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The Things We Hide

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The scent of blood was strong in the air.  


Kong knew that it belonged to him, he could feel the deep wound of the bite at the side of his shoulder that he was clutching desperately to keep himself from bleeding out. 


He also glared at the vampire who had him in a chokehold, just a few seconds away from choking him to death, he had nowhere to run except to fight back. 


The vampire must've been a boy when he was turned, he could tell with the way the bloodsucker's face was so boyish, he was probably a teenager when he was turned, even a smirk showing his fang felt too childish and ridiculous for Kong to take him seriously. 


"Little wolfie nowhere to run now?" The vampire smirked, slamming Kong harder against the concrete wall. 


"Come on, Dae…. Stop playing with it, I'm too famished to be indulging with your shenanigans." 


Kong spotted a taller vampire settled at the stairs of a closed grocery store in front of them, not even bothered by how Kong was struggling against his captor, why would he anyway?


"Nah, Bright, lemme have some fun." The vampire- Dae replied before turning to fix Kong with a sneer. 


"Let go of me before you regret it leech!" Kong spat through gritted teeth. 


"Say, prey, how will your Elders react knowing you are quivering here like a fish out of a pond but couldn't fight your enemy?" Dae pressed in. 


"If you play with the food any longer I'd drink your blood instead." Bright groaned. 


Dae looked back to say something and that was all the moment Kong needed as a distraction before his claws formed. He slashed his sharp claws against the shorter's chest, Dae hissing out in pain and shock before trying to catch hold but Kong was stronger, uncaring as he slashed through Dae's throat. 


A vampire's blood had a sharp scent like a cold sting, like a strong acetone to a human nose, but something even stronger. Kong's eyes almost watered with that stung of a smell while the vampire whimpered, curling to the ground as blood started to spurt from his slashed throat. 


The taller vampire- Bright was already onto the werewolf, Kong breathed through his gritted teeth, the aching scent of cold blood getting stronger as the vampire grabbed his hair and slammed his head against the concrete. It didn't hurt as much as Kong expected it to, he felt Bright trying to hold him pinned against the wall but Kong kicked his knees, the vampire yelped, not expecting a trivial yet sharp enough move from a werewolf but that attack also distracted by his bleeding fellow vampire. 


"Fucking mutt!" Bright screamed in frustration. 


Kong knew vampires were swift, but he was also aware of how many vulnerabilities laid in their wake, especially the one of being too predictable. 


In a swift movement, Kong turned to slash Bright in the chest the same way he had done to Dae yet this vampire was faster to dodge it but not fast enough to dodge the second attack of the other claw, Bright staggered back caught off balance and Kong took that moment to get out of the vampire's grasp and sprint out of there. 


There was a fine line between being too much in the ego of his status and the sheer need to survive so he could avenge for his hurt ego. Kong chose the latter as he ran out of that alley.  


He knew the vampire was immediately at his back as he ran. 


Kong pressed on his bleeding wound tighter as he started to transform himself through his sprint. He knew his pursuer was going to give up knowing that his vampire companion was probably going to poison himself to death if he didn't stop and turn back to him, afterall a werewolf's claws were as lethal as a pinch of silver in a vampire's blood. 


The omega werewolf was now on all fours, his clothes teared away to flash his ethereal form of pale grey and brown fur, eyes sharp shades of silver and blue, his sprint was so powerfully graceful despite the blood dripping down from his fur, he had only one aim- To return back to his pack, he could already hear them howling through the woods, the leeches and their blood promising of a vengeance that Kong would meet head on, after all, the animosity between the two supernaturals wasn't out of the ordinary. 


He also heard the urgent screaming and fading scents of the vampires. Kong would make sure that those vampires would regret choosing him as their target. 


Somewhere in the corner of an alley, Bright was holding onto a bleeding Dae who already showed signs of healing and burning at the same time, those scars would take a long time to heal,  muttering how mad Arthit was going to be. 




There were certain sounds that weren't as appreciated as Arthit wanted them to be. 


Like the sound of the twigs breaking when Arthit stepped on them, the scent of dirt and trees always felt a welcoming fragrance as he walked through the woods.


He was walking rather slow, on his final hunt of the night, there was nothing new, nothing that Arthit hadn't seen or heard before, honestly, being stuck into that world for such a long time made it all too predictable no matter what someone threw at him, how frightened or fighting his preys were, eventually they all succumbed to his power. 


Nevertheless, he was still alert of any new movement in their area, staring in the far distances with a glint of scarlet in his warm yet sharp eyes.


