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They're Boyfriends Your Honor

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“C’mon Ranboo! We have to go!” Tommy exclaimed excitedly. He grabbed Ranboo’s wrist harshly causing him to hiss in pain though Tommy didn’t notice. Tommy ran out the door dragging the taller boy out the door.

Ranboo ducked, making sure he didn’t hit his head and followed Tommy outside. “What are we doing?” Ranboo asked, glad he had a friend to hang out with.

Tommy smirked with an evil intent in his eyes. “I’m glad you asked!” Tommy slowed down his pace to talk. “We’re gonna commit some crimes!”



“Hey, Ranboo, wanna hang out today?” Tubbo asked as he walked up to Ranboo, trying to look the boy in the eyes yet he avoided his gaze.

“Sorry, Tubbo. Ranboo and I already have plans!” Tommy spoke loudly as he tried to throw his arm around Ranboo’s shoulders.

“Oh.” Tubbo frowned. “That’s okay, maybe next time.”

Ranboo frowned at the boy as he walked away. He did want to hang out with him but Tommy had said they were hanging out today. Ranboo couldn’t argue with him.


“Ranboo! This way!” Tommy was holding onto the boy’s wrist. Tommy led them down along a thin path surrounded by water on both sides.

Ranboo was happy that Tommy was enjoying himself but he was terrified of falling into the water. He trusted Tommy though. Tommy wouldn’t let him fall. Right?

“C’mon! Hurry up!” Tommy yelled at Ranboo.

Ranboo frowned. “Sorry, Tommy. I’m just scared of falling in.”

“Huh? Why?”

“Did you forget? I’m part enderman, I can’t touch water,” Ranboo explained, his voice quiet.

Tommy blinked at him. “Oh. I guess I forgot.”

Ranboo looked away. He thought Tommy would remember something like that. It was kind of important. “Oh, that’s okay. Come on, let’s continue going.” Ranboo smiled at the blond despite still being hurt.

Tommy perked up. “Yeah!” Tommy raced off again, this time though instead of holding Ranboo by the wrist he was holding his hand.

Ranboo’s face grew hot.


“Ranboo!” Tommy called out as he ran over to the enderman-something else hybrid.

Ranboo nodded at him as a way of greeting.

“Hey, Tommy!”

“Oh, hey Tubbo.” Tommy looked between Tubbo and Ranboo. Was something happening?

They were sharing a blanket and were really close to each other. They had a bunch of snacks with them as well. Was this a date?

“Are you guys on a date?” Tommy asked bluntly.

Tubbo nodded happily. “Yeah! We’re on a platonic date! Do you want to join us, Tommy?”

Ranboo smiled at Tommy, hoping he would want to join them. It had been a while since all three of them hung out together.

Tommy scoffed. “No thank you.”

He walked away.

Ranboo frowned as he watched him walk away.


Tommy did want to join them. He really did. But he felt a pang of hurt in his chest. It felt like they were only pitying him. No. They were supposed to be his friends. HIS. Not anyone else's, only his. That’s why they were here, right? So Tommy could finally have friends and someone to talk to. Someone who finally cared about him. But no. They didn’t really care about him. It was only pity. They didn’t care about him. They had other friends.


“Tommy!” Ranboo walked up to Tommy, sitting down next to him on the grass.

Tommy had been sitting alone by the water, staring at his reflection in deep thought.

Ranboo gently nudged Tommy’s shoulder, trying to get him to look at him.

It didn’t work.

“What do you want, Ranboo?” Tommy asked, annoyed, still not turning to look at the boy.

Ranboo frowned.


That wasn’t the only time it happened. Tommy had been actively avoiding Ranboo for a while now and it hurt the taller boy a lot. One of his only friends had shut him out and he didn’t know why.

Finally, one-day Ranboo found Tommy by the water again. He walked up to him and sat down beside him.

Tommy sighed. “What do you want, Ranboo?”

Ranboo stayed silent and just sat next to the boy, staring into the water.

Tommy softly smiled. The silence was comfortable. Tommy would never admit it but he scooched a tiny bit closer to Ranboo, not enough for the older male to notice but enough to bring some sense of security to Tommy.

The two boys sat in silence, occasionally skipping rocks across the water. They met each other’s gaze a few times, both of them immediately turning away, blushes evident on both their faces.

They never said a word. They didn’t have to.


That was how their friendship went from now on. They didn’t talk except for the few occasional words when one of them wanted to say something important to the other but other than that it was complete silence.

Ranboo didn’t like it.


“I don’t get it! I don’t know what happened!”

“Hey, hey. Calm down, Big Man. I’m sure it’s fine,” Tubbo spoke in a soft calming tone as he gently rubbed Ranboo’s back.

“No! It’s not fine, Tubbo! The one person I’ve allowed myself to have feelings for hates me! He never talks to me, Tubbo! We always just sit in silence and it’s killing me!”

Tubbo frowned. “Hey, listen to me Ranboo.” Tubbo pushed Ranboo back so he could look the boy in the eyes. “Tommy does not hate you. I’ve never seen him as happy as he is when he’s around you. The dude adores you. You make him happy. I see the way he looks at you and dude, he’s in love.”

Ranboo looked down, processing Tubbo’s words. “How do you know that?”

Tubbo gave a small smile. “Because I was in love too.”

The enderboy looked up at the small boy and met his gaze. “Really? Who did you love?”

Tubbo gave off a nervous laugh and rubbed the back of his neck as he looked away, a small blush spreading across his face. “Oh, uh. It was actually two people. At the same time. Uhm. This is kind of embarrassing but the two people I liked were, uhm, you and Tommy?” His voice had sort of a questioning tone to it.

