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What A Girl Wants VIII

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What a Girl Wants VIII – NatStucky AU

Flying high above the clouds, the jet quietly rumbled Natasha in her seat, the datapad in her hands jostling ever so slightly due to the air currents' uncooperative nature. Her fingers hovered and scrolled through the data in front of her, her lips bitten raw from the bitingly cold air. No Stark tech now, just military cargo planes for this run.

A small pilot sat in the front seat, quiet and reserved which Natasha did not mind. She rather enjoyed the times when she didn’t have to listen to Stark or Banner ramble on about science incessantly. She didn’t mind the biting cold either. The reactors in the sides of her suit, which powered the tasers in her gloves, had just enough residual energy to keep most of her warm. If anything was bothering her, it was the sore ache between her legs. Never in her life had she felt Bucky’s raw, primal nature until he was growling in her ear while she had both of their cocks inside her.

Natasha crossed her legs to attempt to rid herself of the heat spike that seemed to pool in her nether regions. She hoped it was something she’d be able to see again in the future.

The pilot’s voice came into her headset, “Starting our descent. Please remain seated. The turbulence is terrible dropping lower into the atmosphere.”

And the pilot wasn’t lying. She had to hold onto the overhead railings in order to prevent her head from hitting the ceiling one too many times.

When the doors to the plane opened, Natasha was formally greeted by two diplomats, both eyeing her with gracious looks. When her paged went off, she assumed the worst and immediately had readied herself for battle. However, she was soon briefed that her battle would be of another nature. Speaking, charming, and winning S.H.I.E.L.D’s favor in the eyes of the Wakanda nationals that greeted her on arrival. S.H.I.E.L.D needed resources in order to function all over the globe and perhaps having a trade deal with Wakanda would help extend that reach as Wakanda is notorious for dealing with multiple nations.

One of the diplomats gestured for her to join them inside and she followed, her footsteps echoing down the long, glass-filled corridor to the conference room.



The dank must of the shadowed basement was insufferable. Bucky pulled against the restraints holding him to the old, dented metal chair. Its burnished and rusted edges dug into the soft flesh of his underarms and made him wince in pain every time he moved to free himself. It wasn’t that breaking out of restraints was difficult. He had managed to do it multiple times in his youth when he would evade the law. Only this time, he wasn’t trying to evade the law, and these weren’t normal handcuffs. They seemed to grip a long portion of his wrist and held his shoulders far enough back to start burning uncomfortably. So much so that the shoulder joint on his left chest started to dig into his skin. Bucky breathed through his nose and tried to center himself above the pain.

A sudden light broke through the darkness. Dust rose towards the heavens as if the light were the only way to escape this musty place. Wooden bookshelves look like they hadn’t been disturbed in years. Debris sat heavily on the rounded jars of dubious liquids and on old boxes filled with random junk. He could hear small rodents scratching against the concrete walls, splattered with various stains of unknown origin.

Bucky blinked in the harsh light and turned to look at how might have turned it on. A figure stepped in front of the light; her outline washed in a halo of harsh yellow light. The obvious curve of her waist told Bucky that he was dealing with a female. Only, as she stepped closer, he recognized the smirk she wore and the casual arrogance she always portrayed.

He recognized her. An old colleague from a time long past.

She smiled at him and Bucky glared at her, resting back against the cold metal of the chair, wishing she would just let him go.

“What’s wrong James, I figure you liked the handcuffs.”

“Can’t say that I enjoy them,” Bucky said curtly, not in the mood to play games.

She walked over to one of the bookshelves that appeared to be collecting dust for the past half a century. She pulled a pen from an aged box, uncapping it and putting it through her ponytail which sat tight on her head.

“Whatever you are planning to do, you won’t be able to get away with it.”

“Soldier, I believe you have me mistaken for an amateur. Your phone is halfway to the ocean, and I’m the only one who knows that your latest piece of ass has no idea that you’re actually missing.”

“People will know I’m missing tomorrow. My team will know exactly what happened.” Bucky snarled, attempting to rip his left arm away from the restraints. If only he could release the metal arm, he would be able to escape the restraints and murder this woman in front of him.

“Perhaps you didn’t hear me properly Winter Soldier.” And for a moment, Bucky froze, his mind going a million miles an hour. How did this woman know? How could she possibly understand the gravity of her words against him?

