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is that a paintbrush in your pocket?

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Namjoon sat up in bed with a start as he looked around in a panic, trying to figure out where he was. It took a couple beats for his brain to recollect before he remembered driving to his Busan home late the night before. He had gone directly to his room, dropped his bag, peeled off his clothes and fallen immediately into bed, exhausted from an extremely hectic opening week at his gallery.


As he slowly oriented himself to his surroundings, his mind registered the pounding on the front door that had awoken him in the first place. Looking at his bedside alarm clock and seeing that it was only 7:53 a.m., he angrily threw the covers off, grabbed a pair of sleep pants from his bag and padded barefoot on his gangly limbs and unshaven toward the front door swearing under his breath, “Who the fuck is here at this obscene hour?”


At the door, he grumbled, “who is it?” 


“It’s Jimin. Park Jimin. I’m here to start the pool resurfacing. Mr Jung is expecting me.”


Goddamnit Hoseok, Namjoon thought to himself. Hobi was an excellent friend and a great collaborator at the gallery; but his capacity as Namjoon’s personal assistant left much to be desired. “Mr Jung isn’t here. I’m his boss, Namjoon,” he responded in a gravelly tone, morning voice still not quite warmed up, as he opened the door.


“Hoseok must not have been clear about the circumstances,” Namjoon said as he tried to make himself seem more awake than he was. He rubbed his eyes as looked down at the feet of Jimin, or whatever his name was, just standing there, tool bags in hand. “I kinda wasn’t expecting you for a little while,” Namjoon admitted sheepishly.


“Well hey! Nice to meet you. I texted Mr Jung yesterday and said I’d be arriving earlier since it’s going to be a warm day. Didn’t he tell you? Sorry if I woke you.”


Namjoon was momentarily left speechless as his eyes swept up and stared at Jimin the Pool Boy. As annoyed as Namjoon was, he couldn’t help but notice how gorgeous he was. Jimin was wearing red board shorts and baggy tank top that slid just slightly off the left shoulder. He had a honey-gold tan that only Busan natives could boast year-round, delicately built arms and chest, light wavy unruly hair and a gorgeous smile with the whitest teeth Namjoon had ever seen.


Namjoon pushed down the warm, low pull in his stomach (and in his pants), and schooled his undoubtedly blushing features with a scowl instead. Who cares if the pool boy is hot?

“Uh… Mr. Park did you say? Yes, you did in fact wake me up. I arrived late from Seoul last night and was looking forward to sleeping in,” Namjoon replied snidely, still a bit angry about his lost sleep. “I guess that plan is ruined. Oh well, here you can head through the house to get to the backyard.”


“No, it’s okay,” Jimin replied curtly, “ and I don’t need to come in. I’ll be going through the gate. I told Mr Jung I would let him know when I arrived; he didn’t tell me he wasn’t going to be here. Sorry again to have disturbed you. Oh and you can call me Jimin.”


Before Namjoon could say another word, Jimin had turned around and was walking quickly toward his truck. Namjoon watched him walk away then slowly closed the door.


“I’m gonna kill Hoseok,” Namjoon muttered bitterly.




About an hour later, Namjoon walked into the kitchen. He had drawn a long bath, relaxing in the hot steamy water with a cup of coffee and his phone, catching up on Instagram and Naver. He was feeling much better than he had when he’d been so rudely awoken earlier. As he popped a crumpet into the toaster, Namjoon glanced into the backyard. He was surprised to note that the pool had already been completely drained. Namjoon figured Jimin must’ve taken care of that the day before.


He could see from the window that Jimin was in the pool with what appeared to be a wire brush scraping along the pool’s surface chipping off old and worn-out plaster. It looked like tedious work but Jimin was intently focused, a sheen clearly visible on his skin as he worked meticulously around the pool’s surface. After a couple minutes, he put the brush down and dragged the hem of his tank top up to wipe the sweat from his face, revealing a tight set of abs which Namjoon definitely didn’t notice, then resumed his work with the wire brush.


