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The Newest Moon

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A/N: Hello everyone! I've always loved the Twilight saga, except for New Moon. I don't know why, but the whole story did not sit right with me. Therefore, I thought it would be nice to rewrite the story. Please note that this fan fiction is based on Stephenie Meyer's characters. Some of the chapter titles and some dialogue are thus the same as in the original novels. However, I've rewritten most to create an alternate universe, where Bella is a little bit more assertive. Hopefully, I will rewrite the first Twilight novel as well, if you would like me to. That being said, let's get onto the story!

Edward POV:

Maybe I could do it. Maybe I could stay with her, and live a life as normal as possible for a creature like me. Bella would not have to die. She would not have to be turned into a vampire, in order to stay by my side. Instead, she would stay human, and I would still feel her warmth every single day when I touch her. I would see her blush every time she would feel embarrassed. I would love to see wrinkles appear on her face, something we would make fun of. I would feel a little bit jealous since my skin will stay the same, but I would love to see her age. I want to see her age. No, I need to see her age.

We would live somewhere excluded from anyone else, inside our own little bubble. She would be my world, just as much as I would be hers. She would grow older, but she would still be able to see her friends, Renee and Charlie. She would live a normal life, just as normal as it would be without a vampire as your significant other.

Unfortunately, neither her friends nor family would be able to visit us, given the fact I could not age. But she would see it as a small sacrifice she has to make, in order to stay with me. Actually, she would have to sacrifice every perk of a normal relationship, but I know she would gladly accept it all. And I would do everything in my power to make her happy, until the day she would ultimately die. She would be happy. I knew that for sure.

Sadly, I also knew that wasn't an option.