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Giving Professor Her Cream

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(Speaking to self cheerfully) First day back at school...can’t wait to actually *see* all my students again. (Smug sigh) Gosh this is gonna be so fun, I can’t believe how much I’ve missed this. 


(Excited gasp)


[Speaking to self as you sneak up behind listener] 


(Happily)  *Oooooh* there he is looking all cutesy in his outfit. Oh my god I can’t wait to get him all alone. Now, just gonna sneak up behind him...


[Putting hands over his eyes]


(Cheerfully) Guess who cutie?


[He gets scared then pushes you away and into wall] 


(Grunt) Ooooof! Owie! (General hurting sounds)


[Pause as he apologizes profusely] 


(Cheerfully but pained) N-no it’s alright sweetie. I-I’m sorry I scared you like that.


(Pause as he continues to apologize) No, it’s really okay honey. I may be older but I’m not made out of paper. Plus just getting to *actually* see you is as good a painkiller as any. (Squeal as you pinch his cheeks) Seriously. I know we’ve been chatting for a while now but having you here, in person, (contented sigh) I can’t wait to spend all our time together! Plus...(Lean in and whisper) can you guess which panties I wore for our first day?


(Pause then continue in a shallow whisper) That’s right. Your favorite light pink pair. The ones you’ve seen me stain *so* many times. Now you’ll finally get to have them wrapped around your cock while you jerk yourself silly. (giggle) Oh my god your flustered face is even cuter in person! How is that possible?!


[Getting flustered yourself]


Come on sugarbear, I’ve got a few minutes before my first class, and I feel like my coffee needs some extra *oomph,* so why don’t we fulfill one if those fantasies of yours huh? 


(Pause then giggle) Oh god you’re cheeks got so red! Come with me, I know the perfect place. 


[Sfx: door shutting]


(Giggle) Hopefully the janitor doesn’t come in! We should be good though, not much to clean on the first day. (Chuckle) Or at least there shouldn’t be depending on how *enthusiastic* you get. (Lean in and whisper) Now, lemme just get behind you and undo your zipper. 


[Sfx: zipper being drawn down]


(Rowdy purr) Oh god look at you! So hard in your underwear. (Giggle) Oh my gosh you want this *so* badly don’t you?


(Pause) Yeah? (Condescending but still sweet baby voice) Go on sweetie, tell professor just how much you want her to jerk you off.


(Pause then disappointedly) That’s it? Well if you’re not so enthusiastic th-


[interrupted by him laying on the begging]


(Purr) There’s a good boy. (Definitive tone) Now, let me just put my bag down, and set my thermos right here where I can get it easy. (Giggle) You’re gonna give me lots of creamer aren’t ya?


(Pause) Mmmm *good boy*. It’s gonna be so hard to focus during lecture while I’m sipping you down in front of *hundreds* of students. I bet I’m gonna get so essence just soaking these lacey panties. (chuckle) As if I’m not already. 


(Shaking head clear of rambling) Anyways, not a lot of time so we best get to this. Now…(inhale excitedly as you pull down boxers)


(Gasp followed by purring voice) *Oh sweetie!* God you are *aching* for me aren’t you. My oh my you are so stiff already...and look at how it’s twitching. (Still gasping in awe) Mmmmm I know I’ve seen it on screen before but person...oh honey I’m not gonna be able to think of anything else all day. 


[Spit on his cock and start stroking] 


(Adoringly) Oh sweetie it feels so perfect in my hand, so warm and stiff. Does it feel that good for you too baby?


(pause then giggle) Like Aphrodite herself descended from the heavens? Oh sweetie stop it, you’re always so flattering. I appreciate the sentiment though.


(Giggle) Ohhh and apparently so does our little friend. Look at that lovely little bead of precum. (Greedily purr) Oh I bet you’d taste wonderful straight from the source. 


(Giggle) Ooh I felt you tense up at that. Would you like that cutie? My warm, experienced, milfy lips wrapped around your cock, draining you of all your cum.


(Giggle) I knew you would. I bet you’d have so many loads lined up...(dreamy sigh)...just waiting to fill my throat. You would, wouldn’t you?


(Giggle then seductively) Of course I remember. I just like hearing you say it.


(Greedy purr) That’s right baby, *as many loads as I want.* 


[Jerking him faster]


Don’t forget to warn me before you cum. Wouldn’t want you to waste our first milking together on a closet door. (Giggle) I felt that twitch sweetie! You like it when I say your favorite words right into your ear don’t you? (Whisper into ear) Like *milking,* *cum dispenser,* (really seductive) *breeding.*


(Giggle) Oh god that twitch is *too* adorable! Just like you goshdarn cute. 


(Moan) Speaking of, look at all this pre you’ve got, (shuddering moan) getting all slick for mommy. (Spit) Is it because you like how my warm hand is milking your cock baby? (Seductively) Does that make it easier for you to be my personal cum dispenser?


