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Clitzy Buns

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It was after hours at the stripperia, and Chica was recieving anal again. Toy Bonnie was busy backstage, smoking the 420 in his asshole. Clitzy seems to have stayed after hours to talk to Twink Boy Toy Bonnie. And TBTB was there because he needed to change. Clitzy approached the dressing room when he saw it...A 15 inch long bunny dong. Clitzy's wetness grew so intense, the juices splattered to the ground loudly. Toy Bon turned, his rabbit dong throbbing "Oh! H-hi"
Clitzy turned away "I-Im sorry, you have a nice cock"
Toy Bonnie set a hand on Clitzy's shoulder "Lets go on a date"
So they had a date in the Stripperia. In the middle of dinner, Clitzy got under the table, pulled out TB's dong, and pushed it into his vagina face hole. Toy Bonnie moaned and begin power thrusting the vagina face. Clitzy and Toy Bonnie moaned as TB shot so much cum into Clitzy. The floors were forever bleached white.