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The Green Lioness

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It had been days earlier when she had run into the common area in the Castle of Lions, panting with strands of her short brown hair sticking to her face; due to the sweat running down her. She always has been able to sweat easily. Her glasses were probably glinting in the light making her crazed look even worse. Which now explains the reactions she had gotten.

Keith had looked at her weirdly while Coran had smiled at her presence and said something about number five which was undoubtedly her for some reason. But she hadn’t really cared at the time. Lotor looked at her blankly. Shiro and Allura looked concerned but it was Lance’s reaction that took her attention. Lance had raised one of his eyes brows with some cheeky little smile on his face that had her wishing she could punc-

“Pidge? Are you okay?” Shiro’s voice had interrupted her thoughts with a calming tone to it. Pidge at the time could feel her already slightly red face, redden even more; due to the embarrassment.

“Yeah” She breathed out.

“Are you sure Pidge?” Allura hadn’t appeared to have believed her then. After all, a run from her room to the common room shouldn’t have taken any breath out of her from the hard training she puts them through. And it hadn’t. The reason she was out of breath was due to a nightmare. One she hadn’t forgotten and won’t anytime soon.

It was also because of this nightmare that she had thought of the idea. It was such a great idea at the time. Now it’s really come back to bite her.

“Of course I’m sure,” She stood straighter as Allura flinched back at the venom that was coating her words. Shiro frowned - she ignored Lotor’s look but she could feel his glare - but as he opened his mouth she beat him to it. “But you know how the Galra’s been acting really weird-”

“Just because the Galra hasn’t decided to attack anything, doesn’t mean it’s weird.” Lance looked at Hunk weirdly.

“Hunk buddy, you do realise what you just said right?”

Hunk had slumped down in his seat frowning. “Can’t we have quiet days?”

“Quiet days are fine Hunk but I think what Pidge means is that the Galra hasn’t done any known attacks towards us or any other planet in weeks.” Pidge smiled gratefully at Keith. At least he had understood.

“The red and green paladins are quite right, while I don’t know what the Galra are planning now, whatever it is, it must be big” Lotor added in with a look in Allura’s direction that had Lance annoyed. Pidge almost frowned at Lance’s actions.

“So,” Pidge noticed Lance opening his mouth with a smug look and quickly shut it down. “No, Lance. The Galra haven’t stopped trying to take over the universe because they’ve seen how “cool” we are so don’t even try it,” He then proceeded to slump in their seat alongside Hunk. Pidge readjusted her glasses. “Anyway, this morning I woke up and started thinking about the Galra and their strange behaviour. I soon realised and I can’t believe I haven’t figured it out sooner,” She lied. She knew why. The nightmares and the Green lion's sudden unease had been taking a huge toll on her. “But the Galra must surely be planning something big. Maybe a weapon to use against us. Which is why I propose to infiltrate a Galra cruiser and hack into their systems to find out what their plan is.” The smile that had built up during that whole thing had quickly been wiped off her face at Shiro’s expression. It was blank.

Slowly Shiro nodded his head before giving Pidge a small smile. “That’s a great idea Pidge. In 12 Varga’s well get our lions and-”

“Uh Shiro? Actually I was thinking that, considering how important this could be, and that the Galra will expect all of us with our lions, that it would be better if it was just me. Considering I’m the one who has to hack-”

Lance had surprisingly decided to speak against that.

“No!, nope, nuh uh, absolutely not. You. Are not going by yourself. Come on guys back me up here!” Lance looked around panicky.

“Lance is right, Pidge,” Allura spoke almost like she was approaching a wild angry lion. Though with the sudden surge in anger at her voice, she wasn’t exactly wrong. “And while I’m glad you're so adamant about helping us, it is too dangerous to go alone.”

Pidge had felt even more anger wash over her. She realises now that she was way angrier then she should’ve been but something about Allura that past month had been making her irrational and irritated. She knows Allura had done nothing wrong but she couldn’t help it. Emotions were not her strong suit, that was technology. Which is why she responded the way she did and quiznak does she regret it.

“Shut up!, Just shut up Allura!.”

“Katie!” “Number five?!” “Pidge!” Multiple shouts chorused out in surprise. But she hadn’t cared. She was on a roll at the time.

“Stay out of this!” She snapped at the others before spinning back to face Allura “You always think you know what’s best, so much so that you don’t care about others. You say how you're all about saving the universe but if you are then why won’t you let me do this? I know very well that if it were Keith or Shiro then none of you would be arguing! It’s a mission focused on stealth! I’ve done most of the data for a plan so that they’ll never know I was there! So why, why can’t I go?!” She had felt like she was gonna burst into tears. She was exhausted, she had just had a horrible nightmare about the team and failing the universe and her family. She wanted to do this. To do good.

The whole time she was yelling all she saw were the mutilated bodies of her friends from her nightmare that morning. She couldn’t understand why Allura wouldn’t allow her to help.

It was silent. Allura’s face was red and Pidge had never seen Allura so angry. Thinking about it now, the others hadn’t either judging by their expressions of slight fear. Keith was as blank as ever.

“You really think that I don’t want to save the universe?”