A dark purple spread across Ranboo’s face. “Oh.”

“I-it’s not like I still like you guys or anything! I’m completely over it! It was just a dumb stupid crush you have nothing to worry about!” Tubbo blurted out frantically.

Ranboo stifled a laugh. “Tubbo, it’s fine. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if you still had a crush on me, I mean we are married after all,” Ranboo said with a wink.

“I… I… I… Yeah, so I have a thing I gotta do so uh bye Ranboo good luck with Tommy!” Tubbo ran out with a crimson red blush on his face.

Ranboo laughed.


“Hello, Sir Tommy,” Ranboo greeted as he sat down next to the blonde boy on the grass by the water.

This was where they always met and it brought them both a sense of comfort.

“Hello Mr Boob,” Tommy responded.

Ranboo gave off a sound similar to that of an enderman. Well, it wasn’t similar, it was an enderman sound. Ranboo had made the noise out of excitement because it was the first time in a while that Tommy had actually said hi back to him. Of course, he didn’t like the name but it was better than nothing.

Tommy laughed. “What was that? Is your enderman side coming out, Big man?”

Ranboo felt his face get hot as he avoided looking at Tommy’s face.

“Huh. Do all enderman blush purple?” Tommy asked as he studied the other’s face.

“W-what? I’m not blushing! Shut up!” Ranboo shoved the blond’s shoulder gently.

Tommy laughed.

Ranboo looked at him in adoration. How could one’s laugh be so angelic? “Hey, Tommy? I wanted to tell you something.”

“Hmm?” Tommy hummed in response, telling him to continue.

“Uh, well. Well, well, well, well, well. Hmm. How do I say this? Ah, well. I’m kinda lowkey in love with you but I also realized I have feelings for like Tubbo and Tubbo told me that he had feelings for both you and me and I’m really conflicted and just I thought you hated me but you don’t and Tubbo thinks you love me and just sorry. Sorry.”

Tommy froze, processing everything Ranboo just said. “That’s a lot of fucking words mate.”

Ranboo nodded. “Yeah.”

Tommy took a deep breath in. “So let me get this straight, Tubbo liked both of us. You like him? And you also like me?”

Ranboo gave a small nod.

“Poggers man,” Tommy said with a blank face.


Tommy stood up and grabbed Ranboo’s hand, yanking him up. “C’mon, let’s go Big Man.”

Before Ranboo could say anything Tommy was already racing along, forcing the tall man to run along with him.

“Tommy where are we going?” Ranboo asked confusedly as he ran along with Tommy.

Tommy ignored the question and kept running until he got to his destination.

They were at Ranboo and Tubbo’s house.

“Tommy? What are we doing here?” Ranboo asked but received no answer.

Tommy walked up to the door and knocked gently but loud enough to where Tubbo could hear.

The two boys stood outside for a few seconds before Tubbo opened the door.

“Hey, guy-” Tubbo tried to greet them but was immediately cut off.

Tommy had ran at the boy full force and connected their lips.

So that’s what Tommy brought them here for.

Ranboo leaned against the wall and watched in amusement.

The two shorter boys stayed connected for some while before Tommy slowly pulled away, the two gasping for breath.

“What the hell, Tommy,” Tubbo muttered as he wiped his bottom lip, blood dripping a tiny bit.

Tommy smirked. “Sorry, Tubbs. Wanted to claim what was mine.”

Ranboo cleared his throat as he walked towards the two smaller males. “Seems you’re forgetting someone Tommy.”

Tommy rolled his eyes. “What? Do you want a kiss too?”

Ranboo blushed. “Not what I meant but uh… Can I have a kiss?” Ranboo asked shyly.

“Yeah!” Tommy walked closer to the male, ready to grab him and pull him forward to kiss him before Tubbo shoved him out of the way.

“Nuh-uh man. You just stole my first so I want Ranboo’s,” Tubbo said as he grabbed Ranboo by the tie.

Ranboo’s face flushed a dark shade of purple.

Tommy smiled as he watched Tubbo pull Ranboo down and kiss him passionately.

Ranboo was the first to pull away, not wanting to overstep any boundaries (although there was no chance of that).

Tubbo smiled at Ranboo, an innocent smile.

“Hey, hey. My turn!” Tommy said needily as he pulled Ranboo towards him. “I want my kiss too.” He looked at Ranboo, waiting for him to initiate the kiss.

Ranboo looked at him nervously. “Can I?” He asked, unsure of himself.

“Just do it already you pussy!” Tommy said impatiently.

Tubbo laughed.

The tallest boy sighed and placed his hand on Tommy’s cheek gently and leaned down and kissed the blonde on the lips gently.

This didn’t satisfy Tommy. Tommy wrapped his arms around the enderboy’s neck and kissed him much more roughly and bit the boy’s bottom lip harshly, drawing blood.

After a few seconds of the passionate kiss, Tommy slowly pulled away, a smirk on his face.

“Holy fuck,” Tubbo whispered as he watched the two pull apart.

Ranboo rubbed his bleeding and swollen lip as he looked between the two boys, flustered.

Tommy laughed and grabbed both of the boys’ hands. “So, will you two be my boyfriends?” Tommy asked, looking between the two with a hopeful gleam in his eyes.

“Are you stupid? You just fucking made out with me! I’d have to be an idiot not to date you after that because holy hell that was fucking hot!” Tubbo responded immediately.

Tommy smiled softly. “What about you, Ranboo? Will you date us?”

Ranboo gave a small laugh and squeezed Tommy’s hand gently. “Of course. I love you two,” Ranboo said with a smile as he looked at the both of them with nothing but love in his eyes.