treated you like one of those people who would take advantage of me... or the Hotel. You don't deserve that."

Underneath the sheets, his hand finds yours, then embraces it.

A sigh of relief and you speak again. "So, can we go back to normal?"

He smiles and snorts through his pinkish muzzle. "Of course."

You shift in bed and, without words, your partner takes you into his body; spooning you, just what you wanted. He goes for a kiss and a lick to the top of your head. It messes your hair up, but you don't mind.

His deep tone mumbling your name stops your drift to slumberland.

"Did you say something?"

"Yes..." His voice fails him, his heart beats fast. "I'll... I'll do it."

That shoots you awake, if only for a while. "Woah, Asterion. You don't have to, seriously."

"But I want to. For you, and..." His cheeks redden. "I'm curious too."

"Can it even be done? Or undone?"

"I believe so. I'll do it; if you'll still have me."

You gulp and rethink it over and over. A proof of trust, huh? "Alright let's do it, then."

Before you can get in position, he holds you closer to his massive body. "Maybe not today? I'm... enjoying this right now."

"Ack! Sorry, sorry. Of course. Good night, Asterion. And thank you."

He thanks back with another smooch and calling of your name. Sleep comes easily.

Only awaiting keeps the day from being boring. That and the kiss you steal every time you're "obligated" to call the minotaur to your office.

Dinner time goes as usual as well. As the time of truth draws near, you get second thoughts. What you asked for him to do will alter him, even if for a while. And the possibility of there being no way back makes your skin crawl.

In a moment of reprieve, you lean in and speak to the minotaur. "Are you sure you want to do it? Don't think you're being forced or anything."

The bull himself leans over and delivers his line through red cheeks and a coy smile. "Absolutely."

After an hour, he's ready to leave, but you aren't. Instead, you spend a few minutes at the bar, trying to unwind a bit. Doesn't take long for you to run into Mr. "No Restraint" himself.

"Oi, Boss! How goes?"

"Hey Luke..."

"Dang, still having troubles with your 'special request'? I told ya, just be honest with him, man."

"I was, and it worked, thanks. It's..."

"Ah! Cold feet, eh?"

How good is this man? Before you confirm his suspicions, he keeps talking.

"Luckily, the remedy for that is much simpler." You watch the gryphon dive into the kitchen and return with a bottle of some liquor you don't recognize. "Doctor Walker prescribes two shots!"

You figure you can handle two shots of whatever, so you go with it. The drink is Greek Fire down your throat, you almost spit the thing out. Once you recover, you see the man chugging the beverage like nobody's business.

"Goes down smooth, right, Boss?"

You speak through your coughs. "Does it!"

"Eh, you'll get used to it."

To his dismay for him, you refuse a second shot of whatever that was. Regardless, as minutes pass, you do feel more relaxed. Whether it's the conversation or intoxication, you can't tell; it's best not to worry about it, anyway.

You bid good night to your staff and guests, then proceed to the bedroom, where surely Asterion will be waiting.

Tipsy steps move up the stairs and stumble into the room. Your mind seems fine, but the drink afflicts the body still. The minotaur, in bed, wearing only his perizoma, flinches at your movements 

"Are you alright?" He says.

"Yeah! Just a dizzy spell." You compose yourself before joining Asterion in half-nudity. "Have you... done it yet?"

"Ack! No... I thought you'd want to be here for it."

"Oh. Okay, give me a moment."

A thorough brushing of your teeth and you're in the bed with him. You hold him by the shoulders as he lays his head on your stomach. Both hearts beating in anticipation.

"Ready?" You say.


You hum the ancient song; he joins you on the eighth note. Both minds concentrate on the single order. Reality shifts, as you have grown accustomed to.

Suddenly, he releases a brutal grunt, followed by exasperated gasps and moos as he holds his crotch. 

"Shit! Asterion, are you okay!" He only pants and grunts. You grow worried; this was a bad idea. "Damn it! I'm undoing it right now!"

"No!" His massive hands grasp at you. "Just give me a minute, please!"

You embrace him too, petting his hair and holding him by the torso. "Alright."

Few minutes pass and the alarming sounds gradually dispel. Soon, only heavy breathing lasts, and not much longer after that he's back to normal.

"I'm so sorry, Asterion. Did it hurt too much?"

He sighs. "No, it wasn't painful. Just a strange discomfort."

"But you're good now, right?"

He pecks your exposed neck with his sweaty lips. "I am..."

"I'm... going to take a look, alright?"

"Go ahead."

You get yourself to the foot of the bed, kneeling before the space between those meaty thighs. You treat the perizoma like a gift wrapper; a child eagerly tearing apart the package. The fabric falls to the ground as you gawk at your present.


Before starting this bond, you recognised it would be a lifelong deal. Though your emotions for Asterion are bigger than any lewd need, you would miss a certain experience. 

Because of the unique nature of your relationship, you thought maybe you could enjoy it with him. You asked after consideration, but also on a whim. Somewhat, you still blame yourself for not considering his feelings.