 He walked towards the end of the woods, he could smell something strange but felt too uninterested to specifically pick up on it as he made his way out, it wasn't until the scent of his own kind made him freeze, what he hadn't really expected was another scent getting stronger in the air around him, that unfamiliar yet strangely enticing scent hit his senses like a harsh slap on his face. 


A ruthless onslaught on his senses, blurring his mind into a delirious mess as he started to follow that enticing scent instead, something brushed past him- a werewolf who ran deeper into the forest he had just come out of. 


It was too swift for Arthit to realise that the scent belonged to that creature, it made him immediately startle out of whatever dazed state he had felt and suddenly he was much more aware of the scent of his own kind. 


His senses alert enough to realise that scent of blood wasn't just of anyone from his kind…. It was Dae's. 


Arthit was already running past the various desolate dark streets and alleys like a blur of speed, following Dae's scent, he could even pick up on Bright's blood.


He met Bright in the middle, the taller carrying a healing but still bleeding Dae in his arms. 


"What happened?" Arthit asked, his arms already stretched to get Dae from Bright. 


Bright shifted Dae onto Arthit's back, a little disoriented himself as Arthit noticed the scratches of a werewolf's claws on his chest. He glared at it. 


"Who did this?" He hissed, red flashing in his eyes, fangs on display. 


"We need to get home first, Knot needs to tend to him before the poison spreads." Bright said, already sprinting ahead and Arthit ran faster in a flash. Bright  was finding an easier path through the streets and the forest despite Arthit already being aware of it as they ran faster. 




Fang was working on her laptop before Arthit and Bright barged into her house, she had been alert about the familiar scent minutes prior but waited until they did, she didn't waste another moment, walking towards the back room where her clinic was located, no words exchanged as Arthit carefully laid Dae on the mechanised bed. 


"Werewolf scratch." Bright supplied before Fang could ask about it. 


There were scratch marks closing the tearing pale skin of the vampire whose eyes were closed but Fang knew he was awake, just too weak to move on his own. 


It wasn't really the case that vampires could bleed to death no matter how precious their cold blood was, it was that if they bled enough, it could paralyse a vampire from fatigue for days until they were fed blood again. So Fang reached for one of the blood bags stashed in the mini fridge just beside the bed, stabbing the sharp straw at it before making Dae open his lips and letting him down the blood. 


"These burns will leave nasty scars, probably for a few months, the mutt must've been really powerful, must be the work of a high ranked Native." Fang muttered, tearing Dae's shirt so she had a better look at the wounds, Arthit  grimaced  at the ghastly sight of those wounds. 


She glanced at Bright's direction who was out of his shirt as well, had picked up a blood bag and was drinking through it on his own but she still glared at him. 


"Asking you to civilly prey on other animals or feed on the blood bags instead of taunting those dogs is completely useless, isn't it?"


Bright sighed annoyed, "Can you save the lecture for another time? It wasn't my fault that Dae likes to play around with his prey instead of killing them on the spot." 


Arthit glared at Bright while Fang busied herself to use her medicines to ease out the vampire's painful healing process. 


"Who was it?" Arthit turned to Bright. 


Bright stiffened, not meeting his eyes, he had seen Arthit in a fit of rage on many occasions but nothing compared to the present Arthit. He got it because it was about Dae, Bright felt guilty for not protecting Dae through it, for being too laid back. 


"I asked you something?" Arthit raised a brow at him, his gaze was like an accusation, 'you shouldn't have let this happen.' 


"I warned him…." 


"I asked you, who the fuck dared to hurt a vampire of our clan?" Arthit almost growled, slamming his hand on the bed beside him, causing a crack. 


"I don't know…. Was a Native like Fang mentioned…. Probably one of their Elder's heir." Bright mumbled, still unable to meet Arthit's glare. 


"Looks like someone has a death wish." Arthit sneered, Bright silently swallowed the blood, trying not to show his fear. 


Internally, Bright sighed, this was going to be another werewolf-vampire war. 




"It's going to hurt a bit." That was the only warning Oak gave before Kong felt a searing pain through his wound at the side of his shoulder. 


Kong teared up and then coughed some before glaring at his friend in anger. 


"I told you. Vampire bites are fucking nasty, especially the one that's meant to hurt." Oak said, indifferent as he wiped the blood oozing out of the wound before pushing Kong back to rest at the couch. 


Kong sighed, grateful to feel Yacht's thumb rubbing against his wrist to comfort him. He glanced at Yacht who was settled on the floor but still holding his wrist.


