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Nedzu, alone in his office, the only source of light being the lamp next to his computer, sips on his tea as a notification pops up on his screen from his favorite YouTube channel, aptly named ‘Trickster Logic’, an unknown individual who was given the task of testing different companies and agencies security systems and protocols who just so happened to cause a bit of mischief as he completed his assigned task, he was as chaotic as they come, and the stoat has been bidding his time for an official meeting, he’s intrigued by this individual who’s managed to even get in and out of heroes agencies completely unscathed. Of course, he meets with the boss, in that case, the hero, the following day, unless he’s captured, to go over improvements that might need to be implemented and to return the things he snatched up during his reign of terror.

He was a conundrum.

His identity was a secret to the public, he went by the name ‘Iktomi’ which was poetic in itself, Iktomi is the name of a trickster in Lakota Mythology. It fit this person quite impeccably.

Clicking on the notification, he pours himself another cup of tea, and watches the chaos unfold.

He’s left cackling.

Anyone who hears is rightfully terrified.

Upon the end of the video, he sets his cup of tea aside, and clicks on the messaging icon.

His time has come.

SupremeRatOverlord -> Itkomi

SupremeRatOverlord: Iktomi, your work never ceases to amaze me

Iktomi: oh, hey overlord, whats up

SupremeRatOverlord: not much im afraid, im sure you heard of the attack on the USJ, we implemented a dormitory system to ensure the students safety, paperwork is so troublesome

Iktomi: I can imagine, kudos to you overlord, for having the patience to do so, I surely wouldn’t. I did indeed hear of the attack, I was relieved to here there was minimal casualty, Eraserhead is back on his feet and well?

SupremeRatOverlord: indeed, thank you for such kudos, brief periods of reprieve finding that you’ve uploaded another video always brings me joy, and Eraserhead is getting along splendidly, full recovery

Iktomi: im glad I can help and that’s such a relief to hear

SupremeRatOverlord: I wish to make a request Iktomi, if it is not too much trouble for you

Iktomi: I would kill for you my friend

Iktomi: ask away

SupremeRatOverlord: lets save murderous endeavors for another time

SupremeRatOverlord: I would very much like if you would test our security systems we’ve implemented, we have a number of extra heroes staying at the school for a short while to ensure they’re in working order, and I can think of no one but you to have the right to test it

Iktomi: let me get this straight

Iktomi: you, the principle of UA, would like me, a stranger you’ve only ever met in a chatroom, to break into your school to test your new security measures

SupremeRatOverlord: indeed

Iktomi: that sounds like it could be mildly entertaining

SupremeRatOverlord: you are welcome to any mischief you can think of my friend

Iktomi: any, you say?

SupremeRatOverlord: so long as no one is seriously injured, you have free reign

Iktomi: im leaning into this offer, im afraid I cant do such a thing for free, not even for friends, I have expenses

SupremeRatOverlord: quite understandable, I offer you double your usual asking price

Iktomi: keep talkin

SupremeRatOverlord: and shall we make this a tad more interesting?

Iktomi: im listening overlord, go ahead

SupremeRatOverlord: I not only want you to test my security measures, I wish for you to test my staff and the heroes situational awareness and observation skills

Iktomi: interesting

SupremeRatOverlord: I will give you an extra five hundred dollars for every item you manage to steal from my staff and the assisting heroes on campus

Iktomi: overlord, my friend

Iktomi: it’s a pleasure doing business with you

SupremeRatOverlord: and you as well, when shall I mark you in

Iktomi: this coming Thursday

SupremeRatOverlord: im sure this will be a grand time

Iktomi: it always is, my friend, it always is

Iktomi: until Thursday

SupremeRatOverlord: until Thursday, my friend

Izuku smiles to himself as he dawns his plain looking wig, to cover his otherwise out of ordinary long green curls and secures his replica of the UA hero course uniform in place, tying the tie perfectly, he pulls the strap of his backpack up over his shoulder and slides his copied student ID badge into his pocket.

Today, Thursday, was the day the students were moving into the dorms, which is the reason he chose today or all days, he wouldn’t stick out, all too much, and could claim to be a transfer student, which would make sense, considering a perverted grape boy was expelled on the first day and had yet to be replaced. A quick breach into the school’s class roster had him entered into 1-A smoothly, a simple email from a replica of Nedzu’s account to Aizawa, otherwise known as the underground hero Eraserhead, gave him the coverage for his excuse. Of course, he alerted Nedzu ahead of time, in the event the authenticity was checked, and he had been more then happy to play along.

He was no longer Izuku on this day, he was Akatani Mikumo, the alias of the alias of Iktomi, the well known Youtuber.

Securing a camera into his tie, miniscule, unnoticeable unless one looked close enough, which he doubted anyone would, he intended to record this entire adventure for his own, and his fans, shits and giggles.

Nodding to himself, he grabs his keys, and leaves his small studio apartment, locks the door behind him, and makes his way down the stairs. Walking down the sidewalk, he takes pleasure in the fact that he’s only a few blocks away from the school he was infiltrating, and he hums to himself as he makes the trek to the prestigious establishment.

No one pays him any mind as he scans his badge at the gate, it registers perfectly, which is a mark on the systems otherwise unknown record, his badge is forged, and the scanner hadn’t picked up on the forgery.

Tucking his ID into his jacket pocket, he looks around carefully to take in the sights, as he walks up to the school and steps inside undisturbed.

Class 1-A is an interesting bunch, the chatter cuts off as soon as he enters their dorm, and all eyes turn to look at him.

“Hi!” A round faced girl breaks the awkward silence. “I’m Uraraka Ochaco!”

“Hey,” he waves a few fingers lazily. “Akatani Mikumo. I’m the new kid, so please be nice, replacing, what I was told, a creepy grape boy.” The girls all tense at the mention of him and the boys stares grow a tad bit more predatory. “In all honesty, I don’t know what he was thinking, the ladies could clearly kick his ass to the next galaxy with one arm tied behind their backs and their eyes closed.” The girls smile at him and he returns their smile. “Akatani, at your service, queens, if there’s anything I can do, don’t hesitate to call for me.”

“Oh,” the pink skinned girl starts. “I like him.” She bounds up to the front of the group. “Ashido Mina, welcome to 1-A!”

“Pleased to make your acquaintance.” He curls his fingers around the strap of his backpack. “Tell me, what’re your thoughts on the Alien movies?”

Ashido grins and squeals. “Oh man, I already know we’re gonna be best friends!”

A blue haired boy chops his arms at him. “Welcome Akatani Mikumo, my name is Iida Tenya, as the class president, I would like to formally welcome you to our class. If there is anything I can do to assist you in your studies please inform me with haste.”

“Will do, big guy.” Akatani offers the robotic teen a thumbs up. “Thanks for the warm welcome, Pres.”

“Hey, Takami,” Midnight calls as the winged hero enters the teacher’s lounge the morning after everyone moved into their assigned dorms. “Didn’t you have two earrings?”

Hawks raises an eyebrow and tilts his head. “I do ha—” He feels his ears and stops short, the left stud is there but the right is not. “Huh, that’s weird, must’a fallen out somewhere.”

“Oh yea,” the heroine nods. “Happens to me all the time. Me and earrings, we have a love hate relationship.”

“Yea,” the winged hero pours himself a cup of coffee, as dark as his soul, adds in some creamer, and plops down in the chair across from her. “I guess we do too.”

Nedzu hides his smile in a well-timed sip from his cup of tea.

So the fun begins.

Akatani, despite his unknown impairment, manages to keep up with the hero students in their training. When asked about his quirk, he claims to have a mental one, an analytical quirk, a purple haired boy eyes him suspiciously, but when he breaks down his quirk with strengths, weaknesses, applications, and such in a matter of minutes, all suspicions goes out the window.

He pays close attention to Aizawa, discreetly of course, and gains himself no inclination that the hero knows he’s being watched, which is kind of shameful for an underground hero.

