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Three Crowns

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Chapter one:

The streets of Tokyo were quiet. Everything slowly awoken under the rising sun. There, in a small vet clinic on the corner of the street, a Japanese man in his early twenties worked as a volunteer. It was only after his neighbor, who he had never talked to before, suggested he should apply based on his love for animals.

Makoto had never thought of doing this kind of thing. Though, He was not entirely against the idea. He had decided that Living an honest life was a better fit for him. And so his time working as a vet began.

He smiled and cooed at the small kitten in his hands. The Japanese man loved his job. It certainly was a lot better than the hustle and bustle of a con. Though, occasionally, His yearning heart would lead his thoughts back to Laurent, Abbie and Cynthia. Were they still doing cons? Where were they right now? Those thoughts would pass through his mind on occasion.

He had spent months training under the vets at the clinic. One vet in particular, Yuri, had decided to take him under her wing. She offered him an opportunity to go to vet school and Makoto’s knowledge expanded. Everyday was-the same. He’d go to work, then school. And then, he’d finally return home to his empty apartment. His phone indicated no contact from a certain french men, then be would go to bed ignoring the empty feeling in his chest.

And then one day a conversation with Yuri peaks his interest. While checking on a small kitten's bandage Yuri watches him, cooing at the small bundle of fur.

“quite the docile one isn’t she,” Yuri said. She smiled and scratched behind the kitten’s ear. Makoto let out a breathy laugh, nodding his head in agreement. “Kind of reminds me of you and many other students I’ve trained.” Makoto looks at the older vet doctor confused. Docile? Makoto frowned, not once has he thought of himself as such. He decides to ask the doctor what she means by her words.

The woman swoops up the kitten in her arms. The small animal parr's and playfully bites her fingers. She answers, “Much like this kitten they all rolled through life. Going through the motions. But they all know, there's something more. Something begging to be released. Deep down this kitten knows its capable of so much more.” She gently puts the kitten Into its cage. The soft snores emanating from the container. “They know that deep down they are not meant to just follow the flow. That they have the capabilities beyond following a path set out before them,” Yuri turns to the man and smiles.

In that moment, Makoto felt understood. The empty feeling in his chest returned, the part of him he pushed away came back. He craved for more. To prove to everyone he was capable. the yearning for Freedom to be who he was meant to be hit him ten-fold. He was left in awe at His instructors words as they filled him with inspiration.

“Thank you,” He said. his lip curving into a smile.

Yuri placed her hands on her hips, radiating confidence, she smiled, “Makoto. You're a great vet. I want to give you an opportunity. One that can prove your potential,” she said. Makoto took only a moment before nodding his head in agreement.


The race tracks in Kentucky were intense. The powerful and competitive sound of horses shook the stadium. Makoto watches in awe as they moved swiftly through the track. His heart swelled with excitement, the action of the race rushing through him.

This was it. His way to be more than some shady con artist. To make his mother proud. Makoto smiled as he made it to the stables, his medical bag in tow. He opened the gate to one of the horses. Yuri has sent him to work in Kentucky as a horse vet for racing horses. He was hired by a rich family that worked hard and owned a farm to raise animals and horses. Honest living, hard working. The horse in from of makoto belongs to one of their racers.

A beautiful thoroughbred by the name of King Confidence. Makoto chuckled at the name, of course it reminded him of a certain someone. Makoto paused hia brushing. Suddenly, a wave of paranoia rolled into his mind like a storm. no way, He said he was done. He was out of the game. And besides, there's no way Laurents would pull the same con on him twice. And Makoto wouldn’t he fooled twice….

“I can’t believe you were fooled twice. Seriously Edamame, what am I going to do with you~” a voice that was oh so familiar spoke behind him.

Edamame turned around quickly. Standing there, in riding gear was the French bastard in all his Smug, handsome glory. Laurent Thierry.

“Oh you got to be kidding me!?”