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Take a Dip on Me

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When Seokjin bought his house, the realtor had offered referrals for pool maintenance and Seokjin had laughed and said he already had things lined up. When his friend Yoongi asked if he knew anything about owning a house with a pool, Seokjin had laughed at him too and said, "Yoongi, what do you take me for?"

A fool, apparently, and he was right.

Seokjin knew nothing about pools, he just wanted one because if there was a chance to have a house with a pool then why not get one? How hard could it be? Just buy one of those long nets and swish it around a little to get the leaves out. He said as much to Yoongi and their other friend Namjoon when they came over the first weekend he moved in for a three-person housewarming.

"I don't even need to look it up and I can guarantee you there's more steps than just 'swish it around a little'," said Yoongi. They were gathered around the kitchen island since most of the furniture Seokjin purchased — including the dining table — wouldn't be arriving for another week. Two pizza boxes were stacked in the middle, the top one nearly finished and there was a nice collection of empty beer bottles gathering off to the side.

"Like what?"

Namjoon took out his phone when Seokjin and Yoongi clearly were not going to make the effort. He ran a search and scrolled for much longer than Seokjin was comfortable with. "There's at least six more steps here beyond cleaning the surface. Which you're supposed to do every day, by the way."

"Every day!" Seokjin grabbed Namjoon's phone and skimmed through the page. To his horror, Namjoon was not lying. There were things recommended to be done daily and others weekly. Apparently it was possible and necessary to vacuum the bottom of the pool. This was too much for him. He slid the phone back and batted the air in irritation. "Whatever I just won't swim. I just wanted to sunbathe anyway."

"You still have to clean it for it to look nice," said Yoongi, raising an eyebrow as he nursed his beer. "Or you like the idea of lounging next to a vat of bacteria?"

Seokjin rubbed his temples. "Why did you let me buy a house with a pool?"

Yoongi snorted. "We did ask you if you were sure you wanted to do this and you kept acting offended that we'd dare to question your choices."

It was honestly the worst when Seokjin's friends remembered things about him.

"Is it a big deal?" Namjoon said, grabbing the last slice of pizza in the top box. "It's not like you have to do it yourself. Just pay someone. You love paying for convenience."

That was true. Once Seokjin had a single avocado delivered to his apartment from the grocery store across the street because he needed one to make a sandwich and couldn't be bothered to get dressed and walk over himself. It had been worth it. No regrets. He tipped the person 2500% for their troubles. But Seokjin also had a lot of pride and since he already turned down the realtor's offer of recommendations, he couldn't go back and say he changed his mind.

Yoongi sighed. "My neighbor growing up had a pool. Their son cleaned it until he had to go off to college, but my mom said he just graduated a month ago and is still job searching."

Seokjin grabbed Yoongi's face. "Yes. Call him. He's hired."

"You act like the guy's just sitting around waiting for you to realize you need a pool cleaner." Yoongi eased Seokjin back again. "Let me text my mom for his number. I haven't seen him in a while, but he's a good kid. Used to be as lanky as me."

The issue was temporarily set aside since there was nothing else to do about it. They talked about other things until the pizza and beer were gone and by the end of the night, Seokjin had all but forgotten his first homeowner problem.


A couple days later, Seokjin took a break from unpacking all the boxes labeled 'kitchen' and found a message from Yoongi with a name and number. Nothing else.

"Jungkook, okay let's give you a job," Seokjin mumbled to himself. He immediately texted him, stared at the lack of response for two minutes, then tossed his phone aside again.

It wasn't until a couple hours later when Seokjin was in the middle of setting up his office that his phone chimed with a reply. It said: Who's this?

Who's this? Who's this?! Seokjin sent back a terse reply in explanation and was glad to see a response immediately this time.

Oh, Yoongi-hyung's friend! Sorry about that, he didn't tell me your name.

In moments, Seokjin's annoyance pivoted to Yoongi. They exchanged a few more friendly messages and agreed that Jungkook would stop by this weekend and take a look at the pool then go from there. Maybe he could persuade the guy to help assemble some of his furniture too, though if he was still lanky the way Yoongi remembered, maybe not.

It was a sunny weekend when it rolled around. Not really surprising, when nearly every day was sunny. Jungkook said he lived an hour's drive away and would probably make it just after lunch. Seokjin slept in and sat in his kitchen, still in his pajamas with his hair a mess, and stared blankly at all the boxes of furniture to be assembled accumulated in his living room while he robotically drank his coffee and shoveled cereal into his mouth.