Bidding his time and discreetly stalking his target, he ducks under Kirishima’s punch, jabs a pressure point in his shoulder joint, and throws him over his shoulder in one fluid movement. “Dude!” The hardening teen exclaims in awe. “Where’d you learn to fight like that!”

The black haired teen holds a hand down to his red haired companion and helps him to his feet. “Well, my quirk is noncombatant, my parents thought it would be best if I learned some sort of defense. Pick up the slack my quirk leaves behind.”

“Akatani, you’re a badass man!” Kirishima praises brightly. “You gotta teach me how to do that!”

“I teach by example.” He flexes his fingers at the other. “Come at me.”

He takes Kirishima down a total of sixteen times before training is called by Aizawa from his rather comfortable looking sleeping bag, and they’re unceremoniously dismissed as the man falls back to sleep. Waving at the others, feigning needing to ask their teacher a question, the others leave him alone in the gym with their teacher.

Aizawa snores softly, which in itself is hilarious, and Akatani snickers to himself before approaching the man. He’s careful to move fluidly and slowly, no sudden movements, and squats carefully above the man’s head, slowly, oh so slowly, he curls his fingers around the strap of the man’s goggles and pulls them up over his head.

Throwing the sleeping man a peace sign, he shoves the yellow goggles in his pocket, and as silent as a church mouse, he makes his leave.

“Okay.” Those in the lounge jump when the door opens with a bang. “Give them back and no one dies today.”

Yamada exchanges a glance with Takami and Kamaya. “Give what back, Sho?”

Aizawa glares at everyone and anyone in the room. “My goggles, I know one of you took them, funny fucking joke, give them back, I have patrol in an hour.”

Snipe pauses in cleaning his gun. “Aizawa, I can speak for all of us, we don’t have your goggles.”

The underground hero glares into his soul and he shivers in fear. “One of you has them and if I don’t get them back, people are going to start dropping.”

“Sho,” his husband soothes, or at the very least, attempts to soothe. “You’ve had those things for years, maybe the strap finally just gave out and you lost them on patrol somewhere, I’ve been telling you to get a new pair, to at least replace the strap, for forever.”

“Impossible.” Aizawa shakes his head. “The strap may have been old, but it wasn’t breaking apart, it was still in one piece.”

“Things happen, man.” Hawks shrugs slightly. “My new headphones broke after the first week, and those things were brand spanking new, nothings really impossible.”

Nedzu cackles in his office.

Iktomi, alias Akatani, waits until the perfect moment presents itself before raising his hand. “All Might-Sensei, I have a question.”

The number one hero smiles at him brightly and points at him. “Yes, Young Akatani?”

“I’m curious,” he smiles innocently. “How come we never see you eat or drink?”

All Might’s smile falters so slightly that most of the students miss it, but Iktomi doesn’t, he catches it, and his grin turns just a tad bit feral, he has history with this man, and he wants to make him squirm. “Well, my boy, I’ve never been one to eat a whole lot, I usually snack throughout the day.”

“Well, true,” he tilts his head. “But I snack through out the day too,” he turns to Kaminari. “Right, Kami?” The electricity producer nods in confirmation and the black haired teen turns back to the hero. “But I still have to actually eat and drink.”

“Ah, y—yes.” All Might stutters with a slight pinch of nervousness. “I prefer not to eat my meals in view of others, I’m rather self-conscious, you see, I prefer to eat my meals in privacy.”

“Oh, that’s understandable, I’m self-conscious too.” He nods and grins internally when the man seems to exhale in relief. “All Might, I have another question.”

The blonde man’s fists clench at his sides. “Yes, Young Akatani?”

“Well, I was just wondering,” he leans forward against his desk, crossing his arms in front of him on his desk, and tilts his head. “Is there such thing as a transferrable quirk, say, if a hero were getting up there in years and found themselves someone they want to serve as their successor, do you think it’s possible for them to give their quirk to someone else?”

“I—I—” He’s making All Might sweat and is taking sick satisfaction from it. “I’ve never heard of s—such a thing myself, but who knows, in t—today’s day and age, anything is p—possible, young Akatani.”

“Oh, okay,” he shrugs nonchalantly and looks back down to his notebook. “I was just curious and thought you might have seen or learned some wild things in your lifetime, sorry to be a bother.”

“N—No, young Akatani.” All Might denies. “N—Not a bother at all.”

“I think Akatani knows my secret.” Is not something any of them are prepared for when the number one hero slips into the teachers lounge. “He asked me a couple of questions that were too close to it for comfort.”

Ectoplasm snorts and shakes his head. “Akatani’s smart, but I doubt he’s that smart, Toshinori.”

“Yea,” Hawks nods in agreement from where he’s preening his right wing on the couch. “Heck, some of us didn’t know until you revealed it, probably just a coincidence, I wouldn’t stress over it.”

“I’m not all too sure.” All Might, or, in this form, Yagi Toshinori, lowers himself to sit in an empty chair. “His eyes are familiar, to a certain degree, I feel like I’ve seen them before.”

“Yea,” Present Mic nods. “I’ve had that happen to me a lot, see a face you swear you’ve seen somewhere before, usually turns out to be wrong though.”

Nedzu hums softly to himself.

SupremeRatOverlord -> Iktomi

SupremeRatOverlord: Iktomi, would it be alright to ask a rather personal question?

Iktomi: as long as its not for my real name, go for it

SupremeRatOverlord: have you met all might previously to this encounter

Iktomi: yes

Iktomi: I do not like that he is a teacher here

Iktomi: I feel insulted that this man is teaching heroics

SupremeRatOverlord: I cant help but to state the obvious

SupremeRatOverlord: I sense hostility in those words

Iktomi: hostility is there

Iktomi: your senses are correct in that regard

SupremeRatOverlord: if you don’t mind me asking

SupremeRatOverlord: what caused such extreme hostility?

Iktomi: I asked him once if someone with my….condition…could be a hero, his advice, his answer to my make it or break question, was to be more realistic, that he could not say I could. He proceeded to leave me on the roof of an office building after I’d been told to jump off the roof of my school building only an hour earlier

Iktomi: because of him. I found myself at rock bottom. I won’t disclose, but I’ve been through numerous hardships because of my condition, but that hope always carried me through. Having that dream, that hope for the future, torn apart so callously, I attempted to take my life shortly after.

Iktomi: I doubt he would recognize me now, it was months ago, and hes a busy man who lives a fast paced life

Iktomi: the only reason I’m alive today is because hawks found me moments after my attempt and managed to get me to the hospital in time

Iktomi: I believe he wanted to stay, but the hospital staff did not allow him to, he left a feather on my bedside table though, the small gesture helped me climb out of the abyss I’d fallen into

SupremeRatOverlord: my friend, I sincerely apologize you’ve been put under his charge, if I could remove you from his class without causing suspicions, I would do so in an instant, if you ever need an ear or a shoulder, my door is always open to you

Iktomi: I appreciate it, Nedzu, you’re truly one of my best friends, thank you for the offer, but I’ve grown passed it

SupremeRatOverlord: I understand, my offer still stands however

SupremeRatOverlord: tell me, iktomi, do you still have the feather

Iktomi: yes

Iktomi: I wear it on a necklace around my neck

Iktomi: it brings me comfort

SupremeRatOverlord: that’s understandable, but you are aware hawks can feel his feathers, correct

Iktomi: I am aware

Iktomi: I take care to steer clear of him

Iktomi: as best as I can

SupremeRatOverlord: I wish you luck in your quest in staying under the radar

Iktomi: thanks

Of course, Akatani Mikumo, or, in this specific instance, Izuku, knew it was only a matter of time before the feather he wore around his neck gave him away, to that specific individual at least, he avoided the winged hero to the best of his ability, sometimes he could feel his confusion when he’d enter a room, and the teen would immediately leave the room.

The vent system of UA had become a highway for the tester, he made his way around the school unnoticed and undisturbed, there were no sensors or cameras in the vents, he’d done a sweep of the system his first night. Which was a major fault in the grid, if a fourteen year old can figure out that the vents are basically free access to the school, anyone with half a braincell can figure it out too.

