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Today's Forecast: Love

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“It will be sunny all week. However Friday and into the weekend will be overcast due to a cold pressure front that is likely to bring some colder and rainy weather our way.” Peter said, gesturing to the screen and smiled at the camera. “It will only hover over the area for a few days before it moves out over the water. Sunny weather will be back by next week where temperatures should reach near the 90s.” Peter said into the camera with a smile. “Now back to Diane for some news.” Peter said and dazzled the camera with his beautiful smile. He knew he was beautiful. He was in one of his favorite suits that hugged his body and was wearing his favorite custom made pineapple tie. It was his signature and everyone knew it was his favorite.
The crew cut over to new anchors Diane and Roger. Peter walked off the stage, getting pats on the back. He was the meteorologist for the Beacon County Weather Station and news outlet. He was very popular, probably because he was an extremely attractive alpha werewolf, who was the brother of Alpha werewolf Talia Hale, who was a huge public figure in the fight to get rights for supernatural creatures.
Peter chatted with some of his coworkers, some human and some not.

“Troy, nice story.” Peter said with a smile and Troy, the sports anchor, smiled at him.

“Thanks Peter.” He said. Peter passed him and kept going until he got into his office. Peter checked his equipment and played with some things. He looked over when his phone buzzed.

We are going to Aunt Tali’s house for dinner

Peter nodded. He had had 18 year old twins, Malia and Jackson. He was fooling around and accidentally got some coyote pregnant when he was 16 and she didn’t want them. She gave them to Peter and disappeared. It was hard, Peter was 16 and suddenly had twins to take care of. But his sister, who was his alpha at the beginning, just took them in immediately and helped Peter with everything and Peter was so grateful for her support. Without her and the rest of the pack, he wouldn’t have been able to go to college and become a meteorologist, like he had always wanted to do.

Ok, I’ll be over later, I have an appointment with my tailor.

Okie. Nice forecast

Peter smiled and put his phone away. He wanted another suit, even though he didn’t need it. His tailor was a good guy and understood his needs and style, and was also very quick to get it done. Peter liked him a lot and had been going to him for 10 years.
At the end of the day Peter packed up and went to his tailor, Jason.


Chris somehow got his kids to the right places. His eldest, Allison was 18 and going to college at Beacon County College. Chris had packed up and moved with her because she wanted them too. They were in washington so it wasn’t that bad. Chris also had 2 more kids, Oliver who was 11 and in 6th grade. He was so happy to be in Middle school now. Then Zeke was 6 and in first grade. He was also excited to go to school. They didn’t mind the move, they liked meeting people. Chris had also found a good job. He was a tailor and found a good shop to work at. He was very good at his job and he was immediately accepted.

“Chris.” Chris looked over at Jason, his boss. He had been working here for about 2 weeks now.

“Yes boss?” Chris asked.

“I just want to ask you to sit in on my next appointment.” Jason said. Chris nodded. He knew that Jason was retiring and giving the staff his regulars. He hadn’t given Chris one yet, but he wasn’t offended, it had only been 2 weeks.

“Of course.” Chris said, but he was confused. Jason smiled.

“He is difficult. I think you would handle him nicely, unlike the other workers. I know it has only been 2 weeks but I have seen you work. And he would likely be just like Oli or Zeke.” Chris laughed and nodded to him.

“Ok.” Chris said with a chuckle. He had found himself talking to Jason about his kids because he asked and seemed to want to get to know Chris, so Chris would be sad to see him go.


Allison was walking behind her new RA. She was switching roommates after two weeks because she could not stand her other one. She was loud and obnoxious and disruptive. Allison could not deal with it. It seems that the girl she was being roomed with had a similar problem with her roommate.

“Allison, this is Lydia, your new roommate.” The RA said and then walked out. Allison smiled at Lydia.

“Hi. Please tell me you don’t stay up all night screaming when I have 8 o'clock classes the next morning.” Allison asked point blank. Lydia looked at her and burst into laughter.

“I do not. You don’t do hard drugs do you?” She asked and Allison laughed, shaking her head. “Well then, I think this is already working out better than my last one.” Allison smiled and nodded.

“I agree.” Allison said and sat on the bed. “So, what is your major?” Allison asked curiously.

“Criminal justice and Mathematics.” Lydia said. “You?”

“Architecture.” Allison said with a smile. They both smiled and talked and talked, immediately clicking. Allison was so grateful, she hoped this worked out because she needed to sleep.


Peter walked into the shop and went to the back.

“Peter.” Peter turned and smiled at Jason.

“Hey man.” Peter said and they clasped hands, bro hugging. “I want something…”

“Extravagant, tight and expensive?” Jason asked with amusement in his eyes. Peter laughed with a nod.

“You know me so well.” Peter said and stood on the block. Peter frowned when Jason hesitated a second. “What?” Peter asked. Jason smiled at him.

“I am going to have someone sit in.” Jason said. Peter’s eyes narrowed at him.

“You're retiring.” Peter concluded. Jason shrugged with a small smile.

“It’s time.” He said. Peter groaned.

“No, Jace, don’t do this.” Peter whined. Jason smiled.

“Don’t worry. I have someone very capable coming to help. Chris!” Jason shouted and looked at Peter who was pouting.

“I don’t like new people.” Peter said flatly. They always fangirled over him and while he liked that, he also liked having some normal relationships.

“Don’t worry, he doesn’t know who you are.” Jason said with a smile. “He just moved here.” Peter frowned but the man walked in. Peter blinked in surprise, eyes phasing red. This man was perhaps the most beautiful person Peter had ever seen.
Chris looked at the man and his eyes were red. Great, an alpha. Chris had had some bad experiences with know-it-all alphas.

“Does he usually do that?” Chris questioned. Jason looked at Peter and chuckled. Peter looked at Jason, eyes fading and looking back at Chris.

“No.” Jason said with a smile. He knew Chris was also Peter’s type. He had to have a little fun.

“This is who you have replacing you?” Peter asked, eyebrows raised. “I would have appreciated a little warning.” Peter said eyeing Chris with a smirk. Chris rolled his eyes and Peter smiled more. Chris looked at Jason with raised eyebrows. Jason laughed.

“Don’t worry, he might flirt a lot but he would never do anything, or I wouldn’t have assigned you to him. I know of your past experiences.” Jason said, patting Chris’s back. Peter’s nose twitched. Was Chris mistreated by other alphas? “Peter, meet Chris, Chris, Peter.” Jason said. Peter hopped off the block with a grin and held out his hand.

“It’s a pleasure, Christopher.” Peter said, grinning.

“It’s Chris, and it's nice to meet you too, Peter.” Chris said. Peter shrugged and hopped back on the block.

“Let’s test you out.” Peter said with a smile. Chris looked at Jason who gestured forward, sitting on the chair. Chris sighed and looked at Peter. Chris had to admit that Peter was attractive. He didn’t like his attitude so far, but Chris tried to treat him like a customer. He did manage to spike up a small conversation with Peter, while he did some measurements. Peter had to say that so far, he liked Chris. He was an excellent conversationalist. He also looked adorable with a pencil in his mouth and the measuring string around his shoulders. “What’s the verdict?” Peter asked. Chris looked at him.

“You don’t want me to make you a suit and then see how you like it?” Chris asked, eyes twinkling with a challenge and Peter suddenly liked him so much more. Peter smirked.

“Someone is confident.” Peter said with a smirk. Chris laughed.

“The pot and the kettle.” Chris said with a smile and Peter’s grin widened. He bowed a little.

“Go right ahead Christopher. I am curious now.” Peter said. Chris nodded and started questioning Peter on what he would want. “Oh no, you have to completely guess.” Peter said. Chris stared at him for a second and shrugged.

“Ok. I’ll see what I can do.” Chris said with a shrug. Peter saw him look at him with a smile in his eyes. That was the first. “It was a pleasure Peter, I'll let you know when it is done.” Chris said with a smile and then walked out. Peter looked at Jason.

“I think that went well.” Peter said with a smile. Jason smiled.

“I actually agree.”


Allison and Lydia were in the dorm. They just finished moving Allison into her room and they were talking now.

“So where are you from?” Lydia asked curiously, looking over at her with a smile. They were sitting cross legged on the floor, playing Uno.

“Washington. Not far, just a few hours.” She said. “What about you?”

“Here actually. Beacon Hills born and raised.” Lydia said with a smile and played a reverse skip red. Allison nodded.

“What about family?” Allison asked, playing her blue 8 on Lydia’s red 8 when it was her turn again.

“Just me and my parents by blood. Otherwise I am in a pack. They are my family.” Lydia said. Allison grinned at her.

“A pack? That is so cool. How many people?” She asked excitedly. She loved the idea. Lydia smiled at her.

“There are 10 of us. Technically.” She added. “There are the wolves, Scott McCall, Isaac Lahey, Jackson Hale, Erica Reyes, Vernon Boyd, then our alpha, Derek Hale. Then a spark, Stiles Stilinski. A coyote, Malia Hale. A witch Doctor Danny Mahealani. Then I am a banshee.” Lydia said. Allison gaped.

“That is a big pack. I love it. And banshee? How is that?” Allison asked curiously. Lydia shrugged.

“It has its ups and downs.” Allison nodded.

“Hale as in, Talia Hale, the huge civil rights activist?” Allison asked, eyes widened at the thought. She knew her mother was killed at one of her rallies, it was a huge deal. A mentally unstable man with a gun shot up the rally. Many people died and a lot were injured. Her mother was one that died and her father was injured. He was the one who took down the shooter and got shot in the process. He wasn't recognized though because he never took the credit. He didn't want it, he just lost his wife. To this day, no one knew who saved the rest of the people from the crazy man. Lydia chuckled and nodded.

“Yes. Derek is her son. Malia and Jackson are twins of Peter Hale, Talia’s younger brother.” Allison nodded, blinking in surprise. “Don’t be intimidated, we are all nice.” Lydia said with a chuckle. Allison chuckled nervously and nodded.

“She is just like, so amazing.” Allison said truthfully. “I went to a rally she held in Washington and she was just… so confident and genuine, and I loved her.” Allison said with a smile, not thinking about how she could have been at the rally with her parent’s but she was sick and she told them to go, at least for a little while. “It's just crazy that you know her, she seems so famous.” Lydia grinned. He really liked Allison.

“She would love to meet you Allison. I can’t wait to introduce you.” Lydia said with a big smile. Allison’s eyes went wide and she smiled. Allison decided to not mention her mother and the shooting. Lydia smiled. “So what about your family?” Lydia asked. Allison’s face melted into a smile.

“I live with my father, and my two little brothers. My mother was killed when I was little, well, I was 15 but… Anyway. My father is my rock, I love him so much. His name is Chris. Then my two little brothers.” Allison said with a sparkle in her eyes. Lydia grinned. “There is Oliver, who is 11. He is relatively mellow compared to Zeke, who is 6. Oli is sweet and loves to cuddle. Zeke is crazy and a total bunch of energy. He is too spazzy to cuddle. He loves swimming and is totally adorable.” Allison said with a grin. Lydia grinned. “I think you would like Oli.” Allison added, looking at Lydia and then played a few skips and changed the color to yellow.

“I can’t wait, they sound amazing.” Lydia said with a grin. Allison smiled. She loved Lydia, they got along so well and Allison was so excited to become friends with her.


Peter walked into Talia’s house.

“I have terrible news.” Peter said dramatically as he walked into the dining room where everything was all set up. They sighed and looked at him.

“What is the news?” Talia said with raised eyebrows and an amused smile.

“Jason is retiring.” Peter said with a huff as he sat down in his chair.

“Woah, your tailor?” Malia asked with a frown. Peter nodded.

“Oh damn, I really liked him.” Jackson said. “He made me a great suit for senior prom.” Peter nodded.

“So you have to break in a new guy?” Olivia, Talia’s mates’, middle brother’s wife, asked.

“I do.” Peter said but a smile was on his face.

“He is hot isn’t he?” Stiles asked with a smile. Peter whistled.

“So hot.” Peter repeated looking at him and Stiles laughed.

“At least there is a silver lining.” Nathan said, the middle brother. Peter nodded and spooned himself some potatoes. He hummed.

“Yes. He is making me a suit, knowing nothing about me other than measurements. We are going to see how well that goes.” Peter said with a smile. Talia rolled her eyes. Peter glanced around. “Where is the lovely Lydia?” Peter questioned.

