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Bucky hasn't been back in the country for more than 24hrs when the appointment shows up on his calendar. He groans and wonders what Fury could possibly want with him.

It's too soon to send him back out. SHIELD usually gives him at least a week off from the end of one mission to the start of another. And it's usually not Fury handing out assignments so he figures whatever it is must be serious.

He makes his way to the Director's office, but not before stopping for a coffee on his way. Bucky knows he'll need plenty of caffeine to handle Fury this early in the morning. 

When he arrives, Fury isn't there so Bucky takes the opportunity to browse the file sitting on his desk.

Probably not the best choice, but Bucky figures if the Director didn't want him to see the file it would have been locked up and not left laying around for any overly curious sniper to look through.

If anything, Bucky feels like he's teaching Fury a valuable lesson about securing important documents. Really he's doing Fury a favor. 

And reading the file before the Director gets there saves time reading it later. So Bucky is not only helping with security, he's also being efficient.

He chuckles at his own bullshit. He shouldn't be reading the super secret file about Captain Steve Rogers A.K.A. Captain America. He shouldn't be looking over mission notes from Captain Rogers' Avenger team mates. He definitely shouldn't be checking out the Captain in his 1940's bond selling booty shorts. 

To be fair that picture isn't in the file. Bucky has it pulled up on his phone when Director Fury walks in. 

"I see you've read the file. Do you have any questions?"

Bucky is too much of a professional to jump at the voice behind him, but it's a close call. The slightly amused tone is enough to tell Bucky he's not in trouble for snooping. 

"Interesting file. Not sure what it has to do with me though."

Bucky's a liar. He read the file fast, but not so fast that he missed the recurring theme. He's just hoping this conversation isn't going to lead where he thinks it is. 

Because frankly, he likes being a sniper. He's not attached to any particular team, isn't part of their chain of command. He wants to keep it that way. 

Fury sits at his desk and pulls the file away from Bucky. 

"I'm a busy man so I'll cut to the chase."

Bucky appreciates that. He's a busy man too. In fact, he has an appointment to get his hair cut in an hour, so he's hoping Fury will hurry things along. 

"I'm assigning you to the Avengers Initiative."

Well, damn. Sucks to be right all the time.

"Sir, Agent Barton is the Avengers sniper. I'm sure my skills would be more useful not being assigned in a redundant capacity."

That fucking thesaurus app is finally paying off! 

"My decision is not open for debate, but because I'm a nice guy, I'm going to explain exactly why you'll be picking up your new equipment in fifteen minutes."

This should be good for a laugh.

"Captain Rogers needs someone to watch his ass when he's in the field."

It takes every ounce of self control that Bucky possesses to keep a straight face.

"And you want me to be that person," he deadpans.

Fury's cheek twitches, but otherwise he doesn't react. He has to know Bucky won't be able to leave it alone.

"I want you to keep Captain Rogers out of trouble."

"By watching his ass?" Bucky asks, just to clarify, definitely not because he's a smartass. 

"Barnes…" Fury sounds very put upon and Bucky is highly amused. He knows he's not getting out of this assignment though.

"Director Fury, sir, I intend to take my responsibility to watch Captain Rogers' ass very seriously. As a matter of fact, I've already started. He flips his phone around to show Fury the picture of the Captain in his 1940's booty shorts.

"Get out of my office Barnes."

Totally worth it.




Bucky slipped into training with the Avengers like he had always been a part of the team. It felt seamless, effortless. Captain Rogers was a little standoffish. Bucky would even go so far as to describe him as curt, but it wasn’t anything he couldn’t handle. 

Tony was a bit much, but like most other distractions, Bucky was trained to tune them out. Bruce was rarely around and almost never at training for obvious big green reasons. But Natasha and Clint? Bucky fell in with them fast.

Being so used to not belonging to a team, it took Bucky time to accept that they actually wanted to get to know him. It took even longer for him to allow it to happen. 

He liked hanging out with Clint and Natasha. Outside of missions Natasha was relaxed and carefree in a way that took Bucky awhile to get used to. At the opposite extreme, Clint was exactly the same no matter the circumstances. Losing at Mario Kart or taking aim at a mechanical dinosaur from a high perch, Clint Barton was unfailingly ridiculous. Bucky found it both entertaining and exhausting.

While training went well, it was on their first live mission together that Bucky finally got a taste of why Fury wanted him on the team. 

Because holy shit. 

Steve Rogers needed someone to watch his ass. Constantly. Honestly, he really needed an entire team of people for that, but what he got was Bucky Barnes. 

Bucky read the file, he trained with the man, he thought he was prepared, but the first mission out Captain Rogers jumped out of the quinjet without a parachute and the rest of the team just turned to look expectantly at Bucky.

“Oh come on!” He yelled over the sound of the wind rushing by the open ramp. 

Clint was helpfully holding out a parachute with a grin on his face. “You’re the one who wanted to ‘keep an eye on America’s ass’, Barnes.” 

“Fuck you Clint! I was drunk when I said that,” Bucky grumbles as he snatches the pack and shrugs into it.

Natasha starts adjusting and checking the various buckles and straps. She pats him affectionately on the chest before handing him his gear. “Go get him, soldier.”