Izuku really helps he’s not giving too much credit with that one.

He’s crawling down the length of a vent, half watching where he’s going as to not accidently drop through a vent opening and half watching his watch’s hologram map of the ventilation system to make sure he’s going the right way.

The greenette, his wig is in his room, it’s itchy, he takes it off at night, looks up at the soft fluttering sound, and yelps when he’s surrounded by a flurry of red feathers and finds himself being pulled forward and down through a vent opening.

Keigo pauses in the middle of his dorm room when he feels it, tilting his head in confusion, calling on all his feathers to make sure he wasn’t missing one, and only feels the tug of the one above his head. Looking up, he sees nothing, just the ceiling, and a vent duct. Humming to himself, curious and suspicious, he sends a number of feathers up into the vent, pushing the vent duct open with two of them, he feels a weight against his feathers, and tilts his head in the other direction when he hears a faint yelp from above his head.

And then someone’s falling through the duct.

The hero catches the small body easily, calling his feathers back to his wings, and sets the green haired kid on his feet.

Green haired kid…..

He’s only met one kid with green hai—“You’re that kid!” The teen spins around with wide shocked eyes, whether it’s because he was caught or because the hero seems to remember him, he doesn’t know, maybe both. “What was your name again—Midoriya Izuku!”

The green bean inhales at the declaration of his name. “Izuku. Just Izuku. Not Midoriya.” It seems to hit him. “Wait, you know my name!”

Keigo nods. “Yea, I wanted to stay with you to make sure you were okay, but the doctor and nurses basically told me my job was done and to scram, I left a feather, which I see you noticed, and looked you up a few days later.” Izuku yelps when he’s suddenly tugged into an embrace. “I’m so happy you’re okay! I couldn’t find anything other then your discharge papers and hadn’t heard or seen anything about you since!”

“Yea, yea, I’m okay.” He’s tense for a long couple minutes before he melts into the hug, he hasn’t been on the receiving end of a hug, let alone one of this caliber, in a long, long time. “Thanks, for you know, saving me.”

“Thanks, for you know, letting yourself be saved.” The man’s voice rumbles under his ear softly. “When I didn’t see or hear anything I thought the worst, I tried finding you, but well, it’s a big city.”

He snorts softly. “Yea, it is.” He closes his eyes. “Nice hug.”

The hero laughs softly. “You think so?”

“Yea,” the teen hums. “Who knew Hawks gave such god quality hugs.”

“If I’m allowed to call you Izuku.” The hero scratches his shoulders lightly and he sighs in content. “You can call me Keigo.”

“Cool,” the teen nods into the man’s chest. “Good to see you again, Keigo.”

“Yea,” Keigo squeezes the kid closer. “Good to see you again too, Izuku.”

Nedzu smiles in his office at the scene they make.

“Hey,” those in the staff lounge look up when the winged hero enters that morning. “Any of you seen my visor?” He rubs at his head in confusion. “I can’t find it.”

Hound Dog growls softly. “I haven’t, Takami, sure you didn’t drop it on patrol?”

“No, no, I’m sure I didn’t drop it.” Hawks shakes his head and flops down on the couch, stretching his wings out slightly, and rubs at his face. “I can’t remember if I set it down anywhere yesterday, I swear I put it on the desk in my room, but it wasn’t there when I woke up, so now I don’t know for sure if I did or not.” He tugs on his hair. “GAH! It’s gonna drive me crazy!”

All Might hums softly. “Do you not have a spare?”

“No, I do,” the winged hero nods. “I just like that one better than the other one and I just got it.”

The stoat hums thoughtfully. “Perhaps they were just misplaced like Aizawa’s goggles.”

The aforementioned man mutters threats under his breath that they’re all sure are humanly impossible. For him anyway. No one’s quite sure what’s impossible for Nedzu and what’s not, and none of them want to find out, some things are better left unknown.

Akatani types discreetly on his phone in the back of the darkened classroom as Midnight goes through her presentation of pre-quirk art with much gusto, she is obviously way more invested in this then the class is, her gusto is not returned in kind.

He slides through a series of files, all supposedly encrypted by UA’s firewall and security software, and taps on one, hacking into the teacher’s computer is so much easier then it should be, and he casts the video over the projector.

The R-Rated heroine tilts her head in confusion when the class breaks out into laughter. “What’s so funny?”

Iida, looking very grim, points at the screen behind her, and she stares in horror, at her first Sport’s Festival, as her quirk continuously backfires. Screeching, she jumps at her computer, and, unbeknownst to her, it becomes a tennis match between her and the black haired teen in the back of the classroom, one trying to return to the power point presentation, and the other continuously pulling up otherwise embarrassing footage of their kind art teacher’s days as a student at UA.

Really, he’s got to thank Nedzu for keeping these.

“You should have seen it!” Kamaya wails into her hands, bent over the table, completely mortified at what her class had seen and not quite sure how they’d seen it in the first place, she wouldn’t put it passed her boss, but Nedzu had been absent the entire day. “It was soooo embarrassing!”

Yamada pats her back sympathetically. “What exactly did they see?”

Midnight lifts her head from the table. “They saw my first sports festival!”

“Well,” the voice hero tries to soothe. “That’s not all that bad, mine was way worse.”

“They saw the time Tensei shaved my head!”

Aizawa snorts. “I remember that.”


“So,” it’s become a common occurrence for Izuku to drop out of the vent duct into Keigo’s dorm at this point, it’s a nightly thing now, has been in the two weeks since they’d first met up, again. “You a student?"

Izuku shakes his head, climbing up over the man’s side slightly to get him to rub his other shoulder, and the hero snorts, but obliges, and doesn’t push him away. “Nah, I’m here testing the security system. Long term. Testing situational awareness and observation skills too.”

Those fingers stop massaging his shoulder. “Wait, what?”

The teen nods, tilts his head slightly to meet the hero’s gold eyes. “Yea, you know Iktomi?”

Keigo narrows his eyes. “…Yea?”

“Well,” the greenette grins. “Iktomi is my alias.”

Wait,” the first thing that comes to mind is—“You’re the one who’s been taking all our stuff!”

Izuku has the audacity to laugh at him. “Yea! Some heroes you are! I’m not even being all that sneaky about it either! I took your visor and earrings with you still in the room!”

“You little shit!”

The teen shrieks when they roll over. “No! Wait! I’ll give’em back!”

“Too late, brat!”

Nedzu hums fondly at the pair, his good friend had found someone to let in, and takes a sip of tea as the winged hero destroys the poor boy.

He’s got a feeling Iktomi will not be stealing Hawks things any longer.

The tester and stoat cackle together in the mammal’s office as students and staff alike slip and slide down the hallway, the floor covered in a thin layer of clear oil, a familiar blonde man enters frame to the right, and gold eyes look directly in the camera. Nedzu spares his friend a glance to see his reaction when the man grins discreetly and winks.

Iktomi beams at the sight, a happiness he’s never seen in the boy’s eyes before, makes them glow.

Let it not be said the mammalian doesn’t play more then one game at once.

“Anyone got any questions?”

No one in the class dares raise their hand at the winged hero’s lecture’s end, he was really there as extra protection until it was solidified that the security systems put into place were foolproof, but Nedzu thought it to be a great opportunity for the hero course students to learn from one of the top ten, and thus, Hawks sometimes participated in All Might’s class as a guest teacher.

Heads turn when a hand raises in the back of the class, no one sees the hero’s eyes narrow, staring at Akatani, with his hand in the air, smiling coolly at the winged man. “I got a question.”

Keigo glares at the boy playfully. “What, Akatani?”

The dark haired teen smirks. “So, if you have an avian quirk, does that mean you molt too?”

The class turns to the hero, the man narrows his eyes. “Yes.”

They turn back to their classmate. “So, normally, it takes birds several months to grow their feathers back after molting the old ones, what do you do when you molt if your main weapon of choice are your feathers?”

Everyone turns back to the hero, Hawks’ gold eyes are sharp, but they see no real heat behind them. “Well, Akatani, that’s a rather personal question, isn’t it?”

