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Harry Potter and the Vanished Slytherin Prince

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Draco’s head rests on Harry’s thigh, and he shivers occasionally. 

“You doing alright, pet?” Harry asks, stroking his hair. Draco whines, looking up at Harry with those lovely grey eyes. 

“I can’t do it.” He whispers. 

“Are you done?” Harry asks, setting his book aside. “Do you want to stop?”

Draco whines again, rubbing his cheek on Harry’s leg. His fingers twitch on the bed, but he doesn’t otherwise speak.

“You have to use your words, kitty.” 

No .” Draco whimpers. “I want to come.”

“You will. You see the timer?” 

Harry taps the top of the hourglass timer hovering in front of them. Draco nods.

“If you want to come, you wait till the timer runs out.” Harry reminds him, and Draco groans, rolling onto his other side. 

Harry lets his eyes roam appreciatively over the curve of Draco’s waist and his hip. His eyes land on the stretched rim with the vibrating plug nestled between Draco’s soft arse cheeks. Harry resists the urge to pet the attached fluffy tail or give it a tug to further tease.

“I thought the whole idea of a pet is to pay attention to them.” Draco complains. Harry laughs, putting his book aside.

“You want some attention, kitty?” Harry slides down to lay beside Draco, nudging at his hips until he rolls onto his back. “I’ll give you attention. Try to not come.”

With that warning, Harry leans over Draco, bending down to lick and suck his nipples. 

“Harry-” Draco whimpers, his hands fisting in his own hair. “ Harryharryharry… ” 

The plug is vibrating evenly, but Harry nudges it deeper inside his pet, changing the setting to an almost random pattern. Draco’s stomach clenches and he groans, long and loud.

Moving down his torso, Harry sucks and nips at the skin, leaving purplish red marks that would stay for days on Draco’s pale skin. Draco sobs when Harry passes over his cock in favour of sucking his bollocks into his mouth gently, one and then the other.

“I can’t, Harry, Harry I can’t take it- I can’t-” Draco wails, his legs kicking beneath Harry as much as they can. “I’m gonna come-”

“No you won’t, pet. Not yet.” Harry says, pinching the base of his cock. 

Harry himself is hard enough to cut diamonds, but watching Draco come undone like this is so much better than wanking too soon.

“It’s t-too much-” 

“You can say stop anytime.” Harry reminds him, and Draco throws his head back and groans.

Harry strokes up the inside of Draco’s thigh, making gooseflesh rise. He nudges at the base of the toy settled deep inside Draco’s hole, making him cry out again. Harry keeps his palm against the plug, pressing it into that spot that makes Draco completely incoherent.

“So desperate for it, kitty.” Harry smiles, whispering against Draco’s flushed, burning hot skin. “So noisy with your pretty arse stuffed full for me. I love to watch you like this, absolutely devastated just by something in your arse. You don't even need me to touch your cock for you to come, do you? You're so easy for me, pet.”

Harry -” Draco gasps, his lips the colour of wine from all his biting and licking at them.

“Are you going to be good for me, pet? Wait for the timer to finish? Or do we need to be done today and start over tomorrow? Again.” Harry says softly.

Yesterday had been much of the same, and Draco had tapped out before the timer was out, which means that he hasn’t come in nearly a week.

“H-how- time?" Draco whimpers pitifully. Harry brushes the pale hair off his lover’s forehead.

“Not long. Maybe a minute.”

Draco lets out a shuddering breath of relief. 

“I-I’m going to kill you for this.” He pants. Harry grins. It’s not the first death threat of the evening and certainly not the first of their time fooling around with edging like this.

“And whose cock will you ride until you see stars? It'd be a shame, you do look so gorgeous on my cock, kitty.” Harry teases, running his fingers along Draco’s very ticklish, very sensitive hip bones.

Ah- ” Draco arches his back off the bed, which shifts the plug deep inside him and he yells out a slew of curses. Harry pinches the base of his cock again to hold off the orgasm once more.

“Almost there, kitty, and then you can come. You’ve done so well for me, you’re such a good pet.” Harry breathes against Draco’s throat, watching the sand running out in the hourglass.

“Ha- ahh- rry-” Draco cries, and Harry releases his cock as the last grain falls through. 

All it takes is Harry’s fingers brushing once against Draco’s Marked arm and he’s done for, coming all over his chest and Harry’s hand, sobbing and wailing the whole time.