“She got a new roommate and apparently they hit it off and she wanted to spend some time with her.” Jackson said, stabbing his potatoes a little aggressively. Peter chuckled.

“That’s good. Her other one sucked.” They all nodded in agreement.


Chris finished up working and then went to pick up his youngest Zeke. He got out of school first, then Oli got out.
Chris drove to the primary school in his truck, listening to some good music. He loved his truck. It was a black Ram 3500. It was Chris’s favorite thing.
He pulled into the primary school, finding a nice and close parking spot before getting out. The kids who were in the after school program waited in the cafeteria for parents to get them. Chris had Zeke in that program because Chris worked for an hour past when Zeke got out of school.

Chris walked into the school and towards the cafeteria. He smiled and shook his head when he saw Zeke running around the cafeteria in circles. At least he will go to bed tonight.

“Z.” Chris said and Zeke skidded to a stop, head looking over to him.

“Daddy!” He yelled and made a beeline to Chris. Chris smiled and squatted down. Zeke barreled into his chest. Chris grinned and hugged his little boy, lifting him in his arms when he stood up. Zeke rested on his hip.

“Hey bug.” Chris said with a smile and Zeke was bouncing in his arms as he anaminatedly told him about his day. Chris smiled and nodded, looking to the teachers who waved to him. Chris waved back and then left.

“And we got to color!” Zeke said with a grin. “We had sub-a-tute sub-tute…” Zeke frowned in concentration. “Sub tute.” He made a frustrated sound.

“Substitute?” Chris asked with a smile. Zeke lights up.

“Yeah! That!” He said. “We had one of those in English that is why, but I drew a tree!” He said with a grin. Chris smiled and set him down when they neared the car. Zeke ran to the car and jumped up, trying to reach the handle, but he was too small. “Daddy!” He whined. Chris chuckled and lifted him. He grabbed the handle but still couldn’t open the door. He pouted. Chris grinned as he set him down and opened the door. Zeke immediately crawled/ par cored his way into the truck and sat in his car seat. Chris chuckled and checked the seat belt Zeke put on himself. It was good so Chris went to the front and started the car. Zeke was still talking his ear off about school. He had made some friends and really liked them.

“Ok bug, that sounds like a lot of fun.” Chris said, pulling into the spot at the middle school. He saw people walking out of the building. It didn’t take long for Chris to spot Oliver. He ran over and hopped into the car, buckling himself into the booster seat. He had one more year of it and he was excited to not use it anymore. “Hey muffin, how was school?” Chris asked, carefully pulling out and leaving the school.

“It was good, dad.” Oliver said with a smile before Zeke started rambling to Oliver about his day. Oliver smiled and listened to his younger brother ramble on about his day. Chris smiled at his boys and drove them back to his apartment.

“Daddy! Are we going to see Ally?” Zeke asked, eyes wide and hopeful.

“I don’t know, bug. She has school as well.” Chris said, pulling into his parking spot. The boys nodded sadly and unbuckled. They loved their sister dearly. They got out of the car and immediately went to Chris, grabbing his hands. Chris smiled and they walked into the building and into the elevator. They were on the 7th floor. “Are you hungry?” Chris asked as they walked out of the elevator and down the hall.

“Can I have a bagel?” Oliver asked curiously. Chris chuckled and shrugged.


“I want pasta!” Zeke said jumping up and down as they went down the hall. Chris chuckled and fiddled with his key chain, trying to find the apartment key. He opened the door and the boys ran inside, making Chris smile as he walked in and shut and locked the door. He frowned when he smelled food.

“Ally!” Zeke screamed. Chris heard Oliver make a happy sound and bolt to the kitchen.

“Hey boys!” Chris heard. He smiled. Allison made a surprise visit. Chris was so glad, he was tired and was not in the mood to make food. He walked to the kitchen and saw Allison playing with the giggling boys. She was tickling Zeke and Oliver had jumped on her back. Chris grinned. Vicki would have loved to see this. Allison looked over to where he was leaning against the kitchen door frame. “Hey dad.” She said with a smile.

“Hey boo.” Chris said softly. She smiled at him.

“Ok boys, if you're hungry you’re gonna have to wait.” She said standing up, Oliver slipping off her back.

“Go play with your toys.” Chris said and they ran to the living room. Chris walked over to her and she hugged him tightly. “Thank you.” he said.

“Sit.” She said and gently pushed him to the stool and then went to finish making some pasta. Zeke will be happy.

“How is school?” Chris asked.

“It's good. I got a new roomie and I love her so much.” Allison said and Chris looked at her with a smile.

“Really? That’s amazing!” Chris said with a smile. He heard about the shitty roommate.

“Yeah, I am very happy. She is a banshee actually.” Allison said and Chris blinked in surprise.

“Wow.” Chris said with a chuckle. Allison laughed and strained the noodles.

“That’s what I said too. But she is so sweet and we just hit it off immediately.” Allison said with a big smile. Chris smiled as well.

“I’m glad boo.” He said. She smiled at him.

“Pasta time!” She yelled and the boys barreled into the room. Chris lifted Zeke onto the stool and Oliver climbed up himself. Zeke spent the whole time talking. Chris had to tell him to take a pause and eat food, letting Oliver talk about his day. It was a nice evening.
Finally, Chris put the boys to bed and it was just him and Allison in the living room.

“Hey boo…” Chris said, trailing off. She looked at him.

“What do you need?” She asked with a gentle smile. Chris grimaced a little.

“Can you drop the boys at school so I can go into work early?” Chris asked, looking at her sheepishly. Allison laughed and nodded.

“Of course. I thought you were gonna tell me you like, murdered someone and needed help with the body.” She said with a chuckle and Chris grinned.

“Would you help?” Chris asked because he was genuinely curious. Allison chuckled and put her head on his leg, throwing her feet on the couch.

“Of course.” She said and Chris smiled.

“Awesome.” Chris replied and they laughed.

“Big job?” She asked, curious as to why he wanted to go in early.

“Odd job more like it.” Chris said with a chuckle.

“Tell me.” Allison said.

“Well, Jason, my boss, is retiring. He had been giving the other workers his clients and I didn’t expect to get one because I am so new. But he gave me this guy.” Chris said and hated that he felt himself smiling and shaking his head at the thought of Peter. “He is this sassy, flirty alpha who thinks he is all that. But he is actually funny. I haven’t decided if I like him yet or not.” Chris said. Allison could see from his expression that he already decided but didn’t know yet. She smiled. “He has extravagant and expensive taste and I have to make him a suit, knowing nothing except his measurements and what I gained from the one 20 minute conversation.” Chris said and sighed. Allison shook her head.

“Good luck dad.” She said with a smile. “You said he was an alpha?” She asked, slightly worried, knowing her father’s past experiences with them.

“He is, but Jason said he had known him for 10 years and Peter is a good guy underneath his cold flirty exterior. He pulled me aside after and told me that Peter does respect people and would never treat me like the other alphas have.” Chris said, reassuring his daughter. She nodded.

“Ok. Because the next alpha that treats you like a toy, I will kill them.” She said seriously. Chris smiled and pet her hair.

“I’ll help you hide the body.” Chris said with a smile and Allison laughed. Chris asked her about school and her roommate and she was excited to tell him about it.


Chris was in the back room making the suit from scratch. He wanted to, and he wasn’t sure why. He had some materials here and always liked making the suits by hand.

“Hey Chris, you're early.” Chris looked over and it was Jason.

“Oh yeah, I figured I should start on Peter’s suit.” Chris said with a smile. Jason smiled as he walked over, looking over his shoulder.

“Hand sewing. Impressive.” Jason said. Chris shrugged.

“I like doing it by hand.” Chris said with a shrug. Jason chuckled, patted his back and left. Chris went back to work. He knew he would have to get this done soon. Peter probably didn’t like waiting.


“Ally!” Lydia said, meeting up with her after their stats class.

“Hey Lyds.” Allison said with a smile.

“I’m gonna go hang out with the pack if you wanna come.” Lydia said. Allison hesitated. “Hush, I want to show you off. Come on.” She said, linking their arms. Allison laughed and allowed herself to be tugged to commons. “Guys!” Lydia said when she came up to a group of people. “This is Allison!” She introduced. Allison looked at the group and smiled.

“Hey guys. It's great to meet you.” Allison said with a little wave. They all smiled and jumped up to introduce themselves. Allison reached the end of the line with introductions and smiled at the boy with a crooked jaw.

“You're beautiful.” He said and then slapped his hand over his mouth, turning bright red. Jackson burst out into laughter at Scott’s misfortune and Stiles joined, not able to help himself. Allison grinned and looked at him.

“Thank you. You’re not doing so bad yourself.” Allison said with a grin, holding out her hand. “I’m Allison.” She said.

“Scott.” He said shaking her hand, still bright red. They all sat around and talked to each other until it was time for their next classes.
After all the classes, they met back in commons. They all loved Allison.

“I’m so happy I know someone in my gothic lit class. That dude is so stoned all the time, it is hard to understand what he is saying.” Malia said with a groan, smiling at Allison who started laughing.

“I’m so glad I am not the only one who has no idea what is going on in that class.” Allison said with a laugh. Malia nodded with a smile. Allison hung out with them for the rest of the day and had a great time.


Peter gave pretty much the same weather report as the day before and made some jokes before his segment was over and he went back to his office to check his equipment. He finished up the day and went back to Talia’s house because she fed him.

“Hey Talia.” Peter said walking into the house.

“Hey Peter. Kids aren’t going to come tonight. They are hanging out on campus.” Talia said. That meant it would just be him, Talia, her mate James, his two brothers, Raymond and Nathan and their wives, Jaylene and Olivia. Then the little kids. Ray and Jay had three human children because Jay was human and ray was a wolf. Mark, 13, Luke, 10, and Tammy, 7. Then Olivia was a coyote and Nathan was a wolf. They had 2 wolves and two coyotes. Izzy was 14, Andrew, 11, Joy, 6 and Justin 3. Izzy and Justin were wolves and Andrew and Joy were coyotes.
They had a nice dinner.


It didn’t take Chris that long, only a few days to finish the suit. He had Jason call Peter in. Chris didn’t even see him come inside the back measuring and changing room area.

“Christopher.” Chris turned and looked at the wolf who was impeccably dressed.

“Peter.” Chris said. “Your suit is in the room, why don’t you change and tell me how you feel.” Chris said with a confident smile. Peter smirked and walked into the little room. The moment he was gone, Chris was nervous. What if he didn’t like it? Chris didn’t have anything to base it off of, except for the conversation they had 3 days ago for 20 minutes.
Chris sat down on the stool and tried not to tap his foot when Peter was in the dressing room for a while. Chris made him a cream/ tan color pants and jacket with a purple shirt with white dots on it. Chris knew Peter liked extravagant like that, but the fact that he was taking so long made Chris worry.
Chris looked up when he heard rustling and saw Peter in the suit. At least it fit perfectly as far as Chris could tell.

“Well Christopher, I think you have outdone yourself. This is perfect.” Peter said with a grin and looked in the mirror. Chris tried to not let his relief show but he knew some slipped.

“Chris- Wow.” Jason said walking in. “Looking sharp Peter.” Jason said with a grin. Peter smiled.

“I know.” He said and hopped on the block. Chris walked over and made sure everything fit correctly. He was so relieved that Peter liked it. It fit like a glove. “I think this will work out, Jason.” Peter said with a smile.

“I’m glad.” Jason said with a laugh. Chris chuckled and then his eyes caught the TV. He paused and stared at it. It was Peter, on the TV, in front of the weather screen, giving the weather. He stared at it. Peter was a weatherman?

“What, you don’t watch the news?” Peter asked, seeing his confusion. Chris looked at him and back at the TV.

“No, I don’t think I have even changed the station on my phone to here yet. It's still in Washington.” Chris admitted. He was surprised. “I didn’t realize that you were a meteorologist.” Chris added. He was looking at the TV so he missed Peter’s expression of surprise. Everyone called him a weatherman, like he was just a guy who stood on TV and gave the weather. No one expected him to be smart and be the meteorologist as well.

“Yes, I am.” Peter said after a second. Chris smiled at him.

“That’s cool actually.” Chris said with a smile and patted Jason’s shoulder. “I have another appointment. It's been fun, Peter.” Chris said with a smile and walked out of the room.