He walks to the edge of the ramp and looks over the edge at nothing. “For the record, you all suck.”

“Love you too buddy!” Clint laughs from his safe spot well within the cabin. 

Bucky flips them off and then jumps off the ramp into the dark.




It’s been three months since Bucky joined the Avengers. And in that time Bucky has learned some important things:

  1. Clint and Natasha make a formidable team and Bucky loves working with them
  2. Natasha is probably the closest friend he’s had in a long time
  3. Captain Rogers is a great leader
  4. Captain Rogers is an intense guy
  5. Captain Rogers is also a fucking asshole
  6. Bucky wants Captain Rogers to fuck him until he can’t walk straight


He’s packing up his gear when the Captain stalks up to him. The Captain is yelling something about not following orders, staying in position and about not randomly shooting high profile targets without permission. Bucky stopped listening after the first three words. He already knows it all by heart. 

‘Barnes! You should have waited for orders!’

‘You don’t move until I tell you to!’

‘I don’t care if you saw a better way!’

‘We’re doing it my way Barnes. If you don’t like it, take it up with Fury!’

‘Blah, blah, blah.’

He knew from the moment he pulled the trigger that Captain Rogers was going to flip his shit, but he couldn’t just stand there and let the Captain be shot by the scientist with the reconstructed Chitauri weapons they were there to stop. 

So yeah, he went against orders. The Captain’s orders. Bucky’s pretty sure he followed Director Fury’s orders exactly. 

Bucky finishes with his gear and looks at the Captain. He’s tired and honestly his blood is a little up, so he can’t resist opening his mouth. “Are you done? Or are you planning on yelling all the way back to the tower?”

The Captain’s stupidly handsome features shift into something darker and Bucky’s gut twinges in arousal. 

“Next time I tell you to stay in position I expect you to stay there!”

Oh fuck.

“Is that your thing Captain? You wanna put me in my place until you're ready to use me?”

Bucky can feel his dick twitch in his tack pants. He’d be embarrassed, but honestly who could blame him? 

“Oh, fuck you Barnes.”

Bucky grins. He can’t help himself. “Yeah, fuck me.”

The Captain’s eyes widen and then narrow as he flicks his gaze over Bucky’s body. Bucky can feel it like a caress over his heated skin. He thrills at the way those blue eyes linger over his crotch, his dick fills a little more and he wonders if the Captain can tell.




From the moment Bucky set foot on the quinjet Steve was on him. He isn’t even sure what he did this time. He was on time, in his proper uniform, and had all his gear ready. All things Bucky may or may not have done in the past to get under the Captain’s skin. 

The mission went well and he was feeling pretty good, making plans to meet up with Clint and Natasha later for pizza and beer. 

Bucky will be the first to admit that he didn’t exactly follow the plan the way the Captain laid it out, but he doesn’t think he deserves to be singled out the way he is.

Natasha doesn't always stick to the mission plans and Clint sometimes questions the Captain's calls in the field if Clint can see something he can't. Stark pretty much goes off script the second he leaves the tower. And while Banner may follow orders to a fault, the Hulk is a wild card every single time they have to bring him out.

So yeah, Bucky doesn’t think it’s fair to be getting yelled at.

“I told you to hold position on the roof. You don’t get to go off half cocked and do your own thing! I gave you a direct order and I expect you to follow it!” 

Bucky’s halfway down the ramp already, heading for the showers, when he calls over his shoulder, “first of all, I never go off half cocked. And second, you’re not the boss of me." Then he keeps on walking trying not to laugh at his own bad jokes. Also, fuck Steve Rogers.

“What?” The Captain shouts. “What was that?”

Bucky turns and stalks back up the ramp until he’s right in the Captain’s face. “Did you not hear me? I thought the serum was supposed to fix all that?” He knows he’s pushing his luck, but again; fuck Captain Rogers.

“Oh, I heard you.” The Captain jabs a finger into Bucky’s chest and steps up until they are toe to toe. “I am literally your boss. That’s who I am. Your boss. In every sense of the word.”

Yep. Fuck Captain Rogers alright. That’s the goal. Because if Bucky has to put up with all this bullshit, he’s going to get a good dicking out of it.

“Funny, don’t see your name on my paychecks.” He brings his hand up and wraps it around the Captain's, waiting to see what he’ll do next. 

He doesn’t get the chance to find out though because Natasha chooses that moment to breeze by from the cockpit. “Time to hit the showers boys.”

Bucky quirks an eyebrow at the way the Captain blushes. “Yeah Steve, it’s time to hit the showers,” he purrs as he struts down the ramp.

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“Are we still meeting at your place tonight Bucky?”

Bucky has his mouth open ready to respond, because yeah, he’s still planning on having the team over, when the Captain’s voice comes over the comms.

“Barton! I need your bow over here!”

Bucky has a good view of the area and he knows he can get to the Captain quicker. 

“On my way Frodo,” Clint quips.

Bucky already knows the Captain isn’t going to like it, but he goes ahead and says, “stay where you are Legolas. I’m closer.” 

He’s already moving before the yelling starts.

