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A little gift

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Han Yuan Niang woke up at 5 AM. Today was her day off, but she was used to get up early due to her job. She rubbed the sleepiness off her eyes and sat on the bed, not knowing what to do in that moment. She glanced the empty side of the bed, remembering Chen YanYi, her husband, wasn't there because he's working today.


She yawned and took her phone, finding a message from her husband:


“Good morning, Yuan Niang. I didn't want to wake you up so I made you the breakfast and left to work. Be sure to heat the food and eat well. If something happens, call me. I'll be back earlier today. Love you <3


She smiled at the little message, and replied:


“Please take care and work hard. Thank you for the breakfast. Love you too, YanYi <3


She left her phone on the bedside table and went to the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth. When she stepped in the kitchen she found out, as usual, that her husband had already prepared breakfast for her, so all she had to do was heat it on the stove and eat it.


She chewed the delicious food her husband made for her, and remembered her things I had to do to reward my husband for being so good to me list. She smiled and chewed the last piece of her food, then she did the dishes.


Time flew by until it was 1 PM. During that time, she tried to distract herself with whatever she had in mind like drawing, chatting with her friends and dad, or just watching some episodes of a recently TV series.


In her stupor, she suddenly heard the click of a keys, following by the sound of the door being opened. She immediately left behind whatever she was doing and walked fast to the living room. Her husband closed the door and smiled at her.


“Yuan Niang, I'm home”, he said softly.


“Welcome home, YanYi”, she responded with a soft smile.


Han Yuan Niang step closer to her husband and give him a peck on his lips. He kissed her back.


“Have you already eaten?”, she asked.


“I had breakfast a few hours. We can make lunch now if you want”, he answered, still close to her face.


They both shared another little kiss and went to the kitchen. They almost always do the lunch when they're free, so they can spend more time together and also helping the female one to improve her cooking skills without burning the kitchen.

She kneaded the dough and asked her husband how was his work today. He answered it was ok, but he had to deal with his so annoying co-worker Wang ZhongYu. Han Yuan Niang chuckled and they continued kneading the dough.

While eating the dumplings they made, they drop a few comments about their respective mornings. Sometimes, Chen YanYi would hold a dumpling and bring it towards his wife's mouth to eat it, making her blush a little.

When they finally finished eating, they cleared the table. This time it was Chen YanYi who did the dishes.

They sat on the couch and embrace each other, smiling. The day was tranquil and they were content with the comfortable silence surrounding them. It was good like this.

“Yuan Niang”, Chen YanYi suddenly called.

“Hm?”, she only hummed, eyes closed while laying on his husband's torso.

“I have something for you”, he said, with a hint of happiness in his voice.

Han Yuan Niang seemed confused, and finally looked up at her husband. “What is it?”, she asked, meeting his eyes.

Chen YanYi's charming smiled widened. “Wait here, please, I'll be back”, he said.

Han Yuan Niang sat on the couch as Chen YanYi went to their room, coming back almost immediately.

He had something hidden behind his back. Han Yuan Niang smiled mischievous and got even more curious about what his husband had this time.

“Close your eyes, please”, he asked, still smiling.

Han Yuan Niang doubted, but still did as he said. She closed her eyes, wondering. She felt her husband's hands running around her wrist. When she was told to open her eyes, she saw a bracelet. It was simple but beautiful. It was embroidered, and full of small colored pearls, entangled among the threads.

“It's beautiful”, she said, admiring the cute gift. “Thank you”, she said to her husband, smiling brightly.

Chen YanYi seemed very happy with her response, but still asked her: “You really like it?”

“Of course I like it. I love it. More if it's from you”, she answered sincerely. “Where did you get it?” she asked, wondering.

“I made it for you”, he said, a little shyness reflecting on his face.

Han Yuan Niang's eyes widened a bit. She actually was a little surprised. She knows her husband is talented, besides he already gaver her lots of gifts made by him. But that doesn't mean she's not surprised about her husband knowing how to make an embroidered bracelet. And a beautiful one.

She felt his heart warm, and later thought she would melt at any moment. She smiled even softer, and hugged her husband.

“Thanks, YanYi. It's beautiful”, she told him, beaming in happiness and tenderness.

“I'm glad you like it”, he said as he smiled and hugged her back, giving a soft kiss on her forehead.