“I like him even more now.” Peter said a minute after he was gone.

“He is a good man. He doesn’t judge a book by its cover.” Jason said, eyeing him, knowing everyone calls him a dumb but pretty weather man. He knows that Peter says he doesn’t care but sometimes it does bother him, so the fact that Chris didn’t immediately assume that meant a lot to him. Jason patted Peter’s back. “I’ll ring you up for that.” Jason said with a grin and Peter laughed, and went to change.


Allison was hanging out with the pack again like she had been all week. They were in commons and just chilling and talking. They just finished their classes and were talking about food. Allison was about to say something when her phone went off. She saw it was her dad.

“Hey dad.” She said standing up and taking a step away from the group.

“Hey boo. I’m sorry to ask this, but Morgan’s wife is in the hospital giving birth and I have to take his clients, so I won’t be done in time to pick up the boys.” Chris said, and it sounded like he was rushing. “I mean, if you can’t I can figure something out-”

“No no, don’t stress dad. I can get them.” Allison said quickly, with a smile. She didn’t mind. She knows that he works a lot and it had been hard since her mother died.

“Thank you so much boo. I really owe you a lot here.”

“No you don’t dad. This is what we do for family. It's really not a big deal.” Allison said immediately.

“I love you.” Chris said.

“I know daddy. I love you too. See you at home.” She said and then hung up, walking over to the group. “Hey guys, sorry to cut this short.” Allison said with a smile. “I have to pick up my brothers from school.”

“Oli and Zeke?” Lydia asked. Allison nodded. “Why don’t you bring them back to the pack house. They can play with other kids and we can still hang out.” Allison looked at them surprised.

“Really?” She asked.

“Yes Ally. We want to hang and you talk about those little monsters all the time. I want to meet them.” Malia said with a smile. Allison grinned.

“Ok. Text me the address, and I’ll come over. It's a good thing I never took the booster seats out of my car.” She said with a laugh. They chuckled. Allison walked to her car and went to Oliver’s school. He got out right now but wasn’t signed up for the after school program. Zeke could wait a few more minutes.
Allison hopped out of her car and stood on the side so she could see over it and at the school. She finally saw Oliver walk out, eyes scanning the parking lot presumably for her father’s black truck and frown when he didn’t see it. When his eyes scanned the lot again Allison waved. She knew he saw her when his face lit up and he bolted toward her. Allison walked to the back of her car and scooped Oliver up in her arms when he reached her.

“Ally!!” He squealed and hugged her tightly. Allison’s heart melted with the love she held for her little brother.

“Hey bud.” Allison said and set him down. “Hop in. We gotta go get Zekey.” She said. He nodded and hopped in the car.

“Where is daddy?” Oliver asked curiously as he put his backpack to the side and buckled.

“He had to work a little later.” Oliver nodded and they drove to the primary school. “Wait here buddy. I’ll be right back.” She said, leaving the car running and jogged in the building. “Zekey.” Allison said with a laugh seeing him running in circles around the cafeteria.

“Alllyyyyyy.” He squealed and ran at her. She laughed and lifted him so he was resting on her hip. She had gotten him before so the teacher's knew her. They waved to her and she smiled, waved back and went to the car.

“So boys.” Allison said when they were all strapped up and ready to go. “We are going to my friends house, is that ok?” Allison asked, backing out of the spot. She saw them pouting. “They have other kids your age and a ton of toys.” Allison said and they lit up, making her laugh. “Ok then. I’m taking that as a yes.” She said and drove them to the address Lydia had texted her.
Allison gaped at the mansion and remembered that it was the Hale’s.

“Woah.” Oliver said, peering out the window with wide eyes.

“That is so much land to run around on.” Zeke said, eyes wide and his voice awed. Allison chuckled and parked where she hoped she would be out of the way. She was thankful when she saw Malia and Lydia walking toward her. Allison got out of the car and knew the boys had as well but were looking around.

“Boys.” Allison said and they were immediately by her side, holding her hands. She smiled.

“Damn.” Malia muttered with a grin.

“Oliver, Zeke, this is Malia and Lydia.” Allison said. They girls squatted down.

“It's a pleasure.” Lydia said with a smile. Zeke grinned and jumped forward, hugging her. Lydia laughed and lifted him up so he was resting on her hip. He immediately began talking to her. Oliver was a little more shy.

“Hey, you must be Oliver.” Malia said softly. He nodded, hiding behind Allison’s leg a little. “I’m Malia.” He smiled at her a little. “Do you want to go play with the other kids and the toys.” Oliver nodded hesitantly. Malia stood up and held out her hand. Oliver looked at Allison who smiled and nodded encouragingly. Oliver stepped forward and grabbed her hand. Malia smiled and they all walked into the house. Zeke had not stopped talking since Lydia picked him up. The pack looked over at them when they walked in.

“Is that a fire truck!” Zeke said, eyes wide, getting distracted. Lydia laughed.

“It is.” She said and Zeke looked at her with wide eyes.

“Can I play with it?” He asked, eyes hopeful and beaming with excitement. Lydia set him down.

“Of course you can.” She said and he was off like an arrow. Oliver jogged after him.

“Don’t forget your manners and you have to share!” Allison called after them. Zeke immediately introduced him and Oliver to the rest of the kids and they were all excited to play with them, immediately accepting them into their group. Allison chuckled and they walked over to the rest of the pack.

“Hey Ally.” Scott said with a smile. Allison smiled.

“Hey Scott.” Allison said back. Allison could hear the adults talking in the kitchen but she figured they would get there. They all fell into regular conversation for a while.
Then the door opened and someone walked inside.

“Oh my he is on the TV!” Zeke said, eyes wide. Allison looked over and saw the man. She realized she did recognize him. He was the weatherman on the local news station. Peter frowned at the two children he did not recognize. “Oli.” Zeke said, slapping Oliver’s shoulder with wide eyes without looking away from Peter.

“I see him Zeke.” Oliver said with a smile and slapped Zeke’s hand.

“He is from the TV.” Zeke whispered, looking wide eyes at Oliver. Allison laughed. Peter looked over and saw a girl.

“Dad, this is Allison.” Malia said with a smile at the little kid's reactions to him. Peter looked over and walked over to them.

“Those are her little brothers. Her father got stuck at work.” Jackson added. Allison stood up with a smile.

“It's a pleasure to meet you Alpha Hale.” Allison said with a smile. Peter grinned and shook her hand.

“You as well Allison. I have heard a lot about you. And please call me Peter.” He said with a smile. She nodded. Then Allison heard crying. She looked over and saw Oliver was crying. She frowned and then heard movement behind her. She saw Talia and the rest of the adults had walked in. Allison swore softly, knowing Oliver recognized her face from the news coverage of the rally where Vicki died. Allison jogged over to them, pulling Oliver into her chest. Zeke was confused, he was only 3 when it happened so he didn’t remember much. Oli was 8 and he remembered.

“Hey buddy, hey it's ok.” Allison said, holding him tight against her chest. Zeke was confused but petting his back gently with a frown.

“I want mommy.” Oliver cried. Allison felt her heart constrict.

“I know baby. But mommy can’t come. Remember.” Allison said softly, petting his face gently. “Look at me honey.” Oliver looked at her, blinking tears down his face, sniffling. “Mommy loves you, very much. Ok?” Oliver nodded, seemingly getting some more control over himself.

“I just miss her.” He said in a small wavering voice. Allison nodded and held him again.

“I know. I do too. She would want us to be strong. You can always feel sad about not having her ok? And I will always be here to help you, so will daddy.” Oliver looked at her.

“I want daddy.” He said, looking at her with watery eyes. Allison nodded.

“I can bring us home.” Allison said gently. Then he looked sad.

“I don't want to make us go home.” He said with a little frown. Allison grabbed a tissue off the table next to them and wiped his face.

“It's ok baby.” Allison reassured.

“Can daddy come here?” Oliver asked, eyes shiny as he looked at her.

“Of course he can come here.” Allison turned around and saw Lydia who walked over. Oliver looked at Allison and she nodded. Oliver hugged Allison again and Allison slipped her phone to Lydia and she went to ‘Dad’, texting him an address and saying to come over no questions. Lydia nodded to Allison when he said ok.

Allison went back to the group holding Oliver against her chest, and they talked softly. The little kids were playing again. About 15 minutes later Lydia and Malia popped up saying he was here. Allison looked up a minute later to see her father looking confused. “Hey buddy, daddy is here.” Allison whispered. Oliver whipped his head over and hopped off her lap and ran to Chris who frowned at his state. He picked him up and looked at Allison, who nodded to Talia. Chris realized and hugged his boy.

“Hey muffin.” Chris said gently and Oliver melted into his arms. “I got you.” Chris said, hugging him tightly. The room was quiet beside the sounds of the kids in the living room. Chris looked over and his eyes caught on Peter and he stared. Peter smiled a little and waved, looking as surprised as Chris was. Allison frowned at the exchange.

“He is my new tailor.” Peter whispered and they all realized.

“Daddy?” Chris looked at Oliver.

“Yes muffin.” Chris said.

“I love you.” Oliver said. Chris smiled at him, making Oliver smile as well.

“I love you too.” Chris said. Oliver nodded and laid his head on his shoulder. Chris looked down when someone pulled on his pant leg. There were 3 little kids, and then his son. Chris squatted down.

“Is he ok?” The little girl about Oliver’s age asked. Chris looked at Oliver and he smiled. He pecked his cheek and dropped to the ground.

“I’m ok Joy, thank you.” She nodded.

“Do you wanna play with the trucks? You can be the police officer.” Another asked. Oliver nodded. Zeke grabbed Oli’s hand and they all ran away. Chris sighed and walked over to the dining room where they were all sitting.

“Thanks for coming dad. I didn’t know what to do and he wanted you.” Allison said with a sigh and hugged him.

“That's ok, I was heading home anyway.” Chris said, hugging her back. “What happened?” He asked, looking at Oliver who was all smiles and giggles again.

“I think he saw Alpha Hale and remembered.” Allison said softly. Chris nodded. He looked around and saw Peter.

“Hello again.” Chris said with a smile. Peter grinned.

“Hello Christopher. This is not how I expected to see you outside work, but I take my wins when I get them.” Peter said with a smirk. Chris laughed and shook his head.

“Is everything ok?” Talia asked, hearing that her presence caused all of that. Chris looked at her. He smiled softly.

“Yes. Please don’t feel responsible for that. My wife… she died in the Washington Rally Shooting.” Chris said with a small sigh. The whole atmosphere shifted.

“They were both there. Dad was injured.” Allison said softly. Talia walked forward and straight up hugged him. Chris smiled and hugged her back.

“Thank you.” Chris said.

“Which side were you on?” She asked.

“We were on the west side.” Chris said. Talia sighed, that was where most of the people who died or were injured were. She nodded.

“How bad?” She asked.

“I was shot, three times.” Chris said softly. Talia hugged him again. Peter blinked in surprise. He had no idea.

“I’m so sorry.” Talia said, emotion ran deep in her voice. Chris smiled.

“It wasn’t your fault.” Chris said gently. She wanted to argue but she didn’t. She just nodded.

“Would you stay for dinner?” Talia asked. Chris hesitated but nodded.

“I would love to.” Chris said. She nodded and they all sat around the table, chatting while the food was put on. They were making it since Allison got here. Chris ended up sitting next to Peter. He didn’t mind at all. They were talking and laughing and Chris said something.

“It was beautiful.” Chris said with a laugh. Peter went to say something flirty but he paused. Chris saw it and deflated a little. He didn’t want to be treated differently.

“Just like you.” Peter said and winked when Chris looked at him. Chris found himself smiling again. He rolled his eyes like usual and Peter grinned. They fell back into that rhythm they were creating.
Chris made sure his kids ate something. They were sitting between him and Allison at the table. Allison had Oliver and Chris had Zeke.

“Z.” Chris said, raising his eyebrows. His son just smiled at him innocently. “I see you pushing your corn onto Oli’s plate.” Chris said and Zeke pouted, scooping up some corn and eating it. Chris chuckled and shook his head, looking back over at Peter. Peter was smiling.