As predicted the Captain is not happy. “Barnes! You hold position, Barton, get down here!”

The Captain may not like Bucky, but he isn’t about to let something happen to his team mate. He’d do the same thing for any one of them. The fact that he wants to be utterly destroyed by the Captain doesn’t factor into his decision at all. 

Maybe a little. 

“Too late.” He drops down at the Captain’s side with what he thinks is a sultry smile. But with the face the Captain makes, he may have missed the mark. 

“I told you to hold position.”


Someone needs to tell the Captain that he can’t just say things like that. 

Bucky outlines his plan to deal with the eight heavily armed guards that have them pinned down and is pleasantly surprised when the Captain agrees. Maybe he’s winning him over? 

Somehow he ends up holding the shield. It feels good on his arm. Weighted just right, lighter than he expected and fun to smash into bad guys with. He’s grinning when he turns to the Captain to hand it back, but the smile slips off Bucky’s face when the Captain snatches it away, looking it over as though he may have done something to it.

Bucky doesn’t think he’s winning the Captain over after all.




The interview had gone well. The Avengers media liaison was pretty happy at least. And who doesn’t like puppies? Normally Bucky wouldn’t watch his own interview. 

But puppies…

They were warm and soft and wiggly. It was the best. Playing with them had Bucky so relaxed that he didn’t register the questions about the Captain until he was already answering them. 

He was honest when the interviewer asked him what it’s like working with Captain American, but the answer hurt him just a little to say. 

“He’s great. Smart, world's best strategist, you know? And he trusts his team to do the right thing. It’s an honor."

It’s true, Captain Rogers does trust his team to do the right thing. All of them except Bucky. He tries to tell himself the Captain doesn’t trust him only because he’s still new to the team. He also tries to tell himself it only bothers him from a professional standpoint and not from any deep seated emotional desire.

The very next mission is just another example. It had gone to shit almost immediately. Their intel had been bad. They were outnumbered and outgunned. 

He tried to talk to the Captain about it, tried to raise his concerns. He even thought the Captain was listening, but his suggestions were dismissed completely. The results were bad. 

Lives lost are always heartbreaking and Bucky can tell that the Captain is taking these losses harder than most. He’ll never know if they had done things differently if it would have made a difference. Maybe going in alone to look around might have made the difference. Maybe it would have made things worse. 

When they go out on these missions they use the information available to them and try to make the best call to protect as many lives as possible. Sometimes it’s not enough. 

As bad as Bucky feels, he can tell the Captain is feeling even worse. 

“Steve, you saved a lot of lives today. It would have been-”

Bucky knows the Captain doesn’t like him, but he isn’t prepared for the way he yells, “shut up!”

Tony, Bruce and Clint all take off, but Natasha stays.

“You don’t get to stand there and tell me I saved lives when civilians died today because of us.”

Bucky doesn't have a response. There’s nothing he can say that will make the situation any better. There’s really only one thing he can offer and that’s himself. Natasha steps in before he can though.

“You don’t get to take this one out on Bucky! I don’t care what your personal feelings are towards him. He didn't do anything wrong. His tactics were sound and he obeyed every single one of your commands. And he’s right, I know you don’t want to hear it, but you did save a lot of lives today.”

She steps closer to the Captain and lowers her voice. Bucky can only be grateful it's not directed at him. 

“I know you’re upset. We all are. But you don’t get to take it out on him. This thing that’s going on with you and him-”

He interrupts her, “it’s okay.” This is something he can do. If the Captain needs an outlet, Bucky can provide it. “It’s okay if he wants to take it out on me.”

Bucky looks directly at the Captain and adds, “if that’s what you need.”

The Captain's eyes don’t stray from Natasha as she walks out in frustration. 

“Fuck or fight? Which one do you need?” At this point Bucky is ready for either one. Truthfully, he needs it too. He knows which one he’d prefer, but he’ll take whatever the Captain is willing to give him. He wonders what that says about him.

“I don’t need anything from you.”

Bucky takes a step and stands in front of the Captain. If anything will provoke a response that will. 

“There has to be something Captain.”

“Don’t push me Barnes.”

The Captain looks on the verge of doing something he may regret. And Bucky feels like seeing what it is. This is dangerous. They’re both amped up, emotions are running high. It’d be a mistake to push any more.

“You’ve made it pretty clear you don’t like me. For the life of me I can’t figure out what I did. So from where I’m standing I don’t have a lot to lose.”

And it’s true. If the Captain hates him, well, it’s better to get it over with. If it’s something else... he hates how he hopes it’s something else…

He takes a chance and pulls the Captain into a kiss that is hard and wanting, tinged with the taste of blood and the sting of teeth on tender flesh. 

It’s a lot. More than he expected. Better than he could have asked for. 

The Captain’s lips are slightly chapped and his mouth is warm with the slick slide of Bucky’s tongue. Bucky pushes deeper, pulling the short hair at the back of the Captain’s neck to guide his movements. Kissing the Captain is harsh and he can feel every ounce of aggression pent up in the Captain’s body. He feels it reflected in his own. Bucky is sure his lips will be swollen and bruised from the abuse. 

He loves it.

Maybe a little too much.

