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Anybody with eyes could see that Kaoru was absolutely infatuated with Ainosuke. Ainosuke didn’t mind it. Kaoru wasn’t annoying and never pestered him, so he never mentioned it. Still, he could admit that it was a little bit fun. As long as they were skateboarding, he’d let Kaoru pine as much as he wanted. And if Kojiro was a little jealous, well, that wasn’t Ainosuke’s business.


For these reasons, he allows Kaoru to drag him to his home when his parents are out. It’s already really late and Kojiro had said goodbye to them as usual, oblivious to what his friends were up to.


And when Kaoru starts pulling off his clothes, Ainosuke can at least take solace in the fact that his friend is pretty. Honestly, he has no interest in Kaoru sexually. He’s not Ainosuke’s type. He’s bold and proud and obsessed with perfection — unlike Ainosuke, he gets to be those things out of free will. Still, on the surface it’s great. Ainosuke loves to skate with him; he really couldn’t ask for a better friend.


But beneath that, Ainosuke never much cared to get involved. Luckily for Kaoru, Ainosuke doesn’t have much time to take care of his urges at home — not when he’s either stuck at his snobbish school or listening to his aunties go on about how to treat his future wife. Kaoru is a willing partner and Ainosuke at least likes him enough to have their first time together.


Once they’re both naked, Kaoru slinks his arms around Ainosuke’s neck, pressing their lips together. Kaoru tastes sweet, he realizes, as he sucks on the boy’s lower lip. Before he can take the kiss further and get inside his mouth, Kaoru pulls away, dragging Ainosuke with him until they fall back on his bed. 


He’s blushing wildly — Ainosuke had never seen him look so embarrassed. He even finds it cute.


Squirming beneath him, Kaoru turns his head to the side, “I cleaned myself and everything, so you don’t have to prep me,” he mumbles, eyes darting back and forth between Ainosuke and the wall.


It’s a pity. Ainosuke would’ve liked the practice, and he’d have enjoyed teasing Kaoru. Shrugging it off, he just smiles and sinks into the moment. Kaoru slithers away from him and Ainosuke follows until they’re situated — Kaoru laying comfortably on his pillow and Ainosuke hovering over him.


He reaches for the condom while Kaoru waits patiently and watches him carefully. Ainosuke slips it on before lathering himself in lube. Leaning down, he presses his lips against the shell of Kaoru’s ear and whispers, “Spread your legs for me.”


Kaoru does just that, a whimper falling from his lips. Ainosuke pushes two fingers inside him and just as Kaoru said, he was already fairly loose. Even so, Ainosuke took his time as he fucked Kaoru on his fingers, stretching his fingers wide and licking his lips at the sight of his gaping hole.


Then Kaoru groans, grabbing Ainosuke’s shoulder, “Hurry up,” he demands.


Ainosuke bites his tongue. How is this supposed to be enjoyable if they just rush right into it? Even so, Ainosuke obliges him, pulling his fingers out and lining up his cock, pushing into him with one smooth movement, seeing as Kaoru just wanted to make this fast.


Kaoru moans, his fingers curling into the sheets as Ainosuke presses in to the hilt, grinding his hips up into him while Kaoru arches his back, “Adam!” he gasps, rolling his hips in time with Ainosuke. It feels amazing inside of him, he’s so tight, hugging his cock perfectly. 


After a few moments of rocking into him and making his toes curl, Ainosuke begins fucking him at a brutal pace, balls slapping against his skin, and Kaoru yelps. When Ainosuke leans down to suck on his pert nipples, pinching at the other one, Kaoru just whines, cradling Ainosuke’s head in one hand.


It feels good. It feels really good.


“There!” Kaoru moans, “Oh my god, Adam, right there!”


It’s so boring.


Kaoru just lies there and takes everything Ainosuke gives him, crying and moaning and gasping for more. So Ainosuke continues to give. He wraps his fist around Kaoru’s leaking cock, stroking it in time with each thrust and Kaoru shudders beneath him. He sucks and bites at Kaoru’s neck, but the boy just tilts his head to accommodate him. Ainosuke trembles. He wants Kaoru to bite him back. He wants him to leave scratches on his back or hickeys on his neck. He wants Kaoru to choke him, to praise him, to beg for more, to touch him.


Instead, he just screams Adam’s name as if he worships him.


Ainosuke sometimes thinks that he actually does.


And yet, he just claws at the sheets, ignoring every filthy comment Ainosuke whispers into his ear like he isn’t even there. Then Kaoru cums without warning, spilling into Ainosuke’s hand with a cry. He whimpers as Ainosuke keeps driving into him, chasing an orgasm that he’s on the edge of, but can barely reach.


“Adam,” he gasps, “Please! It’s too much.”


Ainosuke grits his teeth. Reluctantly, he pulls out, fucking into his fist like mad until he cums all over Kaoru’s stomach. He breathes heavily, catching his breath and trying to forget the fact that he almost wasn’t able to get off despite it feeling so good.


When Kaoru nudges him with his knee, prompting him to go get a wet cloth to clean them up, Ainosuke listens, tossing his condom in the trash and cleaning Kaoru up without a word. His friend is smiling sweetly at him, eyes drowsy as he waits. When Ainosuke finishes, he slips into bed beside him and hugs him close, his chest pressed against the other’s back.