The toaster dinged and Namjoon removed the crumpet, coating it with a thin layer of honey. He brought the crumpet to the table where he’d already placed a half a grapefruit and a cup of green jasmine tea. As he began to eat he glanced back toward the pool just in time to see Jimin pull his tank top off and throw it onto the deck. He picked up a large bucket of water and dumped a bunch over himself, shaking his head and running his fingers through his hair, clearly relishing in the cool refreshing wetness. As Namjoon stared with his mouth agape, Jimin turned toward the house staring right at the window that Namjoon was looking through.


Namjoon gulped and quickly looked down at his breakfast. He knew it was unlikely that Jimin could see him from that distance with the sun’s glare but his face blushed in embarrassment at possibly being caught checking out the help.


You’re being ridiculous, he admonished himself. This was just some pool guy. Probably straight. What did Namjoon even have to offer him anyway? Turning his gaze to back garden, Namjoon had an idea.




“Hey Jimin,” Namjoon called out. “Would you like some fresh yujacha? I just made it from the yuzus off the tree.”


“Nah,” Jimin replied, “I’m good.”


Namjoon walked toward him and held the glass out. “No, I insist. Try it. It’s my peace offering. I was a jerk this morning, sorry. I just checked my text messages and sure enough my PA did text me last night saying you’d be here early. I just didn’t see it. My bad.”


Jimin seemed to question the gesture of kindness for a moment, before his features softened and an easy smile broke out on his face . He took the glass from Namjoon, “Okay, thanks.”


As Namjoon looked on with anticipation, Jimin took a large gulp of the icy yujacha. His eyes closed as he let out what could only be described as a moan, “Wow, that really is good. Thanks Mr. Kim. And no problem about this morning.”


“Please call me Namjoon. Or hyung. I’m glad you like it,” Namjoon smiled broadly. “My sister and I used to make lemonade all summer long when we were young. We perfected our recipe.”


 “Okay, well I’m heading out for a few hours,” Namjoon said tersely. “There’s a bathroom in the pool house. Anything else you need?”


“Nope. I’m good. Thanks,” Jimin replied. He didn’t even look back at Namjoon. He was disturbed at how attractive he found him.


Namjoon really didn’t have anywhere he needed to be. He just wanted to get out of the house and away from Jimin. Why was this guy having such a strange effect on him? It was crazy.


Namjoon drove to a couple of the local galleries in the area and walked along the Busan coastline, embracing the seabreeze. The urban art scene had really begun to take off in the area and Namjoon found himself idly enjoying all the quaint little art lanes, sipping on some bubble tea as he roamed the streets. It had been a while since he’d been here and he’d really missed it.


All the while though, all Namjoon could think of was the incredibly hot pool boy.


Later when he arrived home, and Jimin was still there, Namjoon went out with more refreshments, but instead opted for beer this time.


“Here,” he said as he tipped the opened beer bottle towards Jimin, “for all your hard work.”


“Thanks so much Namjoon-ssi. It’s been hot out here today.”


Namjoon appraised Jimin’s sweaty, glistening muscles and gulped slightly. “Sure has,” he said, before recovering more fully and replying, “and really, you can call me hyung. You’ve been working here for over a week now. I’d like to think we know each other.”


Jimin chuckled, an infectious light, happy sound, before smirking. “You would, would you?”


Namjoon was sweating and a little tired and kinda nervous and jittery but Jimin was definitely making bedroom eyes and Namjoon was almost certainly getting a vibe from him so he decided to test the waters.


“Uhh, yeh,” he said, taking a step towards Jimin. “I was actually hoping we could... get to know each other better.”


Jimin took another step closer and dropped his tool, moving his hand down to grasp at his red trunks as he moved into Namjoon’s space.


Wow, Namjoon thought, this is the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe this!


Jimin let out another chuckle, this one longer and airier.


Namjoon was confused.




“Did you mean to say that out loud?”


Namjoon died a little inside and laughed mildly, scratching the back of his neck as he cringed inwardly. “That wasn’t very smooth was it?”


Jimin just smiled. “Maybe not smooth, but I thought it was cute actually.”


“Hmm, not as cute as you,” Namjoon responded as he gently intertwined his fingers with the pool boy’s as he pushed him back onto one of the many pool lounge chairs.