“Kids.” Peter said with a smile and Chris laughed and nodded. “Malia hated peas, like she could not stand them at all. She would just cry and cry and cry.” Peter said and Chris smiled. He learned earlier in the night that Peter had Malia and Jackson, who were twins. He didn’t realize earlier that he had kids. Chris laughed a little.

“Oliver cannot stand carrots.” Chris said looking at his boy, before looking back at Peter. “Allison hated apples but she eats them now.” Chris said and Allison laughed.

“I like apples.” She said with a shrug. Chris smiled.

“Zeke just dislikes corn. He will eat it but he doesn’t like to.” Chris said, patting his head. Zeke smiled like the adorable little boy he was. Peter chuckled. They all chatted with each other and the adults talked to Chris when Peter wasn’t hogging him.
Then it was getting late and they were all chatting softly on the couches. Oliver and Zeke were sleeping on Chris’s lap and the other little kids were put to bed already. The teens were on the floor chatting amongst themselves.
Chris looked at his sleeping kids and smiled. “I should probably get back home.” Chris said, running his hand through Zeke’s brown hair, and looking at Oliver who had lighter dirty blond hair, like his own.

“Can I stay?” Allison asked, hearing him.

“Your 18, that's your decision.” Chris said with a smile at her. She made a face. Chris chuckled. Allison was about to get up to help her father carry the babies to the car but she paused when Peter grabbed Zeke. She smiled when Zeke tucked his head into Peter’s neck and hugged him. Chris smiled as well and lifted Oliver up as well. “Night boo.” Chris said with a smile. Allison smiled and waved a little. Chris and Peter walked out to the truck. Chris glanced over at Peter and Zeke. Zeke looked very comfy, nestled into Peter’s chest. It warmed Chris’s heart. “I see you have an appointment the day after next.” Chris said and they buckled them into the truck.

“I like my suits.” Peter said with a smile. Chris chuckled and went around the truck to face Peter again.

“I guess you do.” Chris said. Peter smiled.

“I also have a very handsome tailor.” Peter added with a smirk, leaning on the truck like a model. Chris laughed and opened the drivers side door.

“Well, there are other ways to see him than to come in for a suit.” Chris said with a smirk and winked at Peter before shutting the door. Peter was surprised and pushed off the truck when Chris started it. Peter grinned at him before Chris turned around and drove out of the driveway. Peter chuckled, shaking his head as he walked back inside. Talia looked at her brother, walking back in with a big smile and his hands tucked in his pockets. She shook her head with a smile.


Peter wore the suit Chris made for him the next day and he got a lot of compliments. Even over social media, his suit was mentioned a lot. Peter grinned, easily doing his segment before he went to his office to analyze atmospheric pressures and cloud covers and everything else he needed to forecast for next week. Peter was very happy with his job. He loved the weather and calculating it using atmospheric chemistry and physics. He loved collecting data from satellite images, radar, remote sensors and weather stations all over the world. It was so fun to see the differences and be able to use the satellites. Then he had to measure air pressure, wind speed, temperature and humidity and apply computer models and scientific principles to make short-range and long-range weather forecasts. It was fun to him, while it seemed complicated, it was always easy for Peter to understand. He also loved the attention he got for being a weatherman. He loved being on TV.


Chris worked with some clients, and had a lot of assignments to get done. He knew he needed to have a late night but he couldn’t leave the boys alone and he just asked Allison for help. He didn’t want to constantly interrupt her. She was supposed to be having fun in college and hanging out with her friends. Chris sighed. It looked like he was going to have to bring the boys here.
Chris sighed and worked until the last possible second before leaving to get his boys. It didn’t take long and neither of them were thrilled to be coming to work with him. Chris was glad that he had a small stash of toys in the truck for them to play with.

Chris walked back into work and into the back where he was making some suits. He put his kids where he could see them and they made due, playing with the toys and running around. Chris didn’t even notice when he didn’t hear them anymore. He had finished 4 suits. Chris glanced at the time and did a double take. It was 12 o'clock. Chris looked over his station and saw his kids sleeping on each other. Chris smiled softly at the sight. He sighed and continued the suit he was working on. He had one more to finish before he could leave. Chris sighed and went back to work.
Chris looked at the time when he finally finished. I was 2 in the morning. Chris sighed and packed up his station before going to his kids and somehow lifted them up and carried their completely sleeping bodies to the truck and drove back to the apartment.


“We deserve rights!” Talia yelled from the podium. Everyone was cheering and screaming in agreement. The rally was going well. Chris and Vicki were there cheering her on. Chris felt bad for leaving Allison and the boys back home but this was no place for the little ones and Allison was sick. Chris grinned at Vicki who smiled. They all started chanting ‘rights’ ‘rights’ ‘rights’. Then suddenly gunshots broke over the sound of yelling and bullets tore through the crowd. There was so much screaming and chaos. Chris felt a bullet tear through his shoulder and he fell, that probably saved his life.

“Chris!” Chris heard Vicki scream. Everything happened so fast, all the sudden, Chris looks over and sees Vicki on the ground next to him, blood coming from her mouth. Chris’s eyes widened and he went to her, ignoring his own pain.

“Vicki!” Chris yelled and leaned over her, eyes wide and teary. She looked at him before life left her eyes. Chris screamed her name again, tears falling down his face. She didn’t have a pulse. Chris looked over at the shooter who was facing away now, shooting at the crowd still. Chris was full of rage and he got up and ran at him. He grabbed for the gun and he was shot two more times before he got the upper hand and snapped his neck with a sickening crack. Chris didn’t feel any ounce of sadness or shame. If Chris could kill him slower, he wished he did. But Chris ran back over to his wife and cried, holding her body in his arms. Chris barely remembered what happened next. He was in shock.
The next thing he remembered he was in the hospital and Allison was sleeping in the chair next to the bed with the boys in her lap. She was only 15. How did she even get here? Chris grunted a little, trying to sit up. He knew he got a bullet to the shoulder and one to the upper left side of his stomach and one to the middle right side of his lower stomach. Chris sighed and looked back at his three kids. How was he supposed to care for 3 kids, babies, all by himself?

Chris snapped out of the dream, breathing hard. He got up and ran to the bathroom and threw up, until he was just dry heaving in the toilet. He was so hot, sweat falling down his face. His mind was racing and his emotions were running high. Chris felt like crying. He collapsed onto the cold tile floor, leaning against the cool tub. It was ice sheering into his hot skin. Chris laid there and let the heart wrenching sadness fill him. He had known Vicki since they were little. They grew up together and they started dating when they were 14 years old. She was the only person he had been with. They had been together for 20 years and known each other for longer.

Chris sighed and lowered his racing heart and calmed himself down. He realized that he was crying and he wiped his tears. Chris finally stood up, albeit on wobbly legs, but he went to the vanity. He rested his hand on it to help him stand. He looked in the mirror and saw his eyes were red and bloodshot. His eyes caught the bullet scars on his bare chest. Chris sighed, looking at himself and bringing his hand to touch them. The shoulder and lower right one were through and through wounds, so they had scarring on the back, but the one on his upper left stomach was one they had to dig out. Chris sighed and looked at the clock. It was 4 in the morning. Chris sighed and flushed the toilet, splashed his face with cold water and went back to his bed.

He couldn't fall asleep though, he never could after that memory.


Chris walked into work after dropping the kids off. He knew he looked like shit but he pretended he didn’t. He didn’t have many appointments today, he knew he had 3 but he didn’t remember who they were. He would cross that bridge when he got there.


Chris only had one more appointment for the day and then he could start making the other two. His other people came to get their suits between appointments. Chris was in the back room and was watching TV. He realized that his last appointment was Peter. Peter was going to see how shitty he looked today. Awesome. Chris smiled though when he saw Peter had worn his suit for the forecast. Chris smiled because he really did look amazing.

“Admiring me?” Chris chuckled, knowing that was Peter.

“The suit looks great, not sure about the person wearing it.” Chris said with a grin. He heard Peter laugh before he turned to look at him. Chris smiled at him and went to ask what kind of style he was looking for. But Peter was frowning and standing in front him a second later.

“Are you ok?” Peter asked, frowning and eyes full of concern. Chris was a little taken aback. It took him a second to formulate words.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine.” Chris said, but the sadness was bubbling up in his chest. Peter’s concern was making Chris remember everything he pushed down from his nightmare.

“Christopher, you don’t feel ok.” Peter said, eyes concerned. Chris took deep breaths, willing away tears.

“I’m fine, Peter. I just had a long night. Can we just…” Chris said, shaking his head, looking at the ground. Peter took a step back and nodded. Chris felt bad, he didn’t want him to step away.

“Will you come over to the house tonight? Allison was going to text you anyway.” Peter said softly. Chris sighed. He really wasn’t in the mood but he knew he shouldn’t be alone after that.

“Ok.” Chris said with a nod. Peter smiled and Chris couldn’t help but smile at Peter’s smile.

“I don’t want anything. I honestly came to see you.” Peter said and sat on the bench. Chris stared at him, knowing he was lying but the excuse was valid. “How long did you stay last night?” Chris frowned at him. How did he know? “I can smell the boys.” Peter explained. Chris sighed.

“I don’t think I left until after 2.” Chris said softly. Peter sighed and nodded.

“Did you at least get all your work done?” Peter asked. Chris nodded.

“I did.” Peter nodded. They sat on the bench in the back room, either in silence or talking softly. Chris really appreciated the break. He needed it.


Chris was sitting in the chair in the dining room, chatting with Olivia and Nathan while the pack was slightly supervising the little kids in the living room. When Jay, Ray and James joined the conversation Chris was listening to them talk but he was sleepy. Chris startled a little bit when someone sat next to him. It was Peter. Chris settled back down and barely saw Peter scooch his chair forward. Chris barely felt himself sliding across the chair. Peter’s body stopped him from falling over and Chris laid his head on Peter’s shoulder. The other adults noticed and smiled at Peter who was smiling widely. Talia walked out and smiled at them. The food had to sit for a few minutes before they could eat it. The pack walked over and sat around the table as well. Allison caught her father and smiled a little. She looked at Malia who chuckled and Jackson who rolled his eyes fondly. Allison looked over at the boys and went to them.

“Oli, Z, come here for a second.” She said. They ran to her with big smiles. “What did you do last night?” Allison asked curiously.

“Daddy brought us to work and we played while he worked on the big boy machines.” Zeke said.

“Then we fell asleep.” Oliver said. Allison frowned.

“At his work?” She asked.

“I think so. We woke up and were in our beds…” Oliver said with a shrug. Allison nodded.

“Ok, thank you babes.” She said and kissed their foreheads and they ran off with giggles. Allison smiled warmly after them before walking to the table again. Allison looked at Peter. He held up 2 fingers. Allison frowned. She signed AM and he nodded. First, Allison was surprised he knew sign language but she was too surprised with the fact her father pulled such a late night with the boys. Usually he calls her when he needs a late night. Then she realized that he called her the night before and probably didn’t want to bother her again. Allison rolled her eyes and sighed at the thought of another talk with him that it is ok to call on her for help. Having 3 kids, 2 under 13 is hard for two people let alone one. She sighed and then James and Talia started bringing food out. Malia and Allison watched Peter.

Peter looked at the man who was sleeping on his shoulder. He looked so peaceful. He knew Chris was going to be a little embarrassed when he woke up but Peter knew he should eat. Peter gently brought his hand to Chris’s cheek.

“Christopher?” Peter whispered, thumb stroking his cheek. Chris moved a little. “Chris.” Peter said and Chris, blinked open his eyes before he startled awake, looking around and then at Peter before blushing.

“God, Peter, I’m sorry.” Chris said, cheeks rosy and he rubbed his eyes.

“Oh please, Christopher, I enjoyed it immensely.” Peter said with a smirk and Chris smiled, shaking his head a little. Allison and Malia smirked before the kids were called over to eat. Peter saw Zeke eyeing the corn. Somehow the seating went Chris, Zeke, Peter, Oliver, Allison and so on. “Zeke.” Peter said and Zeke looked at him. “Do you like carrots?” Peter asked. Zeke nodded. Peter looked at their plates. “Wanna switch? I won’t tell you dad.” Peter whispered. Zeke broke into a big smile and nodded. Peter smiled and switched their vegetables. Chris saw the exchange and was smiling as he ate his chicken. Zeke ate the carrots like there was no tomorrow, making Chris smile. Peter looked at Oliver and saw he wasn’t eating his chicken but he ate the corn and potatoes and other food. “Not a chicken fan?” Peter asked him. Oliver looked at him shyly and shrugged. Peter smiled.

