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Humans have always told stories about beings far greater then themselves like: angels, fairies, dragons, vampires, shifters and a lot more. All of these stories were brushed off as fairy tales, made up and tales for the crazy to believe in. But what if I were to tell you that all of these tales were true. What if I were to tell you that all of those fairy tales that you heard about when you were little are actually real and are living among us. Your friendly old neighbor with the cat? She’s a witch. A potion making, magic using one not just a mean old lady. And that cute barista in your local coffee shop that’s a devil, so you better think about tipping next time that you’re there. Why haven’t you seen any of these creatures you ask? Well that’s because they keep themselves hidden away. This is because of a something that happened a long time ago.

Humans are curious creatures who want to know everything about anything, even going so far as dissecting their own. So when the first tales of a girl with a human torso but the tail of a fish started going around humans set out to find this creature. This sadly didn’t end well for the mermaid. She merely wanted to help the poor crewmen who seemed to be in trouble, only to end up in a net. And this is how it went every time. Humans would hear stories and wanted to know more which always ended in the death of another mythical creature. This went on for centuries until they mythical folk had enough. They came together in order to destroy and kill of entire cities. The humans tried to fight back, but to no avail. So they did the only thing that they could do, beg. It took a lot of begging and a promise to leave the mythical folk alone for the attack to stop.

Ever since this promise the mythical folk have been living in secrecy and the humans leave them alone. Only the most influential people know about their existence and then you have the families who never stopped hunting. These families never believed in the promise and passed the knowledge of the mythical world on to their off spring. So even now in a time of peace there are families who hunt and study the mythical world. However since these families have been working in secrecy for centuries nobody knows who they are or how they hunt.

This brings us to today. While the humans live their lives blissfully ignorant of a whole other world around them. The mythical world is in an uproar and even in an slight panic. For weeks now there have been hundred of disappearance around the world. Until now there have been no leads what so ever. And this is what scares the community the most. So far whenever an hunter family would come into action after centuries it was fairly easy to track them down. But this family has left no trail, no witnesses, no fight scene. Thanks to this the community is on its heels.

And now you’re probably wondering why I just gave you an complete history lesson about some world that nobody knows of which is in panic because of some disappearances. Well I had to in order for you to understand and also believe the story I’m about to tell you.

The story starts in a small café in Seoul called the witch circle which is owned by, you guessed it, a witch. The café was a small one decorated with plants everywhere and posters with witchy stuff on it. It was one of those cafés that people would go to just to get a picture for their socials. Inside of the café were a few small tables with people typing away on their laptop or gossiping with their friends about some other friend.

Behind the counter was a teenage girl with slightly faded pink hair and a bored expression on her face as she chewed on her gum. “welcome to the witch circle” she mumbled as the bell at the door notified a new customer. “is that how you greet your regulars these days Ryujin?” the girl perked up at her name and looked at the new customer “oh Chan oppa” a smile formed on her lips “the usual?” “please, oh and Jisung asked if you could add his special order” Ryujin nodded as she typed in the order.

“so slow day?”

“yeah ever since the latest news came out people have been staying away”

“wait latest new? What’s the latest news?”

Ryujin halted shortly before she resumed with the order “you haven’t heard? There was another one yesterday only a few blocks from here” “what? Really? Who?” “from what I heard it was a shifter” she said the last part of the sentence only loud enough for Chan to hear, who at this point was frowning.

“it’s almost happening regularly by now, the last that I knew of was the girl at the park”

“that’s almost two weeks ago”

“you know that I don’t come here that much” Chan said with a shrug. It was true that he only came to the city once every week or so. But he really thought that he was up to date when it came to the disappearances, apparently he was wrong for thinking that. “I guess that I have to come here more often” Ryujin nodded “you should. It’s good to know the latest news in order to protect you pack” Chan nodded slightly.

As the leader of his pack it was a second nature for him to make sure that everyone is save, which was one of the reasons why they live so far from the city. Or more like far from humans, some members of his pack only went to the city if they really had to otherwise they would just stay at home.

“speaking of them, how are thing? Last time I heard that a fight had once again broken out”

“yeah” a deep sighed left Chan’s lips “I don’t know why but Jisung and Hyunjin have been at each others throats lately” Ryujin chuckled “when are they not?” she said as she placed a cup in front of Chan together with a small take out bag. “thanks how much do I own you?” “30 bucks” “30!? Last time it was 20” “hey it’s not my fault ever since the news broke out that it started happening more often people have been buying it like crazy. Do you know how hard it is to get these days”

“okay, okay I get it, here”

“thank you, and the drink is free as long as you promise to bring some of Felix brownies next time”

A soft chuckle left Chan’s lips at that “I’ll tell him to make extra next time” “sweet” Ryujin grinned before Chan left. It wasn’t that late yet, but with the recent disappearances people didn’t linger as much. And since it had now happened only a few blocks from here the streets looked even emptier than before. Shoving the small package into his pocket he was quick to make his way back to his car.

It was almost an two hour drive back home so by the time he got there it was already dark. As he opened the door he was greeted by the usual noise that he had come to love. “Hyung! Do you have my order?” Jisung asked as Chan walked into the kitchen. “yeah, you own me 30 bucks” “what!?” “there was another disappearance so people are buying it like crazy right now” Jisung frowned.

