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Shattered veil

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Shattered veil

My name is Isabella Marie Swan, but I prefer Bella. I am eighteen and just graduated high school. Two years ago, I exiled myself to Forks. I moved in with my dad when my mom got remarried. At first, I hated Forks. I was never one for small towns, but it grew on me. Now I don't know that I will ever leave. I am kind of lonely though. Almost everyone from my class went away for college. The only friend I had left in town was Jacob Black. Well it wasn't like I wouldn't be leaving soon too but I wouldn't be going very far. After the summer, I would be going to culinary school in Seattle. Which lead me to where I am now. Currently I was sitting in my father's kitchen putting in applications and looking at apartments.

After submitting my latest application, I headed to La Push to visit Jake. When I pulled up to the familiar house I smiled. This place and Jake had saved my sanity after I moved to Forks. Jake hearing my loud and ancient truck came running out of the house.

"BELLS!" He said enthusiastically pulling me into a hug and swinging me around. It was good to see him. We spent the day walking and chatting. Jake was excited to graduate next year and open up his own mechanic shop. Jake had always been good with cars. Jake had grown up a lot in the past few years. He had gotten taller filled out and started keeping his hair short. He had joined a group in his tribe called the protectors. There had been a time I had worried about it. Soon however Jake slowly got back to himself and proved there was nothing to worry about.

I saw some of the Protectors off in the distance. Embry and Quill waved, and I waved back. There was one with his back to me seeing the wave he turned around. Paul glared at me before turning back to me. Paul had always disliked me. Maybe it was the fact that we were so similar. Both of us were reserved and both of us also had terrible tempers. We even looked somewhat alike. Not that anyone would dare say this to our faces.

After visiting with Jacob, I decided to head home. It was early so dad hadn't made it home yet. I cleaned up the house and put in some more applications. I also looked at some more apartments. Before I knew it, I needed to start dinner. Pulling out everything I would need I started dinner. I put on some music humming and dancing as I cooked. Dinner was soon done and there was a knock on the door.

I opened the door and there were two police officers there. "Hello?... How can I help you…?" I stuttered my heart racing.

They removed their hats and put them over their chest. I sucked in air… NO! NO! NO! "Are you Isabella Swan?" One of the officers asked pain thick in his voice.

"Yes… where is my dad…?" I asked starting to tremble.

They both closed their eyes. "I am very sorry to have to tell you this… he was killed in the line of duty." One said.

I started hyperventilating and fell to my knees. I started sobbing. "Is there anyone we can call for you?" The officer asked.

"My friend Jake." I said shakily. "Jacob Black, he lives in La Push." I said.

All I heard was a dull buzzing in my ears I didn't move. I stared blankly into the woods unable to move or speak. I jumped when one of the officers placed a hand on my shoulder. "Miss Swan?" He said.

I looked into his blue eyes filled with pity. "Yes?" I asked.

"Would you like to know what happened?" He asked.

"Yes please." I said roughly.

He explained that Charlie had taken a call and when he arrived he had been gunned down. The call had been a setup. This shouldn't have happened. How does this happen in a town like Forks? Just then Jake arrived. I sobbed as he wrapped me up in his strong arms.

That night Billy and Jake stayed with me. That night shattered me into a million pieces. I felt like I would never be put back together. Everywhere I turned it was echoes of him. Memories of things he did or should be doing now. He left me everything including the house. I couldn't stay there though. I forced myself to keep moving forward. It was what he would have wanted. I often found myself driving to Jakes in the middle of the night. He would wrap me in his arms and hold me as I sobbed. Jake was my best friend the brother I never had. He was family to me. Always there for me when I needed him. Jake was my rock for those dark months. He and all the officers that checked in on me periodically as well as their families. I found myself surrounded by people whose lives my dad had touched. I never imagined the kind of impact he had.

I started cleaning out my Dads house I was going to sell it when I moved to Seattle it wasn't until I was going through all his old paperwork that I found a file. It was a folder. Inside the folder was a picture of a girl no older than a few months. I recognized the girl from pictures of me as a baby. The page attached to the file caught my attention.


Baby Doe has not been identified and has been presumed abandoned. Child will be placed into CPS custody and placed up for adoption. Baby doe is approximately 2 months old. Baby doe was found in the woods up by the cliffs of La Push Reservation by Officer Swan while visiting a friend. Officer Swan handled the investigation and asked around the Reservation to no avail.

WHAT?! Flipping through the rest of the file I found witness statements from people that I have never heard of although it looked like several had been torn out. I frowned at that. Charlie always prided himself on proper paperwork why we he have ripped pages from the file. What was on those papers? Where they there when he turned it in?

I knew there was only one person that could possibly help me with this. Charlies best friend Billy Black. When I pulled up Jake came running out like usual. I kept the file close to my chest. I needed answers. This had to be some kind of misunderstanding. I was not Baby Doe I couldn't be. Awkwardly hugging Jake I told him I needed to talk to Billy.

Jake seemed surprised by this but followed me into the house. Billy rolled his chair from the living room as he heard us approach. "Hey Bells…" He trailed off seeing my face.

"Billy, I need to show you something." I said.

"Ok what is it Bells?" He asked. I handed him the file.

He paled as he saw the picture and the report. His dark eyes roved over, and he flipped through the witness reports. His hands were shaking, and he gripped the file tightly. "Where did you get this Bella?" He asked.

"It was in dad's files. Is that me?" I asked.

"I… I think it is. I had no clue about this though." Billy said frowning he looked very thoughtful.

He kept looking between me and the file. "You didn't know he adopted me…?" I asked. "How is that possible?" I asked.

"Renee and Charlie had said they were pregnant expecting a girl. When they said you had been born I saw you maybe once or twice before Renee took you away. Then I only saw you during the summers. He never mentioned finding a baby or adopting one." Billy said scowling.

Jacob just stood there in stunned silence. "Your joking, right? Bella wasn't adopted." Jacob said shaking his head.

"If this is true than it is a lot worse than that Jacob." Billy snapped.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"This girl, this baby, was not simply found or abandoned. She was kidnapped. She was born to a member of this tribe and an outsider. Her father left the girl's mother after drinking himself stupid for years. They had a son by then hopping to keep it together. He couldn't do it though he left and the woman is still on the reservation with her son." Billy said.

"Do you think Charlie knew the girl was kidnapped?" I asked.

"I think he did the kidnapping." Billy said.

"He… he wouldn't do that." I said.

"I hope he didn't but it's starting to look like it he was definitely hiding something." He said.

I ran from the house and got in my truck to drive home. I couldn't believe what Billy was telling me. I needed to call mom maybe she could help me surely, she knew something… right?