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One Hell Of A Story To Tell

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"You out of 1% of players have defeated the soulless, killed Queen Victoria, and fallen in love with Kamenwati"


The twigs of the trees gently swayed along the cold, fresh wind that passed through I figure, i took a deep breath, exhaling with a small smile in my face.

I looked up to see a raven rushing towards me, and i flashed him a smile as he descends, transforming back into his human form before he hit the ground.

"Your family says hi" He simply stated, making me giggle softly.

"I knew they were going to say that, come in, managed to get a deer and found some berry bushes a little farther from here"

Kamenwati just looked at me with a smile, though it looked a little sympathetic.

" actually full, your parents doesn't want me to leave if i hadn't eaten there, says i might collapse during flying"

A small chuckle released from my mouth, trying to block it with my hand, which he just playfully scoffed at.

"Don't worry about it, it can still be good until tomorrow"

I turned my back to clean the room, seeing as the prepared feast should be stored properly, i was about to, if it weren't for two arms that wrapped me in my chest, sudden but gentle.

I didn't struggle, instead basking myself on his warmth, i hummed as he presses our bodies together, feeling his chin rest on my head.

"I almost saw you die"

My heart skipped a beat, flinching from his sudden tightening hug.

"I thought i lost you" He burrowed his face on my head, tears wetting my plain black, not done neatly hair.

I decided to stay quiet instead of speaking up, letting him hug me still for a few minutes.

Eventually, he let go, kissing me on the lips and not hesitating to kiss him back, i let him do what he wanted, his hands resting on the table i was carried to, deepening our kiss as our saliva mixed together.

I groaned when he let go of the kiss then gave me a quick peck on the cheeks, once again.

He had an apologetic look on his face, but i nodded when he told me that once again, he needed to work, i don't blame him, he is still serving the majesties.

I suddenly looked down, a memory with regret and sadness taking over me as i remembered how we killed the queen Lady-King Noel.

Granted that it was a soulless, but if i may have assisted her on her journey, maybe she would still be alive up to this day, with her bearing child that would obviously grow to become a good leader.

Another memory replayed on me, and my hands were shaking as i looked at it, i remember when i had the dagger held tightly on my arms, using my body weight to crush the girl below me, she smiled at me, the dagger that was about to struck her on her bare neck slipped, the activated metals giving her insane durability.

I tried, and tried, once again before a small amount of blood splattered.

I didn't stop there.

I can feel concern from my parents, mate, and friends, me being on a frenzy as i was only stopped when two knights grabbed me in the shoulder and dragged me somewhere, the soulless trying to copy the Princess my age lying lifelessly on the floor.

I tried to explain, but it was worthless, this close minded city didn't realize i saved them from a soulless with power, which means another spread of their creatures in the world, and the metals that will keep her strong and sturdy.

I can feel a rope wrapped around my neck, but i shivered because of the image of what would have happened if any of us soul-seers didn't do anything.

I realized how scared they might have been.

Tears gently flowing in my eyes as i realize what was Kamenwati feeling that day, he must felt horrible, the fact that he managed to find me quite fast indicated that immediately after i got teleported to thus calming woods, he went on his search for me.


I swiped the tears with my elbow, the room becoming a little shaky, i thought it was an earthquake until i see a bright golden hue from upstairs.

I went to inspect the source, a box releases bright colors to its spaces, i opened it.

The small piece of activated gold is shaking, out of curiosity, i touched it.

And then i was immediately pushed back!.

I groaned in pain, looking up to see the activated gold float a little, before the light disappearing and then dropping on the same box.

I closed the bow, shrugging it off, i still don't know how those things fully work.

+Maybe i can teach you+

That voice.

That all too familiar, voice that gave me both superiority and comforting vibes.

My eyes widened in surprise, stuttering to at least speak her name.


+The one and only, young man+

Tears flowed gently out of my eyes, i didn't know what to do, i smiled, laughed, giggled in joy.

+Stop, you look ugly+

Even then, there wasn't the slightest hint of malice in her voice, i managed to calm myself down, sitting on a nearby wooden chair Kamenwati carved himself.

"H-how did you...?"

I didn't manage to continue, trying my best not to make another round of waterworks.

+By breaking the rules between Life and Death, thus extremely classified+

"So you finally figured it out?"

