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“Hello everyone, I’m Eunji and for Idol Radio today we have Baekhyun!” As Eunji introduces the singer she begins to applaud while his song Candy playing in the background. Baekhyun rocks his body side to side to the music along with bopping his head to the melody.  He smiles at the camera facing him, hoping the viewers find him amusing as usual. 


He then takes a seat near her, legs crossed. Brushing his brown bangs off his forehead to the side, he greets the listeners cheerfully. “Hello everyone!” he says, finishing his introduction off with a wave to the camera and a cheeky smile. 


Perfect combo, guaranteed to get the fan’s knees weak everytime. 


“So Baekhyun, congratulations! How do you feel about being a million seller again this year?”


Baekhyun chuckles. “Well Eunji, this is definitely unexpected. After my first album City Lights gained the status of a million seller, I really didn’t think it would happen again. However, it wouldn’t have been possible without my fans.” He then blows air kisses to the cameras, knowing it’s making the fans at home fall for him even more. 


Eunji smiles. “Aw, aren’t you humble?”


Baekhyun nods eagerly. “I’ve always been grateful for everything, and of course my mom taught me being humble will get you far.” He’s not fibbing about that part either, his mom has always been a wise woman. One of his biggest supporters when he started off small and sang at talent shows or desolated subway stations. 


The interviewer hums. “That’s good, but it seems you have some competition.”


Baekhyun raises an eyebrow. “Competition?” What competition? He’s been soaring up the charts, no groups or soloists have come close to keeping up with him. 


Her eyes widen, as if what he's saying is odd. “Oh you didn’t hear? Rapper Loey, you may also know him as Chanyeol, dropped his album a few days ago and is doing pretty well, he charted Top 20 on his release day already, and the media is saying he’s probably going to make it to the top.” Eunji is smirking suggestively.


The singer tries to not let his smile falter at the mere mention of that man. “Oh, t-that's great. Good for him.”


Eunji furrows her brows. “You don’t seem to be happy for him.”


Baekhyun clicks his tongue, typical, fucking typical of an interviewer. “I am happy for him, what makes you think I’m not?”


“I don’t know,” she laughs nervously. “I just heard stuff about you and Chanyeol not getting along that well.”


It’s the same in every interview. Do any of them ever get tired of mentioning this man? He’s only been in the industry for a little over a year while Baekhyun has been in this kind of business for 5 years now. 


“It’s baseless rumors,” he brushes her off. “All the stuff you guys may hear is baseless and false, Chanyeol and I don’t have a problem with one another.” The smile he’s shown since the beginning keeps disappearing bit by bit. This show should all be about him! Not some rapper that just got lucky. 


“Well, all rumors have a little truth to it,” Eunji challenges.


Baekhyun rolls his eyes unconsciously, hoping she doesn’t notice him getting annoyed. “Anyway, do you mind if we move on?”


“Of course, Baekhyun.”



Baekhyun waits for his manager to arrive, and once he does he gets in the car and slams the door  so hard the person in the driver's seat shoots him a concerned look. 


Eyebrows rise at the singer. “Um Baek, why-?”


Baekhyun massages his temples. “I don’t want to talk about it, Minseok.” He pulls his phone from the back of his pocket and proceeds to scroll through his news feed. 


“What? Did they mention Chan-”


“Hey! Don’t mention that name in this car,” Baekhyun warns. 


Minseok presses his lips together in a thin line, letting silence settle in the car.  “So they did.”


Baekhyun throws his hands dramatically in the air. “Yes they did Minseok! Are you happy!?”


Minseok lifts his hands up in defense. “No need to get frizzled about it, I was just curious. You usually are happy coming from interviews, but recently it seems they keep mentioning Ch-”


The singer gives him a look full of demise to silence him. 


“That Guy,” the manager corrects himself. “I don’t get why you two hate each other.”


Baekhyun shrugs. “We just do.” It’s definitely more than that, but he isn’t in the mood to elaborate. “Anyways, can you turn on the radio?”


Minseok nods, switching it on, and the first thing they hear is a deep, yet familiar voice. Baekhyun’s body stiffens. The person speaking is Chanyeol . It seems he’s on a radio talk show right now. 


His manager attempts to change the station but Baekhyun raises his hand. “It’s fine.” As much as Baekhyun despises Chanyeol, the one thing they tend to have in common is the way they both subtly shade each other every chance they get. He is positive that during this interview, his name will be mentioned. 


“So Chanyeol, tell us about your recent song “nothin”, fans can’t stop talking about it.”


Chanyeol gives light chuckles before answering the question. “The song nothin kind of summarizes the type of person I am, if that makes sense? I do what I want to do, and no matter what, I won’t worry, I’ll just do me.”


Baekhyun scoffs at the simplistic answer.  “nothin” is the most generic rap song he's heard, he’s surprised it’s doing well on the charts. Chanyeol’s fans may have the same baseless taste as their idol. 


“Cool, cool. Now for your album, you’re currently doing very well. Some are talking about the possibility of you passing by idol popstar Byun Baekhyun.”


Baekhyun raises an eyebrow. “Passing me on the charts?” He holds back a laugh because of the mere mockery of what is being said right now. “He wishes!”


“Hmm, it’s possible, because Baekhyun lacks originality.”


The singer looks up from his phone in shock, and even Minseok is taken back by such a bold statement, seemingly hoping Baekhyun doesn’t do anything rash. The idol leans into the radio trying to hear word by word what his rival is going to say next. 


“What do you mean by that, Chanyeol?”


The rapper laughs. “ He lacks originality, his music most of the time sounds the same. Plus, he doesn’t write the songs himself.”


The last sentence cuts through Baekhyun, it hits him hard enough to the point he feels his heart dropping to his stomach. 


“I think that’s enough,” Minseok then changes the station to something different, and ironically the song playing is his recent release, Candy. 


Baekhyun usually smiles when he hears the first few seconds of his song, but he doesn’t feel like it now at all, his heart heavy and his mind impaired. He leans back in his seat, combing his hands through his hair as Chanyeol’s words replay in his mind like a mantra.


It’s the truth, however; he doesn't write his own music. He’s tried many times to participate in the writing process of his songs, but his company always doubts him, even telling him he lacks originality or creativity. For it to be said again by the one person he despises so much-- his blood is boiling


He looks out the window impassively for the rest of the ride back to his flat. 



Once Baekhyun is finally home he washes his face, changes his clothes into something more comfortable, and grabs his laptop. As he gets cozy on his couch he opens his laptop and starts a video chat. After a few rings his friend’s face appears on the screen.


“Hey Jongin,” he says cheerfully. 


The beautifully tan man smiles. “Hey Baekhyun, here to rant to me again?”


Baekhyun pouts, even though it’s slightly true. However, he misses Jongin, but the man is currently on tour right now and won't be back till next month. It’s been something their company had planned for Jongin for a while now, and he’s happy for him, but he hopes Jongin comes back soon. 


“Yes, but no.”


Jongin chuckles. “I’m listening.”


Baekhyun starts into a detailed explanation of what has happened today, recounting everything and especially what Chanyeol has said about him on a live radio show. He continues to carelessly grouse about the rapper. “He told them I lack originality, can you believe that?!” Baekhyun’s blaringly loud voice makes Jongin flinch away from the screen. “Because I don’t write?! Is he serious? So many famous singers had people writing for them. I mean Diana Ross, Whitney Houston, and even Rihanna-”


“I get it Baekhyun, and you’re right. But if you want Chanyeol to shut up maybe start writing your own music?” Jongin suggests nervously, obviously hoping the singer doesn’t fire back at him. 


Baekhyun sighs. “Trust me Jongin, I do.” He brushes his hands through his hair, frustrated. “But our company...”


Jongin presses his lips into a thin line. “I know Baek, I know-”


“Who are you talking to Jongin?”


Baekhyun recognizes that voice. “Hey Kyungsoo!” he greets, and just like he assumes Kyungsoo appears on the screen with a bright and charming smile. 


“Hey Baekhyun!” he waves, and once he does Jongin whispers “cute!”. It's typical, any slight action from Kyungsoo and the Jongin will find it cute. 


Kyungsoo has been Jongin’s manager for almost 3 years now, but they have been a couple for 2 years by now. Jongin claims it was love at first sight, but Kyungsoo says they just have similar interests. If anyone in their company finds out they are together, that will most likely cost them both their jobs, so they lay low.  

It's dangerous and scandalous at the same time.  “How are you?” Baekhyun asks. 


“I’m doing good,” Kyungsoo says as he rubs Jongin’s shoulder.  “How are you, million seller?” he teases. 


Baekhyun playfully rolls his eyes. “I’m fine. Can be better though, but I miss the two of you. You guys were like my destressors.”  


“Well, we can’t always be there for you,” Jongin says, which makes brunette frown.


“True,” Kyungsoo agrees. “I mean Baekhyun, why don’t you mingle? You aren’t getting any younger.”


“Hah!” Baekhyun finds such an idea foolish, dating right now is the last thing he will do. “Never, you’re quite funny, Kyungsoo.” Dating for an idol, especially one like him. It’s a dangerous playing field, the amount of stories he’s heard about famous idols ending their careers to be with someone is just absurd. He’ll wait when his career isn’t at its peak like now, so maybe in a few more years. 


“I’m being serious Baek, as much as I and Jongin love being here for you. It wouldn’t hurt to open up to others.”


Baekhyun bites his lips and begins to fumble with his hands before looking back at the screen. “For the record, I don’t need to be in a relationship to be more open with people. I mean I have you, Jongin, Minseok and,” he halts himself. As he’s listed them, he realizes the only people he really talks about his problems are just those three. 


Kyungsoo shakes his head. “See, only 3 people.”


Either way, he doesn't find it a necessity to be in a relationship right now. 


“Wait, what about that guy, Sehun?” Jongin asks. As he mentions the name Baekhyun’s face turns a shade of pink. 


It doesn’t go unnoticed by the couple. “Wait, do you like him, or what?”


Now, Baekhyun wouldn’t say he likes him, but he won’t deny the beautiful and defined features the young actor has.  “No, I just find him attractive, and we only talked a few times.”


“Right, but I’m sure he likes you,” Jongin wiggles his eyebrows mischievously. 


“I doubt it, but anyway, dating isn’t a smart idea for me.” Baekhyun glances at the time, his heart rate shoots up and he breaks out into a scream. 


Jongin groans. “Why are you always so loud; and we are like miles away.”


Baekhyun gets up from his couch. “I’m sorry, but I just remembered today is important.”


“How so?” Kyungsoo asks. 


“Well, today is some gala event our company is holding, and they want me to be there. Some other companies are attending, too, so it's kinda big.”


“Oh yeah, that’s today, huh.” Jongin forgets that Baekhyun and him are signed under the same label, but since he’s on tour he’s had no knowledge of this event. “What’s the event for again?”


“I think it’s for raising awareness on poverty? I’m not sure but you know how big companies have these special events to raise money or show awareness, but don’t actually care for the cause.” 


“And they just do it for publicity,” Kyungsoo adds. 


Baekhyun points to Kyungsoo and nods. “Yep, as twisted it may be. They just do it to make themselves look better.” Their company, Ex’act , is one of the best,  but definitely one of the most cutthroat companies around. He still sometimes wonders how he’s made it this far. 


He sighs. “Well, I got to go now, I’ll talk to you two later.”


They say their goodbyes and the video call cuts off. Baekhyun grabs his phone and begins typing furiously, answering the messages by his stylists and managers.  



After a few hours of him getting ready for the event,  Baekhyun goes through his social media to see what his fans are up to. He tends to this every day when he has nothing else to do, plus it helps him to know what is on his fan’s minds. He decides to scroll through twitter, and what he sees is definitely not what he expects. 


A lot of the tweets he is seeing seem to be pessimistic. Are these his fans or just antis? He reads the first one out loud. “Baekhyun doesn’t write his songs himself? What a shame, his popularity will probably drop soon.”


Baekhyun clicks his tongue. “Wrong, Rihana never lost her popularity, and she hasn’t dropped an album in a few years now but still has an overwhelming amount of fans.” He reads the next one and it seems to be worse than the last one. “ Who does Baekhyun think he is? Talking so highly when he knows many will surpass him soon.”


Baekhyun chuckles lightly. “Surpass me? Funny, no group or soloist has come close to what I've done these past years,” he says haughtily. 


He decides to read one more as he notices Minseok is parked out in front of his flat. “Just like Chanyeol said Baekhyun lacks originality, maybe he should focus on writing music then worrying about what a successful rapper is doing.”


Baekhyun licks his slightly chapped lips, re-reading the comment. “Successful, huh?” That rapper got lucky with a single that was mediocre at most, yet again he’s the one who lacks originality right? His phone begins to vibrate in his pocket, and he just remembers that he has some gala to attend to. 


He has to hide all the emotions that want to leave his body. Many news reporters, journalists, and just very important people will be at this event, he can’t afford to lose his composure, it’s the last thing he wants.; Idol Baekhyun loses his shit at a charity event because of comments from online: he’s dead set to not give them that headline today.


As Minseok drives him to his company’s event he tries to fill his head with positive thoughts, but it's so hard right now. Why is he letting such comments get to him? 


“We are here,” Minseok says, interrupting his thoughts.


Baekhyun unlocks his seatbelt and looks out the window. Before placing his hand on the handle he heaves a deep sigh. He doesn’t want to be here, if he could he would tell Minseok to just drive him back home. However, this is his company, and he knows his boss will be on him if even thinks about missing. 


“Are you feeling okay, Baekhyun?” Minseok’s concern is clearly showing. 


“I’m fine,” he smiles, hoping the man doesn’t see right through the anguish and melancholy in his expression. “Will you be coming in?”


“Yeah, just let me find a place to park.” He looks around trying to locate a parking area but deflates when he notices the amount of people here. “ It will probably take a few minutes but I’ll meet you in there. Please behave without me,” he teases, although Baekhyun understands the warning. 


Baekhyun smirks. “No promises,” he jokes. 


He gets out of the car and heads to the front. As he walks in he watches the other attendees, and of course everyone and everything is extravagant. Men dressed in expensive suits, and the women in  long designer dresses and robes that are luxuriously draped around their bodies. The color scheme seems to be black and white, and thankfully he fits in with his white suit and black tie. His hair is parted and styled down, slightly covering his ears. His makeup is simple; eyes tinted a smokey black, and soft gray lining his eyes. Cheeks dusted pale red, and pink lip tint. He knows many will look his way, but unfortunately he can’t give them the attention they seek. 


He walks around hoping to find a familiar face, but he spots no one he knows so far. He decides to grab a drink, just something light as he isn’t much of a drinker. As he takes a few sips from his sparkling  light rosé wine , he hears his name being called and once he sees who it is, he nearly chokes. The wine slightly burns down his throat but he’s able to respond at last. 


“Hello, Sehun.” The man in front of him is strikingly handsome, tall, beautiful facial features, and just perfect body proportions. It's kind of hard to look anywhere else than him, he thinks to himself. 


“Hey Baekhyun, they invited my company to this event so I couldn’t decline.” Even the way he smiles is painful for the singer. Sehun is an actor, one of the best in the industry. After the movie he starred in; Pirates 2,  he’s been receiving a lot of publicity and praise. 


“It’s good to see you Sehun, how is everything?”


“It’s going well honestly, but it’s a lot. However, I’m glad to finally have a break now, this gala may put my mind at ease.”


Baekhyun laughs, it's foolish for the actor to think this event could be a break. More of a test than anything, as everyone is constantly watching your every move and listening in on each word that leaves your mouth. The amount of journalists this place is crawling with is insane, Sehun must know to be careful. “Well that is good, I’m glad you feel at ease now.” Nonetheless, he doesn’t wanna overwhelm the actor, so he’s not saying anything. Sehun’s still new to the industry so he will learn eventually. 


