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The Mother’s Day Dinner

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“Does this place have my fat free coffee creamer Ben? It better or I’m going to be pissed and have a word with management!” Leia complained as she, Ben and Han walked into The Melting Pot. Ben was beginning to regret the offer of taking her out to dinner for Mother’s Day. He also didn’t realize Han wanted to come along for this. 


“The hell if I know mom. Can’t you just enjoy this and not worry about the damn fat content of everything?” Ben said as he held the door open for her. Han jumped in front of Leia walking inside. 


“Why thanks son!” Han said walking in ahead of them like a rude asshole. 


“He was holding the door for his mother, you old bastard!” Leia yelled as she walked in behind him. Ben rolled his eyes and prayed they wouldn’t get kicked out of here like last year at Olive Garden. Ben walked up to the hostess telling her he had a reservation under Solo while Leia and Han bitched at each other in the background. 


“Right this way Mr. Solo.” Rose the hostess said as she led them to a table in the back. Ben slid into one side of the booth and to his surprise Leia slid in beside him leaving Han all alone on the other side. Rose handed them their menus and told them some guy named Ray would be their server. 


“You could have sat with dad if you wanted to mom.”


“Hell no I’m sitting with my handsome little boy today! The hell with Han and his freeloading ass! I told him it was Mother’s Day not “Hey I’m going to tag alone and get a free meal day” but he still insisted on coming. Especially when I told him you were paying.” Leia said, staring daggers at Han. 


“Look princess, I haven't had a decent meal in years. You can’t cook for shit!” Han said as he looked over the beer and wine list and dodging the salt and pepper shakers Leia threw at his head. 


“Mom! Dad! Stop! We will get kicked out of here then nobody will be eating a damn thing except McDonald’s happy meals!” Ben growled at them setting the salt and pepper back where they belonged. 


“Hello! Welcome to the Melting Pot, my name is Rey and I will be your server today. What can I get you started with to drink?”


Ben was still looking at his menu when he heard the voice of a British angel. He slowly looked up and there was Rey. Long brown locks that looked soft as feathers, legs that went on for miles in that black server skirt, and perky little tits that screamed, “Hey Ben, suck me until the wee morning hours.” 


“Why hello there Rey! My name is Leia and this is my handsome single rich son Ben!” Leia said pointing at Ben and winking at Rey. Ben turned 45 shades of red and so did Rey. 


“And this fucker right here is my annoying husband of 32 years Han.” Leia continued waving in Han’s direction but not bothering to look up at him. Ben looked up at Rey horrified. 


Rey couldn’t believe this. She didn't know if she should die laughing or run away screaming from this table. The only thing that kept her there was this gorgeous black haired beast of a man staring at her in horror. This big bitch was as hot as a motherfucker and she was going to get through this just to keep staring at him. 


“Hey sweetheart, I will have a tall glass of whiskey and 5 bud lights and just keep them coming so I can deal with my mean ass wife here.” Han said, gesturing to Leia. 


“You know Han it is Mother’s Day and I’m the mother of you giant child who I was in labor with for 3 days! The least you can do is show me some respect!”


“Look your worship, you don't show me any respect on Father’s Day!”


“Yeah cause your always out fucking fishing with Chewy anytime Father’s Day rolls around!”


“Ok guys enough!” Ben yelled.


“I will have a bourbon and an ice water please.” Ben said looking into Rey’s beautiful eyes. 


“Sure Ben….I mean sir.” Rey replied, writing down his order.


“Oh you can call him Ben dear!  As a matter a fact, I bet Ben would let you call him anything you wanted! Sit up straight dear and show Rey your winning smile!” Leia said as she tried to fix Ben’s posture. 


“Damn it mom I’m 31 years old!” Ben said, swatting away her hand. 


Rey couldn’t help but cover her mouth and laugh.


“I will have a coffee with fat free creamer and a margarita.” Leia said, giving Rey her drink order.


“I will have that out shortly.” Rey smiled at Ben then walked away. 


“Mom cut it out! Why are you always trying to set me up with the waitresses whenever we go out somewhere?!” Ben whined. 


“Because I want grandkids damn it! And you're so damn shy I have to do everything for you! Now fix your hair and tie! Be sure and smile at her when she comes back! She totally wants you!” 


“MOM! I’m not discussing with you about women wanting me!”


