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The Molesting Matador

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Just from placing a hand on Langa's waist, Adam can feel the boy's talent. His muscles are relaxed even at such a tense moment, allowing optimal movement-- a technique that a beginner would certainly be unable to pull off, and that a pro would struggle with at the speed they're going right now. 

It's enough to make him want to dance, so he does just that. A small shift of weight brings their boards side by side, and Adam forcefully jerks the boy against him, their bodies melding perfectly together. Ah, what a thrill-- the intense vibrations on his deck that make his feet tingle to the point of numbness, the burn of lingering cigarette smoke and cool air in his lungs, and now, the warm, lithe body pressing into him. 

It's far from uncommon for him to get hard when he's skateboarding, and today is certainly not an exception. Adam is feeling in high spirits, so he decides to play with his food a little. He purposefully lets his hips grind into Langa and he holds the position long enough to ensure that the boy knows just what he's feeling against his ass. By the soft gasp he catches under the rumble of their wheels, he knows that his erection has been noticed.

It's nice and all, but Adam really wants to see the boy's face. A small amount of manhandling and deft maneuvering has Langa turned the other way, and Adam is quick to grab his daintily thin wrists.  Oh, what a look. There's shock and confusion and just a hint of fear in those delicately blue eyes, and Adam finds himself nearly drunk on it. In an outburst of giddiness, he dips the teen down, continuing the dangerous dance.

The turn is fast approaching. Adam laces their fingers together and leans forward on his toes, sending them both into a frenzied spin. His stomach flutters as Langa's eyes go wide-- an expected reaction. But then he looks further down and sees the nervously excited smile that's baring Langa's teeth, and that changes everything .

He had been having a good bit of playful fun with the boy, but that single smile has him shifting into a state of near mania. He squeezes Langa's hands as they take on the turn, a silent challenge to the teen-- will you pull away, or will you continue on with me?

Langa accepts the challenge with reckless gusto, pressing against him, leg slipping between Adam's open stance and lifting to rub against his erection. He would have thought it a happy accident if it wasn't for Langa's own stiff cock pressing against his thigh.

"Oooooh, Langa-kun, how naughty!" He declares with a devilish grin, bringing his hand down for a quick squeeze of the teen's ass.

Langa doesn't answer and soon their boards drift apart, leaving Adam desperate for more. This has to be the purest sense of euphoria he has ever experienced. Thoughts pass through his mind as quickly as the bystanders flecked along the road-- He wants to spoil Langa, to hurt Langa, to fuck him, to drag him to the deep extremes of pain and pleasure over and over again, to see just what expressions the boy would show him.

He's eager for some more grinding and quickly prepares to execute a Love Hug, but Langa is a step ahead of him and effortlessly avoids it, a feat that has Adam's cock twitching and leaking against his thigh. His passion is flaring so brightly in his chest that he fears he may faint with the excitement.

This is it. This is his Eve.

Everything is a joyous blur of adrenaline. He chases Langa down with reckless abandon, feeling like a predator trying to capture it's prey. He's so hard he can barely stand it-- all he wants is to tackle Langa and fuck him right there, to conquer him completely.

He's so engrossed with the chase that he only just manages to stop when a black car swings around to block their path. Tadashi hangs his head out of the window.

"The police are coming." 

Damn. Just when things were getting good.

Adam kicks his board up into his hand and glances at Langa, who looks like he just woke up from a trance. His thin chest is heaving and his pale skin is flushed pink, and all he can do is stare dazedly at the car in front of them.

Then Adam realizes that the fun doesn't have to stop.

He opens the door to the back seat and slides in before turning back to Langa and patting next to him. The boy hesitates for a moment, but the shrill sound of sirens in the distance seems to make up his mind.

The door is barely closed before Adam is on him, but Langa seems to have lost his cheekiness-- perhaps it's because he's thinking more clearly, or perhaps it's because Tadashi is glancing at them through the rearview mirror. Adam tries to drag him closer, but Langa puts his hands up to weakly push against his chest. That's fine with him, though... he likes a little push and pull in his relationships.

