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Geordi La Forge was faced with a dilemma: how do you convey to a superior officer that the bulge in your trousers isn’t your own?

The engineer had been experimenting with Data as of late. Much to the enjoyment of both himself and the android, Geordi had been able to alter Data’s most intimate systems in new ways—namely, forming a wireless connection in his sensory programming. The new alteration allowed him to feel tactile input on his sexual components from far away, even when they were not attached to his body. Sensations of touch, friction, temperature changes, wetness, vibration, and suction could all be broadcasted long distances between Data’s disembodied parts and his central processor. Some days, Geordi incorporated the newfound hack in a playful manner; he would disconnect Data’s erection in order to tease the wiring embedded in its base, or to slide his fingers inside of the biofluid pump in Data’s pelvic cavity. He was usually quick to re-assemble him when they were done. Other days, he used the remote connection in more mischievous ways.

“Geordi,” Data gasped, his lower abdomen tensing under Geordi’s touch. The engineer wrapped one palm around the base of Data’s synthetic arousal and turned it gently until he heard a click, then separated the component from the android’s pelvis. His fingers deftly unhooked the wires that strung the artificial body part to Data’s internal systems. The colorful flashing lights inside of him indicated that the remote connection had been established successfully. Geordi slid two fingers into the metal hole in Data’s groin where his erection had been mounted, crooking the digits until he found a small button that he had installed. The hatch that sealed off Data’s biofluid pump instantaneously snapped shut. They had learned the hard way that if Data wasn’t properly closed up, he would leak lubricant everywhere when he was stimulated. While useful in certain situations, having copious amounts of synthetic fluid pouring out of his body was not always ideal. Especially not during work hours. Geordi removed his fingers and the clear plastic panel that covered Data's sexual component interlock slid closed. Data’s tubes and wires could be seen through the circular window and Geordi felt his body thrumming enthusiastically. Looking at Data’s mechanical insides was quite an attractive sight to behold.

“I bet you’d like this back, huh?” Geordi taunted, a broad grin spreading across his face as he held Data’s dismembered member in his hand. He took a step back in his quarters, looking down at the android sitting on the couch.

“That would be preferable, yes,” Data responded genuinely, and Geordi laughed affectionately, his loving nature shining through.

“Maybe later,” Geordi conceded. “For now, though,” he murmured, running one fingertip along the underside of Data’s erection, “I think I’ll hold onto it.” Data shivered, and his cock twitched independently in Geordi’s grasp. Geordi’s eyebrows lifted in amusement. He rubbed his thumb over the head and tweaked a few wire endings, reveling in Data’s responses before dropping it carefully into his pocket. “Now, don’t you have duties to attend to, Lieutenant Commander?”

Data’s eyes fell shut and his lips parted with a small groan. Geordi grinned. He enjoyed seeing Data flustered. It took Data a moment to process the change of environment—the pocket was the same fabric that his uniform was tailored from, the texture itself very familiar, but the space was more constricting. There wasn’t much room for him. He could feel the warmth of Geordi’s thigh on one side of his cock, and the friction of the fabric’s movement on the other when Geordi took a few more steps throughout his quarters. The engineer walked further away, stopping when he arrived at the far corner of the room.

“Can you still feel it?” Geordi inquired, checking the stability of the signal. He caressed Data gently, stroking his hand back and forth over the android’s length tucked snugly in his trousers, and Data moaned. “I’ll take that to mean yes,” he smirked, and squeezed Data’s soft biofluid reserves.

“Yes,” Data breathed.

“Good. Now, I think you’d better get to work, hun,” Geordi prompted. Data nodded and fumbled with the clasp of his uniform trousers until they covered him properly—though there was nothing left there to cover, other than a circular locking mount and a clear access panel that left nothing to the imagination when it came to his inner workings. When Data stood up from the couch, Geordi approached him and gave him a quick, innocent peck on the lips, far from the stimulation he had been providing moments earlier. Data canted his head to the side, confused by the change of pace, but Geordi merely smiled.

The android left the engineer’s quarters and made his way toward the bridge. He was determined not to falter when he felt the fabric of Geordi’s uniform brushing over him from further and further away. Geordi seemed to somehow predict the timing of his entrance to the turbolift—the moment that its doors shut and Data was alone, he felt Geordi lightly teasing him with his fingers. A few seconds later, Geordi began to rub him in earnest, squeezing and stroking Data’s cock through the outside of the pocket. Data felt heat flowing to his cheeks. He hoped that he would not be visibly blushing gold when he started his shift. The turbolift doors opened onto the bridge, and he strode over to his seat at the helm, confident and composed as ever.

“Mr. Data,” Picard prompted, his voice calm but stern, “It’s not customary for you to be late. Although, granted, you are only four minutes tardy. Are you alright?”

Data turned in his seat to face Picard. “Yes, sir. Geordi was performing...maintenance on me. I apologize.”

“Very well,” Picard nodded politely.

Data turned back to his console and tapped its touch screen, dutifully checking its operation statuses. His concentration did not last long. Geordi had started to stroke him again. He could feel the engineer’s hand from halfway across the ship and his thighs tensed. Geordi continued for several minutes, rubbing Data at a steady, languorous pace, drawing out the pleasure tortuously. Data sank into the phantom hand, sliding down in his seat, his posture growing less and less formal. Suddenly, the touch stopped. Data looked down to his lap out of habit, but there was nothing there to see. He queried why Geordi would halt so abruptly—until he felt something warm and wet enclosing around him from far away. Geordi had slipped him into his mouth. Data stifled a groan and his hips thrust forward into the invisible tongue curling itself around his arousal. His hands gripped the edge of the ops console. He hoped that he wouldn’t shatter its screen.