Kaoru leans against him and sighs, “That felt good,” he mumbles sleepily.


Ainosuke frowns, “Yeah,” he agrees.


He kind of wishes Kojiro had fallen for him instead.


-  -  -


“Tadashi,” Ainosuke draws out his name, laying on his stomach on the couch of his father’s office. The man was out for the day, something about having to attend a private party. Ainosuke couldn’t find it in himself to pay attention to his father’s personal affairs.


Standing at his father’s desk, Tadashi looks up from where he was organizing papers, “Yes, sir?”


“I lost my virginity two days ago.” Ainosuke holds in a laugh at the way Tadashi’s eyebrows furrow as if he were trying to process his words.


“...I see,” is what he settles on.


A wicked grin on his face, Ainosuke hums, “She didn’t want me to wear a condom, though. I hope I didn’t get her pregnant.”


“Ainosuke-sama!” Tadashi all but shouts, the pile of papers he’d been holding scattering on the floor. When he sees the grin on the boy’s face, however, he sighs, “Please don't joke about those things.”


Chuckling, Ainosuke sits up on the couch, leaning on the armrest to watch as Tadashi picks up the papers, “Don’t you want to hear about it?”


Knowing he doesn’t have much of a choice, Tadashi leaves the pile of papers on the desk and joins Ainosuke on the couch. Before he can even ask, Ainosuke is laughing at him again, “You really thought I’d sleep with a woman? I thought you’d know me better by now.”


True, he supposes he should’ve known it was a lie from the start. Ainosuke has never shown any genuine interest in women. Perhaps that’s why it surprised him so. “I suppose I should have. But, you did still wear one… right?” he asks cautiously.


Always in a better mood when his father isn’t home, Ainosuke snorts, “What makes you think I was the one that needed to?”

Tadashi reddens, hands wringing together in his lap, “I didn’t mean to be presumptuous—” he stops himself when he sees Ainosuke roll his eyes and smirk. When did he become such a tease?


“You’re too easy,” he says with a smile, and Tadashi can’t find it in himself to be angry when Ainosuke smiles like that, “Actually, it was really boring.”


“Boring?” Tadashi prompts, once he’s sure the boy isn’t messing with him again.


Ainosuke nods, crossing his arms, “Yeah. You know my friend Kaoru, right?”


“The one you always skate with?” Of course, Tadashi knows about Kaoru. And he knows that Kaoru likes Ainosuke, while his other friend Kojiro likes Kaoru. He knows that with them, Ainosuke goes by Adam and that his skills have dramatically improved even without Tadashi’s help. Everything Ainosuke had ever told him about it had been committed to memory, and occasionally Tadashi imagines what it would be like to spend so much time with him rather than shining his master’s shoes, “I thought you didn’t have much interest in him.”


Ainosuke sighs, laying his head back on the couch sitting with his legs spread wide, “I don’t really. He’s cute, but he’s also a perfectionist who’s been obsessed with skating flawlessly, so I don’t really see him as a long-time partner. It just sort of happened. We’re just teens, you know,” he says, giving Tadashi a pointed look.


Tadashi nods in understanding, still wondering why Ainosuke insists on telling him this, “Did that carry over into…” he trails off, not wanting to say it aloud.


Then, Ainosuke just frowns, looking away from Tadashi to glare at the wall, “It was worse. Even though it felt good, I was just so bored I almost didn’t get off. He just laid there and did nothing,” he hisses.


“Perhaps you just need a partner better suited to you?” Tadashi offers.


“Perhaps,” Ainosuke mumbles before a sly smile spreads over his face, “Tadashi, you’re not a virgin, right?”


“N-No, sir,” Tadashi stutters out, surprised by such an abrupt question, although maybe it isn’t so surprising coming from Ainosuke.


“And I bet you’re not into women, either.”


“Well, I suppose I’m not,” Tadashi answers carefully, curious as to where Ainosuke is going with this. He could tell the boy was in a strange mood the second he waltzed into the office, staring Tadashi down while he cleaned up.


“Then would you mind if I tried something?” Ainosuke asks with a tilt of his head.


Tadashi gets a strong feeling that he should stop this where it is, but how is he supposed to reject the spoiled son of his boss? Really, if he thinks about it, it is his job to help him. “If you want,” he says slowly.


He’s hit with immediate regret at the sight of Ainosuke’s sadistic smirk.


“Really? Then get on your knees.”


A shiver runs up Tadashi’s spine and he sits up a little straighter, “I’m sorry?”


Ainosuke’s eyes are dark, narrowing dangerously, “Don’t make me repeat myself, Tadashi. Right here,” he growls, pointing to the place between his legs.


Goosebumps run along Tadashi’s pale skin and he obeys, falling to his knees and crawling between Ainosuke’s legs, hands planted firmly in his lap. Is Ainosuke really going to have him do this? Is Tadashi really going to listen?


“Good boy,” Ainosuke chuckles, “Now suck.”

Yes, he decides to himself, and Tadashi reaches for the zipper of Ainosuke’s pants, only to have his hand slapped away, a harsh glare pointed at him, “Ah-ah, no hands.”


Swallowing thickly, Tadashi places his hands back in his lap, leaning in until his nose is touching Ainosuke’s cock, hot and twitching beneath the fabric. He has to press even closer in order to catch the zipper between his teeth. Once he’s done that, there’s the obstacle of Ainosuke’s boxers. Tadashi can’t help himself, his cheeks warm as he presses his nose against the younger boy’s clothed dick, breathing in and biting his lip to stifle a moan. Ainosuke smells so good. 


