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Elderstuck 40,000: A New Hope Rides Alone

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It was a dark and stormy night. So stormy that it had the most lightning bolts in a single storm for all of the planet of Oa. In fact, the Prospit Inn was struck 17 times. Talking about that inn, a man walked in, a real awesome man. This was the type of guy who was so alluring, that half his home planet was arrested for paedophilia the moment he left the womb. He had pointed ears and was bald. Half of his skin was grey and scarred, and the other half was gold. He wore what appeared to be a combination of platemail, power armour and a trenchcoat, with a built in hood. In one hand he held a device like a sword made of energy, with the blade covered in whirring smaller blades. In the other, he held what looked like the bastard child of a pistol, a minigun and an ion cannon. It was pretty much the biggest gun you can hold with one hand. He stabbed the Chainlightsaber into the ground. "The name's Vivec Skywalker, the Knight of Time. Now, can any of you bastards tell me where in all of the fucking omniverse Wily is?"

Vivec already knew of course. Doctor Wily was in this very room, wearing a poor disguise. He just wanted to see him squirm, to see him to give false directions, and to say "Wrong place, fuckmunch" as his Chainlightsaber pierced through Wily's heart. However, this did not happen. Instead, Wily stayed silent, sweating nervously and whimpering but otherwise quiet. Vivec sighed. "You know, you really fucked up this one liner I was going to say". Then he shot Wily in the face. "That's what you get for making all these goddamn Robot Masters. Fucking took too long to kill them. Anyway, bartender, get me a drink. I'll have the wine, the good stuff, not the boxed shit."

Vivec woke up with a hangover, and no memory of the last night. He was used to having amnesia, but usually only after dying. Turns out you can't remember anything until that bit in your brain that holds your memories finishes regenerating. He blacked out after killing the man who built a bunch of robots in a futile attempt to assassinate him. Vivec was immortal of course, but if you completely annihilated his head he couldn't regain any of his old memories. But I digress. The most disappointing part was how he didn't wake up with a lady (or the occasional man) sharing his bed. At least he knew he did well if that happened. Staring at the calendar, he noted that it was 413 years since last night. Vivec wished he had some way of preventing himself from time travelling when he was drunk. Shit was such a hassle.

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Vivec went to the fridge. He made breakfast and took out his dataslate, writing a note to himself to remind himself from 413 years in the future to buy cereal for him. A stable time loop was quickly formed. Browsing his dataslate's notes he noticed something written there, scrawled no doubt by his drunken self.

"hey ftuture me, stay in the future. wyly wusnt alone when he sent the robteo mastesr. he had backing by trerrosit organisation aphla legon. some dude told me when they are form. you aint gonna remember this, but dont worry. signed, vivec genhgis skywalker, date 78.890 m34 9E."

Vivec wrote another note, reminding himself to stop drinking so much.

As Oa is in the centre of the omniverse, another great worldcity lies at it's edge. The city of Sigil was an immense ring covering the equator of the omniverse. While Oa was a relative bastion of order, Sigil was the place where those who could never be loved found themselves. It is here that a brutal crimelord lead the organisation known as Alpha Legion. His name was Lord Nerevader. And he owned this town. "So, Wily failed. Predictable. He was just a gear in the mechanism that shall make Vivec grind himself into dust while thinking he is succeeding. Like a combination of a mousetrap and a, well, um... grinder." Nerevader sighed at his fumbling with words. "Master, you need more work on your meta-" a minion said, his skull cut in twain before his sentence could be finished. Nerevader pulled out his blade. "I don't like those who state the obvious. Now, my soldiers, Vivec will be at these coordinates..."

Vivec walked past the fortress of the Grey Knights. He was a member, once. The multiversal corps of psychic soldiers that enforced the laws of the Emperor of Reality. Vivec remembered getting his title, the Knight of Time due to mastering the Chronometron in order to pursue criminals who died before they were caught. Most of their crimes had the death penalty, but as far as he was concerned he'd rather have them die of his sword than of old age. He stared at his Chronometron. Two fucking weeks until he can travel back to the past. He was used to travelling back over the course of weeks or months at most, not centuries. He grimaced to himself and continued walking.

