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A - Affection (how/when do they show affection)

He’s not very open about affection at the start of your relationship but would always embrace and give you a small kiss on the cheek when in public. Now, even though always keeps up the stoic facade when around everyone else, he’s always got your hand clasped in his own, rubbing the back of your hand with his thumb in soothing circles. His cold glare still intact even when he leans down to place a kiss on your lips before abiding by Aros orders during the trial.
It’s only when he’s alone with you that he allows himself to drop the whole hard, cold exterior. Wrapping his arms around you, peppering your neck with soft kisses as the two of you watch tv or read.

B - Balance (how do they balance you, work/school/life?)

He waited for over two millennia to meet you, spending a lot of time thinking you were already dead or just simply didn’t exist. So when Felix finally finds you, he spends every extra time by your side. So he balances your relationship and his job exceedingly well. Always making time for you but also doing his job. He never lets what he does get in the way of your relationship for it is one of the most precious things to him.

C - Cuddles (do they enjoy cuddling? what positions?)

Heart eyes. The idea of your tiny (doesn’t matter what size you are, compared to him you are tiny) body underneath or on top of his in a tight embrace makes his unbeating heart race. When the two of you watch tv together on the couch, Felix is always lying on top of you, his head on your chest as you weave your fingers through his hair. The steady beat of your heat mixed with the sleepy sensation of having you play with his hair could ebb him to sleep.
He adores it when you lay on him at night, feeling the warmth of your face in the curve of his neck as you sprawl your limbs over him. Draping an arm over you as he watches you sleep is his own personal heaven.

D - Date (what was your first date?)

Felix took you somewhere secluded. Being as old as he Is and getting to travel the world for his job, he finds many jaw-dropping places and now he has you to show them off to. So when he asks you on a date, he takes you to this small waterfall he found deep within the forest, the flowery meadow adjacent to it was cut in half by the stream trailing from the lake of the waterfall. He brought a few snacks for you to eat and sat the two of you down on a blanket and just talked. You laid your head on your shoulder as the two of you traded stories; Felix’s past memories of all the places he’s visited and your background, telling him a few childhood stories.

E - Excited (how excited do they get when they see you/are with you?)

Felix is a very stoic guy and not even the kings can see past his emotionless expression half the time, but that cold glare melts in an instant when he walks into your shared room. The cold demeanour he puts up drops into one of warmth and tranquillity when he’s in your presence and he craves being with you. Working all day isn’t that bad when he knows he always gets to see you afterwards. He views it as a reward, to come home and wrap you tightly in his arms.
This sometimes leads to him gazing off to the distance with a ghost of a smile painted on his lip, excitement bubbling inside him. “Felix, what are you smiling at?”
“fuck off, Demetri."

F - Fighting (what happens when you fight)

Felix despises fighting. It’s so unnecessary in his opinion. The two of you are going to have different opinions on various things simply because you’re from two different eras so your outlook on things is going to be different than his. But he loves that about you, it’s just your stubbornness on said opinions that frustrates him, especially if it’s putting you in harm’s way.
But when these fights do break out, which isn't frequent, he always comes to you, his eyes softening as he looks down at you. Embracing you gently as he mumbles apologies into the crook of your neck, his cool lips sending shivers brushing down your spine.

G - Gorgeous (pet names. what do they like to call you? what do they like to be called?)

You are this man’s ‘little one’, doesn’t matter where you are, what time it is or who is around he is going to call you little one. When the mood is sweet and everything is calm, he’ll call you mia cara or my love. Though one time when the two of you were standing together during a trial, he leant down whispering little sexual nicknames, loving the way your face went red and how your heart started rapidly beating. And everyone in the room heard him and your beating heart, making you get even more flustered, scolding him with a small smile.
To you, he is just your Big Oaf and Macho Man. Once, you had slapped him on the ass, calling him Beef Cheeks… and it’s safe to say that was the first and only time you have done that.

H - Hi (first time meeting)

Felix, along with Demetri, Alec and Jane had visited the Cullens to see if Bella, the human that the ginger Cullen was interested in, was still human. While in town, Felix smelled something so sweet, his mouth was watering, he had never smelt something so pure and sweet in his life. He followed the smell to a small cafe to which he found a human, perched in one of the armchairs, reading a book. As if sensing his stare, they looked up, their eyes locking with his. He knew at that moment, what you were to him, he didn't need Marcus to confirm it, he just knew.