“Having fun?” Ainosuke jokes, eyes still dark despite the sweet smile on his lips.


Tadashi can only nod blithely, pressing quick kisses over his length until it twitches to life and strains beneath his boxers. He drags his tongue up to the tip, mouthing at the slit until it’s soaked with his saliva. Above him, Ainosuke gasps, fingers clawing at the couch cushion to stop himself from bucking into Tadashi’s mouth. Finally, he takes the waistband between his teeth, dragging it down until it’s tucked below Ainosuke’s balls. Again, Tadashi presses his nose in, suckling at his balls while Ainosuke mewls above him, already coming undone from his own act. It’s only when small beads of precum drip from his cock that Tadashi moves on, wrapping his lips around the head, humming as he swirls his tongue around, lapping up every drop.


“Fuck,” Ainosuke breathes out, heading falling to the back of the couch. 


Tadashi’s heart beats just a little faster, his body heating up just a little more knowing he made Ainosuke look like that. Squeezing his eyes shut, Tadashi bobs his head around his cock, just far enough to barely avoid his gag reflex. Then all at once, he forces himself onto his length until he feels rough pubic hair tickle his face. He drags his tongue sloppily up and down his cock until he chokes, pulling off for a moment, only to wrap his lips back around him, bobbing his head greedily yet again. Ainosuke moans, his hips rocking back and forth, back arching. He bites his lips to smother a moan, but instead, it comes out in a whine, and Tadashi groans around him.


“Tadashi,” he gasps, “Fuck, I’m close. Off. Now.”


Tadashi pulls off of his cock, though not before leaving a wet kiss on the tip. One of Ainosuke’s hands grip onto Tadashi’s bangs, wrenching his head back, while the other grabs his cock firmly, “Open your mouth,” he orders.


Obedient as ever, Tadashi opens his mouth wide, letting his tongue lull out while Ainosuke jerks himself off until he’s coming all over his face, painting his tongue and cheeks white. Some of it gets onto his eye, and Tadashi gets the feeling it was intentional.




Tadashi swallows what’s in his mouth, cringing at the foul taste as he waits for Ainsuke’s next order.


“Up,” he says this time, patting his thighs. Tadashi climbs into his lap, only now noticing his erection when it presses against Ainosuke’s belly. The boy ignores it, using his finger to pick up the cum on his cheeks and push it into Tadashi’s mouth. He sucks on Ainosuke’s finger, only for him to press his finger onto the top of his tongue, leaving his lips parted as drool drips down his chin. Then, Ainosuke leans in close, his hot breath warming Tadashi’s face as runs his tongue over his eyelid, licking up the cum. Tadashi can’t help but jerk back instinctively, Ainosuke laughing at him when he does so.


“How’d you learn to suck dick like that?” Ainosuke asks, a little breathless once he finally leans away, pulling his finger out and wiping the spit on the couch.


Tadashi glowers at him before letting out a quiet huff, “I’m not sure how to answer that, sir,” he says, wiping the drool off with his sleeve.


Ainosuke pouts, “Too bad, I was thinking you should teach me sometime.”

Blushing at the implication, Tadashi tries to wiggle off Ainosuke’s lap, only for strong hands to grab him by the hips and push him back down, “Slow down, don’t you want to cum, too?”


Tadashi doesn’t say anything, knowing he shouldn’t be asking his young master for such a favor. But Ainosuke must’ve taken his silence for a yes, shifting his legs so that Tadashi is straddling his thigh. He barely has time to guess what’s going to happen when Ainosuke is lifting his legs, grinding his thigh into his crotch. Tadashi yelps, reaching out to hold onto the boy’s shoulders.


“You’re gonna have to try a little harder if you want to cum, Tadashi.”


Ainosuke was never one to make things simple, but Tadashi doesn’t need to be told twice, rutting his hips onto Ainosuke’s thigh and whining when he presses up a little harder. The pain only makes him grind harder, pushing down as his hips stutter back and forth. Ainosuke seemed to think he was moving too slow, taking control again as his fingers dig into Tadashi’s hip bones, dragging him along his thigh at an even faster pace. Tadashi covers his mouth when he screams, the fabric rubbing against him roughly, the pressure pushing him to the edge.


“Ainosuke-sama!” he cries, “I need to cum! Can I, please?” It wasn’t like Ainosuke had told him to hold it, but the idea of being controlled by his every whim makes Tadashi’s heart pound in his chest.


“Good boy. Cum for me,” Ainosuke growls. He stops his movements, holding Tadashi in place as he squishes his thigh against his cock.


Tadashi’s mouth falls open in a silent scream, head thrown back and body trembling from the pain of his cock being crushed against Ainosuke’s thigh, coming pitifully in his pants. After he finishes with a few deep breaths, the thigh drops from under him, and Tadashi whimpers, his head falling onto Ainosuke’s shoulder as he recovers.


What’s most bewildering is when Ainosuke wraps his arms around his waist, resting his head on top of Tadashi’s.


Once his thoughts have cleared up, Tadashi leans back, wiping away tears that had stung at the corner of his eyes. Ainosuke is tucking his cock back in his pants, and Tadashi feels a rush of pride when he sees that it was starting to harden again. 