Vivec entered the hotel. He had a spare room there, because of the awkward times when he had to share an apartment with his past self. Entering the elevator, Vivec went up to the top floor. He unlocked his wall, only to be met with an explosion. Knocked back, Vivec woke up to see attack ornithopters surrounding the hotel. This "Alpha Legion" surely must've bought out the big guns. Vivec took out his Chainlightsaber as several power armoured soldiers jumped out of an ornithopter into the ruined hotel. "Well, nice trap you sprung here. Your plan has a fatal flaw, however. It is the fact that I will never die again. Clispaeth have mercy on you."

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Vivec easily sliced off the heads of the two nearest Alpha Legionnaires, then jumped away as they opened fire. He shot back with his Ion Pistol, hitting a few. Suddenly his pistol energy ran out. The battery charger was destroyed along with his apartment. Vivec made a note to himself to get a better battery, and charged, parrying the bullets as they came with his chainlightsaber. He bisected the last remaining legionnaire, jumped onto the helicopter, and stabbed the pilot's face through the glass windows of the cockpit. He jumped back into the ruins of his apartment as it crashed, only to encounter more legionnaires coming out of the elevators. Vivec smiled and charged. His sword cut down many enemies, but more kept coming. It soon dawned on him that every apartment in the entire 5-star hotel was hired by the Alpha Legion. "Fuck this shit!" Vivec shouted, jumping out of a window.

Vivec woke up a while later, and readjusted his broken legs, letting his regeneration factor heal them after he snapped them back into place. The Alpha Legion would undoubtedly know that he would survive that, and were probably searching the district for him. He walked through the streets, chainsword at the ready, when he bumped into a familiar face. The face of his mentor. "Fancy seeing you here, Obi-Wan Kaldor. Investigating the explosion, I take it?" Kaldor nodded, and said "I haven't seen you in a long time. You should've stayed with the Knights." Vivec sighed. "You and I both know that I am not willing to show my face there after I screwed up. The Grey Knights are never supposed to let a criminal get away. Anyway, the attack was done by an organisation called Alpha Legion. Power armour, military grade weapons, managed to infiltrate an entire hotel. Doubtlessly a major threat. The explosion came from my apartment, and they were funding some previous assassination attempts. Don't know what they have against me." Kaldor frowned heavily under his helmet. "Alpha Legion? Those damned traitors! Okay, we need to get you out of here!"

Vivec hadn't been in the Grey Knight's headquarters for years. It was just as ridiculously ornate as he remembered it. If the Grey Knights had one permanent trait, it was that they always put as much gold and silver upon things as they could possibly afford. Kaldor sat down. "You know the Force?" he said. Vivec yawned. "Never used it. They said I wasn't emotionally stable enough to use it. Pardon me, but I prefer to spend my days having fun instead of meditating nine hours a day to get powers that I'd never use." "That was only one side. Alpharius, once the greatest user of the Force in the entirety of the history of the Grey Knights, discovered another side to it. He was corrupted by this "Dark Side" and split off from us, with his followers becoming the Alpha Legion. Though he and his brother Omegon, who still was loyal to our cause, died in a duel to the death, the Alpha Legion still grew. That origin is secret, though. Publicizing the Dark Side would only encourage men to join it, and revealing that one of the greatest heroes of the Grey Knights fell to darkness would result in the populace losing faith in us." Vivec stood up. "Blah blah blah, I wasn't here for a history primer. I was here for refuge and for your help in killing the entirety of these bastards."

Vivec's sleeping was disrupted when a sudden jolt of pain ran through his neck. He awoke to see someone slitting open his throat. Vivec wasted no time in punching him in the groin. The assailant staggered, and Vivec rose up. He grabbed the assailant's arm as he swung to stab him, snapped it in half, and forced his hand into his chest. Vivec tore out his heart and crushed it. The assailant fell, and Vivec turned on the light. The assassin was wearing the robes of a Grey Knight. "So, the fuckers have even infiltrated the Knights." He muttered. He took out the PDA thing from the murderer's pocket. The messages page contained one email.

"It is time to act. Kill Vivec as he sleeps. Do this and you shall never have to worry about money for the rest of your life. HYDRA DOMINATUS! -LNV"

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-The Prophecy of the Destroyer, by the Oracle Simon.

