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One Big Surprise

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Jamie Fraser's 45 birthday was passed by him and his wife, Claire, on a trip to Vienna. The couple left their four children- 23yo newly-engaged Fergus, almost 20yo Faith, 18yo Brianna and 15yo Willie at home for the weekend. It was also their 20th wedding anniversary and they decided to have the honeymoon they weren't able to have back on the day as they married while Claire was already heavily pregnant with Faith. The Frasers walked around the city enjoying the art, the history, and above all, each other.

'Stay here for fifteen more minutes and then come to the room.' Claire said to Jamie, finishing her cocktail at the hotel bar after a nice dinner on a nearby restaurant.

'What do ye have planned on that wee mind of yers?' Jamie drank his whisky on one long sip.

'A birthday surprise.' She kissed her husband and left the bar, Jamie enjoying the lines of her arse on her tight red dress. He stayed put, drinking another whisky and counting the minutes until he was allowed to make his way up. He said his goodnights to the bartender and went upstairs. 'Happy Birthday' Claire said, fully naked in bed, swirls of whipped cream through her body. Jamie went hard in a second, and was dropping his clothes as he walked to the bed.

'Now I understand why ye didna want any cake.' Jamie joked.

'Well, between chocolate and me,' Claire said sensually, 'which one do you like the most?'

Jamie smiled and started licking the whipped off Claire, she writhed and moaned as Jamie went down her body. 'I will never taste anything as sweet as ye, mo ghraidh.' He said before start the whipped between her legs. He made her climax twice before took her hard and fast. They passed the rest of the night naked, drinking the wine and playing with the rest of the whipped cream tube, waking the next morning hangover, satiated and lazy.


Seven weeks later, Claire started her day as normal- morning cuddles with Jamie, breakfast with the family and a short drive to the hospital she worked. She had a couple of surgeries programmed for the day. The first one was quick and easy and she was free until after lunch time. But as soon as she came to the staff room with her friend Louise, a whiff of someone's heavily spiced sent her spiraling into nausea and she barely made it to throw up on a bin. Louise took her to an empty room, Claire could lay down for a bit and went for a tea. 'Thank you, Louise.'

'Do you want me to call Jamie?' Louise asked.

'No,' Claire moved her head, 'I don't want to worry him. It was the smell of that damn curry. God, it was just as when I was pregnant...' She froze with the though, she was late indeed, but she was 45 after all, and so she laughed about it. 'No, it cannot be, no. I finished having babies a long ago.'

'Well, there's a way to check that.' Louise smiled.


Claire arrived to the offices of Jamie's advertisement company soon before four o'clock. Jamie was surprised to see her as he knew her schedule for the day. 'What a bonnie surprise.' Jamie kissed Claire and they both sat on the office's sofa. 'I thought ye had a surgery at this time.'

'Yes, I did have one, but...' Claire took a couple of deep breaths. 'I got sick after the first surgery, I threw up on one of the bins at the staff room.

'A Dhia, are ye OK now?' Jamie held Claire closer to him.

'I am now.' Claire laughed, looking for something on her bag. 'You know it's a surprise when you didn't even suspected it first.' She found what she was looking for and gave it to Jamie. 'I'm pregnant, at 45. We're having a baby, 15 years after the last.'

Jamie burst in laugh and quickly kissed Claire. 'Aye, ye're right on that one. I did notice ye were late, but I really wrote it off as just how our age works.'

'Are ye happy?' Claire asked to Jamie.'

'Aye, I am, mo chridhe.' Jamie kissed her again. 'A wee unexpected birthday and anniversary gift I suppose. I canna wait to see the faces of Jen, Ian and Murtagh when we told them.'

Claire laughed too. 'Oh God, and the children, what are they going to say?'

'Well, the true, mam and da still love each other verra much and this thin's happen when mams and das love each other.' Claire laughed and Jamie lain her down the sofa. 'Aye, wee Dalhousie. I'm verra surprised and happy about ye. And I'm already lookin' forward to meet ye.'

'I think we already had that conversation about us absolutely not naming one of our children Dalhousie.' Claire laughed.


'Bree, leave the phone for few minutes, your father and I have something to tell you.' Claire said as Brianna chatted with her boyfriend. All the Fraser children, plus Fergus' fiancee, Marsali, sat around the kitchen table. 'We have something to tell you.'

'Please, tell me ye're not gettin' divorced.' Faith quickly said. 'Like Laura's parents, they just split up after 25 years.'

'Och, no, we're not divorcin'' Jamie said to his daughter. 'The whole opposite thin', we're havin' a bairn.' All four children gasped at the news.

'Wait, for real?' Brianna said. 'You're 50.'

'45, if you please.' Claire answered. 'And yes, I'm pregnant. It was as much as surprise for us than for you.'

'Wait, that means that ye' still have sex?' Willie said. 'Eww.'

'Och, Willie, dinna talk like that.' Jamie said.

'so, you're pregnant, for real?' Fergus said, Marsali laughing beside him.

'Yes, I am.' Claire said.

'Because...' Fergus stopped and looked at Marsali

'I'm pregnant too.' Marsali finished.

'A dhia.' Jamie said as the rest of the Frasers laughed.