“Aiichiro-sama… should be back… soon,” Tadashi says between breaths.


“I guess you should probably change, then,” Ainosuke smirks, one of his hands caressing Tadashi’s bottom.


The comment brings Tadashi’s attention to the sticky fluid in his underwear and he grimaces. He scoots away and stands up again, cringing at every step he takes, “I have to organize his desk first. That was the one thing he asked me to do,” he sighs, looking at the messy pile of work on the desk.


Ainosuke snickers, standing up and sashaying behind him, pressing his half-hard dick against Tadashi’s ass. He wraps his arms around him, one circling to his hips and the other around his chest, “Well when you’re finished with that,” he whispers, voice low as he presses his lips just behind Tadashi’s ear, in the place that makes him squeak, “You can clean yourself up and come to my room.”


Without waiting for a response, Ainosuke saunters away, leaving Tadashi flustered and terribly, terribly horny.


-  -  -


It’s been months since the first time Tadashi had messed around with Ainosuke, but it certainly wasn’t the only time. It wasn’t the last time they messed around in Aiichiro’s office either. For some odd reason, Ainosuke loved bending Tadashi over his father’s desk, or riding him in his father’s chair, or plowing into him on the couches. Once, they even hid in the storage closet while Aiichiro was on a phone call, where Ainosuke had gotten on his knees and sucked Tadashi’s dick, while the older boy tried desperately to stay quiet — Ainosuke had gotten exceptionally good at it, as with most things he learned.


Tadashi, at his wit’s end since the first time Aiichiro found a questionable stain on his couch that his secretary had failed to clean, politely requested that Ainosuke refrains from using his father’s office for such activities anymore. Though he was annoyed by the request, Ainosuke agreed, wary of what might happen if his father found out he was fucking his secretary.


Needless to say, it didn’t hinder their fun.


“Tadashi,” Ainosuke drawls one evening as he arrives home, “I’m in a bad mood. Let’s play.”


“Is something wrong?” Tadashi inquires, not acknowledging that last comment. He was still sore from this morning, where Ainosuke had left bruises on his hips after pounding him against the wall of his shower before going to school. He left a nasty bite on his shoulder, too, one that stung every time his vest rubbed against it.


Ainosuke rolled his eyes, his hand trailing over Tadashi’s waist, “I just had to bail on Kaoru and Kojiro because Dad called me home early. Can you believe it? He ignores me for weeks and this is what he calls me about.”


“I’m sorry to hear that, sir. Perhaps if you didn’t go out every day, he might not be so inclined to reprimand you,” Tadashi suggests as tactfully as possible, staring at the ground in fear of what he might see if he looks up.


Ainosuke scoffs, tearing his hand away from Tadashi’s waist, “Whose side are you on?” He growls, and Tadashi can feel the heat from his glare burning into him.


“I apologize, Ainosuke-sama, that’s not what I meant. Aiichiro-sama is very concerned about your future but will be quick to lash out at you. I just have your best interests at heart,” Tadashi explains quickly, his hands clasped together in front of him. The suggestion might have been reasonable for any other person, but Ainosuke had so little control over his life already, and Tadashi didn’t want him to suffer more than he has because of it. And he’s noticed how Ainosuke has changed. He’s angrier, even if he tries to hide it, and he’s become obsessed with skating, to the point of hurting himself and others. Tadashi has already paid off a few of his competitors, unbeknownst to the rest of the house.


Ainosuke just clicks his tongue, “Whatever. Are we going to fuck or not?”


“Well, I’m still sore from this morning, so…” Tadashi trails off, finally glancing up at the boy for a shred of pity.


Ainosuke isn’t the sort for pity, and instead rolls his eyes, “Can’t you at least blow me? I’ll even settle for a handjob if you want,” he says with a pout, throwing Tadashi’s pity back in his face.




“Please, Tadashi,” Ainosuke feigns no shyness as he gropes Tadashi’s dick through his pants, “I promise I’ll play nice,” he insists.


Inwardly, Tadashi is burning with shame, and perhaps it’s on the outside, too. But deep down, he knows he can never resist Ainosuke. “It will be an hour before Aiichiro-sama lets me go,” he finally says. Ainosuke smiles.


One thing that Tadashi failed to consider, as he treaded into the boy’s room an hour later, was that Ainosuke didn’t know how to play nice anymore.


But at least he tries to be gentle.


Tadashi ends up on his knees, tucked beneath Ainosuke’s massive desk with his jaw slack and lips wrapped loosely around his half-hard cock. Desperately, oh so desperately, Tadashi wishes he didn’t enjoy it so much. But how can he not? Ainosuke is so attentive with him, petting his hair with one hand, the other scribbling notes as he studies. He almost feels like he could doze off here, tucked between the boy’s legs as nothing more than a cock warmer. It’s lovely. He even misses the ache in his jaw when Ainosuke lightly tugs on his hair to pull him off.


They both know that Tadashi being sore was just an excuse, one made to hide the embarrassment that is Tadashi admitting how much he loves when Ainosuke makes him hurt. In reality, he just doesn’t want to explain to Aiichiro why he’s limping, seeing as his son only knows how to be rough. Tadashi can’t admit it, but they both know.