He bought some supplies a couple days ago, things that Jungkook said he would need around for the day to day maintenance. Seokjin had wandered around the edge of the pool, skimming the net over the surface of the water, and promptly got tired of it after thirty seconds. Did he have enough in his budget to ask Jungkook to live here and do this part too?

When noon rolled around, Seokjin didn't bother to change out of his pajamas. This was his house and his rules stated that there was no need to wear so-called real clothes. He'd just opened the box that supposedly held a bookcase, but was still a stack of fake wood and a pile of screws, when the doorbell rang followed by two quick knocks.

Seokjin stumbled to his feet and went to answer it, pleased at least that Jungkook was punctual. He could see part of Jungkook's head through the window as he approached, but it was obscured by some plants he had placed on the ledge and Jungkook was also wearing a baseball cap.

When Seokjin opened the door, he took one good look at Jungkook and closed the door again.

"Uh, Seokjin-hyung?" Jungkook said from where he still was outside. "It's me, Jungkook. I'm not like, a solicitor or whatever."

To be fair, this was Seokjin's own fault. Sure, he hadn't known he would need it, but he should've asked Yoongi for a picture of Jungkook first. Or should've looked him up online. He didn't know why he just believed Yoongi's words about him being some lanky younger guy when Yoongi had been speaking about someone he last saw years ago.

The Jungkook who stood on Seokjin's front porch was decidedly not lanky. He probably couldn't even be called skinny. Seokjin himself had broad shoulders, but he was on the leaner side. If anyone was the lanky one, it was him. But Jungkook was — he was.

Seokjin opened the door again and kept it open this time. This was bad. Yoongi might murder him or laugh at him or both and he would deserve it.

Jungkook was something out of Seokjin's ideal fantasy. Tall, sturdy — just absolutely built like a truck. Given the weather, he was wearing a tank top and basketball shorts and Seokjin leaned against the door, covering his mouth as he pondered over just how his own head would compare to the size of Jungkook's bicep.

"Hi, sorry, did I mix up the time?" Jungkook said with his deceptively innocent-looking eyes.

"No, you're right on time," Seokjin said and thought about how many times Jungkook could squat while carrying him. At least ten, surely. The more important question was how many he could do while Seokjin had their mouths pressed together. "Come in. Sorry about the mess." Fuck. He was in his pajamas and not even the silk set. "Sorry about my clothes. I'm, uh, assembling furniture and didn't want to ruin the good pajamas."

Jungkook continued to be very polite. He made nice comments about Seokjin's house and said, "If it's not any trouble", when Seokjin offered him water.

It was trouble, Seokjin learned a couple minutes later, as they stood on opposite sides of his kitchen counter and Jungkook's throat bobbed as he drank half the glass in a few gulps.

"How do you know Yoongi-hyung?" Jungkook said once they were out in the backyard. "He just told me you were friends, but not much else. Did you go to the same university?"

Seokjin made a vague noise of acknowledgement while Jungkook stood at the edge of the pool and peered in. His eyebrows pinched together, looking very serious, and Seokjin thought about what other kinds of expressions he was capable of making. "We did. And we were fuck buddies for a little while."

Jungkook hummed absently, then his brain caught up with the words a couple seconds later and his hat nearly fell off with how fast his head snapped up to stare at Seokjin.

"You know Yoongi likes men?"

"Yeah — yeah!" Jungkook cleared his throat and scratched the back of his neck. "I've met Taehyung a couple of times. I just — didn't expect to get that kind of fun fact."

Taehyung was Yoongi's boyfriend of five years who also knew about Yoongi and Seokjin's history in the bedroom. It didn't bother him considering the first year they dated, Taehyung went to Seokjin a few times to ask for advice on what Yoongi liked before Seokjin told him maybe he should be having that conversation with Yoongi directly unless he was going to start receiving consultation fees.

"Right!" Jungkook gestured to the pool. "Do you know when this was last cleaned?"

"No, that wasn't in the fine print when I closed on the house. I mean, maybe it was, but I didn't ask my lawyer about it."

"You have a lawyer?"

Seokjin laughed a little. "Of course. Who else would read things for me?"

"Um, well, okay. It doesn't look too bad, my guess is the previous owner probably had it cleaned before they left, but I'll do a full inspection anyway."