“If you wanted to then let me do this mission. It could help save the-”

“Enough!... You’re saying that I don’t care but what about you?! Day’s after being given the responsibility and honour of piloting the Green lion and you want to run off! What could’ve happened then? What could’ve happened to Voltron? What could’ve happened to the team? What could’ve happened to the universe!?”

There was silence. Allura took that as her chance to continue.

“I know you think you can do this by yourself, but there really is too much of a risk. For all we know, you might have to hack from inside one of the Galra’s main ships! The reason I’m not letting you go is not because I don’t care about the universe. It’s because I do care!”

Pidge was well and truly angry now.

“All you are is a stupid princess who can get everything she wants and doesn’t want without having to blink,” Pidge swallows the lump in her throat at Lance’s expression. “Well this must be news for you princess because you can’t get what you want just like that! No one has to listen to you just because you’re royalty.”

Pidge kept talking, the anger fueling a fire inside her that had been left burning for too long.

“Oh! And while we are talking about when I tried to desert Voltron, let it be known that at least when I wanted to leave there was a chance my family was alive.” It wasn’t an exact dig, but judging by Allura’s expression she knew full well what Pidge meant. ‘At least I have some of my family that’s alive’ remains unsaid.

After all. She still hasn’t found her dad yet.

The waves of regret the words had caused Pidge had activated her fight or flight response. But instead of fighting she chose flight. Ignoring the other’s shouts she had run out of the room and straight to her own. Locking the door with a very complex and customised technological lock. She leaned against the door and breathed. Letting the events wash over her. She had felt some of that anger flare up again at the thought of the mission.

As Green purred to Pidge with the intent of calming her down. She had, after all, found Matt all on her own, so she can very well do this on her own - She ignored the small voice inside her head about dad - and despite what had happened when she first became a paladin, She does care what happens to the universe, but her first priority was her family. She’s not going to let the Galra do whatever they have planned. So she had made the decision that spiraled so far it got her into this mess. Matt had always called her stubborn. So had Iverson.

She had moved from the door and started to pack when a knock on her door interrupted her and the violent storm that was her emotions.

“Pidge?” She spun to face the door, her grip on the backpack going slack. Lance. She felt embarrassment and guilt for the events from earlier rise up and sink it’s hooks into her heart. She can still feel the hooks now. Just not as much.

“Look… I don’t know what's going on between you and Allura. We’ve sort of noticed your, as Shiro put it, “attitude” towards her this past month, but like it’s not her fault you know?... I totally think you can handle this mission, for the record. I mean, your Pidge! A techie and absolute nerd with your cute little bayard… I mean- well- you know?- What I’m trying to say is…,” She could hear him take a deep breath “I know you can do this. Despite what I said before, it’s just… I don’t like seeing you hurt. Or anyone else haha…” She could practically see him rub the back of his head awkwardly. She felt a warm feeling spread through her body.

“Pidge?” As much as she wanted to answer, he would definitely stop her plan. Or invite himself along. Neither options she needed. Although she wanted the second one...

Pidge stayed silent and sure enough, a few minutes later he left but not before giving out a loud sigh. She could feel one of the hooks containing guilt dig a little deeper. She quickly shook her head and continued to pack. It didn’t take her long to finish packing and sneak into the Green Lion’s hangar. She left the Castle of Lions without anyone noticing. It really came back to bite her.

Pidge had headed to a planet containing an enormous marketplace where an auction is apparently held every month selling the rarest items. Apparently some Galra soldiers were spotted there. So, considering she couldn’t go straight to a Galra cruiser in her Green Lion as that would lead to an immediate attack, she had decided to hide the Green Lion and sneak onto one.

While leaving the Green Lion on a planet where people could easily sell out the Green Lion's hiding spot, if found, to the Galra, it was a chance she had to take. Plus, with the force field up, no one should be able to break into the Lion, so that's a plus.

She had found the perfect spot far from the market. But that had its own disadvantages, as walking to the market was really a pain. Of course Pidge had to promise Green she would come back for her. That was the only reason Green let her out in the first place.

Of course before heading to the market she had worn the cloak she had on when she found her brother on top of her clothes. She doubted her paladin armour would make her not be stared at and she needed to blend in. As much as one could in a slightly tattered black cloak.

Once at the market it didn’t take long to find some Galra soldiers. They had appeared to be looking for something and after researching the market place that morning, whatever it was, it had to have been rare. Which could only mean bad news for Voltron.

However they brought one thing from a tiny light blue market stall. From Pidge’s hiding place all she saw was a crystal of some sort. Whatever it was, it was sure to be used in whatever was being hidden by the Galra.

Soon after the purchase, the Galra had returned to their ship. Completely unaware of her following them. She had been able to sneak in and hide in a small hidey hole of sorts. One of the benefits of being short.

Sadly the Galra on the cruiser didn’t say anything about the crystal during the whole trip but this did give her some time to work out the kinks in her plan.

Honestly, it was a great plan. It worked. For the most part. But she had made a mistake. She had failed to calculate two Galra guards. Or goons as Lance likes to call them. Sadly they had alerted the rest of the ship and she was soon taken down. She hadn’t even gotten to hack into the quiznaking ship.

