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Must Be Difficult (To Beg on Your Knees in That Short Skirt)

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Doing one last check to make sure she has everything, patting pockets and checking her bag, Kara steps out of the elevator and into the long but spacious hallway.

Smoothing out her shirt and fixing her glasses, Kara clears her throat and starts to walk down the hall, admittedly a little nervous about meeting the sister of the man who's tried to kill her many times. 

Heel’s clicking against the polished concrete floor, Kara makes her way quickly towards the receptionist, who's typing away fervently at her computer, supposedly keeping up with her bosses busy schedule, but Kara could hear the Facebook messenger alert going off 20 floors down.

She absolutely does NOT miss the assistant days, Kara thinks with a small chuckle as she finally reaches the sleek, modern desk, decorated with a handful of tiny pot plants. 

In front of her, the woman who introduced herself as Jess on the phone looks up at interruption in her typing. 

 In a tone that can only be described as bored, the receptionist greets her, "Miss Danvers, I presume?"

"Yep! That's me!" Kara says with her classic Danvers smile. 

"Perfect. Miss Luthor has actually just finished her previous appointment and is ready for you now." 

Jess jumps up immediately, not waiting for Kara's reply, leading her further up the hall towards a set of giant double doors.

Pushing them open, Jess gives her a small smile and walks back towards her desk without another word.

Kara takes that as her sign to step into the office.

She's immediately greeted with what can only be described as a generic office that is clearly in the process of being transitioned into something with a bit more personality, with the giant windows on the far wall letting in most if not all of the early morning sun and coating the floor in sunlight. 

There are boxes stacked in the corner of the room, and the white leather couch against the far wall is clearly a new addition as it matches nothing else in the room but the similarly new looking desk.

And that's when her eyes land on Lena Luthor for the first time.

Well, she's seen photos before, Kara obviously did her research before coming here, but nothing prepared her for seeing the Luthor in person. 

Her dark hair is pulled up into a tight ponytail, Lena's signature look, and she's wearing a deep maroon dress, clearly tailored to fit her perfectly, and Kara can only assume it's worth more than her rent just by looking at it. And she looks absolutely stunning. 

Kara was expecting a lot of things when she walked into this room. A quick but useless interview that she couldn't really use at best, maybe deception and a trap at worst. 

But Lena being pretty? 

No, that doesn't do her justice, Kara thinks. 

Being absolutely breathtakingly beautiful? 

Yeah, Kara was not prepared for that OR the sudden wave of gay panic that washed over her.

Shaking herself out of it and realising Lena still hasn't noticed her, Kara takes the chance to scan the room, tilting her glasses to inspect the room with her x-ray vision.

Finding nothing of suspect, the reporter decides it's time to approach the desk where the dark-haired woman is currently still engrossed in a folder in front of her. 

Finally hearing the approaching steps, the other woman tilts her head up, and Kara moves quickly to greet her. 

"Lena Luthor," Kara reaches out her hand, hoping the other woman won't notice the slight tremor in both her hands and her voice.

"I'm Kara Danvers from CatCo magazine. I have a couple of questions about your take over of LuthorCorp."

"Hello, Kara. I've heard plenty about you," Lena says with an absolutely stunning, some might even say flirty, smile, closing the folder and shaking the other woman's hand. 

"And actually, It's actually L-Corp now. Well, it will be at least. I'm announcing it tomorrow during the press conference. I’m assuming you will be attending?" 

Lena gestures for Kara to sit, and she promptly listens, sitting down across from Lena and pulling out her notepad with a smile.

"Yes, I'll be there. Guess you just gave me the scoop, huh?"

Lena leans back in her chair with a smirk, “Yeah, well I suppose I did… use it wisely. Now I assume you are here to ask about Lex, so why don't you just ask what you want to ask. I'm a very busy woman these days.” 

“Cutting right to the chase, I can appreciate that. Well, Miss Luthor-”

“-Lena, please"

“Okay, Lena," Kara looks up from her notebook at the other woman with another genuine smile, which quickly fades when Kara reads the first question that she had written down. 