(Pause) That’s right sweet boy. You’re my eager little cum dispenser, and I can’t wait to feel you throbbing in my grasp as you shoot rope after rope in my coffee. (Purr) God just look at how you’re thrusting into my hand. Such an eager young man. 


(Pause) What’s that? You can’t help but be eager when it’s with me. Mmm there’s that flattery again. Although…(thoughtful pause) I have to ask, what do you mean with *me*? Are you seeing other girls on the side?


(Pause followed by approving hum) Mmmm that’s right, loyal to me and only me. Otherwise I’d have to punish you for being a little philanderer, and after all this time we *really* don’t wanna see the chastity belt do we?


(Pause then hum in agreement) That’s right. Thankfully there’s no need to lock you up as long as you’re mommy’s good little puppy. (Hungry purr) Now why don’t you show mommy *exactly* how enthusiastic you are for her. 


(More purring) Mmm god look at you go, humping my hand so rough and needy. And the way you’re throbbing in my palm...(moan) you like being wrapped in professor mommy’s arms like this don’t you sweet boy?


(Pause then moan) That’s right. All cuddled up and surrounded in mommy’s warmth. My knitted sweater all cozy against your skin, those sweater puppies you enjoy ogling so much pressed up against your back. (Moan) Come here and give mommy our first kiss. 


(Long, passionate but tempered kiss) Mmm sweetie your lips feel so perfect against mine. And I love that you let my tongue explore you. Such a perfect, obedient little boy for mommy. (Sigh) Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky to have you. 


(Pause, then slight confusion) Huh? You’re the lucky one? (Giggle) Such a gentleman. Why don’t we just agree we both got lucky okay?


(Quick pause) Alright. (Lean in for another long kiss, moaning throughout)


(Sigh/purr) Oh sugar you throb so hard when I’m kissing you and it feels so *fucking* good in my grasp. God you’ve got me so wet and we haven’t even started the day. And just look at all that pre you’ve worked up. (Sigh) Honey I don’t think I’m gonna be able to make it through the day without a special little *lunch break*. 


(Giggle) Little man down there definitely agrees with the idea. Although I think he tends to agree with most of my ideas…(chuckle)


(Gasp) Oh shoot I got all caught up in this I forgot about the time. (Grumble under breath) Oh gosh sweetie it’s ten minutes till class starts and I’m all the way across the lawn. *Shoot!* Alright well I guess I just have to liven this up a little, luckily I know just the thing.


[Grab his balls causing him to tense up]


(Giggle) So cute when you get all stiff like that, (chuckle) well...the rest of you I guess. 


(Seductively) Tell me sugar, how *does* my hand feel wrapped around your balls? Fondling them. Pulling them. Massaging all that cum stored in there...all those little swimmers that are gonna unload into professor’s coffee.


(Giggle) *Better* than heaven on earth? That’s quite high praise sweeti. Unfortunately as much as I wish I could continue to indulge you we’re cutting it awfully close soooo...


[Stroking him hard now]


(Laying on the seductive voice) C’mon sweetie mommy needs you to be the best boy right now. Mommy wants all your tasty creamer poured into her coffee so she can drink you all day while hundreds of students watch her do it. Have your taste running through her brain so her panties get *drenched* and she can give you your perfect little gift after. That way you can go home happy, sniffing them and wrap them around this hard cock. 


(Long purr right into his ear) That’s it sweetie be a good boy for our first milking. Give mommy the big, big load she wants. Let me feel how this *perfect* cock throbs as it cums right into my mug. 


(Purr into other ear) Mmmm yes honey, I feel your balls getting all tight in my hand. Are you gonna give mommy her treat?


(Pause) Yeah? Alright slow down your fucking so mommy can milk you properly. 


[Sfx: grabbing a metal thermos/cup]


[Stroking him with intent to finish]


(Seductively) C’mon sweet boy. Give mommy all that hot cum. Dump it all in my mug. Lemme see all that white sap spilling out of you and into my drink. [Add in any other general encouragement that works] Oh fuck yes I feel it coming baby boy! Give mommy all your sap sweetie, give me your cum!


(Gasp and moans as her cums) 


[He cums hard. Can continue to encourage as he does so]


(Satisfied moan) Oh fuck yes sweetie that was *so* much for mommy. God I can’t believe how much you just gave me. (Purr) *Ooohhh* I bet it’s gonna be so yummy with my coffee. (Giggle) What a wonderful first milking sweetie, you did so well. Such a wonderful, sweet boy.


{Sfx: closing cup]


(Sigh) Ugh I really wish I could stay longer hon but, (sigh) my lecture starts soon and it’d be awful if I showed up late for our first class back. (Give him soft, quick kisses) I’m sorry snugglypoo I know how nice it’d be to cuddle right now. (More kisses)


(Cheerfully but rushing) I love you too cutie! I’ll message about lunch and I’ll ring you after school so I can give you your well earned gift alright? Love you baby, bye!