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Life Goes On, Without You

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“Get that gun away from me, psycho!”, Chloe screamed.

Max ran out. “NO! Stop, you motherfucker!” ‘Chloe’s not going to die again!’, she thought.


What the hell?”, Nathan yelled, spinning around. On reflex, he squeezed the trigger. Max felt a burning, searing pain in her stomach, as she collapsed to the floor.

“Max? Max Caulfield?”, Chloe said, shocked. The boy’s face paled. “It’s not my fault! She… she ran at me!” He fled the bathroom.

The bluenette ran over. “Oh, god! Max! Five...five damn years, and you go and save my life!” Max laughed, producing a breathy, bubbling sound. “..worth it, Chloe. Always will be.”

Chloe looked at her, confused. “What do you mean?” “I mean, I love you Chloe.” Max sat up and kissed her. There was blood smeared on the other girl’s lips, when she sank back down to the floor.

“I think this is it, Captain. Chloe? Don’t you forget about me.” “Never”, Chole whispered, tears running down her face.


Max closed her eyes. Opening them again a second later, she found herself standing next to Chloe, who was on the floor crying. “Chloe? I’m OK. I’m right here” She reached out to stroke her best friend’s blue hair.


And passed right through her head. “What?”, Max gasped. Her eyes widened, as she looked down at her own body. There was no movement.


“MAX! Please, no!”, Chloe screamed. Footsteps echoed in the hall, and David Madsen rushed in. “Chloe?”, he gasped.


“Chloe! I’m right here! Next to you!”, Max shouted. Neither she nor the man responded. She heard the voice of that Nightmare Max in her head. “Still worth it, dumbass? Was her surviving worth you being all alone? No one will ever hear you, will ever see you. The price,” dark laughter echoed in her head, “is being totally alone. Forever.”


Max collapsed to the floor, falling through Chloe’s still sobbing body. “No..”, she whispered. “You won’t even have me, you fucking moron. This is it. Have a nice eternity.” She felt the other’s presence fade from her mind.

Max sat up, leaning her head against her knees. Her cries matched Chloe’s in strength, in sadness. But she would be the only one to hear them.

To hear her own voice.