Suddenly she realised all the questions Snapper had prepared for her were too harsh in assuming Lena was involved with her brother, and her questions were definitely not great to start the conversation with, so Kara quickly switched gears. 

"What's your intention with the company? I’m sure it's not the same as your brothers?” 

“Hmmm, now I'm afraid that question is a little too broad. Before my brother lost his mind, he was actually working on technology that looked promising and could save lives, so it would be unethical to dismiss that.”

Kara nods, scribbling on her notebook, “I understand. But in saying that, I'm assuming all of Lex’s more sinister work has already been destroyed?”

“Now that I can assure you of, Miss Danvers. I took care of it myself.”

Kara looks up with a small smile,  nervously playing with the pen in her hands, "Well, if I'm calling you Lena…."

"Kara, it is." Lena says with a laugh. 

The interview continues for a while, with the more serious questions slipping away as it turns into Kara trying to get Lena to laugh again. 

Kara knows she should start getting serious and concentrate, but it's so hard when she can tell Lena is flirting with her. 

Well, at least she thinks she is. Alex always made fun of Kara's inability to figure out when someone was hitting on her, but Lena is in no way subtle with her flirty smiles and suggestive eyebrow raises. 

Lena’s laugh trails off after Kara’s last poorly delivered pun, and Kara watches her eyes flick to her watch.

Kara straightens up and flips open her book again, “Yeah, no, sorry, I distracted us. I only have one question left.”

Lena smirks at her, leaning back in her chair again, “You can distract me anytime Kara, but no, please continue.”

"Just a fair warning, I left the worst for last, but I've gotta ask... I've heard there are rumours that your mother is connected, maybe even the leader of the anti-alien terrorist group known as CADMUS? Do you know anything about that?”

Lena seems genuinely taken aback by the question, suddenly sitting up straight. 

"That's- I um..." Kara watches Lena's face get more serious as she stands up to grab some things, including the folder from earlier, off the desk.

"You know what. I just realised that I had a meeting shuffled around that I need to get to. But It was lovely to meet you, Kara…” Lena has walked over to her office door now and holds it open for Kara, “I hope to see more of you."

Kara clearly takes the hint, jumping up. 

“Oh, I'm sure you will. Have a good afternoon Lena."

Stepping out into the hall, Kara turns to get another look at the Luthor, assuming she'd be waking with her from the way she grabbed her things, but is met with the sound of the door clicking shut. 

Kara doesn't even make it a few steps down the hall before she hears the click of the intercom through the walls.

"Jess. Please let my mother know to look into Kara Danvers. Tell her she knew about CADMUS. She might become a problem.."

Kara looks over to the receptionist, who's listening intently through her earpiece and typing away, only looking up to give Kara a small smile as she walks past to reach the elevators.

As soon as the elevator doors close, Kara calls the only person who can help. 



It takes about 6 hours for something bad to happen—longer than expected, actually. 

Alex and Kara had tipped off the DEO about Lena and CADMUS, but nothing had shown up, so the sisters decided to catch a late lunch. 

"Alex, I'm just saying, but she was definitely flirting with me."

Alex looks up from her pizza with what kara has dubbed her classic Alex Danvers disappointed look.

"Kara. You're joking, right?"

"No, I'm serious. She does this thing with her eyebrow-"

Alex interrupts again, "Kara, she's clearly bad news. I'm not sure why we are even discussing this."

"I mean, I agree… but she was definitely flirting with me."

Seeing her sisters raised eyebrow, Kara throws her hands up dramatically with an exasperated sigh and a playful smile.

"WHAT ALEX?! You, of all people, can't tell me she isn't hot. It's not a crime to be attracted to her."

"I mean, no it's not. But you know what is a crime? EVERYTHING HER FAMILY HAS DONE. Her brother is literally a mass murderer who's tried to kill both YOU and Kal many times. But yeah, she's cute, I guess."

"Glad you agree," Kara says with a laugh, "for the record, she said she destroyed Lex's work but considering it sounds like Lena put out a hit on me I'm not so sure."

"I mean, we don't know it was a hit, nothing has happened yet, and if there's anything I can give CADMUS credit for, they are usually pretty efficient."

"You're right about that," Kara trails off, noticing Alex is done with her food, "You ready to go?"

