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Punishments (are their own rewards)

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Just to be clear, your punishment will be decided by Kojiro and myself.

Of course, darlings. Anything you want. It’s all on the table.

Ainosuke was a brilliant man. A warped and clever mind behind sharp eyes and a wicked tongue. It was just a shame he had a nasty habit of underestimation.

Tadashi had been tempted to step in and advise Ainosuke against such high stakes. Once upon a time, such thoughts were dangerous. Advice was best given without company present, lest Tadashi committed the sin of making Ainosuke look incompetent. Besides, giving voice to opinions had been wrung out of him years ago.

If you have an opinion, you’re to voice it. Do you understand me, puppy? It’s about time you untucked your tail from between your legs.

He could, as was Ainosuke’s specific orders. Something Tadashi still had trouble following. After all, it was hard to teach an old dog new tricks. While Ainosuke suffered and resented him for his tight-lipped existence, shaking the ghostly grip of Ainosuke’s father’s hand was a daily struggle.

Even so, that wasn’t the only thing that kept Tadashi’s thought from forming words.

A punishment was admittedly necessary. Not only for Kaoru and the harm Ainosuke had caused him, but the years of bitter feelings between the trio of once friends needed mending. A pound of flesh for the wounds Ainosuke caused. Even furthermore to Langa and Reki and, admittedly, to Tadashi himself.

Tadashi was hesitant to put himself in quite the same category. After all, there was mutual pain inflicted from one to the other. Ways Tadashi had hurt Ainosuke in return. And despite the concerned looks others offered Tadashi in passing, they didn’t quite understand.

Tadashi had long forgiven Ainosuke, as Ainosuke had done him.

That didn’t mean there wasn’t a price to be paid for others and Tadashi stood by and watched as Ainosuke offered his once friends his soul to take.

Tadashi still remembered the way Kaoru’s eyes slid past Ainosuke’s to catch his own, one thin brow risen with consideration. Whatever was brewing in his mind could only bring trouble, but Ainosuke’s self-confidence that nothing they could possibly dream up could break him was sure to be his undoing.

You don’t have to accept,” Kaoru had assured him a week after, a devious offer on the table that Tadashi knew would shake Ainosuke’s resolve.

We’ve got plenty of backup ideas if you’re not up for it. Seriously, no pressure,” Kojiro was quick to add on. “Trust me, we’ve been dreaming up ways to get back at him for a long time now.

Tadashi must have been insane to accept. That or simply deprived. He tried to reason that it came down to what they all deserved, and the necessity for a punishment that would hit just as below the belt as Ainosuke had dealt onto Kaoru.

While there was a grain of truth to that excuse, Tadashi could not deny there was a far more wicked reason for him to wind up at their mercy.


It wasn’t the way he stripped himself down until the only thing left on his body was a thick red collar snug against his throat that had his skin rippled with gooseflesh. No, it was the storm that came after that had Tadashi sensitive with anticipation. The anger and pain inflicted on his body he so desperately desired that had him bare on Ainosuke’s bed, willing and quiet as Ainosuke was led blindfolded to a heavy chair to enjoy the show.

Kojiro stood behind the chair, heavy hands pressed down on Ainosuke’s shoulders as if he might try to bolt at any moment. It was strictly unnecessary, if only by the wide smile that broke across Ainosuke’s face as Kaoru tied his arms down in red silks. Kaoru pulled a touch too tight, rough with that slightest grunt of effort and Ainosuke purred.

“If this is your idea of punishment perhaps you should get more acquainted with the underside of my board, Cherry~”

“Shut up,” Kojiro chilled as he brought one hand up to flick Ainosuke’s temple

Ainosuke flinched and turned his head towards the offending fingers, blinded but still very disgruntled by the childish attack.

“Pig,” Kaoru added as he bound Ainosuke’s second hand down.

Tadashi pinched Ainosuke’s sheets between his thumb and pointer, the pad of his thumb rubbed circles into it as he silently watched Cherry drag Ainosuke’s foot towards the chair’s leg. They were bound separately, his legs spread in such a way that Tadashi couldn’t help but glance at Ainosuke’s lap. The slightest bulge that perked up between Ainosuke’s legs was impossible not to notice, but Tadashi figured that was the point.

They left very little to hide, and even less room to move.

