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Music Maestro

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set 2021

It's another Saturday afternoon in the Clinton household. Hillary was in her office writing her book when she heard noises coming from what she guess was the music room. She chuckled and smile to herself, she knew Bill had been playing with their grandchildren all afternoon, he promised not to make too much noises but it seems he couldn't resist the kids plea to go play in the music room any longer.

Hillary look at the time and decided to stop working and help her husband. She find them in the music room: Bill and Charlotte playing the saxophone (Charlotte seemed not be able a make any sound), Aidan play the harmonica while Jasper blow into a horn. Hillary lean on the door frame and watch them for a moment when a hand on her shoulders startled her.

“Hi, Mom!” Chelsea said, also it was barely audible over the cacophony made by their musicians.

“Hi honey! Came to check on your father babysitting?” she tease looking at her husband who had his back turn toward them.

Chelsea chuckled. “No I came to pick them up it's almost dinner time and their other grandma is expecting a video call before diner.”

“Oh there is going to be tears!” Hillary said looking at her daughter with poppy eyes.

“I'm sure Dad will get over it!” Hillary laughed hard at that which made Bill turn around upon hearing her laugh. Once Bill had stop playing the kids all stopped and look at where their grandfather was looking.

“What so funny?” Bill asked raising an eyebrow.

“Nothing!” both women answered.

“Come on Pop Pop let's keep playing” said Aidan

“No honey, sorry it's time to go. We will let Pop Pop get some rest!” Chelsea saw the faces of her children and father turn into a sad pout. Only Jasper was happy to see his mother.

“Okay, but can we come back to play music tomorrow!” Charlotte asked both her mother and grandfather.

“Of course, sweetheart anytime you want” Bill said stroking her back.

“Yes!” Charlotte and Aidan both cheered jumping up and down apparently very happy about the idea.

“Let's go kids, say bye bye to Grandma and Pop Pop!”

Once kisses were given and Chelsea and the kids have left Bill and Hillary were left alone. Bill still had his saxophone in his hand and Hillary look at him with a smile that could only be described as full of love and pride.

“I love watching you play music with the kids!”

“I love doing it, looking at them being so happy is the best thing in the world, also I'm not sure we can call that music!” Hillary laugh at that and sat in the armchair that was in the room. “I'm kind of glad to be half deaf! I hope we didn't stopped you from working, did we?”

“You did but it's okay it's the kind of distraction I love. Seeing you and the kids happy is all I need. I probably should go and let you play some real music.” She started getting up.

“Do you want me to play something for you?” Bill asked.

“Okay, it's been a while since I've been serenaded!” Bill chuckled and she sat back down.

“Love song it is then!” He winked.

He started playing and the more she looked at him play the more she saw how happy he was. Music has always been a passion of his. Sitting here she was brought back to 50 years ago when he played for in their little apartment in New Haven. She let transported by the music and love that her husband poured with every notes. After three songs Bill was a little breathless and stopped.

“Thank you honey!” Bill smiled at her put his saxophones back on its place.

“I'm glad you still like when I play for you!”

“Playing makes you so happy Bill it's hard not to like it! I love it! And every time I can feel your love seeping out when you play” she said while she encircled her arms around him.

“My love for ... you or music?” she laughed and patted his butt.

“Both! I hope!” Bill lean and kissed her.

“I. Love. You!” Bill said kissing her between words. They kept kissing for a while just enjoying the other closeness. They stopped for air.

“What do you want for dinner? Bill asked.

“What ever you want as long as I've got you for dessert! Unless you're too tired?”

“For you? Never! I love making music with you!” hand in hand they went downstairs ate diner and play their own music.