Sehun smiles. “So how is being a million seller again, how does it feel?”


Baekhyun scoffs, but in a jokingly manner. “It feels great, but you may be the 5th person to ask me this.”


Sehun grins. “Well, not every soloist sells over a million albums two years in a row.”


“True.” The mere compliment makes Baekhyun’s heart feel more light, as he came in feeling very heavy, if not burdened. The comments he’s read earlier had taken a toll on him more than he’d anticipated. “I’m not like other soloists.”


Before Sehun can respond, someone comes from behind and throws his arm around the man’s shoulders. “Hey Sehun, I was looking for you earlier.”


Baekhyun feels the heaviness from his heart reappear once he recognizes the person behind the actor. He squeezes the bottom of his glass, trying to conceal the anger that wants to leave him. The singer isn’t over what has been said about him today, he probably won’t get over it for a while. 


“Hey Chanyeol, I was just talking to,” Sehun hesitates for a second as the tension between them becomes thick. He presses his lips together. “Baekhyun.”


Baekhyun looks at him in disgust, while Chanyeol just smirks at him as if something funny is happening. The two of them exchange spiteful words through their eyes, not wanting to even greet the other. 


“So,” Chanyeol decides to break the suffocating silence by saying something, arm still wrapped around the actor’s shoulders. “How are you doing million seller Baekhyun?” Chanyeol says mockingly, and hearing him call him a million seller makes his stomach churn. 


“I’m doing fine, how are you, barely on the charts rapper Loey?”


Sehun stifles a  laugh, but winces from Chanyeol’s grip on his shoulder a moment later. 


“Barely on the charts?” Chanyeol removes his arms from Sehun and walks up closer to Baekhyun.  “I’m right behind you on most charts.”


“I’m in the top 10’s at least, and you’re barely in the 20’s ” Baekhyun spits, expecting the words to bug the rapper a bit. Instead of a frown that same annoying cheshire smile is still all over the man’s face. 


“It’s actually been updated.” Chanyeol then proceeds to grab for his phone. “You see here, I was 16, and you were 8, but look now.” As he refreshes his phone, Baekhyun’s eyes widen. “Now you are 3 and I’m 6. The amusing thing about this is your album dropped about a week ago, mine dropped 3 days ago.”


The singer has never been this tempted to smash a phone, but he holds it in. “So what, you just got lucky.”


Chanyeol shakes his head, along with his smirk disappearing.“When will you just admit I’m talented.” Baekhyun can hear the hurt in his voice, the way it strains. 


Sehun finally steps in the middle of the two when he notices how intense it’s getting. “How about we take a seat now, the CEO is gonna speak soon.”


Baekhyun doesn’t say anything and decides to walk away to an available table with the two of them following behind him. As he takes a seat he doesn’t expect  them to sit with him as well, but Sehun takes a seat next ro Baekhyun, and Chanyeol decides to sit behind him and next to Siwon.


The CEO, aka Baekhyun’s boss, begins to talk about the purpose of the event, and what they hope to gain from it all. The event is to spread awareness of poverty, just like the singer assumed. His boss ends with a closing statement a few minutes later and tells everyone to enjoy themselves. 


As everyone applauds, Baekhyun feels a piercing gaze hitting him from behind, and once he turns to see who it is, he isn’t shocked. Chanyeol always has had 

an intense gaze, whether he was mad or simply just focused; his blazing eyes never go unnoticed. 


“So, Chanyeol, right?” The person who decides 

to say something to the rapper is Yeri, she is a singer too, but still relatively new. 


Chanyeol nods, and changes his expression to a soft one. “Yes, and you are?”


She then eagerly reaches her hand over the table to shake Chanyeol’s. “Yeri, big fan of yours.”


Baekhyun rolls his eyes. “You gotta be kidding me,” he says under his breath, and luckily no one hears him.


“Oh seriously?” Chanyeol is now showing off a toothy smile, that makes Baekhyun shift uncomfortably in his chair. “For how long?”


“Since your debut, and can I just say you’re so amazing.” Yeri’s eyes sparkle with admiration, something a lot of fans do when they see their idols. It's cute, but as it’s directed towards his enemy, it’s very annoying. 


“Really? Thanks for always being so supportive.” 


Yeri shifts her chair closer to the man. “No problem, do you mind if we take a pic?”


Chanyeol waves his hands. “Of course not.”


As the two take the picture they continue to talk about other stuff that bores Baekhyun, so he turns his attention to Sehun who is playing with a napkin. He finds the scene adorable, but he knows the actor must be bored out of his mind. “So, any plans later tonight?”


Sehun takes his attention off the napkin to face Baekhyun. “Not really, why?”


Before Baekhyun can even say something it gets cut short, by Chanyeol of all people. “Sehun, it isn’t a good idea to hang back late tonight because you have early filming the next day.”


Sehun sighs. “You are right.” He then looks to Baekhyun and whispers, “Sorry.”


Baekhyun smiles in response and mouths “It's fine” before turning his attention elsewhere. Of course Chanyeol felt the need to insert himself, it’s all so annoying. He wants to leave, but he unfortunately doesn’t see Minseok yet. Can it really be that hard to find a parking spot?


“So Baekhyun, did you write your stuff yourself this time?” Chanyeol asks, running his finger around the rim of his glass of wine. 


Baekhyun eyes him with daggers. “What if I didn’t? Does that mean I lack originality like you said this morning?” He takes a sip from his glass. 


Chanyeol scoffs. “You listened? Wow, you may be a fan.” 


Baekhyun feels his skin crawl at the mere thought of being a fan. “God no, I only listened because I knew you would mention me. Who’s the fan now?”


Chanyeol bites his bottom lip, and then leans back in his chair. “Like I said this morning Baekhyun, an artist should be someone who writes, and you don’t write. I wonder because of Kai, or should I say Jongin?”


Baekhyun wants to question how he even knows him, one wouldn’t just simply say his real name unless they knew one another. “What about him?” 


“He writes, Yeri over here was telling me she writes, along with a few other artists in this company.” Once Yeri’s name is mentioned she looks off to the side, not even wanting to make eye contact with Baekhyun. 


The singer then clenches his fingers around the stem of his glass. “So what? Ever heard of an artist not writing their own music?”


Chanyeol chuckles. “I have, trust me, but considering you, I'm sure there is a reason. Maybe they told you to write something for them and it came out terrible.”


“Chanyeol,” Sehun warns. 


“Or the only thing you’re good for is your pretty face and average voi-” Chanyeol can’t even finish his sentence when he feels the wine splashing on his face. 


Baekhyun didn’t want to, but one thing he won’t tolerate is anyone talking ill of his voice so this has been absolutely necessary. Chanyeol’s styled hair is now drenched in expensive wine while his suit is now probably ruined, but he doesn’t care. “My voice isn’t average, Chanyeol, I trained for years to even be part of this industry, so don’t you dare!” His voice cracks, no Baekhyun, you will not shed a tear in front of this vile person. As he turns his head away he sees his manager in a crowd and without thinking twice he grabs for him. 


“What are you doing? I just got here?”


“I don’t care, please take me home.” His voice trembles with anguish, along with his eyes becoming moist. Minseok sighs. “Something happened, huh?”


Baekhyun holds his arm tighter. “I don’t wanna talk about it, please, just take me home.”


Thank god all Minseok does is nod and take him back to the car. 


Baekhyun lies in bed, letting the rays from the morning sun fall on him. He is aware he has a schedule today, but in all honesty - he doesn’t want to do anything today. After yesterday’s fiasco he wants some time to himself, to enjoy some quiet. However, it’s short lived when he hears his phone vibrate on his night stand. He checks the caller ID and sighs. Of course his manager feels the need to call him so early in the morning. 


He reaches for his phone lazily and lets it ring a few more times before tapping the answer button. Once he does, he instantly regrets it.


“Byun Baekhyun, wake your lazy ass up!” The booming voice from the phone makes him flinch. 


“I’m up, I’m up,” Baekhyun rubs his neck sheepishly. “What do you want?”


“Did you see the news articles?” The irritation in his voice, Baekhyun groans, must mean something bad. 


“No, why?” he replies groggily. 


“Check Allkpop and Koreaboo. I left you at that damn event for 10 minutes and you really couldn’t contain yourself, huh?” 


Baekhyun’s eyes grow wide as it suddenly dawns on him. He sits up and searches for one of the articles and his hands begin to shake as he scrolls through the horrid news. “Soloist Baekhyun throws a drink on rapper Loey during the Ex’act gala event. Is it possible these two have bad blood after all?” he reads out loud.


“Damn it!” Baekhyun hisses. 


“Why did you have to throw a drink on him? You know better than that, there were probably around 20 reporters there and still you chose to act that recklessly.”


The idol massages his temples, trying to suppress the upcoming headache. “I know, Minseok.”


Minseok sighs. “What did he say to you anyway?”


“I told you, I don’t want to talk about it-”


“I don’t care,” Minseok cuts him off. “Just tell me.”


Baekhyun decides to tell him the truth, and when he recounts the events to him he wishes he’d done things differently. What he did was reckless, but Chanyeol did deserve the drink thrown into his face. 


The line goes dead for a moment before Minseok decides to finally say something. “Baekhyun, you know your voice is extraordinary, and one of the best around. People write bad comments about your voice everyday, as it just doesn’t appeal to everyone. However, why does such a comment bother you so much, the only difference that it’s coming from Loey?” 

The singer presses his lips into a thin line. “Even if I did, someone like him has no right to speak like that about my voice.” He does have a reason, but he doesn’t want to talk about it now.


Minseok sighs. “Well, get ready. I’ll be there in 10. Wear something casual.”


“Wait, why? Where am I going? I thought I had no schedule today.”


“You didn’t, but now you do. So get ready.”


Before Baekhyun can say anything else the line cuts off. He squeezes his phone, irritated. “What is he planning? I wanted to lay around and keep my eyes glued to the TV, but no.” He leaves his bed to go over to the closet to search for casual clothes, and he decides to wear a simple yellow T-shirt and black sweats. Casual enough, right?


Once his manager arrives he at least expects him to give an idea on where they are going. However, when he drops in the back seat, nothing comes from Minseok. Instead, he starts the car without even giving Baekhyun a glance. 


Baekhyun looks out the window with a blank stare. “So, you still won’t tell me where the hell we are going, huh?” 


“Nope, you will see once we are there.”


Baekhyun rolls his eyes while continuing to stare out the window, hoping to see familiar buildings or what not to at least have an idea on where they are going. 



30 minutes go by and Baekhyun's eyes settle on an oddly familiar building, and then he realizes where they are. “Minseok, why are we here?”


Instead of getting an answer from the man, he hears the driver’s door shut close. He runs his hands through his hair angrily while getting out of the car.  “I assume this has something to do with what I did last night?”


Minseok nods and heads into the building, the singer following behind him. The silent treatment definitely gets under Baekhyun’s skin. He strongly dislikes the idea of being ignored. When his manager is agitated with him, he always does this. 


Baekhyun trails behind Minseok, looking at everything and everyone with a curious eye. “So this is Chanyeol and Sehun’s company?” he whispers, still looking around at the fancy interior. It slightly reminds him of his company. 


Their company Cloud 9 has been around for a while, just like Baekhyun’s, but they haven’t had any groundbreaking sales. Well, that had been until Chanyeol debuted, and since, the company has been thriving. He feels someone suddenly touch his shoulder and he thinks it's Minseok, finally ready to tell him why they are here. However, it’s Sehun, and the man seems to be breathing heavily. Did he just run? 


“Baek-” he stops to catch his breath. “I was getting ready to leave to film, and I thought my mind was playing tricks on me when I saw you here.” 


Baekhyun chuckles lightly. “Yeah, but you didn’t have to run all the way here to say hi.”

Sehun waves his hand to dismiss what the other was saying. “It will be fine, I’m sure my manager can get me there on time, but why are you here?”


Baekhyun is wondering the same thing actually, but now he’s starting to have an idea. “I-”


“Baekhyun, let's go,” Minseok says with a hint of iciness in his voice and Baekhyun feels the urge to comply quickly. 


“I’ll see you later, Sehun, and good luck with filming today.”


The actor isn’t able to thank him, when he hears his manager call for him, all he does is wave a good bye. 


“Now that you finally said something, do you mind telling me why the hell we are in the enemy's territory?”


“You will see soon, we are almost there.”


Baekhyun sighs. “Okay.”


After a few more minutes they stop in front of a door, it’s labeled conference room 2. This must be some kind of meeting, if so, why was he told to wear something casual? As they walk in and Baekhyun looks around, he feels his heart drop to his feet when his eyes lay on a familiar face. 


Chanyeol is sitting at the table, eyes locked on his phone, not even bothering to look up. Once he does , there isn’t a hint of shock from him. He seems rather bothered, but Baekhyun is as well, so this is mutual. 


Baekhyun decides to take a seat across from Chanyeol, and Minseok joins him, but there’s still no real explanation of the situation. A suffocating silence takes over for a brief moment, until the door opens, revealing an alluring man. 


The singer can’t help but stare in awe, this guy must be an actor, no a model, right? He continues to stare until the man feels his piercing gaze. His blank expression turns into a scowl that makes Baekhyun shudder in his seat. 


He must not be a big fan of him. 


“Hello Baekhyun, we haven’t properly met, but I’m Chanyeol’s manager, Junmyeon.”


Then it hits Baekhyun, of course he’s gonna dislike him. Chanyeol is probably spouting lies about him. “Hello, Junmyeon. May I ask why I’m here? My manager refuses to tell me.”


In response Minseok rolls his eyes, while Junmyeon laughs as if he’s said anything remotely funny. 


“Sorry, but,” Junmyeon scoffs.  “Did you forget what you did yesterday? Unless you were black-out drunk, but from what Chanyeol told me, he said you seemed pretty sober.”


Baekhyun’s eyes widen. “Seriously!?” He stands up abruptly from his seat and slams his hands on the table, making the managers flinch at his sudden outburst. Chanyeol seems unfazed, but intrigued on what Baekhyun will do next. 


“I threw a drink on his sorry ass because--”


“Baek, language,” Minseok hisses.


“Sorry, I threw a drink on-” He stops and then bites his tongue from the sudden insult that threatens to slip. “I threw a drink on Chanyeol, because he called my singing mediocre.”


Chanyeol furrows his eyebrows and then stands up as well. “I said no such thing.”


“Please.” Baekhyun can’t believe what the rapper is saying, even if the word mediocre didn’t leave his mouth. It's clear he was calling his sound basic last night. “I don’t understand why you feel the need to spout lies, you must do it often, I bet.”


Chanyeol scowls at the singer. 


Junmyeon sighs and then clears his throat to get their attention. Once he feels their eyes on him he pulls some papers out of a folder he brought in with him. “Now that I have you guys’ attention, I actually don’t care who started what. It already happened, Baekhyun, I don’t care what he said, your actions caused quite an uproar.”


Baekhyun won’t deny this, but he doesn’t regret it. “And so what?” He takes his seat while crossing his arms with an aloof look on his face. “Can’t our companies put out a statement to cover this shit up?”


“It's not that easy, Baekhyun, many reporters were there, along with witnesses. Even if the company said some baseless lie, no one would actually believe it,” Minseok says. 


“Not only that, but the rumor of us hating each other would just get worse,” Chanyeol says while slumping into his seat in frustration. 


“Okay, then what do we do?” The singer isn’t naive, he knows this situation can be fixed. That’s why he and Chanyeol are here. 


Junmyeon fumbles with the papers in his hand and becomes hesitant about the next words. “Both companies said the only solid solution to fix this is a collab.”