Kojiro was the first to move from Ainosuke’s side. He rounded the bound man as he stripped off his already open shirt, clothes tossed to perfectly kempt floors. It was hard for Tadashi to look away from Ainosuke, especially bound and spread in a private show as he was, but his concentration was quickly broken as the bed dipped to Tadashi’s side.

He looked over, tense as Kojiro ran his fingers through his hair and stretched himself out along the right side of the bed. His left knee was bent, a bare foot on silken sheets as he rested back on his elbow. Admittedly he’d never been so close to the massive man before. And while Ainosuke wasn’t the smallest man around by far, his size and structure paled in comparison to Joe’s.

“Nervous?” Kojiro whispered, his head lent just that inch closer to speak in near silent sounds.

“A little,” Tadashi answered, though he doubted it was for the reasons Kojiro assumed.

“Excited?” Kojiro’s voice dropped, just shy of teasing and Tadashi’s heart beat just that slightest bit faster.


Kojiro’s hand came to rest on Tadashi’s knee and he couldn’t help but feel it was wrong. Too large. Too warm. Too gentle. The soothing thumb that rubbed circles against Tadashi’s kneecap only served to make Tadashi more anxious as his attention was drawn forward again.

Kaoru had moved behind Ainosuke, lithe fingers hooked under the bottom edge of the blindfold and threatened to spill a flood of light through.

“Now remember, I don’t want to hear any complaining.”

“Oh Kaoru please,” Ainosuke purred, far too comfortable with the unknown. “I can handle whatever your pretty little head could dream up.”

Kaoru’s gaze lifted up to the two settled on the bed and Kojiro’s hand tightened against Tadashi’s knee.There. That felt a little better.

Kaoru pulled the blind up and off and Tadashi’s chest tightened. Ainosuke’s head moved with the motion, ruby eyes blinked into slow focus before they settled on the scene before him. That smile, oh so confident before, faltered and fell. His face grew slack, mouth parted and utterly astounded as he stared Tadashi down.

Tadashi sat in the center of the bed, one leg crossed over the other to hide what shame he had. It was his only form of protection, pillows piled up behind him that propped him up and another man’s hand still rested heavy on his knee.

Cherry strode along his left, hands busied in long strands of pink hair as he tugged the tie free and let it cascade along his shoulders. His hands moved down the edges of his robe, parting it just that sliver before he found the belt and tugged it free.

And even as he stripped himself down to briefs below and took up the spot to Tadashi’s left, his arm rested against Tadashi’s as he brought his head to rest against Tadashi’s shoulder, Tadashi could only bring himself to focus on him.

His gaze dipped, a dangerous mix of shame and anticipation pricked and rippled across his skin. It took every nerve within him to drag his eyes back towards Ainosuke’s face and doing so did little to quiet the storm that built in the pit of Tadashi’s stomach, his cock half hard against his leg as it twitched with mocking interest.

Ainosuke had straightened himself up, sat back as his eyes remained fixated on him. They crept up along Tadashi’s exposed shins. Lingered just that little too long on the hand on Tadashi’s knee. The slightest crease against his brow and a twitch of the lip and that storm kicked up in a flurry.

“What is this?” Ainosuke pressed, careful not to let his emotion shine through.

We are going to have our way with Tadashi here,” Kaoru explained as his right hand came up under Tadashi’s chin.

Knuckles rested against his collar as the nail of his pointer etched its way across the soft skin under Tadashi’s jaw. On near instinct alone, Tadashi lifted his head and offered Kaoru all the room he pleased to work with, his eyes half squeezed shut as he struggled to keep his eyes on Ainosuke.

“And you’re going to watch,” Kojiro added, his hand crept down Tadashi’s thigh and out of Ainosuke’s sight.

Ainosuke’s eyes followed instantly, his body rigid and gaze fixated as Kojiro’s hand squeezed toned flesh.

“Watch?” Ainosuke parroted, incredulous and obviously bothered.

“You didn’t think you were going to actually join, did you?” Kaoru mocked, having far too much fun as Ainosuke’s eyes followed every little movement. “This is a punishment, Adam. So why don’t you let your little puppy have some fun for once, hm?”

