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First Time

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Adam presses Langa down onto the bed, his larger form caging Langa in, hands greedily caressing and stroking every inch of Langa's bare chest. A warm, wet tongue laps up Langa's neck slowly, as if Adam is savoring him like a meal. It's an accurate comparison, Langa thinks, with how thorough and reverent the touches are. Langa moans at the nip of teeth against this skin, and wraps his arms around strong shoulders to pull the older man closer, lifting his hips up to grind against Adam's hard bulge.

Adam's entire body shivers at the delicious friction. "Langa, so eager! Be patient, love. I want to take my time worshiping every inch of you as you deserve." Kisses are pressed along Langa's neck up to his lips.

It's a tempting idea, but Langa is aching with desire, has been thinking of this for weeks. Sex, with Adam. It'll be his first time. He trusts Adam as much as he wants him. "I want to feel you now Ai. We can go slow next time," Langa demands, and pushes upwards, taking advantage of Adam's surprise to flip their positions on the bed and settle on top of him. The sight of wide red eyes fills Langa with a surge of confidence and smug satisfaction. He always enjoys catching Adam off guard, even if it's a small victory like this.

As Langa works Adam's shirt off and explores the strong muscles hidden underneath, the older man's surprise turns to playful amusement. "So my little snow bunny would like to take charge, hmm?"

"I started this tonight, didn't I?" Langa points out, having touched his way down to Adam's belt. Adam raises his hips to help Langa slide his pants off, exposing the fact that Adam chose not to wear any sort of underwear today. It's the first time Langa has seen another man's cock. It's... that's going to be inside him. Langa's breath catches. Wonders if it can even fit.

"Nervous?" Adam purrs, cocking an eyebrow at Langa. It's a challenge Langa can't help rising to meet. It's his nature.

"No. Not at all," Langa says. He doesn't think Adam totally buys it, but the older man doesn't tease, and instead gives him a gentle smile, love and adoration in his eyes. Langa brushes his fingers along the length of Adam's cock, drinking in Adam's soft sighs of pleasure and how his eyes flutter when Langa reaches the leaking tip, thumbing over it before beginning to slowly pump up and down the shaft. Adam plays along and puts on a show, running his hands down his own chest, tweaking his nipples while Langa strokes him.

After a few minutes of enjoying Adam moaning under his touch, unable to tear his eyes away from the older man's lewd performance, Langa takes a moment to yank off his own pants, eager to feel more of Adam's skin against his own and let his own hard cock free. While he does, Adam reaches under the pillow and pulls out a bottle of lubricant. "Use this."

"You had this ready?" Langa asks as he takes it, squirting lube onto his hands. He puts it down on the bed next to him and his hands quickly return to Adam's dick, coating it thoroughly with the slick wetness.

Adam's chuckle is overtaken by a moan from Langa's ministrations. "I wanted to be prepared. Just in case my love decided to bless me with this privilege."

Langa hums, a smile on his lips, pleased that Adam had the same thing in mind as Langa did. He adds another coating of lubricant to Adam's dick and shifts forward, positioning himself.

"Ah! No, darling! I need to get you ready you first!" Adam stops him, hands gripping his hips and pushing him away.

"Oh. Is the lube not enough?" Langa asks. He thought he was doing it right. It had been a really embarrassing thing to try and search for on the internet. He should have been more thorough back then, instead of speed-reading with a red face and then closing down the browser when he heard the front door of his house open.

"No, love. Don't you worry. I'll take care of you and show you what to do." Adam flips them over again so that Langa is on his back. Naturally, Adam takes the opportunity to slow down the pace a bit and kiss his way down Langa's body, scraping his teeth against Langa's nipples, laving his tongue over Langa's dick and worshiping the tip with kisses, working Langa up into a needy mess. When it becomes too much, Langa tugs on Adam's hair and gasps out demands to hurry up.