"Great." Seokjin didn't know what he should do now. Go make some lemonade? Was that how this went?

"I'm gonna get some stuff out of my car," said Jungkook, taking his cap off briefly to mess with his hair. "You don't have to stay out here. You look like you burn instead of tan."

Seokjin scoffed, but couldn't help a slight smile. The observation wasn't exactly wrong. "I'm filing an official complaint with Yoongi for that."

"Cool, Yoongi-hyung's heard me say that to him too. You guys can bond, I guess." Jungkook shot Seokjin a little grin over his shoulder as he walked away, heading around the house to his car.

It took Seokjin a bit longer to move. He was pretty sure in a matter of moments Jungkook's tone went from polite company to flirtatious. Suddenly he felt a lot less guilty about his thoughts earlier when he got his first glimpse of Jungkook outside his front door. Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to go make some refreshments. He didn't know what Jungkook needed to do, but spending more than fifteen minutes outside was going to make anyone thirsty.

The one room which was completely unpacked by now was the kitchen. Both the fridge and pantry were mostly stocked as well, priorities for him the past few days. The kitchen was the real reason he purchased this house for a premium. It had been renovated recently by the last owner and all the appliances had been replaced. Did a single person need a three-door refrigerator? Probably not, but did Seokjin enjoy having an entire shelf of beer? Yes.

But Seokjin wasn't stocked for real company and he needed something easy, so he whipped up a pile of sandwiches, figuring someone like Jungkook could probably scarf down at least four and still have some room leftover. He brought those out with a few beers and went back out to where Jungkook was walking around the perimeter of the pool with the telescopic net Seokjin had left out on the lawn, the muscles in his arms flexing with each snap of his wrist as the net skimmed over the surface of the water.

It was a little sad for Seokjin when Jungkook finished up.

"Is it clean enough to put my feet in?" Seokjin said, setting the food and drinks on the ground. He didn't know why he asked because he sat down on the ledge and dipped his feet into the water without waiting for an answer, shivering a little at the initial cold. Jungkook dropped down next to him and he handed him a beer, twisting his own open after and taking a long sip. "Looks like I need to buy some outdoor furniture."


"So I can sunbathe out here."

Jungkook shrugged. "Just use a towel," he said, then nodded toward one of the oak trees. "You've got shade if you want it."

Seokjin snorted. "Spoken like a true youth."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means that one day there's a high chance you'll wake up and find everything from kitchen appliances to outdoor furniture sets unironically exciting."

Jungkook rolled his eyes. "If the world doesn't spontaneously combust first."

Seokjin pointed a half-eaten sandwich at him in acknowledgement.

"Your pool is fine, by the way. I just did a basic cleaning. If you're satisfied I can come back every week."

Seokjin peered into the water. "Looks clean to me. How much do I owe you?"

Jungkook tugged his mouth to the side. "The cleaning, plus gas money, but minus a discount for the food and beer. Forty bucks?"

Seokjin stared at him. "That's it?"

Jungkook shrugged. "There's an all you can eat sushi place near my house. Forty is enough for food and drink plus tip."

"Seems low to me. Is this how you're going to negotiate the salary for your first job?"

Jungkook snorted. "It's enough." He was quiet and glanced at Seokjin, his gaze lingering just long enough that it was clear he had something else to say. When he didn't, Seokjin's nosiness got the best of him.

"What? Is there something else you want?"

Jungkook looked at Seokjin again and shook his head once, tilting his head back as he took a long sip of his beer. It must have been on purpose since Seokjin was sure no one without ulterior motives would ever angle his head that just so happened to show off a sharp jawline and the bob of his Adam's apple as he swallowed.

They'd just met, but Seokjin would have been the densest person in the world to not recognize what Jungkook was doing. It was certainly not what Seokjin expected, but there was no reason to look a gift horse in the mouth. "You sure there's nothing else I can offer you?" he said and placed his hand on the small of Jungkook's back. A little more elegant than a hand on the thigh, despite just how nice Jungkook's thighs were.

When Jungkook turned his head this time, he didn't look away except to let his gaze flicker from Seokjin's eyes to his mouth.

Seokjin got the hint and licked his lips, leaning in a little. "Would you accept this?" He barely gave Jungkook a chance to nod before pressing their lips together.

There was something exhilarating about the way Jungkook's mouth yielded to him. Seokjin thought Jungkook might be a little bratty, but he kissed back like he'd been waiting the whole afternoon for this. Maybe he had. But his lips parted so easily when Seokjin angled his head even though he grew shy when their tongues met.