He breaks the kiss before he can become anymore lost to it.

“Fuck or fight? Which one’s it gonna be?”

The Captain stomps out of the conference room snarling, “fuck you Barnes,” as he goes.

It’s better this way. Bucky is glad the Captain left. He’s not sure what he would have done if the Captain had wanted to fight. He’s even less sure about what would have happened if he wanted to fuck. 

That kiss though. That’s something he won’t easily be able to put behind him. It was a mistake through and through. Because now there’s no way he can keep denying his feelings for the Captain.  

Under the stark fluorescent lights, Bucky Barnes decides to be honest. At least with himself.

“Yeah, fuck me.”




He does the only sensible thing he can think of. He asks for a transfer. 

It is summarily denied.

So he tries. He tries really hard to be the ideal team mate. He can be distant and professional. He can pull off cordial and polite. He can do this and make the best of a shitty situation. 

Ignoring his feelings for Captain Rogers can’t be that hard to do. Especially when everything the Captain says and does only reinforces Bucky’s perception that the Captain hates him. 

It’ll be easy. 



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Bucky is so full of shit. 

It is anything but easy to pretend that the Captain’s attitude doesn’t bother him. As the weeks wear on it gets harder to ignore the way Captain Rogers gets more and more agitated. He can feel it, the entire team can feel it. 

When Natasha sits him down over breakfast and tells him they need to work out their issues Bucky has a flash of anger. He quells it quickly though. Natasha is his friend and she’s looking out for him and the entire team as a whole. He just wonders if anyone is having the same talk with the Captain. After all, Bucky isn’t the one being an asshole on the comms every mission.

Then again, there’s nothing stopping him.

He’ll give one last shot at playing nice. If that doesn’t work then all bets are off. 




“Could you just fuck already and get it over with?”

That’s the line. That’s the catalyst that got him to this point, with his face pushed against a wall and the length of the Captain’s body pressed along his own. Thank you Clint Barton for that. Maybe Bucky’ll buy him a fruit basket or something.

The Captain is growling in his ear asking if Bucky wants to be fucked right there. The answer is unequivocally yes. How could he not want it? The only thing he can think of that would be better is being face down, ass up on the Captain’s bed. 

Right now isn’t the time to reveal that little grain of truth. Instead he says, “I would have thought the serum would have helped your dick.”

Bucky’s a little disappointed he doesn’t get a big reaction from that line.

“Do you have lube?” the Captain growls in his ear. He follows that up with a bite that has Bucky’s knees going weak. 

Bucky opens his mouth and tells the most blatant lie of his life. “I didn’t come here to get fucked.”

He doesn’t even sound convincing to his own ears. Of course he came here to get fucked. He’s got a bottle of lube in his pocket for fucks sake. The way the Captain’s hand unerringly finds the little bottle and pulls it out makes Bucky think he clocked it as soon as Bucky walked in the room. 

To be fair, his pants are pretty tight so it was probably easy to see. If you happen to be looking in the general direction of his dick. Which the Captain must have been doing. Bucky counts that as a win. 

The Captain is dangling the bottle in front of Bucky’s face and Bucky has the sudden urge to punch him in the face. 

“Then what’s this?” 

“You’re supposed to be the tactical genius, figure it out, Captain.” 

Bucky knows he’s playing with fire, but seriously, his pants are tight and his dick is hard. He needs to move this along. He came here to get what better be the dicking of a lifetime and all this talk is putting a serious kink in his plans. 

The Captain must get the message because he does, in fact, figure it out. Bucky’s pants are harshly tugged open revealing his lack of underwear. 

“Don’t move.” 

Bucky holds still, allowing himself to be pinned against the wall again as his pants are yanked down to his knees. 

“Is this what you want? You want me to fuck you right here?”

Bucky can’t help the huff of laughter that slips out. Of course he wants it. Has the Captain not been paying attention for the past however long it’s been since Bucky showed up at his door practically gagging for it?

“You sure you know how, Rogers? Or do I need to show you what to do?” 

Bucky waits. He knows it’s coming. The words are right on the tip of the Captain’s tongue. 

“Fuck you Barnes!”

There it is. That’s what Bucky wanted to hear. He forces himself to calm down enough to get the now familiar answer out. “Yeah, fuck me.”

His feet are kicked apart and two slick fingers are at his entrance before he can even react. His breaths are coming faster now as the anticipation builds. He’s put up with Captain Fucking America’s attitude for months now and he’s finally going to get something out of it. 

“Last chance to stop this.”

As if Bucky would want to stop now that it’s actually getting good. 

“Do it. Or don’t. I don’t care, but if you’re planning on standing here boring me to death, I’ll just leave.” 

He is such a fucking liar. Bucky pushes his ass out to make sure the Captain gets the point and then chokes on a scream as those thick fingers push into his body without warning. The pain is perfect.

“Too much?” the Captain teases. 

Bucky has the urge to hit him again, but that thought fades as soon as the Captain wraps a callused hand around his cock. And oh god. He’s going to come, standing there with his pants around his legs and a hand on his dick. 