The class turns back to the teen in the back of the room. “Well, I got a few idea—” they stare at him in confusion when he just starts giggling out of nowhere.

No one turns to see the hero wiggling his fingers at him threateningly.

“Aizawa!” Vlad King storms into the teachers lounge after classes. “That’s too far!”

The tired man groans and raises his head, he would be on a warpath, someone had replaced the coffee with dirt, but he was currently going through a grueling coffee withdraw. “What’s too far?”

The teacher for class 1-B snaps. “One of your brats spray painted ‘1-A Rules’ on the wall of our classroom and our dormitory!”

Aizawa groans. “What do you want me to do about it?”


The underground hero waves a hand at the other teacher. “I’ll look into it.”

Nedzu swallows a cackle with a sip of tea.

Hawks pulls his left wing around as though to preen the feathers to hide his silent laughter.

“Okay, you know the rules of the game, right?” Keigo smiles at the teen’s soft giggling. “We gotta go over them again, gotta go through a test run again?”

Izuku shakes his head, then nods, no, they don’t need to go through a test run, and yes, he understands the rules. He doesn’t know why he agreed to play this fucking game, topless, arms above his head, fingers curled together, trapped under his greatest tormentor, maybe it was because after the last five years, it felt good to laugh freely again, but he digresses, he regrets, but at the same time, he has no regrets.

“Aww,” he wiggles his fingers lightly in the boy’s sides, smiling when his giggles pick up, and he squirms from side to side. “I wanted to go through another test run again.”

The teen manages to get his giggling under control when the fingers stop wiggling. “What’s the topic?”

The winged hero grins. “Birds, what else?”

“Oh come on!” Izuku exclaims. “I don’t know anything about birds!”

He giggles wildly when the hero traces a finger around his belly button. “That sounds like a you problem. You said I could pick the topic, remember, I chose birds.” The man smiles up at him. “Ready?”

Keigo nods when the teen nods. “Birds belong to what species group?”

The teen whines as he thinks, he’s got a minute, sixty seconds. “Uummm….Uummmm….”

“Twenty-four seconds.”

“No! I need more time!” Izuku wracks his brain for anything he knows about birds and giggles when nothing comes to the forefront of his mind. “I don’t know!”

“Not even gonna try?”

“It’s gonna be wrong anyway!” The teen wails in giggles. “I hate you!”

“Times up!” The blonde chirps. “Answer’s warm-blooded vertebrates.” He claws his fingers in the boy’s belly, smiling when he squeals and arches his back, trying in vain to suck his belly in. “You got a minute of torture.” He moves over to focus on the left side of the kid’s belly, and Izuku shrieks with laughter, twisting up onto his side as best as he can, dropping back down when fingers latch onto his right side and start kneading firmly.

It’s the longest fucking minute in Izuku’s life.

“Okay,” Keigo stops, waiting a minute for the teen to catch his breath and get his giggling under control, and grins when the boy glares at him. “Next question, what gives birds their ability to fly?”

Izuku grins, he knows this one, he’s safe. “Wings!”

“See, you do know something about birds.” The hero hums. “How many approximate known species of birds are in the world?”

“Oh god!” The teen starts giggling. “Ohohoh gohohod! I don’t know!”

“Tick tock, tick tock.”

“Fuck! Ummm! God, I don’t know!” The tester shouts a random number. “Two hundred!”

“Errr, wrong answer!” And squeals when fingers curl into his sides and start kneading firmly. “The answer’s ten thousand.” The teen screams and arches his back, pressing his chin to his chest, when he spiders his fingers down to pinch just above his hips. “Oh yea, get that really bad spot right there, gotta give it some attention.”

“Kehehehehehheei nohohohohho! Stohhoohohohohhoop! Nohohohohot theehehehehehehheheere! Eeaaiaiaiaiaaahahahahahahahahahaa aaahhahahahahahahahhahahaa!” Izuku cackles, shimmying his waist from side to side, a vain attempt to get away from the pinching fingers. “Nehehehheheext quehehehehehhhesstion! Nehehehehehehheeext!”

“Uh uh, you still got twenty seconds of this. No cheating, fledgling, sixty seconds for every wrong answer.”

The teen throws his head back. “Thahahahahat’s sohohhohoho fuhuhuhuhuhucking lohohohohong!”

“It’s only long to you because you’re so damn ticklish.” The hero gives one final pinch and gives the kid another minute to get himself under control again. “Next question, hopefully you get this one right, what continent is best known for bird watching?”

Izuku bites his lip. “Oh god! Oh god!” He starts giggling when it feels like an eternity passes, if he doesn’t get it because he get’s the answer wrong, he’ll get it when he runs out of time. “Uuuuh, ummmm…”

“Fifteen seconds.”

“Oh god!” The teen cries out desperately with his life on the line. “South America!”

“Correct, you know two things about birds.” Keigo drums his fingers against the teen’s sides. “Okay, how about this one, how many bird species exist on the continent of South America?”

“I don’t fucking know!”

“Give it a shot, fifty-fifty chance it’ll be right or wrong.” The boy arches his back and shrieks when fingers drum over his lower belly. “You’re running out of tiiiiime.”

“Oh god! Oh god! Ummm!” He’s panicking now, he knows where the man’s going next, not there, anywhere but there. “Thirty-two hundred!”

“Oh, wow, admittedly I didn’t think you’d get that one.” The hero hums thoughtfully. “Which bird’s eggs are blue?”

“Uh……Uh…..” Izuku has no fucking idea. “Bluejay?”

There’s a brief pause where Keigo just grins at him and he can’t help but call him a whole bunch of fowl names in his head. “Errr!” Fingers curl around his waist and thumbs dig sharply into his hips, and he screams, lifting from the bed under them. “American Robin!” He kneads his thumbs into the kid’s hips deeply. “Gotta really get in there for maximum affect.”

Izuku screams with laughter, jerking from side to side, and his arms come flying down, fingers curling around the hero’s hands. “Baahahahahahahahahahahahaha aaahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha stohohohohohohop nohohohohhot theheheheehheehheheere! Plehehehehehehease nohohohohot theehehehehehehehehere! FFfaaaahahahahahahahhahahahahahaa aaahahahhahahahahahahahahaaa gehehehehehhehet ahahahahahhahaway! Geheheheheheehheet ahahahahahhahaaway frohohohohom theeheheheheheheheheheere!”

“Hey, put your arms back up, you know the rules.” The teen shakes his head and pushes desperately at the hero’s hands, his thumbs still kneading into his hips, and said hero laughs softly. “If you don’t put those arms back up I’m gonna really torture that belly and you know I will.” He squeals merely at the thought and throws his arms back up above his head. “Good boy.”

Three, two, one. Keigo stops torturing the kid’s hips, for now, he’s soo comin’ back here, might not leave even. “Okay,” he lets the teen catch his breath and get himself under control again. “How many eggs per clutch does a Robin lay?”

Why do you even know that!” Izuku shrieks when the man rubs his hips lightly with his thumbs, which is probably cheating, definitely cheating, no tickles unless he’s wrong or runs out of time. “Nohohoho! Stohohohoohhop! Yohohohou’re breheheheheheaking thehehehe ruhuhuhuhules!”

I can’t break the rules.” The hero coos playfully. “I made them.” He continues rubbing the teen’s hips lightly. “Tick tock, nestling, times runnin’ out.”

“Okay! Okay!” He is desperate to get this one right. “Uuuuhhhhhhh, three to five!” He’s not sure why he knows that but he’s thankful that he does.

“Wow, you got some good luck.” The hero clicks his tongue thoughtfully. “How about this one, what does RSPB stand for?”

Izuku wails. “Why the fuck would I know that, birdbrain!”

“Twenty seconds.”

“Oh my god! I don’t know!” He doesn’t even try to figure it out, he just goes straight to begging, he’s definitely not above begging. “No! Please no! Kei please! Pass! Pass! Next question! Please!”

“You don’t get to skip questions.”

What!” The teen screams. “Why!”

Keigo hums lightly. “Because I said so, you got fifteen seconds by the way.”