“Before conveniently flushing your phone’s sim card and battery down the toilet, I sent a quick message to a few people, telling them you were going out with a couple of friends and wouldn’t be taking any calls for the next day.”

For the first time, Bucky felt real fear slide into his stomach and settle like a rock. This woman was crazy. She was insane. Why?

“Why?” He asked, “What do you get out of this Marie?”

She leaned against the wall, the smile vanishing from her normally soft features. It was replaced by burning in her eyes and Bucky felt a bit anxious at how she was looking at him. “You knew my husband. He was a sweet man. He would never hurt anyone. And now he’s dead because some fucking asshole thought it would be funny to torture him for the information he knew about the super soldier serum.”

Bucky’s eyes trained on the woman, knowing full well that his face would betray nothing. But Marie continued, “Oh, yes, Soldier, I knew what my husband was working on. I knew exactly what they wanted from him when they stormed into our home in the middle of the night and stole him away from me.”

“Then what does it…”

“You are the reason I am here today! You are the reason why so many of us were created. I just found a better purpose for my sorry life than you did. You could have been a wonder to the world James. You could have been powerful beyond your wildest imagination. And yet you chose weakness over your family.”

“You’re not my family.” Bucky snarled, trying once more to slip from the restraints, cursing how well he had taught Marie and the others her skills. She should have been sloppier.

“But we formed such an intimate bond when we fought together, James. Don’t you remember?”

Flashes of ice and snow flickered past…

Bucky shook his head, “The super solider serum destroyed our lives. What more can you ring from me that you haven’t already? What do you want from me?”

“Very easily,” She said, walking over to the shelf again and removing another object, although this time, Bucky couldn’t see what it was. “You and I are very alike James. Or perhaps I’ll call you Bucky. Your old girlfriend did, quite often I know.”

Bucky narrowed his eyes at Marie. “What do you want from me?”

“It’s simple James. I want you here and nowhere else. I don’t want you or your team following me until I get what I need from you.”

Bucky pulled at his wrist restraints one more time and Marie tsked him. “Those restraints are designed to hold someone like you.”

Bucky glared up at her, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t play coy with me, James. You might be a winter solider, but your records aren’t sealed. A mysterious escape with…just a girl, one you perhaps…trained with so frequently. Honestly, I’ll say I’m a little jealous.” Marie tapped her manicured finger against the side of her cheek.  

A flashback hit him, the memory of Natasha’s sweet smile washing through his system and he felt rage as she faded from view. Bucky looked up at Marie, who was looking at him like a dog looked at a steak. She was fascinated and didn’t move her gaze as she took a step closer. Bucky leaned away as she reached to touch him, as far as the chair would let him. Marie stared at him hungrily and ran her eyes over his body, lingering perhaps too long in areas.

“What are you?” He breathed.

“I told you, we are the same.”

“I can’t do that.” He said, feeling her own personality slipping into his own.

“Similar, not identical. You seem to have superhuman strength, do you not?”, Marie smirked, “The signs are there. We know how to recognize our own kind.”

Bucky gritted his teeth, “Do whatever you want to me. I’ve endured worse pain.”

“It’s funny, isn’t it?” Marie delved into his mind as easy as slipping a knife through melted butter, now. “People prepare themselves for pain, train so long, so hard – they never even think to build a tolerance for pleasure.”

Bucky struggled to keep a hold of his mental defenses, but he wasn’t even sure how long he could last. He’s never run into anyone like this. He didn’t even know if he could. But with every passing second, Bucky crumbled more. He couldn’t even hold back a moan let alone hold up an impenetrable fortress of the psyche.

She sat on his lap, his thigh between her legs and all he could think about was how beautiful she looked and how badly he wanted to take her. “Uh-uh, darling.” She said, running a finger softly over his lips. He parted them as easily as she parted her legs, and he felt the warmth of her skin against his cheek.

“I don’t want to hurt you.” She said, running her fingers down his neck, digging into a sensitive spot under his ear as he breathed out a huff. No one knew about that spot. Nobody except for Natalia. But he supposed, she knew. Marie could know everything about him.

“Then let me go.” Bucky panted, “I promise no one will follow you.”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep darling.” She said.