“You may as well get over it son. This woman is as stubborn as the ignition on the Falcon. Never wants to crank up when you want her too.” Han grunted at Ben as he gave Leia the side eye. 


“Well maybe I would if you had a big enough key to start me up with Han dear!” Leia snapped back.


“Fucking hell.” Ben sighed, putting his face in his hands. 

“Finn! Poe! I have finally found the wampa of my dreams! He’s sitting out there with his grumpy old parents and fuck he’s hot!” Rey said as she ran into the kitchen. 


“You should get him nice and drunk so you can take advantage of his ass in the back alley after your shift!” Poe said, winking at Rey. 


“Don't listen to him peanut. Just because Poe pulled that stunt on me doesn't mean you have to stoop to his level. Just go out there and hit him with your winning personality and you will have your big ass wampa in the bag!” Finn said as he grabbed a tray of food and walked out of the kitchen. 


Rey finished making their drinks and made her way back to the table of insanity. 


“Here we are!” She said as she placed all the drinks down in front of them. Leia nudged Ben in the ribs and he looked up smiling at Rey with his perfect smile. Rey almost tore her panties off and threw them at Ben right then and there. 


“So um….do you guys know what you would like for dinner?” Rey barely choked out.


“Yes dear, Ben says we should try the Wisconsin trio cheese first. Then we will all be sharing the big night out meal. Then for dessert we will have the s’mores chocolate fondue.” Leia said in her best commanding voice. 


“Mom I can order for myself.”


“Yeah princess and who the hell said anything about sharing! Ben’s paying for this and I’m as hungry as a wookie in heat!” Han growled. 


“Sweetheart, just bring me my own big night out and her royal highness can just get over it!” Han said, looking up at Rey and taking a drinking of his whiskey.


“Han damn it! You have high cholesterol and the doctor said no more giant meals for you! You have to eat in moderation!” Leia yelled.


“Fuck that! If i fall over dead after this big expensive meal then so be it! It was worth it!” Han replied, finishing down his whiskey. 

Rey had no idea what to write down at this point.

“I’m sorry Rey, don't mind them they are like this all the time. Just bring out the cheese for now and I will hash the rest of this out.” Ben said giving Rey another blinding hot man smile. 


“Will do Ben.” Rey said then feeling bold giving him a wink as she walked away. Leia almost pissed herself with delight.


“See! I told you she wants you!”


“Mom stop for the love of god!”


“Both of you stop so I can get drunk in peace!” Han yelled. 


“I’m going to do some investigating when she comes back to make that cheese.” Leia said rubbing her hands together like an evil scientist. 




“Don't you no mom me! This is my day and I can do what I want!”


Just then Rey rounded the corner with a giant tray of ingredients to make the cheese fondue. Rey turned on the burner in the middle of the table and started mixing together the cheese. 


“So Rey….where are you from dear?” Leia asked, giving Ben a side eye.


“Oh I’m from here in Hannah City.” Rey smiled at Leia. 


“Oh that's great so is Ben! He works for my brother in the big Skywalker building a few blocks from here!”


“Oh thats sounds nice.” Rey said looking over into Ben’s luxurious brown eyes as she stirred the cheese.


“He’s also single….very single. He tends to like tall brunettes as well!”




Rey thought she may as well go along with this shit. Ben was obviously shy and if his mommy wanted to set him up with her then so be it. Fuck it. He was hot and she wanted that beast on top of her by nightfall. 


“Rey, do you have a man at home?” Leia asked with hope in her eyes.


“No I have been single for a while now. Just working here and finishing up my degree in mechanics.” 


“No shit? Han owns a chain of car repair shops around here! He will hire you on the spot! Isn’t that right Han!” Leia said, kicking him hard in his shins under the table making him bark in pain. 


Ben just sat there and kept drinking his bourbon in horror. 


“Uh yeah sure, when do you graduate kid?” Han asked, giving Leia a death stare. 


“About 2 more months after I finish up some summer courses.” 


“That’s perfect! That’s when Chewy is retiring and Han will need someone to run the shop on Endor Way!” Leia replied squinting at Han.


Han pulled out a business card and told Rey to give him a call when she graduated. 


“Mom. Dad. Rey may have other plans for when she graduates.” Ben said looking around the table.


“No….I dont…...I live alone and have no family around here. I really didn't know what I was going to do after graduation to be honest.” Rey said looking down at Ben as she finished the cheese for them to dig into. 


“You're not alone.” Ben said looking back into Rey’s eyes with a hint of lust. 