Harry gently removes the plug and switches it off as Draco rides out the waves of his orgasm, taking deep, heaving breaths with his eyes closed.

“So when do you think you’ll get around to killing me? I’ll put it on my schedule. I’ve affairs to settle before my untimely demise.” Harry says once Draco’s breathing has slowed.

“Fuck you, Harry.” Draco croaks, and Harry laughs, gathering his kitty into his arms and settling Draco’s head on his chest.

“I love you too, dear.”

It takes another half hour for Draco to regain his wits, and Harry can tell when he has. Draco gets mouthy when he’s recovered, and he nips at Harry’s throat.

“Fancy putting those lips somewhere else, maybe?” Harry asks innocently. Draco scoffs lightly, but presses a few kisses to Harry’s face before moving lower.

“Tactless.” He hums, a faint smirk lifting the corners of his mouth. Harry snorts.

“I just edged you into oblivion and gave you an incredible orgasm, I think it’s my turn now.

“You know you get off on me losing my mind for you.” Draco says, truthfully. “But I suppose I could oblige you, in thanks.”

Harry starts to laugh, but it turns into a moan as Draco’s mouth arrives at its destination.

“Mmm… kitty, you have no idea how much I love your mouth.”

"Neville is coming tomorrow." Harry says brightly. 

He's excited - he hasn't seen Neville since August and it's the longest they haven't seen each other in a few years. 

"Oh good, I was hoping he would." Draco says, licking the syrup off his fork in a way that should be illegal.

"He's stopping by before he goes to his family's dinner. He'll be tired but I sort of wanted to give him his present straight away."

Draco smiles sweetly.

"I can't persuade you to give me my present a week early too?"

Draco loves presents. He gets very excited anytime Harry surprises him with something, and always thanks him with all manner of affection, effusive praise and or sexy things

He gives just as good as he gets, too. Harry’s wardrobe has been tailored to fit him properly, though Draco initially wanted to just replace everything altogether. 

He's given Harry odds and ends for reading - bookmarks, books on tape for when Harry’s eyes get tired, a journal like his own to keep record of the books Harry's read, various bookends and knickknacks for the bookcases…

And of course, he's taken Harry on a series of the most spectacularly muggle dates possible. Apparently there are lots of outing ideas in the books he recommends to the ladies’ book club.

But still. Harry has something really good for Draco and he wants to wait until Christmas.

"Sorry pet, you'll have to wait until it's time." Harry says, reaching across the table to pat Draco's hand lovingly. 

Draco pouts. 

The next day, Harry is fiddling with a string of Christmas lights trying to get them to light up. He’s lounging on the sofa in the living room.

Draco had been curled up over Harry’s lap, but got peckish and bored, so he went into the kitchen to find some sweets. And there are plenty, courtesy of Molly.

Harry hears the kitchen door to the garden open up and Draco’s surprised


Harry starts untangling his limbs from the broken lights trying to get up and see his friend quickly.

" Draco, have you learned nothing in my absence?"

Draco yelps as Harry tosses the lights aside, wondering what's going on. Neville appears in the kitchen doorway a moment later carrying Draco bridal style.

Harry bursts out laughing.

" No pets on the counter." Neville complains with a wide grin. 

He brings an indignant Draco over to the sofa and drops him onto Harry’s lap.

"This is yours, I believe."

Harry laughs more, cradling a peeved, pouting Draco and stroking his hair.

"Yes this pet is mine, thank you for returning him."

Neville laughs and claps Harry’s shoulder.

"It's good to see you lads."

Despite his scowl in Neville’s direction, Draco can't hide his smile.

Harry levitated a tall stack of wrapped presents over to Draco, whose face lit up at the sight.

"Those are all for me?"

"Every last one." Harry grins.

Draco shoves aside the wrappings on the floor already to make room and pulls the first gift off the top.

Harry had asked Celeste and a few of his other more talented friends to help him learn to wrap things properly. Draco’s gifts to Harry are nearly always wrapped in the most beautiful packaging.

It takes him forever, because he always tries to save the wrappings, but Draco finally pulls out a book.

Draco only owns a few of his favorite books, though he must read a thousand every year. He says he doesn’t have more because he doesn't have space to own all of them, but Harry guesses that he can't afford to buy that many. He always reads them at the shop when it's quiet or borrows them from the library. 

"Ooh! Where did you find this? I've never heard of it." He asks giddily, turning it over to read the back.

"I have my ways." Harry says with a smile.