"Yeah, let's head out the back. You can fly us home."

"Rao, remember when you used to HATE me using my powers, but now I'm just your personal flying uber."

Alex laughs, pushing open the back door and leading the sisters into an alleyway. 

"Well, this is the consequence of revealing yourself. Think twice next time before dramatically saving me from dying in a plane crash."

Before Kara can reply with an equally smartass comment, she's tackled to the ground.

Immediately pushing the attacker off, Kara scrambles to her feet and raises her fists.

Looking around to find Alex, she sees her hiding further back in the alley, crouched down and watching intently.


Alex just nods, suddenly thankful they chose to have lunch at a place less then a block from the DEO's home base, and sprints away knowing there's nothing she can do to help without backup or at least her gear.

Turning back to the attacker, which Kara can now see is definitely an alien, is back on their feet and charging at Kara again.

Dodging the attack smoothly and sending an elbow flying into the back of the attackers head, Kara spins around to use her freeze breath to stop the alien in the tracks.

What Kara didn't expect was for the alien to immediately break free with an ear-shattering scream. 

Clutching at her head, Kara stumbles back until she’s met with the door they had walked through earlier.

Once again charging at Kara, she runs to meet the alien, but they manage to swing an arm out when Kara dodges the attack this time, surprising the girl of steel when she's sent flying back into the alleyway wall. 

The brick cracks under the pressure, and Kara knows she needs to end this before someone gets hurt. 

With one last charge, Kara and the alien meet with a loud crash, loud enough it shakes the concrete beneath their feet. 

They both roll to the ground, but Kara is immediately standing again to see her opposition is in much worse shape than she is, finally getting the wind knocked out of them. 

They've barely crawled a few feet before Kara has them flipped over and is holding them down.

"Why are you here? Why are you attacking me?” 

Kara looks down at her now ruined blouse with a frown, the crest now clearly showing, “As far as you knew, I was some random civilian."

"Someone just told me to follow you and attack you when the moment was right. I had no idea you were supergirl."

"Okay then, who told you to follow me?" 

Green blood drips out of the corners of the alien's mouth, falling carelessly onto their shirt, and they laugh.

"You don't hurt people, Supergirl. I don't need to tell you anything."

Gripping them by the shirt and dragging them, Kara slams them into the wall, not enough to hurt them seriously, but enough to be taken seriously. A classic intimidation technique courtesy of Alex.


Realising she's serious, the aliens' expression suddenly changes, eyes widening as Kara can hear their heart start racing faster.

"I ca-can't… they'll kill me."

"We’ll protect you at the DEO. I can promise you that. Now tell me."

Eyes flicking around, seemingly evaluating their options, they let out a hesitant response.

"Lena Luthor. It was Lena Luthor."

Alex, who's finally come back in her full DEO gear and a team of operatives, just catching the end of the conversation, can already tell what her sister thought before she'd even moved an inch.

"Kara, don't!!"

But she's already gone, leaving her sister alone in the alleyway, the remains of Kara's shirt hitting the floor at her feet. 


The sun is setting gently as Supergirl lands on the LuthorCorp balcony with a dull thud. Taking several tentative steps into the darkened office, Kara looks around, not wanting to go too far if there was a classic Luthor trap waiting for her. 

Taking in the office, Kara notices everything is in its place from her earlier visit. The desk is still facing away from the windows, the couch still against the far wall, the generic art that Lena clearly didn't pick still adorning the walls.

But the Girl of Steel can’t spot the other woman anywhere.


A small chuckle breaks the silence, a sleek metal door sliding out of nowhere to reveal Lena, who's now waltzing towards Kara, the click of her heels against the polished concrete floor echoing in Kara’s ears. 

Lead clearly lines whatever room she just exited as Kara can’t see anything past the door, which only adds to Kara’s frustration.

Lena, who's still wearing the stunning, tight-fitting dress that Kara Danvers saw earlier, now leans against her desk, facing away from the girl of steel.

Kara can hear her heart beating, steady and sure. Lena isn't scared of the Girl of Steel. In fact, she appears to be expecting her. 