Bucky found himself panting as she took the pen from her hair and brought it to his shirt. No, not a pen. A small knife, concealed to look like a common household object. He held his breath as he waited for the sting of a cut to enter his mind. But nothing happened. Instead, she ran the blade down his uniform front, slicing the buttons open. A few bounced to the cement floor, the sound echoing like it was coming from far away.

“Come with me, darling.” She whispered, her fingers trailing over his collarbones and down his chest, teasing his skin with a pleasure he hadn’t felt for, what felt like, decades.

“That’s it.” She cooed, “Let go of your worries. Of your sorrows. Give in to the pleasure.”

Bucky’s head fell back as she pressed her lips to his neck, right under his ear as his body lit up and stirred. “Fuck,” He whispered as he could smell everything about her. She smelled like cedar against his nose, and he pressed his face into the hollow of her shoulder, desperate to find a purchase to bring her closer.

She grabbed his throat, her fingers wrapping lightly around his neck, pressing ever so slightly into the soft arteries on the sides. He felt a rush of endorphins as he seemed to pull every small spark of pleasure from his body. And she hadn’t even touched him below the belt. She kissed up his jaw, holding his head to the side as she gave him little kitten licks and kisses over his cheeks and nose. He nearly moaned when she hovered her lips in front of his own, teasing him with just enough pressure but not nearly as much as he wanted. He moved forward, as much as the cuffs would allow him, to reach her tantalizing lips. But she pulled away from him, a smirk curving upwards and taunting him even more. He whined as he pulled at the restraints.

Bucky could have dealt with a forced submission, with chains and whips and the cliché things one thought of in such situations. There was none of that. Marie reached around behind him, leaning and pressing herself into him as she snapped the middle of the restraints, effectively freeing him. Bucky could have thrown her off him. He could have turned it on her and handcuffed her and cracked her skull against the concrete floor.

Only…he didn’t want to.

There was no wrenching of control, merely the quiet expectation and waiting for it to be offered. The choice. The choice laid everything devastatingly bare. Her touches were feather-light, soothing things. Sweet kisses against his skin like a butterfly’s touch. However much he tried to resist, he was met with a gentleness he felt had not experienced in so long. It drove him absolutely crazy. Rendered him helpless. Worse, he suspected Marie knew it as well. Teasing him. Spoiling and indulging him as anything between them was ever sweet. Bucky finally snapped.

“Just get on with it!” Please, I can’t bear this.

“Poor darling,” Marie said, “Do you not think you deserve to be had gently?”

Bucky gave her an agonizing look, a silent plea with her to give him what he wanted. No, what he needed. Bucky rocked his hips upwards, desperate for any kind of friction. Marie chuckled and grasped his now free hands, “Am I your first? You look like you don’t know what hit you? Your plan for getting close to me backfired a little, didn’t it?” She leaned in to give his neck another kiss as he trembled.

“I’ll kill you.” He hissed out through his teeth, “The second you're out of my head, all I will want to do is tear you to pieces.”

Marie pressed a finger to his lips to quiet him. “Don’t try and talk business now.” She slipped her fingers into his mouth, stroking the sensitive top of his mouth before he obediently began to suck. “Better.” She cooed, “You may get away with pretending you belong to the city with everyone else, but I’m not going to let you lie to yourself. Now.” She pulled her finger away again and Bucky whined at the loss of the stimulus and feeling the heat rise in his cheeks as she smirked. He swayed forward just slightly at the loss of the contact.

“Tell me what you know of Aqua Regia.”

“Kiss me.” He said, the words spilling from his lips before he could think, “Do what you want to me. Please.”

She grinned and Bucky felt a twist in his mind, heat curling from his receptor centers and he nearly cried with relief as she pressed her lips into his own. They were soft and a little tacky, perhaps from a chapstick that tasted like strawberries. She pulled away too quickly and Bucky found his hands gripping her waist as he yanked her forward, forcing her against him as his lips collided with hers, a moan escaping his throat as he felt a fire creep down into his belly. No, not like this. Please don’t do this.