“It's ok.” Oliver said in a small voice that Peter might have missed if he wasn’t a wolf.

“Well, I am not the biggest fan of chicken either. Do you like fish?” Peter asked. Oliver perked up, looking at Peter in interest. Peter smiled and stood up. He grabbed Oliver and lifted him on his shoulders, making Oliver giggle. “BRB y’all. Oli and I are too cool for chicken.” Peter said sassily and dramatically walked to the kitchen. Peter made sure that Oliver didn’t hit his head on the doorframe. He was giggling the whole time. Chris watched them go with a smile but didn’t say anything. He did trust Peter for some reason.

Peter set him on the counter as he grabbed some fish and preheated the airfryer. Peter was standing in front of Oli because he was playing with his tie. “You like it?” Peter asked with a smile. Oliver nodded.

“I like it.” He said with a smile. Peter smiled.

“Quick question, do you have allergies?” Peter asked. Oliver shook his head.

“No, but Zeke is allergic to nuts.” Oliver said. Peter nodded, filing it away for later. Peter heard the ding and put in the fish. “Thank you, for making me fish.” Oliver said in a quiet voice. Peter smiled and went back to him and tickled him, making him giggle.

“Of course little man.” Peter said with a grin and Oliver smiled at him.

“I see you on the TV.” Oliver said, eyes wide and curious. “You give us the weather.” Peter nodded.

“I do. That’s my job. I get to predict the weather and share it with the community.” Peter said.

“How do you predict it?” Oliver asked, playing with his tie again. Peter smiled and slipped it off.

“Well, I went to college for meteorology. Meteorology is a branch of the atmospheric sciences which includes atmospheric chemistry and atmospheric physics, with a major focus on weather forecasting.” Peter said and slipped the tie on Oliver who grinned. It was big on the 11 year old but he loved it. It was his custom made black tie with thick bright pink stripes going diagonally on it and in the stripes were neon yellow pineapples. It was Peter’s favorite tie and everyone knew it. He had a few in color variations but he loved the pink. He had them custom made so they were one of a kind.

“That sounds complicated.” Oliver said with a frown. Peter laughed.

“It makes sense to me, maybe I will explain it to you one day.” Peter smiled when he got excited and nodded. Then the airfryer dinged and Peter went to get their fish. He put them on plates and was about to walk into the dining room again but he saw Oliver wanted to go back onto his shoulders. Peter smiled and put the plates down, and grabbed him, placing him on his shoulder. Peter was walking through the doorway and handing Oliver the plate, which he rested on his head. Oliver had a big smile on his face as Peter walked them to the table and he ate the fish. Chris raised his eyebrows. “Hey, I was already used a pillow, why not as a table and chair.” Peter asked with a shrug. Chris rolled his eyes but was smiling. He hadn’t seen Oli smile like that with someone else in a while.


They were all chilling around the living room talking while the little kids were running around, playing with their toys. Chris smiled that Oli was still wearing Peter’s tie.

“Ok, we should head out.” Chris said, seeing it was 8. The kids had left to get back to campus already so it was just the adults and the little ones.

“Daddy no!” Zeke whined, looking sad. He sat on the ground and the other jumped around him and Oli. Chris sighed, he knew this was going to happen at some point.

“Guys.” Chris said in slight exasperation.

“Please daddy, I don’t want to leave.” Oliver said with a pouty face.

“They are going to be going to bed now anyways, boys.” Chris said. They still pouted.

“You can feel free to stay over.” Talia said. Chris shook his head.

“Thank you but it's a school night.” Chris said, looking at the boys.

“How about this, boys.” Peter said and they looked at him. “You go home like the good boys I know you are, and then you can stay when you don’t have school? Does that sound fair?” Peter reasoned. Oliver considered it and looked at Zeke. He nodded to Zeke who pouted but nodded.

“Ok!” Oliver said with a smile and they both popped up. Chris was so relieved, he didn’t think he could handle his kids not cooperating today. Chris smiled at Peter and mouthed thank you to him. Peter grinned at him and nodded.

“Come on boys.” Chris said and they thanked everyone and left.

Chapter Text

Chris was looking at the tie he took off Oliver (with much trouble). He set it on the passenger seat as a reminder to give it back to Peter when he saw him. Chris drove to work. He had switched the weather app to this town and now watched Peter give the weather every morning. It was nice, Chris liked seeing him. He also knew everyone else liked seeing him because he was just eye candy.
Chris sighed and walked into work. Peter was just a flirt, he didn’t actually like Chris that way. Chris got some work done.


The week went by fast and Chris was over for dinner pretty much each day. It was now Friday and the kids really wanted to stay over. He texted Allison to ask Talia if that was ok and Allison said she would like to take the kids. Chris nodded to himself and threw the kids overnight bags in the car and drove them all to the Hale house.
Chris walked inside and smiled when Zeke ran right to Talia and Oliver ran to Peter. They both lifted them up and smiled. Talia listened when Zeke rambled on about his day and Oliver listened to Peter talk about meteorology. Chris smiled and walked inside, slipping off his shoes. He smiled. He was tired but it was better than the beginning of the week. He didn’t have another dream about the shooting that haunted him, so that was always a plus.

“Hey daddy.” Chris looked over and smiled, hugging Allison when she hugged him.

“Hey boo.” Chris said, hugging her into his chest. She had yelled at him about being able to take the boys when he needed to get some work done and Chris relented. He felt bad but Allison told him not to and to shut up. That made Chris laugh and he agreed.
Chris looked over and Zeke was playing with the kids and Oliver just ran over. Chris smiled at Peter who was watching them with a soft smile. Malia suddenly ran up to him with a smile. “Hey Malia.” Chris said.

“So I was wondering, do you make dresses as well as suits?” She asked curiously. Chris smiled and nodded.

“I do make dresses. Not as often as I make suits, but I can.” Chris said. Malia went to say something but Allison cut her off.

“Woah, you make dresses?” She asked, looking offended. Chris looked at her.

“What?” He asked.

“You never told me that. I would have had you make my dresses for prom and stuff.” Allison said with a frown. Chris shrugged.

“You seemed so excited to go out and buy something, I didn’t think you would want me to make it.” Chris said with a shrug. Allison let out a sound in exasperation. Malia laughed.

“We have a dance coming up in about 5 months and I was wondering if you would make my dress.” Malia said with a smile. Chris grinned at her and nodded.

“Of course. Just tell me what you want and I’ll draw something up and see if you like it.” Chris said. “Thank you for giving me advanced notice.” Chris added. Malia smiled, and Chris saw something in her eye. “You all want dresses?” Chris asked and Malia had that smile on her face. Chris chuckled. “Ok.” She grinned and ran back to the group, Allison in tow. Chris chuckled and went to the adults.

“Hello darling.” Peter said with his usual dazzling smile. Chris smiled and shook his head.

“Hi Peter.” Chris said, amusement written on his face. He slipped into the conversation. About a half hour later he heard his name. He looked over and the pack was walking over with Lydia’s tablet. Chris chuckled and accepted the tablet that was handed to him. He saw that they had digitally designed their dresses and suits. Chris flipped through them and nodded.

“I’ll put you in my appointment book and we can go over all the specifics and I can get measurements.” Chris said, quickly sending the designs to himself and handing the tablet back to Lydia.

“Thank you Chris.” Erica said and kissed his cheek. Chris smiled.

“Of course.” Chris said. “Those are beautiful designs. I may add and change stuff though depending on what I have.” They grinned and nodded, thanking him and then walking back. Chris shook his head fondly and looked back to the adults.

“All of them?” Jay asked.

“Yeah, they have 5 months thank god because there are 11 of them.” Chris said with a chuckle. They smiled and nodded, going back to the original conversation.

“So Chris are you staying as well?” Olivia asked a little while later.

“I don’t know. That depends on if you want to handle my kids by yourselves or not.” Chris said with a chuckle.

“We will be fine, you need a break.” Talia said with a smile. “If you ever need babysitting, we are available, especially Peter because he does nothing.” Peter made a noise of protest and Chris was laughing.

“Thank you, I appreciate that.” Chris said. “I really don’t have anything else planned. I don’t know what else to do, the kids have been my center for so long.” Chris said looking at them.

“You can come to my house. It's just a few miles down the road. That way you are far enough for a little vacay but close enough if they need you.” Peter said with a smile. Chris glanced at him. “I have lots of things that we can do.” He added with a wink. Chris gave him a flat look. “Lawn games and pool and hot tub stuff Christopher, I don’t know what you were thinking.” Peter scolded with a smirk. Chris laughed.

“Go on Chris, you need a break.” Melissa said with a smile. Chris sighed and nodded.

“Fine.” He said. Peter clapped, making Chris roll his eyes. “I am going to regret this.” Chris said and Peter laughed.

“No you won’t.” Peter said with a grin. “Come along. Steak?” Peter asked. Chris looked interested and Peter laughed. “I’ll drive.” He said, hopping up. Chris shook his head and mouthed ‘help me’ at the adults before getting up.

“Where are you going?” Jackson asked curiously, seeing them putting their shoes and coats on.

“I am taking Christopher away so he can have a break from everything. It was heavily forced and there was a lot of peer pressure, but he is going.” Peter said with a grin and Chris was just shaking his head. Malia bit her lip to stop herself from laughing.

“Well you deserve a break, have fun dad. I’m sure Peter will take good care of you.” Allison said with a grin. Chris gave her an unamused look and she laughed. Peter winked at Allison and dragged Chris outside and to his 4 million dollar car.


Chris looked around Peter’s really big mansion of a house. Of course.

“What do you want to do?” Peter asked, walking to the kitchen. Chris followed him.

“Eat and sleep.” Chris said honestly, making Peter laugh.

“Well, we can eat, but then we are going to have fun and then you can sleep.” Peter said, grabbing the already marinated steaks. Chris narrowed his eyes.

“Did you plan this?” Chris asked, following him to the porch where he started the grill. Peter just grinned at him and put the steaks on. Chris looked out over the yard and the swimming pool and hot tub. Chris hadn’t been in a hot tub in forever. He didn’t have a suit. He and Peter chatted until the steaks were done and they ate them on the porch.

“Swimming?” Peter asked with a smile in his eye. Chris chuckled and shook his head.

“I don’t have a suit.” Chris said and Peter smirked.

“Well you can always borrow one of mine.” Peter said with a grin. Chris rolled his eyes.

“You just want to see me shirtless.” Chris said before he could stop himself.

“That is true.” Peter said and Chris rolled his eyes. “You could always go naked.” Peter added and Chris laughed, shaking his head. He was tired though. He didn’t sleep much, there was always one kid that woke him up at night. Then his nightmares. Peter eyed him. “How about we just relax and watch a movie?” Peter suggested. Chris nodded, he liked that idea.

“I can do that.” Chris said and looked at Peter. He felt bad. Peter cut him off before he could say anything.

“Have you seen the Sorcerer’s Apprentice?” Peter asked, and Chris frowned. “Oh my god, you uncultured man. Lets go. We have no choice than to watch this movie. Nick Cage, amazing.” Peter said dramatically and dragged Chris inside. Chris grinned, happy that Peter didn’t seem to mind the movie idea. Chris managed to stay awake for the whole movie and then 2 more before he slipped into sleep. He meant to stay awake more but he accidentally fell asleep.
Peter looked over into their fourth movie and saw Chris was sleeping soundly against him. Peter smiled and adjusted so they were more comfy and grinned as he watched the rest of the movie.


Chris woke up in the morning, in what he assumed was the guest bedroom. Chris swore softly. He felt bad that Peter carried him to his room. He knew that Peter was going to make a joke about it but Chris did feel bad.

Chris sighed and got out of the extremely comfy bed and went to the door. The moment he opened it he smelled food, specifically waffles. Chris smiled and walked out to the living room and into the kitchen where Peter was very shirtless and making food. Chris paused, staring at his very sculpted back. Then Peter turned.

“Christopher, perfect timing for the first round.” Peter said with a smile. Chris swallowed and nodded. He went to sit at the stool, his brain too preoccupied with Peter’s chest and stomach to be able to remember that he wanted to apologize. Peter set a plate in front of him and Chris smiled.