Which is, how she ended up where she is now. Maybe if she had stayed at the Castle and figured out a plan properly and tried to convince the others again then maybe she wouldn’t be here.

For someone who can hack into Galra ships easily, she’s made a lot of dumb mistakes.

So here Pidge is, currently being dragged by two Galra soldiers who, she’s pretty sure are the same two that got her into this mess, through the ships erie halls. Great.

She was being dragged by her arms, which ache pretty badly and will probably bruise from the Galra’s grip. Her hands are cuffed together in front of her and her legs are cuffed as well. Hence why she’s being dragged instead of walked. She was gagged as well. She put up one hell of a fight.

She was surprised she wasn’t forced into wearing the Galra prisoner garb that they forced onto her brother and Shiro - Matt had told her everything about what happened in the arena and how they forced them into the prisoner clothes - especially after her escape attempt.

It was their fault for leaving her in a room with an electrical lock panel near the door. They did learn after they knocked her out and moved her into a new cell without an electrical lock panel.

What gave her more red flags was the fact that they actually fed her decently - it would be kind to call it food. But it still gave basic nutritional value. - food. From what Matt told her they had hardly given food to the prisoners. Only the Champion got food. But she’d been fed three meals - still wouldn’t call them proper meals - a day. Or at least, she thinks about a day. Time is hard when stuck in an alien prison cell. Maybe the Galra have their own time system as well?

Now, there was the last red flag of the evening. She should’ve been rescued by now. The others should’ve found her by now. Hunk and Keith should’ve been distracting the Galra in their Lions while Shiro, when he finally finds her, gives her a “we're gonna talk about this later and it’s gonna be a long lecture.” but a relieved look and Lance. Lance would’ve broken in with his blue and white paladin armour and started blasting the Galra with his blue bayard turned gun - “Because I’m the best sharpshooter there is Pidge, that’s why I have a gun.” - and when having seen her, would’ve given her that stupid cute smirk that he gives when he thinks he’s acting cool. But none of that has happened.

Surely there had to be a reason. Surely. Hell, even Lotor would’ve been great right about now. Even if Allura and Lotor would most certainly be giving each other “looks”.

All she wants to do is to apologise to Allura. She really hadn’t meant what she had said. She was angry and a lot of factors had affected her that day. But that’s honestly no excuse.

Pidge had no idea how long they had been dragging her around the ship, all the hallways looked the same to her, but eventually she was led to an enormous hangar filled with Galra ships with tons of soldiers.


When they knocked her out and moved her into a new cell, they must have moved her to the main Galra ship. She’s been on the very Galra ship with Hagger this whole time. No wonder the others didn’t find her. She had been moved to the main ship. But, why? Surely Hagger would’ve interrogated her about Voltron and the others.

Her internal panic got cut off as she was roughly shoved onto her knees, still with the Galra soldiers arms on her’s, in front of two aliens who were certainly not Galra. Much like the Galra, these aliens are tall - damnit - with pointed ears and clearly strong. Unlike them though, instead of different shades of purple skin with sometimes pure yellow eyes, these aliens have pure white skin with pure glowing green eyes. Their armour was also white but with some light grey and some shade of green that she didn’t know the name of.

The Galra behind Pidge to her left, cleared their throat, albeit nervously. As the one behind her to her right attached her bayard to her shorts. Another red flag. Why would they give her bayard back?

“On behalf of the Galra, we hope our gift will be enough to keep the peace between us and the Horde.” Gift? Peace? Horde? What the hell?! Is this a quiznaking peace treaty?! “We assure you, that this one here is quite a rare one and will definitely be of use to you if so needed.” What. The. Quiznak.

She tried asking - yelling - “What the hell was going on?!” but it came out mumbled. It didn’t matter anyway as the newbies spoke. One of the newbie- Horde soldiers eyes had pure white slit scala while the Galra soldier talked she noticed.

“She’ll do.” He simply said. The other Horde soldier walked towards and gently lifted her up. That was when she finally noticed the light grey symbol on their chest. It looked like two bat-like wings with a crystal like shape in the middle. This must be the Hordes symbol.

This was a trade, Pidge realised with growing horror. Everything was coming together. The Galra weren’t quiet because of some super secret weapon they were planning, but because they had done something to disrupt the peace between them and the Horde. All the Galra soldiers searching that marketplace for ‘rare items’ was them trying to find a gift to keep the Horde happy and what greater gift than to give a paladin of Voltron. She’s also realised that these ‘Horde’ guys must be worse if the Galra needs to keep the peace.

“I’m glad.” She could practically hear the smile in the Galra’s voice.

The Horde soldier holding her gently - gently? What is going on? - quickly swung her up to carry her bridal style, much to her embarrassment and rage, in front of the Galra soldiers. Who she could clearly see smirking, so help her if she ever sees them again. She better see them again, she doesn’t want to think about what will happen to her now she’s in the Horde’s hands. Doesn’t want to think about how the other’s won't know where she is. Won't know about the Horde.

In the end, she found out what the Galra was hiding. But now? She doesn’t think it was worth it.