She smiled into his lips, as she curled into his touch, her back arching and playing coy with his trousers. She gave him just enough friction to be maddening. His fingers dug into her hips and pulled a gasp from her plump lips like she was getting something from this as well. “Just like that baby, you know how to handle your women,” Marie whispered, nosing his jaw to the side and licking a stripe up his ear. Bucky let a moan fall from his lips and he immediately clamped them shut, embarrassed by the sound she just pulled from him.

“Don’t fight it, baby. Give in.” She purred, running her hot hands over his neck and down his collarbones. He shivered at the temperature difference of the air around them and her fingers. At the same time, he could feel her digging further into the recesses of his mind, pulling at the memories he shared with Natasha, the intimate moments, the heated rutting shared between them, the darker fantasies she gave him. Marie clucked her tongue, “Naughty boy.”

Please,” Bucky begged, tears pricking the corner of his eyes as he attempted to push her out of his head.  

“Please, what baby?” Marie cooed, “What do you need?”

“I need your hands on me.” He keened, fighting and failing, feeling the fire building in his belly and unable to continue its path downwards because she had a tight leash on him.

“James Barnes, how bold of you,” Marie said, smirking as she watched him through the haze in his eyes.

He growled and said, “I can’t do this.” Both memories of Natasha flashed through his mind and he could no longer tell if it was her who was searching for more things to use against him, or if it was him trying to hold onto something solid.

Marie said, “I’m not giving you a choice. Because I can’t let you go. If I let you go, the last piece of knowledge from a golden age time of technology disappears with you.”

Bucky strained against the restraints, remembering only a moment after that she had untied him and released him. He searched her gaze for a moment. She was powerful. Perhaps more powerful than him. If she was strong enough to hold him in the chair by the forced subconscious of his own mind, then who knows what she was capable of.

“Not giving me a choice.” Bucky snorted, disgust clear on his face as she started to lose a hold on his subconscious, “I didn’t think you had the heart to date rape me.”

A brief moment of fear flashed through her eyes and he took the moment of her hesitation as a way to continue his way to get himself out of her grasp. His left arm flew out, quicker than light, and wrapped its digits around her throat, severing her connection in her head.

Immediately, his body fell cold, an absence of the frictional heat she replicated in his mind. Her hands flew up to the fingers and attempted to rip them from her skin. Only, she was not a winter soldier, no matter how hard she deluded herself.

She was a Black Widow.

And she was suffocating. Bucky barely exerted any effort as he spits in her face, “Who do you work for? How did you find me?”

Marie choked, unable to separate her windpipe from her esophagus to cough out even a syllable.

“Pathetic little spider.” Bucky taunted, “If only you were stronger than Natalia when you were younger, perhaps you would have been able to have what you so fantasize about in your waking dreams.”

Marie gurgled, her face turning blue and purple from the force she was exerting to attempt to breathe. Her legs and arms scrambled against him. “I will ask you again…who do you work for?!” Bucky snarled, his finger digging in harder.

“That’s enough, Soldier.” A voice spoke from across the room.

A man with a long white jacket stood in front of the door to the basement room, five other soldiers behind him, rifles all trained on him. Bucky smirked, “You think bullets can harm me?”

“Not bullets Mr. Barnes. But you can certainly let Marie go, she was useful enough without the distraction.” The man said distastefully as if he was watching the entire encounter. Bucky released his death grip on the Widow’s neck, allowing her to gasp and wretch onto the floor.

She scrambled back from him, absolute terror in her eyes as he hardened his gaze at her, “I hope that satisfies you for a long time. You were never as good as her.” Marie’s eyes were bloodshot, but the glare she gave him was nothing short of venomous. Bucky turned her gaze back to the man in the doorframe.

“Perhaps you are the one I will find answers from?” He crossed his arms over his chest.

The man in the long white coat brought out a book, a red book with a black star on the front, and waved it in front of his face, “Perhaps you recognize it?”

Bucky flinched away in horror, knowing exactly what they planned to do with him. He lunged for them as the first word sliced into his consciousness.


“No!” Bucky flinched as if he’d been shot. And perhaps he had been as the five soldiers in front of him open fired. Bullets rained into his torso, clipping his shoulder, and bouncing and ricocheting off his metal arm.


Bucky snarled as the weight of the second word hit his subconsciousness and he whirled into action as the soldiers in front of him took point to protect the man in the white coat behind them.