But that doesn't matter now. What does, is right in front of you. Instead of his heavy testicles and thick penis, a plump, pink vagina decorates the groin. 

It's larger than any you've ever seen, but so small compared to the man's size. The large, furless outer lips conceal the inside, almost as if teasing you to dive deeper. Just like the man above, its fragility and tenderness call for you; to embrace it, to love it. 

The minotaur mistakes your admiration for doubt. "How does it look?"

"Beautiful..." The only word that leaves your mouth before Aphrodite pushes your face into the bull's new orifice.

He gasps as your lips meet his; you imagine how sensitive the transformation made him.

As you lie between his legs, the first thing you notice is the scent. A touch of tangy Asterion-ness paired with a new, sweet feeling of femininity. And the aroma drives you to sniff his newly arranged pubes again and again.

"You smell so good."

"You always say that."

"And I meant it."

You bear the weight of his legs, lifting them slightly, which gives you the space to sniff the hole itself. Your movements and new inhaling make Asterion moan, gasp and, for the first time that night, moo in pleasure. The smell down there is far more feminine and unique. The tension rises inside you, flowing from your center to all your extremities.

As much as you want to proceed with the ferocity your libido is begging you to, worry for the bull is louder.

"How does it feel?"

"Good. Different, but good."

"Great. I'm going to continue, okay?"

Anticipation and desire prevent a verbal response, the minotaur having to rely on a hum and a nod to show you his status. You take it as a go ahead. Once your lips meet again, you give him a little smooch. It's silly, but it gives you the reply you wanted: an adorable grunt. 

You part from his groins for a quick while. As you return, your tongue starts at the bottom, and gingerly travels to the very top of the hole. The poor minotaur is helpless to do anything but moan and gasp at his new sensitivity.

Being furless like his dick, no feral qualities to it; just a large, sensitive vulva. Your first tasting gave you a preview of the delicate insides. It seems your moo has grown wet with anticipation already. While you want to go on, you're also a sucker for teasing so...

Another lick, and another, and another even. Each inciting a unique response. A loud moan, the calling of your name, the cutest, softest moo. Not to mention, by the third time you had a good sample of his inner bits.

"Oh, please. Stop..."

"Oh, fuck!" You immediately switch your libido off. "Did it hurt? Are you okay?"

When you look up, you don't see the suffering bovine you were expecting, instead a flushed bull.

"Sorry," he says stuttering, "I meant... stop... teasing..."

How cruel of you to cut short and taunt him like that. Though it wasn't your intention and you're sorry for putting him on the spot, his expression is beyond cute and gets you going again in an instant.

"With pleasure."

You prepare to go down on him anew, and since he doesn't want more foreplay... Your thumbs spread the outer lips and you're presented with the interior for the first time. A beautiful, intricate flower. You're honestly surprised, and happy the transformation worked as well as it did.

No use drooling at the sight! Gotta give him what he wants!

You go in no holds barred, tasting yourself some delicious Asterion. At the touch, of course, he releases a sharp moan, followed by gasps and moos; you barely hear it through the slurps. You pierce and savor those fragile folds, make out with that hole and suck on the clitoris.

You can tell he's in heaven, as your stimulation has the bull hold your head to his crotch, "forcing" you to taste and smell his new form in full. Up and down, extending and vibrating your tongue. Eventually, all he does is squirm at your actions.

Alas, you need clean air. You raise your body, licking your lips off your lover's wetness. Tasty isn't the correct word for it. Arousing maybe comes close to describing it.

"You enjoyed that?" You speak, his pleasure lingering in your mouth.

"Yeah." He almost doesn't push that phrase out of his gasping muzzle. "Next... step?"

Your lust-ridden brain takes a while to get what he means. But looking down you can see your manhood, which formed a wet tent in your boxers, ever-so-slightly tease to his groins.

"Ah! Yes, of course."

With the power of the Hotel, you materialize a condom for your use, since your minotaur can't. Clearly, no lube is necessary. Underwear off, rubber on, get in position. A sharp yelp is the reply from first contact.

"Are you ready?" You say between his hoisted legs.

"Yes... just be gentle."

He doesn't know how cliché that line is, and although you want to laugh at it, you understand why it's popular. The way he said it simply gets you going. You are psyched up to mate that bull.

Your dick slides in easily; a completely distinct sensation from an ass. The folds seem made for you, leading your shaft deeper and deeper. 

"By The Twelve..." Asterion seems to take it well, only grunts and gasps.

Were those Twelve to witness this, they would smite the couple into oblivion. Fortunately, there's no force to stop what's about to happen.

You give him a reprieve. You can only imagine how that sensitive pussy feels right now. Your cock is so stimulated by the hole you could burst into just a handful of powerful thrusts. After a few more seconds idle, he calls your name.

"I'm ready."

You pull back and... thrust! The screech he makes can very well be read as pain; and given his state, part of it is. It scares you flaccid for a second, then he nods with a pleasure filled expression.

So you continue. Pound after pound. You can tell as the screams turn to moans, that ache is slowly escaping him. The pace picks up; you can't help it. Soon you are as winded as your partner. Whatever air you get, you use to call the other's name.

