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Evanescent: Soon passing out of sight, memory or existence

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Klaus watched in horror as the car sent his brother flying back. Five’s head collided harshly with the pavement and Klaus scrambled to his feet to get to his brother’s side.

He was surprised to see Five was still conscious. His hands were on his brother’s face before he could think better of the move. Five had obviously been avoiding physical contact since yesterday. He went to move his hands, but Five had moved closer instead of jerking away as Klaus had expected him to do.

“We’ve called an ambulance, it’s on the way.”

Klaus nodded and moved a hand to card through Five’s hair. Five let out a contented sigh and once again moved his head closer to his hand. With his other hand he pulled out his phone to call their family. 

Diego answered first ring.

“Five’s been in an accident, we’re waiting on an ambulance and heading to the hospital.”

Klaus heard sirens in the distance and hung up as he heard Diego yelling for the others.

Watching his smallest brother get loaded into the back of an ambulance was not something he ever wanted to see again. It was terrifying seeing his brother so out of sorts. They had all worked to get him on the road to recovery. He had finally been able to move around without pain. Klaus was fairly sure they had even managed to start functioning like a normal family, so it was time for life to royally screw them over again.

The others arrived at the hospital before Klaus finished filling out paperwork, which he gratefully handed off to Allison.

Five would be pissed we he found out Klaus could not remember the cover story they had agreed on. He couldn’t remember which disaster they had blamed on their lack of paperwork, the reason he supposed to give for Five’s scars, still not quit faded bruises and Five’s name. He totally blanked on everything the moment the clipboard was pressed into his hand.

They sat in the waiting area another hour after Allison returned the paperwork to the nurse’s station.

“Family for Quentin Smith.”

Everyone around Klaus stood. Right, they were the Smiths now. According to Five Smith was one of if not the most common last name in the world. No one would even blink at hearing that name. And Quentin, well Five had just shrugged and said, “Fifth is still basically Five.” Then proceeded to tell them if heard that name outside of an emergency he’d slaughter them and explained rather graphically he would go about doing it.

“How is he?”

“Your brother is lucky, aside from some bruising on his side and a concussion the car seems to have done extraordinarily little damage. However, we do have other concerns.”

Shit, Klaus knew where this was heading. They had tried to explain away many of his injuries and scars, but that shrapnel wound…

“The injury on your brother’s side…”

Called it.

“I heard a Rumor that you forgot that injury and showed us to our brother’s room.”

Klaus raised an eyebrow at his sister as they walked to their smallest brother’s room. Klaus was pleasantly surprised to see that his brother actually did not look that bad all things considered. In fact if Klaus didn't know better he would guess his brother was just taking a nap.

Diego walked over to the chart at the end of Five’s bed. He did not appear pleased by what he read. At least that is what Klaus assumed from that lovely little furrow that had appeared between his eyebrows.

“They’re going to call social services.” Diego huffed as he threw the clip board back in place.

Allison nodded and moved over to the doctor.

“I heard a rumor that you have found nothing strange about the Smith family and have released Quentin into their custody.”

The doctor blinked rapidly as her suggestion took hold.

“Yes, so I’ll be getting the discharge ready.”

The doctor walked out of the room leaving the siblings alone with Five.

“Discharged Allison?” Vanya broke the silence.

“He said it was a concussion and bruised side. We’ve delt with both situations before.”

Vanya did not look convinced. Klaus wasn’t so sure himself.

“Look he is going to be confused and if someone touches him while he is confused, we all know things are going to go to shit.”

Diego said from the doorway as he looked for the doctor to return with the paperwork so they could leave.

“Here you go just sign this and we’ll get you out of here.”

Allison took the paperwork as a nurse came in with a wheelchair.

“Not necessary.”

Luther scooped Five up and Vanya scrambled to grab his things that the nurse had brought with her. Klaus followed them as Allison made sure they left with as little notice as possible and Diego stayed back to watch her back.

Klaus could not help the sick feeling in his gut as Luther laid Five on the bed that he shared with Klaus. This situation was so like the one they were in when they first arrived in this 2019. Hopefully Five wouldn’t be out as long this time.

Five woke with one of the most intense headaches he could remember ever having in his life. What happened? He rolled over to get his bearings. The room was intact? How?


He felt so nauseous. He tried to get up, but the attempt made his head spin. He looked about he room. It was clean and clearly lived in. That was concerning considering, well he was alone. 

Maybe he had missed something, he had only been here a couple of months. Honestly, he hadn’t traveled as far as he should have, but he couldn’t bring himself to leave his family just yet.

Five managed to get himself sitting up. Then carefully made his way to the side of the bed. Five stood on shaky legs his goal was to make his way over to the door. He took a step and his legs tried to give out. He caught himself on the nightstand but sent its contents to the floor.

He turned his head quickly when a shadow appeared next him. The movement caused his head to spin and his stomach to rebel, he heard movement and then hands were pulling him up.

Next thing he knew was he was being braced against a toilet and his stomach emptied. The movement caused pain to flare up in his side and he couldn’t hold back his groan of pain once he had finished being sick.

Hands were gently tugging him back away from his mess. An arm entered his field of vision to flush his mess away. Five caught sight of something on that arm that made his heart clench. He grabbed it and gently turned it over before it could pull away completely.

There it was an umbrella tattoo. Just like his, he then looked at the hand attached to the arm. Goodbye was tattooed on that hand. He had seen that tattoo when he buried his family. He had assumed it had been…

“Klaus?” He could hardly bear to whisper that name out loud.

“Yeah, you okay buddy?”

Five carefully turned, he needed to see his face he had to be sure. He could feel tears fall down his cheeks as he took in the face of the man holding him. It wasn’t the same as the face of the man he had buried. It was older, his brother was older now. He threw his arms around the neck of the man, his brother.

“How? You were dead I buried you. I… I’ve been alone so long.” Five sobbed into Klaus’s shoulder.

Klaus wrapped his arms around his sobbing brother and rocked him gently. They had expected Five to be confused, but this…