Kojiro’s hand slipped down lower, broad fingers pressed between thigh and hip and Tadashi jumped. His eyes flicked down as his leg shifted, just that slightest bit open before he looked back up towards Ainosuke. And oh he absolutely noticed. From the wide eyed gaze and the thin pinched line of his lips. The crease between Ainosuke’s brows had deepened, the slightest shake to his jaw spoke of bitten back words. His fingers grasped the edge of the chair’s armrests, like talons hooked onto a prey.

“Do you have any objections?” Kaoru pressed, a mockingly merciful act to allow Ainosuke the option to cry uncle.

Kojiro’s hand stopped just shy of Tadashi’s swollen cock, patient as he awaited Ainosuke’s answer, but Kaoru’s only continued to linger and scratch. A soft thin line that traced down until he could hook his finger under the edge of Tadashi’s collar.

Ainosuke seemed to consider it. He swallowed and let the chair go, only in favour of squeezing his hands into fists as they struggled not to shake with rage. With want.

He met Tadashi’s eye, his stare harsh as he took his time to pick his next words.

“I have no objections. If this is what you want—” Ainosuke bit out the words, every single one delivered with purpose directly at Tadashi, “—then by all means.”

With a sharp tug to his collar, Tadashi was pulled towards Kaoru’s side. Sweet cherry lips caught his own. They tasted so foreign and soft, careful and calculated in their motion. They lacked the demand and selfishness Tadashi had grown to love. Lip-bruising bites were replaced with the gentlest nips. The slightest hint of teeth and an inviting tongue that never pried too far.

It took Tadashi a touch too long to realise Kaoru was coaxing him to return the kiss. Tadashi was not to be a passive member, and that was where Ainosuke’s punishment lay. For Tadashi to want for another was the true insult. With eyes still open and trained on the man in the chair he could watch how it ate Ainosuke alive.

A soft hand cupped Tadashi’s cheek, Kaoru’s mouth opened against him and moved in slow languid motion. A little more daring. A touch more demanding. He tore Tadashi’s attention away with force and Tadashi had no choice but to crumble.

Eyes slid shut, Tadashi tentatively returned the kiss. Careful and uncertain as tongues touched. Kaoru smiled into him, victory gained from the barely there rush of breath sucked between Ainosuke’s teeth.

When all Tadashi was met with was approval and a soothing touch, he lowered himself into the lull. A slow and sweet pace as another’s hand moved along the meat of his thigh.

Kojiro’s mouth found the back of Tadashi’s shoulder, warm and firm kisses like the bliss of warm coals. His hand groped and moved further in, massaged against his softer inner thigh, and Tadashi whimpered against Kaoru’s lips. With every inch Kojiro moved in, the wider Tadashi’s legs parted.

It was dizzying between the two. Soft and sweet and oh so calculated mirrored with bold warmth and a skilled hand.

Kojiro’s mouth moved along the dip of his shoulder and throat, the leather of his collar robbed him of his full heat. And yet the separation only made his skin prick and crave it more. His lips parted against Tadashi’s skin and pain bloomed straight down to muscle as Kojiro bit down.

Tadashi’s lips broke free from Kaoru’s with a cry, tears pricked in the corners of his eyes as Kojiro switched to lapping at and peppering the bite with kisses. His entire body shook, his cock swollen and full as his legs widened entirely.

“I think he liked that,” Kaoru purred as he took the opportunity to draw his lips under Tadashi’s slack jaw.

“Feels good, yeah?” Kojiro spoke against Tadashi’s skin.

It wasn’t for him, he knew. They spoke a little louder than necessary for him. Words pointed like weapons, trained on the man who sat rigid at the base of the bed.

Tadashi peeked through glassy eyes, the sensation of teeth and lips against his skin shook and blurred his vision around the edges. And still he could make Ainosuke out. The flush in his cheeks and wide eyed stare. His hands still gripped the arm rests of his chair though the tension was gone.

He didn’t look nearly as angry as Tadashi expected. Far more open. A near soft look of wonder and uncertainty. He lent part way forward poised with the want to act, and the bitter twist of frustration when he couldn’t do so.

He could only watch helplessly as Kojiro’s hand slipped into the soft juncture of thigh and groin, his teeth teased and dragged along Tadashi’s earlobe in a way that sent violent tremors along Tadashi’s spine. When he spoke, it was too close. Too gruff and deep and Tadashi’s hairs pricked up in retaliation.

“Tell us how it feels.”