“Fuck! Fuck okay! Uh! Oh my god! I don’t know!”

“Five, four, three, two, one!” The teen squeals when he kneads his thumbs into his hips again, he didn’t leave, it’s just too good here. “Times up!” He slips his thumbs under the waist of his sweat pants and kneads into the pockets of his hips, which changes his laughter to a whole new octave. “Oh, it stands for Royal Society of the Protection of Birds, by the way, for your knowledge.”

“Ihihihi’m noohohohohohot suhuhuhuhuhurpriihihihihiised thahahahahahat yohohohohou knohohohohow thahahahahhahaat!” Izuku screams between bouts of squealing laughter. “Nohohohohot eheheheheheheeven ahahahahhaaa lihihihihihittle!” It’s the longest fucking minute of his life but it does come to pass, and there’s a long minute of residual giggling, before he gets himself under control, and smiles up at the hero. “Are you a member of the RSPB?”

“Actually,” Keigo exclaims. “I’m not, can you believe that a man-bird isn’t a part of a society for protecting his own brethren!” He grins. “Oh, I got a good one, okay, here’s the next question, birds are originally descended from which vertebrate class?”

“What!” The teen shouts. “Birds weren’t just there! They came from something!”

“Yep.” The boy giggles softly when the hero traces shapes over his belly lightly. “Timers clickin’, hatchling, tick tock.”

“I don’t know! I don’t fucking know!” He cries in terrified frustration. “I didn’t know birds descended from something! Shit, fuck, shiiiit!” He shrieks panicked giggles when the winged man circles a finger slowly around his belly button. “Wait! Wait, I still have time!”

“You do, fifteen seconds and counting.”

“Ummm! Uuuh! Fuck! I don’t fucking know!”

“Ten seconds.” Izuku bites his lip and shakes his head. “Nothing? You got nothing?” The hero sighs in mock disappointment when the kid shakes his head. “Well, darn, I seriously hoped you get that one so I wouldn’t have to do this. Oh, and the answer’s reptiles.”

The kid screams when he wiggles his finger in his belly button, arching his back sharply, squeezing his eyes closed as he throws his head back, before falling into bouts of bright cackles. Keigo laughs when he feels his legs shift under him, only slightly, but shift none the less, kill spot, right here. “Best. Spot. Ever.” He switches tactics and claws his fingers in the teen’s belly instead, smiling when he squeals and arches his back again. “I’ll give you an easy one, ‘cause I’m nice like that.” Thirty seconds later, he waits another sixty for the boy to catch his breath, before asking another question. “What is the largest bird in the world?”

Izuku’s still giggling under his breath, that’s how bad that one spot is, he’s still giggling two minutes later. “Ohohostrich!”

“Good job, I knew you’d know that one!” The hero mulls a few questions over in his head. “Okay, let’s try a harder one—”

“No! WHY! You know I don’t know birds like you do!”

He smiles fondly. “I know. More fun for me. Okay, next question, which golden eagle escaped from the London zoo in 1965?”

Izuku gawks at him. “What the fuck, man!”

Keigo winks. “You said I got to pick the topic,” he sings playfully. “Rememberrrr!”

“I have so many regrets right now!”

“You got thirty-five seconds.”

“Oh shit! Oh god! Fucking dammit!” The kid yells in a panic. “I don’t know! I don’t fucking know! Why do you know!”

“Twenty seconds.”

“Shiiiiit! Aaahhhhh! I don’t know! Hint! Gimme a hint! Please!”

“Okay,” he’s a nice guy. “Its name is in the name of the species.”

“That doesn’t fucking help!” The teen cries. “Uuuhhhh Golden! Gold! Uuuhhhh Goldie!”

“Oh wow, you got it!” Izuku breathes a sigh of relief, that circling finger was getting way too close to his belly button for his liking. “Next question, what is the most talkative bird in the world?”

This teen has no self-preservation. “Hawks!”

“Pffff—” Keigo laughs. “Good one! Just for that it’s goin’ in!”

His eyes only just widen, can’t even form a protest, before the hero’s finger is wiggling in his belly button again, and he screeches. Arms flying down, breaking the rules, which only adds more time, he snatches the man’s hand, tearing his finger out of his belly button, and screams when he remembers he has two hands when a finger starts wiggling in his belly button again, snatching that hand too.

The hero snorts softly. “You think that’ll stop me?” His eyes widen when the man takes a deep breath and leans over, burying his face in his belly, and blows a massive raspberry. The teen screams, releasing the blonde’s hands in favor of pushing at his head, especially when he takes another deep breath. “That’s better.” Izuku panics when fingers curl around his wrists and his arms are lifted back over his head, shaking his head when red feathers shoot up to keep them there, that’s cheating, so unfair. “And, for that little stunt, you get two minutes.”

“No! Wait—” The kid’s pleas are cut off by a loud scream, a finger wiggling in his belly button, and two fingers pinching at that spot right above his hip. He jerks harshly, tugging on his arms desperately, as his loud cackles fill the hero’s dorm room. “Wahahahhahahaait! Nohohohohohoho! Keheheheheheheei gihihihihihiiive mehehehehehehee ahahahahhahaaanother chahahahahhaance! Stohohohohohop! Stohohohohop!”

“You get no second chances.” Keigo hums as he just relishes in the teen’s hysterical cackles. “None for you.” He shakes his head lightly. “Iktomi, that little shit, deserves no second chances. Take your punishment for breakin the rules. Take it like a man.”

Izuku snorts, and he laughs, because, oh my god, he made the kid snort. “Buhuhuhut I’m ahahahaha bohohohohoy!”

“I know.” He sings softly. “An incredibly ticklish boy too. I didn’t think anyone could be this bad. And then I met you.” The attack stops and the teen thinks he’s in the clear, oh, you poor soul, this bird plays with his food before he eats it. “Like, for example,” Izuku stares at the finger the hero holds up unblinkingly. “All I need is one finger and you’re completely done for.” The teen squeals loudly and arches his back sharply when he wiggles that single finger in his belly button. “See, just one finger, and you’re gone, just one.”

“GET IT OUT! GET IT OUUUUUT! Gehehehehheet ihihihihihit ohohohohout!” The teen screams between uncontrollable cackling fits. “Pleheheheheheease! Pleeeeehehehhehehehehease Keheheheheheei! Gehehehehehet ihihihhihihit ohohohohohout! Ihihihihiit’s sohohohoho bahahahahhahaaad theheheheheheere! Geheheheheheet ihihihihit ohohohohohout!”

“It’s bad here?” Keigo hums mockingly. “Just how bad is it, nestling?”

“Sohohohohoooo bahahahahahhahaad!” The boy wails. “Quehehehehhehestion! Aahahhahahahahahask! Nohohohohohoo mohohohohore! Ihihihihi cahahahahahaan’t!”

“Okay, okay,” he gives one last wiggle and pulls his finger back, letting the teen pant and giggle for a few minutes, before returning to their game. “Owls live on every continent but one, which one?”

Izuku feels like he knows this one. “Antarctica!”

“Your button’s safe for now.” The hero tilts his head as he thinks of another. “Oh, I got one, about how many bird species are there in the world?”

“What’s with the number questions!” Izuku cries. “You know I don’t know those! That’s so wrong, Kei, on so many levels!”

He giggles frantically when a finger starts slowly circling around his belly button. “Clocks a tickin away.”

“Ohohoh gohohod! Oh god! I don’t know!” The teen wails frantically. “It’s gonna be wrong and you’re gonna go there and it’s gonna be soooo bad! I hate this game! Why did I agree to this!”

“I, for one, love it very much. Thirty seconds.”

“Uuuuuhhh! Oh god! Fuck! Fuuuuck!” He decides just to throw out a random number. “Eight thousand!”

There’s a pause, tester and hero stare at each other, one grinning while the other watches grimly, the suspense building.

He screams when the finger dips into his belly button and starts wiggling. “Eeerrr wrong answer!” The man digs in deep and the boy screeches, arms struggling against the feather holding them in place, and rocks from side to side as best as he can. “The answer’s over ninety-five hundred.”

