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It was when he saw the interview in one of those terrible British papers in December 2001 that Viggo finally gave up waiting for Sean. The first part of the quote warmed his heart - "You could say he was my best friend" but it was the end of the sentence that ruined it - "on the film". So not a real best friend then. Just for the duration of the film.

The man was a walking heterosexual disaster of course, but Viggo had been confident that even after the novelty of their walk on the other side wore off, he’d made a friend for life. He’d been so sure, he’d probably talked far too much about it. How he’d shared things with Sean that others hadn’t.

He should have known better. If he’d read all the other interviews first, the ones where Sean talked about how special his old school mates were to him, how he was more comfortable on the terraces at his football club than mixing with movie people, he’d have saved himself a lot of heartache.

It was little comfort to know that it was nothing personal, that the man was notorious for not keeping in touch with anyone he’d worked with.

Only in 2009 did Viggo finally discover the truth. The Empire Awards audience thought they saw a friendly hug, a kiss even, but what Viggo got was an angry Sean hissing in his ear. “Why did you never call me, you bastard? I waited for you. I waited years for you.”

Viggo had been completely thrown, his carefully prepared - ok, scrappily noted - speech completely blown out of his head and he’d rambled randomly for far too long until Sean, happily, had taken things in hand and persuaded him to leave the stage.

He’d happily taken things in hand later, too, and there hadn’t been much sleeping done.

It had, they agreed, definitely been worth all the waiting.

~ ~ ~