Namjoon freed his other hand from underneath Jimin’s and cupped his very visible erection as he moved even closer.


Jimin let out a soft moan, his head falling back onto the pool lounger as he realized it was completely futile for him to try to resist. Namjoon didn’t waste anytime. He climbed onto Jimin’s lap, straddling him and grinding down as he kissed along his neck then took Jimin’s earlobe in his mouth and bit down gently. Jimin moaned again, raising his head and looking into Namjoon’s eyes. Namjoon saw the naked desire in Jimin’s dilated pupils. He leaned closer and joined their lips for a gentle kiss, pulling away and confirming, “This is okay right?”


Jimin answered by placing his right hand on the back of Namjoon’s neck and pulling his face down for a more urgent needy kiss. Jimin’s tongue eagerly explored Namjoon’s mouth as Namjoon tangled his hand in Jimin’s hair and pulled down gently.


They kissed like that for a few minutes, before Jimin pushed at Namjoon’s chest and the turned him round and into the pool lounger, as he sank to his knees.


Namjoon let out a small gasp, as Jimin trailed his full lips along the bulge in his pants, before pulling out his member and having it whack thickly against Namjoon’s abdomen.


“What the fuck.”


Not the best thing to hear after someone just got a look at your cock. 


“What’s wrong?” Namjoon asked feeling a little defensive.


“It’s so... big.” Namjoon’s heartbeat started to quicken as he immediately began to think of a million reasons why Jimin would never like him.


They both stared down at Namjoon’s hard cock jutting out in front of them. It drooped a little under their gaze and Namjoon felt very sorry for it, not making eye contact with Jimin.


“Um, I don’t know? I’m sorry, uh – I – You probably don’t even wanna-”


“Just shush for a second, Namjoon-hyung,” Jimin interjected, putting a small delicate finger to Namjoon’s lips. Namjoon just huffed and looked to the sky.


“You know we really don’t have to do anything. Don’t feel like…y’know…you gotta do nothing you don’t wanna — oh shit!” While Namjoon babbled, Jimin had all but deep throated Namjoon in one easy movement. He hummed contentedly around Namjoon’s cock before withdrawing, pulling off with a wet smack.


“Give a guy some warning!” Namjoon said in a strained voice. He felt like he’d just received dick whiplash.


“It feels good filling me up.” There was a high flush on Jimin’s cheekbones and he couldn’t seem to tear his gaze away from Namjoon’s cock. “The size is.. good.”


“Oh fuck me sideways,” Namjoon breathed, having to steady himself on Jimin’s shoulders again, rocking into where Jimin was now jerking him off. Namjoon was pretty sure that he was before, but he couldn't help but get even more turned on by the fact that he might have just turned Jimin into a size queen.


“Me first,” Jimin said with a small grin before taking him back into his mouth. Jimin seemed eager to fit as much of Namjoon as he could into his mouth at once and growled in frustration when he couldn’t manage it all. Instead he pulled back and focused his efforts on the head, swirling his tongue around it, and nursing it until it spat pre-come into his mouth. He greedily sucked it down.


“It tastes so good hyung,” Jimin said as he looked up into Namjoon’s eyes, tongue still lapping against the head, “so good.”


When Namjoon’s hips stuttered forwards in a involuntary thrust, Jimin just hummed contentedly when it hit the back of his throat. 


Jimin loosened his lips as he began to bob his head in a steady rhythm, urging Namjoon to continue to thrust into his mouth, so Namjoon was fucking the drool out of him, causing spittle to dribble down his mouth and chin. It felt nasty and sloppy and made near-pornographic squelching noises. 


“That’s some mouth you got on you,” Namjoon said stupidly, defaulting back to staring at the ceiling in an attempt to keep it the fuck together. He laced his fingers together around the back of his head because Jimin didn’t seem like the kind of guy to want any hint of instruction while sucking someone off and it was getting real hard not to bury his hands in Jimin’s silky hair and face fuck him to completion. Namjoon was a gentleman like that.


“Want more,” Jimin said pulling back again. A string of drool still connected his mouth to Namjoon’s cock. “I want to take it all.”