“another disappearance?”

“yeah Ryujin told me there was another yesterday and it was a few blocks away from the café”

“wasn’t the last one at the park?” Minho asked from where he was standing at the stove, and concerned looking Felix next to him. “apparently that was two weeks ago” Chan said with a sigh as he sat down putting the package on the table. Jisung took it and disappeared to his own room. “do they know anything?” Felix asked “it was a shifter” at this Minho frowned “anyone we know?” Chan shook his head. “pretty sure Ryujin would’ve told me if she knew who it was” Minho nodded slightly before he turned back to the pans of food.

“did anything happen while I was gone?”

“well Changbin Hyung went out to hunt and brought some fresh meat, Seungmin and Jisung went out for some herbs to make medicine. The rest of us stayed inside” Felix hummed while he cut up some vegetables. Chan nodded “oh Ryujin is expecting some brownies for the next time” he said before he walked out of the kitchen heading to the bathroom in order to take a quick shower before dinner.

Yah Han Jisung were are my headphones!

how the hell should I know where you put your stuff!?

cause they were here a second ago!

well I don’t have them!

Chan sighed however thought it was a good idea to put those two together in a room weren’t thinking at that moment. “oh Jinnie I borrowed them sorry I didn’t have the chance to put them back yet” came Felix voice immediately stopping the argument. At that point Chan decided to tune the rest of the house out and stepped in the shower.

Dinner had always been an chaotic and loud event, but today there was almost and eerie silence as Jisung and Hyunjin glared at each other at almost every single thing that the other did. “so how was the city?” Changbin asked trying to break the silence “there was another disappearance only a few blocks away from the café. So next time if anyone is going to the city please take someone with you” Chan said and made sure that everyone nodded in agreement.

The rest of dinner was kind of awkward with a few conversations here and there in order to break the silence. And while they have never finished their food quicker than today it almost seemed like it lasted forever. Afterwards the whole pack gathered in the living room in order to watch a movie. While Seungmin and Felix were making some snacks in the kitchen, which Chan was now regretting cause those two and a kitchen were a bad combination. The rest had taken a seat in the living room “just pick something already” Jisung whined as Jeongin once again scrolled through to another movie after lingering on one for a few minutes.

“don’t be so impatient let him pick” Hyunjin said as he kicked Jisung’s leg from his spot of the couch “I’m not impatient” he glared and hit the others leg. “yes you are” “I’m not!” just as the two were ready to start a back and forth battle Seungmin and Felix walked in with the snacks. “so what are we watching?’ Seungmin asked as he sat down next to Chan. “it’s Jeongin’s pick this time” “but he’s taking forever!” Jisung once again whined which earned him another kick.

“okay that’s it!”

Jisung jumped on top of Hyunjin who was quick to grab the others wrist “get off me!” “then stop insulting me!” “I’m just stating facts!” at this Jisung eyes almost flared in anger. “well let me state a fact, you should control your fire better!” at this Hyunjin’s eyes flared a dangerous red “and you should do magic better!” he said as he pushed the other off before storming out of the room. The front door was heard being slammed shut. “Changbin, Felix and Jeongin go after him before he burns the woods down” the three quickly got up and got out of the door “now, what the hell has been going on between you two!?” Chan said now pissed at the whole ordeal.

Jisung who at least looked like he regretted saying those things looked up at Chan “I don’t know it’s just that…. Everything he does annoys me” he said as he looked down at his hands. “this is almost as bad as the beginning” Minho muttered more to himself but everyone heard it.

When the group got together Jisung and Hyunjin would fight non stop and pretty much hated each others guts. But after the group went through some tough times and some really intense fights with other packs the two slowly started to grow closer. Ever since then the two were fine with each other and even became pretty good friends. But in the last few days something happened that suddenly changed all of that.

“did anything happen?” Seungmin asked.

“I have no idea, I just woke up one day and he was standing in the kitchen and I just got really pissed that he was standing there”

“why would you get pissed at someone for just standing there?” Minho asked finding the whole thing ridiculous.

“I don’t know okay?”

Chan frowned “we’ll talk about this when the other come back” Jisung nodded slightly. The four of them decided to watch an episode of some show they’ve already seen while waiting for the others to return.

“Hyung they’ve been gone for almost an hour minutes by now” Seungmin said as he looked at his phone. “they’re probably taking a detour in order for Hyunjin to calm down” Chan said although by now he was also getting a bit worried. Hyunjin couldn’t have gone very far before the other three went after him. “if they’re not back within the next 30 minutes we’ll go out and find them” the other three nodded.

It took another 20 minutes and just when Chan was ready to get up and go out to find the others the door opened. “finally what took you so long?” he asked as he walked towards the door only to stop in his track. Felix and Jeongin were standing in the door opening with Changbin between them. He was leaning on them and bleeding heavily from a wound on his shoulder. Felix and Jeongin both had a bruise here and there but nothing like Changbin. “what happened?” Chan was quick to take Changbin’s weight from the other two and guided him to the couch.

“they took him”

“what? Who took who?” Seungmin asked confused as he made way for Changbin on the couch and looked up to see Felix and Jeongin. “where is Hyunjin?” he asked with a frown already not liking the obvious answer.

“he got taken” Felix whispered just loud enough for them to hear.