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Double Trouble

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Langa wakes up staring at an unfamiliar ceiling, feeling disorientated, his mind fuzzy. The last thing he remembers is locking up the coffee shop after his shift ended. After that, nothing. He's resting on something soft. A bed, he realizes. He blinks a few times, trying to get his bearings, pushing down the nauseous urge to roll over and vomit off the side.

"Adam, he's awake," a deep voice says from somewhere on his left. Langa turns his head to look for whoever spoke. Two identical figures enter his sight, both tall with blue hair, red eyes. Familiar. "Drink this," one of them orders, helping Langa sit up and bringing a glass of water to his lips. It clears his mind a bit.

"I know you," Langa mumbles. "You come in the shop often." His eyes drift to the second figure. "I must still be out of it. I'm seeing two of you." What happened to him?

The one holding the glass of water chuckles. "You're not seeing things, love. There are two of us. Shindo Ainosuke," he introduces, and motions to his double. "This is my twin brother, Shindo Adam."

"Oh," Langa says. He squints, and realizes that they're not exactly identical. Ainosuke has slicked back hair, a pleasant smile on his face, and Adam has wild, messy hair, his lips curled into a grin. "I'm sorry. I thought you were the same person and you just liked to change how you look. I always wondered what hair style you'd have whenever I saw you." He's never seen them both at the coffee shop at the same time. With how similar they are, it was an easy mistake to make.

Adam laughs, "That's adorable! See, brother? I was right! He's perfect, so innocent, so cute! I can't wait to have a taste!" Adam moves closer to the bed, and now alarm bells are starting to go off in Langa's mind, but Ainosuke holds up a hand, halting Adam's advance.

"Um... well it was nice to see you again. I need to get home. Thanks for uh, looking after me when I passed out?" Langa stammers, the nervous feeling energizing him enough to fully wake him up. His eyes dart around, taking in the room. It's luxurious, more fancy than anything he's seen, even in movies. There's two doors. One must lead to a bathroom, and the other has to be the exit. He moves to slide off of bed. Ainosuke stops him with a hand to his thigh as he sits down next to him. Langa falls still, feeling like a rabbit cornered by two wolves.

"Oh darling, you can't leave yet. We haven't made sure you're okay," Ainosuke purrs, red eyes lidded as his hand wanders down, and then up, dangerously close to Langa's crotch. He sees Adam twitch out of the corner of his eye.

"I'm- I'm fine. I should really go. Mom will be worried," Langa says stiffly, but Ainosuke doesn't remove his hand, instead pressing down to keep Langa sitting.

"No fair!" Adam hisses before Ainosuke gets a chance to reply. "Why do you get to touch him first?! I'm the one who caught our pretty little bunny!" He prowls forward and moves onto the bed on Langa's other side, leaning in close, an arm sneaking around Langa's waist.

Everything about the situation and what Adam just said is throwing up all sorts of red flags for Langa. "Did you guys bring me here?" he asks, slowly and carefully, very aware that he's sandwiched between the two of them, both of them touching him, their matching cologne and body heat invading his senses.

Adam barks out a laugh and Ainosuke chuckles. "Well, like Adam said, he's the one who did that." Ainosuke lets out a dramatic sigh. "I would have preferred to court you properly, take our time with you. A beautiful thing like you deserves the best. It's a shame, but this works too."

"Court me?" Langa echoes, while the biggest red flag yet screams and waves in his mind. This... doesn't seem like a joke. They're serious, and this situation is not good. Adam must have done something to render him unconscious and then moved him here... he has no idea where he is. Except that he's in a room. With a bed. Alone with them.

Langa sucks in a breath when Adam nuzzles into him, soft lips brushing along his neck. He purrs into Langa's ear, "That's right, snowball, court you. Spend time with you, lavish you with gifts and attention, spoil you rotten, make you feel good, have you in every way." Langa's eyes widen as he struggles to comprehend all the words Adam just dumped onto him while the alarm bells are still going off in his mind.

"I don't understand. I don't know either of you. I really need to go home," Langa protests, trying to struggle out of their hold. Neither of them let him go, instead pressing into him even more. "What do you want from me?" he asks, his fight or flight instinct kicking up his heart rate, blood pounding in his ears.

"What we want," Ainosuke says, reaching up a hand to turn Langa's face to him. "Is to offer you the deal of your life." Ainosuke's finger teases Langa's bottom lip, drawing across it slowly while red eyes gaze at him, taking in his every little reaction. Langa feels hyper-aware of the touch, like electricity is thrumming under his skin.

"What sort of deal?" Langa asks cautiously. He doesn't want to imagine what a deal with these two would entail, with how shamelessly they cling to him. He already half-knows what they're going to say anyways.