“Thihihihis gahahahahahame fuhuhuhuhucking suhuhuhuhucks aahahahhahahaasssss!” Izuku yells, squealing when the finger pulls out of his belly button, thankfully, and the hero claws his fingers into his belly instead, rocking up onto his left side when he focuses on the right side of his belly, and has immediate regret when the man holds him there and just spiders his fingers up and down his exposed side. “Baaahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahaahaaa aahhahahahahahahahahahaha stohohohohohohohop! Leheheheheheheheet gohohohohohohoo! Gohohohoho bahahahahhahaack!”

“Go back to your belly?” He’s pushed back down and ten fingers claw into his belly again. “Got it.” Keigo chirps suddenly and if Izuku wasn’t already squealing with laughter, he’d have laughed at the fact that the man chirped. “I have an inquiry!”

“OH GOD!” He screams when the fingers stop clawing his belly and he’s given a few minutes to get himself under control, panting and giggling for at least two minutes after it stops, at the very least. “I don’t care! No inquiries! Let it stay an inquiry!”

“No, no, hear me out.” The man drums his fingers over his belly lightly. “So, you lose your mind when I claw in with my normal fingers, right,” he giggles lightly when the hero wiggles his fingers into his lower belly gently. “But, what about if I just scratch lightly with my talons?”

“Oh fucking shit! No! I don’t wanna know!” Izuku shakes his head frantically. “Let it stay a mystery! Some things are better left unknown!”

“Better for who?”


“HA!” The hero climbs upwards. “I’m gonna try it on your neck.”

“No! Shit, no! Stay the fuck away from me!” He struggles against it when his arms are moved so he can’t scrunch his shoulders up, still, unfortunately, held in place by the feathers. “Kei!” He goes wide eyed when the hero holds a finger in front of his face, watching his nail grow and change shape, extending and sharpening. “Kei, no!” He tenses when the man pushes his head over with his free hand and just waits, stewing in anticipation, until he feels it, something sharp, incredibly so, scratching lightly at the side of his neck, the touch is feather light, but it’s driving him insane as he explodes into shrilly high pitched giggles.

“Oh, that’s adorable, you sound like a little hatchling.” Keigo moves his hand, and the kid immediately tilts to the side, trying to block out his neck, and shrieks brightly when he scratches at the other side of his neck with a talon. “Squeaky little giggles are the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.” He scratches under the boy’s chin lightly and the teen squeaks brightly, tilting his head down as much as he can. “Who’s a cute little hatchling? Who is?” He moves back to scratch behind his ears and the greenette shrieks and shakes his head. “Who is it? Who’s a cute little hatchling? Is it you? Are you the cute little hatchling?” The teen’s squeaky shrilly high pitched giggles are something to savor, they’re so sweet, and he returns to scratching under his chin. “It’s you, you’re the cute little hatchling, yea you are, a cute little hatchling.”

“Guys!” Midnight’s near tears when she crashes into the teacher’s lounge that morning. “I can’t find my whip! My poor baby! It’s probably so scared!”

Hawks snorts in front of the coffee machine. “Did you just refer to your whip as though it can feel emotions?”

“Shut up, birdbrain!” She wails dramatically. “You’re the same way with chicken nuggets!”

The man grumbles. “Just because it’s true, doesn’t mean you should say it.” He picks up the sound of soft muted laughter in the vent above his head and sends a discreet glare up to it, one that promises the most torturous torture that’s ever been felt in the history of tortures.

Keigo’s actually kind of disappointed in the hero students of class 1-A, he’s not even going to begin on All Might, when none of them even take notice of them standing in the shadows of the back of the room.

If anyone were to look back there, they’d catch sight of the winged hero curled around Akatani, clawing the fingers of his one hand into his left side, a hand curled over his mouth, muffling the dark haired teen’s squealing laughter, tears shining in the teen’s bright green eyes.

It’s been seven minutes, going on eight, and no one’s looked back.

He feels like he has every right to be a tad bit disappointed in them all.

Hawks takes one look at the teacher’s lounge, the others standing in the middle of the room, every surface covered skillfully in aluminum foil, and does a U turn, stepping right back out, in search of two things, one being coffee, and two, that little shit who made it unnecessarily difficult to get himself number one.

He just opens the dorm to his room and coos in relief. “I love you.” Taking the coffee the teen holds out to him gratefully, he chugs it down, at least two gulps, and hums in pleasure. “Nice work with the lounge by the way, how’d you manage that?”

“Spite, coffee, monster, and resting only when I blink.”

The hero chokes on his coffee. “EXCuse mE?”

Izuku smirks up at him. “Pure willpower.”

“Okay, nope, I’ll write you an excuse.” Keigo sets his cup of coffee down, kicks the door closed, and scoops the small tester up off his feet. “Let’s get some sleep.”

“I’m not even tired though!”

“I’ll rub your shoulders if you lay down with me.”

The teen nods into the hero’s shoulder. “I think I can try and sleep.”

“I can’t find my sunglasses.” Present Mic ponders out loud in the teachers lounge. “I’m almost positive I put them on my nightstand before I fell asleep last night.”

“Maybe,” Aizawa grinds out. “Your sunglasses got lost with my goggles.”

“Aizawa,” Power Loader groans. “I’ll make you new goggles.” He turns and mutters under his breath. “The old ones were an eyesore anyway.” He yells when a mug crashes into the back of his head.

“Soooo, Takami,” Kayama purrs one morning in the teachers lounge. “You seem to be spending a lotta time with Akatani, wanna share with the class?”

Takami takes a sip of coffee and pointedly doesn’t look up from his phone. “Not particularly, no.”

“Could it beeee,” she sings. “That this bachelor bird found himself a potential baby birddd?”

He chokes on his coffee and spits it out as his head whips around. “What! No! I don’t see him like that! I’m not looking for a baby bird! I’m only twenty-four! And—And even if I were, and that’s a big if, it wouldn’t be Akatani! He’s just fun to hang out with, that’s it, gotta good sense of humor! I wouldn’t want him as my kid!”

Kayama hums suspiciously but looks away, turning to her phone when it dings, and Keigo’s eyes widen, head lifting, eyes peering into the darkness of the vent duct above him, when he feels the feather he’d given away that odd year and a half ago.

Well, shit.

Iktomi -> SupremeRatOverlord

Iktomi: I apologize my friend

Iktomi: a personal matter has come up

Iktomi: I will continue our game

Iktomi: I mean test

Iktomi: but I will have to take a short leave

SupremeRatOverlord: oh, I do hope everythings alright

Iktomi: its fine

Iktomi: I just need to take care of a few things

Iktomi: but ill be back

SupremeRatOverlord: I see, is there anything I can do to be of help

Iktomi: I don’t think so

Iktomi: thank you for your understanding

Iktomi: ill be back in a few days

SupremeRatOverlord: of course, I will send out a notice for you as to not draw suspicions, if there is anything you can think of that I can do, please don’t hesitate to ask

Iktomi: Ill keep that in mind

Iktomi: thank you for being such a great friend Nedzu

SupremeRatOverlord: you as well Iktomi

He understands when Izuku doesn’t come to his dorm room after that, he didn’t mean it, he’d just been put on the spot, but he’d said it, and Izuku heard it, and he doesn’t blame him for pulling away, he would have too if the positions were switched.

Keigo wants to apologize, to explain why he said it, and he tries to, he goes searching for the boy, only to find that Izuku, or, as the others know him, Akatani, has left campus due to ‘personal issues arising’. His mind can’t help but go back to their first meeting, seeing the kid sprawled out on the side walk, blood pooling under him, limbs bent up into awkward angles, after he’d attempted to take his own life, and worry, deep gut wrenching worry, gnaws at every fiber of his being, because what if?

“Ah, Hawks, I was wondering when you’d be coming to my door.” It’s not surprising to him that the stoat knows why he’s here. “I assume you’ve come to me in regards to Izuku’s absence?”