“Neither are you.” Rey replied, giving him a seductive smile. 


“Yeah obviously he’s not. He’s parents are sitting right here with him. So if you two could stop eye fucking each other long enough for me to eat that would be great!” Han mumbled as he chewed a big piece of cheese covered bread. 


Leia kicked Han under the table and Ben stared him down as if he was trying to set him on fire. 


“I will be right back with your entrees.” Rey said, looking flushed as she made a mad dash for the kitchen.

“See Ben, we have her all set up for you! Now all you have to do is ask her out!” Leia said as they ate their bread and cheese. 


“She’s going to think I’m a pansy that can’t ask a woman out without the help of his nosy parents.”


“Who cares son we are getting you laid so just pull your damn balls out of your ass and ask the woman out!” Han said, finishing his 3rd beer. 


The rest of the dinner went more smoothly than the beginning as they ate their main course and their chocolate fondue. Ben still hadn’t pulled his balls out of his ass to give Rey his number. Damn he needed to get it together. 


Ben handed Leia her new gold bracelet that he bought her for Mother’s Day right as Rey came back to the table with their check. 


“Look at what my generous loving little boy gave me Rey! He’s so nice at giving gifts! I bet whatever woman snags him up will be showered in gold and silver non-stop!” Leia said as she showed Rey her bracelet and kicking Ben under the table to ask for Rey’s number. 


“Mom cut it out!” Ben mumbled so Rey wouldn't hear.


Ben handed Rey his credit card then she turned to walk away. 


“You guys go out to my car and wait so I can ask her out without you two sitting here staring me down and giving me pointers every two seconds! Ben said as he shoved his car keys into Leia’s hand. 


“Ok fine but you better do it or I will call this damn restaurant later and give her your number myself!” Leia said as she stood up and pulled Han’s drunk ass out of the booth. 


“Tell her she has nice tits son!” Han drunken ass yelled so that half the restaurant heard him. 


“Mom for the love of god get him out of here and don't let him behind the wheel of my car!” Ben said rolling his eyes as he watched them walk out the door. 


Finally Rey came back to the table and handed him his card and a pen. 


“Oh, your parents already left?” Rey asked, looking a little sad. 


“They are in the car. My dad had a little too many beers.”


“Oh I see.”


Ben left Rey a $100 tip then closed the book looking up at her.


“Um hey Rey, would you….like to have dinner with me sometime?”


Rey almost exploded in her pants.


“God I thought you would never ask me! Here’s my number!” Rey said as she grabbed her notepad and wrote it down at the speed of hyperspace. 


Ben was so shocked she said yes after meeting his insane parents he could barely speak. 


“As a matter of fact Ben, you guys were my last table for the evening. Wanna meet me out back at my car in 5 minutes?” Rey said, licking her lips at him. 


“For the love of god yes.” Ben moaned a little too loudly. Han and Leia can wait a while in the car after all that horseshit they put him through. Rey ran to the kitchen as fast as she could to clock out. She ran out the back door to see her tall drink of water leaning up against the building waiting. Rey was done beating around the bush. She was horny damn it. She grabbed Ben’s face and kissed him with all her might. 


“I loved the way you were eye fucking me all evening.” Rey moaned into his mouth. 


“I’m going to do more than that to you sweetheart.” Ben growled. 


“Where’s your car?” He asked as he grabbed a handful of Rey ass. 


Rey led him to her old beat up Buick and shoved him into the back seat. 


“Its not much but the back of this thing is perfect for fucking lumberjacks!” Rey said as she straddled him and yanked off her shirt. 


“So you fuck lumberjacks often?” Ben asked, looking a little worried that Rey was a hoe.


“Oh no! I shouldn’t have said it like that. I’m clean. I haven't been with anyone in over a year!


“Me either! Show me that hot fondue making pussy!”


“Yes Ben! Dip that giant loaf of bread of yours into my hot cheese!” Rey said as she yank his pants down and impaled herself on him.

“Where the hell is Ben? Rey must have rejected him and now he’s in the damn bathroom crying!” Han said from the backseat of Ben’s car. 


“Shut up Han! I saw him walking to Rey’s old Buick over there and now they have a nice steady rhythm going. Give them another 10 minutes.” Leia said looking smugly at her phone. 


“What are you looking at, princess.” Han asked leaning up behind her headrest. 


“Most popular grandbaby names.” Leia replied.