"Langa-kun, what's the matter?" Adam teases, knocking their boards to the floorboard. "Have you gotten shy all of a sudden?"

Langa once again remains quiet, which only spurs Adam on. He forces Langa closer, one hand tight around his back and the other squeezing his lean thigh. Langa looks overwhelmed at all of the attention, eyes flitting between Adam's face and the hand that's moving closer to his groin.

"You shouldn't be doing big boy things if you aren't willing to back them up, Langa-kun." 

He tightens his arm around the teen and goes in for a kiss, but Langa turns his head away. That's fine though, because Adam is more than happy to lavish his pretty neck instead. He kisses the pale skin needily, sucking just enough to draw a pained gasp from the boy.

The noise is divine, but nothing can compare to the soft, shaky moan he receives when he finally grabs Langa's cock. Adam kneads it slowy through his pants, relishing the way the tendons in his neck flex and how he's starting to breathe faster. 

And then Adam squeezes hard .

Langa cries out and his hands scramble to Adam's forearm, though he doesn't try to pull him off-- rather, he just holds onto him, short nails scratching desperately against his sleeve.

"What a pretty sound you just made, Langa-kun…so pained ," 

Adam squeezes just a little harder before going back to a relaxed grip, massaging the boy's cock almost lovingly. Langa nearly crumbles when his grip lets up, head falling on Adam's shoulder and small, gasping noises leaving him on every exhale.

"But if I'm not mistaken, it almost seems like you enjoy a little bit of pain, hm?"


It's the first thing Langa has said since the race had started, and it's downright intriguing to Adam. Please stop? Please keep going? It's just as much of a tease as everything else up until that point, and it sets his mind on fire with possibilities.

He kisses the boy behind the ear and jacks him off a little more purposefully.  

"What is it, Langa-kun?" He whispers,  "Tell me what it is you want…I'll give it to you, anything you desire…"

Langa is panting, his body twitching and shivering. His hands are still on Adam's forearm, but he could swear that they were pulling him closer.

"I…" Langa sounds overwhelmed as he moves his head against Adam's shoulder in something reminiscent of a nuzzle, "I w-want--"

A dull, metallic thud comes from behind them, and they both startle and turn to look out of the back window. The red-headed boy from earlier is behind them on a motorbike, his face wild and worried.

"Oiiii! Let him go!" 

He's driving with one hand because the other one is in a sling, but somehow he manages to drive up just close enough to kick the back of the car again, though it makes him swerve wildly and nearly wipe out.

"Langaaaaa, can you hear me?! Are you being kidnapped?!"

Adam can't help but laugh to himself. What a fiery little boy. It's endearing, really.

"I guess this is where we part ways." Adam says, a little disappointed. "Tadashi, pull over, please."

The car immediately slows down and pulls to the side of the road. The red-headed boy looks victorious as he stops the bike behind them. 

Adam turns back to Langa, and Langa does the same.

"One kiss?" He asks, already placing a hand under Langa's chin. "The windows are tinted, your friend won't see…"

Langa looks torn for a split second before leaning forward and pecking him quickly on the lips. Adam is quicker though, and wraps his hand around the teens neck to anchor him in place. He pushes his tongue between Langa's soft lips and kisses him deep and proper, though it doesn't last as long as he would like. Langa's mouth doesn't respond, either due to inexperience or hesitance-- it didn't matter which it is though, because both turn Adam on in equal measure.

The kiss breaks when the red-head bangs on the car window, and Adam lets Langa pull away to wipe at his mouth. 

"Don't think that our beef is over, Langa-kun." Adam grabs the boy's skateboard from the floor and hands it to him with a smile. "We'll continue our race soon."

Langa looks like he wants to say something, but after a moment he gives a curt nod and opens the door. 

As soon as the door shuts, Adam slouches in his seat and grabs his neglected cock, rock hard and sticky with precum. He can feel Tadashi's eyes on him, but he doesn't mind being watched-- little matters to him outside of the saliva that's still smeared on his lips and the burning desire in his heart.

He can't wait to be reunited with his Eve once again.