When Seokjin pulled away and looked down, Jungkook was already half hard in his shorts, the loose summer clothing doing nothing to hide it. All from a bit of kissing. Seokjin's brain went fuzzy with that knowledge and he took Jungkook's hand. "Let's go inside."

Jungkook didn't even say anything and immediately rose to his feet. It meant his hard-on ended up right in front of Seokjin's face and well, his yard was fenced in so there was really no harm in starting things here.

Seokjin pressed his nose against the outline of Jungkook's cock, nuzzling it eagerly. Above him Jungkook sucked in a breath and his hands dug into Seokjin's shoulders.

"Hyung, what are you do—nngh!"

Seokjin cupped his hand firmly over Jungkook and used the friction of his clothing against him. "It's fine, no one's going to see," he said, tugging Jungkook's shorts down while leaving his underwear on. "Are you worried? Or you like it?"

Jungkook didn't answer but his cock twitched pretty noticeably under Seokjin's palm. There was a small damp spot forming in the front of his briefs and Seokjin didn't even think about it as he closed his lips over the tip, mouthing at it through the cotton. One of Jungkook's hands came up behind Seokjin's head but it was obvious he was doing his best not to grab or pull on Seokjin's hair.

It was considerate enough that it wore Seokjin's patience down to nothing. He tugged Jungkook out of his underwear and admired him for a moment, thanking the universe to be given the opportunity to hold such a nice dick in his hand. Jungkook was a good size, slightly above average, and the tip was flushed and shiny with precome. Seokjin, of course, dragged his tongue over it to clean it up.

Jungkook made a panicked noise and balled Seokjin's shirt in his hand. That only spurred Seokjin on more and he took the tip into his mouth, sinking his lips down halfway so that his jaw was still comfortable. He took it easy since it'd been a while since he had blown someone, easing his mouth up and down while he stroked the base with his hand.

The way Jungkook sounded escalated into pornographic very quickly. He wasn't too loud, luckily, so instead of worrying whether the neighbors might hear Seokjin could let every moan and gasp go straight to his dick. His voice was soft and just a little whiny and when Seokjin looked up Jungkook had his bottom lip trapped between his teeth.

"Hyung," Jungkook said, another whimper caught in his throat. "Your mouth is really pretty. I'm so — mad Yoongi-hyung didn't tell me you had a pretty mouth. Pretty everything."

Seokjin pulled off and kissed down the length of Jungkook's cock, then rubbed the tip along his lower lip as he winked. "Well, you have a pretty dick, so I guess we're not too far apart." He stroked Jungkook tight and slow, licking up every drop of precome that appeared, leaving Jungkook weak. When he took Jungkook into his mouth again it was with a mission. He closed his lips tight around him and sucked firmly, ignoring Jungkook's panicked warnings that he would come if Seokjin kept going.

"Hyung, wait — you can't— fuck!"

One hand gripped Seokjin's hair, a little rough but nothing he couldn't handle. He sucked harder, like he was the one showing up to a new job wanting to impress, taking Jungkook deep enough that he had to fight his gag reflex. His throat squeezed around Jungkook and he heard a cut-off groan before Jungkook curled over and came into Seokjin's mouth.

Seokjin drew back and let most of it land on his tongue, pulling off toward the end and milking the last drops onto his lips. It was absolutely his goal to look as debauched as possible when Jungkook finally opened his eyes and the effort paid off. Jungkook made a noise like he was dying, but his cock gave a valiant little twitch in Seokjin's hand.

Before Seokjin's brain caught up to what was in his mouth, he swallowed and wiped the rest off with the bottom of his shirt. He grabbed his beer and took a swing to get rid of the taste, but immediately contorted his face and stuck his tongue out. "Oh my god, the flavor profile of that combination is foul." He made a gagging noise and raised his head when he heard laughter and found Jungkook curled up on the lawn. "Is my suffering funny? After what I just did for you?"

Jungkook sat up, bits of grass sticking to his clothes, and ran his hands through his hair. "No, I don't know. What the fuck, we just met but you just sucked my dick in your backyard. What the fuck!" He burst into giggles again, covering his face.

All things considered, Jungkook's reaction was fine. Seokjin would rather Jungkook laugh through the situation than be horrified. He was still hard though and didn't know if Jungkook was going to do anything about it. "Yeah and it's the best backyard blowjob you're ever going to get."