“You wanna try,” Namjoon had to swallow to get some moisture back in his suddenly dry mouth. “You maybe wanna try deep throating?”


Jimin’s eyes widened.


Shit, Namjoon thought. That was almost definitely way too forward.


“No, I’m sorry, uh, that was just a suggestion. Only do what you’re comfortable with, I’m sorry, I-“


“I’d love to,” Jimin just says simply, his red, plump lips curling into a smile that was equal parts sweet and devilish and Namjoon couldn’t get enough.


Jimin shifted his grip from Namjoon’s thighs to his ass, pulling him forwards roughly. At the same time he stretched his mouth wider and forced himself further down Namjoon’s cock. Namjoon felt himself slide into the velvety tightness of Jimin throat and had to get a tight grip on his own hair to ground himself so he didn’t lose it right then and there. Jimin continued down until he was nearly at the base. He paused there a moment, throat clenching around Namjoon like it was trying to pull him down further. Namjoon’s hips stuttered at the feel of it and he pushed in the rest of way, eliciting a gagging noise from Jimin.


“Fuck I‘m sorry,” Namjoon rasped. The sight of Jimin pressed up against the wiry hair at the base of his cock, his eye scrunched shut tightly, tears forming in the corners, was almost too much. Jimin pulled back a moment later, releasing Namjoon’s drenched cock from his gasping lips.


“Holy shit man,” Namjoon breathed. Jimin looked about as wrecked as Namjoon felt. Face and hair a drenched mess. His watery eyes were glassy and his sticky pink lips were puffy and swollen. Strings of his loose hair were clinging to the mess and his heaving chest was splattered with excess drool. Namjoon wished he had a camera.


“I want to sit on this,” Jimin said, his voice sounding rough.


Namjoon still couldn’t quite believe it. “Really?”


Jimin looked up from Namjoon’s dick and just looked at him for a minute, and Namjoon couldn’t help but slouch and look away under Jimin’s piercing gaze, the different emotions crossing Jimin’s features too much for him to process.


Namjoon let out a soft gasp as Jimin took his face in his hands. “Really. You may just be some nerdy art dude with really uncomfortable pool chairs,” Jimin said as Namjoon blushed, “but I think you’re cute.”


Namjoon whined and tried to curl into himself, his insides burning hot with a warm kind of embarrassment, before Jimin took his face into his hands again. “And I want this. A lot.”


Namjoon couldn’t help but smile like an idiot. “Thanks.”


“Of course,” Jimin said sweetly. “But maybe we could take this to your bedroom? I wasn’t kidding about the uncomfortable poolside lounge chairs.”


“Okay, yeah,” Namjoon breathed, standing up and taking Jimin’s hand, leading him inside.


Jimin lets out a low whistle at the sight of Namjoon’s bedroom, and Namjoon watches as Jimin’s eyes rake over the large artwork hanging on the left wall, the lamps, the bed. “Nice linens.”


“Um... thanks,” Namjoon replied, watching Jimin with uncertainty as the poolboy rounded the king-size bed, before leaping gracefully on top of it. Jimin faced Namjoon, sat back on his knees with his legs spread wide and his eyes dark with what Namjoon hoped was lust. Namjoon swallowed. “What are you doing?”


“Waiting for you to come get what you deserve,” Jimin said lowly, sliding down to lay on the bed, taking off his small red trunks in the process and providing Namjoon with the sight of the most beautiful ass he’d ever seen.


Namjoon chokes on his own spit a little.


“Uhhh, let’s – um - let’s get you ready first.”


Namjoon stumbled trying to pull off his trousers the rest of the way and didn’t think he deserved the judgmental eyebrow Jimin raised at him as he scooted back on the bed because how was he expected to be coordinated after that performance?


“I’m gonna get you so nice and open for me,” Namjoon rumbled as he climbed up over him. “You’re gonna take me so good.”


“Hmmm I intend to,” Jimin sighed, stretching cat like underneath him. He brushed up almost full bodied against Namjoon and it felt almost overwhelming to be touching this much skin. The possibilities made Namjoon’s head spin.