+I just managed to figure out how to at least activate one of the forbidden laws of immortality, how it fully works, i don't know, and won't+

I frowned at her last statement, Nox-Maria Antoniette was the best scientist in her time, maybe even now, and if anything, now that she figured out a small part of the problem, she would want to fully analyze.

Nox seemed to realize what i was thinking, and i can hear her sigh.

+I'll just be temporarily in your consciousness, my soul is on the Other Place, don't worry, i'm sure your sister is happy there, apparently being the cause of all this soul stealing means you will be forbidden to enter+

+If you haven't touched the gold, i would have been there for a year at most+



+I'm glad it was you who decided to take action on killing her+

"Why?" I asked, curiosity feeling me.

She seems to contemplate whether she should lie or not.

"You promised never to lie to me"

+Of course you're still holding into that+

+I wouldn't have been able to do the same to the other soul seers if that were the case+

I immediately felt my throat drying, breathing heavily as i have cone to a realization.

+If it was the others they took, they would have died+

My breathing stopped, most of the soul seers nearby that time was all my friends and family, i can see they were ready for an attack, but i managed to be quick enough to do the strike.

Kamenwati was ready to fight her.

Mother was grabbing her activated silvers.

Miss Menken was aiming her gun.

+You saved their lives, once again+

It still felt nice to feel reassurance, and now i know Nox was no longer the villain, the beast and the murderer i once thought she was, no that mind set was long gone.

+So you're completely living in peace and solitude, with great privacy in the middle of the forest, alone with Kamenwati+

I can still hear that slight annoyance when she mentioned his name, and i giggled.

+Tell me everything that happened between you and your mate+

I scoffed, where was the once royal princess who acts boastful despite her having such rights, the vicious beast that made sure that all of her opponents where no longer have the intention of even breathing.

Right now i feel like talking to a consciousness that likes to gossip.

+I'm not hearing a word+

Blushing, i may have told her more than what she supposed to know.

Serves her right.

The sun has started to set when Kamenwati returned, engulfing me in yet another warm hug which i didn't resisted at.

"....I have something to show you tomorrow" Kamenwati spoke, pouring my cup with tea, pouring one on his too.

"What is it?" I asked, slowly sipping on the delicious beverage, its warmth giving my inner body an ease.

Once again, his tea-making skills doesn't disappoint.

I'm not surprised, his good at everything...maybe even with...

I sipped my tea once more, "washing" the thoughts away before it fills my mind and controls me.

"I-i know i'm being too shady right now, but, can you prepare tomorrow,...its been a while since you went somewhere, and i know your childhood made you comforted around nature, but you're being too secluded and i-

"Shhhh, i understand" I can feel that he is scared, frightened even, and my sentence must have helped his reassure, not without sliding my hand that shushed him to his cheek, brushing my fingers softly as he smiled comfortingly.

I put our dishes in the sink, and faced him.

"Shall we go to bed, whatever happens tomorrow, i need to at least be fully ready right?"

Kamenwati eyed me a little different than usual, not like the one on the meeting in London where i managed to portray my feelings for him, and being gladly returned.

Not the usual, longing glare i find him doing sometimes after he returned from work, and he felt like it was a horrible day.

His stares...

His eyes...

He looked at me hungrily...

But he shook his head, his cheeks growing red as he mumbled an apology and answered me with a "yeah" then went upstairs.

I am not used to being looked at that way, not even by him, his eyes that feels like he was about to devour me any second, waiting for the right moment to attack me.

It felt surreal.

+Ah, i now realized that he is indeed human, and is capable of feeling thing like...lust+

The blush that i didn't know where painting my face grew redder, stumbling a little to walk and follow Kamenwati to out bedroom.

He was asleep, but when i tried to slowly get on the bed, his arm wrapped me in the chest, i enjoyed the comfort, closing my eyes as sleep finally took over me.

"Todays a big day!" Kamenwati excitedly gleed, i chuckled at his enthusiasm, taking a proper bath and wearing my best clothes, shrugging at him when he eyed me from top to bottom.

"Follow me" He then transformed into his raven form, and took a second to eye him curiously, before transforming to my sparrow form, grunting in pain as i forgot its been a while since i transformed.

We both flew to the air, high enough to pass through the clouds, our little sanctuary becoming smaller, and smaller, until it was out of sight.

Of course, playing ensues, we played a harmless round of sky tag, then cloud dodging, and had boasts on who managed to fly the most marvelous.

All of it ending on both of us giggling.