Ainosuke pushes his chair away from the desk to give Tadashi a little more space, then he tugs at his cock with one hand, the other reaching forward to smooth Tadashi’s bangs out of his face. When it’s fully hard and leaking, he slaps it against the older boy’s face, just to get a reaction. Tadashi’s cheeks burn, eyes flickering shut each time he does it, though he’s unable to hide the muffled whimper that escapes him. Tadashi loves it. He loves it almost as much as he does Ainosuke’s expression, looking down on him with pure, uninhibited lust. Poisonous, but so alluring and delicious that Tadashi can’t stop himself from indulging.


With one gulp, he meets Ainosuke’s gaze, lips parted, “You can use my thighs,” he says almost breathlessly.


Licking his lips, Ainosuke stands from his chair and offers Tadashi his hand. The older boy takes it, standing on unsteady legs, still somewhat asleep. “On the bed. Clothes off. Hands and knees,” he commands.


Tadashi complies with no hesitance, unbuttoning his vest and shirt while Ainosuke undresses beside him. With practiced skill, they undress swiftly and set their clothes aside as neatly as they can, Tadashi then scrambling onto the bed while Ainosuke waits. He assumes the usual position with his legs spread and back arched.


The mattress shifts when Ainosuke climbs on behind him, ghosting a finger up Tadashi’s spine and laughing softly when the boy jolts. He traces the tiny bruises on his hips, pressing each one of them while Tadashi shivers and gasps at every touch. Then Ainosuke’s hands slide to his thighs, pushing them together before slipping one hand in between them, caressing his sensitive inner thighs, brushing his weeping cock until he’s shaking.


He doesn’t remember when Ainosuke had grabbed the lube, but he can hear the squelching sound as he rubs it onto his cock. Without a word, he grabs Tadashi’s ass and squeezes, pushing his cock between the soft skin of his toned thighs. They moan in unison when Ainosuke’s cock glides against Tadashi’s, over and over as Ainosuke wastes no time. He leans down until his chest is flush with Tadashi’s back, one hand circling to tweak Tadashi’s nipples while the other stays firm on his rear, keeping them in place. Tadashi gasps as Ainosuke kisses his neck, praying that he’s not irritated enough to leave marks where they can be seen.


The thought disappears as soon as it comes when Ainosuke groans into his ear, thrusting against him so hard that Tadashi’s elbows give out. He claws into the sheets and covers his mouth to subdue his cries while Ainosuke shudders on top of him, biting just below his neck. Tadashi can feel precum leaking down his thighs alongside the lubricant as he struggles to keep his legs closed. 


It’s even harder when Ainosuke lets go of him completely, only to curl his arms under Tadashi’s waist, his hands forming a circle with his hands so their cocks are pressed tightly together with glorious friction in each thrust, hot and wet and so fucking good. Ainosuke’s thrusts are near beastly at this point, practically humping him as he presses his cheek to Tadashi’s back and pants against him. His hips slap against Tadashi’s ass with stinging pain, and he’s sure there will be bruises afterward. The thought only pushes Tadashi further to the edge, pliant beneath his animalistic treatment, moaning as he wiggles his hips helplessly.


“I’m close!” Ainosuke gasps against his back, and Tadashi nods rapidly, unable to form the words to say that he’s close, too. With one final thrust, hips planted firmly against Tadashi, Ainosuke cums with a cry, stroking their cocks through it until Tadashi is cumming into Ainosuke’s hand as well. The younger boy milks out every last drop, even as Tadashi squirms and whimpers beneath him, not stopping until his hands and sheets are streaked white.


Ainosuke flops over onto his back and Tadashi’s legs finally give out, his hips falling into the bed. Even though he can feel cum sticking to his abdomen, he ignores it, turning his head to look at Ainosuke, whose chest is heaving as he looks right back. He’s grinning ear to ear, reaching out one hand to Tadashi, who dutifully laps up the cum. Ainosuke chuckles and shakes his head, always finding humor in Tadashi’s unabated obedience.


“Fuck, why haven’t we done that before?”


Tadashi merely smiles and shrugs his shoulders. He’d figured they’d do at some point.


Minutes pass, and as much as Tadashi doesn’t want to, he knows he’ll have to leave to his own quarters, though not before replacing the duvet on Ainosuke’s bed and getting the current one washed. He nearly sighs as he picks himself up, wondering how bad it would be if he were to simply stay in Ainosuke’s room for just one night.


He doesn’t get much time to ponder when Ainosuke presses his lips against Tadashi’s in a rare kiss. If it were up to Tadashi, it wouldn’t be so rare, but he wouldn’t dare take such initiative. He simply melts into the few kisses Ainosuke allows him, short as they are. Even now, Ainosuke is pulling away from him, standing up to go shower.


Just before he opens the door to his bathroom, he turns around and smiles gently, “Thank you, Tadashi.”


Tadashi’s heart soars. His chest swells. He feels like he’s floating. He feels all that, but instead, he bows, “Of course, Ainosuke-sama.” He knows his place in this house.


-  -  -


It’s only a day later when Tadashi is made painfully aware of that place.


He wanted to defend him, he really did, but this job was all he had. He’s served the Shindo family since he was a child, this was his only option. Nowhere in his job description was he required to have opinions, especially not if they directly contradicted those of his boss, his master, Aiichiro Shindo.