“Thank you.” Chris said in a thankfully strong voice. He ate some of the fantastic waffles and Peter sat next to him. It was a good morning actually. Chris was happy that he slept like a baby.

They went back to Talia’s house and all the kids were in the pool. Chris was glad he packed the little kids’s bathing suits. They were having a blast in the pool with the others. Allison borrowed Lydia’s and they were in the deep end. Chris was sitting at the bar with Talia, Olivia and Jay. Peter was with the pack and the men were in the shallow end playing with the children. Chris was having a great conversation with the girls and they did shots.

“Dad! Are you going to swim!” Allison asked with a smile from the deep end of the pool. Chris looked over to them.

“Yeah Christopher.” Peter piped up looking at him with a grin. Chris rolled his eyes.

“I don’t have a suit.” Chris said again.

“I said you could borrow one.” Peter said with a grin.

“Don’t make it seem like you want me to swim, you just want me to take my shirt off.” Chris said and threw back another shot.

“If I ever made it seem any different, my bad.” Peter said dramatically with a grin and held his hand to his chest. Chris laughed, shaking his head.

“Maybe next time.” Chris said and Peter pouted. Chris turned back to the girls who were laughing at the exchange.

“Sorry about him.” Talia said but was smiling. Chris shrugged but didn’t say anything. They knew from his smile that he didn’t mind.

A few hours later the pack had gotten out and were playing games in the yard. Peter had gone over and was playing with them. Chris smiled.


Chris was rushing. He overslept and he managed to get the kids to school on time. He ran to his car again and went to work. He looked in the little mirror in his car and realized he forgot his tie. Chris swore. He looked around and saw Peter’s tie on the seat, he never remembered to give it back. Chris shook his head and grabbed it. His new boss was strict with the dress code. Suit and tie to work, no excuses. Chris slipped on the tie, tying it as he walked into the building. He was right on time, rather than being early like usual.

“Chris. Right on time I see.” His new boss, Donavan, said. He was eyeing him, eyes lingering over his tie before looking back to his face.

“Yes sir. Right on time.” Chris said. Donavan nodded, eyes flashing red. Chris did not like him. He gave him bad vibes. Chris walked away as quickly and casually as he could to his little back area.
As Chris went about his day he got more looks than usual. He wasn’t sure why but everyone either stared for a second or did a double take. Chris checked his hair and he didn’t spill coffee on himself or anything. Nothing, he had no idea why everyone was looking at him. But he also didn’t like how Donavan was looking at him. He looked a little mad… and possessive? Chris quickly went into the back again. He didn’t have a lot of appointments today. He was just working on the last suit he needed to do. He knew he had to make time for the kids. They would actually be coming in after school.
Chris was in the back when he heard his name. He walked into the measuring and changing room area and smiled. The kids were here. “Hey guys.” Chris said with a smile. They beamed.

“I’m so excited.” Lydia said, clapping a little bit. Chris smiled.

“Ok so I was looking at the designs and I have a few ideas in material and color. Gather around.” Chris said and they immediately did. Chris went over the dresses first. He thought that Lydia would look beautiful in a white dress with navy blue accents. It was tight at the top and slack at the bottom. When she would spin it would be flowy but it didn’t puff out. Lydia loved it immediately. Chris thought that Malia would look amazing in a lavender/ dark purple dress. It had the top that was connected to the bottom at the center of the stomach and the rest was open. The back and sides of her stomach would be open. The bottom part would be a little puffy. The under layer was a dark purple with the top layer being a little see through and lighter purple. “Too scandalous? I have anothe-”

“No, I love it so much! Just don’t tell my dad.” She said with a smile. Chris chuckled but nodded. He flipped to Erica’s which was a golden dress that was tight and ended at her knees. It had some scandalous slits in the material but Erica immediately told him to make that or she would kill him. Chris chuckled and looked at Allison.

“I swear if you made me some school girl dress, I will kill you.” Allison said and they all laughed. Chris smiled.

“Trust me when I say that I wanted to. But you are an adult.” Chris said and went to the next picture. It was a halter top dress that was connected in the back with some strings, otherwise it was open. It was black and tight, and had a slit going down the leg. Allison gasped and grinned at her father.

“I love it!” She said with a grin.

“I know.” Chris said with a sigh and looked at the dress. Allison laughed. “Ok boys. You get a choice of tie or bow tie-”

“Ties, they all get ties.” Lydia said and the girls nodded. Chris laughed and the boys shrugged. Chris looked at Isaac and Danny.

“Bow tie!” Isaac said with a grin. Danny laughed and nodded. Chris changed the plans on the screen and showed the boys their suits. Stiles and Derek went with ties.

“They are just standard black and white with the tie matching the girl's dresses.” Chris said looking at them. “Is that ok, or do you want more?” Chris asked.

“Can we afford more? How are we even getting these?” Boyd asked.

“My dad is paying.” Malia said with a smirk. Chris chuckled and shook his head.

“I got yours, boo.” Chris said and Allison went to protest.

“No.” Chris looked at her. “Halfsies?” She asked. Chris chuckled and nodded. They talked about materials and prices before Chris needed measurements.

“So Chris.” Malia started with a smile. Chris frowned and looked over his shoulder at her. He was measuring Jackson.

“Yeah, I was wondering the same thing.” Jackson said with a grin.

“What?” Chris asked, not stopping the measurements.

“You are wearing dad’s tie.” Malia said with a smirk. Chris paused and looked at the tie.

“Oh yeah. Well, this was the one that Oli took from him and I meant to give it back but I forgot. Then I was running late this morning and didn’t have one. My new boss enforced a suit and tie dress code that I’m still adjusting to. It was in my car so I threw it on so I didn’t get fired.” Chris said and wrote down the last measurement, shooing Jackson off.

“I see.” Lydia said with a nod and a smile. “Get any weird looks?” Chris looked at them, lined up sitting on the bench.

“I have been getting looks all day, how did you know?” Chris asked with a frown. They looked like they wanted to burst into laughter.

“Peter has a bunch of ties like that.” Derek said with a smile.

“He gets them custom made.” Stiles added. Chris paled a little.

“And everyone knows that is his favorite tie.” Allison added with a smirk. Chris stared at them for a second.

“Danny.” Chris muttered and Danny popped up with a grin, standing on the block. Chris measured. “Shut up, just shut up.” Chris said when he heard someone breath in to say something. He heard giggling. Chris got through all the kids and shooed them out.

“Thank you dad!” Allison said and kissed his cheek before they scuttled out. Chris shook his head and walked back into his little office.

At the end of the day Chris walked out of his office and walked straight into Donavan, causing Chris to stumble back and fall on his ass. Chris looked up at him in surprise.

“Sorry boss. I didn’t see you there.” Chris said. Donavan just smiled and held out his hand. Chris didn’t like that smile but he took his hand. Donavan pulled him up but right into his chest. Chris stumbled again with the force. Donavan was staring at him straight in the eye, his eyes red. Chris pulled his arm out of his tight grip and walked away, lowering his heart. Donavan actually scared him. Chris doesn’t get scared that often, but Donavan struck some fear in his heart, especially when they are alone. Chris didn’t know what he would do and that freaked him out.

Chris went to his car and drove to Zeke’s school. He walked inside and got more looks. Chris realized he forgot to take the tie off. He flushed a little bit as he walked to the cafeteria.

“Daddy!” Zeke yelled and ran to him. Chris smiled and lifted the boy up when he reached him. Chris looked to the teachers and they were smirking and some were already gossiping. Chris just waved and walked out. Fuck, he hopes he didn’t just mess up what he had with Peter. Everyone thought now that they were sleeping together or dating or something more than friends.
Chris buckled Zeke into the backseat and then went to get Oliver. Chris was tuning out Zeke because he was worried about what Peter would think. Would he be mad at him? Chris didn’t know it was such a special tie, who gives their favorite tie to an 11 year old? Chris looked over when Oliver jumped in and watched him buckle before driving to Talia's house.

Chris sighed when he pulled into the driveway. The kids immediately jumped out and ran to the house. Chris followed. He didn’t see Peter, but knew he would likely be here any second now. He worked a little longer.

“Hey Chris.” Talia said with a grin and an amused look in her eyes. Chris rolled his eyes.

“I didn’t know.” Chris protested and walked over to them.

“We know, the kids told us.” Olivia said with a laugh. Chris shook his head.

“I hope he isn’t mad at me.” Chris said and started taking the tie off.

“Why would he be mad?” Nathan asked with a frown. Chris shrugged helplessly.

“I don’t know. Everything thinks that we are… something now and I didn’t even ask if I could use it. But I didn’t know it was his signature tie, I mean who gives an 11 year old their favorite tie.” Chris said, pulling it off himself. “I don’t know, I just feel like I have done something wrong.” Chris said with a shrug. Suddenly he was turned around and the man himself was standing there.

“Not at all Christopher. Does it look like I give a shit about what people think of me?” Peter said with a grin and put the tie around Chris, tying it again. Chris was frozen.

“Oh.” Chris said in surprise. Peter just grinned. “Don’t- don’t you want it back?” Chris asked, looking at Peter’s hands that just finished tying. Peter shrugged.

“I think it looks good on you.” Peter said with a smile and walked to the kitchen. “I’m starving, what's for dinner?” He asked. Chris was just stunned, frozen in the spot. He heard people doing a horrible job holding back laughter. Chris snapped out of it and saw the pack and the adults trying not to laugh. Chris huffed and rolled his eyes and they laughed.

“I made fish, Peter.” Talia said with a grin. Chris flopped in his seat. Talia got up to help Peter set the table.

“Small children. Food!” Peter yelled and they all came running. Chris smiled.


“Daddy I wanna stay!” Zeke whined at the end of the day.

“Bug, it's a school night, you know the rules.” Chris said. Zeke pouted and both boys went to Peter and jumped on his lap.

“Don’t make us leave Peter.” Oliver whined and hugged him. Chris shook his head. When they wanted something, they always went to Peter because they learned that Peter can actually win stuff over their dad. Peter laughed and looked at Chris who was shaking his head in exasperation.

“Ok boys. Remember our deal. School nights you can come here and then you can stay over on weekends.” Peter said, looking at them both. They pouted. “I know I know, it sucks. Imagine being an adult.” Peter said sarcastically and they giggled. Chris smiled a little. Why was Peter so good with his kids?

“Eyes.” Zeke said with an excited smile. Peter chuckled.

“If I show you, you have to leave with daddy, like good boys ok?” Peter said and they nodded excitedly. Peter grinned, with fangs, and his eyes seeped red. The boys marveled, eyes wide and grinning. Then Peter blinked and it was gone. The boys gasped. It was like peek-a-boo. They giggled and then kissed his cheeks before hopping off.

“Come on daddy, we have to leave now. It's a school night.” Zeke said. Chris stared at them and then at Peter who was smirking. Chris shook his head but was grinning. He stood up and slipped off his tie, handing it to Peter.

“I think it looks better on you.” Chris said with a smile and then walked to the door, helping the boys get their coats and shoes on. Peter grinned.


Chris had noticed Donavan in his space all week and Chris was uncomfortable. He didn’t say anything, he was his boss and an alpha so Chris didn’t want to piss him off. Chris took a breath of relief when he walked out of the building on Friday.

“Chris!” Chris suppressed a groan and turned. It was Donavan. “You forgot your wallet.” Donavan said and stepped right into Chris’s space. Chris took a big step back and then grabbed his wallet.

“Thank you.” Chris said and went to his truck, feeling Donavan watching him. He had the shivers. Chris got into his truck and drove away, totally creeped out.

Chris walked into Talia’s house and the boys were off like a rocket into the backyard where everyone was. Chris smiled and walked to the backyard. He did actually bring a swimsuit. He had been coming over for a little over a month now. Chris was at the back door when his boys came back.

“Swimy suit!” Zeke said, jumping excitedly. Chris chuckled and nodded. He grabbed them and they changed in the bathroom. Once the boys were done and running away again, Chris followed them out with a smile.

“Are you ever going to swim?” Chris looked over and smiled. Peter and the adults were at the bar. Chris walked over with a smile.

“I might.” Chris said with a smile.

“You finally brought your suit?” Olivia asked with a smile. Chris nodded.

“Well go put that sucker on. Feel free to ask for help.” Peter said with a wink. Chris laughed and sat on the stool.

