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Four Braves

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"You should think about getting a facemask." Sorakage teased when Dran walked out of the nursery. The leader of their little group looked exhausted after trying to get his four kids to go to sleep for the night.

"Not funny." Dran mumbled, swaying on his feet as he walked to his room. He and Sorakage were the only one’s up and about right now, as the Silver Knights had already turned in to their nest and he was sure he saw Advenger and Captain Shark sneak off earlier.

Dran entered his room, not minding when Sorakage quickly followed him and flopped onto his berth. Dran just pushed him over to make room so he could join him.

They reclined in silence and Dran was woken out of a light doze when Sorakage spoke up.

"I can watch them tomorrow if you want."

Dran just gave him a sleepy smile and went back to his pillow.


"This is a pretty big step, are you sure?" Captain Shark asked, smiling at the other Brave. He and Advenger had walked away from the base after the kids had gone home and the others were settling down for the night.

No one would notice if they just slipped out for the night.

Advenger’s face mask opened up and he smiled. “Oh, I’m more than sure. And I’m a bit more prepared than Dran was”


"It’s like you three are trying to single-handedly make a new team of Braves." Sorakage muttered from the rafters, watching Advenger and Dran gather up the bitlets for a nap. Dran’s kids were still excited as usual but the newest addition, a little train with the beginning of sharp teeth, easily let his creator scoop him up.

"I didn’t do it on purpose!" Dran sputtered, hugging Dorataro to his chest. The oldest bitlet just giggled and gave his father a happy pat on the chest.

Advenger smiled behind his facemask and easily lifted the rest of the kids into his free arm. The tiny train bitlet just cuddled up to his chest and gave a small whistle from his smokestack, wanting to get to sleep.