I - Intimacy (how romantic they are)

He had been with many people, long before you were even born but he had never been in a relationship. But he is old and he’s seen plenty of romantic acts and gestures over his lifetime and he has definitely built up an infinite amount of knowledge of how to spoil you and various ways to go about it. He’s usually silent about spoiling you or the gestures he does, he adores watching your reaction from a distance.
The surprise dates he takes you on and random gifts he gives you with little notes attached telling you how much he appreciates you, melt’s your heart. He usually doesn’t pull out every romantic gesture all at once but rather saves them for rainy days (like when he goes on missions). So when he leaves, you see a bunch of your favourite snacks on your bed along with a couple of books and outfits that were on your wishlists.

J - Jealousy (do they get jealous? how do they react to you being jealous)

He doesn’t get jealous per se, rather severely annoyed when other people try to flirt or touch you. You aren’t his property and he’d never treat you like you were but you are his equal and he hates it when people try to pull moves on you. If Felix knew that the person you were conversing with was simply just a friend he would keep his distance but if not be prepared for him to come up to you. Felix loved watching the people that try to make moves on you cower by him simply being there, his giant body towering over you from behind, his affectionate gaze shifting from you, turning cold and hard as he glares the person down.

K - Kisses (where do they like to kiss you/how often?)

Felix is more of a hugger than a kisser, it’s only in heated moments between the two of you where he can’t keep his lips off you. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to give you swift and slow kisses whenever he can. because he will.
When there is no one around and the Volturi castle seems quiet, he will pick you up and run to your shared room. Kisses trailing all over your face and neck as he holds you. His lips in a frenzy as he kisses you passionately, worshipping every inch of your body with his mouth.

L - Love (when was the first time they said I love you or realised it?)

Similar to Demetri, Felix knew he loved you the moment he laid his eyes on you. You had him wrapped around your tiny little fingers from that moment on. But the first time he said ‘i love you’ was when the two of you were out for a walk in Volterra. He had taken you for a stroll around the city, letting you admire all the buildings, every feature of the city fascinated you and he loved the twinkle in your eyes when you looked up at them. You had looked up at him, the same twinkle in your eyes as you smiled at the giant. If he could still breath, you can bet your cute little ass that his lungs would have malfunctioned. “Thank you for tonight,” you whispered as you intertwined his cold hand with yours. Felix felt himself smile as he leant down, placing a soft kiss on your temple, “I love you."

M - Moving in (when do you decide to move in together)

Felix had asked if you wanted to move to Italy with him after a few months of seeing each other and you had found out about him being a vampire pretty early on. He didn’t want to start a relationship with you based on lies and surprisingly you took it really well. Felix loved how calm you seemed to be with everything, how easy you just accepted him being a vampire and the mating bond. He was so ecstatic when you said yes to moving in with him, he honestly can’t remember the last time he smiled that big.

N - Newborn (their reaction to starting a family)

Being a part of the Volturi meant that you had to be changed pretty quickly when the two of you accepted the mating bond. So even if you were capable of falling pregnant, you were never given the chance to. Which Felix was relieved about, seeing how Bella’s vampire hybrid child sucked the life out of her nerved him and the thought of him putting you through that… he doesn’t even want to think about it.

O - Open (how open you are with one another)

At the start of your relationship, he’s very hesitant to tell you personal stuff in case he scares you off because the thought of losing you frightens him so much and he isn’t afraid to voice that. But slowly you start to coax him to open up and he does. The two of you have this thing that started at the beginning of your relationship where if he tells you something, you have to say something in return and now when he comes home from missions the two of you will go back and forth sharing stories of what happened during his absence.

P - Photos (what kind of photos you take of them/they take of you)

He despises having his photo taken, every time you aim your phone or camera in his face, the smile that was once displayed on his lips drops instantly as he glares at you. So, now you have become the master of taking secret photos, capturing Felix in his purest moments without him noticing.
He adores taking photos of you though. He’s quite the hypocrite with photos because if you’re photo shy he will gently pin you to the floor, removing your hands from your face and snapping a couple of photos of you, causing you to scream at him. It brings him so much joy.

Q - Quirks (what random habits do you have that they love or hate/vice versa)

He loves your habit of rambling passionately about things you love. He could sit there for hours listening to you rant to him about how 'having half-naked white men on the covers of smut books is a hate crime'. He usually zones out on those types of rants, only listening to the sound of your voice but you don’t mind, for it’s quite therapeutic ranting about stuff like that.
He absolutely hates the little degradation comments you make about yourself. Listening to you mess up on something and call yourself ’stupid’ makes him want to slap the shit out of you lovingly. No one can talk to you like that, not even yourself.