Almalexleia was surprised to see a handsome stranger barge into her home. "Sorry madam, just need to talk about the portals. Heard you were an expert. The name's Vivec." Another man walked in. "Even if you are sure they are where you think, what gives you the right to barge in like that? Don't you have some manners?" Vivec sighed. "First thing, Obi, I know they are there. Evil twins, dark side to our light side, so obviously they are at the counterpart to Sigil. Second thing, manners are of less importance when something so fishy is going on. Honest to Clispaeth, they must be up to something important if they went to the effort to steal back a fucking knife from the most well secured evidence vault known to mankind!" Almalexleia spoke up. "You wanted to see me, not argue with eachother. I am indeed a renowned expert on portals. How may I be of assistance?" Vivec smiled. "Well miss, me and my friend need to go to Sigil. You are the only person who can make a portal from Oa all the way to there." He threw a sack of cash the size of his head onto the floor. "A few hundred thousand bucks ought to pay the expenses."

Lord Nerevader held up the knife. "I haven't seen you in thousands of years, my old friend. At least a little bit of your blood shall keep me company." He took off a glove and cut open his palm. His blood intermingled with the dried up blood on the knife. "Good. This shall make a suitable key. Now, to find the Ultimate Weapon." Nerevader stood up from his throne. "Vivec, I hope you can find me. It would be good to have a reunion. I am eager to see if I can kill you permanently this time." A man opened up the door to Nerevader's throne room. Nerevader smiled at his appearance. "So, you have arrived. Tell me the location of the weapon. Tomorrow we shall claim that which shall make Alpha Legion the masters of reality itself. Hydra Dominatus!"

Vivec wandered through the city. Almalexleia insisted on coming with, for some reason she wouldn't say. Kaldor kept objecting, but she insisted. Vivec was using his tired-and-true information-gathering technique, which was punching random strangers in the face and demanding they tell him what they knew about Alpha Legion. After a few dozen tries, he ended up actually getting someone who knew, and ended up at an old abandoned district. A sign marked it as Ravenholm, with crude graffiti on it saying "YOU SUDNT COME HERE". Now he needed to find a way to locate them. Suddenly Vivec screamed to the heavens. "ALPHA LEGION MORE LIKE ALFAG LEGION!" Vivec was met by a swarm of hiding troops, angered at his sudden insult. "Great. Now I have someone to beat information out of that actually knows something. Now, who here shall live here long enough to be interrogated?"

Vivec easily dodged the ensuring gunfire. Almalexleia took out a pistol, and fired back with surprising talent. Kaldor blocked the bullets with his shield, and with his will silently strangled some of the attackers. Vivec slashed apart the legionaries on ground level, staining his black and silver armour red. The fighting continued as droves of legionaries fell before the trio. Suddenly a disturbing feeling swept through Vivec and Kaldor's minds. Pausing for a moment, they recognised a familiar face was approaching. His armour was in the colours of the Alpha Legion, but its shape was instantly recognisable. Vivec grimaced. "Nerevader. You were behind all this. It figures." Nerevader laughed. "I always knew you would follow any trail I left, brother."

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Vivec's heart was like a maelstrom of rage. "You! You fucking asshole! Why me? Revenge?" Nerevader simply laughed. "Clispaeth and Sithis, Light and Dark, Alpharius and Omegon. They are the key to my dominion over existence itself." Vivec charged. "You have to be fucking cryptic, don't you? Die!" His Chainlightsaber met Nerevader's scimitar. Every attack the brothers made were simply dodged or parried, none of them getting the upper hand. Kaldor went behind Nerevader as he was distracted by the fight, and impaled him though the chest. "Look behind you next time, motherfucker!" Nerevader collapsed to the ground. "Thank god you were there, Kaldor." said Vivec. "You know I can't let a-URK!" Kaldor's torso was sliced cleanly in half. Nerevader pulled out the sword from his heart. "If you only listened to your own advice." Vivec stood still in shock. "Oh, you wonder how I got up so quickly? Well, I invested in a spare heart. Can act without tediously waiting for my old one to regenerate." Nerveader departed. "Well, I've got things to do. In another day Oa will fall. Goodbye."

1025 years earlier...

Vivec and Nerevader were rising stars in the Grey Knights. These immortal twins were quickly becoming heroes to all. Now this unbeatable team was sent to investigate an abandoned space station. "Nothing here, bro. Who told us to come here anyway?" said Vivec. "Don't worry brother, something of interest will happen right... now!" The space station rocked as boarding rams crashed into it. "Nobody wanted us here but me. Do not worry. At least you will die a hero." Hired mercs came through every corridor. "Make sure to aim for the head. Nothing else works." Nerevader disappeared down a corridor. Vivec chased after him but ran into some opposition. "I don't have time for you fuckwits!" he said as the cut his way through them. Running further along, he came across a blockade of mercs. They opened fire and he hid behind a corner, only revealing himself to take potshots with his Ion Pistol. When he thinned their numbers, he charged, parrying the gunfire with his Chainlightsaber before cutting them into ribbons.