He stumbled for a moment as the third one carved into his psyche and made him grind his teeth to attempt to resist the pull of those mental stimulants.





Bucky screamed as he fell to his knees, attempting to cover his ears and forgetful of the firearms still in use. Blood poured from his chest cavity, pooling around his knees as his teeth nearly cracked from the pressure of gritting them.

He attempted to stand to do anything, but the pull of the words nearly crippled his mental capabilities. He thought he had beaten this part of himself. He thought he was stronger than this. He thought…he thought…therapy was finally working.

Возвращение на Родину.”


Bucky looked up at the firing squad in front of him, wondering if it were the last time he would be able to think for himself. An image of the night previously rang through his mind, clear for the last time before the final word was spoken.

Товарный вагон.”

The Winter Soldier fell into darkness.



Unraveling from the exhausting sixteen-hour flight back from Wakanda overnight, Natasha nearly fell into the waiting arms of Steven Rogers at the tower. He smiled at her when she collapsed onto the couch, fatigue pouring from every muscle and bone in her body. He immediately kneeled to start removing her heels and her stockings, his warm fingers creeping up the hem of the skirt she wore in order to remove the thigh-high stockings she always wore for public occasions.

Natasha laughed, breathy and light at the small kisses Steve placed on her ankles and tops of her feet, attempting to ease any aches from the torture of the heels.

“I should probably go to the penthouse. Bucky must be worried sick as I forgot to leave him a note.” Natasha sat up, swinging her feet over the side of the couch. Steve smirked at her,

“Bucky left me a message on my phone, said he was out on a small mission with a S.H.I.E.L.D squadron. I’m sure you probably missed each other while both rushing out of the house.”

Natasha collapsed backward, “Fine with me. Ugh, I’m so beat.”

“So…” Steve blushed from the tips of his ears to his toes, “That means I can’t keep you for the evening?”

Natasha grinned at him and sat up on her elbows, “What did you have in mind?”

Steve crawled his way up to her and relaxed around the back of her neck and pulled ever so slightly her hair to tilt her head back. His lips were feather soft over her suddenly burning skin and Natasha moaned so softly Steve barely heard it.

Steve whispered in her ear, “Well, I figured I’d start with some appetizers…” His left hand wandered up her thigh, hiking up the hem of her skirt, and played with the outline of her pussy through her panties. Natasha gasped at the sudden sensitive touches. Steve just smirked, “And then perhaps move onto a two-course entrée…including some kind of music.” As Steve’s fingers deftly moved her panties to the side and slipped in his middle finger. Natasha’s breathing hitched at the intrusion and for a moment, Steve’s façade broke and a worried frown creased his handsome face, “Did I hurt you?”

Natasha fiercely shook her head, “No…no.” She breathed in pleasure, “Continue.”

Steve’s face relaxed into a lazy grin and pumped his finger in and out of her pussy just slow enough to drive Natasha wild. She squirmed in his grasp, between the grip he had on her hair and the slow thrusts of his finger, she was sure she was going to explode.

“Steve…” She moaned, her own fingers gripping his biceps as he added a second finger to his first, stretching her entrance lightly with some added pressure. Natasha’s head spun as Steve leaned down onto his right arm to kiss her. His lips were hot against her own as his tongue pushed her open and coaxed her own to play. She moaned into his mouth, breathing heavily from her nose as it was the only way she was going to pull much-needed air into her lungs.

His arms tightened around her. A thousand flames fanned out over his body, burning her, inciting her, as they pooled into the molten fire between her legs. She ached for him. Desperately. His lips left hers, and he trailed his tongue over her skin, searing a path to her throat where he made circles over her collarbone, her earlobe, and her neck.

Steve seemed to know every zone of her body that lit her on fire. Whimpering in pleasure, she pulled him back up to her lips. For hours, she had dreamed of kissing him, of climbing on top of him and bringing them both to the height of their pleasure.

He breathed gently into her ear, sending waves of chills throughout her body, and when he stroked the shell of her ear with his tongue, she shook all over. Her breasts pulled and dragged against his clothing, making her ache for his hands to touch her there as well.

“Stevie,” She moaned, unable to recognize her voice.

“Say it again.” He growled through parted lips.