Baekhyun’s eyes grow at the sudden statement, and he looks to Minseok who only nods in response. Chanyeol doesn’t seem too shocked by the news, but instead he looks annoyed. 


“I’m not doing it.” Baekhyun’s pride is telling him this is a bad idea and will only result in something he will regret later. 


His manager grabs his arm before he can leave his seat. “Baekhyun, if you don’t do this, this will damage your career. Have you seen the media?”


No he hasn’t, he’s been reluctant. He shakes his head, “No, but-”


“But nothing, if you value your career, reconsider.”


Baekhyun closes his eyes while clasping his hands angrily. He really doesn't have a choice, huh. Chanyeol hasn’t said anything, so he must not have a problem with it. Not shocking, as his career just started and it would be a shame for it to end over a drink being thrown at him. 


“Okay, I’ll do this collab, but it better be just one song,” Baekhyun warns. 


“Yes, it will be one song, but it has to be released by this year, and both companies will release statements about it later today, “ Jumnyeon continues to explain everything about this collab, and the benefits of it all. Yet, Baekhyun is letting most of the information go through one ear and out the other. He couldn’t care less how exactly this will be beneficial, he just couldn't bear the idea of his fans turning against him because of his reckless actions. 


Baekhyun leaves his manager behind but feels a tug at his shirt, he turns to see who it is and feels the color drain from his face. “What do you want, Chanyeol?”


“Here.” Instead of explaining, he pulls Baekhyun to the side, handing him his phone. 


Baekhyun holds the phone but looks at it in a confused manner. “Why are you giving me your phone?”


“We need a set of times and dates,” The rapper replies with his snarky attitude. “It would be easier if we had one another’s phone number, so give me yours.”


“Okay, I guess that makes sense.” He begins to type in his number, but once he does he notices the man just hovering over him. Once he looks up, their faces are inches away, to the point their lips could brush against one another. He thrusts the phone into Chanyeol’s hand and turns away on his heels. “Text me the dates you're available this week, and I’ll text you mine.”


Chanyeol can’t help but chuckle at the scene that just happened between them. 



Once Baekhyun is home he calls the first person he knows will be able to put mind at ease. 


“A collab?” Jongin tries not to laugh. “I’m sorry, but I can already see the headline. Rapper Loey and singer Baekhyun decide to collab. Please look forward to it!”


Baekhyun sighs. “This isn’t funny in the slightest, Jongin, we weren’t even able to sit at the same table together. How are we gonna sit in the same studio together for the next few weeks?” 


“I don’t know Baek, but if your career is on the line, take it.” Jongin isn’t wrong, plus it’s only one song, right?


“I already accepted as I didn’t have much of a choice, but after this futile collaboration I never wanna do anything involving him.”


“No need to be so harsh Baek, it’s not like they are asking the two of you to be in a fake relationship.” The man begins to snicker at his own little joke, while Baekhyun is seconds away to ending this call. 


“I was only kidding, Baek,” he teases. “But this will help your career, too.”


Baekhyun scoffs. “How will this help MY career, this opportunity should be seen as golden for Chanyeol.” Call him cheeky, but he’s right. Collaborating with one of the hottest pop idols right now, this will definitely boost Chanyeol’s career. 


“You know, you weren’t always this cocky.”


The line goes dead for a few seconds, and Baekhyun can’t bring himself to deny the allegation. However, shouldn’t he have the leisure to be cocky? He’s amazing at what he does, and globally he’s loved and he’s only stating the truth. “Please Jongin, I’m still the same humble person. I’m only stating what’s the truth.”


“Humble, huh? Well, if that’s what you think. Still, Baekhyun, many of your fans do listen or idolize Loey, I hope you’re aware.”


He is aware, has been for a while. “Yeah, I know Jongin. Anyways, I’m a little tired so I’ll talk to you later.”


“Okay, talk to yo-”


Baekhyun doesn’t let him finish his goodbyes as he taps his phone to end the call. He enters his room, throwing his body on his bed, and letting his legs dangle from the edge. He groans. “Stupid me, why did I have to throw a drink at him. I could have walked away.” He lets his eyes slowly close, and his body relax, but his brain is immediately alert when he hears a notification from his phone. 


He looks but notices the person who sent him a message isn’t in his contact list. The message says, “My schedule is free tomorrow at 5, we can at least talk about what kind of song we wanna do.”


He lingers on the message, but then suddenly realizes who this number belongs to. Instinctively he just taps the number and calls. The phone rings for a while, and he wonders if the rapper left his phone unattended after sending him a message. Finally the line picks up and he hears a deep familiar voice. 

“Hello?” Why does his voice sound even deeper on the phone, and also slightly attractive somehow? No, why is he thinking this, this man is the enemy, his rival, his-


“Hello Baekhyun?”


The singer snaps out of his train of thoughts. “I was just making sure it was you, I didn’t wanna think it was a crazed fan who was able to attain my contact information.” 


“Right.” That sarcastic tone again, makes Baekhyun’s teeth grind. “If that’s all you gotta say may I hang up?”


“Sure.” Baekhyun says at first but suddenly he blurts out, “Wait!”


Luckily Chanyeol is still there. “What?” 


“Just so you know, after all this, I’ll still despise you,” he says seriously, hoping the other will agree with him. 


Instead of what he expects, he hears a light chuckle on the phone. “Whatever Baekhyun, see you tomorrow.”


The line then cuts off, and Baekhyun wonders if what he said was funny. When he was actually being serious. Instead of dwelling on it he decides to take a shower to clear his mind, but what keeps playing in his mind as he stands under the water from the shower is Chanyeol's laugh. It didn’t feel forced like it would during interviews or variety shows. 


It felt genuine. 


Baekhyun rubs his temples. “Why does it matter if his laugh felt nice on the phone, he’s still an asshole.” His face flushes at the words that leave his mouth. 




The next day Baekhyun is getting ready, and he decides on ripped jeans and a black sweater. He looks at himself in the mirror, and plays with his hair a bit to get it at least decent. He sighs. “Should I dye it soon?” His phone begins to vibrate, and it’s Minseok letting him know he’s there.  Before he heads out he checks his looks one more. 

Minseok seems more at ease compared to yesterday, but he’s still quiet, not even saying hi to him as he gets in the back seat. 


Baekhyun buckles his seat belt. “Still angry with me?” 


“No, I wouldn’t say that. Honestly, I’m worried,” he says.


The idol’s eyebrows furrow. “Worried? About what?”


“This project you and Loey are working on. I’m worried you or him will do something that may damage your career.”


Baekhyun scoffs. “Nothing will happen Minseok, this collab will be over before you know it.” He isn’t sounding confident just to put his manager at ease, but he knows nothing will happen.  


They arrive in front of Cloud 9, and Baekhyun tells him he will probably stay till late so he will catch a taxi home. Most idol managers are in charge of making sure their client gets to their destination and back home. However, Minseok is a busy man and other things to do in the company besides keep Baekhyun in check. Always running errands for the CEO, or attending meetings when it involves Baekhyun. 


Baekhyun walks into the company building and luckily he knows his way around a bit, but he surely doesn’t remember if Chanyeol gave him directions to any of the studios they will be using. He looks around to see if there are maybe signs like, studio A or studio B. He doesn’t want to appear completely lost, so he pulls out his phone trying to text the rapper. Due to his eyes being glued to his phone he accidentally collides with someone causing his phone to drop. 


He looks down at his phone and bites his lower lip, holding in the insults that want to leave his mouth. “Can you watch where the fuck you’re going next time?” He crouches down to grab his phone, and inspects to see if there are any cracks. 


“Sorry Baek, I didn’t see you.”

Baekhyun’s body freezes when he hears the voice. Shit, it’s Sehun. He quickly gets up from the floor. “Hey there, sorry, I didn’t know it was you.”


Sehun brushes it off. “It's fine.” He laughs lightly. “I can tell, the tone in your voice changed so suddenly, I wasn’t even sure if it was you who I was talking to.”


The idol scratches his neck sheepishly. “Sorry.”


“No it's fine, I mean I would be pretty ticked off too if some stranger knocked my phone out of my hand.”


Baekhyun feels more at ease now hearing that. He’d already been not in the best mood today and just seeing his phone flung to the floor by someone has made him irritated even more. “Thanks, I’m not in the best mood either.”


“Ahh that sucks, but I’m sure it will turn around.” He rubs Baekhyun’s shoulder encouragingly. 


“Thanks.” Sehun is someone who Baekhyun would like to keep around for long as possible, but he knows dating him is out of the question. 


“So what brings you here? If you wanted to hang you could just have called.”


“I don’t know if you heard, but Chanyeol and I are working on a song together, and we were gonna work on it today but I’m not sure where the studio is.” 


“That idiot, he didn’t bother to tell you? I swear he thinks everyone can read his mind.” Sehun grabs Baekhyun’s hand and pulls him to where the elevators are.  “There is this one studio he’s always in, so I’m sure you won’t have to worry about him randomly changing studios.”


Baekhyun nods. They arrive at their destined floor, and he follows behind Sehun. The studio that Chanyeol tends to always be in is labeled “Studio 1C”. Baekhyun makes a note to himself to remember this so he doesn’t have to bother Sehun again, or will get lost. 


“And we are here, tell Chanyeol I said hi.”


Baekhyun gives him a baffled look. “Oh okay, thanks again, Sehun.”

Sehun stares at him with fond eyes and a cheeky smile. “No problem, if you get lost just shoot me a text.” With that Sehun leaves a flustered Baekhyun, but he tries to calm his nerves before opening the door. He’s welcomed to the rapper just sitting in a chair in a relaxed pose while humming an unfamiliar melody. 


Chanyeol is dressed in all black, black sweats, a black sweatshirt, and a black cap. The man still doesn’t notice him so he clears his throat to gain his attention. 


Chanyeol turns his way. “Took you long enough, I was starting to think you got lost.”


“No, I mean at first, yes, but Sehun helped me.”


The rapper hums. “No wonder your face is red, I assumed you two bumped into each other.”


The singer furrows his eyebrows. “What?”


Chanyeol scoffs. “Please, it’s obvious, you’re interested in him. I’m sure he feels the same.”


Baekhyun smiles, and shyly looks to the floor. “You think so?”


Chanyeol stares at him for seconds not really giving him an answer, and the singer waves his hand. “Hello? Is there something on my face?”


He quickly looks away. “No, sorry, you just had a dumb look on your face.”


Baekhyun glares at him, and then takes a chair next to him. “Even if he was interested, dating him wouldn’t be a good idea. I rather just stick to my career for the next few years.”


“Hmm, then you probably aren’t as interested in him as I assumed.” Chanyeol mutters under his breath. 


Baekhyun makes out some of what the other said. “What? I am interested in him.”  He just values his career more than dating someone. 


“Yeah, but not a lot. See, if I’m deeply infatuated with someone I would want to at least spend a lot of time with them, try to get to know them, and want to date them.”

Baekhyun crosses his arms while snickering. “Please, you must not value your career a lot.”


“Hmm, of course I do. However, I’m human.”


Baekhyun feels something itch in his chest from this, it feels familiar. 


“I’m human, meaning I’m gonna fall in love, get married, and maybe want kids. If my fans don’t want to be around when that time comes-” Chanyeol stops to look at Baekhyun, and there is a slight fire in his eyes. “Maybe they aren’t true fans. Don’t let what others say or do ruin your happiness.”


He isn’t sure why but this message hits him, but it feels as if he has been told this by someone before. He just can’t remember at the moment. Baekhyun does want to be happy, but he just hasn’t found what really makes him happy. 


Yes his career is doing amazing, but is he happy? He pouts while knitting his eyebrows together. 


“Anyways,” Chanyeol changes the topic. “What kind of song do you think we should do?”


“I’m unsure, but maybe something not sad?”


“You mean ballads? I don’t typically do ballads since I’m a rapper”


“No,” Baekhyun quickly dismisses. “I meant the lyrics, like in some of your songs. Let's not talk about heart breaks, or one sided love. I want the fans to seek joy in this song, not cry unconditionally.”


Instead of Chanyeol taking offense he laughs, and Baekhyun can’t help but grin at him laughing. He even has tears in his eyes, and he is clapping uncontrollably. Did he say something that funny?


“Not all of my songs are  like that,  I have a few playful ones.” Chanyeol seems a little unsure and Baekhyun can’t help but tease him some more. 


“Like what?”


“Uh.” Chanyeol sits there with a dumbfounded look. “Okay, maybe I don’t have many songs like that.”


Baekhyun smirks. “That's what I thought, so let's go for something fun.” 


Baekhyun’s lips are painted with a light pink, and the make up artist decides to give him a smokey eye shadow look for today.  She then brushes his hair up to show off his forehead a little, as some of his fans have said he looks different, more cool, when he shows it off. He turns to his reflection and admires himself for a moment. 


Today he and Chanyeol have to talk about the collaboration they are doing, and answer some questions. However, Chanyeol isn’t here yet and they have to be live in 10 minutes. He begins to worry because if he’s late, it will affect him, too, of course. He is starting to think if the other is doing this on purpose, as they still aren’t on the best of terms. 


Not like he cares where the man could possibly be, or what could have happened. He just wishes he would be on time. 


Baekhyun starts to tap his foot against the floor impatiently. “Where is he?” 


Finally, the door swings open and there is Chanyeol. Breathing as if he ran miles to get here, his hair sticking to his forehead.  The way it looks  makes Baekhyun flutter in his seat, it’s slightly attractive. 


Chanyeol combs his hair up with his hands, with his eyes darting to Baekhyun. 


Baekhyun stares back at him until he feels his face heat up. “What am I thinking?”


“What?” Chanyeol asks as he approaches him. 


Baekhyun turns his head away, he should be mad at the rapper for showing up quite late. “Nothing, just hurry up and get ready.” He leaves from his seat turning his back to Chanyeol to hide the evident blush painting his face. He moves his bangs a bit, and notices Chanyeol staring holes into him. 


He turns his way. “What?”


Chanyeol grins. “Nothing, you just had a dumb look on your face, again.” 


Baekhyun rolls his eyes. 


What the make up artists did is simple, but it’s better than how he walked in today. Hair styled into a comma style, lips rosy, eyelids dark colors really making his almond eyes stand out. 


They stand by one another waiting for the mc to call them out on stage. Baekhyun looks at Chanyeol, and the man looks good. He notices the collar on his shirt is a bit off. He unconsciously straightens it out, and Chanyeol doesn't seem reluctant about it.  


“There,” Baekhyun says, but feels eyes on him again. He looks up to meet Chanyeol’s pretty brown eyes. He clears his throat and turns away. “It kept bothering me.” 


Chanyeol raises an eyebrow. “Okay, whatever you say.”


As the two finally make their way on stage, they are welcomed with a huge audience. It warms Baekhyun’s heart to see the amount of fans supporting him today. 


“Is it true that you guys are working on a collab?”  The first question being asked is simple, so Baekhyun decides to answer it. 


“Yes we are, and we’re  excited to see what you guys will think about it.” Even though the answer is quite plain the room erupts in cheers from the audience. 


“That's good, but,”


But what? Baekhyun should have seen this coming. “Yes?”


The mc has a mischievous look on his face.“Rumors speculate that the two of you don’t get along.”


Of course he would ask this, but he can shut this down quickly. “Rumors are false, Chan- I mean Loey and I get along quite well.”


“Hmmm.” The MC doesn't seem satisfied with the answer. 


Baekhyun’s body begins to tremble unconsciously. 


“Didn’t you throw a drink on Loey during a charity event? Some even said you stormed out right after.”