In time with his order Kaoru bit at a soft spot of flesh between his jaw and collar, sharp and harsh, and Tadashi bucked up as his cock grazed along Kojiro’s knuckles.

“Good!” Tadashi yelped, his eyes shot up towards the ceiling as he bucked uselessly against the air. “Good! Good! Ah!

“Good boy,” Kojiro praised as Kaoru offered the tender spot a sweet kiss, and Tadashi melted.

It was easy to fall into a state of eternal bliss. Their touch was so different. So unfamiliar to Ainosuke’s own. Thick fingers spread against his stomach and slipped ever down, Kojiro’s fingers parted around the base of Tadashi’s cock. All the while slim skilled fingers edged under Tadashi’s collar, pressed down against Tadashi’s throat as Kaoru nuzzled and cooed sweet praises against his flesh.

That seemed to snap Ainosuke out of his wonder. A snarl sounded from the base of the bed and Tadashi’s heart skipped a beat. His cock throbbed as pre pearled against the flushed head. The thrill of anticipation made him so weak.

A soft hand caught his own and guided it towards Kaoru’s body, his fingers met with the band of Kaoru’s briefs. The tip of a finger dipped below the waistline and Kaoru lifted his hips from the bed in return. Tadashi followed suit and edged the fabric down, warm smooth skin like living silk shifted under his calloused hand.

Just as he started to lean into it, broader hands clamped against Tadashi’s hips and Tadashi jerked in Kojiro’s hold, a gasp ripped from him as he was pulled back into Kojiro’s lap.

He hadn’t even noticed the man move behind him, sat back against plush pillows and legs spread wide to accommodate the smaller man between. When had he stripped down? A flush broke across Tadashi’s cheeks, his skin pricked and sensitive as he felt Kojiro’s throbbing cock press against the small of his back.

But worst of all was the position.

He sat spread out, Kojiro’s legs hooked under Tadashi’s to keep them spread and on show. And his one man audience was transfixed.

Ainosuke’s face was beet red, honestly shocked and oddly still as Kaoru pulled his hair to one side over his shoulder and lent down across both Tadashi and Kojiro’s thigh. As Kaoru grabbed Tadashi’s cock and brought soft petal lips to his red tip, Tadashi couldn’t look away from Ainosuke.

Kaoru swallowed him down slow, lips wet and warm as they slid down his twitching length. Tadashi’s mouth fell slack, hot pants drawn from his lungs as Kaoru worked him in every inch. His cock slid along a slick tongue and pressed against the back of Kaoru’s throat, and Tadashi arched away from Kojiro’s solid chest as Kaoru hallowed out his cheeks and sucked around him.

Fuck,” Tadashi breathed, barely audible as he struggled to contain himself.

His eyes crinkled around the edges as he tried not to close them. Ainosuke’s ruby gaze watched every inch slip between Kaoru’s lips. His body jumped and strained, slight little twitches to his lip and a shake of the knee. When Tadashi’s gaze slipped down Ainosuke’s taut body, his cock twitched between Kaoru’s lips as he noted the bulge that formed between Ainosuke’s legs.

Every nerve within him screamed for him to move. To disregard the men on the bed in favour of crawling to his master to mouth Ainosuke’s crotch. It was so instinctually based that he twitched and lent forward in return, a small whimper sounded in his throat as Kojiro’s wrapped an arm around his stomach and pulled him back.

“He’ll be fine,” Kojiro promised against his ear, his voice kept to a soft murmur shared only between them. A kind reassurance. “Look, he even likes it.”

How could he not look? Ainosuke’s cheeks had darkened into a pink rose. Every little shiver from his body drew the eye. Fingers twitched and feet strained against the binds. His chest stopped moving as Kaoru groaned around Tadashi’s cock, the reverberation sending Tadashi’s head into a spin. Tadashi let out the breath that Ainosuke held, his whine a little higher as Kaoru’s hand slipped over his thigh and palmed his balls.

Tadashi’s head fell back against Kojiro’s shoulder, his watery gaze still trained down the slope of his nose to his mystified master. Ainosuke swallowed and Tadashi’s mouth fell with a cry, eyes wide as Kaoru’s head bobbed along his length. Down until his lips stretched around the base, and up along slick throbbing skin. His tongue traced every agonizing inch, lavishing him in analytical attention.