“So,” Namjoon began, knowing full well that his horny brain was going to say something stupid, “how’d you get into the pool-cleaning business?” Jimin just chuckled but didn’t bother replying, pulling Namjoon down into a kiss. It was wet and dirty, teeth clicking together as they mouthed at each other, both too worked up to do anything more. Namjoon trailed his lips away and began licking up the mess he’d left around Jimin’s mouth and chin, making the other man writhe beneath him.


“Turn over, baby,” Namjoon said between licks and trailed his mouth over Jimin’s shoulder as he complied. Jimin shifted up onto his knees under him so that Namjoon was almost blanketing him, and Namjoon couldn’t help but rut against the cheeks of his firm ass for a moment. 


“This better not have been the reason you asked me to turn over,” Jimin shot over his shoulder.


“Haha, no Jimin,” Namjoon said sheepishly pressing a kiss to his shoulder in apology. “Just couldn’t resist.”


He made his way down Jimin’s back, pressing open mouthed kisses as he went. He tongued along the dips and ripples of muscle he came across and would’ve liked to spend a little more time just mapping out Jimin’s body with his mouth, but he had something else in mind for right now.


Namjoon felt almost feverish, like his skin was too tight and his blood was too hot. He wanted to make Jimin feel the same, to give him a fraction of the pleasure he’d just received. And to make up for accidentally making Jimin gag because that hadn’t been cool.


“You ever been told how incredible your ass is before?” Namjoon enjoyed the feeling of Jimin shuddering under him at the question.


“No, never” the other man croaked with a teasing lilt and Namjoon grinned at the sarcasm.


“Well just in case you ever forget, it’s incredible. Like seriously. I may even consider framing a picture of it for my next exhibition.” Jimin grunted as Namjoon  gripped handfuls of both cheeks, enjoying the feel of them and giving them a bit of a jiggle, which got him a glare shot from over Jimin’s shoulder.


“Hmmm,” Namjoon hummed in faux-consideration, “or maybe it deserves a whole exhibition of its own.” He chuckled before spreading them, exposing Jimin’s pretty little hole and pressing in eagerly. The first swipe of the flat breadth of his tongue across his entrance had Jimin shuddering again. 


“I’d prefer,” Jimin responded in a strained voice, “for it to be all yours.” Jimin arched his back and growled lowly before continuing. “My ass is all yours Namjoon,” he said, his head tilting back causing his hair to fan out along his shoulders.


“Hmm good.” Namjoon gave another long lick, then another, over and over again until his hole was wet with it. It twitched greedily with every swipe of his tongue as if begging for something to fill it. Jimin was giving out these high breathy moans with every lick and Namjoon wanted to see his face so bad. Wanted to see how his pleasure looked on that handsome face.


“You like this, baby,” Namjoon asked pulling back a little. “Just tell me what you like and—”


“Do not stop,” Jimin all but hissed, reaching behind him to grip the back of Namjoon’s head and force him back into his ass. Namjoon chuckled again at his eagerness and the vibrations of it brought a strained cry out of Jimin.


After a few more thorough licks, Namjoon pressed his tongue in further, slipping inside easily. Jimin’s hips rocked back into the movement, trying to fuck himself onto Namjoon’s tongue. Namjoon sucked and lapped at him for a while before drawing a finger into his mouth, wetting it thoroughly, then easing it inside. He gave it a few shallow, teasing thrusts that had Jimin rocking his hips more forcefully.


“More, give me more,” Jimin gasped, demanding as ever.


“Gotta get the lube for any more, sweetheart,” Namjoon said in a soothing voice, pressing kisses along the meat of Jimin’s ass as he continued to tease his hole.


“Then go get it,” Jimin gritted out. Pausing only to press one last kiss on Jimin’s cheek, Namjoon dipped over the edge of the bed to rummage in his discarded trousers pocket for the lube.


He turned back to see Jimin watching him with hooded eyes.


“You’re so handsome,” Jimin said from the bed. Namjoon paused from where he was pouring lube over his fingers to stare at the back of Jimin’s head. He flushed at the easy way Jimin gave compliments, so frequently yet always genuinely. Wow. Namjoon just ducked his head and chuckled.


“Have you gotten lost?” Jimin asked dryly, squinting back at him.