Baekhyun isn’t sure how to answer this. Yes, he threw a drink on him because he was being an asshole, but he cannot tell him that. This collab is supposed to trick the media into thinking that there is no conflict between the two of them.

He then feels someone’s hand on his thigh and he looks up to see it is Chanyeol’s. 


“Shouldn’t you be rather asking questions about our collab than about something that has happened in the past? Baekhyun may have thrown a drink on me, but it wasn’t out of spite as we were both pretty drunk, and right after we made up and now we wanna do a song together. Does that answer your question?”


The mc raises an eyebrow. “Hm, okay then, moving on.”


Baekhyun’s body stops trembling and his unsteady breathing is back to a normal pace. 


Should he thank Chanyeol for answering the troublesome question?


Chanyeol is only doing his job, he repeats in his head, only saving himself from what could have turned out bad if the question had been averted for any longer. 


 Yet, the man’s hand never leaves his thigh throughout the whole interview. 


The interview went well surprisingly, it was just like any other interview. A billion questions being asked but only a few are actually about them.


“Why were you so late?” Baekhyun asks as he strips down from his attire. They both have dressing screens so they can’t see the other once the clothes are off. 


Chanyeol removes his shirt while hanging it at the end of the screen. “Something came up.”


Baekhyun rolls his eyes. “Or you just wanted to embarrass me.”


“Nah,” Chanyeol quickly dismisses. “This affects my career too, unless you forgot.” 


“I didn’t.” 


The two of them are done changing into their casual clothes, and before Baekhyun can even talk more with the other, he is already walking out the door, not sparing a glance at the singer. 


Baekhyun sighs. He was just going to ask when they could meet up for their collab the next time. 


Baekhyun’s eyes are glued to his television as his fingers aggressively press the buttons on his controller. He’s decided to mostly play games today, since it seems he has no schedules. At least Chanyeol hasn’t shot him a text yet, so he assumes they won’t be in the studio today. 


A few hours go by, and Baekhyun feels his eyes start to sting. He rubs them and notices it’s getting a little late. 


Should he go to sleep early today? 


His phone vibrates next to him, and he notices it’s a message from Chanyeol. His eyebrows begin to furrow, it’s getting quite late. What could the rapper possibly want?  He checks, and yes, Chanyeol is asking to meet up at the studio, right now. 


Judging from the exclamation points, it may be serious. He plops down on his couch, feeling his body sink deeper into the cushions. He groans. “I guess I have to call a taxi, I’m sure Minseok is busy.”


When Baekhyun arrives at the company, he luckily remembers where the studio is. Once he walks in, Chanyeol looks drained. Dark circles around the eyes, hair messy, cups of coffee around him and another one in his hand. 


It’s quite admirable to see him work this hard.


“Why did you decide to text me so late?”


Chanyeol downs the coffee, licking his lips. “ The song, I finally got it.”


Baekhyun sits down next to him with a curious look. “Oh really? Can I give it a listen?”

Chanyeol smiles. “Yeah, let me know what you think.” He presses a button and the music flows out the speakers. 


The melody is nice, you can already tell it’s gonna be very catchy. As Baekhyun lets himself get sunk into the music, he hears Chanyeol hum. 


“I realized, you never really sing on your tracks, huh? On the songs with vocals, they are from different idols, but it’s never your voice singing.”


“Yeah.” The smile that has been there is suddenly gone. “My company said my voice is pretty average and I should just stick to composing and rapping.”


Baekhyun isn’t sure why, but such a statement irks him. Reminds him of how controlling these entertainment companies can be. You can come here wanting to sing, but if they don’t agree with your potential, they  will make you a rapper instead. Luckily, Baekhyun was able to stick to singing, as they told him his voice was one of the best they have heard at the company in a while. Still doesn't take away from the fact he isn’t able to touch his own music. 


“I like your voice,” Baekhyun whispers. 


Chanyeol’s eyes grow wide at the sudden comment. “What?”


Baekhyun leans back in the chair. “Your voice is deep and raspy which this industry needs more. It’s unique.” What is he saying? Not long ago he was insulting the man next to him. Now he’s praising him? Maybe he’s deprived from sleep because he can’t believe the words leaving his mouth. “Plus, it’s all about preference these days. I’m sure there are many fans that will love your voice, so don’t doubt yourself.”


There is a long pregnant silence that takes the room, making Baekhyun want to hide. Did he say something wrong? 


“Interesting,” Chanyeol says, and the singer notices how the man has his face turned away. “I don’t have any lyrics down for the song yet, but it will be done soon.”


That’s all he is gonna say? 


“ I assume you probably don’t want me to help with the lyrics.”


“Actually, I wouldn’t mind it.” 


“Wait, seriously?” Baekhyun feels elated, he honestly expected not to be allowed help with the writing. “Please, don’t lie, Chanyeol.”


The rapper laughs. “I’m not, prepare though, because I’ll critique everything you’ll write.”


Baekhyun nods eagerly. “I’ll try my best.” He isn’t sure why being part of the creative process of making this song brings him so much bliss, but it feels amazing. 


He then feels something press on his head, it’s a hand. A huge, yet warm one, but he doesn’t move. Chanyeol rubs his head gently, making Baekhyun hum in pleasure. 


He quickly pulls away. “What am I? A fucking dog?” The singer jokes, earning him a smirk from the man in front of him. 




Baekhyun clicks his tongue. “ Let’s just continue.” The two of them jot down anything that comes to mind while hearing the song. Baekhyun has less written down compared to Chanyeol, but he’s glad it’s something. He can’t help but let his eyes wander to what Chanyeol has written down.


Chanyeol then covers half the paper with his arms. “No peeking,” he teases. 


Baekhyun pouts. “I can’t help it, I didn’t know writing could be this complex.”


“Well, it isn’t easy,” Chanyeol responds. “Just a word of advice: don’t overthink.”


“Okay.” Baekhyun starts to write again, trying to think of meaningful lyrics that he hopes reach the fans. As hours drift, his eyes feel heavy. Yawns slipping from his mouth, he tries to suppress them.  Unlike Chanyeol, who seems to be able to go on for a couple more hours. 


Baekhyun looks down at his paper. He grins. He has a page full of what he wants to convey in this song. His eyes slowly close, and his head tilts to the side. He thinks he will probably hit something hard, crash on the desk, or eventually just fall to the ground. Yet, he feels something soft and warm cradle his head. 


It’s Chanyeol’s shoulder, and instead of pushing him away, he lets the singer rest while little snores leave his mouth. Chanyeol stares at him, with uncertainty in his eyes, then whispers, “You have that dumb look on your face once again.” He sighs while brushing his bangs a little out of his forehead.



Baekhyun wakes up to the bright lights from outside, the sun’s rays are the prettiest in the morning. He ended up falling asleep in the studio last night, but luckily Chanyeol woke him and he took a taxi home. He looks at his phone, and notices most of his messages are from Minseok, and how he has 5 missed calls from him as well.


He rubs his eyes. “This is a little bothersome.” He says to himself, he looks at the messages his manager drowned him in. They are just about his performance at SBS today, how can he forget? He was gonna perform love again, one of his favorite songs. 


He shoots the other a text back and hops in the shower. 


Baekhyun warms up his voice after they finish his makeup, but he hears a familiar voice in the background. 


“Oh, you’re performing, too?”


It's Yeri, he forgot she dropped her album around the same time he did. So they were bound to see each other. 


“Yes.” He’s frank, as he wants to go back to his vocal warm ups. 


“Cool,” she says awkwardly. 


Baekhyun gives her a quick smile and turns away, hoping she will go back to what she was doing, but he hears her speak again. “Must be nice to do a collaboration with Loey.”


Baekhyun fights the urge to glare the living shit out of this girl right now. “Yes, we will prepare something nice for everyone, so look forward to it.”


“Please cut that act for me, I know you don’t like him. I'm sure he feels the same way.” 


All of a sudden she is feeling really ballsy, huh?


Baekhyun snickers. If she wants him to act like himself, so be it. “What if we do, why does it concern you?”


She shrugs. “It doesn’t, I just find it interesting, that’s all.”


“Or you’re bothered by the fact I’m working with a guy you have these one sided feelings for.” 


She stiffens. 


Look at that, did he hit a nerve?


Instead of firing back she walks away. He smirks. “It’s too easy,” he says under his breath. 


“Well, wasn’t that a little harsh?” Minseok says as he appears behind the singer.


“I could have said worse, and she was being a nuisance, Minseok.”


“Yeah, but you usually don’t let such things get to you, not jealous, are you?”


Baekhyun scoffs. “Of what exactly?”


“I mean Yeri obviously does like him, does that bother you?”


Baekhyun stares at him through the reflection of his mirror, with a very serious expression. “Not at all. Her in my business is what bothers me.” He isn’t lying, jealousy is not this feeling. He’s just simply annoyed, that’s all. 


Minseok still doesn’t seem convinced. “Well, you’re on in 8, so be ready, and good luck.”





Baekhyun runs through Cloud 9 entertainment, trying not to bump into anyone.  Chanyeol texted him earlier about meeting up today at 3, and it’s 3:05. He’s running a little late, but he blames traffic on the way here. 


“Where are you off to?” 


 Baekhyun stops his tracks to look at the familiar figure, “Oh, hey Sehun!”


“Hey Baek, but why are you running?”


“I have to meet Chanyeol at the studio again, but I’m a little late,” he  pants and realizes he should work out more. This is even considered a mile of what he is running. 


“Ahh how can I forget, don’t leave him waiting or he’ll start complaining.”


Baekhyun nods and runs to the elevators, he would usually stay longer and chat with Sehun, but hearing Chanyeol complain about him being late will definitely irk him. 

Finally he’s at the studio, but to his dismay, Chanyeol isn’t there. Strange, he thinks, and when he sits down he notices all the scattered yellow notes on the mixing console. A lot of it seem like lyrics, so he reads some of them and they are honestly good. Baekhyun becomes quite curious and looks at the mixing console, questioning what buttons do what. 


His fingers begin to itch with anticipation as he wants to press at least one button.  So he does and a familiar song plays from the speakers. It’s one of Chanyeol’s from his first album, Borderline, was it?


He begins to sing the song as only the instrumental is playing. 


You’re drawing a line, I’m busy erasing it


Do as your heart says, I know you like me too


Nobody loves you like me 


He hears the door, and realizes it’s Chanyeol. The man is dressed in sweats and a plain black T shirt. He has a bagel in his mouth and a tray with two cups of coffee.


“Were you just singing?” Due to half eaten bagel hanging from his mouth, Baekhyun can’t quite make out what the man is saying. 




He places the coffees down, and removes the pastry from his mouth. “Were you just singing!?”


“Oh, yeah, why, I’m a singer. I sing,” Baekhyun replies a bit jittery. 


“I’m just surprised you know one of my songs, I only performed borderline once I think.”


“Arguably, it’s one of your best.” As much as Baekhyun is willing to admit. 


Chanyeol shoots him a curious look. “Is it now?” He takes a seat near him, with his face leaning into Baekhyun almost too close for comfort. “Explain,” he whispers, almost sultry. 


“Well, uh.” Not him choking on his words. “It’s the lyrics that really speak to me, and this one of the  few songs where you actually sing.” Baekhyun hides his eyes away, waiting for an insult to slip out of Chanyeol. 


Instead he chuckles. “Thanks, I wrote it thinking about past emotions.”


“Past?” Baekhyun asks. 


“Yeah, you know, break ups, but I’m happy now,” Chanyeol says almost too quickly. 


Two weeks ago they were close to tearing each other’s heads off, not wanting anyhing to do with each other, but now they can sit in a room together. Knees together, shoulders brushing against one another, and even sharing eye contact for seconds that feel like forever. 


“Again,” Chanyeol says sternly. 


“But what’s wrong with it?” Baekhyun asks. 


Chanyeol sighs. “Your first line isn’t matching with your second line, it seems completely different. When writing before your lyrics follow along. Like a story almost.”


Baekhyun nods. “Okay.” He chews at the top of his pen thinking. “We’re close friends, and I introduce you as a good friend. What about that?”


Chanyeol leans back in his chair and begins to hum as he’s contemplating. “How about We’re close friends, we pretend to not have feelings. I introduce you as a good friend.”


Baekhyun’s eyes begin to light up. “Oh wow, I love that.” 


Chanyeol then flicks the singer’s forehead.


It stings for a slight second, but Baekhyun decides to be a little dramatic about it. “Ow! Why did you do that?”


Chanyeol shrugs. “Just because, now continue writing.”


He glares at him, but ignores it. Baekhyun should be livid about Chanyeol smacking his finger against his forehead. However, he didn’t hate it? It’s nice for them to be this comfortable around one another. He knows it isn’t gonna last long as their deadline for the song is near, but breathing the air like the man he despises isn’t all that bad. 

Once again, Baekhyun falls asleep with his head weighing against Chanyeol’s shoulder. Of course he doesn’t mind it, and he looks over what Baekhyun has written so far. He chuckles at how poor his handwriting is. But he finds it a bit endearing seeing how much he has written and crossed off again. The lyrics this time are better, but he isn’t gonna tell him that. He looks at him and smiles, brushes some of the brown strands from his face and whispers, “Your voice was as beautiful as always.”


Baekhyun may seem like he’s asleep, but he is able to feel and hear everything. Still, he decides to just let it be for once.



The singer isn’t sure why he’s been avoiding Chanyeol, but he can’t really look him in the eyes anymore. Responding to texts, okay, but  he can’t let their bodies get too close or he will wince away with a shy expression. Chanyeol hasn’t questioned his strange actions yet, but Baekhyun can’t help himself after the other night. 


Chanyeol never compliments him, he’s quick to insult him before anything. The way he touched him so gently, he touches his forehead to reminisce the feeling. He feels his face flush for some reason, and his heart thud in his chest. He clutches his shirt. “Why?”


His phone rings, and he assumes it’s Minseok, so he ignores it. He doesn’t have a schedule today, and wants to spend it playing video games while having his body glued to the couch.


 His phone rings again, but he ignores it still. 


It rings once more and this time he decides to see who the caller is. His body stiffens when he reads the name of the person who is calling him. 


Chanyeol. Now he definitely doesn’t want to answer it. He tosses his phone off to the side and continues staring on his TV screen. He then hears his doorbell, and he groans while dragging his legs to the door. 


He looks at the camera to see who it is, and he suddenly feels his legs go numb. “Ch-chanyeol?” So many questions are running through his mind. 




It’s rare that Chanyeol says his name, and when he does his heart begins to thud loudly. He sighs, and presses the talk button. “What do you want? And how did you find my address?”

Chanyeol chuckles. “Anyone can practically find it, the internet is god’s greatest creation.”


Baekhyun’s blood goes cold. “My address is that easy to find on the internet?!”


The rapper throws his hands up defensively. “Woah, I was kidding! I asked your manager and he told me since I said it involves business.”


He lets out a shaky breath. “Thank god, you asshole,” he spits.


“What? I said I was kidding.” Chanyeol and that evil smirk he wears so smugly on his face. 


“What do you want?”


“Well, all artists need inspiration.”


Baekhyun furrows his eyebrows. “Your point?”


“Let's head out, I feel you and I both need this trip.”


Baekhyun wants to say no, and continue his day just playing pubg. Yet he cannot, and maybe Chanyeol is right. A trip may help him. “Okay, let me get dressed.”


Chanyeol gives a pleased smile. “Okay, but don’t take too long.”


Baekhyun doesn’t respond and heads to the bathroom to run some hot water.

After he’s done washing up he walks out the bathroom, a robe wrapping around his body. A towel in one hand as he dries his hair, but stops his tracks when he sees a tall figure standing in his bedroom.


“Wow, nice room you got here, very modern. Your bed is so huge for someone who is of a smurf’s size.”