She paused, and she said, “I’m sorry…?”

He rolled her over, pressing her closer to him as his hands cupped her ass and kneading her. She moaned once again, feeling his erection pressing into her stomach. He hissed into her ear, making her shiver, “Say my name.”

“Steve…” She breathed and she knew that just his name had such a profound effect on him. His hands tightened on her and his breathing hitched. There was such power in her effect on him and it left her aching for more, to know what exactly she did to him.

The air around them seemed to sizzle with sexual arousal. She’d never felt anything like this in her life. Steve oozed the sexual appeal of a man who recently dried his wet ears. She was drawn to him in a way she’d never been drawn to any man. His eyes narrowed as he reached for her lips again. Taking possession of her lips with a masterful kiss, she could hardly believe him when he told her that he hadn’t kissed anyone in years.

She moaned at the taste of his lips against hers as his tongue swept passionately into her mouth. He pulled her down, his hands grasping at the fabric of her blouse. His hands started to pull her white blouse away from her body as she suddenly said,

“Stop…” She told him at last and his growl was expected. But what happened next threw her for a loop.

“Stop what?” He asked, “This?” His tongue swirled around and around her ear.

Natasha hissed in lust. Chills shot all over her body, like red embers, burning every inch of her. Her breasts swelled even tighter between them.

“Or this.” He moved one hand under her blouse, flipped her once more onto her back, cupping her and causing her to yelp in surprise. Her toes curled in response to his hand between her legs as she arched her back and pressed herself closer to him. Oh, he was incredible! He encircled the tender, throbbing skin with one finger, making her burn from the inside out before he finally plunged two fingers back deep inside her.

While his fingers circles and teased and stroked, he gently massaged her clit with his thumb. She scrambled against his body, her fingers clutching at his biceps.

“Mmm!” She threw her head back at the intensity of his ministrations.

She clung to him as his fingers and tongue continued their relentless assault of pleasure. Her control was gone as she rubbed herself shamelessly against him, seeking even more of his heat, his touch.

Steve closed his eyes, savoring the scent of her body beneath his, the feel of her arms wrapped around him. She was his. He could feel her quivering and pulsing around his hand as her body writhed to his caresses.

At any moment, she would orgasm.

With that foremost thought in his mind, he shoved her blouse up and dropped his head down to one taut nipple where he suckled her, grazing her sensitive skin with his teeth. He couldn’t remember a woman ever tasting this good. It was a taste that branched itself into his mind, one he knows he would never forget. And she was ready for him. She was hot, wet, and tight – a taut bowstring ready to be fired.

“Oh my…god. Steve . Fuck yes!” Natasha keened high in her throat, arching into his touch as if that could push his fingers deeper.

Steve kicked off his own shirt and flung it into the nearest corner of the room and spread her thighs wide.

Her body burst into pure fire as Natasha held her breath as he settled his long, hard body, between her legs.

The tip of his cock pressed against her core. Wanton, she arched her hips toward him and clung to his broad shoulders, wanting him inside her with a desperation that defied her usually calm, rational mind.

“Natasha…Oh my!”

Natasha and Steve were startled apart by the introduction of an agent the door of the common room. She silently cursed the agent's timing, but at the same time, reason came flooding back. They shouldn’t be this affectionate out in the open. She could smack herself for losing all control like that. Bunching the fabric of the blouse across her naked form, Steve snarled and said,

“Leave. Now.”

The agent squeaked and the door closed very quickly.

Steve crashed on top of her, nearly knocking the wind out of her, and blew out a huff onto her neck, warming that area of skin. He started shaking a moment later, a laugh bubbling up from inside him. “Perhaps we should take this elsewhere.”

Natasha fiercely nodded, “Just…as long as you continue what you were doing, I’m down for whatever.”

Steve smirked, “Yea, you liked it when I played a little rough?”

Natasha grinned against his lips, “You never seemed like the type.”

Steve gripped her hair once more, playfully pulling at her before yanking her head back roughly and gently biting at the sides of her neck. Natasha swayed on the spot as Steve’s low groan said, “Only when I want to be. It’s not my default.”

“Can we make it your default?” Natasha asked, breathless.

Steve chuckled and ushered her upstairs, telling Jarvis in the elevator to lock all the doors behind them.