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Zhao Yunlan woke up from his sleep, his head pounding with no memories from the previous night, or day, roaming in his mind.

Opening his eyes, he sat up only to be met with the figure of Shen Wei. He would’ve jumped back in shock usually but something about him seemed different?
Whether the fact he was reading a new book or the way he wore a softer look on his face, not as bland with no emotions.

‘Oh, Yunlan I didn’t see you wake, are you alright?’

‘Yeah I’m alright..just a headache..’
‘Here I’ll make you something’, Shen Wei placed his book onto the small table next to the bed and got up, walking into the kitchen.
Zhao Yunlan watched his figure leave and retreat back a few minutes later with a glass of water and food. Muttering a thank you, he took the drink and gulped half of it down. Headache only reducing slightly.

‘Fuck...what the hell happened?’
‘Nothing much, you banged your head during the case work, luckily I was nearby so I brought you back. I’m sure the memories will come to you soon enough, there’s no need to get too worried over it eat, it’ll help with your headache.’

Yunlan nodded, picking up the chopsticks and eating.

He looked up only to see Shen Wei watching him with an intense stare, not even eating anything himself.
'Are you not going to eat as well..?', Shen Wei didn't seem to immediately process what Yunlan said.
'Hmm..? Oh no i'm fine..I had something earlier', Yunlan nodded as Shen Wei thrown him one of his usual 'reassuring' smiles but this one, it didn't seem so reassuring. More forced and well, creepier than normal.



Shen Wei didn't seem to be interested in any conversation with Yunlan for the rest of the time he was awake, his mind always seemed to be focused on another thing and only gave half hearted answers to Yunlan. He also hardly took his eyes off of him, as much as Yunlan enjoyed the attention, it was just getting creepy now.
It didn't seem to help how Yunlan could remember shit when it came to whatever happened the previous day, Shen Wei didn't seem like he was going to tell him any time soon anyways.
He didn't even receive a message from the S.I.D (which he usually did after a mission for paperwork checks), even Da Qing wasn't here to tell him!

It really annoyed Yunlan, he simply wanted to know what the hell happened, why he couldn't remember anything, why his team weren't checking up with him and why the fuck was Shen Wei acting different.

Eventually, all the thinking and conspiring caught up to Yunlan and ended up knocking him back to sleep. Shen Wei immediately stood up from where he was sat, grabbing his jacket from the hanger near the door. He tucked in Yunlan before leaving, kissing him on the forehead.
When Yunlan woke up again (quite a while later), the first thing he noticed was of course, the fact his boyfriend was missing and that his cat was still gone.
Of course they both have lives away from Yunlan, as hard as that is for him to believe at times, at least one of them would be there.
Feeling around for where his phone usually lay, he realised it was now gone. Zhao was sure he put it there before he slept? Even Shen Wei's book was gone.

Did Shen Wei take it with him? He was very confused by this because well, Shen Wei was shit at using electronics (Zhao swore he was some type of fossil - almost as if he was asleep when phones were invented!)

Still, he couldn't remember anything.

Luckily enough though, his headache was gone. He quickly got up from his bed and changed into a new pair of clean clothes, leaving the apartment on a hunt for literally anybody he knew.