Baekhyun grinds his teeth, there he goes with the insults. “Listen you giant piece of shit-” He stops himself from anymore slander leaving his mouth. “How did you even get in here?” 


“Easy, asked the front desk to let me in because I’m your husband.”


Baekhyun scoffs in disbelief. How stupid can the staff be? He’s been living here for over two years now, they should be aware he isn't married. “They actually believed you?”


“Yep, and now I have a copy of your key.” He then dangles the key in front of Baekhyun’s face, taunting him. 


Baekhyun tries to grab it, but unfortunately Chanyeol brings the keys higher. Making it practically impossible for him to reach. 


Chanyeol smirks. “Isn’t this unfortunate.”


“Shut up and give me that, you have no right to even have access here.”


Chanyeol pouts. “Why not? I am your HUSBAND after all.” He continues to tease him.


Baekhyun feels his face begin to warm up. “No you’re not, and you never will-”  His breath hitches when he feels his robe come undone. Revealing his chest, all the way down to his feet. He feels the cold air hit his member, and he quickly covers himself while shying away from Chanyeol. 


“You didn’t see anything, right?” Baekhyun asks, hoping the other just replies with a simple no.




“Thank god-”


“Unless you mean your dick, then yeah.”


“Get out!”




“Why are you still ignoring me? I gave back your keys and apologized, what more can you possibly want?” They are currently in an elevator, Baekhyun all the way on the far left from Chanyeol keeping his distance as he still burns with rage from what happened earlier today. 


“For you to perish,” he whispers. 




 “Oh, nothing.”


The two of them leave the elevator and to their surprise they are greeted by the staff. 


“Good afternoon to the wedded couple,'' one of them says.


Before Baekhyun can dismiss the lie Chanyeol cuts him off. “Why, thank you.”


“We will keep your relationship private, Mr. Byun, so don’t worry,” another says with a wink. 


He then feels his hand being grabbed by Chanyeol. His hands are big and warm. He would pull away, but his body is enjoying this form of contact. 


“We will greatly appreciate that.” Chanyeol holds Baekhyun’s hand to his lips and lightly kisses it, making everyone in the room squeal. 


Well, isn’t he playing this part a little too well, Baekhyun thinks. 


“Aren’t they the cutest? Best of luck you two!” 


Baekhyun finally decides to play in this little skit. “Thanks, we will be off now.” He then drags Chanyeol out of the place, before they can banter in their so called relationship anymore. 


Once they are out and into the parking lot Baekhyun notices Chanyeol eyeing their hands, they are still linked together. “Not gonna let go any time soon?” 


Baekhyun realizes that they don’t need to hold hands anymore, and pulls away quickly with a flushed face. 


Chanyeol laughs. “Embarrassed?”


Baekhyun walks away. 


“You don’t even know where I parked!” He follows behind Baekhyun. 


As they get into the car and begin to drive off there is this uncomfortable silence that takes over. 


Chanyeol clears his throat. “Not gonna ask where we’re heading?”




“Oh, you finally talked to me,” Chanyeol says cheerfully, making the singer cower a bit. 


“Where are we going?” Baekhyun is curious, as he isn’t completely sure where they are going. Plus the sun is setting, and night is approaching. 


“You will see,” Chanyeol says a little mockingly. 


Baekhyun rolls his eyes and looks out the window, not sparing any more attention to the twit. 


After long minutes that soon turned into hours they arrived at their destination. “We are here.”


“Seoul tower?”


“Yep, let’s go.”


Seoul tower is the most beautiful building at night in Seoul. A very popular tourist sight as well, especially for couples. It’s especially renown due to the love locks. Love locks usually contain the couples names, and apparently promise forever lasting love. Baekhyun finds it all quite childish, thinking about the amount of couples that probably broke up even if their names are still tied to the fences. 


Yet again, what would he know? He stopped dating right after highschool, and found relationships to be a hassle. They are definitely now, considering he is an idol, and his image is important. However, seeing all the couples line up with their lockets makes his heart squeeze. Is he envious? Why should he? 


Shouldn’t he be happy… he’s an idol, now all his dreams have come true. He even told himself he will die on stage if it means debuting. Yet, something feels empty.




Baekhyun awakes from his train of thought and looks up to meet those familiar inviting brown orbs. “Yes?”


“You seem distracted?”


“Yeah.” Baekhyun looks down to his feet. “Just thinking.” He doesn’t want to tell Chanyeol about his little dilemma. 


Chanyeol looks at him with uncertainty, but instead of dwelling more on it he walks away. 


Baekhyun is a little taken aback. He did expect him to ask more about it, but instead he walks off. Not sure why, but he feels a little disappointed. He shortly follows after the man. 


“So our song is a playful love song, so I thought coming here would help.”


“Seeing a whole bunch of couples with lockets that they think will strengthen their relationship is very amusing.”


Chanyeol eyes him. “What do you mean?”


Baekhyun gestures to one couple. “For instance that couple is fairly new judging from the amount of hand holding. They haven’t let go since they arrived.”

Chanyeol raises an eyebrow. “Your point.”


“Point is they are barely starting their relationship, and if one of their first things they wanna do is come here it’s naive. Thinking your relationship is this strong, or relying on a locket, please.”


He expects Chanyeol to be annoyed or offended at least but instead he hears him break into a boisterous laugh. He then holds his knees, while laughing. 


What he said wasn’t that humorous? 


“You done yet? Causing a scene by the way.” Luckily no one knows it’s Loey and Baekhyun, as they are wearing their masks and hoodies. But Chanyeol is so loud, someone might notice. 


“Sorry it’s just, wow, in your interviews when you talk about love you do sound a little bitter. But in real life, you are so much more bitter, oh my god.”


“Shut up,” he hisses. 


“Okay, okay I will.” He wipes a few tears that left his eyes. “However, Baekhyun, you’re very wrong.”


Baekhyun is intrigued. “How so?”


“Well the whole point of this is for couples to show they have faith in their relationship, and also it’s for fun. Couples love doing this to show off that the deep infatuation they hold for one another.”


“For fun?”


“Yes, couples enjoy doing couple things, silly Baekhyun.”


“Hmm.” He guesses that makes sense, Jongin and Kyungsoo are the types to sit at home and cook for one another and watch a movie together. Which is such a simple thing for a couple to do, but they enjoy it. Jongin told him about the time he wore a pink apron while cooking just to make his lover laugh. 


Baekhyun found it stupid but looking back at it, Kyungsoo did enjoy it a lot and said he found it endearing. 


“Have you dated someone before?”


The question catches Baekhyun a little off guard but he answers it. “Yeah, but haven’t since highschool.”


Chanyeol sighs. “That explains some things. How many people have you dated?”


“Why does this matter-”


“Please just answer,” Chanyeol says with glossy eyes. Is he trying to be cute right now?




“You’re kidding, right?”


Baekhyun turns away to look at the scene from the tower, all the lights from the city shining so vividly. “No, I dated a girl and realized I was gay. Then dated a guy, but didn’t last long.”


“Why didn’t it last long?”


“He told me he feels I don’t like him as much as he likes me. Tragically it was the truth,” Baekhyun shrugs. “I was fond of him at first, but later I realized once I do debut as an idol this relationship will have to come to an end. I was a trainee at the time, and it felt even risky then. I guess I didn’t like him a lot.”


“Nope, sure didn’t, is that why you spaced out earlier?”


“Huh?” Oh, he’s talking about earlier when they first came here. “Not really, but it does have a little something to do with it.”


“Tell me, I’m all ears.” He then points to one of his ears. 


Baekhyun snorts, Chanyeol’s ears are amusing. They stick outward, reminding him of Yoda. “I was thinking about the couples here, and how I am a little envious. I am an idol, I am very wealthy, and I'm doing something I enjoy. But one thing is missing, and that is being with someone who makes me happy.”


There is a nice warm breeze that blows over them, and the skies are now dark, only stars being visible. 


Chanyeol looks at him with captivating eyes, removing his mask he steps closer to Baekhyun. 


“Hey what are you doing?” Baekhyun asks.


He ignores him and walks closer, making the other back away from him. “Hello, earth to Chanyeol, what are you doing?”


“Rapper Lo- ah!” Baekhyun then yelps when he feels his body hit against the railings, he’s cornered now and Chanyeol isn’t gonna stop invading his personal space. 


They stare at one another, and there is one thing Baekhyun will willingly admit. Chanyeol has very charming eyes, eyes that could make him undress and pleasure the man if it means those eyes can stare at him while he does so. 


Chanyeol reaches to touch Baekhyun’s face, and he doesn’t push him away instead he melts into the touch humming in a delightful manner. He slides down his mask, revealing his lips that are being stared upon by Chanyeol.  His free arm wraps around Baekhyun’s thin waist, squeezing it a bit making him squeal. 


He isn’t sure what is happening, but he doesn’t hate it. In fact he might like a little more than he’s willing to admit. 


The man then leans in, slowly and with watchful eyes to see if Baekhyun will dislike what he’s gonna do next. Lips brushing against his face hesitantly, kissing his chin first, forehead second and lastly his lips. 


It’s chaste at first, but Baekhyun wraps his arms around him. Cuing him to deepen the kiss, and he does so by letting his tongue explore the other’s mouth. Baekhyun groans, not wanting to stop, he sucks Chanyeol’s bottom lip in response. The sound Chanyeol makes him brush his leg against the other’s crotch. 


Oh god, is he that deprived? They are out in public, on Seoul tower, for fucks sake. He gently pushes away before it can escalate anymore. “Maybe we should go?”

Chanyeol nods. “Yeah, but did you feel inspired by this trip?”


Inspired? Is that the current feeling that resonates in his chest? Definitely not. 


“Yes,” he replies. 



“Baekhyun calm down-”


“I can’t Jongin! I fucked up so bad, oh my god.” His hands aggressively comb through his hair. Once Baekhyun is home the first thing he decides to do is call Jongin about his little problem. Yet the problem isn’t so little. 


“You guys kissed, so what?” 


“No Jongin!” The singer’s booming voice makes the other wince. “It wasn’t just a mere kiss, we practically made out. I felt his dick-”


Okay, ” Jongin cuts him off. “ But did you like it?”


“Hmm,” The kiss was simple at first, but became so heated. 


And he’d wanted more, he had wanted it to escalate to them being completely bare in bed.  Chanyeol tracing his lips on his neck then to his nipples. Kissing his inner thighs making him cry under his gentle touches. Fucking him until he forgot his name-


“Baek, are you still there?”


“Yeah, and Jongin, yes, I liked it. I liked it a lot, actually.” Baekhyun whines. “What do I do?”


“Well, since he’s the one who kissed you, I’m sure he liked it. Test the waters out next time you see him.”


Baekhyun slouches down on his couch while sighing. “That’s the problem, once I see him I know I’m gonna wanna devour him-”




“Kiss him till his lips are numb.”




“Jongin, I want him to freakin rail me-”


“Oh my god, Baekhyun I don’t need to know this. Tell him this!” Jongin is on the verge of hanging up the phone. 


“I blame there being no sex in my idol life, I feel like a virgin again.” Baekhyun isn’t being dramatic either, all he can do is pleasure himself in the shower or when he’s laying in bed to pass time. 


“Why didn’t you get together with Sehun? Didn’t you have a crush on him?”


He wouldn’t say it was a crush, he just wanted to get closer to the actor. Yet again, there have been times he has thought about dating him.


But his idol life is more important, and right now all he wants is a quick fuck by the man that’s making his mind go razy. Not like he has actual feelings for Chanyeol, please, a time like that will never come. And even if so, dating is out of the question.


“Not really, I just found Sehun cute,” Baekhyun says as he picks a piece lint off from his shirt. 


Well, ” Jongin yawns. “ It’s getting late and I got some things to do in the morning.”


Baekhyun pouts. “Okay, thanks for hearing me rant.”


“I couldn’t deny a 10pm phone call from you, as I knew it would be urgent. But I'm slowly regretting picking up the phone.”


“Pssh, don’t be so mean.”


Jongin chuckles. “Kidding, but like I said, test the waters and see.”


“Got it.”


As the two of them end their call, Baekhyun thinks about ways to break the “hey lets have sex because I’m sexually deprived” topic to Chanyeol. He can’t seem desperate or the guy will find him weird. He should approach this in a subtle manner, not making it too obvious that he wants to fuck him. 

The next day Chanyeol calls him about coming in today, and Baekhyun is quick to say yes, not even checking if he has a schedule today. He keeps Jongin’s piece of advice in the back of his mind as he walks into the studio. 


Yet it doesn’t help when he sees the man in gray joggers, making his dick print too visible for him to look away. He’s even wearing a tight black shirt that makes his chest stand out more, and showing off his thick biceps. 


He must work out a lot. Baekhyun slaps his hands against his face causing Chanyeol to look at him weirdly. 


“Are you okay?”


“Yeah,” he lies. “Perfectly fine.” Lies again, he isn’t fine at all. His mind is filled with vulgar ideas that he can’t seem to shake off. 


“Whatever you say.” Chanyeol obviously doesn’t seem convinced. “So your lyricism has improved a lot, and-”


Baekhyun stares at Chanyeol intently, and he never realized how handsome he is. No wonder the females don’t hesitate to throw their underwear at him when he’s on stage. 


“Baekhyun, are you listening?” Chanyeol is now very close to his face, and can feel his warm breath hit against his cheek. Instead of backing away and insulting him like he normally would in this situation, he smirks and flicks his forehead playfully. 


“Yes I am.”


Chanyeol rubs his forehead. “You’re acting strange.”


“How so?”


“You haven’t insulted me, you haven’t yelled at me, and you keep staring at me.” He’s right, Baekhyun isn’t being himself today. Yet again, something is bothering him, he’s been in this studio for three hours now. And Chanyeol hasn’t said anything about what happened yesterday. 


Hopefully he doesn’t regret kissing Baekhyun, or he only did it to fuck with his mind. Either one is pretty messed up. Or is he not mentioning it because he’s shy?


He’s never pegged Chanyeol to be shy, especially since he’s the one who initiated the kiss so that can’t be it. 


“Do you not find me attractive?” There goes playing it slow and testing the waters. 


Chanyeol’s eyes grow wide at the sudden question, he then starts to fumble with his words. “I-um what?”


Baekhyun sighs. “Do you find me attractive? It’s not a trick question.”


“Um, y-”


The door to the studio creeks open interrupting Chanyeol.  Baekhyun, clearly annoyed, turns to glare at the person. However, his eyes soften once he sees who it is. “Oh, hey Sehun.” He then gets up to properly greet him. 


“Hey Baek, sorry to interrupt, I know you and Chanyeol are busy.”

Baekhyun smiles, he forgets how cute this guy can be. “No problem, what’s up?”


Sehun licks his lips nervously. “Are you free this Saturday? I got a reservation for a restaurant not too far from here and, I, um.”


Oh, he’s asking Baekhyun out, so cute. Baekhyun would typically say no, but it doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Chanyeol clearly did what he did the other day to mess with him, maybe he doesn’t want a purely physical relationship. It was foolish for him to even think of such a thing, Sehun might be able help get Chanyeol off his mind. 


“I’ll think about it,” he says teasingly, making the other smile so vividly. 


“Oh cool, uh, let me know later tonight. Bye.” He waves to Baekhyun before he leaves, the actor is probably feeling victorious right now. 


Baekhyun takes his seat and notices a strange shift in the room. Unless he’s imagining things, but Chanyeol feels distant.


He tilts his head to the side and rubs his neck. “Chanyeol.”


“What.” He doesn’t hesitate to answer bitterly. Baekhyun narrows his eyes at him, yeah, he’s angry. 