Vivec ended up at the Control Room of the station. Standing before the panels was Nerevader. "Why? We were a team, you and I!" he yelled. "You were next in line for Grandmaster, you know that? I deserve it! That is why I will see you burn!" Nerevader said. He pressed a few buttons. "SELF DESTRUCT SEQUENCE IN TWO MINUTES" an automated voice said. Nerevader then pressed a button on a remote, and the station shaked. "Oh, did I just activate the explosives on our spaceship? I did." Nerevader burst through the window and landed on the mercenary spaceship, which blasted off. Vivec ran through the corridors, slaughtering what mercs remained. He ran into the escape pod bay. All the escape pods were taken by the mercs, to his discontent. "TWENTY SECONDS UNTIL SELF DESTRUCT" the automated voice said. "Well, time to take a risk." Vivec forced open a hangar door, revealing the cold void of space. "TEN SECONDS." Vivec hesitated for a while, then ran towards it. "FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO..." Vivec jumped. "ONE".

Drifting through space for a day, Vivec was eventually picked up by a freighter vessel. He informed the Grey Knights of the betrayal and resigned out of shame for being unable to bring Nerevader to justice. He searched all over, but his tracks were too well hidden. Vivec eventually became an adventurer, but the only man he failed to catch and kill still haunted his thoughts. No word of Nerevader came to him until a cold and stormy night, 612 years later. In the pocket of a certain doctor was a note. "Brother, if you are reading this, my first plan has failed. Come and find me and the Alpha Legion. I have an appointment booked 413 years in the future. -Nerevader." Of course, he would forget the letter, as well as most of that night, due to circumstances that will be explained later.

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"So, where is the closest universe to Ravenholm that has anything of value in it?" asked Vivec. "Why are you so sure tha-" began Almalexliea, but she was quickly interrupted. "There is nothing of value in Sigil. Everyone knows that. This city is the Omniverse's anus." Almalexleia sighed. "There is a forbidden universe, code number S-R-666. Other than that, nothing." Vivec eye's widened. "Oh fuck no. Fucking fuck of a fucking fucked fucker's fucked fucking fuck no!" He jumped up and grabbed Almalexleia by the collar. "Listen, sweetheart. I was thinking about staying for a while in a better place in town, maybe having dinner, a date if you will. But there is no time. If he gets what is in that place, even the gods will fear his name. We need to contact... THE NIGHT HAUNTER!" "The Night Haunter?" "Yes, that dude. He is the best help we can get here."

"So basically, Night Haunter's parents died as a kid. Killed by criminals. So he vowed to bring justice. Now he is a bat-obsessed vigilante." Vivec said, walking down the streets. "Isn't Sigil the crime capital of the Omniverse? Fighting it is futile." replied Almalexleia. "It is less crime-fighting and more genocide. He once left a district, deeming it pure. By that time, it's population was 65% less than it used to be. Everyone there either left or was brutally slaughtered. Dude has some pretty fucking powerful tech, you know? He even has his own custom car. The Nightmobile I think it's call-" "HAND OVER YOUR MONEY!" a voice shouted. Vivec laughed. "Listen here thug, you don't know who I am. Rest assured that if you fuck with me, I'll make you eat your own organs." The mugger growled. "And you don't know who I am. I'm from the fucking Starved Dogs Barking. We'll fuck you up.' Vivec forced his hand into the man's ribcage, tearing out his heart. He forced open the dying thug's jaw and jammed his own heart into his mouth. "I was a Grey Knight. Our job is killing you fuckers."