Too much was happening at once. Between Kaoru’s lips and the utter debauched state it left Tadashi in, his mind couldn’t dream to keep up with the intentions of the third. Maybe Kaoru had hummed and groaned around his cock loud enough to distract the ear. Perhaps Tadashi’s racing heart rate pounded in his mind far too loud. Whatever it was, Tadashi failed to hear the click of a bottle. Eyes cast forward as Ainosuke devolved into a beautifully miserable mess, Tadashi hadn’t noticed the slick fingers that pressed as his clenched hole until Kojiro started to push in.

Tadashi came with a blistering heat, his vision blotted and white as the tension snapped like a string. His entire body thrashed as he cried out into the heavy night air. His hips canted up and Kaoru choked around his head, his throat spasmed as his hand moved to press down on his thigh and hold him still. Cum poured down his tight throat, the warmth overwhelming as Tadashi panted and groaned, his head cocked just the slightest bit more against Kojiro’s throat. Kojiro’s fingers paused as he waited Tadashi out, a tremble in Kaoru’s grasp as Tadashi’s cock pulsated the last ropes of seed.

It wasn’t until Kaoru started to slide off Tadashi’s cock that the haze of ejaculation began to decapitate and the cruel bubbled chuckle at the end of the bed perked Tadashi’s ear.

“Aww, sweetheart,” Ainosuke purred, his voice dripped in amused condescension. “Was my puppy a little too much for you? Noaw~ He does get a little trigger happy from time to time.”

Kaoru sat up, a glare fixated on Ainosuke as he cocked his head and cooed. He was good at that. Playing the cool and unaffected façade even as his pupils were blown and his cock strained against suit pants.

Watch it,” Kojiro tried to warn, but everyone was instantly distracted as Kaoru lent over Tadashi and snagged Kojiro’s chin.

Tadashi’s chest seized as his eyes widened, breathless and far too flushed as Kaoru drew Kojiro into a filthy kiss right in front of his face. Tadashi felt Kojiro tense for a beat before he caught on and played along. The physical closeness he had to the intimate act was downright obscene, but far more so when Kaoru’s tongue pushed past Kojiro’s lips with the very distinct tint of white to his saliva. Tadashi trembled and sank back, his spent cock twitched in it’s slick half-soft state against his thigh.

Kaoru passed Tadashi’s cum to Kojiro who accepted it with a filthy groan, his lips pulled up into a satisfied smile before his hand found the back of Kaoru’s head and pulled him closer. The act only brought Kojiro’s body flush against his arm and cradled closer against him, pinned in wonder as they both made a show of tongue and moans.

It wasn’t until Kaoru pulled back and Kojiro’s hand slipped free, their lips shimmer and smeared in saliva and seed, that Ainosuke was visible past them.

His smile was gone along with that self-assured mask. It had slipped at their little game, his lips parted and eyes fixed on a bridge of whitened spit that stretched between Kojiro and Kaoru’s lips, and Tadashi past that.

Tadashi’s heart hammered in his chest, that familiar swell of interest and warmth settled in his groin once more.

“You’re the chef, Kojiro. Doesn’t he taste exquisite?” Kaoru prompted as heat bloomed across Tadashi’s face.

Kojiro chuckled, a sound that vibrated against Tadashi’s back and rattled him straight to the bone.

“Tastes pretty good to me, yeah. That had to be the best meal you’ve ever prepared me.”

Kaoru’s brow twitched, his glare slitted and sharp as he spoke with a hushed hiss.

Don’t push it.

Kojiro laughed as Kaoru sat back on his knees, each little jump of his chest jolted Tadashi as fingers circled and smeared lube against his hole.

“Oh come on. It’s the only meal you’ve ever made me.”

Kaoru ignored him in favour of bringing his hand to Tadashi’s cheek, a soft and gentle warmth that helped distract him from Kojiro’s slick fingers.

“I’m— I’m sorry,” Tadashi tried to apologise, the near loving touch only served to make him more restless and anxious.

“Don’t be,” Kaoru soothed, his thumb grazed along his cheek as he lent in and pecked Tadashi’s lips. “Just prepare yourself for what comes next.”