R - Recovery (how you help them after an injury/vice versa)

Being the Volturi’s executioner can be extremely difficult at times, some days he is okay with the lives he takes because he knows that it’s the right thing to do; protecting the humans from newborns and vampires who break the law. But it does ebb at him at times, rattling him with the innocent lives he’s forced to take and as much as he doesn’t show it, his hesitancy in the way he touches speaks volumes. He doesn’t want to hurt you the way he’s hurt others.
So on occasion when you know his job is getting to him, you come up behind him and wrap your arms around him, embracing him from behind. He looks over his shoulder, down at you as you squeeze his stomach, smiling reassuringly at him.

S - Solution (how they resolve fights)

He is always the first one to apologise even if you’re in the wrong. You are the first person he’s willingly committed to and the thought of pushing you away doesn’t sit right with him. When fights do break out he’ll wait till you’re calm to wrap you in his arms, sitting you both down on his bed and apologising.

T- Touch (when they need/want your touch, what will they do? how often?)

If you are a part of the guard as a vampire, he’s hesitant to touch you because he has to keep the whole ‘invincible executioner’ vibe up. And also if the wrong people find out that the famed executioner has a mate, he’d be horrified. Not because he’s ashamed of you, that could never be the case but for the fact that he has made many enemies over the years and he’d be scared that someone might hurt you. But around the castle, he’s given you tiny kisses on the cheek, temple or lips when passing him.
But when the two of you are alone? He loves your touch, the neck kisses you give him? he’s dead (quite literally). He adores holding your hand, whether you have big hands or not, they are still overly small compared to his and he loves it. He loves it when you sit on his lap, legs on either side of him with your head laying gently on his chest as he strokes your back, peppering your forehead with small kisses.

U - Up ( waking up with them)

If you’re still human, you will always wake up to him by your side. Felix is so gentle when it’s just the two of you, so when you wake up. Expect a bunch of kisses and hugs because he went hours without them while you were asleep and he’s deprived.

V - Vacation (where they travel with you)

Buried deep within, Felix is a hardcore romantic™ He rarely shows it but he is, so taking you to visit all the stereotypical romantic places all over the world is a given. Similar to Demetri, if you come from a religious/cultural background he would love it if you took him to your hometown, showing him all the sights, dances, foods, practices etc that you did/do. Learning about your past and your background fascinates him so much and seeing how much the world had grown since he was human honestly shocks him.

W - Wedding (how they propose/where you get married/honeymoon)

Felix doesn’t want you to miss out on all the things humans get to do, so asking for your hand in marriage is a big thing for him. He’ll talk to you about it first, asking how you would prefer your proposal and wedding to be and go off of that. He is so soft about it, even though you had told him you would say yes if he ever asked, he was so goddamn nervous to ask.
And the wedding wasn’t any better, if Felix was human he would have started crying at how nervous he was. And seeing you in you all dressed up for the ceremony? that giant would have ugly cried if he was capable of it. He took you everywhere for the honeymoon, spoiling you both.
But now you were officially joined as one in both the human and vampire world, he couldn’t be happier.

X - X-factor (what about you captivated them?)

Felix has memorised every feature of you. From the curve of your lips to the crinkle of your eyes to the rolls on your hips and stomach right down to the dimples embedded into your skin. And he loves it. You are perfectly imperfect to him and just like Demetri, your humanity is the one thing that captivates him. Though your eyes follow close in second place. Having lived among vampires for over two millennia, he’s only been aquatinted with red and black iris’s.
No matter the colour, whether it’s as dark as the midnight sky, or the stark blue swell of the ocean, down to the dewy grass, or the rich brown soil of the garden, and everything in between.

Y - Yawning (how they act when they’re tired)

Being a vampire allows him eternal consciousness, his immortal body never needing sleep. Yet that didn’t mean he couldn’t become exhausted. A lot of the time when he is exhausted, he loves to lay in your arms, breathing in your scent. Your mere smell and thrum of your heartbeat put him at ease. If he were a cat, he would purr at the feeling of you weaving your fingers through his soft brown hair and scratching his scalp soothingly.

Z - Zzzz (how you fall asleep together)

If you are still human, Felix is going to be by your side the entire night. Wrapping you tightly in blankets (so you don’t get cold) and placing you delicately in his lap as he holds you while you sleep. With your permission, of course, he’d stroke your hair or head as you lay asleep, gazing at you affectionately.