Kamenwati suddenly stopped, before flying straight down, i waited, focusing on flapping my arm errr wings to stay afloat.

Kamenwati returned, even with his raven form, i can see he was scared.

"Please don't run away" it came out as a raven cry, but i understand it fully, not knowing if it is only a shifter thing.

I nodded, before slowly, slowly flying myself down.

My eyes widened as i see a breathtaking view of a glorious landscape, houses big and small scattered all over the place, but a strong bricked mansion stood tall.

We are in London.

"KAMENWATI, I'M AN OUTLAW REMEMBER?!" I didn't meant it to sound like an angry scream, but i was too shocked, though glad that it still stands strong up till now.

"I know, i know, but i need you to be in the tower and meet them"

My heart sank, breathing heavily as i spoke.

"You're....taking me to them aren't you?"

"Yes....oh wait, no....yes and no, trust me on this one okay?"

I didn't answer.

"I wouldn't let my beloved to be in a cold dark cell know would i, and i certainly don't want you dead, i can assure you, i won't let them take you"

It did reassured me, a little bit, but still, i know that their wasn't a hint of lying in his voice, i gulped nodding as he showed a smile and i followed him as he flew down, taking me in one of the towers and we both descended inside, turning back to out human form.

I'm not claustrophobic, but the walls around me made me feel trapped, surrounded...captured.

Kamenwati, who might have seen the way i look, gave me a gentle pat in the back, mumbling reassurances as we walked into the hallways, forgetting where they were going to take us.

We walked into a room, a large, and long rectangular table displayed in front of us, covered in beautiful light blue matress.

"HEY!" A man shouted, running towards me.

"Callum!" I shouted back, accepting the hug, he patted me in the back, then asked how my life has been, which i non hesitantly replied with "Its been great".

I just stared at mom, and she did so too, our silence and smiles enough confirmation to tell that we are both glad that the other is happy is safe.

Even Miss Menken and Mr Dumas greeted me, and the smile on my face grew wider as i greeted back.

I was about to ask them what is going on, but i saw Mary walk inside, and my smile grew wider as i called out her name.

She seemed to be in a small shock, but smiled and greeted me as well, but she grabbed my hand and took me somewhere.

I saw Kamenwati giggle at me after a shrug, and gave a thumbs up.

I forgot the crippling fear on the back of my head as i saw them once again, together, they felt like family....they are family.

Mary led me to a tower, opening the roof as i gasped as i saw a magnificent view, but wondered what is the cause of such a large space in front of the mansion.

"Oh, Callum created that, its for your speech today"

I looked at her questionably.


"Ah, Kamenwati kept it a secret for you"

I was about to ask what she meant by that, before a rang bell and once again, she dragged me in the arm, leading me to where we once came.

I'm glad she is feeling enthusiastic.

We were to be, and thus, seated around the table, Kamenwati and Mother beside me, the fear disappearing as i know, and trusts their decision, i know they won't hand me to the royals.

The King sat on his throne, looking at me with a smile.

"Oh Great One, how i enjoy your presence here."

I don't know if its about the fact he called me a Great One, or the fact he acknowledges my presence yet still welcoming of me, but i flinched.

"Fret not, i am not here to capture you, in fact i am here to enlighten you on what has been happening after your disappearance"

When he ended the story, i was in shock, jaw wide open and all, still not believing him.

Apparently, every one who had magical capabilities stood for me, Britain, who was still yet to recover from the soulless attacks, had no choice but to forcefully stop their protests.

Both London and France heard this, and despite France one of the most suffered country, stood by London's side and declared war against Britain.

And obviously, Britain surrendered.

They did all of that, risked their country's safety....for me.

"I recommended filling thy stomach young man, Your speech shall commence soon"

His smiled suddenly turned into a frown, and we all seemed to be curious why.

"Lady Noel would have loved seeing this, peace and unity amongst out nearby continents"

We all showed respect by staying silent, praying for her and for the others that sacrificed for this war to get their rightful place in the Other Place.



To say i was terrified was an understatement.

Dozens, THOUSANDS of both soul-seers and soul-eaters alike stared at me, as i stand on a stage with a sound modifier that was invented by Callum in hand.

They all waited, patiently for me to speak, i looked nervously, my family, all of them giving me a thumbs up.

So i spoke.

Spoke how grateful i am for their support.

Spoke on why every single one of them helped on completing this seemingly impossible war.

Spoke for those who have lost their souls.