In a panic Bucky shoves himself away from the wall and twists around. He curses when his knees hit the ground, but the shock of it pulls him back from the edge so he’s not worried about this being over too soon anymore.

He wasn’t worried until the Captain pulled his cock out and Bucky got his first good look at it.

The careful way the Captain pushes into his mouth is a little disconcerting, but that odd gentleness doesn’t last. Bucky knows his jaw is going to ache and his throat will be sore from the way the Captain is trying to shove his dick all the way down it. 

“I knew your mouth had to be good for something,” the Captain pants from above him. 

Bucky wholeheartedly agrees. His mouth is great for this. 

When the Captain tells him he’s going to come down Bucky’s throat he looks up and nods his head eagerly. He swallows the Captain’s release reflexively, keeping eye contact the entire time. Bucky licks his lips chasing the taste as his own body teeters on the edge of letting go.

That just won’t do. He came here to get fucked. He wants it, has wanted it since the first day he laid eyes on the Captain. Down on his knees with the taste of the Captain’s spend on his tongue, Bucky has given up all pretense. He wants it and he knows just how to push the Captain to get it.

“Well that didn’t last-”

Bucky loves the wrecked sound of his voice, but he loves the way the Captain growls at him to get up even more. He’s sure he looks terribly ungraceful in his rush to rid himself of his clothing. Getting impatient, he leaves his shirt on. 

He ends up bent over the arm of the couch with a large hand in the center of his back to keep him in place. Behind him he can hear the click of the lube being opened. Bucky spreads his feet further apart, ensuring the Captain understands what he wants.

The prep is minimal and Bucky barely has time to draw a breath before the Captain’s fingers are pulled out and quickly replaced with his dick. Bucky has never felt so full. He can hear himself whining, but can’t be bothered to try and stop it.

The Captain pulls Bucky upright by his hair. His face is doing something weird. He looks almost concerned? Something Bucky doesn’t want to think about. Not about the Captain and certainly not while the man’s monster dick is splitting him open. The blond opens his mouth to say something and Bucky cuts him off before he can get anything out that might ruin the moment.

“I’ve been telling you to fuck me for months Rogers! You’ve finally got your dick in me. Get fucking to it already!”

The Captain takes his sweet time building up a rhythm and Bucky lets his frustration be known. He is rewarded with a hard thrust that quickly reveals the flaw with their position. Not wanting to lose any time, Bucky kneels on the couch with his ass up in the air in what he hopes is a sight too tempting for the Captain to resist. 

The new position is perfect. Bucky’s just full of great ideas. The way the Captain pushes back inside Bucky’s body is enough to rip a strangled moan from his throat. After that it’s all thrusting and grinding and bracketing Bucky’s body in a way that makes him feel like he’s completely at the Captain’s mercy. He could easily get lost in that feeling. He wants to get lost in that feeling.

“Fuuuuuuck!” Bucky’s body spasms as he shakes through what is probably the best orgasm of his life.  

But you know what? Bucky is feeling greedy and he knows he’s got another one in him.

“I didn’t tell you to stop Captain,” he pants when the Captain slows the frantic pistoning of his hips.

Surprisingly, the Captain listens and renews his efforts to rearrange Bucky’s insides. 

Bucky hates that the Captain sounds so smug when he asks, “you gonna come again?”

It’s made worse by the fact that the blond has every right to be smug. Damn him. But Bucky has no intention of letting him know that, so he snaps, “not unless you get your hand on my dick and get to work!”

Those words will be written on Bucky’s tombstone because he’s going to die with the Captain’s hand wrapped around his cock and his dick up Bucky’s ass. 

He can feel it building low in his belly; the beginnings of what is sure to be a mind altering orgasm. He doesn’t try to hold it back. He couldn’t even if he wanted to. Bucky opens his mouth to let out the whimpers and fucked out noises of his release, not interested in trying to hold them in.

One last perfectly aimed thrust coupled with the hand on his balls forces a shout from Bucky’s lungs. “Oh my god, Steve!” 

Bucky Barnes has two rules when it comes to hook ups:

1. Never look them in the eye when sucking their dick

2. Never, ever say their name during sex

It’s how he keeps things uncomplicated. It’s how he keeps himself single. 

He broke both of those rules tonight for Steve Fucking Rogers. Problem is, he’d do it again.




Chapter Text


Bucky rolls his eyes at the Captain’s latest outburst. Everytime they’re on a mission it’s like this. Bucky does something, anything really and the Captain gets mad and yells. Maybe Bucky should be irritated by it, but the Captain fucks like an animal when he’s angry and Bucky is here for that. 

“I thought it was supposed to get better when they started fucking.”

Bucky snorts a laugh at Clint’s remark. He can only imagine the rant the Captain is about to go on and he’s already thinking about the bruises he’ll have after the Captain gets through with him tonight. 

With any luck he'll owe Clint another fruit basket.




The Captain has one hand twisted in Bucky’s hair and the other tightly gripping his hip. There will be bruises. Bucky’s stomach twists in excitement. Looking at the marks the Captain gives him is almost as good as getting them in the first place. 