“Our song still needs our voices on it, and here you are scheduling dates with my coworkers.” 


Baekhyun closes his eyes while silently grinding his teeth. Now he is back to insulting him, “Are you serious right now?” He turns his head to Chanyeol, eyes burning with animosity. “Unless you have a selective ass memory, you kissed me yesterday. I kissed you back because I liked it!” He isn’t holding back the venom in his words. “I went home with an extremely painful boner, and once I got into the shower to fix it my mind was filled with you.” He thrust his finger into Chanyeol’s chest. “And for you to sit up here and act like nothing happened and get in a foul ass mood because Sehun asked me out. It really pisses me off.”


Chanyeol does not once interrupt him, only stares at him with wide eyes. 


Instead getting mad or arguing back. Chanyeol removes the finger that’s against his chest. Smirking he responds. “You’re so cute when you get mad,” he says, staring at him amused. 


Baekhyun’s agitated expression soon turns into a flustered one. He pulls his hand away. “Shut up.” Screw testing the waters. He presses his lips against Chanyeol’s with no reluctance, hoping the other doesn’t push him away. To his wishes, the man kisses back, tongue brushing against Baekhyun’s, making him tremble in his seat. He can taste the coffee Chanyeol had earlier, and his lips are so soft that it’s making his mind go hazy. 


Baekhyun removes his lips for a quick second and intensely stares at the man in front of him. “I want to have sex with you, I hope you’re aware of this.” 


Chanyeol nods. “I’ve been wanting the same for a while now.”


Baekhyun scoffs. “Bullshit.” Please, if he always wanted this he would have done something a long time ago. He gets up from his seat, stretching his limbs while letting out a breath. “My house or yours?”




The two of them decide to go to Chanyeol’s place, as he lives closer. Plus Baekhyun didn't clean his place up at all before leaving. Once the door is open Baekhyun feels soft lips against his neck tracing down to his collar bones. He lets out a sweet sound while tilting his head to give Chanyeol more access. 


Baekhyun laughs. “We barely walked in, can’t even offer me a drink?” He teases while turning his body around, draping his arms around Chanyeol’s neck. 


The rapper places his hands around Baekhyun’s hips, he smirks. “How about after?”


Baekhyun presses his lips in a thin line, looking off to the side. “Hmm,” the singer hums. “Sure.”


Chanyeol grabs his hand and leads them into his bedroom which is very spacy. He doesn’t have much in his room besides his bed and a dresser. His walls though aren’t empty, as there are many posters. He feels his back hit the firm mattress, and lips on his. His breath hitches when he feels his ass being touched.  


He whines when Chanyeol leaves off his lips, but nearly cries when he feels something warm rub against one of his nipples. He should thank the thin fabric of his shirt as the other’s tongue feels pleasant. Baekhyun’s hands find their way to Chanyeol’s hair, combing through his black locks. He tugs at his hair signaling him to keep going. 

Baekhyun glides his leg under Chanyeol’s dick and begins to rub on it, Chanyeol gasps and throws his head back, whispering “fuck.” He then removes Baekhyun’s shirt, tossing it off to the side. “Beautiful,” he mutters while tracing his lips on Baekhyun’s shoulder. 


The singer feels his face heat up at the sudden compliment. “Shut up,” he mumbles while Chanyeol’s hands trace his face tenderly. 


Why is he so gentle? He expects the man to be a little rough, already fucking him by now. Yet, he’s making him feel so, so. What's the word?


However, he doesn’t dislike it. 


Chanyeol removes his shirt, revealing his body. Baekhyun’s eyes widen at the scene in front of him. His body is perfect. Chest beautifully sculpted, abs defined, and the sweat condensing down to his happy trail. 


Fuck, is all Baekhyun can think right now.  


Chanyeol notices Baekhyun ogling him, and he smirks. “Like what you see?”


He stares at him with unamused eyes. “Maybe.” His fingers start from his chest and slowly make his way to the hem of Chanyeol’s sweats. Baekhyun pulls down the sweats revealing the man’s hard member, he is definitely big. 


His hands ghost around for a bit being a little unsure, and then he touches it lightly, stroking, hoping to see Chanyeol whimper in his touch. He does and begins to lean more into Baekhyun’s hand, thrusting a bit. 


Chanyeol stops himself, as if he couldcum from this. He pulls at Baekhyun’s jeans and he raises his hips up to help him get them off as they feel really constricting by now. Chanyeol then palms his hard aching dick, making Baekhyun shudder underneath him. 


“Please.” Baekhyun’s voice straining, he lifts his hips up but Chanyole holds him down. 


“Don’t move until I say so,” He orders, and Baekhyun isn’t sure why he’s complying. He does what the man wants and soon he feels only pleasure shooting through him. His dick that was getting a sloppy hand job, is now being sucked on. He isn’t sure when his briefs were removed but he can’t think straight, and all that leaves his mouth are choked sobs. He tries his best not to buck his hips, as he was told not to move, plus Chanyeol’s hands are firmly placed on his hips, making it harder for him to move. His tongue runs across his member slowly, starting from the bottom to the tip. Fumbling with his balls a bit as he licks the tip excessively. Making Baekhyun’s toes curl, tears trying to escape from his eyes. He bites down on his knuckles, trying his best not to release from these touches. 


Finally Chanyeol stops, and stares admirably at Baekhyun. “You look nice like this, face flushed, body trembling, and you’re letting out such cute noises.”


“G-god, you're annoying.” Still high off pleasure, he’s barely able to form words. “I’m gonna cum at this point, just f-fuck me already.”


Chanyeol grins. “Okay.” He walks off. 


Baekhyun sits up. “Where are you going?!” 


No answer.


“You can’t leave me with blue fucking balls, Chanyeol!”


Still no answer. 


The singer throws his head back into the pillows, sighing. 


“Calm down I’m here, I was looking for the lube.” Chanyeol walks in, waving a bottle he assumes is the lube. He pours a decent amount in his hands, coating his cock from the bottom to the tip. 


“You should have just said that, then.” 


Chanyeol doesn’t reply , but crawls back on the bed hovering over Baekhyun with intense eyes. His lips move to Baekhyun’s ear. “If it hurts, please let me know.”


He isn’t teasing him, no, the rapper is being genuine and actually doesn’t wanna hurt him. It’s been years since Baekhyun has slept with someone, so this is gonna hurt regardless, but he nods. “Okay.”


He sucks on Baekhyun’s neck while kissing him to ease the upcoming pain. He feels a finger enter him, and it does feel weird at first. The finger pushes in and out of him, making him mewl. Another finger is added stretching him a bit, and it aches for a second, but soon feels like bliss. Chanyeol, still leaving marks on his neck, decides to add a third one, and at that Baekhyun winces. 


“Oh shit, did I hurt you?” Chanyeol asks as he pulls his fingers out, but Baekhyun stops him.


“N-no, I was just a little shocked. Please, don’t stop,” Baekhyun whispers with pleading eyes. 


His fingers felt weird at first but now Baekhyun can’t help but to spread his legs wider, giving the man above him more access. His thighs begin to shake when he feels his sweet spot being stroked. 


Baekhyun moans. “Pl-please.”


Chanyeol stops and looks at him. “Please what?”


“I want to feel you inside me.”


“Say no more,” he whispers with a sultry voice. 


Baekhyun arches his back once he feels the intrusion of Chanyeol breaching him, breathy moans leaving his mouth. “C-chanyeol.” He doesn’t answer but continues to ease his way in, grunting as Baekhyun feels so tight around him. 


“Baekhyun,” he groans as his hips begin to stutter, and he grabs one of Baekhyun’s thighs, kissing his knee lightly. 


Baekhyun covers his face. “Why are you like this?”


“Like what?” He lays another soft kiss on his thigh. 


“So gentle, it’s annoying.”


Chanyeol shrugs. “Because I want to.”


His eyes, again burning with passion. He is really doing this because he wants to? Or is there more to it? 


Chanyeol starts to thrust more quickly, and Baekhyun tries to meet every thrust that comes his way. Shortly after the two reach their climax and the singer cries out, while cuming thick ropes. Both of their breaths are unstable, and Baekhyun feels a huge weight fall on him. 


“Move Chanyeol, you aren’t light.”


He secures his arms around Baekhyun. “Let me stay like this.”


Once again, Baekhyun feels his heart beating hastily in his chest. Fluttering his eyes shut, he brushes through Chanyeol’s hair. “Okay, but only for a little.”


Chanyeol smiles, and soon teases him with a mischievous look. “You know, we still have to clean up. How about taking a shower together?”


Baekhyun smirks. “Doesn’t sound like a bad idea.”



“Where is he?” Minseok is pacing back and forth in the little room. The makeup artists have worried expressions on their face, wondering if the singer will make an appearance. He stops his tracks when he hears the door open, and luckily it is Baekhyun. 


“Sorry, am I late?” Not only is he late, but his hair is a mess. Clothes rumpled, and he’s wearing big shades covering nearly his whole face. 


Minseok looks to the makeup artists, and stylists. “Can you guys step out for a minute.”


“Y-yes, but he’s on in less than 10 minut-”


Minseok slams his fist on the wall, cutting the stylist off. He looks at her with a serious look. “I’m aware, step out, I don’t wanna repeat myself.”


 They begin to  apologize and make their way out, they all seem pretty scared.  Unlike Baekhyun, who holds back a snicker at the scene that happens in front of him. 


His manager glares at him. “I fail to see what’s amusing about this.”


Baekhyun takes a seat, legs crossing with his head tilting to the side. “You didn’t have to be so mean.” The sneering look not leaving his face, he takes the black shades off. “I’m here now, what's the problem?”


Minseok is still glaring holes into Baekhyun. “The problem is you should have been here an hour ago, you look like a mess, and- wait, what are those on your neck?” He walks closer to get a better look, and Baekhyun quickly tries to cover them with his hand. 


“Nothing.” He tries to dismiss, but Minseok forcibly removes his hand.


“Hickies, Baekhyun, are you kidding me right now!?”  He screeches,  trying not to yell at him. 


“What? They can cover it up with makeup.”


Minseok sighs. “Not the point, who even gave you these?” He looks at them attentively. 


Baekhyun darts his eyes away from him, then laughs nervously. “Someone.”


“Baekhyun!” He shouts. 


“Okay, Chanyeol.”


Minseok looks at him with a concerned look, and then brushes his hair back while releasing a breath. “You’re kidding, right?”


Baekhyun bites his lips while shaking his head.


His manager pinches the bridge of his nose, clearly irritated. “What happened to you guys hating each other, like, last month? Now you guys are dating, what the actual fuck, Baekhyun?”


“Now wait a minute.” Baekhyun holds a hand up in defense. “We aren’t dating, plus this was a one time thing, don’t worry.” 


Minseok bites his tongue, trying not to let some insults leave his mouth. “Okay, but sheesh, how many times did you guys go at it?”


Baekhyun holds up two fingers. “Only twice.” 


Minseok narrows his eyes. “Really?”


“Okay, maybe three times, morning sex is great.” Baekhyun shrugs. “Wait, does him eating me-”


“Okay, I’ve heard enough!”


“Minseok, don’t cut me off. I was asking a genuine question,” Baekhyun whines. 


Minseok scoffs. “Genuine my ass, I don’t need to hear about your sex stories, keep that to yourself.”


“Don’t be so mean Minseok.” Baekhyun pouts. However, the plan was to only have sex once. He isn’t sure why they nearly did it 5 times. Chanyeol is really good in bed, to the point he would say he’s jealous with anyone else that will sleep with him. 


Wait, did he admit he will be jealous? Him, jealous? 


His thoughts are cut short when he feels his phone vibrate. He checks and it’s Chanyeol, out of curiosity he checks to see what the other texted him. After reading, he smiles. He reads it again, and it makes his heart do a familiar flutter. 

Soon enough his phone is being plucked from his hands. “I heard you're performing today, take it easy, okay?” Minseok laughs. “Oh wow, are you sure you guys aren’t dating? Such a sweet text from your fuck buddy,” he taunts. 


Baekhyun grabs his phone back. “Shut up, he’s just messing with me.”


“Okay, but you seem so different now.”


Baekhyun raises an eyebrow. “What's different?”


“I don’t know.” He places his hands inside his pocket, shrugging a bit. “You seem so radiant.”


“Not sure what you mean, but I don't feel any different.”


Minseok walks away to the door. “You will see soon.” He then lets the stylists and everyone back in, and they still wear apologetic expressions when walking past his manager. 


For a response to the text he sends a simple okay, and tosses his phone in his bag. 




Their song is finally done, and all they have to do now is wait for the people on the creative team to give it a listen. Even though Chanyeol composed the song and nearly wrote it alone. (Baekhyun only helped a bit with the lyrics) The song has to be approved first before they can release it. 


The two of them no longer have to meet up, as this was a temporary collab.  Baekhyun isn’t sure why he’s disappointed. He should be elated, he is no longer tied down by this project. He can freely do as he pleases without having to worry about his reputation due to him throwing a drink on Chanyeol. 


The media will think they are good friends after this, everything should be fine soon. Yet, his heart clutches at the mere thought that he won’t see the intolerable rapper anymore. 


“Something on your mind?” Chanyeol asks as he stares at him with one hand holding his head up. He gives that endearing look again, with those eyes he never hated since the very beginning. 


“Oh, nothing.” Baekhyun brushes off. “Just hope they like the song.”


“They will,” Chanyeol says confidently, and he then leans in. His lips are inches away from Baekhyun’s. “They won’t be here till a few more minutes. We can do some stuff till then.”


Baekhyun smirks leaning in even closer to the man. “What kind of stuff?” He purrs. 


The rapper relaxes his hand on Baekhyun’s thigh, staring at him intently. Chanyeol’s lips grazing over Baekhyun’s. “Anything.”


The singer hums. “Anything?”


Chanyeol caresses his face, thumb brushing over his lips. “Yeah,” he whispers as he kisses him, slow and gentle at first. Chanyeol squeezing his thigh as he feels the other’s tongue brush against his lips. 


Baekhyun shouldn’t be doing this, he told Minseok it was only gonna be a one time thing. But here he is, making out with the man he should have no ties with after today. He can’t help but yearn for the touches, his deep intoxicating voice, and the way he makes him feel loved. 


Yeah, that was the word. Loved. 


Baekhyun briefly leaves off Chanyeol’s lips, and decides to sit on the man’s lap. Staring at him fondly, he kisses him again, but this time more intense. Chanyeol glides his hands around his waist, pulling him closer. He whimpers when he feels his dick brush against Chanyeol’s stomach. 


Baekhyun grinds his hips down on him, while tracing his lips down Chanyeol’s neck. Being  cautious not to leave a mark as he’s sure the creative team will be here soon. Chanyeol’s breathing becomes staggered as Baekhyun continues to grind on him, trying to get him to cry his name out. His lips find their way to Chanyeol’s ears, grazing over them, and his hand dipping into his pants. But before he can feel anything his wrist is being held. 


“B-Baekhyun, wait.”


Before he can respond there is a slight knock at the door, along with it being opened. Luckily Baekhyun was quick enough to hop back into his seat, looking off as if nothing was happening between them. 


“Hey.” A familiar face is with the creative team. 


“Junmyeon, was it?” Baekhyun remembers him, their first meeting wasn’t too pleasant. 


“Yep, I decided to tag along with them. Because I am curious about what kind of song you two will be giving us.”


Chanyeol is rolling his eyes. “Jun, you barely listen to my music, you’re just making sure we actually did the song.” 


Junmyeon pushes his glasses up, not denying what Chanyeol said. “Anyways, play the song.”