Looking over her shoulder with an unimpressed look that must've taken years to master, Lena widely gestures for Kara to enter the room properly.  

Lena lets out another chuckle as she watches the other woman enter somewhat nervously, clearly scanning the room and scrutinising Lena closely.

"Hello, Supergirl. To what do I owe this pleasure. And technically, you should sign in at the lobby, but I’ll let it slide just this once.”

Kara snorts at that, walking around the desk to the middle of the room, “Surprised to see me?”

Lena just laughs back, “Not at all. I’ve sort of gotten used to seeing people fly. You’re not that special.”

Kara scoffs once again, taking in the woman before her who’s lean fingers are intently gripping the edge of her desk, and she has her eyes trained on the girl of steel.

“I meant I’m still breathing. You sent that alien after me. Sorry to disappoint you, but they've been detained.”

Lena lets out a small scoff, moving away from the desk to the side table to pour a glass of what Kara is assuming is whiskey. 

Kara moves to fill the gap Lena left by the desk, unwilling to let the other woman get the upper hand but unsure what she's planning. 

Still with her back turned to her, Lena pours a second glass, "You know, if you came here to fire off unsubstantiated accusations at me, I’m afraid you’ve leapt and bounded in vain.”

“You’re not going to get away with it, Luthor,” Kara immediately shoots back.

That was enough for the other woman to spin around and surge forward, the glass Lena was holding quietly hitting the counter with a clink as she turned.

And quite honestly, though Kara would never admit it, it caught her off guard.

Getting backed quickly into the desk, Lena uses the momentum and her body to pin Kara there.

Arms now placed on either side of the super, Lena's hips trapping her in place, Kara is unable to think.

Realistically she could overpower the other woman, but something tells her to see how this plays out. There's something about Lena that just has her… curious.

Kal and Lex's dynamic suddenly makes a lot more sense, Kara thinks. These Luthor’s are undoubtedly enigmatic.

Kara feels Lena lean right in, pulling her out of her thoughts.

Whispering gently, Kara can feel Lena’s hot breath against her ear, “I’m sure your cousin said that very phrase to my brother once. It never scared him. Why should it scare me?”

Kara releases a shaky breath, eyes closing as she feels the other woman's breath on her neck now, “Because you’re an amateur when it comes to being bad, Lena. You’re not nearly as evil as he is.”

“Hmmm, perhaps you’re right. But I did always love a competition.”

Kara hears the click of an unseen button, her eyes immediately snapping open and watching as the room is suddenly filled with a dull green light.


Feeling the strength leech out of her body as the kryptonite runs through her veins like fire, Kara’s grip on the desk loosens, and Lena lets out a chuckle that would rival most villains in National City.

 "Hmmm… that's what I thought…."

Straightening up and moving away from Kara, Lena makes her way back towards the previously poured glass of whiskey.

Supergirl immediately exhales the second she’s released from the Luthor’s arms, stepping away from the desk to get some distance. 

With a stumble, the kryptonite still running through her body, Kara tries to stand tall and face the other woman but admittedly fails, hunching over from the pain. 

"Lena. I know you can't be as bad as him. No one is. Lex has tried to kill me more times than I can count. But you… I know you aren't like that. You're trying to change this company. This doesn't have to be some type of 'competition'." 

Lena hums, turning towards the girl of steel, this time leaning back against the counter.

Taking in the weakened version of the hero in front of her, she swirls the liquid in the glass, "You know… I'm not sure what gave you that impression of me… we've never met. You don't honestly know my intentions… Unless it was your friend. Kara Danvers I believe it was?"

Kara can tell she was only pretending to forget, based on the smug smile on Lena's face, but can’t stop herself from reacting regardless at the sound of her human name being said out loud by a Luthor. Seeing Kara's eyebrows shoot up, Lena knows for sure she's hit the mark. 

"She'd been in my office all of three minutes, and she was already so intent on proving my 'innocence', my 'lack of connection' to the family name. That kind of hope only comes from one type of hero," Lena spits the last word at her with a scowl, making Kara flinch.