"Who was it?" Yacht asked, his gaze calm yet not devoid of the rage and concern. 


"No one you should be concerned about…. Just some leeches, I got rid of them anyway." Kong managed to shrug while leaning into Ple's arms as she scented him with her nose buried in his hair. Kong was just so grateful his sister understood his need for warmth without the need for him to word it out. 


"I'm just worried." Yacht said sternly, eyeing Ple for a moment. 


"Nothing to worry about, I can deal with it." Kong replied. 




"Have a little faith in your leader, Yacht." Kong grinned, Yacht rolled his eyes in annoyance before joining Ple in scenting Kong by wrapping his arms around Kong protectively. 


"I would be ripping off that leech's limbs if I didn't have faith in you, Kong." Yacht mumbled. 


Oak sighed, "Well, now that this is sorted, I have some work to do. I'll see you guys later." 


Ple stretched her arm towards Oak to pull him in a hug and the latter easily melted into her arms, Kong immediately reaching to bury his nose in his hair, to make sure that Oak had their pack's scent before he left. It felt comfortable to leave like that. 


Kong just sighed, of course he smiled and made sure that his sister and brother-in-law do not pick up on the fact that maybe…. Just maybe Kong was going to start another strife between the vampires and werewolves. 




The werewolf looked like any ordinary person on the streets. 


Arthit was sitting on top of one of the apartments' roof, his feet at the edge of the building as he stared down at the certain werewolf who was busy texting on his phone, headphones over his ears and a bag on his back, he looked like he was leaving for work, dressed in a pair of dark jeans and a plain button up shirt. His casual boots made a certain clicking sound with every step he took on the busy street of the city. 


No one would have even picked up on him being a werewolf other than the fact that there was that underlying natural scent to him which almost every werewolf had. Arthit had existed long enough to zero out on someone like that. 


It was aggravating to see that werewolf smile, still busy on his phone to realise the ominous presence shadowing him, Arthit walked along the edge of the building with ease, not losing trail of him, leapt onto the roof of another house shadowed by a taller building as he followed. 


Arthit was unable to rest even for a second knowing someone out there had dared to hurt Dae and Bright, if it had been another vampire, Arthit might have considered to know the reason but this was a werewolf! Since when did werewolves dared to hold a fight against vampires? Those scum of a species needed to be brought back to their place. 


Arthit pushed his hands into the pockets of his leather jacket as he jumped down the building with the supernatural agility, walking silently among the crowd, he still had his eyes on that certain werewolf. 


Arthit clenched his jaw as he watched the werewolf take another turn, he reached for the injection of wolfsbane in his pocket, his fist closing around it as his eyes flashed red for a moment as he turned to another street, he started to make his way through the crowd, his pace faster, make sure he was in a close distance before he injected the poison into the scum before he would silently leave. 


But then his target took another turn. Arthit was determined to not lose him as he took the turn as well. 


He stopped when he found himself in a rather isolated alley. For a moment disoriented but he knew he was already caught when he felt a sudden push against his back and soon enough pinned face first to the nearest wall, an involuntary groan escaped from his lips. 

Kong always had a certain appearance that gave anyone a false belief that this omega wouldn't even hurt a fly, looked naive and smiled sweetly, was hardly ever impolite to someone but he was also smart to break those judgements. 


Like at present, he had the vampire smashed against the wall, of course he wasn't naive to not grasp it  when someone was following him, he was a pack leader on the road to become an Elder in the next few years for a reason. 


"What do you want!" He slammed the vampire harder against the wall with the hold he had over the back of the vampire's neck. 


"Now, now, prey, I was just curious to know who had the audacity to raise their dirty little claws at one of mine." Arthit managed to speak out, grimacing as he was shoved harder to the wall. 


There was also a certain underlying scent that was catching up to him, a certain scent that was earthly…. Almost too delectable, it was as if he could drown in that certain scent. 


What surprised him was the fact that it was a scent that the vampire was carrying. All his life, the scent of a vampire had done nothing but repulsed him away from that kind altogether. 


But he was also aware that vampires were rational creatures like him, he could probably reason out with this one, trying to stop another killing and causing another round of revenge and bloodshed.


"That leech almost killed me! I had to do what I had to do to survive." Kong hissed near his ear. 

But before he could as much as react, he realised that the vampire was way stronger than he had predicted him to be, because in the next second, he was turned and found himself pinned instead.


 Kong found himself staring right back at the sharp vengeful eyes that flashed a dark shade of scarlet at him. 