The song starts, and Baekhyun hears his voice first. He becomes a little nervous glancing at the creative team, they all have different unreadable looks on their faces. Towards the end, they begin to tap their feet or move their head to the song. He looks over to Chanyeol, and he’s smiling. He must be very pleased with how the song turned out. 


Baekhyun feels very accomplished too, even if he contributed less than Chanyeol. It still feels nice to know that some of the lyrics in this song are written by him. 


The song ends and they turn their heads to the creative team, hoping to see some positive reactions. 


“I like it,” one of them says. “What’s the name of the song?’


“Tender love,” they both say simultaneously. 


“Nice name, your guy’s voices mix well together,” another says, this time a girl. “The lyrics are nice too, who wrote them?”


“Um-” Baekhyun tries to answer but feels an arm swing around his shoulders. 


“We both did,” Chanyeol replies with a smug smile. 


“Adorable,” she says. “The fans are gonna love this!”


“I knew you two weren’t gonna disappoint me,” Junmyeon says. “Now I’ll let the board members know that the only final mastering of the song is still to be done, and all we have to do is decide on a date on when the song will be released.”

Baekhyun nods and looks at Chanyeol to see he’s still smiling. Now he can’t help but smile a little as well. This song talks about how two people are more than just friends, but hide it and love silently. He hopes their fans enjoy it a lot. 


“Hmm, something changed between the two of you.” Junmyeon eyes them suspiciously. “There has been a strong aura of you guys hating each other before, but now?”


The two begin to laugh nervously, and Baekhyun is the one to speak. “We still do, please, can’t stand this man,” he says as he pushes Chanyeol’s arm away that was snug around his shoulder. 


“Y-yeah, sure do,” Chanyeol rubbing his neck sheepishly while looking off to the side. 


Jumnyeon still doesn’t believe it, he seems sure something has happened between the two of them. They definitely don’t hate each other anymore, maybe they got closer? “Well, if you say so.” He shrugs and leaves along with the creative team. 


Once the door shuts, Baekhyun gets up, stretching his arms out while letting out a yawn. “Well, it’s getting late, and it was nice working with you Chanyeol. I look forward to working with you again and-”


“Cut the business talk with me, Baekhyun,” Chanyeol says seriously. “Why are you acting like this will be the last time we can interact?”


“I mean, I don’t see the point of us interacting unless it’s business.” Baekhyun isn’t sure what he’s saying right now. This isn’t what he wants to say, but he’s only saying this because he finally realizes what he’s been feeling since that day at the tower. If pushing away Chanyeol is the only option to suppress these feelings, then so be it. 


Chanyeol gets up from his seat. “You’re serious right now?” He asks in disbelief, combing his hands through his hair. “Baekhyun, we kissed, we had sex, and mutiple times by the way,” He stops listing to see the other’s reaction. “Did it mean nothing to you?” His voice cracks, trying to hold in the tears that want to leave. 


“Chanyeol, I don’t think I made it clear, but I-” Baekhyun stops himself, feeling his mouth go dry. He clenches his fist, and looks away. “I was only lusting over you, you idiot.” He says with a bitter laugh. 


“Baekhyun, I don’t think I made it clear, but I like you.” Chanyeol slowly approaches him, not breaking away the  eye contact. “I actually liked you the day I first saw you.”

3 years ago


Baekhyun walks down the halls, eyes glued to his phone as usual. Not paying attention to anything of his surroundings. His fans can’t get enough of his album, and he’s glad all of them enjoyed it. He usually drops singles or sings OSTs, so he was quite happy to be told he will be releasing an album this year. 


The sales are insane right now, it’s almost close to a million sales. He feels elated at the mere possibility. “Baekhyun’s city lights has officially reached over a million sales, and he is currently one of the best selling male soloists,”  he says out loud to himself. 


“Wowh that’s impressive.”


He stops walking, and looks up to see who the baritone voice belongs to. He’s tall, very tall. Has silver curls that go past his eyebrows, and brown eyes. Wowh he’s kind of cute, Baekhyun thinks. 


“Well, yes, but it hasn't happened yet.”


The tall stranger leans on a nearby wall. “Cocky, aren’t you?”


Baekhyun’s eyebrow twitches. Cocky, him cocky? “I’m not, I’m just confident.”


“Right,” he says with sarcasm dripping from his voice.


The singer sighs. “Anyways, who are you?”


“Chanyeol, upcoming rapper.” He extends his hand out to be shaked, but Baekhyun just stares at it. 


Baekhyun raises an eyebrow. “Upcoming, huh? Interesting.”


“What, don’t believe me? Come on, Baekhyun, if I was you, I’d be worried,” he jokes. 


Baekhyun grinds his teeth. “Now why would I be worried!?” He’s slightly getting a bit annoyed talking to this guy, and usually doesn’t lose his cool this easily. 


“I mean do you write? I heard you don’t and most of your creative team handles it,” Chanyeol challenges. 


Okay, now he’s pissed. “Why does that matter? I sing the tracks at the end of the day. Just judging from your snarky ass personality you must not write, huh?” He steps closer. “Upcoming rapper? I don’t even know who you are. Proving you must not be much.” He takes another step, face not too far from Chanyeols. “Chanyeol, right? Unless you surpass me on the charts I’ll never acknowledge your ass.” At that he walks past him, lightly bumping his shoulder. 


Baekhyun goes to his car, and luckily Minseok isn’t parked too far from the entrance. He gets in and slides his phone in his pocket while giving the man in the driver’s seat a warm smile. 


“Well, I assume your interview went well,” Minseok says as he adjusts his rear view mirror. 


“Yep, and Minseok, did you see the sales?” He asks eagerly. 


“Yes, you’re doing great, Baek.”


Baekhyun giggles. “Not bad for a 1st album, huh?”


“Nope.” Minseok then turns on the radio, and as he skims through the channels, Baekhyun hears a familiar voice. 


“Wait, stop.”


Minseok gives him a questionable look. “Since when have you been interested in other artists' interviews?” 


Baekhyun shrugs. “Since now.”


“So, Chanyeol, you're single “what a life” is doing well right now.”


“Yes it is,” he says assuredly. 


“Also, you wrote this song, do you usually write?”


“Shit,” Baekhyun hisses. “So he does write.”


“Yes I do, and I believe if you really want to be considered an artist, writing is definitely a priority.”


“Bullshit,” Baekhyun whispers. 


“Wow, Chanyeol, such a bold statement. Yet again, I'm sure many agree with you.”


Chanyeol chuckles. “Maybe, and if they don’t, they are probably just a mere idol with no creativity. Sorta like Baekhyun.”


Baekhyun’s eyes grow wide at the mention of his name, and Minseok frowns. “Do you guys know each other?”


Before the interviewer can say something, Chanyeol laughs again. “Kidding, Baekhyun has a nice voice. Even if writing isn’t his forte, he’s talented.”  


Baekhyun rolls his eyes while trying not to practically scream right now. “That asshole, and to answer your question Minseok: no, we don’t know each other and I hope we never cross paths.” He then looks out the window, sulking a bit. Trying to not think about what that so called rapper said. He takes out his phone and tries to distract his mind. 


Baekhyun takes a step back. “Stop lyin-”


“I’m not, Baekhyun, I did like you a couple years ago. That feeling did leave shortly after our first altercation, but,” he grabs Baekhyun’s hands. “After being with you these past weeks, that feeling came back.”


He looks at Chanyeol’s eyes and he has that damn look on his face again. So endearing that it hurts, he would have never thought Chanyeol had had a crush on him at the time. He honestly thought the rapper hated him to his guts when they first met. 


Guess he was wrong. “Chanyeol,” he pulls his hands away. “I’m sorry, but I don’t feel the same. I did grow to like you. I won’t deny that, but as friends,” he smiles, but it’s fake. It keeps falling each time he spouts a lie. 


“Are you lying Baekhyun?”  Chanyeol asks. 


Yeah he’s lying, but he’s doing this to protect their careers. “No I’m not.” He walks towards the door, gripping the handle. His hands shake as he’s hesitant to leave Chanyeol, and he turns around to face him one last time. “Bye Chanyeol, and thanks.”


At that he leaves, once the door is closed the tears he’s been holding in start to fall. He rubs his eyes and his cheeks begin to sting but he ignores it and tries to get rid of the stupid tears that won’t stop falling. 


He sobs. “I should have never thrown that drink on you.”



A month goes by and the release date for their song “Tender love” is in a few days. They will also have a mini showcase, Chanyeol will perform some of his songs, and Baekhyun will follow after performing some of his. Then they end it off with their collab song. 


“Are you gonna actually drink your milkshake or continue to swirl around in it with your straw?”


Baekhyun looks up to meet Sehun’s eyes with an apologetic smile. “Oh sorry, got distracted.” 


“When do you not get distracted on our dates?” Sehun teases. 


Baekhyun sighs while massaging his temples. “I thought I told you these aren’t dates, Sehun, because-”


“Because once it gets out that we go on dates the media will spread it like wildfire. Putting our careers on the line.”


“Yes, and we are ONLY friends, got it?” Baekhyun warns. 


Sehun throws his hands up defensively with a smirk. “Yes, I got it.”


“Good.” Baekhyun takes a sip from his milkshake, and he hums in delight as the vanilla touches his mouth. 


Sehun can’t help but stare in awe. “So, when was the last time you saw Chanyeol?”


The simple question makes Baekhyun stiffen in his seat, he shakes his head. “A month ago maybe, why?”


Sehun exhales. “Nothing, it's just we don’t talk a whole lot, so I assumed you two were still in contact. However,” he looks at him with uneasy eyes. “I guess I was wrong.”


Baekhyun gulps, and begins to twirl his milkshake once again. “Y-yeah, I mean what we did was strictly business. No point keeping in contact.”


“Really? It’s just you two seemed to have gotten closer in the end. Unless I’m imagining things.”


 “Yes you are.” As Baekhyun says this all the memories of what Chanyeol and him shared cross his mind. The vivid images of them kissing and holding each other, such precious ones he can never let go.  “We didn’t get along in the beginning. We didn’t get along in the end.”


Sehun can feel the heaviness in his voice as he said that, suddenly the air around them shifts. Judging from Baekhyun’s sad eyes, he decides to change the subject. “So, I heard Kai is back in town from his tour.”


Baekhyun abruptly gets up. “Oh shit, you’re right.” He gathers his stuff and places his mask back on his face. 


Sehun looks at him questionably. “Um, have somewhere to be?” 


“Yeah, I’m so dense.” He sighs. “Kyungsoo flew in a day early because he’s planning a welcome back party with Jon- I mean Kai’s closest friends. I was one of them that is supposed to help today.”


“Ohh, well get back safe then.” 


“I’m sorry.” Baekhyun feels slight remorse for leaving the actor unexpected, but Kyungsoo is gonna kick his ass if he isn’t there soon. 


“Hm, it’s fine.” He leans back with crossed arms behind his head. “Wouldn’t be the first time he interrupted our dates.”


Baekhyun groans. “For the last time Sehun, these aren’t-” he stops himself and sighs. “You know what,never mind, I’ll see you later, Sehun.”


Sehun waves at him as he leaves the cafe. “Silly Baekhyun, it’s obvious your feelings for him never left,” he whispers with a content smile.


“I’m sorry, I’m late.” Baekhyun rushes in, hoping Kyungsoo isn’t too heated. 


“Oh, you actually showed up.” Kyungsoo actually doesn’t seem mad, but calm? Weird, the guy is usually antsy when it comes to these kinds of things. He remembers the time when Kyungsoo was planning Jongin’s birthday party, and the man didn’t rest until everything was perfect. 


Hell, he got mad when the songs for the playlist weren’t in alphabetical order. “Yeah, luckily Sehun reminded me, but I expected you to be-”


“What? Mad? Nope, I haven’t seen you months, and even if you were late I just hoped to see you at all,” Kyungsoo says as he scribbles on the clipboard he’s holding. 


Baekhyun fakes a sniffle. “Oh my god, Kyungsoo you actually miss me.” He attempts to hug him, but he’s pushed away. 


“Still, I’m a bit annoyed you didn’t tell me about your little relationship with Loey.”


Baekhyun’s happy expression falters, and he becomes a bit nervous. “Oh, I mean, there wasn’t much of a relationship. 


Kyungsoo raises an eyebrow. “You sure about that? Because from what Jongin told me, there was definitely something going on.”


“That blabbermouth,” Baekhyun says under his breath. 


“I heard that, plus he tells me everything. Just disappointed you didn’t care to mention it.” He walks away heading to the drink station. 


Baekhyun follows after him. “Come on Kyungsoo, I was gonna tell you eventually.”


“Hmm, we need more ice. I thought I told them to get rye whiskey.” Kyungsoo is ignoring him, great. 


Baekhyun forgets how childish Kyungsoo can be if he wants to be, but truly he is sorry for not telling him. He jumps into a seat at the bar, staring at Kyungsoo until the other looks his way. “I really miss him you know? I haven’t told anyone that yet.” 


This time he doesn’t ignore him, but stares at him earnestly. “Thanks for telling me that at least, tried talking to him?” He sets his clipboard off to the side. 


“Nope, but I hope he’s happy.” Baekhyun tries to smile, but all he can feel is his stomach churning at the mere thought of the rapper moving on so quickly. 


Kyungsoo brushes his hands through Baekhyun’s hair. “He was happy when he was with you.”


Baekhyun closes his eyes, and enjoys comfort in the warm touches his friend provides. He hums. “When is the party again?”


“Oh you know, not like it’s in a few hours.” One thing he definitely doesn’t miss is Kyungsoo’s bothersome sarcasm.


Baekhyun removes Kyungsoo’s hand. “Well, I’ll get to work then, what do you want me to do?”


“Hmm, you tend to be incapable when dealing with most tasks, so maybe blow up some balloons.” 


Baekhyun pouts. “You’re kidding right?”


Kyungsoo laughs and then gives a stern look. “The balloons are over there by the DJ equipment.”


“Fine, but if I pass out from exhaustion.” 


Kyungsoo rolls his eyes and continues to his work. 


After the 5th ballon, Baekhyun is already tired. Sure, he’s a vocalist and has impressive lungs, but this is too much. He drops his body on the ground around the blown up balloons, and stares at the ceiling. “I wonder what he’s doing?” he mumbles. Sad to say there isn’t a time he isn’t thinking of Chanyeol. Especially after the last time they spoke he ended off things pretty bad. He’s sure the man probably despises him now. 


He thinks back to the time they first met and chuckles. “Damn, I was an asshole.”  



The place lights up with luminous lights of purple, and green hues. Jongin’s face from all of his photo shoots are plastered everywhere, and everyone here is dressed nicely. Some decided to dress very alluring tonight, and Baekhyun chose to as well. He hasn’t been out in a while, and doesn’t mind some wandering eyes on him. 


Kyungsoo has a knack for party planning, that’s for sure, and he never fails to disappoint. He takes a sip from his cocktail as he continues to admire the work Kyungsoo mostly did with a little help. As all Baekhyun did was blow up some dumb balloons. 


He feels someone tap his shoulder. “Why are you sulking?”


“Oh hey Minseok.” No surprise his manager is here, he’s probably here to make sure Baekhyun doesn’t do anything stupid. 


“What? Not happy to see me?” He teases, as he ruffles Baekhyun’s hair.


“Minseok,” he whines. “I just got my hair done.”


The manager rolls his eyes. “Please, not much was done to it.”


Baekhyun sighs. “I’m not even in the mood to argue with you.”


“Huh, what’s wrong? You’ve been moody these past weeks.”


Baekhyun drinks from his glass, averting his gaze as he obviously doesn’t wanna talk about it.


“I see, it must be a touchy subject.”


“I’m gonna go refill my drink now,” Baekhyun says as he walks away. 