“Data?” Riker prompted in concern. “If you don’t mind my intrusion, what sort of...maintenance was performed? Are you malfunctioning in a way that could affect your ability to serve—”

“No sir,” Data quickly cut him off, “I assure you, I am still fully capable of serving this ship.” He straightened his back, sitting properly in his seat. “I am simply encountering some—sensory patterns—” he stuttered, his speech labored from the feeling of Geordi hollowing his cheeks, “sensory patterns that are taking up more of my processing power than n-normal.” His voice glitched, a moment of digital static overtaking him. Riker did not look convinced.

Data suddenly felt Geordi remove his mouth, and shuddered as the cool, empty air of the engineer’s cabin flowed over his bioplast. His proprioceptive processors told him that Geordi was moving him downward. He felt the fabric of the engineer’s pocket once more and shifted in his seat. Geordi had begun to walk, his pace rather fast, and Data could feel the movement of every step. The constant friction made him start to leak the small quantity of biofluid that was left over in his testicles, the synthetic liquid coating his head until it was slippery. Geordi hoped that there wouldn't be a wet spot visible on the front of his uniform.

A few minutes later, Data heard the turbolift doors slide open. He turned around to see Geordi stepping onto the bridge. The engineer shot him a wink. He sauntered over to Worf and tried to start a conversation with him, inquiring about the mechanical status of the weaponry section. After a few moments of discussion, Geordi surreptitiously gripped Data in his pocket, and Data gasped, drawing the attention of the senior officers once again. He came to the conclusion that it would be best to join Geordi at the security station so he would be out of their line of sight. He walked over and stood close to Geordi, his shoulder bumping together with the shorter man. Geordi snaked his free hand around Data's backside to squeeze him playfully, his other moving back and forth in his pocket, continuing to tease the android. He thought he could get away with it. He was wrong. Worf’s eyes shot down to Geordi’s trousers.

“Is that a phaser?” the security chief inquired suspiciously, his ridges furrowing, and Geordi shook his head in fear, trying to lower the Klingon’s hackles. It was too late. Picard had overheard them.

“Mr. La Forge,” Picard spoke, his tone frustrated. “Is something the matter?” He stood up from his seat and ascended the sloped walkway to meet the three officers huddled together.

“No, sir, I’m sorry—I just came to check on Data.” Geordi apologized abruptly.

“Then what is the problem?” Picard inquired, looking over to Worf.

“He has something in his pocket,” Worf huffed.

“Something?” Picard prompted.

“I cannot confirm whether it is a weapon,” the Klingon mumbled.

“Sir, Geordi does not have a weapon, he is holding—” Data spoke calmly, and Geordi waved his unoccupied hand, trying desperately to stop Data from completing the sentence.

“No, Data!” Geordi blurted out, and the android froze, looking him in the eye confusedly. He opened his mouth for a moment, closed it once more, then chose his words carefully.

“A maintenance tool,” Data concluded. Geordi shuffled tensely, his shoulders hunched forward in embarrassment.

Picard glanced uncomfortably between the two. “I do not understand exactly what is happening here, and I suspect that I do not want to,” Picard said, his voice low. “So I suggest that you return to Engineering. Or perhaps...your quarters.” Geordi nodded fervently and, after a short moment of observation, Data copied his body language.

“Of course, sir,” Geordi concurred. He gripped the shoulder of Data’s uniform and tugged him along to the turbolift. The second that its doors shut, he could hear Riker chuckling, and his cheeks turned a darker shade of red. After a moment, a giddy grin overtook his face.

“Geordi?” Data inquired, tilting his head to the side. Geordi started to laugh, the warmth of his voice filling the small space. Data emitted his own subtle equivalent of a smile.

No, sir, he’s not holding a weapon, he’s holding—” Geordi gasped between laughs, his chest heaving. He held Data’s face in both hands lovingly and pressed their lips together, giggling into the android’s mouth. Data wrapped his arms around Geordi’s waist and took a step forward, moving both of them until the engineer’s back was flush to the wall of the turbolift. Geordi moaned when Data thrust his hips into him. He fumbled in his trousers for a moment.

“Here—mmm—Here, Data,” Geordi murmured while the two kissed, pulling Data out of his pocket. He undid the clasp on the front of Data’s uniform and made hasty work of assembling the sexual components in their proper place. Data shuddered when his pump was connected. His erection throbbed, filling to the brim with a new round of biofluid. Geordi used the small amount that had leaked out onto his hand for lubrication, sliding his palm over Data’s artificial arousal. “How close are you?” Geordi breathed, pumping at an overwhelming pace. Data merely moaned. Geordi continued his movements, stroking Data harder and harder, until the android suddenly tensed and spilled all over Geordi’s hand. A thorough amount of synthetic fluid dripped from Geordi’s skin onto his clothing, and the sight alone sent him over the edge. He came inside the confines of his uniform. The sturdiness of his legs wavered, but Data’s inhuman strength stopped him from collapsing, holding him close to the wall.

The turbolift doors hissed open. “Oh, shit,” Geordi snickered, hurrying to tuck Data back into his trousers. Fortunately there were no crew members in the corridor to observe them. “That was close.”

“Indeed,” Data concurred, his face glowing golden. “I suppose that for some humans, such events would seem...exhilarating,” he added, his tone bordering on flirtatious.

Geordi smiled, gazing into Data’s inquisitive yellow eyes. “Indeed.”