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It’ll be worth the wait

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It'll Be Worth The Wait

“Good morning,” Chloe greeted as she entered the kitchen to find her girlfriend there, “I thought it was my turn to make breakfast this morning.”

“Yeah, it was, I just got up early and had a craving for food I didn’t want you to make for me,” Nic replied.

“Anchovies and peanut butter on toast again?” Chloe realized, unable to resist scrunching up her face at the thought, then equally unable to resist wrapping her arms around her pregnant girlfriend’s waist.

“I swear I eat like a normal person when I’m not pregnant,” Nic claimed, smiling up at Chloe, happy to be standing there in her arms.

“I guess we’ll see in a handful of months,” Chloe teased, then giggled when she felt her girlfriend’s baby kicking against her hand, “I think it’s cute when the baby’s kicking.”

“Really?” Nic was surprised, “The baby was kicking most of the night, I thought it might annoy you.”

“Never, it’s cute,” Chloe insisted, “And okay it’s kinda funny when I’m trying to have my way with you like last night.”

Nic shook her head, “Glad you can see the funny side of it, Chlo. But I am glad you told me, seeing as though I was thinking it was really annoying…much like the other things you put up with like me getting up in the middle of the night to pee all the time.”

Chloe shrugged before chuckling when the baby kicked again, “I don’t see it as things I ‘put up with.’ I like being with you and the pregnancy is part of that for you and us. Besides I’m looking forward to been Auntie Chlo to the baby and seeing you raising this baby with Aaron and David. The baby kicking every time I touch you is just all part of it.”

“The baby’s kicking?” came a surprised Aaron at the entry to the house as he and David opened the security door.

“Knew I should’ve left that locked when I opened it for the fresh air,” Nic whispered to Chloe teasingly about the blonde’s brother and husband interrupting them.

“Yes, the baby’s been kicking throughout the night and this morning…now also…” Chloe answered her sibling.

“We’re never around when the baby’s kicking,” David groaned in complaint, “Are you sure you don’t want to move back in with us for the last few months of the pregnancy so we can be around for things like the baby kicking?”

Nic glanced up at Chloe, happy to see her gently shake her head, before turning back to the boys, “I’m really happy here but as we agreed, I will move back closer to the birth for as long as the three of us need.”

Nic watched the disappointment on the guys’ faces, then threw her hands up, “What are we all complaining about? The baby is kicking right now and you’re here so why don’t you both--”

Before Nic could finish her sentence, Chloe had removed her hands from her belly, as David and Aaron rushed over to them, each placing one of their own hands on her belly, “Do that…”

Chloe shifted her hands to placing them on Nic’s shoulders, beginning to massage them, “And once you’ve felt the baby kicking, we can get back to making breakfast.”

Aaron and David both frowned in disappointment, with Aaron piping up to his sister, “The baby hasn’t kicked yet.”

“Wasn’t our baby just kicking, Nic?” David asked.

“She was…maybe she’s gone quiet again. I’m sure she’ll start kicking again…any minute now and we can…have breakfast…and talk about whatever it is that brought you over here this early in the morning,” Nic suggested.

Aaron shifted his hand a little bit, practically willing the baby to start kicking again, “Any minute now, c’mon little one, your Dads are here with your Mum and your Auntie Chlo, give your Dads one little kick.”

A little while later, Jane wandered into the kitchen, immediately stopping at the sight of her daughter, Nic, standing between her girlfriend, Chloe, who was behind her, and the co-parents of Nic’s baby, David and Aaron, leaning in front of Nic, with their hands on her pregnant belly.

“Ah…good morning,” Jane said happily to the foursome, “What’s going on here?”

“We’re waiting for the baby to kick so we can feel it for the first time,” David explained.

“And how long have you been waiting?” Jane asked after seeing the exasperation on the two women’s faces.

“Ten to fifteen minutes,” Chloe answered with annoyance.

“It’ll be worth the wait,” Aaron told his younger sister.

“So will breakfast…but I don’t seem to be getting to that anytime soon,” Nic commented back.

“So, the four of you have just been…standing there like that for fifteen minutes…waiting for the baby to kick instead of…making breakfast and getting on with the start of your days?” Jane pointed out.

“It won’t be that long until our baby kicks for her Dad’s,” David posited, trying to believe his own words.

Chloe watched as Nic stared down at the food sitting on the kitchen benchtop in front of them, before blurting out, “Alright enough, fifteen minutes standing here waiting for the baby to kick is too much. Nic needs to have her breakfast and…so does the baby. Bugger off and we can try this again another time. There’s months to go until the baby is born, you’ll get another chance.”

When the guys didn’t seem to want to budge, Jane stepped in again, “It will be worth it to feel your baby kick…but you can’t expect Nic and Chloe to stand around waiting for it to happen either. Go home, there’s always tomorrow for these kinds of things.”

Aaron and David looked at each other before reluctantly letting go of Nic’s belly, with David saying, “Call us the second she starts kicking again.”

“We will,” Nic agreed, smiling when Chloe shifted her hands back to wrapping around her belly from behind.

As David and Aaron headed for the door, Chloe squealed gently as she immediately felt the baby kicking against her hand.

Aaron looked back at the couple, “What was that? Did the baby kick?”

As Chloe opened her mouth, Nic blurted out, “Of course not! Off you go! We’ll call if the baby does kick.”

When Aaron and David had safely left the earshot, Jane rolled her eyes at the couple, “Why didn’t you just tell them the baby started kicking again?”

Nic smiled up at Chloe, “Because I don’t want the guys to feel like the baby’s only kicking when it’s Chloe holding me.”

“Even though she kinda is,” Chloe grinned happily, despite knowing her brother and his husband should be the ones the baby kicked for, “Your baby clearly thinks her Auntie Chlo is the favourite.”

“Not hard to see why,” Nic flirted gently, before leaning up and kissing Chloe softly, “This baby is going to have three parents and yet you are the one who will spoil her more than the three of us combined.”

Chloe kissed Nic again, “Better get in some practice spoiling you.”

Nic feigned a yawn, “I could really do with another lie down before I start work…do you want to join me, Chlo?”

“I could never say no to lying down on the bed and falling asleep with you,” Chloe giggled, knowing full well they’d be doing more than sleeping and was curious if the baby would continue kicking against her hand.

Jane watched the couple slink off to their bedroom, shaking her head at their inept ability to pretend they’d be sleeping, “At least it seems that the baby kicking has brought them closer together.”

The End