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Of Mental Blocks and Loosened Ties

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It’s a Wednesday night, and Felicity is tired, stressed, and mentally exhausted. She loves her job, she truly does, but taking on the mantle of CEO isn’t all fun and games.

She’s been sitting in bed drinking a glass of red whine attempting to focus on the newest quarterly report, but all she’s been able to accomplish is making her dry eyes cross. She might as well throw in the towel; she’s useless at this point and sleep is probably the best option so that she can function the next day.

Without bothering to properly put away her things, Felicity tosses her paperwork and glasses to the side and immediately face-plants into her side of the mattress.

Her cheek settles into the cool pillow and she closes her eyes, ready to welcome the sand man, but her thoughts drift to Oliver and Thea. She wonders if they are accomplishing much while working late in the campaign office. Felicity smirks to herself, well aware that Oliver is probably imagining a thousand ways to kill his own political adviser every time Thea lays a flirtatious hand on the young, ambitious man’s shoulder or thigh.

And then her thoughts drift from Thea, to her slow recovery from the pit, to Sara, to Laurel, and finally to Damien Darhk. That was a fast spiral, and one she’s not going to be able to recover from easily. Darhk is everywhere, so pervasive, in their lives, in their thoughts. 

Frustrated that she couldn’t find inner peace long enough to fall asleep, Felicity tries to focus on Oliver and all the ways he makes her happier than she ever thought possible. 

Before she knows it, she’s on a completely different kind of spiral. It’s hard not to when vivid images of her and Oliver’s morning tryst flood her mind.

But that seems like a lifetime ago to Felicity after the long taxing day she’s had, and her libido agrees. She immediately wishes Oliver was there right now because he’d know exactly how to make her relax, where to touch her, just the right spot to lick her.

Her breath catches and she can feel her nipples stiffen against the cotton of her camisole. Deciding that giving herself a release may be the fastest way for her to find sleep, Felicity allows herself to get lost in her own body and thoughts of what Oliver is capable of doing to her. 

When she brings her hands up to her nipples, she imagines it’s his large gloved hand from this morning grasping her breasts, tweaking her rosy buds, making them protrude so that his mouth can descend upon them through the fabric of her blouse. 

Her hips buck against the mattress, seeking out friction, and the slight graze against her nether lips sends a tingle through her body. She mindlessly shoves her white lace panties down her hips and over her round bottom, giving her right hand room to seek out her soft mound. 

Her left hand returns to her breast while her right middle finger seeks out her clit. She paws at it softly, teasing in a way that Oliver’s tongue might. He’s always so good at building her up, priming her like a pump before he dives in. Her finger slips between her slick lips and glides into her wet heat. The full on contact sends her hips into the air and Oliver’s name tumbles from her mouth on a moan.

All she can think about is the way he had her backed up against a pillar in the new lair early this morning in his leathers, the ridges on his gloved finger doing delicious things to her bundle of nerves.

She’s close to her release, but she’s not able to break through her mental block, not the way Oliver can.

And then she hears a creak, so small, so minuscule, that she almost ignores it. When she listens to her better judgement and lifts her face from the downy soft pillow, her eyes lock on Oliver where he’s standing against the door frame of their bedroom. 

She pauses her ministrations, caught somewhere between feeling embarrassed and erotic. He had been silently watching, and as her gaze roams over his rumpled suit, she catches the darkness in his eyes and the apparent bulge in his pants. She takes a moment to appreciate his broad form leaning against the wall as if he’s the one holding it up; his overall casual appearance beguiling the fire that she knows is raging beneath his skin.

She goes to speak, but he cuts her off gruffly.

“Don’t stop.” 

So she doesn’t. Her finger starts stroking again, and her hand rubs at her tender nipple, but her eyes never leave his.

The pressure builds deep inside her once again as she takes notice of the way his fists are clinching at his sides, the muscles in his arms going taut. It’s taking everything in him not to pounce on her and give her the release she’s been craving.

When she sees him start start to stroke himself through his pants, clearly affected by what she’s doing, her eyes lock on his again. She can see the urgency in them. She can practically hear him demanding that she come for him. In that moment she falls over the edge, her orgasm taking hold of her.

She finally closes her eyes in relief and lets out a satisfied cry into the bedding, the waves of her orgasm washing through her.

When she comes back to reality, she can hear him shuffling his shoes off, and she looks up to find him methodically rolling up his sleeves, his gaze never leaving her body. 

Anticipation and a fresh wave of desire tingles across her sensitive body as she watches him stalk across the floor towards her, mindlessly loosening his tie. 

Felicity turns so that she can see him when he arrives at her side of the bed. She sighs when his hand tenderly trails up her thigh and hooks in the panties that are still there. He pulls them off slowly, allowing his warm hands to run down the length of her smooth legs. Wordlessly, he picks her up and turns them so that he’s sitting on the bed, and she on his lap.

In one quick movement his hand tangles in her hair, and his lips crash against hers, stealing her breath. It’s all passion and lust as he growls into her mouth, gripping her bare hip as she thrusts up against his hardened member.