Jungkook looked up at Seokjin, a little red in the face. His eyes trailed down to Seokjin's lap where his erection wasn't as prominent but it was still pretty obvious. He sucked his bottom lip between his teeth, then crawled over and kneeled next to Seokjin, placing his hand between Seokjin's legs.

"Guess we're not making it inside then," Seokjin said, watching Jungkook undo his shorts just enough to take his cock out. He tugged his shirt off and leaned back on his hands to give Jungkook more room, perhaps too pleased when Jungkook stared stunned at all the exposed skin. "You can look and touch, you know."

Jungkook snapped out of it and gave Seokjin a little grin. He ran his hands along Seokjin's torso up to his chest, dipping his head to kiss and mouth at Seokjin's neck and shoulder. One hand trailed back down and curled around Seokjin's cock, giving it a few tugs and Seokjin sucked in a quiet breath, tilting his head so he could see what Jungkook's hand looked like against him.

How long had it been since he'd gotten a handjob? Jerking off on his own didn't count. Someone else's hand made it completely different given how much more he responded even when Jungkook did something small.

"Hyung," Jungkook said, lifting his head so that his face was right in front of Seokjin's. So close Seokjin could see each individual lash of his, could feel his soft exhales. "Can I kiss you some more?"

Seokjin smiled. Cute. "If you ask like that, then yes," he said, the words barely out of his mouth before Jungkook kissed him.

Jungkook wrapped his free arm around Seokjin's waist and Seokjin brought his hand up behind Jungkook's neck. Simply kissing Jungkook while being touched was making Seokjin lightheaded. There wasn't anything special or fancy about what he was doing, just stroking evenly and twisting his wrist a little when he got to the top, yet it had Seokjin nearly panting into Jungkook's mouth. Maybe he was getting a thrill from doing this out in the open too.

"Is it good?" Jungkook asked when he pulled back to catch his breath. "Will you come from this?"

Seokjin bit back a groan. What kind of person just asked that with such an imploring face? It was really good and he said so, but even if it somehow wasn't he would have lied just to avoid hurting Jungkook's feelings. He'd think about that later.

Jungkook smiled and went back to kissing Seokjin. It was playful now, Jungkook's lips catching his and tugging on them gently. His hand did the opposite though, going a little faster and only pausing to rub circles over the slit, spreading the embarrassing amount of precome around. Keeping up with both was difficult and Seokjin resigned himself to letting Jungkook do what he wanted even if it meant he would finish too fast.

Seokjin mumbled Jungkook's name as his stomach started tensing, but Jungkook — clearly understanding the warning — didn't slow down. He kissed Seokjin firmly, sucking on his bottom lip, eagerly running his tongue along Seokjin's. It was a minor distraction, but not enough and moments later Seokjin groaned quietly and dropped his head back as he came, spilling onto his stomach.

Jungkook worked him through it, slowing down but his grip was still firm. As Seokjin approached that threshold where any touch teetered between pleasurable and uncomfortable, he shuddered a few times and finally placed his hand on Jungkook's arm to get him to stop. He didn't need to look to know he was flushed halfway down his chest, but he did watch Jungkook pull his hand away, staring at how the sunlight caught on the streaks of come across the back of it.

For a moment, Jungkook didn't seem to know what to do. Seokjin was about to offer his shirt since it was already dirty when Jungkook leaned over and swished his hand in the pool.

"Hey, hey! What are you doing? You just cleaned that!"

Jungkook seemed surprised at Seokjin's reaction, as if it were a completely normal thing to wash semen off one's hand that way. "It's fine, the chlorine will get it." He paused. "Actually, I'm pretty sure the chlorine will handle it, but I should look it up later." While Seokjin gave him a dumbfounded stare, Jungkook picked up Seokjin's shirt to dry his hand and clean Seokjin off.

"Oh, now you use my shirt," said Seokjin, a little amused when Jungkook paused in realization then duck his head sheepishly as he tucked Seokjin back into his shorts.

"I'll clean it for free next week if I'm wrong about the chlorine thing," Jungkook said, then sat there awkwardly, understandable given what they just did.

Seokjin reached for him and kissed him again, enjoying the soft noise of surprise that left Jungkook before their lips touched. This kiss was easy and sweet and Seokjin ran his hands back and forth along Jungkook's sun-kissed arms. "I'll still pay you. I can't have you starving to death because you couldn't get your bottomless sushi."