“No,” Namjoon said quickly, hastening to reassume the position behind him. Fingers well slicked, he spread one cheek and ran a finger along the line from Jimin’s sack to his hole.


“You want to give me a hand here, baby?” he whispered, and Jimin got an arm out under him to spread his other cheek so he was pulled wide, utterly exposed and what a pretty picture it made. Namjoon pressed two fingers at once into him and they went in easy. 


“You take it so good, baby, opening right up for me,” Namjoon all but crooned as he pumped and twisted into him. Jimin whined in protest but shifted his knees wider apart and lifted his hips to take it better.


Namjoon spread his fingers, making him gape a little before withdrawing for a moment, then slipping back in with three. Jimin gripped at his wrist when Namjoon reached the last knuckle and held him there, breathing hard.


“You OK there, Jiminie?” Namjoon ran his hand up and down Jimin sweat slicked back in a soothing manner as he adjusted. After a moment Namjoon saw him nod curtly and he began moving his fingers again.


Only once he’d gotten him so loose that Jimin had begun rocking back perfectly in time to his rhythm did he ask, “you ready to try the real thing now?”


“Yes,” Jimin gasped. “Give it to me.” Never one to keep a guy hanging, Namjoon eased his fingers out carefully and grabbed the condom he’d also retrieved from his pocket, rolling it on and getting himself slick.


Jimin had turned back over onto his back and the sight of him flushed and needy all spread out like that on the pillow was like a punch of heat to the gut. Namjoon got an idea.


“Jimin-ah, if you’re willing, I’d really love to lay you out on the bed like this and kinda... I don’t know... have my body all over you” he murmured, while pressing sweet kisses along Jimin’s sun-kissed neck.


“You speak such nonsense,” Jimin snapped swatting him away while at the same time wrapping his smooth legs around Namjoon’s waist to pull him closer. “But if you’re saying you want to fuck me like this then just hurry up about it.”


And if Jimin getting all bossy and indignant while asking for a fucking wasn’t just the cutest thing in the world. With a rush of affection, Namjoon wanted to kiss him some more but the glare Jimin was shooting at him and the now prominent ache in his needy cock made him hop to it. 


He grabbed one of Jimin calves and lifted it, pausing only to press a small kiss to his ankle, then raised it higher up over his shoulder to get Jimin at a better angle. Namjoon nearly shot off just lining himself up to Jimin opening. Jimin’s hole was now slick, open and slightly puffy from prep and Namjoon couldn’t help but rub the latex covered head of his cock over it just to see the response. 


“Stop teasing,” Jimin panted out, up on his elbows like he was trying to get a look at what Namjoon was doing. “Put it in already.”


“Fuck Jimin, you sound so sexy when you get all growly and impatient,” Namjoon muttered before pushing in slowly and God, it was good, so good. Even after so much prep it was slow work, gradually sinking inside with Jimin’s soft spongy insides clenched so tight around his fat cock. Jimin gave a choked off groan and his arms gave out, leaving him shuddering spread out on the bed where he could do nothing but just take it. 


Namjoon groaned uncomfortably loudly it the quiet room. He felt dizzy, almost as if it wasn't his body he was watching pressing up against Jimin, or his cock disappearing into his ass. Namjoon was down to about half way when Jimin threw up a hand to Namjoon’s chest to stop him.


“Just— just give me a minute,” he gasped, eyes clenched shut, his chest heaving. 


Namjoon took a moment himself just to breathe. His abdominals were twitching with the effort of keeping still and sweat was dripping down from his hair line into his eyes. He could feel Jimin’s pulse hammering hard around his cock and just the thought of such an intimate act made his breath hitch. He jumped when he felt Jimin fingers brush against his stomach and looked down to see him slip a hand between them to where they were joined. He rubbed two fingers along his stuffed hole where it was stretched around Namjoon’s cock.


“So wide.” Jimin sounded a little out of it. “You’re opening me up so wide.”


“God, fuck… Jiminie I need to move, please let me. Please.” Jimin nodded jerkily and Namjoon moved his hips to keep pressing in, watching Jimin throw his head back in a moan, exposing the long line of his throat as he finally bottomed out.