As if on cue, Kojiro’s fingers pressed in again. Thick and warm and slick as they stretched Tadashi around him, and Tadashi’s fingers pressed in against Kojiro’s thighs. He worked Tadashi open slowly, the sheer size of his digits made his head feel light. He arched his spine and let his mouth fall open, eyes fallen down where Kojiro’s hand disappeared, then up to Ainosuke himself. Still tense. Still focused. Tadashi could only imagine the sight he was granted. The way he stretched around Kojiro’s fingers and clenched around him. Because God if Tadashi couldn’t feel it. The fullness and tension as thick fingers parted and smeared lube against taut skin. Just the thought of what Ainosuke could see made him clench and whine, and Kojiro breathed a curse against his ear.

Kaoru pressed a kiss to the opposite cheek, his hand moved to rest gently against Tadashi’s tight stomach as he whispered against Tadashi’s other ear.

“Try not to look at him,” Kaoru instructed, and Tadashi’s chest seized with a whimper before he forced his eyes to close and head rest back. “You want something out of this too, right? It’s about time you made him desperate for you.”

Tadashi nodded, a barely there motion that faltered as Kojiro’s fingers pressed in deeper. The stretch made his cock ache, swollen full as Kaoru’s hand moved slowly down. Artist fingers traced along his drying cock, the stimulation like sparks of pleasure against his skin.

“Just focus on us. Can you do that?”

“Yes,” Tadashi lied, though they certainly made it easier as Kojiro began to pump his fingers deep inside.

Kaoru wrapped his hand around Tadashi’s aching cock and began to pump in slow motions, far more focus offered in the slide of skin than the speed of it. The pull and friction that made Tadashi dizzy, and Tadashi rolled his eyes skyward to avoid looking at Ainosuke for approval.

“You ready?” Kaoru asked.

“He’s ready,” Kojiro answered, and Tadashi’s entire body shivered as Kojiro’s fingers popped out.

Tadashi threw his head back with a whine, his teeth clamped shut to keep himself from protesting. Kaoru’s hand disappeared from around him and for a fleeting moment Tadashi feared they were done. That he’d made a mistake. That this was all he had to offer. That fear was effectively ruined as Kojiro began to move him.

Tadashi wasn’t a small man. In fact, he’d call himself rather average. And yet Kojiro made him feel miniscule. He picked up and manipulated Tadashi with such ease, contorting and moving him to his desire. Kaoru laid back on the bed, stretched out from one side to the other as he pulled his briefs off and kicked them away. It offered Ainosuke a perfect view as Tadashi was eased onto Kaoru’s lap, the swell of Kaoru’s cock nestled against Tadashi’s cheeks.

Heat settled in his cheeks and darkened the tip of his ears, their sides presented to their captive audience as Tadashi’s hands landed on Kaoru’s chest to prop himself up. He stared down, eyes wide as Kaoru reached up and cupped his cheek. Warm and sweet and oh so soothing as Kojiro’s hands encouraged Tadashi to sit up.

Tadashi lifted his hips, his breath hitched as he felt Kojiro’s hand slip underneath him. With the help of Kojiro, the head of Kaoru’s cock kissed Tadashi’s stretched skin. Kojiro’s hand was slick as it rubbed along Kaoru’s length and smeared it in lube, a little thicker than Tadashi was used to. Kojiro’s thumb caught Tadashi’s rim before he guided Kaoru to it, the head caught in an instant.

“Sit, boy,” Kaoru ordered and Tadashi eased himself down, his eyes rolled back as he sunk down on Kaoru’s cock.

It slid in with perfect ease, the heavy lube working wonders to glide straight in. Kaoru’s cock arched up, nestled in deep as Tadashi’s ass met Kaoru’s hips.

“Good boy,” Kaoru purred, and Tadashi flinched as he heard a snarl to his right.

Ignore it, he tried to tell himself. No matter how much he wanted to look over. To see that piercing stare that could skewer him and leave him raw and willing. And maybe—just maybe—he wanted to see how he affected Ainosuke. Wanted to feel that same smug pride Kaoru showed. Or the absolute confidence Kojiro radiated. He wanted to be the object of Ainosuke’s desires.

And it was that want to be desirable that helped him keep his eyes trained on Kaoru below.