For a millisecond Kong was frozen, his heart shook as the recognition started to dawn on him. 


But he didn't have much time as he tried to fight against the grasp, this vampire wasn't budging even a little at Kong's struggle unlike the previous ones.


"He was starving, he did what he had to do to survive too." Arthit snarled at him, his fangs flashed at him and Kong's own eyes flashed silver. 


Kong wasn't the one to give up as he let his hands transform to claws and started to blindly slash, wanting to push the vampire away, at that moment Kong wanted nothing but that vampire to stay the fuck away from him, his scent was unsettling him. 


The vampire must've realised it too because that triumphant smirk on his face started to morph into shock and Kong took that moment to push him as the two broke into a sheer fight of fists and claws. 


By the end of it all, Kong found himself pinned to the ground with one of the vampire's knees pinning his arm, his strong hand gripping painfully at Kong's shoulder, right where he had been bit just the previous night. Kong growled in the sheer rage of it all. 


"Bad doggie! Didn't your Elders teach you manners?" The vampire looked completely unconcerned, smirking as if this was just another normal day in the city. 


"I thought I'd give you a simple death, sweet little wolfsbane into your veins…. Teaching your kind a lesson but well well well, looks like someone needs a painful death to realise their mistake don't they?" Arthit uttered, yanking Kong's head back to expose his tanned neck, he was going to drain the blood out of this degenerate. The pact of the Elders be damned!


Kong tried to fight but he knew at that moment, he was absolutely powerless, an Ancient vampire was too strong. 


"The werewolves would not spare your life if you kill me." Kong managed to utter, his heart hammering, breathing heavily and glaring at that vampire, warning him. 


Arthit only grinned, "Do I look like I care?" 




Kong's voice cut off, eyes widening as Arthit's lips clamped around the crook of his neck, fangs inserted and then the vampire was feeding on him. 


Vaguely, Kong realised that the way this vampire's bite felt way different than the previous one that he had endured the night before, no…. This was different than every attack any vampire Kong had experienced, it did nothing but started to confirm the recognition he had felt just a few minutes ago, maybe this time that vampire recognised it as well. 


Arthit had been in enough situations that could be confirmed as being almost on the brink of death, had bitten and ruthlessly killed enough to know what death feels like.


 His fangs' contact with this werewolf's blood made him feel on the verge of death as well as suddenly more alive at the same time. 


There was something different about that werewolf, because his blood's scent was different, reminding him of the scent he had smelled just the previous night, that had made him feel dazed, maybe he still was, like nothing else mattered apart from that scent, that person and their being. 


He felt like wanted to devour that werewolf but also protect him with all of his being. 


He couldn't drink more than a simple gulp before his throat burned, it felt like drinking a strong alcoholic drink for the first time, it didn't feel pleasurable yet many never felt like stopping with a simple sip, something inside him was screaming at him. 


Three thousand years. 


For three thousand years Arthit had been existing in this world, had seen both the good and bad, the dirty and clean, the chaos and serenity yet he had never felt this emotion before. 


He had never felt his whole body sing, hum in a happiness as if he was finally complete. It felt surreal, it felt hell. Not ever had he lost control over himself like that before. 


He barely sank his fangs before he started to retreat from the werewolf's neck, lapping at the blood that managed to ooze out because this was different, every drop of that blood was more precious than Arthit wanted to appreciate it. 


He vaguely realised that the werewolf that he had pinned was no longer fighting, rather trying to breathe then holding his breath as if he suddenly realised it was Arthit's scent that he was trying to inhale. 

"I'll find a way to kill you." Arthit growled before he was off the werewolf. 


His gaze was blank, no longer the shade of red as he stared at the werewolf laying there whose eyes casted up at the clear sky, he was panting, Arthit could hear his heartbeats still louder and faster, there were red annoying marks on his neck where Arthit had bit him. 


"How?" Kong uttered, meeting his gaze, his eyes back to the normal dark shade instead of the bluish silver. 


"I don't know, but I will." Arthit said, before getting up, dusting off the dirt on his leather jacket before he turned and jumped with that extraordinary agility to land on top of the building and was soon out of Kong's sight. 


Kong stayed there, lying on the ground of an isolated alley as he started to laugh, out of the absurdity of his plight.


He had finally found his soulmate, who was a vampire, an Ancient. Who also wanted to kill him and Kong wasn't going to stay silent, he was ready to kill as well, he hated this, he hated that leech more than anything. 


How was this possible? A werewolf recognising his soulmate in a vampire? He had never heard such a thing. 


Oh he was fucked.