It’s been a month since the last time they fucked and Bucky hated every minute of it. He tried everything he could to provoke the Captain, but nothing worked. Until tonight. Bucky doesn’t even know what finally did it. Not that it really matters when he’s getting dicked down by the best lay he’s ever had.

“I can’t stand watching you out there,” the Captain snarls in his ear.

“But you admit you are watching me.”

The way the Captain snaps his hips forward, pushing the chair Bucky is bent over across the floor is enough to force a grunt out of Bucky. Not the most dignified noise, but he can’t be bothered to care. 

“You’re reckless. You have no discipline. Can’t work with a team.”

Bucky knows the Captain is reaching now. He works great with the team. He even works great with the Captain, when he’s not trying to get in his pants.

“And yet you haven’t kicked me off yet.”

When he digs his fingers deeper into Bucky’s hip in response, Bucky moans. He can’t help it. No one has ever made him feel like this. No one has ever even come close. 

“Show up late to training, skip out on meetings. It’s almost like you’re trying to get my attention.”

Bucky is about to say something that will surely piss the Captain off, but it dies on his tongue when the Captain pulls out and spins him around. He had been so close.

“And this. Going out in the field wearing all this leather and that mask. Makes me want to tie you up and fuck you till you scream while you’re wearing it. I bet you’d look good tied to my bed. Unable to get away.”

Yes. Holy shit yes. As far as Bucky is concerned that sounds like Christmas, New Years and his birthday all rolled into one. Right now there isn’t anything he wants more so he opens his mouth to let the Captain know.

“I’d like to see you try.”




Bucky has been watching the Captain train for hours now. He’s taken his turn sparring with both Clint and Natasha, but the Captain seems reluctant to train one on one with him. By the time the rest of the team leaves Bucky is dripping with sweat and riled up. He really can’t be blamed for challenging the Captain. 

He also can’t be blamed for the way his dick gets hard when the Captain has him pinned down to the mat. They’re alone so he rolls his hips up, making sure there is no doubt what he wants. The Captain drags him up by his shirt, ripping it in the process and Bucky just strips it off, dropping it where he stands. 

They leave a trail of destroyed clothing on their way to the Captain’s room. 

Too much adrenaline and too little prep leaves Bucky a shuddering mess on the Captain’s bed. Their combined sounds have Bucky on the verge of coming too soon. 

He doesn’t want this to end. No one has ever made Bucky feel like this.

A particularly hard thrust has Bucky biting down on a pillow to keep from screaming. 

“Is this what you want?”

Is it? The rough fucks? The sneaking out as soon as they’re done? The caustic words thrown between them? 

The Captain’s breath is hot on his ear. “You like to piss me off enough that I’ll fuck you? Because you keep doing it and I’m starting to wonder.”

Is that really what he wants? Or merely what he told himself he wants because it’s all he thinks he can have?

“I’ll take what I can get.” 

He’s not even aware he said the words out loud until the Captain pulls out and lurches to feet.


Sighing to himself Bucky rolls over on to his back. He covers his face and mutters, “we’re doing this now?”

He really doesn’t want to do this now, or any other time. Bucky can see the way the Captain waivers. It would seem that neither one of them is too keen on talking. But the Captain is a stubborn prick.

“Yes, we’re doing this now.”

“Fuck you, Rogers.” 

Because really, fuck Steve Rogers. Bucky should be allowed to ignore his feelings for as long as he wants.

The Captain is grinning and Bucky hates how good it looks on him. 

“Nope. I’m not coming near you with my dick until you explain yourself.”


Bucky shrugs as though he isn’t lying naked on the bed practically begging to be fucked. He reaches for the bottle of lube hoping to entice the Captain into forgetting he ever said anything. 

The bottle is batted out of his hand and the Captain is straddling his legs before Bucky can get a hand on himself. 

“I said we’re doing this right now,” the Captain demands. 

Bucky wishes his body didn’t respond to that tone. 

“In case you haven’t noticed we’re not on a mission so I don’t actually have to listen to you.”

Bucky rocks his hips up slightly to make his point. Because Steve Rogers is not the boss of him.

If the Captain notices the movement, he doesn’t let it show. Bucky hates that. 

He’s contemplating flipping their positions to get things going again when the Captain says, “It’s not like you listen when we’re on missions anyway.” 

He settles his weight more firmly on Bucky and adds, “I’m not letting you go until you explain yourself.”

Bucky snorts and rolls his eyes. “That’s not much of a threat Steve.” 

The name just rolls off his tongue and Bucky wants to kick himself for saying it again. He grinds up against the Captain, hoping to distract him from his slip up.

It must work because the Captain is sliding his cock back in Bucky’s abused hole and thrusting with enough force to rattle the bed frame before he can get another word out. 




Bucky is already standing in the Captain’s living room when he gets home. Natasha had texted Bucky from the hospital and told Bucky all about their shit show of a mission. He’s not sure if she was trying to warn him off the Captain or hoping Bucky would be there to help him. He doesn’t really care. There is absolutely nothing that could keep him away right now. 

Bucky refuses to think about why that is.

The Captain looks tired and in pain when he opens the door. Bucky has an urge to wrap him up in his arms that he pushes down when the Captain snaps, “what the fuck are you doing here?”