Kaoru’s hands grasped Tadashi’s hips before he rolled his hips up into him nice and slow. Tadashi rolled with it, the pace so new to his trained body. His cock rested on Kaoru’s navel, the smooth stud of a bellybutton ring pressed against the underside. They rocked in slow motion, not nearly enough to get off but perfect to enjoy. Sweet and slow and tender in ways Tadashi had never been handled before. And while it didn’t quite quench the fire that settled in his belly, the new sensations had their own pleasures.

It was a little too close to loving. A little too gentle, and Tadashi squeezed around Kaoru before he tried to pick up the pace. Nudge it that much closer to fucking, but two sets of hands denied him.

Tadashi jolted as Kojiro grabbed his hips and stilled him, a whimper settled deep in his throat as he glanced back. Kojiro lifted him halfway off Kaoru’s cock before Kaoru grabbed Tadashi’s face and forced him to look back forward. He blinked, a little hazy as Kaoru coaxed him to lean forward. His hands moved to land on the bed at either side of Kaoru’s head and all too suddenly realization hit him.

Kaoru had been rather heavy with the lube for a reason. Of course he had, he was so calculated. He wouldn’t make a mistake, Tadashi had just failed to see his design.

The bed shifted behind them and Tadashi’s hairs stood on end, his eyes flicked between Kaoru’s own as tension built at the back of his neck. Kaoru’s hands slipped around his skull before they folded behind his neck, his body anchored as the blunt head of Kojiro’s cock pressed against Tadashi’s stuffed hole and Kaoru’s cock.

“Sing for us, puppy,” Kaoru purred before Kojiro pushed.

Tears sprung from Tadashi’s eyes as his jaw hitched open, the air knocked from his lungs at the first stretch. It burned, his cock far too fat as it forced its way in next to Kaoru’s. He felt globs of lube build and slide against his rim as Kojiro pushed in. He slowed as Kaoru’s fingers twirled Tadashi’s hair, a pleased gleam in his eye as Kojiro worked himself in inch after inch.

His lip trembled, eyes glassy as a primal sound groaned from his chest. He fumbled a word or two, his voice strained as his ass stretched around them both. Kojiro was slow and careful, but he didn’t stop for a moment. He pushed alongside Kaoru, his thick cock wedged in deep as the tips of Kaoru’s fingers grazed along his cheek.

“You could never do this,” Kaoru spoke far too loud to be talking to Tadashi, and Tadashi flinched as his eyes trailed Ainosuke’s way. “You could never stretch him so full.”

“Good luck satisfying him now,” Kojiro grunted before he snapped his hips forward, and Tadashi’s head jerked back with a cry.

He screamed, downright animalistic as his chest rattled and strained. His mouth was open as Kojiro repeated the motion, the flat of his belly hit Tadashi’s ass, and Tadashi babbled a broken word. Shards and syllables incoherent as Kaoru rolled up into him.

Kojiro’s girth pushed Kaoru’s cock against Tadashi’s throbbing walls, each slide pressed directly against Tadashi’s prostate. It was so much at once, and Tadashi’s fingers curled within the sheets as he bowed his head.

“Eaasy,” Kojiro soothed as a heavy hand pressed against Tadashi’s back, and Tadashi’s elbows folded.

His stomach hit Kaoru’s, his cock sandwiched between them as he struggled not to crash entirely. Kaoru could barely move into him, only small rocks that grinded perfectly against Tadashi’s most sensitive spot, but it was more than enough as Kojiro started to pick up speed.

Too much really. Tadashi saw stars as Kaoru unwound his arms from around his neck to cradle his face instead and turn it to the right. He didn’t mind. He could barely see from the tears that pricked and the haze that clouded his head. His mouth was open with heavy pants, drool pooled against his inner downside cheek. It pooled until it seeped from the corner of his lip, down to ruin Ainosuke’s sheets.

“Have you ever seen him like this, Adam?” Kaoru mocked just as Kojiro snapped his hips forward, and Tadashi gave a yelp.

He couldn’t see Ainosuke. Couldn’t so much as focus on a single thing bar blurred colours. Details bled together as Kojiro slammed inside him over and over encroaching rapid speeds. Slaps of skin and an impossible stretch.

And yet Tadashi could feel him. Those burning eyes and the tension in the air to thick Tadashi could drown in it. It muddled his mind and left his body sensitive. Skin rippled in gooseflesh as the three of them rocked in a debauched scene.

“Tell him how it feels,” Kaoru ordered, and Tadashi broke.