Spoke on what i have encountered, and learned from this surreal journey.

I spoke on how it felt to almost die, to feel your breath being taken away from you, your soul being sucked out of your body into somewhere unknown.

I spoke on what the Other Place looked like.

At the end of my speech, it was silent, before the noises became louder and louder.



They all chanted simultaneously, i was hugged by Kamenwati as the others followed suit, rubbing my head and all, Mary not missing a chance to give me a kiss in the cheeks.

Mary and Kamenwati locked eyes, before smiling at each other with no hidden malice.

+You have two hands, why not?+

I forgot about the voice inside my head.

I have to admit, the chants sounds amazing to hear.


Kamenwati excuse himself, saying that he has to go do something, and i nodded in acknowledgement, then he left.

I found myself laughing at a joke Mary just told us, the other's not trying to at least stiffle their giggles.

I calmed myself down, before sighing happily.

"I can't believe this all happened" I blurted out of a nowhere, a small satisfied smile on my lips.

"Thank Kamenwati" i looked at Mary, once again, questionably.

"He planned almost all of it, formed magical protesters all over the country, encouraged the King to declare the war if they didn't oblige, then set this whole stage, this whole party for you, i lived here now, he was dedicated"

A tear unknowingly escaped my eye, and Mother had to rub it off me.

"Go...find him"

I looked at all of them, and they smiled, laughing as i transformed into a a sparrow and immediately, hastily try to find him.

He was in his assigned quarter, well a quarter Lady-King Noel assigned.

"Kamenwati" i softly spoke, after turning into my human form again, as i entered the window, he locked the door behind him, then smiled at me softly.


Kamenwati walked, us inches away together.

"To celebrate your coming of age"

Tears...they fell, it was ironic, now that i am 18, is when i felt like i was such a baby.

He cooed at me gently, wiping my tears with his fingers, brushing them against my cheeks.

"You're so beautiful" My heart skipped a beat.

"You too" I answered.

Soon, our lips was touching, enjoying a few seconds before our tongues touched, somehow, it felt new, weirder...better.

I was lost in a trance, focused on his tongue and his kisses, only separating in order to breath, before connecting once again.

I unconsciously moved my hand to hold the back of his head, the other resting on his neck, a small jump as he carried my body weight effortlessly, our lips never leaving the other's contact.

"Don't worry, the walls are sound proof" I was about to ask him what that meant, until he started moving his head to my neck, giving it small kisses.

I breathed a moan, a little scared as this was the farthest step we took before.

He left me with a hickey, maybe two, maybe three, before he started kissing me again.

My heart skipped a beat when his hands moved to my lower body, removing my clothing, a little embarrassed as he had to remove belts and fighting gears.

I can't help but hiccup, realizing that we are taking this to the next level.

We separated the kiss for air, i know my face is a mess, more so after he removed my last piece of clothing, making myself fully exposed and bare to him.

He kissed my chest, as if he was worshipping it, and started taking his own clothes off as well.

"I love you" i managed to mutter, before he contacted our lips once again for a loving kiss, i don't need a reply, the way he looked at me is a confirmation big enough to know that until now, our feelings for each other are still mutual.



I woke up with a headache, though not as painful, i blushed as i realized i have not clothes intact on my body, Kamenwati as well, peacefully resting on the bed.

I can't help but release a breath of relief.

We finally took our relationship to the next level.

I looked for my clothes, weirdly enough all of them is neatly folded in one place, something Kamenwati must have done before sleeping.

I can't help but smile, albeit the pain
striking my behind.

I went to find the others, and once again, they were in the Dining room, they smiled at me for greeting, but smiled wider for a reason i do not know.

Until i realized i haven't covered my neck with anything at all.

+Congratulations, it sounded like a great one+

I blushed red, Nox saw everything, i wanna find a corner and cower in shame.

I just gave a them a whole hearted "Haha", and they smiled at me genuinely this time.

Kamenwati snuggled me half asleep right after Miss Menken just finished telling they are willing to stay in the mansion if the King would have them, which he enthusiastically did, and that Miss Libro was already busy on the royal library.

I smiled, nodding when they requested for me to stay as well, of course i cannot say no to that offer.

Everyone that matters to me is here, and we get to leave chaotically together.

I am glad.

That i found.

And to be with.

My family.


"You have never been more happier, albeit the friends lost in the way, you are with your mate, your friends, and your family, you know this is one hell of a story to tell for the future generations"

The End