Instead, he falls back into what he knows works for them. “I think it’s pretty obvious why I’m here, Rogers.”

For just a second he thinks the Captain falters, his anger slipping just a little, but then he seems to shake himself and utters the words Bucky needs to hear. “Fuck you Barnes.”

“Yeah, fuck me.”

“You know what Bucky? I think I wanna shove my dick down your throat and make you choke on it just to shut you up.”

Everything about that sounds amazing to Bucky, even the way his name rolls off the Captain’s tongue as though he’s said it a thousand times before. That thought leaves Bucky unsettled. If he doesn’t get control of this situation it’s likely to spiral into something he isn’t ready to explore.

“Come on then. Fuck around. Find out.”

Bucky flings his arms out to his sides making sure the Captain understands exactly what he wants. Not that there was ever any doubt. He is naked and sporting an impressive erection after all. 

As hoped, the Captain takes the bait and prowls forward, stopping only a breath away. Bucky’s heart is pounding in his chest. It only grows worse when the Captain cradles his cheek in one of his calloused hands. 

“What’re you doing?”

They’re standing so close Bucky can see the flecks in green in the Captain’s blue eyes. He has to force himself to look away.

“Go to the bedroom.”

He wants to argue, at least he thinks he does. But his feet carry him to the Captain’s bed where he lays down and watches the blond remove his uniform before heading to the bathroom.

Bucky listens to the shower turn on. He toys with the idea of joining the Captain. For a few seconds he thinks about leaving altogether, but he can’t make himself do it. He tries to tell himself he’s curious and maybe he is. But the way his body is thrumming in anticipation makes him wonder if it’s something more.

The Captain emerges from the bathroom, hair still wet, body damp with moisture. Bucky has to force himself not to react. He has seen the Captain in various states of undress countless times by now, but standing there like this, with the light shining behind him, the Captain looks vulnerable in a way that makes Bucky’s insides squirm. 

“What are you doing?” Bucky asks again when the Captain crawls up the bed. 

This isn’t what he came here for. And neither is the way the Captain looks at him as he gently brushes his lips over Bucky’s stomach.  

The way his breath ghosts across Bucky’s skin when he whispers, “tell me to stop,” is too much.

“I don’t,” Bucky starts and then pauses, unsure what he means to say. “Please?” He begs. 

He doesn’t know what he’s pleading for. 

The Captain’s mouth trails kisses over his hip and Bucky doesn’t know if he should push the blond away or pull him closer. 

Except he does know. 

He’s known all along.

Bucky reaches down and runs his fingers through the Captain’s hair and draws him up into their first real kiss. 

“Steve,” Bucky whispers as he twines their fingers together. And again when Steve brings him to the edge. And again when he is pulled under in a wave of pleasure so intense it washes away any doubts about what he really wants.



Chapter Text

Chapter 5


He’s never stayed the night. In fact, he’s never stayed past pulling on his pants. Why would he? Steve Rogers has made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t like Bucky. He may be willing to fuck him, but Steve has never shown even the slightest interest in anything else. 

Until now.

Bucky wakes up with a super soldier splayed over the top of him like an aggressively cuddly octopus. He isn’t sure if it’s cute or disturbing. Maybe a little of both.

Steve’s head is on Bucky’s chest and he’s sure that if the blond were awake he’d be able to hear Bucky’s rapid heart beat. 

Bucky has faced down bad guys for most of his career without a second thought, but watching his breath ruffle Steve’s short hair has his body tensing in anticipation of a fight. 

The hand that had been laying on Bucky’s shoulder flexes, fingertips brushing across bare skin. 

“What’s wrong?” Steve’s voice is muffled and sleep rough against his chest.

Does he try to explain to Steve that he’s not sure what they’re doing? That he isn’t sure why he stayed? That he’s afraid to let himself think about what this means? Does he try to express his feelings and hope that Steve doesn’t use it against him?

Bucky says none of those things. Instead, he takes a deep breath and blows it out, just to watch Steve’s hair ruffle again. There is something soothing in the movement of fine blond strands, something that makes Bucky run his hand down Steve’s back in a gesture that is meant to reassure himself that this is where he is meant to be.

Beneath his hand, he can feel Steve’s skin pebble with goose flesh and he can hear the shaky cadence of his inhale. He thinks that maybe they’re both treading on unsteady ground. 

“Do you need me to get off you?” Steve asks. His lips brush lightly over Bucky’s chest.

For some reason Bucky finds it absolutely hilarious and he can’t stop the laugh that escapes him. Steve is off of him in a second, sitting up with the sheet pooled around his waist. The hurt look on his face makes Bucky laugh even more at the sheer ridiculousness of this being the thing that upsets Steve, after all the vitriol they have flung at each other for months. 

Steve gets out of bed and pulls on a pair of jeans he finds on the floor. He leaves them undone, allowing a tantalizing glimpse of his cock. It’s a good look, very distracting. Bucky thinks the pants might be his. 

Suddenly, he’s not laughing anymore.

“I’m sorry,” he says as he watches Steve start to pace around the room.

Steve opens his mouth to respond, at least that’s what Bucky thinks he’s about to do, then stops. He looks down at the jeans that are sliding down his hips. “Who’s fucking pants are these?”