"So yes, before you play dumb, I know your friends with the reporter. It would honestly be a shame if something happened to her. She's cute, if not a little pushy, much like Lois Lane now that I'm thinking about it. In fact, and this is not me admitting guilt," Kara watches the bitter scowl turn into a smirk, "if I were to have sent a monster after anyone, it would be her. She was getting a touch too close. So it's curious that you would show up, Supergirl . Only minutes after the attack, no less." 

Kara stays silent, and Lena sighs with a touch of indignance, swishing around the whiskey still in the glass. 

"So I guess this leaves me with two assumptions. Kara Danvers, a dazzling up-and-coming reporter for CatCo, is someone dear to you, maybe a sister or a friend, maybe even a lover,"  Lena lets out a little laugh at that, taking a sip of her drink, "Or better yet... Kara Danvers is in fact, the Girl of Steel. Am I getting warm yet?"

Lena laughs as she watches Kara's face fall in disbelief. 

Kara only now realises her mistake by charging in here. Kara was the target. NOT Supergirl. And she just gave everything away.

Lena knows. She probably always did. 

Oh shit. 

She's severely underestimated Lena Luthor. 

Finishing the drink in one gulp and gently returning the glass to its place, Lena slowly approaches Kara once again, “You know T.S. Eliot wrote, ‘Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions.’ That’s all I have. Good intentions. The people of National City cry out for a saviour. First, they look to you,” Lena is now circling her, humming, “A bad choice. Now they’re looking to me. Where you fail them, I will pull all of them into the light. And I won’t need to fly to do it.”

Lena’s hands find Kara’s shoulders and Kara instinctually closes her eyes again with a small exhale, unable to stop herself. 

Kara is definitely going to blame the kryptonite when Alex asks later.

"You know… I expected more from a super… you aren't even putting up a fight." 

Kara can't even find it in herself to comment back. The Luthor is all she can feel, all she can hear. Lena is overwhelming her senses, even with the kryptonite dulling her powers.

Lena's fingers are gently running across the inside of Kara’s neck, making her shiver.

Trailing her fingers down, Lena move's to Kara’s arms, humming and feeling the groves on the suit and the muscles that lay underneath.

Kara admittedly leans into the touch for a moment before remembering she was supposed to be interrogating the woman who is currently scrutinising her.

Shaking herself out of it and blinking her eyes open, she’s met with the cool stare of the Luthor in front of her.

“It doesn’t have to be like this. Please.”

Lena just hums again and runs her hands back up to her shoulders.

And all in one swift movement, she pushes Kara to her knees, her bare skin hitting the cold concrete with a dull thud.

Kara gasps in shock, Lena just smirks down at her, leaning down and moving her hand from Kara’s shoulders to the sides of her face.

Feeling the other woman's fingers tracing her jaw, Kara lets out a shaky exhale when suddenly, Lena wraps one of her hands around her neck and tightens her grip.  

Kara wheezes as Lena's short fingernails dig into her neck, reaching up and wrapping her fingers around the Luthor’s hand in an attempt to get her to loosen her grip.

Lena smiles as she watches Kara struggle and desperately try to get the other woman to release her hand.

“You know, It must be difficult. To beg on your knees in that short skirt.”

Kara gasps as the hand only tightens further, suddenly wishing she'd been smart enough to bring backup.

Lena now locks eyes with Kara, and with what can only be described as an evil grin and a calculated eyebrow raise, she releases her grip and saunters away, knowing full well that it was more of a show of power than an actual show of strength.

Kara falls forward on her hands and knees, gasping to catch her breath back, the kryptonite’s effect on her body only seeming to get stronger.

Now leaning against the desk she had Kara pinned against not even a couple of minutes ago, Lena smirks at the other woman still on her knees, “Now, tell me Supergirl, are you going to stand there…,” with a little laugh, Lena looks down at her, “well, more like kneel there….”

At that, Kara races to her feet, swaying as she stands, having forgotten she was even still on the floor as Lena had her absolutely enraptured.

Lena lets out a short laugh at Kara’s frantic movement, “… and try and give me some hope speech about how I can still be good… because honestly….”

Lena steps forward towards the still unstable superhero, this time running her hands over Kara’s hips, pulling her in once again to whisper into her ear.

“…I’d rather be bad.”