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This is a Mess!

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The City of Musutafu, has once again descended into chaos as Villains came out of seemingly nowhere and starting attacking everyone for no reason, the Heroes, unprepared for such an sudden attack had quickly scrambled into action to deal with it and as usual, the Class of 1A was caught up in it, along with the members of Class 1B, plus Shinso. The two classes, plus Shinso, had been in the midst of yet another training lesson when the attack happened, and they just so happened to be close by and instantly leapt into action. The students and their teachers had separated into multiple groups to deal with the Villains spread out across the City, and one of the said groups consisted of Kaminari Denki, Monoma Neito and Shinso Hitoshi, who were surprisingly bulldozing their way through the gathered Villains with little difficulty.
“Well, I’m bored,” Kaminari commented as he yet again shocked more Villains into unconsciousness, a disinterested expression on his face.

“Of course you are,” Shinso rolled his eyes, tying up the last of his own opponent.

“You might be bored but I am having the time of my life,” Monoma laughed as he patted the dust off his pants, “I can’t believe you 1A losers kept this all to yourself, we’re clearly better at it than you,”

“Didn’t you get thrown into a wall the minute you started engaging against your first opponent?” Kaminari pointed out, Shinso smirked in amusement as Monoma spluttered.

“Well whatever,” he sniffed, nose in the air, “my point still stands,”

“If you say so Neito,”

“So any ideas on what triggered the attack?” Shinso asked, the trio continuing towards stopping the next of the Villains, “I mean, they don’t just attack for no reason, they must have a plan of somesort,”

“Not sure,” he shrugged, “it seems too disorganised for it to be the Villain Alliance but at the same time, it could just be their way of throwing us off their trail from whatever their goal is,”

“That makes this even all the more worrying,” he muttered, Kaminari just gave a hum.

A sudden explosion further ahead diverted their attention, the trio cut off their conversation and quickly made their way over to help any civilians / Heroes and to stop the person behind the cause of the said explosion.
“Out of the way brats!” Mirko exclaimed when she spotted the teens arriving at the scene, kicking a Villain in the face and sending them crashing into a building, “This is my fight!”

“Of course we just have to run into Mirko of all Heroes,” Shinso muttered with a sigh, “well we just wasted our time coming over here. She’s clearly capable of handling the situation and the area seems to be all cleared of civilians,”

“Che,” Monoma scrunched his nose, “and here I was looking for another fight,”

“Well…” Kaminari trailed off as he stared into the distance, “if it’s a fight you’re looking for, there seems to be a group of Villains gathered further ahead and they appear to be quite a challenge too,”

“Well let's go then!” Monoma took off without waiting for a reply.

“Don’t just run off you moron!” Shinso took after him.

“Children…” Kaminari muttered, amused, before turning his attention back towards where Mirko was fighting, “Mirko,” he called out, “after all this is over, lets meet up later, I still owe you a carrot dish,”

“You still owe me five!” Mirko called back, punching another Villain, “So you better come back alive kid!” Kaminari just rolled his eyes, taking off after the other two.

Kaminari arrived at the scene of where his two friends were, just in time to duck under the swinging arm of a machete wielding Nomu.
“Now, where on earth did you appear from?” Kaminari wondered, as he sent a shock of electricity through the Nomu’s body, with little to no effect. “No effect, huh? Well...I did say I was bored…” he jumped to avoid another swipe.