Bucky has to take a slow breath so he doesn’t start laughing again. “Fuck Steve, who do you think they belong to? How many other guys are you fucking besides me?”

As soon as the question is out Bucky wants to pull it back. He doesn’t want to know who else the Captain has been fucking. 

For just a second Steve looks hurt again. “No one. There hasn’t been anyone else. Only you.”

Bucky has no idea how to respond to that so he says the first thing that pops in his head. “Oh.” He follows that up with, “can you take my pants off? I’m having a hard time focusing.” 

He immediately wants to kick himself.

Not only because it was rude, but also because Steve lets them fall to the floor and casually steps out of them. For the life of him, Bucky cannot figure out why he thought that was going to help. 

“Is this better?” Steve snarks. Because he’s an asshole. 

So is Bucky. “Yup. Totally helps. You should do all your negotiating naked from now on.”

Steve’s face does something complicated, but Bucky misses it because he is resolutely not looking at him.

“Is that what this is? A negotiation?” 

Bucky reluctantly looks up at Steve, but can’t keep his gaze from sliding down that incredible body all the way to that perfect dick. “Can you just get back in bed? I can’t talk to you like this.” He waves a hand in Steve’s general direction.

Steve huffs, but climbs back on the bed as requested. He’s still an asshole though and lays on his side on top of the blankets just letting everything hang out there. Neither one of them speaks. Steve keeps his eyes on Bucky’s face and Bucky works to keep his on anything other than Steve’s dick. 

They’re at an impasse. A naked impasse with six pack abs, stunning blue eyes and other assorted dangly bits that Bucky dreams about, but an impasse all the same. 

Bucky is the first to break. “This shouldn’t be so hard. You had your dick in my ass just a few hours ago for fucks sake. You’d think we’d be able to talk to each other.”

For just a second Steve looks stunned and maybe a little pleased, but he recovers quickly. “Well, I was choking on your dick last night. So that’s my excuse, what’s yours?”

And that’s it, Bucky can’t take it anymore. He snickers as he fails to hold back another bout of laughter. “Wh-what?”

“You heard me!”

His intention is to sit up properly and attempt to have a civilized conversation with Steve. What he actually does is scoot closer until he can grip the short hair at the back of Steve’s neck and pull him into a kiss that leaves them both breathless. 

Somehow that results in Bucky stradling Steve, fucking himself on the blond’s cock. Bucky wonders if it’s always going to be this way with him. That thought stills his hips.

Infuriatingly, Steve doesn’t react, except to put an arm up behind his head and raise an eyebrow. He looks relaxed and curious. Bucky would almost fall for it, if he couldn’t see the way Steve’s free hand is tangled in the sheets so tightly his knuckles have turned white. 

A trickle of sweat runs down Steve’s temple and that alone gives Bucky the push to open his mouth. “What are we doing?”

The corner of Steve’s mouth quirks up and he lifts his hips in a filthy grind as if Bucky needs to be reminded about the monster cock currently rearranging his insides.

“No, I mean after this. In like 10,” he looks down at both their bodys and amends his statement, “in like 30 minutes. What then? Do I grab my stuff and sneak out when you’re not looking? Or are you going to cook me breakfast after you blow me in the shower? Because honestly, I’m pretty hungry.”

Steve’s smile lights up the room and Bucky’s stomach flips as his heart flutters in his chest. Steve’s expression is bright and open. He looks relaxed, happy even. Bucky can feel the corners of his own mouth turning up in response. 

“How about I make you come on my dick, we take a quick shower and then we go out to breakfast?” Steve counters with a roll of his hips that draws a soft moan from Bucky’s lips.

“So we are negotiating then?” Bucky quips as he lifts and then slides back down Steve’s length oh so slowly. “I say you make me come on your dick, we order breakfast to be delivered, you fuck me in the shower while we wait.” Bucky pauses, carefully considering his next words. “And you take me to dinner tonight.”

Steve plants his feet on the bed and grabs Bucky’s hips, fingers splayed in a way that Bucky knows will leave ten perfectly shaped bruises. He thrusts up hard enough that Bucky is thrown off balance, only held in place by Steve’s vice-like grip.

“You come on my dick, I fuck you in the shower while we wait for breakfast, I take you to dinner and you stay the night again. Final offer.” 

Steve is still pounding into him and frankly Bucky is impressed that the blond can even speak coherently. 

He’s also a little irritated by it because he can hardly pull himself together to breathlessly groan, “deal.” 




3 months later...




The fight is winding down and Bucky is doing a final sweep of the floor he’s on when Steve’s voice comes over the comms.

“We’re about finished here. Bucky if you’re done goofing around you wanna join us?”

Bucky can tell by the echo that the blond is nearby. It takes him less than a minute to find him, which Bucky is sure was intentional. 

"Fuck you Steve!" 

Steve flashes him a dazzling smile that makes Bucky's heart beat faster. Just like it does everytime he sees it. 

"Yeah, fuck me."

"Nope! You two assholes turn your comms off right this second!" Clint shouts."We are not having a repeat of last week. And you're finding your own ride home!"