More gangers went in from hiding. Vivec smiled. "It's good to fight some foes that aren't so elite for once." He took out his Lightchainsword and carved his way through the gang. Almalexlia took out her pistol and started firing. More and more of the thugs came, and Vivec swore to bring his armour to the laundry to get rid of all the bloodstains. Suddenly he heard a car screeching to a halt. A man in heavy power armour adorned in bat imagery wearing a jumppack rocketed into the alley, landing on a few criminals and crushing their bones under his steel treads. "STOP RIGHT THERE, CRIMINAL SCUM! YOU'VE VIOLATED THE LAW!" he screamed. Blades protruded from his gauntlets, turning them into wicked claws. He used them to slice up what little of the Starved Dogs Barking remained, most of their number retreating due to Vivec's onslaught or his sudden appearance. Almalexleia in shock simply stuttered "W-who... who a-are you?" The powered armoured man simply turned around and stared. "Are you dense? Are you retarded or something? I'M THE GODDAMNED NIGHT HAUNTER!" Vivec smiled. "Pleased to meet you, mister Haunter. There is a crime in progress that I think you would help stop. The stealing of the most powerful weapons in all the Omniverse."

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The Nightmobile drove through the streets. Vivec was in the shotgun seat at his insistence. "So, Nerevader's heading to this universe that is used as a vault for the most dangerous things in the universe." He explained. "Me and Nerevader once had a mission to stop a break in at the vault, and for that we were granted authorisation to enter. Required a blood sample from the both of us to unlock it. That is why he stole the knife. He needed the sample of my blood on it needed to unlock the gate. If the Alpha Legion had the weaponry in that vault, they would be unstoppable." The Night Haunter grimaced. "I'll be glad to help you kill that bastard. We are at the portal." The portal was guarded by Grey Knights. "Figures that this place would have the only law enforcement. Haunter, park the car." The Night Haunter grumbled "Why don't you call me by my real name? Sotha Silo. Soff. Fa. Sil. Lo. Much more convenient than my fucking pseudonym." Vivec sighed. "But Night Haunter is an actually awesome sounding name. Anyway officers, you don't need to see my identification. Don't you know me? I am Vivec fucking Skywalker."

After a few minutes of negotiation, The Nightmobile drove through the portal to S-R-666, and parked near a huge metal cube. One that was the size of a universe. One that contained nearly all of a universe. Vivec, Night Haunter and Almalexleia left the car. A large gate was open. "Nerevader's already entered it. By the gods, if he finds the... FUCK!" Vivec's palm met his face. "I CAN'T FUCKING REMEMBER! IT WAS IMPORTANT AS FUCK! THE MOST IMPORTANT FUCKING THING IN HERE AND I FORGET WHAT IT'S NAME WAS!" Vivec breathed deeply. "Okay, okay. At least my bro doesn't know about it. When that top secret info was given, only I got it, because they knew I'm not a total traitorous dickface. I remember the Grandmaster telling me, that much I remember of his briefing." Almalexlia's memories were stirred by Vivec's lack of them. She suddenly remembered that fateful day. 413 years ago.

A strange man once went to Almalexleia's home and offered to advance her career. Offered knowledge that would make her the best expert in portals in all of Oa, perhaps even the Omniverse. All she had to do was wait at a certain time, at a certain position, and pull a trigger. The man gracefully supplied the sniper rifle. As she waited, her mark entered. To her surprise it was the same man who hired her. Another copy of the same man walked in, and talked to his clone. The clone wrote something on a PDA, and put it in his coat. She pulled the trigger. The man was shot through the head and collapsed on the floor. She gained her knowledge, but the mystery haunted her. She forgot over the past 413 years, but now she fully remembered, after smelling the stank of familiarity upon him. That man was Vivec Skywalker.

"Listen, I think I need to expla-" she began, but was interrupted by gunfire. The Alpha Legion knew that Vivec would follow them, and had prepared an ambush. Night Haunter was gone, while Vivec was busy parrying bullets. Suddenly, a squad of Alpha Legion aggressors was gruesomely torn apart, with no apparent source. Sotha uncloaked himself, and jumped down on another squad. With the lapse in gunfire this caused, Vivec charged into the fray, slicing apart the legionaries while blood, viscera, flesh and gristle coated his already stained armour. Not a single fraction of his clothing wasn't running red with gore. Almalexleia shot with her pistol, but gave up on using such puny firepower. Taking a heavy machine gun from a legionary corpse, she fired into the ambush. In a short time, all of the two dozen Alpha Legionaries died in their failed ambush.