“Yea,” the hero nods, releasing a few feathers from his wings so he can flop down comfortably on the chair opposing the mammal behind the desk. “Where’d he go? Is he okay?”

“Well, now, for someone who only desires to hang out with him because he’s fun,” Nedzu sips from his tea and his dark beady eyes cut into the man. “You seem to be rather worried.”

“Look,” Keigo rubs at his face. “I know what I said, I didn’t mean it, okay, I was just put on the spot and it just came out, I am worried about him, okay, especially after how we first met, I don’t…I don’t want anything to happen to him.” He meets the principle’s eyes. “I know you know where he is, so, please, can you just tell me where I can find him?”

“Have you thought about the possibility, Takami,” Nedzu sets his tea cup down. “That he does not wish to see you?”

“And, if that’s the case, I’ll leave him alone and never interact with him again.” He crosses his hands pleadingly. “I just need to make sure he’s okay.”

“You broke his heart, Takami, Izuku has lost so much in his young life, he lost his best friend and father at the young age of four, he lost his mother at the ripe young age of seven, he lost his home when he turned ten.” The stoat crosses his paws in front of him. “And, not one of those individuals are deceased, his father abandoned him at four, his mother abandoned him at seven, they decided they didn’t want him as their kid. His best friend is in Aizawa’s class.” Nedzu let’s this weigh in the air of the office. “He thought he’d finally found someone, and you broke his heart, what makes you think he’d be okay after seeing you?”

“Look, okay, I know I messed up, I know.” Takami stresses this as much as he can. “But, he means a lot to me, and I just need to see him, please, I’m begging you to tell me where I can find him.”

The stoat eyes him with scrutiny, before bowing his head in a half nod, scribbling something down on a slip of paper, he slides it across his desk towards him. “I will only do this once, Hawks, that boy can disappear with the wind, if you fail to get him back, you’ll never see him again.”

Izuku doesn’t even get out of bed when someone knows on his apartment door, he didn’t bother to lock it, if someone wanted to come in and murder him in his own bed, he’d close his eyes and let them, he doesn’t care.

All adults are the same, they pretend to care, until they grow bored.

He should have known not to let himself get close, not to get attached, whenever he does, he always let’s his heart get broken, you’d think he’d have learned by now, but apparently not.

“It’s open!”

The teen doesn’t turn to look to see who opens the door of his small studio apartment, he just closes his eyes, go ahead, make it quick. The door closes and there’s a brief moment, before someone’s walking across the room.

He opens his eyes when the bed dips behind him, and he tenses, because he’d be okay being killed in his own bed, but not after that. The teen bites his lip when an arm curls around him and a bristled face presses into the back of his neck, and he feels a begrudging sense of relief when a red wing curls over him.

“Hatchling,” the man whispers into the skin on the back of his neck. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it. I do care about you. I do see you as my kid.”

He rubs at his nose. “Then, why’d you say it?”

“Because,” the hero thinks for a minute. “I panicked, I wasn’t expecting that, I shouldn’t have said it, and I can’t take it back, but I do care about you, I care about you a lot, I don’t want to lose you, hatchling.”

“You do?” Izuku turns, twisting around, tucking himself under the man’s chin. “You care about me?”

“I do, I care about you a lot.” A hand curls around the back of his head. “I love you, kiddo, you’re mine, and you’ll always be mine, whether you wanna be or not.”

The teen smiles slightly. “I am?”

“Oh, yea, this ticklish little hatchling?” Keigo squeezes the kid close. “All mine.”

“You know, Takami, I’ve happened to take notice of something here.” Midnight calls out that afternoon after classes. “All your missing stuff seemed to turn up and hasn’t gone missing again.”

“I,” the winged hero looks up from his phone. “Think it may be because I’m better at keeping track of my things.” He turns back to his phone and mutters under his breath. “Besides, his belly couldn’t take it if he stole my things.”

“What was that?”

“Nothin’, just thinking to myself.”

The class watches apprehensively when All Might finishes his lesson with a customary—“Does anyone have any questions?”

Eyes turn to look at their dark haired classmate in the back of the room, Akatani smirks, and raises his hand, All Might inhales sharply, Hawks, leaning against the chalk board behind him, smirks slightly and raises an eyebrow in interest, and Aizawa narrows his eyes. “I have a question, sir.”

“A—Ah, yes, young Akatani.” The number one hero addresses the kid nervously. “Go a—ahead.”

“Well, I can’t help but notice,” he rests his chin on his hand. “That our lesson today was about discrimination, and, between you and me, All Might, I don’t know why they’d leave you to be the one teaching discrimination, I mean, speaking realistically.” All Might swallows thickly, something akin to possible recognition flashing in his eyes, and the two other heroes look between the two of them curiously, and semi-alarmed, Hawks even pushes away from the chalk board. “But, I digress, I believe we’ve covered Quirk Discrimination rather thoroughly, but we didn’t even speak on Quirkless Discrimination.”

The class erupts into whispers, Akatani (or, Izuku, in this moment in time, he’s getting some vindictive glee when the man’s eyes definitely spark in recognition) focuses directly on the man in front of them, All Might licks his lips. “Well, young man, I didn’t think it was pertinent.”

“Didn’t think it was pertinent?” He tilts his head. “Why ever not, I mean, realisitically speaking, it’s the quirkless who pose the biggest threat to society, because it’s the people who have nothing left to lose who are the most dangerous, and the quirkless, they have absolutely nothing to lose.”

“No way, man!” Kirishima breaks the muted whispers first. “A quirkless villain would be taken down in a heart beat!”

“Yea,” Kaminari agrees. “Besides, why would they want to be a villain in the first place, it’s not like their lives are that hard, I mean, they don’t wake up every morning putting their lives on the line!”

The class shouts out similar disagreements to his accusation and he waits for them to settle down before speaking. “Oh, my friends, but it’s quite the contrary.” He pushes his seat back and stands, stepping out into the aisle, he makes his way to the front of the classroom. “Would you believe that I had a presentation about this subject matter on my person at just the right moment.”

Akatani looks down to their homeroom teacher, Aizawa stares up at him with scrutiny, eyes slightly narrowed, but gives a stiff nod.

The dark haired teen nods in return and sticks a flash drive into the computer. “Birdman if you would so kindly get the lights.”

Hawks hums in interest and flips off the lights.

Akatani straightens, the first slide of a presentation on the screen. “Since, you all disagreed about quirkless individuals being dangerous villains, let’s take a look at what history has to say, because you all know the common expression, right, the one that says ‘history has a tendency to repeat itself’?” He clicks a button on the projectors remote and a man comes up on screen. “Adolph Hitler, he was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party, Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and Fuhrer of Nazi Germany. Hitler initiated the second world war in Europe with the invasion of Poland in 1939 and he was the central figure behind the Holocaust, he exterminated over six million Jews. He was quirkless.”

He clicks the button, and another picture of another man appears on the screen. “Pol Pot, he was the leader of the Cambodian revolutionary group the Khmer Rogue, which had orchestrated the Cambodian genocide. He is most likely the only man in history who ordered mass genocide on his own country. During his reign as Prime Minister, his policies led to the death of around two million people which was twenty-five percent of the entire population. He liked to keep the skulls of people he had killed and went as far as ordering babies to be torn limb by limb. He was quirkless.”

He clicks the button, and another man appears on the screen. “Saddam Hussein. He was the dictator of Iraq from 1979 to 2003. During his reign he authorized countless attacks on people. His policies made way for the death of no less then two million people. He ordered chemical attacks, eye gouging, beatings, and severe shocks on people. He also recorded several tortures and deaths to watch them later. He was quirkless.”