Adam shoots Langa a wicked smirk and gives in to Langa's pleading, sitting up and grabbing the bottle. Langa watches as Adam soaks his fingers with lube. One hand goes to Langa's dick and somehow it's so much better than when Langa touches himself. Adam's expert hand and the dirty words and praise spilling from Adam's lips quickly has Langa writhing and moaning again, highly aroused and needy. A finger circles his entrance and Langa gasps as the pinch when it pushes in.

"Like this, sweetheart," Adam says, slowly working Langa's hole, curling it inside to loosen the muscles. The stretch is good in its own way. Langa finds that he likes it. The second finger doesn't hurt, but the third has Langa groaning from the mix of pain and pleasure. It helps that Adam's other hand hasn't stopped moving over Langa's cock. He feels so open, wet and ready to take Adam.

"I'm ready," Langa pants. Adam doesn't withdraw his hands, still pumping Langa's hole and dick with a greedy look on his face, lips curled up as he studies Langa's every reaction with lidded, dark eyes. Langa's heart thumps with adoration. He loves how giving Adam is, but Langa is extremely turned on, more horny than he's ever felt before, and he wants to feel Adam's dick inside him right now.

Langa flips them again and Adam laughs, strong arms pulling Langa in for a tight hug. "I love you, Langa, my precious Eve. My wonderful, naughty boy." He threads a hand through Langa's hair to tug him in for a wet kiss.

"I love you too, Ai," Langa replies, smiling against Adam's lips, warmth blossoming in his chest with how soft Adam's face becomes after the confession. Langa lines himself up again, pushing the tip of Adam's dick past his entrance. It's more of a burning pinch than three fingers, but not too bad with how well Adam worked him open.

"Take it slow," Adam says, and then they both let out a matching cries, eyes flying wide open, when Langa disregards Adam's advice and slides himself firmly all the way down, taking it all in one go. As Langa catches his breath and fights down the pain, Adam gazes up at him with surprise, adoration, wonder, and love. He runs soothing hands along Langa's skin wherever he can reach.

Langa recovers after a moment, gets used to feeling stuffed full, and Adam sets a slow pace, his hands on Langa's hips, pulling him down into his thrusts while love and praise for Langa spills from his lips. Langa lets it go like that for a few minutes, pleasure sparking through him with every slow drag of Adam's dick through his sensitive insides, then starts to bounce himself on Adam's cock faster and harder, each thrust hitting that sweet spot in him, moans flowing out from the both of them. When Adam tightens his grip to slow the pace again, clearly intending to draw the sex out, Langa narrows his eyes at the older man and demands, "No. Faster. Harder, Ai."

Adam smirks up at him. "As you wish, my Langa." Mouth falling open in a wordless cry, Langa realizes he might have over-estimated himself when Adam bends his knees, digs his feet into the mattress for leverage and begins to fuck up into him, thrusts pistoning into Langa. The bed creaks with the force and speed of Adam's movements, the rigorous love-making quickly working them both into a sweat, chests heaving and gasping for air.

Langa falls forward and braces his hands on Adam's shoulders, unable to do anything but moan and sob and beg while Adam fucks overwhelming pleasure into him. One of Adam's hands grasps Langa's cock, stroking him in time with the dick pounding into his ass. It's too much mind-blowing stimulation for Langa to handle, and he comes suddenly and hard, release spurting onto both their stomachs. Entirely spent and blissed out, Langa collapses onto Adam.

Adam groans and finishes inside Langa with a few particularly hard thrusts. Langa lets out a whine at the burst of wetness inside him and Adam showers him with kisses and loving praise, hands stroking down Langa's back while he trembles from the afterglow and growing soreness.

"Okay, we can take it slower next round," Langa sighs softly after catching his breath, lips quirking up at Adam's teasing laughter. Maybe Langa dove into it a little too fast, but it was definitely worth it with how good he feels right now, that aching desire very much satisfied. He'll let Adam take the lead and indulge in any worshiping he wants after resting for a moment. The night has only just begun, and they have a lot of love to share with each other.