He tips her head back and his mouth finds its home in the curve of her neck. His stubble pricks her skin and sends goosebumps across her flesh. Every time her bare center bucks against his cloth-covered member, she fights back the urge to free him from his constraints and take him right away.

Cool air assaults her breast, and somewhere in her lust-filled haze she realizes his hand has tugged down her cami, and his kisses are heading south. His teeth graze over her already painfully hardened nipple, pulling it between his lips and suckling, making her cry out into the otherwise silent loft.

Her hands wrap around his head, holding him in place, and he settles in, gorging himself on her supple flesh. 

She’s relishing under the attention he’s giving her, all the love she can feel. After over half a year of being together, he still cherishes each time they have together and goes above and beyond to draw out her pleasure.

With gentle, loving hands, he lifts the camisole over her head and up her arms.

Suddenly she’s falling forward and landing softly against his firm body. She can hear her paperwork crinkle under them, but neither of them care. He loses his grasp on her engorged nipple, and she takes that opportunity to wrap his tie around her hand and direct him towards her face. He lets out a whimper, and she knows he enjoyed that small moment of domination.

Their bodies are sliding together, creating as much friction between them as they can with his suit still in the way. Their lips meet again in a desperate clash, their tongues tangling. She grips the tie with more force in an attempt to somehow get closer than they already are, but it only serves to make Oliver gasp between their kisses, her name falling out of his mouth in a strangled cry.

His hand pushes down on her hips and he thrusts up against her in a frenzy. She’s about ready to undo his pants herself when he suddenly goes still, his head settling back against the mattress.

His eyes are filled with urgency once again, and the next words out of his mouth cause her walls to tremor.

“Sit on me, please.” 

She stills above him, slightly out of shock, slightly out of excitement. His tongue swipes at his bottom lip and that’s all it takes to get her to slide up his body. She pushes one arm up above his head and settles her knee over his other shoulder.

His nostrils flare and his breathing is irregular, but he doesn’t pull her down to him, he waits patiently for her approval. She tests his patience and hovers above him, feeling his hot breath across her wet core. 

Finally, she hooks a finger in his tie and tugs, pulling him to her center. He licks her softly across the apex of her entrance, his tongue moving tentatively over the soft flesh that covers her bundle of nerves. 

But he doesn’t go any further. He pulls back slightly, as if to wait for permission. She knows he wants more. He wants to bury his face between her legs and lap up her juices, but he’s just looking up at her with puppy-dog eyes. Felicity hasn’t always been very dominant in bed, but there’s something about being with Oliver, a man who takes charge in all other aspects of his life, and watching said man give himself over to her.

The hand not gripping the tie rakes through his hair to the back of his head, and she can see him hold his breath in anticipation.

“Take what you want, baby,” she acquiesces softly, pushing his face to her heat.

His lips clamor to her clit as he lets out a mewl of appreciation and excitement. There are no pretenses or gentle teasing this time. He dives in with no inhibitions and eats from her hungrily. His strong tongue makes long swipes into her velvet folds and his nose nuzzles against her nub. 

She grinds against him and she can feel his hips thrust against nothingness while delicious sounds of him eating her out waft through the room. His hand drops from her back where he’d been caressing her spine, and the one she had held above his head settles over her left breast. She can see the muscles of his forearm flexing under his rolled sleeve. Her head lolls back in bliss at the sight, and she gasps when she feels his other hand clamp over her ass, kneading it.

He somehow reaches deeper within her walls, and she can feel her orgasm building to its peak. When his hand abandons her rear and she can hear him loosening his belt buckle, she let’s out a string of curse words.

There’s nothing she loves more than knowing he gets off by eating her out. She turns her head back enough to see his swollen cock spring free from the slit in his boxers, and that makes her lose all abandon. 

Both of her hands clutch at his head and she begins to thrust herself against his face. He groans, grunts, and growls into her soaked heat, his excitement evident by the quick motion of his arm pumping his member. 

He abandons her breast and instead bands his arm around her hips, anchoring her to him. Impossibly, he goes deeper, and she doesn’t understand how he hasn’t stopped to catch his breath, but his movements become more desperate, his sounds more primal.

The rhythm she’s set above his face falters, and she grinds against him faster. In and out, in and out; his tongue never stops. Her brain is starting to go fuzzy and white noise is filling her head. Everything narrows to the junction of their bodies and the way his face is latched on to her like a vacuum. 

One scrape of his teeth against her clit, and her second orgasm is crashing, releasing a gush of her juices. 

He drinks her greedily, and an aftershock of her orgasm rocks through her when she feels his warm cum spurt against her lower back.

His licks become less fervent, as he lazily cleans her up, both of them coming down from their high. She realizes she’s still tightly gripping his hair between her fingers, and she slowly releases him and settles back against his chest. 

The sight of his face glistening from her essence makes her smile like she’s the cat that got the crème. She shimmies down his torso and lays across him, settling against his side. She feels weightless and tension free, her body going completely lax. 

For the first time that night, they greet each other.

“Hi,” she says lazily, a goofy grin settling on her features.

He meets her lips for a soft ‘hello’ kiss before he returns the sentiment, a blissful smile of his face.


Felicity finds her inner peace and sleeps soundly well past her alarm.