Namjoon rolled his hips back, then slid forwards again, pushing Jimin up the bed as he went. There were no words for this, just heat and tightness and burning. Namjoon wanted more than the slow rocking of his hips but he wasn’t sure if he should take it, or if it was even being offered.


“More,” Jimin gasped, through slack lips. “Deeper, more. I want— I want it.”


That was all Namjoon needed to hike both Jimin’s legs up his shoulders, lifting his ass off the ground. He got both his hands around Jimin’s waist and began yanking him back onto his cock with every thrust.


It was brutal and probably far too much, far too soon but Namjoon couldn’t stop now if he had a gun to his head. Jimin was rolling his hips against Namjoon’s thrusts, bouncing his ass back to meet his cock. He moved his hand from between them to start tugging roughly at his own leaking, deeply flushed cock. He was completely off rhythm to Namjoon’s thrusts but he seemed too far gone to care.


“You looks so fucking pretty, sweetheart, spread out so good for me.” Namjoon was fully aware he was babbling but he couldn’t see passed the haze in his brain to register the words. His world had narrowed down to two points; the sight of Jimin writhing underneath him and the clutching tightness around his cock. 


Jimin let out a high, almost panicked whine and clenched his legs around Namjoon’s shoulders as he shuddered then came. Fat droplets of come splattered over his knuckles and belly, his fist working himself feverishly through it. Namjoon groaned along with him, knowing there was no way to stop it now and giving into his own pleasure as his hips snapped forwards a few last times before coming himself.


Namjoon felt like he’d just done a triathlon. He felt bone deep tiredness settling in and the deep satisfaction only a truly decent fuck could bring. Now he didn’t have the haze of pleasure clouding his brain, he realised his arms were trembled where he was still holding up Jimin and he eased him slowly back down onto the bed. Jimin groaned then sighed when Namjoon’s cock slipped out from his thoroughly used hole.


Namjoon just had time to remove, tie off then toss the used condom somewhere on the floor before collapsing beside Jimin on the bed. He was fully aware he should make sure Jimin was alright soon but also unsure whether he could form words again just yet.


“Aches,” Jimin said so quietly Namjoon barely caught it over the sound of his own ragged breathing.


“I’m sorry,.” Namjoon’s voice sounded several octaves deeper than it usually did. “Want me to stick a few fingers up there again till it settles down a bit?”


Jimin grunted in what sounded like a valiant attempt at disgust and Namjoon took that as a no. 


“It was good though, right?” Jimin hummed in agreement and Namjoon considered that to be very high praise from Jimin. 


Namjoon fumbled around blindly on the nightstand in search of some water, but his hand fumbled and he knocked over a book, a bottle of water, a tiny vase filled with flowers and some nail clippers.


“Sorry,” Namjoon grumbled sheepishly.


“You should pick that up,” Jimin slurred tiredly.


“Yeah, yeah I’ll get right on that,” Namjoon mumbled, snuggling closer to Jimin and away from the mess he’d made.


After snuggling like that for what felt like forever, Namjoon registered Jimin mumble in his drowsy state.


“What was that Jimin-ah?”


“I asked what that artwork was.”


Namjoon looked to the painting on his wall, and took in the two figures leaning on each other.


“It’s a piece by Park Chan-kyong, its one of my favourites,” Namjoon said in a low rumble, twirling his fingers through Jimin’s hair. “I like how simply it seems to capture a loving relationship.”


“Hmm,” Jimin sighed. “It’s nice.”


The crook between Jimin’s neck and shoulder was extremely comfortable. He wondered how mad Jimin would be if he took a quick seven to eight hour nap before getting the next round he’d promised him. He didn’t like going back on his word especially if it regarded more sex.


“You going to be eager for that second round any time soon, Jimin-ah’?” 


“I’ll die if I move.” Jimin sounded like he was about ten seconds away from passing the fuck out so Namjoon considered himself safe.


“In the morning I’m going to give you the best morning sex you’ve ever had.” Namjoon couldn’t be entirely sure he’d said that out loud or not. Whatever the case, the pool boy gave a contented sigh and pressed up a little closer to him and Namjoon considered himself an extremely blessed man indeed.