Sharp teeth nipping at his ear draws a sharp gasp out of Langa, and he turns his attention to Adam. "You'll be ours," Adam explains, a feral grin on his face. "We'll take care of you, buy you whatever you want, pamper you like a cherished pet. In return, you'll devote yourself to us, your heart, soul, and body." Adam punctuates his words with a slow drag of his hand down Langa's chest, making the meaning of his words very clear.

Langa swallows hard. It's exactly what he thought. They want to have sex with him, fuck him, own him. But... the money is so tempting. Langa and his mom barely make enough to cover their base expenses each month ever since his father died. If it means he doesn't have to watch his mom go hungry for a night, to hear her crying in her room when she think he's asleep, to see her applying more and more makeup to hide the dark circles under her eyes, then-

It's not what he'd ever imagined himself doing, trading himself for cash, yet here he is, considering the arrangement. If he thinks about it like a business deal, it doesn't seem so bad. A transaction between two consenting parties. Sex and whatever they want him to do in exchange for money he desperately needs.

It helps that the twins are attractive, gorgeous really. He's not above admitting to himself that he has looked at them whenever they came into the shop, back when he thought they were one person. They share the same alluring red eyes, luscious lips, the same curves to their hips and ass.

Ainosuke must have taken his silence while he was thinking as a rejection, because he cups Langa's cheek to direct his gaze back to him. "It's in your best interest to accept, love. We don't take kindly to being refused. It'd be a shame if you walked away and something happened to you, or your mother, if either of you just so happened to lose your jobs or somehow get hurt."

That's a threat. Langa absolutely does not appreciate it, but he holds his irritation and doesn't react. Even if he wasn't considering accepting, it seems like he only has one option here. "Are you guys like... the mafia or something?"

Adam snickers in his ear. "Something like that." A tongue laps at his sensitive flesh and Langa gasps in surprise, flinching away from the wet heat, a bit ashamed and angry at himself for feeling his dick twitch in his pants. He imagines two tongues on him, traveling lower- he shoves that thought away fast. He should be more concerned about the whole mafia thing. Saying no would be a deadly mistake here.

Ainosuke rolls his eyes at his brother's antics. "What do you say, Langa-kun? Please consider all the benefits and consequences before you answer." Ainosuke plasters a polite smile on his face again and Langa knows it's fake. He hopes the money will be worth this.

"I accept," he says, and it amuses him, in a vindictive sort of way, that Ainosuke looks surprised at how quickly Langa gave in. Adam cackles behind Langa and pulls him backwards into his arms, kissing his neck and muttering delight and praise.

"Well then, lets commemorate our deal, hmm?" Ainosuke purrs and leans forward to take Langa's first kiss, sparking a cry of outrage from Adam. Ainosuke is gentle yet firm and thorough, skillfully working his way into Langa's mouth to taste every crevice of his mouth, licking his teeth and sucking his tongue. Adam only lets it go on for so long before shoving Ainosuke away to claim Langa's mouth for himself. Adam is not nearly as gentle as Ainosuke, more wild, wet and messy. Langa is pushed onto his back and pinned by a heavy body while Adam all but eats his face and grinds his hips down onto him.

Langa eventually has to shove Adam away to gasp for air, feeling lightheaded. His heart is pounding like crazy and he's uncomfortably hot and flushed, and his blood is heading south with all the writhing Adam is doing on him, desire burning inside him. He can feel a hard bulge rubbing against his thigh. A wet tongue laps at his cheek. It's Ainosuke. "First one to make him moan gets to have him first. What do you say, brother?" Langa's breath catches at Ainosuke's words. Well shit.

"Sounds like a great idea!" Adam replies, his grin wide and wild. Twin red eyes gaze at him in lust. Langa does not last very long, quickly reduced to a trembling, blissed out mess between the two men who seem determined to both wreck Langa with pleasure and compete with each other to see who can do it better. It's the most turned on Langa has ever been in his life, and he's so overwhelmed that he doesn't have the mental capacity to even think about it or hate himself for it.

Two pairs of skilled hands on him, two mouths biting and licking and kissing at his neck, his lips, all the way down his body to where he's hard and dripping. In the haze of ecstasy, Langa admits to himself that yeah, two tongues on him, lapping at him mercilessly, does feel great. Adam is the one who takes him first, then Ainosuke has a turn, and then Langa is fucked while fucking, unable to do anything but sob out his pleasure as Adam grinds up into him and Ainosuke rolls his hips downwards, engulfing Langa in tight, molten heat. Well developed muscles and slick, hot skin surround him, press in on him, twin mouths always kissing him and working their sinful magic wherever they can reach.

Later, after they're all fully sated, sweat cooling off their naked bodies, and Langa is cuddled between the two men, feeling sore and extremely worn out after being worked over for hours, he thinks he might be able to get used to this. For the money of course.