Akatani pushes a button, and a graph appears on screen. “Now, let’s discuss as to why quirkless people pose the biggest threat to society, it’s not by sheer numbers, the world’s quirkless population is around twenty percent and growing smaller and smaller with every passing day.” He pulls up another graph. “Let’s look at the life outlook for a quirkless individual, shall we? Quirklessness is diagnosed at age four, from a simple mutation of having an extra toe joint, sixty-five percent of quirkless children are victims of familial homicide before they reach five years old.” He pulls up another graph. “If that quirkless child survives to the age of ten, for six years, they’ve endured countless hours of abuse, neglect, heinous bullying, and yes, even below the age of ten, they are enduring suicide baiting, most quirkless children who survive through childhood, commit suicide by the age of ten.” He pulls up another graph. “Now, let’s say your quirkless individual is one of the sparse lucky few who make it into their teen years, fourteen to be precise, by this time they’ve endured ten years of peer abuse, not just by their fellow classmates, oh no, but by their teachers as well, teachers will either join in or turn a blind eye, now, you might ask, why doesn’t that quirkless individual fight back, they can’t, and it’s not because they’re weaker, it’s because they’ll be the ones punished for it, crazy, right, someone being punished for self-defense, a mark will be put on their records, and on top of the fact it’ll be hard to get into college or university as a quirkless individual, for those who live to that age, but the black mark on their record is a deal breaker for most, if not all, places of higher institution. Most quirkless individuals who make it to their teens commit suicide before the start of high school.” He turns to stare Bakugo directly in the eyes. “They take a leap of faith off a building and hope they get a quirk in their next life.”

They stare as the teen bows. “Thanks, I’ll be here all week.”

He reclaims his seat.

He feels Bakugo’s stare on him the entire time.

Izuku peeks through the vent grate above the teacher’s lounge, Keigo’s visor over his eyes, and peers around for one inside, when he finds no one, he lifts the grate carefully, and peeks through the duct, and when he still sees no one, he drops down lightly onto the floor.

Aizawa’s sleeping bag so poorly left unattended in the corner, he smirks to himself, making his way across the room quickly, he pulls a clear bottle with a white powder within out of his bag, unscrewing the lid carefully, he dumps the contents of the bottle into the poor lonely sleeping bag, shakes said sleeping bag carefully, screws the lid of his bottle back on, and slips out the door.

Nedzu watches from the corner in anticipation, oh, he’s so pleased with the decision he made in inviting Iktomi to his school.

He sips on his tea for a few minutes, the bell rings, signifying the end of homeroom, and smiles when the door to the lounge opens and some of the staff filter in. Namely, the trickster’s latest victim.

Aizawa pretends everyone else is just a figment of his imagination who won’t be there if he doesn’t acknowledge their presence.

Takami spots him in the corner and joins him to watch whatever chaos in waiting to unfold.

Nedzu gestures to the eraser hero, and the winged hero nods in appreciation, watching both intently and carefully, as the man crawls into his sleeping bag and falls still. It’s only a matter of minutes, before he’s squirming like a yellow worm on a hook. “What the fuck!” The man snarls and swears up a storm as he scrambles out of his sleeping bag, scratching vigorously, and the other occupants of the room, sans two, watch him with apprehension. “Who the fuck put itching powder in my sleeping bag!” He turns a red eyed glare on them all, Nedzu and Hawks both turn to each other in the false pretenses of holding conversation, and the others shrink back. “I just want to talk. I fucking swear.”

They’re both so proud of their little gremlin.

“Okay, you little shit.” The greenette giggles up at the man looming over his belly threateningly. “Where the hell is my visor?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, man.” Izuku has balls of steel. “Are you sure you just didn’t forget where you put it in your old age?”

“My old age, huh?” Keigo clicks his tongue in playful disapproval. “Okay, I was gonna go easy on you, but I’ve changed my mind, happens often with my old age.” He holds up a finger, a single finger, and that alone makes the boy squeal, because he knows. “Guess where this is going? Go on, guess.”

“Nohohoho! Plehehehehease! I’ll gihihihiive ihihit bahahahahack!”

“Oh, you’re gonna give me my visor back regardless, I’m punishing you now, for thinking you can take my things.” The teen squirms frantically when that finger circles around his belly button ominously. “Guess where it’s goin, if you get it right, it might not go there.”

“You’re such a fucking liar!” The teen shouts. “Such a fucking liar!”

“Gasp!” The man presses a hand to his chest dramatically. “Me, a liar?” The kid screams when he wiggles his finger in his belly button and arches his back sharply, he laughs when he feels him kick his legs, and shakes his head. “I’m many things, but a fucking liar isn’t one of them, sorry.” Izuku tugs desperately on his arms, secured above his head with a number of feathers, giving the ruthless man full access to his belly. “Come on, buck up, it’s only a finger.”

The teen arches his back again and presses his chin to his chest, before falling back and squirming as he cackles loudly, trying to suck in his belly, no easy feat, and tugging desperately on his arms. “Gehehehhehehet ohohohohohout! Geheheheheheheet ihihihihihihit ohohohohohout! Keeheheheheheheheheei Kehehehehehehehheheeei geheehehehehehheet ihihihihhihit ohohohohohout! Plehehehehehehehease! PLEASE! Baaaahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahaa pffaaaaaahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaa geheheheheheheet ihihihihihhit ohohohohhout!”

“Let me think about it,” Keigo pauses for a moment. “Nah.” And starts anew. “I don’t think I want to.” He pulls his finger out and claws into the kids tummy, the greenette squeals brightly and jolts, curling forward, before his shoulders drop back to the hero’s bed. “You deserve this.” He focuses on the kid’s lower tummy and smiles when he squeals once again, cackling wildly, head thrown back. “Thinking you can take my things, I don’t think so, this belly’s gonna remember that when I’m done with it.” He moves his hands out, getting the sides of the kid’s tummy, adjusting his position to keep him from squirming too much when he squeals and starts twisting from side to side. “For sure.”

“Ihihihihi cahahahahahhahaan’t! Ihihihihihi cahahahahahahan’t!” Izuku shouts between cackles. “Ihihihihii’m sohohohohohoorry! Keheheheheheheei pleheheheheheeease! Ihihihihii’m sohohohohoo sohohohohohohorry! Nohohohohot tthehehehehehehe behehehehehelly! Nohohohohot thehehehehehehe behehehehheelly plehehehehehehease! Ihihihihihii cahahahahahahahan’t!” He screams when the hero kneads his thumbs in on either side of his belly button. “Hehehehehehehelp! Sohohohohomeohohohohone hehehehehheelp mehehehehehee! Pleheheheheheease!”

The man laughs. “Nah, no one’s gonna help you, you’re all mine, at my questionable mercy.”

Izuku, Akatani in case he gets caught, though he doubts it, peers into his homeroom teachers dorm room, resisting the urge to coo at the sigh of him and his husband curled up together sleeping in bed, he sets his sights on his target, the capture weapon, laying all on it’s lonesome on the desk.

Checking on his teachers one more time, he slides the vent grate open, and drops down into the room silently, landing in a low crouch. Peering over at his teachers, he waits a moment to make sure neither of them are on the verge of waking, and when neither man give any notion that they are, he turns to the desk, scooping up the eraser hero’s capture gear, he creeps to the window. Having disabled the security cameras outside, he opens the window and crawls out carefully, closing said window behind him.

He’s no expert with a capture weapon, but he does manage to use it to get himself down, he waves cheekily at the closed window, and slips into the school through the front door, capture weapon around his shoulders.

It smells like Aizawa, it’s not a bad scent, it makes him feel safe, he falls sleep with the capture scarf on his shoulders.

“What the fuck is going on!” The eraser hero snarls when he enters the teachers lounge the following morning. “Someone stole my capture weapon, I know, for a fact, that I neither lost or misplaced it.”

Yamada and Kayama exchange glances. “Someone stole your scarf, Shou?”

“I’m done.” Aizawa grinds out as he turns back to the door. “This has Nedzu written all over it.”

Of all the things the three heroes come to expect upon entering their boss’s office, seeing the stoat counting out bills upon bills, all of their missing goods on his desk, and Hawks holding Akatani in place as he scratches the side of his neck with one of his talons, their student shrieking with laughter behind the hero’s other hand, is not one of those things.

Nedzu looks up from the piles of money in front of him. “Alright, Iktomi, I appreciate your services in testing out security system, your payment is there in full.”

“What the fuck!”