"Asterion... this is so good! I love you!"

"I... love you too! Don't... stop!"

You won't. The same way he's grasping the sheets beneath him, you tie your fingers to his fur. Stimulated by all senses, you're closer than ever. When you think you'll burst, your partner releases a scream of bliss.


His liquid pleasure coats your dick whole; not even your pubes are spared. The quiver and constriction is the breaking point. You let go of his legs and hump him while grabbing his lower torso.

Your seed fills the condom, and it grows within the new orifice. Orgasming inside him is too powerful. After cumming you just fall limp on his body, panting as much as him.

He pets your hair, beckoning you to meet him at eye level, but you are far too spent. With a shake of your head, he understands.

"I understand," he says, "I'm tired too. Go to sleep, dear. I'll see you in the morning."

You crave a goodnight kiss, but your body just won't give. Hypnos drags you to a deep slumber.

Light from the window dispels your torpor. Your eyes gingerly open to a peaceful, pinkish nose, the hot air it blows meeting your face.

You don't remember moving to this position last night. The thought of the minotaur hauling your drained body makes you feel sorry, if a bit pathetic. Your morning wood also signals to you the lack of condom, and that brings out lewder emotions.

It's a bit early, so you aren't keen on waking him up just yet. However, you need to properly tell him how thankful you are, how good it was, and ask if he's alright.

A gentle kiss between his nostrils and a whisper. "Good morning, Asterion."

A mumble back, followed by a yawn. "Morning..."

"How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine. It feels," he blush through his fur, "lighter in the morning."

"I kinda envy that." You chuckle and comb his hair with your fingers. "Thank you so much for doing that, love. It was really special."

A sweet smile forms on his muzzle. "My pleasure... Literally."

"Oh? Well, I'm glad you enjoy it. Time to undo, right?"

"Actually..." His voice hesitates, and his mind deliberates. "There's something I want to try. If you don't mind."

"What is it?"

"I haven't... touched it, myself, really. I want to know how it feels."

"Ah..." Your cheeks turn as red as the bull's. "Well... of course!" A lecherous wish grows inside you. "Can I watch?"

"Ack! That's awfully forward."

"Sorry, sorry."

"No... it's alright. I want you to."

Your embarrassments peak and, in a wet kiss, cancel each other. It's not a big deal; especially after what happened last night.

So you get rid of the sheets, lest you taint them further. The day's clarity exposes your companion's changed body. It's strange seeing him lack his protruding privates, but your mental image of what lies between his legs makes your aching erection even stiffer.

You gawk at the way those darkened nails travel over his manly body, imagining it reaching his womanly labia. You can tell when he reaches it by his reaction; the cutest moan.

You can't waste time if you intend to join him in orgasm again. Your digits reach your shaft and you start with lazy strokes. Following your lead, and the same thought process as you, he rubs his entrance.

You see, the cadence the bull rubs himself with; too fast. Your knowledge is enough to tell that doing that leads to a worst experience.

"Woah, Asterion. Slow down."

"Ah! Okay."

He obeys your voice. His pace reduced. It becomes immediately clear how much more he's enjoying it. Unbeknownst to you, your hand has mimicked his speed.

He fondles himself up and down, every time a meaty finger slips in, he yelps again; and you grasp your dick in tow. As he lets his fingers into himself, you pick up the pace.

He gasps and moos, and you've become breathless yourself. Not just at your stimulation, but having Asterion so close, so lustfully boosts a feeling you don't understand. Once the wet noises begin, said emotions just take your mind. The image of the minotaur beside you fingering himself is enough to put you on edge.

Overtaken by desire, your watery mouth finds use for itself in his nipple. Initially he's shocked, screaming your name with the first lick, but his own passion is too great for him to react more than that.

Then you become lovers, pleasuring themselves and the other. Your kisses, licks and suckling do for him what his noises do for you. You're close and so is he.

No screams, only loud grunts. Asterion's fingers are coated in the arousing fluids of his orgasm the same way your cum coats your groins. Even after reaching bliss, you keep sucking him, when suddenly... 

Some sort of liquid fills your cheeks. In shock, you gag and release the bull's nipple. The minotaur is as curious as you, if a little worried for your sake.

"Are you okay? What was that?"

You gargle the remaining fluid in your mouth. "Tastes like... milk?"

The bull, or perhaps cow, is beyond embarrassed, but your desire hasn't subsided enough for you to not give those milkers a second taste.

"Hey wait!"

You are deaf to his pleas, soon become a nursing calf upon his big, manly tits. Once your thirst is quenched, you're surprisingly reinvigorated. Your eyes meet his panting face.

"I'm, sorry! I don't know what happened."

"It's fine. Did you... plan for that to happen?"

"I don't think so. Was it bad?"

He pulls you into a hug and pecks your forehead. "By no means."

Both promise to try this brief experiment again some other day. Many other lecherous ideas flood your brain, and your moo is eager to gratify any wish you have.