“G-good!” Tadashi cried as Kojiro’s fingers dug into his flesh, his pace bruising as he was split open. “Ah! Fuck! So—! So good! More!”

“You heard the man,” Kojiro laughed from behind, his voice strained with effort but still so vibrant and clear, and Tadashi melded into the warmth of them both.

Kaoru jutted his hips up into him, the pressure against Tadashi’s prostate and the rub of his cock against his arm stomach far too much. Drool dripped from his mouth as Kaoru’s fingers pressed in against his cheeks.

“Who do you belong to?”

Ainosuke, his instinct screamed, and Tadashi choked on the word.

“Who, Tadashi?” Kaoru demanded, and Tadashi groaned.

“You,” he breathed, his voice lost before Kojiro knocked it out of him with brutal thrusts. “You! You, K-Kaoru!”

He fumbled the name, his thoughts scattered as he tried to remember their names. Their faces. He knew the answer he was supposed to give, but it was so hard to think clear when Ainosuke watched him in such a degrading state.

“K-Kojiro! Yours! I’m- I’m yours! Please!”

“And aren’t you grateful?” Kaoru prompted, his voice a little too pleased as Tadashi crumbled.

“Thank you!” Tadashi babbled, his voice devolved into a mantra. “Thank you! Thank you, Kaoru! So- so much!”

“Atta boy,” Kojiro praised and Tadashi’s heart skipped a beat, his vision swam as his cock rubbed between their bodies.

And yet, in the mess of a spinning world, Tadashi could just make out the prick of a ruby red stare.

Master!” Tadashi cried out for him as he came, his spent seed smeared between overheated bodies as Kojiro gasped behind.

Tadashi clenched around them, too hot and tight as they rutted into him and chased the sensation. His body felt trapped within a livewire, twitching and sensitive as they both sawed away at him. Slaps of sweat slick skin and silken sheets dishevelled by Tadashi’s clenched fists.

He ducked his head and Kaoru allowed him, his own grip faltering as he began to pant and sputter too. Tadashi felt hot seed spill inside, roped along his walls and spread with Kojiro’s thrusts. Kaoru cried out as he came, his head slammed back into Ainosuke’s bed as fat tears rolled down Tadashi’s cheeks.

Kojiro cursed and slammed inside, a couple more thrusts before he spilt inside. The flood of hot seed made Tadashi’s body seize up, his ass clamped tight as Kojiro’s cock pulsated against Kaoru’s own. Tadashi could feel every hot spurt, roped deep inside as the three panted and shook.

The heavy tension lulled, sex heavy air clung to their slick skin as Tadashi panted for his breath. A bead of drool hung from his bottom lip and Tadashi reached up with a shaking hand to wipe it away, his vision blinked back before Kojiro pulled out.

Tadashi gasped at the sudden pull, cum dribbled from his spent hole as the monster of a man picked him up and pulled him off Kaoru. Tadashi felt like a doll, slack and weightless as Kojiro moved him to lay back proper in the bed. His head sank back into red pillows as bodies moved around him. He blinked up at the ceiling and struggled to find his breath, his body too warm as he slowly eased back down from the high.

He could hear fabric shift. Zippers and grunts, and Tadashi’s eyes regained their focus before he pressed his elbows back and propped himself up just enough to watch Kaoru and Kojiro untie Ainosuke.

Ainosuke’s wrists were red, the indents of restraints clear against his skin, but that wasn’t the only thing red. Ainosuke was flushed all the way to his ears and down his chest, dipped under his collar and Tadashi could only fantasize how far down it travelled. And while he sat still and rigid at Kaoru and Kojiro set him free, Tadashi was no fool.

He could see the way Ainosuke stared him down. How he didn’t so much as respond to Kaoru and Kojiro’s teasing, or their departure from the mess they made on the bed. How tight his jaw was set or the wild look in his eye. And as the door shut after them, Tadashi certainly didn’t miss the way Ainosuke rubbed one wrist with his thumb and came to a slow stand.

“M-Mr Ainosuke,” Tadashi spoke, out of breath as he tried to sit up. “I- I’m—”

“Lay down,” Ainosuke ordered, and Tadashi’s heart flipped.

His stomach tightened as he eased himself back, the tension in those words sent a sweet thrill across his skin with sickening anticipation.

“You’re not done yet, dog.”