Minseok shakes his head. “Can’t avoid it forever, Baekhyun.”


“Another dirty martini, please.”


The bartender nods and grabs his glass. Baekhyun turns and faces the opposite direction from the bar counter. Legs crossed he looks around to see any familiar faces, so far only some. He wonders where Jongin is, as this is his party after all.


“Here you are, sir.” 


Baekhyun turns around and grins at the man who made his drink. “Thank you.” Before he can take a sip a voice from behind him interrupts him. 


“Might want to slow down, Baekhyun.”


“I know that voice from anywhere, nice to see you, Jongin.”


The beautiful tan man in front him smiles. “Nice to see you too, Baek.” He then takes a seat next to him. 


“Not gonna drink?”


Jongin shrugs. “Nah, it’s too early.”


Baekhyun scoffs. “It’s nearly 8, what do you mean early?”


“Anyways, I came over to see how my good friend is doing.”


Typical of him to say something odd, and change the subject. “So when did you get here?”


“Maybe 5 minutes ago? But wow, this is amazing, I will definitely have to thank Kyungsoo personally for such a grand party.” He smirks. 


Baekhyun cringes and takes a huge sip from his drink, nearly downing it all. 


“Sheesh, you will be drunk soon.”


Baekhyun wipes his lips from the residue of his drink. “I doubt it, but if you came over to talk to me about what you and Kyungsoo are going to do later, I don’t wanna hear it.”


“Oh god, Baek no,” Jongin laughs. “No, I really just wanted to see how you are doing, I know you and Chanyeol didn’t end off well.”


“Yeah, because I chose to, I was a coward, Jongin. A fucking coward.” 


Jongin stares at him with concern filling his eyes. “No, you’re not, Baek, you just did what you thought was best. I mean, being an idol isn’t easy, many of us don’t have the luxury to date whoever we want, you know?”


Baekhyun knows this, he knew this since the first day he started his training for this cutthroat industry. God, he was reminded of it every single day till it stuck in his head to not ever get romantically with someone as it may damage your career.


“But remember what I said?”


Baekhyun looks at him questionably. “What?”


“I was scared to date Kyungsoo, but I reminded myself that if I ever do get caught, my happiness is all that matters. If  fans leave me for only being human, are they actually fans?”


Oh, so you were the one, Baekhyun thinks. The one who gave familiar advice about being happy instead of worrying about fans.


“Well some people arrived, I suppose I should go greet them.” Jongin pats Baekhyun’s. “Please don’t drink too much, think about Minseok.”


Baekhyun glares at him and slaps his hand away. “Oh, shut it and greet your guests.”


Jongin snickers. “Will do.”


After a few hours of Baekhyun just sitting at the bar, drinking, he feels a little dazed, maybe he shouldn’t have drunk so much. But he couldn’t help himself, as all that invaded his mind was Chanyeol. He thought maybe, just maybe, it will help him forget and move on. 


“Oh hey, Jongin.”


Great, now his mind is playing tricks on him, he suddenly hears Chanyeol’s voice from a distance. 


“So glad you could make it, Loey.”


Baekhyun chokes, no, his mind isn’t playing tricks. That voice is Chanyeol’s, and he forgot those two are even acquainted with one another. He slowly turns his head, praying he doesn’t make eye contact with him. 


And wow, he looks even more stunning. His hair is now a bleached blonde, and it’s a mullet? It would look ugly on anyone else, but Chanyeol manages to make it look good on him. Yet, the one thing bothering him is a girl hugging around Chanyeol’s arm.  He leaves from his area to get a closer look, and to his surprise, it’s Yeri. 


“Chanyeol, of all people you could have replaced me with, you choose her,” he says nearly over a whisper, trying his best not to say anything loud enough to catch unwanted attention. He sighs. “But you still look ravishing, even with the annoying bimbo leaching off you.”


“So, how was your tour?” Chanyeol asks. 


“Nice, most of my concerts were sold out by the way.”


“I heard, congrats!” Yeri says. 


“Thanks Yeri, and by any chance,” Jongin eyes the two in front of him with suspicion. “Are you two dating?”


Baekhyun feels his heart squeeze at the question. He shouldn’t care who Chanyeol dates, right, he bites his bottom lip trying not to let pointless tears leave his eyes. 


Yeri blushes. “Oh wow, such a bold question.”


“No we aren’t,” Chanyeol says. “She asked if I could be her date tonight, plus I was going as well and didn't see the point of saying no.” He says it with such ease, and assurance. 


Baekhyun suddenly feels the ability to breathe again, he’s relieved. It might be selfish to be like this but, it’s not easy to move on.


“Baekhyun! There you are, I've been looking for you,” Kyungsoo shouts from across the room, heads turning his way. 


Of course one of them is Chanyeol. They share eye contact for a few seconds, and the warm eyes that he knew of aren’t present anymore. All he sees are cold voids that stare at him. Shortly after,  Chanyeol looks away. 


“Oh look, Chanyeol is here.” 


“Yeah, you don’t say, Kyungsoo.”


It is getting very late, and everyone reeks of alcohol. The music and everyone in this room is so lively, and of course Kyungsoo and Jongin left earlier to do god knows what. 


Baekhyun goes back to his designated spot at the bar, trying to keep to himself. He can’t help but steal glances at Chanyeol with Yeri. The two of them are in the middle of the room where the dance floor is, among all the staggered bodies. The two of them are glued together, Yeri trying her best to be fucking seductive makes Baekhyun want to gag. 


He takes a swig from his drink staring holes at the two. 


Yeri frowns. “Chanyeol, why aren’t you dancing with me?” 


“I’m not much of a dancer, plus I’m a little tired.”


She giggles. “Well, I know a way to wake you right up.”


Chanyeol furrows his eyebrows. “Wha-?” Before he can answer he’s silenced by her lips. 


Baekhyun drops his drink, why does his heart feel ripped from his chest? Why does the air suddenly feel so constricted?


 Please don’t tell him this is jealousy. 


He finds himself in a stall in the men’s restroom, his knees curled to his chest as he cries while his face is buried in his knees. He couldn’t bear seeing those two anymore. Chanyeol didn’t even push her away, so annoying why does jealousy hurt so fucking much. 


The door to the restroom opens,  and instead of the person going to the next available stall. He knocks on the one Baekhyun is obviously in. “This stall is occupied, dipshit,” he hisses. 


“You still have such a foul mouth, huh?”


Baekhyun widens his eyes once he hears that voice. “Ch-Chanyeol?”


“Yeah, can you open the door?”




“Seriously Baekhyun?”


“I’m not opening the stall!” 


Chanyeol leans his head onto the stall. “Please, Baekhyun I just want to talk and see your beautiful face.”


Baekhyun doesn’t say anything, but his face heats up at the sudden compliment. He clicks open the stall and is welcomed by a smirk from the man.


“S-shut up.”


Chanyeol chuckles. “You haven’t changed a bit.”


“It’s only been a little over a  month, how you dare you expect me to change by then.” He tries to hide his flushed face but Chanyeol slides his fingers under Baekhyun’s chin and turns his head. 


“You’ve been crying?”


Baekhyun removes Chanyeol's hand. “No I haven’t.” He feels warm lips press against the corner of his eyes. Chanyeol’s  kisses are still gentle as always. 


“Stop it.” Baekhyun tries to push him away, but Chanyeol doesn’t stop. 


Baekhyun sighs. “Why are you here, Chanyeol, I pushed you away. You should only have remorse for me.”


“Hmm, but I don’t,” he says as he continues to leave kisses on his stained eyelids. 


He pushed him away, told him to get rid of feelings, and basically told Chanyeol he was a quick fuck. How dense is he?


“Why?” Baekhyun asks. 


Chanyeol stops his actions, and looks at him with fond eyes. “Because I like you.”


The singer feels the air around him thicken, his heart beats loudly in his chest, but this time he doesn’t want to hide it. A small smile appears. “I don’t know if I should be flattered that you’re confessing to me again, or annoyed you chose to do this in a fucking public bathroom.” 


“Anyways, how do you feel?” Chanyeol is dangerously close to him, his lips are near his, and his warm eyes are back. Maybe the pretty brown orbs never left. 


“Feel about what? You?”


“Yeah, don’t you miss me?” he teases. 


Baekhyun laughs.“What? Me? No way.”


“So you staring daggers at my date tonight was nothing then?”


“Psh, I don’t like her.”


“You were eaves dropping during my conversation with Jongin.”


“Y-you seen me?” Baekhyun is now embarrassed. 


“Yeah, also Sehun tells me things. He said during times you guys go out for drinks you tend to talk about me a lot.”


Now Baekhyun feels practically cornered, he forgets about how during his drunken nights he can be a bit  reckless. “Fine, I miss you. I miss your eyes, your gentle touches and your-” he stops himself, and fumbles with the hem of his sleeve. 


“Miss what else?”


“I’m not gonna say it.” 


Chanyeol clicks his tongue. “Stubborn as usual, but I’m so glad to know you miss me.”


“Whatever, and-”


“Got something else to say Baekhyun?” Chanyeol’s endless teasing will be the death of him. 


“I like you too, I have since that night at the tower. I pushed you away because I’m a coward, and I shouldn’t have lied to you that day. I-”


Chanyeol pecks him to stop the pestering. 


Baekhyun freezes as he’s a little unsure on how to respond. 


“I know, but you aren’t a coward. You were just worried about our future.”


“Wait how, no, when did you know I had feelings for you?”


Chanyeol hums. “Has anyone ever told you that you’re bad at hiding your emotions? It’s not a bad thing, but it’s cute.”


“Fuck you,” he mumbles. 


“I would enjoy that actually.” Chanyeol earns a hard flick to the forehead. “Ow,” he hisses. 


“You haven’t changed at all either,” Baekhyun mocks. 


“Nope, certainly did not.” Chanyeol kisses him again but this time it’s more passionate, he slides his hand around Baekhyun’s hip pulling him in a little closer. 


Baekhyun pulls away. “Wait, what about Yeri?”


“What about her?”


Baekhyun scowls. “Your lips were locked with her like minutes ago.”


“I pushed her away, and told her to go home. Maybe if you didn’t run away so soon you would have seen that.”


“Seeing your lips on someone else isn’t pleasing, just letting you know.” Baekhyun never really gets jealous, but when it comes to Chanyeol, he might just be the exception to the rule, only a little. 

“Noted.” He leans in but feels a finger pressing against his lips. “Huh?”


 “Just so you know,” Baekhyun is nervous, he loves his career, but he loves the man standing in front of him as well. He makes him smile, and warmness to his heart. As cheesy as it may be, he really makes him happy. “If we are going date we-”


“Have to be secretive, I know.” 


“Not only that, but if we ever get caught our careers will be at risk.”


Chanyeol shrugs. “If we get caught, we get caught. We will just have to be sneaky.” He leans in again, but doesn’t feel Baekhyun’s lips. He ends up kissing his cheek. The rapper groans. “What now?”


“We are not gonna do this in a public bathroom.”


“Oh,” Chanyeol chuckles, because a public bathroom wouldn’t be the best place. “My house or yours?” 


That flirty expression should annoy Baekhyun by now, but he’s grown fond of it. “Lets try mine this time.”


The day has come, and Tender love is going to be a hit. The song dropped last night, and the fans can’t stop streaming it. Baekhyun read the comments last night from their fans, and most of them were nice. Of course there were some that made his skin crawl, such as Baekhyun shouldn't have collaborated with Chanyeol in the beginning. Or Chanyeol is gonna weigh Baekhyun down. 


Such childish ass comments are hard to miss, but he tries to ignore it. 


“What’s distracting you?” Chanyeol asks, leaning over Baekhyun’s shoulder. 


Baekhyun shuts his phone off. “Nothing much, just checking the comments on our song.”

“Don’t look at them too much, not all the comments are nice,” Chanyeol warns. 


“Yeah, I’m aware. Just makes me worried for our performance tonight.”


Chanyeol places a kiss on the top of his head. “Don’t be, they will love it.”


Baekhyun can’t help but stare at him with loving eyes, and the warm yet gentle touches he will never get tired of. 


“Well, haven’t you guys gotten close.” Sehun walks in with a beaming smile as usual. 


“Sehun?” Baekhyun walks over to greet him, but can’t help but to feel a little confused on why he is seeing him right now. 


“Hey, and don’t look so baffled to see me. I just want to show support.”


Baekhyun grins, he forgets how nice this guy can be. “For me or Chanyeol?”




Baekhyun feels arms wrap around his waist. “Chanyeol?”


“What? Can’t hug my lover?”


Baekhyun’s body freezes, Sehun doesn’t know about their relationship. “I, uh.”


Sehun holds a hand up. “Baekhyun, don’t worry I know, and your guys’ secret is safe with me.”


“Oh, okay, that’s great.” He then lightly elbows Chanyeol in the stomach, making him jerk in pain. 


“The hell Bae-”


“You should have told me, idiot.” He then walks away to warm up his voice, no sparing a glance to Chanyeol.


Chanyeol sighs. “I’ll never understand him sometimes.”


“Well, that's the good thing about starting a relationship. You get to explore one another, and understand one’s dislikes and likes,” Sehun says. 


“True, but believe it or not.” Chanyeol leans in, voice being quiet, hoping he isn’t heard. “Baekhyun is hard to please.”


Sehun fakes a shocked expression. “Wow, you don’t say.” 


“But interesting. He was always pleased with me.”


Chanyeol frowns. “The hell is that supposed to mean?”


Sehun backs away. “Kidding, we only had a few dates. Baekhyun only thought about you, I’m sure.”


“Hmm.” Chanyeol is still not feeling convinced. “Okay.”


Junmyeon walks in between the two of them.“You guys are on in 5, please stop the socialsing and actually prepare yourselves,” he admonishes, mostly looking at Chanyeol. 


“Yeah yeah.” Chanyeol walks over to Baekhyun, and of course he is ready. He’s been doing this for 5 years now. Yet again, he is a little nervous as this will be the first time performing together. The fans will either love it or hate it. 


Baekhyun feels eyes on him, and he turns to meet a sulking Chanyeol. “What?”


“Did you ever like Sehun at one point?”


Baekhyun can’t stop himself from laughing a bit. “Why, jealous?”


Chanyeol shakes his head. “No, I mean, he said you were always pleased with him.”


Aww he’s sulking, Baekhyun is finding this whole scene cute. Sehun is a very handsome man, but not once has his heart ever swayed for him the way it does with this idiot. “Yeah, he didn’t annoy me as much as you did.”


Now he’s sulking more, Baekhyun stands up from his seat. Draping his arms on Chanyeol’s shoulders, he looks to him. “But I only thought about you.”


Chanyeol places his hands on Baekhyun’s waist, leaning his forehead to touch Baekhyun’s. “Really?”


“Yes.” Baekhyun whispers as he kisses him, only being chaste and tender. 


“Get a room,” Minseok shouts as he walks past them. 


“Agreed, you two are being so disgustingly affectionate,” Junmyeon says as he scrolls through his phone. 


“I forget our managers are lonely.” Baekhyun jokes.


The two of them don’t refute, but ignore the sly comment. 


The couple pulls away from one another once they hear the call to come on stage. The crowd is huge, it feels like an actual concert. The cheers from everyone, the signs with adorable messages, and the lightsticks they hold proudly. Baekhyun can’t help but find this all very captivating. 


Chanyeol calls him. “Baekhyun.”




“I love you.”


Baekhyun cringes and walks off the other end of the stage. 


“So like you not to respond.”


The singer finds the comment challenging, he strides over locking eyes with him. No hesitance in his voice, whispering low. “I love you, too.” He then hurries back to his spot. 


Chanyeol grins. “What was that?”





The End