“Not yet.” Chris said. “And no, I won’t be needing help.” Chris said with a chuckle. Peter pouted. He did pour Chris a drink and hand it to him. Chris saw him scrunch up his nose. He had been doing that all week and Chris didn’t know why.

“Ok I have a question.” Ray asked. He was getting fed up with Peter’s whining. Chris looked at him curiously. “Are you seeing someone?” Chris was taken aback by the question.

“Me? No, why?” Chris asked, actually laughing. Him seeing someone? No one liked him except Peter.

“You just smell like…” Ray didn’t know how to say it. Chris frowned, he smelled like someone else? Chris looked at Peter and remembered how he was always scrunching his nose.

“You smell heavily of another person.” Peter said with a shrug trying, and failing, at seeming casual. Chris frowned but then he realized. His whole demeanor shifted and he looked at the counter. Peter frowned. “Christopher?” Peter asked, worried now. “What’s going on?” Chris looked at him.

“Nothing. Just someone at work who is handsy.” Chris said with a smile. Peter didn’t believe him for a second. Chris saw it on his face. He sighed. “I don’t know. He… he creeps me out, he is always in my space and looking at me.” Chris admitted with a sigh. “He is my boss though.” Chris said and sipped his drink, not looking at them.

“Christopher if he is harassing you-” Peter started, eyes angry and protective.

“He isn’t…” Chris cut him off but he trailed off. Peter brought his hand to Chris’s face and made him look at him.

“Christopher, does he scare you?” Peter asked, eyes firm. Chris looked into Peter’s eyes and saw the worry and protectiveness in them. He saw that Peter deeply cared about him and that struck Chris. Chris sighed.

“Yes.” Chris said softly. Peter nodded.

“I’ll take care of it.” Peter said, eyes stern. He knew the owners of the shop. Chris went to protest but the look Peter shot Chris had him silent.

“Thank you Peter.” Chris whispered. Peter nodded.

“Let's go swimming!” Talia said to ease the tension. Chris chuckled.

“I guess I should put on my swimsuit.” Chris said and Peter grinned.

“Please.” Peter said with a smirk. Chris rolled his eyes playfully and went back inside. Peter went to the edge of the pool and gestured Allison over. They were listening. “Has he said anything to you?” Peter asked. Allison shook her head.

“I didn’t know.” Allison said, looking a little guilty.

“Don’t be like that doll, if he wants to hide something, he will.” Peter said and kissed her forehead. Allison smiled at him and nodded.
Chris still had his shirt on as he walked out. “Christopher.” Peter whined. Chris laughed. “Please tell me that is coming off at some point.” Chris laughed again and shrugged.

“Wait and see.” Chris said with a smile and Peter whined. He looked at Allison.

“Am I missing out?” Peter aske, eyes longing and Allison laughed.

“Oh yeah.” She said with a smirk. Chris gave her a flat look. Peter looked at Chris, eyes wide and a little red. Chris rolled his eyes.

“I need to warm up.” Chris said with a smirk and laid on the lawn chair. Peter hopped in the pool. The little kids came over and wanted to swim. Chris subtly watched Peter. He had seen him shirtless many times but he was still the most beautiful man Chris had ever seen.

After about a half hour Chris got up. Chris laughed when Peter was immediately at the side of the pool.

“Swim time?” He asked, looking like an eager puppy. Chris laughed. Peter was pulled away by a child so he missed Chris pulling off his shirt. Chris smirked seeing he missed it. He knew the pack was staring at him. He knew they were likely looking at the bullet scars. He felt someone walk up to him and he saw Talia. Chris smiled and faced her.

“Go ahead.” Chris said gently. She reached forward and placed her hand on the bullet wound scar on his shoulder, then the one on his sides.

“This looks like a close range scar.” Noah mentioned, looking at the two on the sides. “Really close range.” Chris nodded.

“Yes, they are.” Chris said, remembering how the gun was pressed right into his skin for both shots.

“How close were you to the shooter? People that close…” Olivia trailed off, Chris knew she was going to say died.

“I was right in front of him.” Chris said, eyes growing dark. They frowned. Chris glanced at Noah, not sure if he would get in trouble if he admitted that he killed the shooter. With that glance, they realized what he was saying.

“Chris…” Jay trailed off, eyes wide.

“He murdered my wife.” Chris said in a tight voice. He wasn’t sorry. But he was afraid of how they would react to that. They would have pestered him for it anyway because the wounds don’t match a distance shot, so it wasn’t like he had a choice. He didn’t know how they would react but Talia pulling him into a hug was not what he expected. Chris hugged her back after a second. He was still worried that Noah was going to arrest him or something though. So when Noah hugged him after Olivia, Chris was surprised.

“Not my jurisdiction.” Noah said with a shrug and Chris smiled a little bit. “Even if it was…” Chris nodded and shook his hand. Chris finally turned to the pool and Peter was at the edge staring at him, eyes red.

“Damn, this is much better than my imagination.” Peter said, eyeing his chest. “Wanna come closer?” Peter asked with a grin. Chris laughed. He did in fact walk closer and hop in the pool. He smiled at Peter who grinned at him.


Chris was at work, working on the kids’ dresses. He was excited. He really liked that he could do this for them.

“Chris.” Chris looked over and paused. It was Donavan. Chris swallowed and shifted. “I’m being moved to a different branch.” He said walking over to Chris, sitting on the desk, facing Chris who was in his chair.

“Oh.” Chris said, knowing Peter was involved with that. “Congratulations.” Chris said. Donavan hummed and Chris froze when he dragged his clawed hand across his jaw. Chris swallowed hard, trying to calm himself. “I have work to do.” Chris choked out. Donavan just hummed.

“You can take a break.” Donavan said with a grin. Chris was scared. It was the end of the day and people were leaving. Chris was going to stay late and Donavan knew that. Chris had Allison pick up the boys.

“I have a lot to do.” Chris said and tried to go back to work, but Donavan slipped into his lap. “Sir this is inappropriate.” Chris said but froze when his hand went to his neck.

“Shush.” Donavan said and rolled his hips, pressing a kiss to Chris’s cheek. Chris was terrified. Chris spazzed and shoved Donavan off when he ripped Chris’s shirt open. Donavan hit his head on the desk and Chris jumped back, tripping over the chair. He looked over and saw Donavan looked pissed, eyes red. Chris swore and bolted from the back room. His heart was beating out of his chest. He turned a corner into the main room and collided with someone. Chris went down hard and the person didn’t even move. Chris was terrified as he lay on his back on the floor, looking up to see who it was. Chris had never felt so relieved in his life.

It was Peter.

Chris looked over and saw Donavan run into the room, stopping when he saw Peter. Peter was confused but he smelled the pure fear pulsing off Chris. Peter frowned and looked back at Chris and saw his shirt was ripped open, and he was scared, heart racing. Peter’s eyes phased red and he was filled with rage when he realized what was happening. Peter let out such a heafy roar that Donavan stumped back and things fell off the shelves. Peter stalked over to Donavan whose eyes were wide. He was not used to having someone more powerful than himself.

“Who don’t you pick on someone your own size.” Peter growled, grabbing him by the neck and throwing him through the wall of windows at the front of the shop. Peter was going to kill him. Kill him for thinking that because he was an alpha, he could touch Chris. Kill him for trying to touch him, kill him for making Chris as scared as he was.
Peter stalked forward, stepping through the broken glass. He knew he looked murderous. He also knew that his roar and now this, had caught a lot of attention. Peter was walking forward, eyes red and murderous, when he was grabbed and stopped.

“Peter Peter, wait.” Chris said, knowing he would have no problem murdering Donavan right here. Peter looked at him, eyes pissed and actually scary. But Chris wasn’t afraid. “I’m ok, I’m ok.” Chris said, swallowing and smiling at him. Peter wrapped him up in his arms and held him. His gaze snapped to Donavan.

“I will kill you if you move.” Peter growled, eyes red. Donavan stayed on the ground, on the glass. Peter heard sirens and there were police cruisers pulling up. Peter saw Noah jump out and run over to them.

“Peter, I thought we talked about murdering people.” Noah said when he reached him and looked at Donavan. Peter looked at Noah, eyes still red. He couldn’t get them to go away.

“He tried to hurt Chris.” Peter said, voice growly. Noah straightened up, looking at Chris.

“Hurt?” Noah asked. Chris pulled away from Peter a little and Noah saw his shirt was ripped open. Noah set his jaw and turned to his deputies.

“Arrest him.” Noah said. They nodded, pulling Donavan to his feet. They let the EMT’s pull out the glass and made sure he healed before pushing him into the cruiser. Noah looked at Chris.

“I’m going to need your statement.” Noah said softly. Chris nodded. Noah looked at Peter. “Yours as well. Come down to the station asap.” Noah said with a nod. Peter nodded as well. He looked at Chris and gently tugged him to his car, away from the growing crowd.

Peter brought Chris to his house.

“Christopher.” Peter started, not sure what to say. He was surprised when Chris hugged him.

“Thank you Peter.” Chris said, arms wrapped around his neck. Peter quickly wrapped his arms around Chris’s back.

“Of course, Christopher.” Peter said gently. “Are you ok?” Peter asked after a second. Chris nodded and pulled away.

“I am.” Chris said and smiled at him. Sure he was terrified that Donavan was going to hurt him, rape him, but Peter saved him and Chris wasn’t about to dwell on what could have happened. What is important is that Peter was there to save him. “Come on, we have to go to the station.” Peter nodded and quickly grabbed Chris a shirt to switch into.

“He is so lucky I didn’t rip his head off.” Peter grumbled, watching Chris change. Chris laughed and looked at him, buttoning the shirt.

“The thought is appreciated, but don’t murder people.” Chris said with a smile. Peter chuckled and nodded. Chris looked at him seriously. “You care about me.” Chris said. Peter looked him in the eyes.

“I would hope so, I almost killed someone for you.” Peter said and Chris laughed. He looked back at Peter who was sitting on the end of the bed. He walked forward.

“I care about you.” Chris said, eyes serious. Chris brought his hands to cup Peter’s cheeks. Peter smiled, eyes twinkling.

“Ok bestie.” Peter said with a grin. Chris hung his head with a laugh.

“You aren’t going to make this easy.” Chris said and looked at him with a smile. Peter shrugged with a smirk. Chris chuckled.

“I think I have made my feelings pretty clear.” Peter said with a sassy shrug. Chris looked at him.

“Well, let's make mine clear.” Chris said and kissed him. Peter was not expecting that but he snaked his arms around Chris’s waist and kissed him back. Chris moved one hand to Peter’s hair, making Peter rumble. Chris chuckled and kissed him harder. He loved how Peter’s hands were an anchor on his sides. Chris was addicted to Peter’s soft lips, but he didn’t know Peter was thinking the same thing. Peter was drowning in Chris’s scent and his touch. Peter flipped them so Chris was on the edge of the bed. But then Peter paused. Is he ok with that? From what he knew Chris was taken advantage of by a few alphas. Chris looked at him with a frown. He stopped kissing him. Chris stroked his cheek, bringing Peter back to reality. “Are you ok?” Chris asked.

“Is this ok?” Peter asked. Chris frowned.

“Is what ok?” Chris asked. Peter looked at him and stepped back.

“You know, me switching us, so I'm on top.” Peter said, eyes soft and a little worried as he looked at Chris. Chris chuckled, and his heart warmed.

“Yes. Peter. I trust you.” Chris said with a soft smile. Peter smiled and kissed him again. “Peter, Peter, we have to get to the station.” Chris said with a laugh, moving his head. Peter whined and just kissed his cheeks and what he could reach when Chris was moving his head. Chris was laughing at his wolf. “Later Peter, come on.” Chris said with a grin. Peter huffed and dramatically walked out of the room. Chris laughed and walked after him.


“Ok, we will charge him right away.” Noah said. Chris nodded and they stood up.

“What about Peter?” Chris asked, a little worried that he would get into trouble. Noah smiled.

“He will be fine. He was defending you so he had probable cause. He might have to pay for the windows in the front, but probably not because he knows the chain owner.” Noah said. Chris nodded and thanked him before walking out. Peter had finished his statement and was waiting for Chris. When Chris reached him, he slipped his arm around Chris’s waist and walked them out. Chris grinned.