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Vivec and company walked through the gate. Scattered around were the corpses of Grey Knights and defence automatons who protected the vault. However, this failed to grab the attention of Vivec as much as what was in front of him. A giant robot big enough to fulfil the majority of the vault. It was made of brass and resembled a bearded giant with a cape and extremely awesome sunglasses. "Of course. They would be after Numidium!" said Vivec. "Numidium?" queried Sotha. "Legends said that this universe was used as a hangar for a God Machine called Numidium. When the race who made it vanished, it was re-purposed. They said it was activated by a dagger called Keening." Vivec grabbed Night Haunter by the pauldron. "We cannot let that dagger enter the hands of Nerevader. Let's split up, and go."

Nerevader sighed. "Dagoth Sidious, your map is very helpful. But where the fuck is the Ultimate Weapon?" A man in black robes wearing a golden mask responded. "My lord, the Ultimate Weapon isn't the real name of it, of course. All we know is that it is a blade said to be able to kill anything. Still, I have an idea." Nerevader perked up at the last sentence. "What do you have in mind, lieutenant?" Dagoth Sidious took out a syringe. "We have some spare truth serum, and your brother was allowed access to more information about the vault than you. He might know." Nerevader laughed. "Good. We shall prepare an ambush. Thank you Sidious. You are a credit to the Legion." Sidious and Nerevader hi-fived. "ONE VISION, ONE PURPOSE. HYDRA DOMINATUS!" Dagoth laughed to himself when Nerevader left. He was unaware of the true prize of the vault, leaving Sidious to claim it. While he was on his wild goose chase, Sidious would get Keening.

Vivec ran through the catwalks of the vault, and came across a group of Alpha Legionnaires looting some advanced weaponry. They turned and fired, unleashing bolts of lighting, quantum missiles and multi-dimensional lasers. When the dust cleared, Vivec was gone. The Legionnaires breathed a sigh of relief that was quickly interrupted by Vivec climbing up from under the catwalks and chainsawing their torsos in twain. "Look below you sometimes." he said to their corpses. "Don't forget to look above too, bitch!", said a Legionary, jumping from above armed with a syringe. Vivec easily impaled him, but the syringe stuck into his arm. "Brother, WHERE IS THE ULTIMATE WEAPON?" a familiar voice said. Vivec turned to face the source of the voice. "What are you talking about? Is it Numidium? Because if so, it's pretty much 40% of the entire structure. Easy to spot it." Nerevader leaped out of the shadows. "HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT?" he yelled, lunging with his scimitar. "Guess I forgot." Vivec replied, parrying. Nerevader came to a realisation. "Did you ever have sex with a man?" he said. "O-once or twice. Wait, why did I admit that?" Nerevader shuddered. "Well, that means that you did forget."

Sotha Silo stalked through the shadows. He followed Dagoth Sidious, waiting for the time to strike. Night Haunter knew someone here wouldn't go alone if he wasn't powerful. Sidious opened up a door, and grabbed a dagger. Night Haunter leaped, but Sidious quickly noticed his presence and parried his claws with the dagger. Silo kept attacking, but Sidious was parrying with inhuman speed. Night Haunter could barely dodge the quick swipes of the blade. He activated his jumpack and jumped over Sidious, but Sidious easily countered his attack. Night Haunter was impaled through the chest. Sidious withdrew his blade, and left Sotha for dead. Wounded, he stared at the words marked onto the wall. "KEENING CONTAINMENT CELL". "Oh god no..." were the last words he said before he fainted from his injuries.

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Man, I'm not going to even bother finishing this piece of shit. I don't want to write a horrible story that nobody else would ever read at all. So, dear readers. I guess this is goodbye.

So here are story details I would put in if I could bother finishing.

*Dagoth Sidious would betray and kill Nerevader and use Numidium to attack Oa
*Vivec would find Eltonbrand, the ultimate weapon, and cut open a hole in space itself to reach Oa
*Sidious would try destroy Oa with a Giga Drill Breaker, but Numidium is destroyed by Eltonbrand
*Vivec had himself shot in the head so he would forget what the Ultimate Weapon was because if Nerevader got Eltonbrand, he would be unstoppable
*Almalexleia and Vivec would have a one night stand
*Numidium is activated by stabbing Keening into a slot ala the Core Drill from Gurren Lagann, and the words CAST IN THE NAME OF GOD YE NOT GUILTY will appear as a homage to Big O.

This is literally all I had planned.

Maybe I will make another fanfic someday, but I'm not planning to continue this work. I'm sorry to my dedicated fans. I'm pretty sure there are only two of them at most though.