"You said you'd pay me more though."

"You said you didn't need it."

Jungkook opened his eyes wide, looking hurt. "Are you reneging on our agreement?"

Seokjin scoffed. "Wow. Okay. Ha — you're — wow, you know a big word like renege. Okay. I see how it is."

Jungkook's grin was toothy and bratty and did so many things for Seokjin.

They did eventually go inside. But the air became a little awkward as Seokjin set the one dish in the sink to wash later. Jungkook lingered out of arm's reach and though they'd only met an hour ago, it was obvious he was fixating on something in his head.

"What's that hot brain thinking about?"

Jungkook opened his mouth, then snapped it shut, looking puzzled for a moment before shaking his head. "You said you and Yoongi-hyung had a — you know."

"Fuck buddies situation."

"Friends with benefits," Jungkook said, and it was cute that he was censoring it. "But like. Is that what I just signed up for?"

Seokjin crossed his arms and stood in front of Jungkook. "You're...displeased?"

Jungkook pouted. "I'm not interested in that kind of stuff. I'm not good at it anyway. I always grow feelings, so if that's the deal then I just wanted to, you know, communicate and — what Yoongi-hyung always says about setting borders."


"Boundaries." Jungkook's very wide, very serious eyes bore into Seokjin's. It was intimidating and endearing and a scene briefly played in Seokjin's head where he dramatically shoves the single fruit bowl sitting in the middle of the island to the floor in order to heave Jungkook onto it instead and ravage him. "Right. Boundaries."

"You know renege but not boundaries?"

Jungkook's shoulders slouched and he glared at Seokjin. "Hyung."

"Sorry! Sorry." Seokjin scratched behind his neck. "Okay, well. What's your proposal? One time thing? Strictly business from here on out?" Truthfully, Seokjin hadn't been interested in no strings attached since he left school. Today was an anomaly, but one that he should probably take as a sign of something else.

"You sucked my dick next to the pool," said Jungkook with a heavy dose of indignation and judgment. "Obviously we should go on a date."

Obviously, as if everyone knew the date came after the blowjob. "I — really?"

"I can't really afford anything fancy right now but." Jungkook's expression pinched in concentration. "I can take you out for some really good value for the quality all you can eat sushi." He was completely serious.

Seokjin was stunned. And for the first time ever thought perhaps the whole love at first sight thing wasn't a complete farce. "Jungkook. If that's our first date and you make sure all the other dates are just like it you can marry me."

Some people backed out at this part of the conversation, put off by Seokjin's brand of humor, but Jungkook's face lit up and that bunny-toothed scrunchy-nosed grin was back. "Wow, this communication stuff really works."

Seokjin rolled his eyes then reached out to touch and squeeze Jungkook's disrespectfully ripped bicep. "How are you with assembling furniture? I'll pay you five dinners worth if you stick around and finish what I have left."

Jungkook straightened up like Seokjin just told him he was about to fight someone. "Challenge accepted," he said and took off his shirt, walking off down the hall which was the wrong direction, but the enthusiasm was appreciated.

"Where are you going?" Seokjin said, tailing him. "Why are you shirtless? Get dressed. I'm giving you gloves too. What if you get a splinter with all those abs out? You youths are way too reckless these days!"

A few hours later Seokjin received a text from Taehyung telling him that Yoongi was curious about how things went with Jungkook but refused to send a message revealing how curious he was so Taehyung decided to expose him. Yoongi and Taehyung really were a very good match.

Seokjin, though, looked over at Jungkook lying naked next to him on the living room floor, a perfectly assembled bookcase behind him that they'd finished half an hour ago along with a desk in the other room. Of course they had celebrated a job well done with some more hand jobs. Now Jungkook was on his phone too, the tip of his tongue curled over his lip in deep concentration as he researched price points and reviews of every all you can eat sushi restaurant within a half hour's drive to determine which to patron over the next two months.

Seokjin told Taehyung that Yoongi could wait some more to find out as punishment and slid his phone to the side. He rolled onto his stomach and settled between Jungkook's legs, smiling at Jungkook's almost cartoonish surprise.

"Still feeling really thankful about the clean pool I have."

"Well. If it can't be helped."

Seokjin shrugged in reply, as if they had no choice, and went on as a very satisfied customer to thank Jungkook for the second time today.