“I have looked the other way until today. But you need to move on from playing around like this!” the man insisted, his tone lacking any trace of sympathy.


“Aiichiro-sama,” Tadashi started, clamming up with one stern look from Aiichiro. His master.


“Do you have a complaint, Tadashi?”


No, Tadashi never had complaints. It wasn’t in his nature, and it wasn’t in his job. He was a servant of the Shindo family always and forever, he wasn’t raised to tell them what to do — he was raised to obey orders. As long as Aiichiro was at the top of this family, his word was law. Tadashi wouldn’t, or more accurately couldn’t, defy him.


Not even for Ainosuke.


So Tadashi does what does best. He bows his head and responds like the obedient dog he is. He keeps his expression neutral, his voice even, lowly. He answers his master like he’s supposed to, like his master wants, devoid of Tadashi’s own thoughts. “No. I have no opinions.”


Then Tadashi has to watch Ainosuke, his darling young master, as he breaks right in front of him. He didn’t need to see the boy’s face to know what’s going through his head right now. Ainosuke had snapped, staring at his burnt skateboard, fists trembling, jaw clenched tightly. He and Aiichiro whipped around to leave at the same moment, and Tadashi could only glance at Ainosuke for a second before dutifully following at the foot of his boss.


But he would never forget the moment Ainosuke’s lovely, pink eyes darkened, his pupils now swimming in that swirling, dangerous red.


Tadashi may not be allowed opinions, but he does have emotions, and on the weekdays, the hours between 8 pm to 7 am belong to him. That’s why, at promptly 8:10 pm that night, Tadashi finds himself at Ainosuke’s bedroom door. He knows what he’s getting into, that he’s likely walking to his own death, but his fate is sealed the moment he knocks timidly on the door, the younger man answering not long after.


Ainosuke looks him up and down, the sadistic glee he used to have when Tadashi came to his room nonexistent. There was no smile, no twinkle in his eye, no rude remark — just a broken child. It isn’t the first time Tadashi has seen him like this. He clearly remembers the times his aunts had slapped his wrists until they bruised, how Ainosuke had sobbed under the dining room table until Tadashi had found him. Ainosuke didn’t get to have a childhood, so Tadashi had tried to give one to him, as much as he could.


Then he stood by and watched quietly as that same childhood was ripped from his hands.


Without a word, Ainosuke stepped aside, gaze glued to Tadashi as he entered the room, even as he shut the door and locked it behind them. He was completely certain, now, that this would be his death.


“Ainosuke-sama, I—”


Tadashi was cut off with a backhand from Ainosuke, so hard he collapsed on the floor, cupping his cheek. Still, Tadashi only flinched before he went right back to his neutral expression, staring blankly at the carpet as he awaited the next strike. Ainosuke didn’t disappoint, crouching in front of him and using his other hand to slap Tadashi on the same cheek, and he was sure it would start to swell in a minute.


“What? No complaints?”


Tadashi swallows, tears stinging the corners of his eyes already. 




Ainosuke goes for his throat this time, wrapping his hand around it and squeezing, “Dogs don’t speak unless told to, right?”


It’s quickly becoming hard to breathe, but Tadashi nods as best he can.


Ainosuke drags the blunt of his fingernails over Tadashi’s bruised cheek, “That’s what I thought. Now open your mouth.”


Tadashi obeys, opening his mouth wide despite the pain in his cheek. Ainosuke is unzipping his pants and pulling his cock out, already semi-erect, being as much of a sadist as Tadashi is a masochist. He hooks his thumbs inside either side of the older man’s mouth before pushing inside, not giving Tadashi a moment to adjust. His nose is pressed into Ainosuke’s pubic hair and he’s held there until he can’t help but squirm. Ainosuke offers him no relief, however, letting go of his mouth to tangle his fingers in Tadashi’s hair, fucking into his mouth at a brutal pace that has the older man spluttering. Tears are running freely and uncontrollably down his face now as he chokes around Ainosuke’s cock. He claws at the boy’s pants for pity, gentleness, praise, anything. And Ainosuke notices. He notices, but he simply pulls Tadashi back into his abdomen, balls slapping wetly against his chin, drool dripping and frothing from his mouth.


“What’s that? You want something, puppy?” he asks cruelly.


Tadashi focuses on taking this moment to try and breathe through his nose, eyes fluttering as he attempts to maintain eye contact with Ainosuke.


“Speak,” he commands, not letting up on his grip. Tadashi always loves to be used by Ainosuke, so why does this hurt so bad?


Despite his throat still being stuffed with cock, Tadashi obeys, a pathetic gurgling sound escaping from his throat. For the first time this evening, Ainosuke grins, flashing his pearly fangs, eyes wide and crazed. His grip on Tadashi’s hair loosens, and he runs his hand through the man’s smooth hair.


“What a good dog, so obedient, so good at pleasing his master. You’ve been trained well, haven’t you?” he asks with faux sweetness.


More tears well in Tadashi’s eyes and slip down his face. His throat feels rubbed raw and there are black specs clouding his vision. Admittedly, choking on the cock of his young master might be a fitting death, as well as a good revenge story, especially for someone like Ainosuke.


Then he’s being tugged backward and tossed to the floor, immediately coughing and gagging, eyes squeezed shut. He can feel Ainosuke’s eyes staring holes in him as he convulses, breathing in deeply until his head doesn’t feel so light. 