Draco gives him a funny look.

"Well I'd like to know those ways given that I'm a book person and you've managed to find me a book that sounds incredible and that I somehow haven't heard of."

He looks over at the stack.

"Merlin, Harry, are these all books?" 

Harry nods, and Draco waves a hand over the stack to set the wrappings to undoing themselves while he reads the titles.

"I've never heard of any of these!"

"I know." Harry grins, biting his lips. "I may have swiped your notebooks to check what you've already finished or plan to read soon."

Draco stares at Harry for a minute.

"You know I have eight other notebooks that have already been filled up?"

"I swiped those too." Harry says.

The truth is, Harry has been planning this gift for well over two months.

He first went to every book place in the city - libraries, bookshops, publishers - and with the help of the employees, sorted through books that they suggested for Draco. Harry even sought out shops selling other languages, so he has some French and Italian books in the stack (he's still not sure what the last language Draco speaks is, and Draco thinks it's very funny to not tell him). 

With that massive list, he took the titles that were not in any of Draco’s notebooks. It took ages to find Draco’s stash of notebooks, and even longer to go through them and cross check every title.

Then he went back to all those places and found the absolute prettiest versions of each book. For some, it was paperback, but for others, he found lovely gold-embossed copies.

And now they sit in front of Draco, a list of eleven of Harry’s best recommendations. 

"One for each month we've been dating." Harry says finally.

Draco sits up from where he's been examining each title. He's got tears in his eyes and he swipes at his cheeks hastily.

" Harry-"

Harry grins. Making Draco speechless is a task, and he always feels successful when he manages it, even if usually it's by saying something so spectacularly stupid Draco can't put together a response. 

"It's a good thing I don't start working until January because it took forever to find things you haven't read."

Harry knows that the longer Draco doesn't say anything, the more he'll ramble, so he's quite glad when Draco crawls over the piles between them and kisses Harry soundly on the mouth.

"For me?" He asks.


"You went to all that trouble just for me?" Draco whispers. 

"Well worth it." Harry says softly. 

Draco huffs a shocked laugh. He's still on his hands and knees in front of Harry, but with a tug, easily allows himself to be cuddled on the floor.

"I love you, Draco. Of course it's worth it."

Harry and Draco are visiting Ron and Hermione again, and Draco is glowering at Hugo.

“Would you like to hold him?” Hermione asks.

“I would not, thanks.” Draco says, and Harry rolls his eyes. 

“I’ll take him.” He offers. 

Hermione flops back against the sofa once Hugo is safely passed over, and Harry catches Draco making a face.

“Yes?” Harry asks with a smirk. Draco huffs.

“He snores.”

“That’s why you don’t like him?” Ron asks in surprise. “Merlin, you sleep with Harry , he snores much louder.”


“Harry is worth it!” Draco cries. “Hugo is useless and irritating.”

“Draco doesn’t like him because Hugo used to pull his tail all the time.” Harry says, and Ron and Hermione say ‘ohhh’ in unison.

Draco scowls.

“Harry, you’d agree that he’s very posh, yeah?” Ron asks blankly. Harry squints at him.

“Er, sure. Why?”

“Posh people have all sorts of things they do for reasons beyond mere mortal comprehension, like not burping after dinner.”


“Does Malfoy snore?” He asks finally, and Harry chokes out a startled laugh.

“No, Draco doesn’t, but cat Draco does. Quietly, though, it’s really cute.”

Ron feigns a gagging noise, and Hermione smacks his arm with a scoff.

“Disgusting. Absolutely uncalled for.” Ron says mockingly, but Harry can see the smile in his eyes. Harry laughs.

Draco looks rather put-out, and rearranges himself on the sofa to monopolise Harry’s non-Hugo-holding right arm.

“Come on, pet, don’t be mad.” Harry teases quietly, pressing kisses to the side of his head. Draco visibly melts, and from the corner of his eye, Harry sees Hermione cover her mouth with her hand to hide her grin.

“I’m not mad.” He says flatly, and Harry kisses his face again, just to be sure.

Ron stands dramatically, clapping his hands together.

“Well, if anyone else hasn’t lost their appetite yet, your food is in the kitchen. This absolute sap-fest can go on elsewhere.” 

But after dinner, after Harry has fed Hugo and Draco is looking antsy and out of sorts, Ron takes the baby from Harry’s arms with a wink and nods toward Draco.

Draco relaxes into Harry’s arms.