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Pool of Lies

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An overcast, grey sky was what accompanied a lone dog walker. Strolling through grassy fields slowly together, Alison Brown and her loyal Greyhound Ash. Up ahead was a lone tree, with an old tire swing attached to a low hanging branch. Alison remembered sitting on that swing while her brother pushed her. That was the last time she saw him before he moved away. Last Alison heard, he was living at Trafalgar Road, far away from the serine rolling hills of her home.

Resting on the sturdy trunk of the tree, Alison reached down and unclasped Ash’s lead. He instantly bolted off, chasing leaves that had browned from the change of the season. Alison sighed, remising on all the memories she had of this tree. It had watched her grow up. Going from a bright-eyed child to a lonely teenager.

While reminiscing, she recalled an unnatural hole at the bottom of the trunk of the tree. She walked around to the back of the tree to see if it was still there. To her surprise it was much bigger than she remembered, large enough for her to crawl through, peering into the darkness she saw a faint pulsating light at the bottom of the slope.

Creeped out, Alison called for Ash, hoping to put him back on the leash so they could leave. Ash sprinted over, and in his haste, he knocked Alison over, sending both of them sliding down the slope, Sunlight slowly getting further and further away.

Groaning, Alison held her head in pain. She looked up in fear, not being able to find a way out of the damp cave she was in.

Ash however seemed unfazed, bounding around in the darkness, splashing in the puddles on the floor. Quickly got bored, he ran over to Alison, seemingly worried. She slowly got up from the floor, petting Ash’s head in reassurance.

Looking around, she spotted where the light from earlier was coming from. It was radiating from a glittering pool in the middle of the room. Ash seemed to see it at the same time. As he dashed over, jumping into the pool, Alison yelled in concern, running after him. She leaned over the rough rocks surround the pool, searching for her friend.

Just as she was about to jump in after Ash, the water started glowing brighter. Alison winced, covering her eyes from the light. Hearing something get out of the water she opened her eyes, they widened in shock apon seeing what had become of Ash.

There, sitting on the ledge of the glowing pool was her brother, holding a broken dog collar.