“Ugh, you made a mess,” Ainosuke scoffs once Tadashi sits up, palms flat against the carpet to keep himself from falling face-first into his spit, “No matter. You can clean it up after.”


Rubbing at his sore throat, Tadashi nods his head softly. He’d already been planning on it.


“Feeling good, puppy?” Ainosuke smiles mockingly again, crouching down and placing his chin in his palm, “Don’t you feel so honored, having your master play with you? Speak.”


Tadashi keeps his gaze on the ground, “Yes, Ainosuke-sama.”


“Would you like to hear a secret?”


Tadashi nods again.


“I’ve been fucking Kaoru this whole time, too. He’s actually really good at giving blowjobs, maybe even better than you.”


Tadashi can’t hold in his gasp, his shoulders tensing as he glances up. Ainosuke isn’t smiling, not even to make fun of Tadashi. He doesn’t look pleased or amused — he just looks hurt.




Tadashi swallows his heart beating in his throat, his voice awfully hoarse when he speaks, “I have no issue with that, sir.”


Ainosuke glares at him and twitches, “Liar,” he grumbles.


But Tadashi wasn’t given permission to speak again, so he says nothing and let his gaze fall back to the floor. Obviously, he’s lying. It feels like a knife has been lodged in his gut and it hurts. However, Ainosuke has the right to have sex with whoever he would like. It’s Tadashi’s fault for reading too far into it.


“Hands and knees,” Ainosuke says suddenly, standing up and bounding to his dresser.


Without even thinking, Tadashi stands to move onto the bed, seeing as they’ve never done it on the floor in that position. He’d only gotten one leg onto the bed when the younger boy shouted from across the room.


“Bad dog!” he bellows, “On the floor. Right here. And crawl.”


Tadashi, though usually so stoic, jolts violently and falls back to his knees. On shaky legs, he crawled over to where Ainosuke stood with toys in hand.


“Can’t play with my puppy without toys,” Ainosuke smirks, circling Tadashi and kneeling behind him, “You know, I hadn’t gotten the chance to use these on you, yet. Now’s as good as time as ever, don’t you think?”


Again, Tadashi nods stiffly.


“Good. Now undress, but stay in that position,” Ainosuke orders, sitting back in his desk chair and crossing his legs as he waits.


Tadashi makes quick work of his shirt, unbuttoning it one-handedly and shrugging it off his torso. The pants take a little more work as he presses his face into the carpet and attempts to push them and his boxers down with his hands. Once he kicks off his shoes and peels his socks off with his toes, Ainosuke is standing from his seat and kneeling behind Tadashi again.


“Stay still,” he mutters. Tadashi wonders what Ainosuke is doing when he feels something cool against his cock. Then there’s the sensation of the smooth item encircling him and sliding down and Tadashi’s jaw tightens when he realizes what it is. Ainosuke secures the cock ring at the base of his erection which, to Tadashi’s shame, has been slowly growing since he’d had his mouth fucked earlier.


The next item, Tadashi had already gotten a glimpse of and feels a course of excitement run through him as he imagines it. A second later, Ainosuke’s hands are at his neck, wrapping the thick leather collar around him, tightening it just enough for Tadashi to feel an ache. He then appears in front of him with a rope in his hand, one they’d used on numerous occasions.


“I’ll be sure to buy you a proper leash, later,” Ainosuke comments as he ties the thin rope to the metal loop on Tadashi’s collar. He stands up and sneers, yanking at the rope and forcing Tadashi to stumble at his feet, “Lick.”


Tadashi’s breathing is ragged as he leans down, tongue poking out cautiously as he licks the top of Ainosuke’s foot. He continues until the younger man stops him by lifting his chin up with his toes, making Tadashi look up at him, “Disgusting,” he growls. With a still firm grip on the rope, he drags Tadashi back to the bed, tying his makeshift leash to the leg, “Sit.”


Like a good dog, Tadashi sits, waiting patiently as Ainosuke walks away again. A bottle hits him in the side, and he looks down to see lube. He silently thanks nobody in particular that his Ainosuke isn’t completely gone.


“I’m going to undress and get some more toys. You’re going to stretch yourself open for me because when I get back, that’s all the prep you’re getting,” he clarifies.


Knowing how quickly Ainosuke can move, he squirts the lube onto his hand, pressing two fingers inside himself right off the bat. It stings, and Tadashi finds that inflicting pain on himself is never as satisfying as when it comes from Ainosuke. Nevertheless, he makes quick work, thrusting and scissoring his two fingers before adding a third when he hears a drawer open.


It proved to be a wise decision, Ainosuke already prowling back over to him. Tadashi pulls his fingers out, placing his hands in his lap as he waits for his next command.


“Touch your nipples, get them hard for me,” Ainosuke orders, a hint of amusement in his tone. The order seems strange until Ainosuke sits in front of Tadashi, revealing the nipple clamps in his hand. Tadashi flushes, hastily using both hands to pinch the sensitive buds on his chest and roll the pad of his finger on them until they were pointy and erect. Ainosuke licks his lips, placing one hand on Tadashi’s chest to steady him as he carefully attaches each clamp. Tadashi squeaks at the crushing feeling, hands balling into fists in his lap, but not missing the way Ainosuke’s dick twitches when he does so.


“I bet you like that, don’t you?”