Chris and Peter went back to the shop. It was closed while the window was being repaired but Chris wanted to continue making the dresses and suits. Peter wouldn’t let him out of his sight.
Chris worked for a few hours before Peter said they should get to Talia’s. Allison was freaking out because they saw a news story.

“Come on love.” Peter said and stood up. Peter made noises of protest but packed his stuff up.

“You know when I start on Malia’s you can’t be here. She wants it to be a surprise.” Chris said as they walked out. Peter huffed. He knew, he was told already.

“You didn’t make my daughter a slutty dress did you?” Peter asked, making Chris laugh.

“No Peter, not slutty.” Chris said, shaking his head with a grin. He hopped into Peter’s car and he drove them to Talia’s house.

“Daddy!” Zeke yelled when they walked in. Chris smiled and squatted down and let his baby crash into his chest. “You were on the TV!” Zeke said, looking excited. Chris chuckled. He figured.

“Yes.” Chris said lifting him up onto his hip. Oliver ran over as well. “Hey muffin.” Oliver smiled and went to Peter, who lifted him onto his hip. Chris smiled at him before walking to the living room. Allison stood there, arms crossed, eyes worried. “Hey boo.” Chris said with a little smile. She huffed and walked over and hugged him.

“Noah told us what happened. I cannot believe that you stopped Peter.” Allison said and Chris blinked in surprise. Is his daughter supporting murder?

“I second that.” Malia said. Chris shook his head and kissed Allison’s forehead. They all settled down in the dining room for dinner.

“You know they are going to ask you when you go in tomorrow.” Jackson said to his father. Peter nodded.

“I know.” Peter said. He looked at Chris who shrugged.

“They will just read the police report anyway. Just say… I was being harassed.” Chris said with a little wince. Peter nodded and pushed his face into Chris’s cheek, making him smile. Peter pressed a kiss to his cheek before going back to his food. The table blinked in surprise. “Don’t ask.” Chris said and shoved some more potatoes onto Zeke’s plate. Peter tickled Oliver who giggled before helping him get more food. The table just grinned widely and ate their dinner. Fucking finally.


Peter walked into work and everyone was looking at him. Peter rolled his eyes and went to the main news anchors, Diane and Roger, and sat next to them, kicking his feet up on the table.

“Peter we go live in 5 minutes.” Diane said.

“Yes I know. I figured you all wanted to know what happened yesterday.” Peter said with a glimmer of mischief in his eyes. Roger grabbed a pad of paper and pen. Peter grinned. “In short, that man Donavan was... harassing… my boyfriend.” Peter said, eyes phasing red. “He went too far and when I found them, well, you saw what happened. It was a shame that Christopher stopped me, I would have enjoyed ripping his throat out.” Peter said casually checking his claws. Roger glanced at Diane with wide eyes. They all knew he was a little crazy but…

“Well, it sounded like he deserved it.” Diane said with a shrug. Peter grinned at her.

“Very much so.” Peter said, eyes red. They nodded and Peter left the stage to prepare for his segment.


“Nice story they gave.” Erica said when they were all back at Talia's house. They were on the back deck. Peter smiled.

“Yes, it was.” Peter said with a grin, looking at Chris who was in the yard playing with the little kids.

“Said you were protecting your boyfriend.” Stiles said, eyebrows raised. Peter smiled, looking at Chris.

“I was, well, technically he was just a friend, but that would have been too complicated.”

“So you finally admitted feeling for each other between the scene and the sheriff's station?” Malia asked with a chuckle.

“Pretty much. Everyone thinks that we were dating since he wore my tie to work, so it's not like the timing matters.” Peter said. They chuckled, he had a point. Peter smiled, watching Chris playing around.

“Oh god, look at you. You're all in love.” Stiles said and fake vomited. Peter laughed and shrugged, not denying that he loved Chris. They smiled, happy that he was so happy.


“I’m ready!” Peter yelled. He was so excited to see their dresses.

“Me too!” Allison squealed. Chris had just finished them and this was the initial try on. The dance was in a month and Chris wanted to make sure everything fit and they liked it. Chris walked out.

“Ok, you each have your own dressing rooms. Go ahead.” Chris said and they all bolted to the room with their names on it. Chris chuckled as he walked to the adults.

“I feel like I am at the races.” Noah said with a laugh. Chris laughed and nodded.

“I’m really excited.” Talia said, rubbing her hand together.

“I’m ready!” The girls yelled, they sounded so happy.

“One at a time? Or all together?” Chris asked.

“One at a time, I don’t think we could handle all at once.” Melissa said with a laugh.

“I’ll go first!” Erica yelled and whipped open the curtain. The adults gasped.

“Damn.” Talia said with a grin. “You look beautiful.” Talia said. Erica beamed.

“Chris you hit the design on the head. I love it!” She said, looking at her golden dress that was very tight and ended at her knees. She loved the little slits on the leg and then the shoulder. “Amazing.” She said. Chris smiled, very happy that she liked it. “Boyd!” She explained. They heard a chuckle and he walked out with his matching golden tie. His expression was priceless.

“You look… there are no words.” Boyd said. Erica hopped a little and hugged him. They went to the side.

“Ok me next!” Lydia said and opened the curtain.

“Oh my word.” Melissa said, jaw dropped. Lydia grinned and spun in her white dress with navy blue accents. It was tight at the top and slack at the bottom. When she would spin it would be flowy but it didn’t puff out without it.

“Gorgeous.” Talia said and Lydia grinned.

“I love it so much Chris.” She said and Chris grinned. “Jackson!” The curtain opened and Jackson walked out with his white and blue tie.

“Damn Lyds.” Jackson said, eyes taking her in.

“I know I’m beautiful, come hug me.” Lydia said with a smile and they laughed. He picked her up and spun her before walking them to the side.

“Looking sharp son.” Peter said with a grin. Jackson smiled at him.

“Allison? You or me?” Malia asked.

“I don’t know!” Allison said.

“Danny and I will go first.” Isaac said and whipped open the curtain.

“Someone is looking handsome.” Melissa said with a grin, looking at the boys. They grinned. Danny wanted a purple polka dotted tie and Isaac was solid colored bow tie.

“Love the bow tie.” Talia said with a grin. They grinned and went to the side.

“Come Der!” Stiles said and walked out.

“Looking old there son.” Noah said with a smile. Stiles laughed and looked over and then stared at Derek.

“You look like a god.” Stiles said seriously and Derek chuckled. Stiles walked over and played with his tie. Derek chuckled and dragged them to the side.

“Girls.” Chris said with a smile. “Your next.”

“Wanna go together?” Allison asked.

“Yes!” Malia said.



“1.” and they both walked out.

“Wow.” Talia said. Malia was in the lavender/ dark purple dress. The top covered just the front and connected to the bottom at the center of the stomach in a V shape. The back and sides were open. The bottom part was a little puffy. The under layer was a dark purple with the top layer being a little see through lace and lighter purple. She spun for them with a grin. Allison’s was a halter top dress that was connected in the back with some strings, otherwise it was open. It was black and tight, and had a slit going down the leg.

“Wow is right.” Peter said, looking at his daughter. He walked over to her and offered his hand. She chuckled and took it and he spun her. “You look beautiful.” Peter said, and looked at Jackson as well. He sounded like he was going to get choked up. Malia hugged him and Jackson came over as well. “You are so grown up.” Peter said. “I remember when you were my little babies.” Peter said. He wasn’t the sappy type but it all just hit him, seeing his 18 year old kids. They kissed his cheeks and smiled.

“We are always going to be your babies, dad.” Malia said softly. Peter smiled and nodded. Chris looked at Allison.

“You like it?” Chris asked. Allison laughed and hugged him.

“I love it.” She said with a grin.

“Your mother would have been so proud, boo.” Chris said softly. Allison nodded, eyes getting blurry. She hugged him tighter. Chris looked over to Peter and them.

“I cannot believe that you made my child such a scandalous dress.” Peter said looking at him with a grin. Chris laughed. Chris walked over to Malia and Peter went to Allison. They both grabbed their hands and spun them. The girls laughed and hugged the men.

“Um, is it my turn yet?” Scott asked from behind the curtain, making everyone burst into laughter.

“Yes babe, come on out.” Allison said with a grin. He walked out and she smiled at him. He looked at Allison and blinked.

“You look amazing.” Scott said, finally able to articulate words. Allison laughed and walked over to him, kissing his cheek.

“You too.” She said.

“Thank you so much Chris!” They all tacked him in a hug and Chris smiled and hugged them back.

“I’m just happy you like it.” He said.

“We love it!!!” They yelled.

“Ok ok, get dressed and we can spend the day at Tal’s.” Peter said and they nodded, running to their changing rooms. Peter snaked his arms around Chris’s waist and hugged him from the behind. Chris smiled, heart swelling when Peter hooked his chin on his shoulder.

“Hello.” Chris said with a smile.

“We have to pick up your children.” Peter said. Chris looked at the time. He was right.


Chris smiled, seeing his kids play with Peter. Chris laid back on the lawn chair and closed his eyes, enjoying the heat of the sun.

Peter was playing with the kids when Talia came out with snacks. They ran over to her and were excited. Peter saw something on the tray that Zeke was reaching for. Peter ran over and pulled him away.

“No! Peter!” Zeke yelled. Chris was alert and looking over. Peter squatted down and looked Zeke in the eye.

“Hey hey, look at me.” Zeke sensed his seriousness and shrank into himself a little. He looked at Peter. “You see that,” Peter pointed to the bag, “that has nuts in it. You can’t eat that.” Zeke realized. Chris had from a young age told him to stay away from nuts because he had a severe allergy to it. Zeke nodded, looking sad. “Hey, don’t be sad.” Peter said softly and lifted him up. “You just have to be careful because you could die.” Zeke nodded and huddled into Peter’s chest. Peter hugged him, bouncing a little. Talia was good at separating the snacks with nuts away from the rest, leaving it in the bag. Chris watched them, wondering if he should go over. He was so thankful for Peter, that he noticed. Peter got Zeke the other snacks and everything went back to normal very quickly. Chris smiled. Peter walked over to Chris once everyone was playing again. Chris looked at him.

“Thank you.” Chris said. Peter smiled and leaned over and kissed him. Chris smiled.

“They are growing on me.” Chris laughed and Peter smiled at him.


Chris looked at the TV and smiled. Peter was wearing the tie he made him.

“Hey Peter where did you get that tie?” Someone asked right in the middle of his forecast.

“My wonderful boyfriend made it for me, thank you for noticing.” Peter said with a grin. Chris flushed but was smiling. Peter continued with the forecast and then smiled into the camera when he was done. Chris chuckled and went back to work. They fixed the glass and they got a new boss. Chris liked her. She was young and sweet.


“My tie is trending in social media.” Was the first thing Peter said when he walked into the house. Chris snorted. Peter walked over and pressed a kiss to his lips. Chris grinned at him. “How was your day?”

“It was good.” Chris said. Peter nodded. Chris looked at him with a smile. “You like it?” He asked. Peter smiled.

“Yes, love, I love my tie.” Peter said. Chris smiled.


It was the day of the dance and all the kids were dressed up and they did their hair and makeup. The parents smiled at them and drove them to the place.
Peter and Chris were sitting in Peter’s living room, Talia had taken Chris’s little ones so they could have some time together. Chris looked over at him.

“Thank you.” Chris said with a smile. Peter frowned but kissed his nose.

“What for?” He asked curiously. Chris shrugged, looking back at the TV.

“Everything. You really turned my life around, in a good way, and I can’t see my life without you in it. You take care of all of my kids. Oliver keeps asking me for a suit because he wants to be just like you. Zeke loves playing with you because you have enough energy to keep up with them. You like cooking with them and everything. You also… you take care of me, you make me eat when I forget, you remind me to get a jacket because it's supposed to be windy. You have just… filled a void that was created after Vick was murdered and I really… appreciate it.” Chris said, getting choked up. He was pulled into a bone crushing hug but he smiled.

“It's been a pleasure Christopher.” Peter said gently and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “I couldn’t see my life without you and the kids in it as well.” Peter said and gently stroked Chris’s face. “Because I love you so much Chris.” Peter said with a smile. “I will always remind you to grab a jacket when it's supposed to be rainy.” Chris smiled and pressed a sweet kiss to his lips.

“I’m excited for our future, I really am.” Chris said, holding him tightly. Peter smiled at his love.

“Me too, love, me too.”