Tadashi finds himself nodding enthusiastically, unable to deny what he’s feeling.


“Speak. Tell me.”


He’s finding it hard to form any coherent thoughts, much less words, with both his cock and nipples being squeezed and abused, but he tries anyway, “...Hurts, Ainosuke-sama,” he whimpers, “But it feels so… good,” he gasps out.


Ainosuke snorts, “I know, you love when I hurt you, huh? I bet that’s what you were thinking today, right? You let my dad do that because you knew I’d retaliate. Or maybe you wanted daddy dearest to reward you for being a good little doggie.”


Tadashi whines, shaking his head furiously. He’s glad he wasn’t told to speak, otherwise he’s sure he would’ve said something he regretted again, something that betrayed how he truly felt.


“Really? You stupid fucking dog, you thought I’d give you what you want after that?” Ainosuke spits, whacking Tadashi atop the head.


Another whine spills from Tadashi’s throat and he winces, bowing his head deeply in shame.


Ainosuke reaches behind him and Tadashi almost weeps when he sees what’s in his hands. It’s a light blue dildo, eight inches if he had to guess. The younger boy gives a sinister smile as he pushes it against the wood of his bed, the suction cup keeping it firmly in place, daunting as Tadashi stares at it.


“Bad dogs like you don’t get their masters’ cock. You’re going to fuck yourself on that, and I’m going to pleasure myself while you watch,” he sounds pleased with himself as he says it, “Get to it.”


Tadashi doesn’t want to. Ainosuke never makes him do something he doesn’t actually want to do. Honestly, Tadashi doesn’t mind doing anything as long as it means Ainosuke will touch him, but to have to watch helplessly? It makes his heart fall to his stomach, as the realization suddenly hits him hard. 


This is what he deserves. Tadashi doesn’t deserve to be touched by Ainosuke. He is only worthy of his punishment.


So, he turns around, backing into the bed until he feels the cool head of the dildo pressing against his entrance. It’s big, but it’s no problem for Tadashi. He impales himself on the toy until he feels cold wood against his ass. The worst part about it is that it does feel good inside of him. Had the incident never happened today, he’s sure he and Ainosuke would’ve enjoyed it much more. Not that it matters now.


“Look at me,” Ainosuke demands once he decides Tadashi was taking too long to adjust. The older boy does just that, a moan spilling from his throat at the sight. Ainosuke’s legs are spread wide, showing off his pink hole, one finger tracing light circles on the rim. His other hand is busy toying with his nipple, while his hard cock stands neglected between his muscular thighs.


Tadashi sighs. He wants to help. He wants to kiss the tip of Ainosuke’s cock and make him cum. He wants to finger Ainosuke and make him sing. He wants, wants, wants. Every time he’s with Ainosuke, he just feels so damn greedy.


“I don’t see you fucking yourself,” Ainosuke warns, followed by a delicious gasp as he flicks his nipple.


Oh, Tadashi could cry. But he just follows his directions, leaning forward slowly then slamming his hips back onto the dildo. 


“Faster,” Ainosuke demands, the hand at his nipple falling, now pumping furiously at his dick.


Tadashi obliges, lifting himself off the dildo and slamming back down, over and over again. His thighs are trembling from the effort, his knee slipping to the side and when impales himself the next time, it pushes hard against that bundle of nerves, and Tadashi nearly screams. The clamps are bouncing on his chest with every movement, tugging and pulling viciously at his nipples.


In front of him, Ainosuke huffs out a laugh, slapping him across his unswollen cheek, “Shut up. I’ll have to buy you a gag, too.”

Even if he was asked to speak, Tadashi isn’t sure if he’d be able to. He can’t stop his pace, fucking himself on the dildo until he’s seeing stars. Ainosuke is gritting his teeth as he pumps his cock, pushing his finger deeper inside of him. He lets out an utterly filthy moan, looking directly into Tadashi’s eyes as he does so.


“Are you jealous, puppy?” he asks, voice an octave higher, breathing shaky as fucks himself on his fingers, “I wouldn’t worry. When my old man kicks the bucket, I’ll be sure to promote you to my personal fucktoy instead of my secretary. Would you like that? Speak.”


Tadashi groans, biting hard onto his lip before he answers, “Yes! Please, Ainosuke-sama, I can be your fucktoy, ah!” he finishes with a moan, circling his hips and grinding the dildo onto his prostate.


“Fuck,” Ainosuke grunts, pumping his cock faster and throwing his head back, “Stupid… worthless fucking dog,” he growls into the air before he spills onto the carpet, his toes curling as he pushes against his own prostate while he cums.


Tadashi, needy as he is, crumbles at the sight, falling onto his elbow. His cock is red and angry, coming dry as the ring leaves him sorely unsatisfied. He pulls off the dildo with a lewd squelch, dropping his aching hips to his heels.


Ainosuke is panting in front of him, leaning back on his hands. When Tadashi looks up at him a minute later, he’s already glaring ferociously at him. He crawls over to him and unties the rope from his bed, then he stands up and scowls, “I’m going to shower. You can clean up this mess and wash off the toys. Don’t talk to me. Don’t look at me. I don’t want you anywhere near me until my dad’s funeral, until I inherit you and the rest of this goddamn house.” 


With that, Ainosuke turns away and leaves him alone to clean up his mess, and to wait until the fateful day when Tadashi will finally be his.